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                                       TABLE of CONTENTS
COMPOSERS      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .        1

MUSIC for ORCHESTRA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .            15
   String Orchestra . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      15
   Full Orchestra . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      16

MUSIC for BRASS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .         16

MUSIC for JAZZ ENSEMBLE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .            17

MUSIC for CHOIR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .          17

MUSIC for CHAMBER ENSEMBLE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .               18

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                                                          (arranged alphabetically)

Adams, Daniel                                                              Bashford, Rodney (arr.)
   Dissolve                                Perc Ens 8                         Alpine Echoes (Windsor)                 Concert Band
   Talea                                   Perc Ens 6                         Andante and Scherzo (Heath)             Concert Band
   Three Subtropical Vistas                Voice/Percussion                   Frolic for Trombones (Heath)            Concert Band
   Times Two                               Percussion Duet                    Spartakiade (Prokofiev)                 Concert Band
   Twilight Remembered                     Flute/Percussion
   Two Antiphonal Portraits                Perc Ens 12                     Bass, Eddie
                                                                              Great East River Bridge, The            Solo Marimba
Adams, Jr., Franklin D.
 Johnnycake Trail                         Concert Band                    Beckham, Dwight
 Sid Sly – Super Spy!                     Concert Band                       In the Glow of the Evening Sun          Concert Band

Allemeier, John                                                            Belden, George
    Machine                                Solo Multi-Perc                    ToccataFugue                            Solo Vibraphone

Anderson, Jonathan                                                         Bennett, Barbara
  On the Verge                             Solo Marimba                       Carilynae                               Marimba/Piano
                                                                              Kure Beach, NC                          Perc/Cello/Piano
Archer, Kimberly K.                                                           Shadow Boxes                            Perc Ens 8
   Awakenings                              Concert Band
   Bolero                                  Tuba/Euph Ens                   Bishop, Jeffrey
 Eternal Fanfare                          Concert Band                       Adagio: In Memoriam 9/11                String Orchestra
   Fanfare, Lament, & Finale               Concert Band                       Artemis Rising                          String or Full Orch
 Fiddlydee                                Euphonium/Piano                    Arthurian Symphony, The                 Concert Band
   For Those Taken Too Soon…               Concert Band                       Ballade                                 String Orchestra
   Hour of Wolves, The                     Concert Band                       Brigid’s Fire                           String Orchestra
   Hymn to the Dawn                        Concert Band                       Geminus Sonus                           String Orchestra
   In the Gathering Dark                   Concert Band                       Orpheus in the Underworld (Offenbach)   String or Full Orch
   Jig                                     Concert Band                       Over the Hills                          String or Full Orch
   Kings of Old                            Concert Band                       Prairie Fire                            Concert Band
   Multiple Personalities                  Tuba/Piano                         Raven’s Flight                          String Orchestra
   Odyssey                                 Concert Band                       Sir Gawain & the Green Knight           Concert Band
 Panopticon                               Concert Band
   String Quartet No. 1                    String Quartet                  Blench, Karl
   Symphony No. 2                          Concert Band                     Symphony on Death & Dying                Concert Band
   Trombone Sonata                         Trombone/Piano
                                                                           Blinko, Timothy
Armstrong, Dan (ed.)                                                          Berlin Rag, The                         Concert Band
  Largo (Dvorák)                           Marimba Ens 5                      Gentle Maiden, The                      Concert Band
  Spanish Dance (Mrozkowski)               Marimba Ens 4–5                    Jazz Rhapsody/Chaconne                  Wind Ensemble
  Witches Dance (MacDowell)                Marimba Ens 6
                                                                           Bohn, Donna
Ash, Robert                                                                  Celebration Suite                        Solo Marimba
   Glory                                   Concert Band                      Walk in the Park                         Perc Ens 5–7

Aukofer, Michael                                                           Bolton, Calvin (arr.)
  Five Hymn Tunes                          Keyboard Ens 4                     Album for the Young (Schumann)          Solo Marimba

Ball, Eric                                                                 Bourgeois, Derek
   Indian Summer                           Concert Band                      Bridges Over the River Cam               Concert Band
   Resurgam (arr. G. Brand)                Concert Band                      Calypso                                  Concert Band
                                                                             Northern Lament                          Concert Band
Barton, Steven                                                               Perchance to Dream                       Concert Band
 Kingsfold                                Concert Band                      Romance for Alto Sax & Wind Orch         Alto Sax/Winds
                                                                             Royal Tournament                         Concert Band
                                                                             Serenade, Op. 22A                        Organ/Full Orch

