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					                         “Learning to Lead our Lives”

                              Title The NEW DEAL

                  Skill: Organisation and Communication

                             NGfL:USA 1929 -1990

All images/ cartoons are believed to be in the public domain. Many of the images were
sourced from the internet encyclopaedia wikipedia at
What has caused this and what are
          they doing?
                       Look at this source below.

 Who is this?                                       Why babies?
  Why is he                                         What do they
  presented                                          represent?
  this way?

  Who is this?
   Why is he
   this way?
                                                What does the author
                                                think of Hoover‟s
Public Domain -
Library of Congress.
  You are President Roosevelt, what are your
problems and how are you going to solve them?

Problems                            Possible
Which of the following activities were employed by the
   American Government to solve the problem of
   YES                photographers           NO
                   cataloguing historical

                      Built Hospitals

                      Pigeon chasing

                      Road building

                     Colouring old film

                     Sweep up leaves

                      Built Schools

                       Built airports
  Which of the following activities were employed by the
     American Government to solve the problem of

       YES                                                  NO
                              cataloguing historical
                                Pigeon chasing
 Built Hospitals

                               Sweep up leaves
 Road building

Colouring old film                Built Schools
                                                        Yes, that is right!
                     Built airports                      The government
                                                       tried EVERYTHING
                                                       to get people back
                                                            into work!
Which of these activities genuinely benefited society
and which may have been „seen‟ as money wasting?

     Benefit society      Money wasting
What do you think this means?

                   A Boondoggle is a North
                 American term referring to the
                performance of useless or trivial
               tasks whilst appearing to be doing
                     something important .
         Can you think of a reason why they
               might be necessary?

                                       WPA Fed Theatre Project in
            Slide Colourists           NY 1935-36 Dance Theatre
             at Work NRA                    "Young Tramps"

Public Domain - Library of Congress.
        “The only thing we have to fear
                 is fear itself”

                                                             Franklin D.

     “Our greatest primary task is to put people to work”
Public Domain – picture and recording Library of Congress.
                 Key Quotes: FDR‟s Inauguration

                                        This Nation asks for to the
                                        Relief - Give help action,
                                            and action now. Our
                                       Recovery- Rebuild the to
                                         greatest primary task is
                                         put people to work. I shall
                                           ask – Create a fairer
                                       Reformcongress for broad
                                          executive power to wage
                                                   and more just
                                         war against the emergency.

Public Domain - Library of Congress.
       The New Deal: Alphabet
 The three Rs Relief, Recovery and Reform
  would restore American society.
 The Alphabet Agencies were brought in to
  reverse the „Spiral of Depression.‟
 The main aim was pump priming – to inject
  money into the economy by giving work to the
 However, some felt that the government had
  gone too far with BOONDOGGLING.
 In groups you will be given one piece of New Deal legislation.
   You will present your analysis to the remaining groups based
       on the following questions. You should think about the

•Is it Relief, Reform or          Remember:-
Recovery?                         •Talk to the class DO NOT READ!
•Who will benefit and who will    •Work together, delegate tasks
not?                              •Speak slowly and clearly
•Would any groups in US society   remember people need to take in
not support this?                 the information you give them!
•What impact did this have on     •Get the balance right, Text and
society.                          images
           Alphabet Agencies
Alphabet   Purpose   Action   Benefit to   Support
 agency                        society
      Emergency Banking Act
• All banks were closed   • The president
  for 10 days and only      encouraged
  those approved by         people to invest
  the Federal
                            their money in
  Government were
  allowed to reopen         these banks and
                            not under the
                            mattress, in a
                            series of
                            „Fireside chats‟.
       Federal Emergency Relief
        Administration (FERA)
• Led by Harry Hopkins, a
  former social worker, this
                               • The government
  agency sent funds to           gave each state
  depleting local relief         $1 back for
  agencies. Within two
  hours, $5 million were         every $3 spent
  given out .                    on the relief of
• Gave Federal money to
  individual states to help      poverty. Spent
  the homeless and               $500 million in
 Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA)
To help farmers to          • Government
  increase their profits.     money was used to
• Schemes were                pay farmers to
  introduced to reduce        slaughter their
  their production and        animals and to
  so to drive up the          destroy their crops.
  price of their produce.   • This was very
                              controversial at a
                              time when people
                              were starving.
                     National Industrial Recovery
                        Administration (NIRA)
        To encourage                                                                 • Codes of practice were
         employers to                                                                  drawn up minimum
                                                                                       wage, hour and
         improve industrial                                                            conditions companies
         workers‟ pay and                                                              that signed up to the
         conditions and to                                                             scheme were allowed
                                                                                       to display the Blue
         charge fair prices                                                            Eagle Flag
         for goods

This work is in the public domain because it is a work of the United States Federal Government.
 Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
• Set up to help farmers      • Provided cheap
  and others in the             Hydroelectric Power to
  Tennessee valley half its     the farms.
  population 2.5 million
                              • 20 Dams were
  people were living below
                                constructed to prevent
  the poverty line.
                                flooding and provide
• Farming had become            cheap electricity.
  poor in the Tennessee
                              • Millions of trees were
  valley due to over
                                planted to prevent soil
  cultivating, flooding and
  soil erosion.
  Works Progress Administration
• 11,000 schools were built.   • 12,000 Actors were paid
                                 to put on plays and
                                 concerts to relieve the
• 70,000 km of roads were        depression.
                               • Paid artists to make
• La Guardia airport in New      paintings for schools and
  York was put up.               public buildings.

• FDR paid photographers       • Employed 2 million
                                 people a year.
  to record the Depression.
           Alphabet Agencies
Alphabet   Purpose     Action    Benefit to Who would
 agency                           society     have

   Would everyone have supported the “New Deal”?
                    Look at this source below.
             What does it suggest about the New deal?

                                                                What does
How is the                                                       the Pump
 tax payer                                                       and water
presented?                                                      represent?

                                                                   Why is it
  What                                                             leaking?
does this

                                                                Who would
                                                              agree with this?

                                    Library of congress archives from the Columbus Dispatch (1935)
      From the sources below identify the attitude
                   to the New Deal
                                                Who is
       What                                     this?
     is being

     does this
                                                Who would
                                              agree with this?
                Time to Weigh up the Changes!

           Draw a giant set of scales and make a brief note of positive
         changes on one side and negative on the other. How effective do
               think the New Deal was for the American People?

Remember more changes are not always better think quality as well as quantity!
 Historical „just a minute…‟
Talk for one minute without hesitation, deviation or
       repetition about the following topics:

                Banking Act
              Works Progress

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