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   Serenade, Op. 22C                     Concert Band                    Brandenbach                                Concert Band
   Sinfonietta                           Concert Band                    Chanson Triste (Tchaikovsky)               Concert Band
   Trombone Concerto, Op. 114            Trombone/Band                   Don't Tell William                         Concert Band
   Trombone Concerto, Op. 114            Trombone/Orch                   Dreams and Fancies                         Concert Band
   Trombone Concerto, Op. 114            Piano Reduction                 Four Temperaments for Tuba                 Tuba/Concert Band
   Two Christmas Pieces                  Concert Band                    Girl With the Flaxen Hair (Debussy)        Concert Band
                                                                         Glock Around the Clock                     Concert Band
Boyd, John (ed.)                                                        Jerusalem (Parry)                          Concert Band
   Military Music of Beethoven           Wind Band                      La Calinda (Delius)                        Concert Band
                                                                         Meditation                                 Wind/Sax En
Boysen, Jr., Andrew                                                      New York Parade                            Concert Band
   All Hail the Power                    Concert Band                    Orpheus Can't Can Can                      Concert Band
   Shades of Ivory                       Concert Band                    Phil the Flutter                           Concert Band
                                                                         Pop Goes the Weasel Fantasia               Woodwind En
Brand, Geoffrey (arr.)                                                   Portsmouth                                 Concert Band
   Adagio (Bizet)                          Concert Band                  Rule Britannia (Arne)                      Concert Band
   Anitra's Dance (Grieg)                  Concert Band                  Serenade from Wand of Youth (Elgar)        Concert Band
   Birdcatcher, The (Mozart)               Concert Band                  Sousa Confuser                             Concert Band
   Brindisi from La Traviata (Verdi)       Concert Band                  Surprise, Surprise (Haydn)                 Concert Band
   Carnival of the Animals (Saint-Saëns) Concert Band                    Swingtime Rag                              Concert Band
   Cherubino's Aria (Mozart)               Concert Band                  Tapestry for Tuba                          Concert Band
   Dance of the Comedians (Smetana)        Concert Band                  Trocadero March                            Concert Band
   Dances from Morning of the Year (Holst) Concert Band                  Two Spirituals                             Woodwind En
   Duettino from Don Giovanni (Mozart) Concert Band                      Windpower                                  Concert Band
   Elephant, The (Saint-Saëns)             Concert Band
   Entracte & Toreadors' Song (Bizet)      Concert Band                Bremer, Carolyn
   Epic March (Ireland)                    Concert Band                 Dances from the Age of Aquarius            Concert Band
   Fugal Concerto, A (Holst)               Concert Band                 Impulse Engine                             Concert Band
   Habanera from Carmen (Bizet)            Concert Band                 Tinker to Evers to Chance                  Concert Band
   Holberg Suite (Grieg)                   Concert Band
   Japanese Slumber Song (Wood)            Concert Band                Briggs, Thomas
   Joyeuse Marche (Chabrier)               Concert Band                   Concerto for Marimba                      Marimba/Band
   Largo al factotum (Rossini)             Concert Band                                                             Piano Reduction
   La Traviata Prelude (Verdi)             Concert Band                    Duet for Marimba and Vibraphone          Marimba/Vibes
 Last Sleep of the Virgin, The (Massenet) Concert Band
 March from A Moorside Suite (Holst) Concert Band                     Brock, Anthony T.
   Meditation from Thaïs (Massenet)        Concert Band                   Intersections                             Marimba/Perc
   Nocturne (Mendelssohn)                  Concert Band
   Pavane (Fauré)                          Concert Band                Brock, Gordon (arr.)
   Peasant's Song (Grieg)                  Concert Band                   Tu Pauperum Refugium (des Prez)           Concert Band
 Poor Wandering One (Sullivan)            Concert Band
   Prelude to Act 3 of Lohengrin (Wagner) Concert Band                 Burghdorf, Gus
   Quasi Pizzicati (Delibes)               Concert Band                   Battle of Rising Spirits                  Solo Marimba
   Queen of the Night's Aria (Mozart)      Concert Band                   Hunted, The                               Solo Marimba
   Resurgam (Ball)                         Concert Band                   Hymn for an Angelic Child                 Solo Marimba
   Shepherd's Farewell, The                Concert Band                   Ship Wrecked                              Solo Marimba
   Sounds and Rounds                       Wind Ensemble                  Sister’s Song                             Solo Marimba
   Suite: Jeux D'Enfants (Bizet)           Concert Band                   Six Mile Creek                            Solo Marimba
   Theme and Variations VI (Brahms)        Concert Band                   Yanoskercise                              Marimba/Perc
   Variations VIII & IX                    Concert Band
      from Enigma (Elgar)                                              Burritt, Michael
   Viva Verdi                              Concert Band                   Etude No. 4                               Solo Marimba
   Wedding March (Mendelssohn)             Concert Band                   Etude No. 5                               Solo Marimba
   Wine, Women & Witchcraft                Concert Band                   Etude No. 6                               Solo Marimba
                                                                          Shadow Chasers                            Solo Marimba
Brand, Michael                                                            Shadow Chasers                           Solo Mar/Perc 4
   1812 1/2 Overture                     Concert Band                     Shadow Chasers (CD)                       Compact Disc
   Agincourt Variations                  Concert Band                     Timeless                                  Solo Mar/Perc 3
   Angel of the North                    Concert Band                  Calissi, Jeff
   Avebury Circles                       Concert Band                     Charleston                               Solo Marimba
   Basse Dance                           Concert Band                     Lacuna                                   Solo Mar/Perc 3

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  Modus Operandi                          Solo Marimba                    River of Four Reflections                  Concert Band
 Music & Motion                           Trombone/Marimba               Summerfield                                Concert Band
  Short Stories (CD)                       Compact Disc                    Windy City                                 Concert Band
  Three Short Stories                     Solo Marimba
  Twilight Blue                           Solo Marimba                  Cline, Rick
  Windsong                                Solo Marimba                     Lenoir-Rhyne Percussion Program           Compact Disc
                                                                            Winged Victory                            Compact Disc
Campbell, Jim
  Crash Course                             Perc Ens 8                    Coleman, Christopher
                                                                            Cat Spanking                              Perc Ens 8
Carlsen, Philip
   Evening's Sabres                        Marimba Quartet               Colonna, Jim
   Morning Star                            Soprano/Marimba                  Dreamscapes                               Concert Band
                                                                            Euouae                                    Concert Band
Carroll, Greg                                                               Illusions                                 Concert Band
   Chillin’ and Hoppin’                    Sax/Marimba                      Jubilant Fanfare                          Concert Band
                                                                            Persistence of Time                       Concert Band
Cathey, Daniel                                                              Portraits                                 Concert Band
   Chase, The                              Solo Marimba                     Wind Dancer                               Concert Band
   Forgotten Days of Fall                  Solo Marimba
   La Campanella (Liszt)                   Marimba Duet                  Combs, J.C.
   Save My Sanity                          Solo Marimba                    Alone At Last (CD)                         Compact Disc
                                                                           Change My Medication                      Solo Marimba
Chambers, Wendy                                                            Drum Takt                                  Dr Set/PE/Winds
  Mandala in Funk                          Solo Perc/Perc Ens 3            Friends and Family (CD)                    Compact Disc
  Twelve Squared                           Perc Ens 12                     Honky Tonk Revisited                      Solo Marimba
                                                                           Not Just Another Finale                    Perc Ens 9
Cheadle, Richard                                                           Not Just Another Finale (Video)            Video
  Melodic Movements for Timpani            Solo Timpani                    One For Paquito                           Solo Vibraphone
                                                                           Peanuts                                   Perc Ens 9
Childs, David                                                              Reflections                               Solo Vibraphone
   Bängala                                 Perc Ens 14                     Reflections (Video)                        Solo Vibe/Marimba
                                                                           Three Brothers                            Solo Vibraphone
Chisam, Daniel                                                             Three Pieces for Vibraphone               Solo Vibraphone
   New Africa                              Vibe/Bass/Bassoon               World Influences (CD)                      Compact Disc

Cichy, Roger                                                             Comley, Helen
   and Make a Joyous Sound                 Concert Band                    Jamaican Cocktail                          Concert Band
   and Make a Joyous Sound                 Orchestra
   Breakthrough                            Concert Band                  Constable, Robert
   Bugs                                    Concert Band                    Crackhead                                 Piano/Perc Ens 4
   Festival!                               Concert Band                    Dies Irae No. 9                            1–4 Snares/CD
   Interpretations                         Concert Band
   New Millennium, Different World,        Concert Band                  Cotton, M.J.
        New Beginnings                                                      Dakota                                    Concert Band
 Pandemonium                              Concert Band
   Silhouette                              Flute/Wind Ens                Culp, Rebecca Ann
   Sounds, Sketches & Ideas                Concert Band                     New Day, A                                Concert Band
 We Walked with Heads Held High           Narrator/Band
   Wisconsin Soundscapes                   Concert Band                  Curnow, James (arr.)
                                                                           Songs of the West (Holst)                  Concert Band
Clark, Reber
   Alone the Sun Arises                    Concert Band                  Daniel (Cash), Diane
   Black Arches                            Perc Ens 11                   Coventry Carol                               Holiday Perc Ens 6
   Caccia                                  Concert Band
   Circle, The                             Concert Band                  Daniels, Sean
   Dream of Mountains, A                   Concert Band                   Night Music                                Solo Vibraphone
   Escape From Chronopolis                 Concert Band
 Flowers of the Forest                    Concert Band                  Danner, Greg
   Hymn of St. James                       Concert Band                   Country Dances                             Concert Band
   Risk of Freedom, The                    Narrator/Band                   Dedication                                 Concert Band

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    Down by the Salley Gardens           Concert Band                  Diemer, Emma Lou
    Dream of Flight, A                   Brass/Percussion                 Aria                                      String Orchestra
    Festival Celebration, A              Antiphonal Brass En            Aria (arr. Daughtrey)                      Marimba Quartet
    Footprints                           Concert Band                   Chumash Dance Celebration                  Full Orchestra
   Free                                 Concert Band                     Concerto in 1 Movement for Marimba        Marimba/Orchestra
    Mira!                                Concert Band                     Concerto in 1 Movement for Marimba        Marimba/Piano Red
    Nebula                               Concert Band                     Ice Rhythm                                Solo Marimba
    On Great White Wings                 Concert Band                     Psalm 121                                 Brass/Organ/Perc
   Rhapsody for Clarinet                Clarinet/Piano                   Psalms for Percussion and Organ           Organ/2 Percussion
    Seconds, Please!                     Concert Band                     Toccata for Six                           Perc Ens 6
   Shazam!                              Brass Quintet                    Toccata for Timpani                       Solo Timpani
    Singing Wood                         Clarinet/Marimba
   Slide Ride                           Trombone/Band                 Dunn, F. Vivian
   Time…                                Clarinet/Sop/Piano              Captain General, The                       Concert Band
   Waverider                            Concert Band                    March: Admiral's Regiment                  Concert Band
    Zephyr                               Concert Band                    March: Soldiers of the Sea                 Concert Band

Daughtrey, Nathan                                                      Edgerton, Michael
  13 Morceaux (Sibelius)                  Solo Marimba                    Songs of Vent                             Multiple Percussion
  24 Caprices, No.1, E Maj (Paganini)  Solo Marimba
  24 Caprices, No.2, B Min (Paganini)  Solo Marimba                   Erickson, Kevin
  24 Caprices, No.5, A Min (Paganini)  Solo Marimba                      At the Dawn of War                        Perc Ens 12
  Adaptation                              Perc Ens 11
  Appalachian Air                         Concert Band                 Ernst, David
 Aria (Diemer)                           Marimba Quartet                 MAinstreAM                                Flute/Percussion 3
 Book of Percussion Audition Music       Etude Book                      MVP                                       Violin/Marimba
 Celtic Xylophone, The                   Xylo/Marimba Trio
  Deck the Halls (traditional)            Holiday Marimba 4            Farnon, David
  Episodes                                Solo Piano                      Bonnie's Boogie                           Wind Ensemble
  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen             Holiday Marimba 4               Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies           Woodwind Ens
                                                                          Elite Syncopations (Strauss)              Sax Ensemble
 Immortal Dream                          Perc Ens 7
                                                                          Entertainer, The                          Wind Ensemble
  La Catedral – Andante/Allegro (Barrios) Solo Marimba
                                                                          Giles Farnaby's Delights                  Woodwind Ens
 La Catedral – Preludio (Barrios)        Solo Marimba                    House of the Rising Sun                   Sax Ensemble
  Las Abejas (Barrios)                    Solo Marimba                    Lillibulero                               Woodwind Ens
  Limerick Daydreams                      Perc Ens 10                     Maple Leaf Rag (Joplin)                   Wind Ensemble
 Limerick Daydreams                      Concert Band                    Minuet in F                               Sax Ensemble
  Lost Souls                              Perc Ens 5                      Morning                                   Sax/Wind Ensemble
  Mercury Rising                          Perc Ens 7                      O Susanna                                 Woodwind Ens
  Mountain Paths                          Solo Marimba                    Pavane                                    Woodwind Ens
  Old Pond, The                           Marimba/Vibe                    Rondeau from Abdelazer (Purcell)          Concert Band
  Old Pond, The                           Solo Piano                      Rusalka's Song to the Moon (Dvorák)       Concert Band
  Shock Factor                            Perc Ens 5                      Sorcerer's Apprentice, The (Dukas)        Sax/Wind Ensemble
  Silent Night (Gruber)                   Holiday Marimba 4               Winter Largo, A (Vivaldi)                 Concert Band
 Sizzle!                                 Perc Ens 5
  Song to the Moon (Dvorák)               Perc Ens 8                   Farnon, Robert
  Spiral Passages                        Compact Disc                    Bandutopia                                Concert Band
  Strange Dreams                          Alto Sax/Marimba                Irish Posy, An                            Concert Band
 Tangling Shadows                        Oboe/Percussion                 Men of Harlech                            Concert Band
  Una Limosnita por Amor                  Solo Marimba                    Rhapsody on the Minstrel Boy              Concert Band
      de Dios (Barrios)                                                   Strawberry Fair                           Concert Band
  Unleash the Fury                        Marimba Quartet                 Wi' A Hundred Pipers                      Concert Band
Deane, Christopher                                                     Fellinger, Christopher
  Scavenger Music                        Perc Ens 5                        Snarevolution                            Perc Ens 4
DeMurga, Michael
  Hopscotch                              Violin/Marimba                Fernandez, Charles
                                                                          Windsor Processional                      Concert Band
Dickinson, Paul
   Variations on a Theme by Paganini     Solo Marimba                  Fisher, Dennis
                                                                          Dance Sinfonia                            Concert Band

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                                                                           Granny, Does Your Dog Bite?                Concert Band
Fitch, Steve                                                              Illuminations                              Concert Band
    Arctic                                 Solo Marimba                    Jig!                                       String Orchestra
    Love Most True, A                      Solo Marimba                   Let Thy Spirit (Tschesnokoff)              Concert Band
    Miles to Go Before I Sleep             Solo Marimba                    Oh, Beautiful (arr.)                       Chamber Ens/Choir
    Sweet East                             Solo Marimba                    Oh, Beautiful (arr.)                       Perc Ens 6/Choir
    That Good Night                        Solo Marimba                    Oh, Beautiful (arr.)                       String Orchestra
 Winds of Saturn, The                     Solo Marimba
                                                                         Gaetano, Mario
Fluman, Randy                                                              Four Studies for Young Perc Ens           Perc Ens 4
   Phantasie                               Solo Vibraphone                 Junk Funk                                 Perc Ens 5
                                                                           Mosaic, Op. 30                             Perc Ens 8
Ford, Mark                                                                 Overture for Perc Ens                     Perc Ens 9
   One-Eyed Jacks                          Perc Ens 6                      Scenes from Earth                          Perc Ens 7
                                                                           State of the Art                           Clarinet/Percussion
Forgie, Barry (arr.)                                                       Three Inventions                           Flute/Marimba
   Swing Low, Sweet Chariot                Concert Band                    Two Designs                               Perc Ens 7

Forte, Aldo Rafael                                                       Gaines, Julia (arr.)
   Danzas Brillantes                       Concert Band                     Lord's Prayer, The                        Solo Marimba
   Thunderbirds, The                       Concert Band
   Vestida de Luto                         Concert Band                  Gillingham, David
                                                                            Aerodynamics                              Concert Band
Fraser, Bruce                                                               All Hail the Power                        Concert Band
 Bannockburn                              Concert Band                     American Counterpoint                     Flute/Clarinet/Sax
   Carnival of the Insects                 Concert Band                     And Can It Be                             Concert Band
   Clarinetango                            Concert Band                     At Morning's First Light                  Concert Band
   Crown Jewels, The                       Concert Band                     AuSable River Festival                    Concert Band
   Dreamscape                              Concert Band                     Baker’s Dozen, A                          Horn/Piano
   Firepower                               Concert Band                     Be Thou My Vision                         Concert Band
   Freedom's Sword                         Concert Band                     Bells of Freedom                          Concert Band
   Highland Fantasy                        Concert Band                     Cantus Laetus                             Concert Band
   King Across the Water, The              Concert Band                     Concertino for 4 Perc & Wind Ens          4 Perc/Wind Ens
   Now is the Day                          Concert Band                     Concerto for Percussion Ensemble         Perc Ens 13
   Panache                                 Concert Band                     Concerto for Piano & Perc Orch            Piano/Perc Ens
   Portraits of a Landscape                Concert Band                     Concerto for WW Quintet & Winds           WW 5/Band
   Resonance                               Concert Band                     Council Oak                               Concert Band
   Robert the Bruce and the Spider         Concert Band                     Crescent Still Abides, A                  Concert Band
   Roman Times                             Concert Band                     Crest of Honor                            Concert Band
   Variations on a Scottish Folk Song      Concert Band                     Dance of Redemption                       Solo Marimba
   War, Women and Witchcraft               Concert Band                     Double Star                               Clar & Piano/Band
   www.winds.com                           Concert Band                     Echo Never Fades, The                     Concert Band
   Young Wizards                           Concert Band                     Echoes                                    Brass/Percussion Ens
                                                                            Fanfare Ecalant                           3 Trumpets/Organ
Frock, George                                                               Five Fantasies of Natural Origin          Flute/Marimba
   Chorale and Variations                  Solo Marimba                     Forward Motion                            Full Orchestra
   Fanfare Bravo                           Perc Ens 7                       Forward Through the Ages                  Cantata
   Seventh Tries                           Solo Marimba                     Foster’s America                          Concert Band
   Strike, Shake, & Stomp                  Perc Ens 9                       From This Time Forth                      Choir/Orchestra
                                                                            Galactic Empires                          Concert Band
Gackstatter, Gary                                                           Gate to Heaven: Journey of the Soul      Marimba/Perc Ens 8
  Alchemy                                  Concert Band                     Gate to Heaven: Journey of the Soul      Marimba/Piano Red
 Battle of the Washita                    Concert Band                     Gate to Heaven (arr. Daughtrey)           Marimba/Str Orch
 Black Sea, The                           Full Orchestra                   Heritage of Faith                         Choir/Band
  Black Sea, The                           String Orchestra                 Internal Combustion                       Concert Band
  Blackberry Blossom (trad.)               String Orchestra                 Interplay for Piano 4-Hands & Orch        Pno 4-Hands/Orch
 Brass Modality                           Brass Ensemble                   Intrada Jubilante                         Concert Band
  Bridget Cruise                           Concert Band                     Keep Silence                              Concert Band
  Desert March                             Concert Band                     Lamb of God                               Concert Band
  Flying                                   Concert Band                     Lifesongs                                 Band/SATB
  Good King's March, The                   Concert Band                   Light of My Soul                           Concert Band

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  Light Unto The Darkness, A           Concert Band                        Scenes from an English Landscape         Concert Band
  Miniature Set                        String Trio                         Three Way Suite                          Concert Band
  New Century Dawn                     Concert Band
 No Shadow of Turning                 Concert Band                    Goto, Yo
  Normandy Beach                      Perc Ens 6                        Aggression for Six Snare Drums             Perc Ens 6
 Northern Light                       Concert Band                      Airs for Solo Timpani                      Solo Timpani
  Parting Blessing, A                  Concert Band                      Dancing in Air                             Concert Band
  Paschal Dances                      Perc Ens 12                       Rainy Perspective, A                       Solo Vibraphone
  Point of Reckoning                   String Orchestra
  Prophecy of the Earth                Organ/Band                      Gottry, Josh
  Proud and Immortal                   Concert Band                      120 Degrees                                Perc Ens 8
  Providence                           Concert Band                      Extra Spices, Please!                      Marimba Solo
  Quintessence                         5 Brass/1 Perc/Band               Hands Up!                                  Conga Trio
 Quintessence II                      5 Brass/1 Perc/Band               Irrelevant                                 Marimba Solo
                                       Piano Reduction
   Return to Innocence                 SATB/Perc Ens 7                 Grainger, Percy
   Ruffle and Flourish                 Brass/Percussion                   Choral No. 2 for Organ (Franck)           Concert Band
   Sacrificial Rite                   Perc Ens 5                         O Mensch Bewein Dein Sunde Gross          Concert Band
   Serenade for Winds & Percussion     Wind Ensemble                         (J.S. Bach)
   Silver Accolade                     Concert Band                       Prelude in Dorian Mode (de Cabezon)       Concert Band
   Sonata No.1 for Cello               Cello/Piano                        Tune in a Popular London Style            Concert Band
   Sonata No.1 for Trumpet             Bb Trumpet/Piano                   Tuscan Serenade (Fauré)                   Concert Band
   Song of Bacchus                     SATB Choir
   Spiritual Dances                    Oboe/Marimba 4                  Grantham, Donald
   Stained Glass                      Perc Ens 11                        Houston Strokes                           Perc Ens 12
   Stained Glass (CD)                  Compact Disc
   Sub-Saharan Rhythm                  Concert Band                    Grassano, Thomas
   SuperCell                           Alto Sax/Perc Ens                  Etude for Two Marimbas                   Marimba Duet
   Symphonic Proclamation              Concert Band                       Movements for Marimba & Perc             Marimba/Perc En
   Treasured Moment                    Cello/Piano
   Under the Magical Wing              Concert Band                    Green, Jonathan
   Waking Angels                       Wind Ensemble                      Fatal Dances                              Piano/Perc Ens 8
   Walk in Dow Gardens, A              Piano 4-Hands                      Machaca                                   Concert Band
   When Speaks the Signal-Trumpet Tone Trumpet/Wind Ens                   Tale of Sound and Fury, A                 3 Solo Perc/Orch
   With Heart and Voice                Concert Band                       Tears of Apollo                           Perc Ens 9

Glassock, Lynn                                                         Gregson, Edward
   Consortium                            Perc Ens 10–11                   Partita (Fauré)                           Concert Band
   Different Voices                      Marimba/Perc Solo                Prelude for an Occasion                   Concert Band
   Dragoon                               Perc Ens 8
   Factions                              Perc Ens 10                   Hanmer, Ronald
   Five Songs for Voice and Marimba      Voice/Marimba                   Beatology                                  Concert Band
   Music for Mallets                     Mallet Ens 6
   Off Axis                              Marimba/Perc Ens 4            Harding, Scott
   Shared Spaces                         2 Perc/2 Horn                   Birdsong                                   Alto Sax/Marimba
   Teamwork                              Perc Ens 7                      Four Short Dances                          Flute/Clarinet
                                                                         Scenes of Mackinac                         Flute/Vibe/Cello
Gonko, Daniel                                                            Taiko                                      Perc Ens 7
  Lapse of Time                          Solo Timpani/Perc               Thunder on the Bay                         Perc Ens 6
                                                                         Walk Suite                                 Solo Marimba
Goodwin, Ron
  Freefall                               Concert Band                  Hartman, Ed
  Suite: The Time Traveller              Concert Band                    Partita in D Minor                         Solo Vibraphone
  Tall Ships                             Concert Band                   Return of the Wooden Soldiers              Xylophone/Piano
                                                                        Return of the Wooden Soldiers              Xylo/Marimba Trio
Gorb, Adam
 African Samba                          Concert Band                  Hause, Evan
  Candlelight Procession                 Concert Band                    Elephant Breath                            Perc Ens 4
  Eine Kleine Yiddishe Ragmusik          Concert Band
 French Dances Revisited                Concert Band                  Hawkins, Phil
  Parade of the Wooden Warriors          Concert Band                    Awkward Moment, An                         Steel Dr/Mar Ens 6

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   Inside Story                            Steel Dr/Mar Ens 6
                                                                         Howden, Moses
Hedges, Anthony                                                            Hip Hop Bop                                 Perc Ens 4
  Saturday Market Overture                 Concert Band
                                                                         Hunter, Jeff
Henzie, Charles                                                            Fresh Kick                                  Solo Vibraphone
  Drumologists, The                        Snare Collection                Nibaircs                                    Solo Vibraphone
                                                                           Paint Me A Sky                             Solo Vibraphone
Hirt, James                                                                Washing Machine Blues                       Solo Vibraphone
 Amber Waves                              Concert Band
 Baroque Celebration                      Concert Band                  Hutcheson, Jere
   Dawn Refrains at Arlington              Concert Band                   Caricatures III                             Concert Band
   Reflection                              Brass Ensemble                 Desert Flower                               Concert Band
 Sea of Tranquility                       Concert Band                   Spartan’s Dream, A                          Concert Band

Hollinden, David                                                         Ireland, John
  Cold Pressed                             Solo Multi-Perc                   Comedy Overture (arr. Steadman-Allen)     Concert Band
  Of Wind and Water                       Solo Marimba                      Downland Suite, A (arr. Steadman-Allen)   Concert Band
  Six Ideas for Snare, Bass and Cym        Solo Multi-Perc                   Downland Suite, A (arr. G. Bush)          String Orchestra
  Slender Beams of Solid Rhythm            Solo Multi-Perc                   Maritime Overture, A                      Concert Band
  Surface Tension                          Multi-Perc Duet                   Elegy from A Downland Suite               Concert Band
  Whole Toy Laid Down, The                 Percussion Quartet                  (arr. Steadman-Allen)
                                                                             Epic March (arr. G. Brand)                Concert Band
Holmes, Glenn
   Within the Next It Will Be              Elec Bass/Perc Ens 9          Jacob, Gordon
                                                                            Alexandra Palace Overture                  Concert Band
Holmes, Reed                                                                Blow the Man Down                          Concert Band
  Caught'ya Caccia, Caged Waltz            Flute/Percussion                 Concerto for Timpani & Band                Concert Band
  Circle Sonata                            Perc Ens 5/CD                    Fantasia on an English Folk Song           Concert Band
                                                                            Galloping Major, The (Bastow)              Concert Band
Horovitz, Joseph                                                            Sir Godfrey Kneller's March                Concert Band
  Fete Galante                             Concert Band                     Suite in B-flat                            Concert Band
                                                                            Sweet Nightingale                          Concert Band
Houllif, Murray                                                             Symphony AD 78                             Concert Band
  Be Rockin’ By Seven                      Perc Ens 7                       When Johnny Comes Marching Home            Concert Band
  Concert Duet                             Flute/Vibraphone
  Cowboy Life, A                           Concert Band                  Johnson, Brian
  Earthlings                               Percussion Trio                  La Llorona                                 Solo Mar/Vibe
 Fanfare & Allegro                        Concert Band
  Five for Two                             Flute/Percussion              Johnson, Stuart
  Four Lyric Pieces (Grieg)                Solo Marimba                     Bandstand Beguine                          Concert Band
  Horn-Rims                                Horn/2 Percussion                Bandstand Blues                            Concert Band
  Hot Cha Cha                              Concert Band                     Bandstand Boogie                           Concert Band
  J.P.                                     Percussion Quartet               Bandstand Ragtime                          Concert Band
  McCoy's March                            Concert Band                     Bandstand Samba                            Concert Band
  Pals                                     Snare Drum Duet                  Blue Danube, The (Strauss)                 Concert Band
  Paragons                                 Marimba/Perc Ens 3               Blues on the Slide                         Concert Band
  Samba                                    Solo Marimba                     Celebration Prelude                        Concert Band
  Show-Down                                Concert Band                     Circus Suite                               Concert Band
  Southern Chorale & March                 Concert Band                     Cradle Song/A Soldier's March              Concert Band
  Star-Stepping                            Solo Marimba                   Dances of Time                              Concert Band
  Style Suite for Solo Snare Drum          Solo Snare Drum                  Emperor Waltz (Strauss)                    Concert Band
  Summer Waltz                             Concert Band                     Fairground Suite, A                        Concert Band
  Three Forms                              Solo Multi-Perc                  Flute Sundae                               Flute/Concert Band
  Three Scenes in Nature                   Percussion Duet                  Flyaway Blues                              Concert Band
  Whole-Tone Piece                         Perc Ens 7                       Handel Suite, A                            Concert Band
                                                                            In a Summer Garden                         Concert Band
Houston, Allen                                                              Leopold Mozart Suite, A (arr.)             Concert Band
  Concert Piece for Timpani & Perc Ens Timpani/Perc Ens 7                   Liberty Bell (Sousa)                       Concert Band
  Voyage, The                          Perc Ens 8                           Little Brown Jug (arr.)                    Tuba/Concert Band
  Were the Whole Realm…                Perc Ens 10                          Londonderry Air (arr.)                     Concert Band

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   Marche Militaire (Schubert)            Concert Band                      Collisions                               Perc Ens 12
   Marching the Savoy (Sullivan)          Concert Band
   Radetsky March                         Concert Band                  Knox, Charles
   Rhapsody on an Old English Song        Concert Band                    Music for Viola & Percussion               Viola/Percussion
   Rondo/March                            Concert Band                    Visible Canon                              Keyboard Ens 4
   Round the Horn                         Concert Band
   Scenes from a Royal Tapestry           Concert Band                  Langford, Gordon
   Sinfonietta                            Concert Band                     Hooray for Our Side                       Concert Band
   Songs of the North                     Concert Band                     New Horizons (Romance & Scherzo)          Concert Band
   Spirit of Adventure                    Concert Band
   Staffordshire Festival Overture, A     Concert Band                  Lasley, Michael (arr.)
   Suite: The Golden West                 Concert Band                     Hungarian Rhapsody (Liszt)                Marimba Duet
   Symphonic Variations                   Concert Band
   Themes from Symph No. 5 (Schubert)     Concert Band                  Lee, Rowland
   Toccata                                Concert Band                     64 Zoo Lane                               Concert Band
   Trumpet Classics (arr.)                Concert Band
   Vive La France                         Concert Band                  Lefkowitz, David L.
   Wessex Dances                          Concert Band                     Miniature V: All at One Point             Marimba Duet
                                                                           Miniature V: All at One Point             Solo Marimba
Jones, David
   Legal Highs                            Violin/Marimba                Leidzen, Eric
                                                                         Old Folks at Home (Dvorák)                    Concert Band
Jordan, Jeff
   and a time                             Concert Band                  Leonard, Stanley
 Sunstorm                                Brass Ensemble                   Alleluia                                  Timpani/Organ
 Sunstorm                                Concert Band                     Fantasia on Luther’s Hymn                 Timpani/Organ
                                                                         Hurricane                                  Perc Ens 14
Jung, Holger                                                             Kymbalon                                   Perc Ens 9
   of lost dreams and chocolate           Mar/String Quartet               Recitative & Scherzo                      Timpani/Perc Ens 7
   Shiraz                                Percussion Quartet               Sacred Stones                             Perc Ens 8
                                                                         Shadows                                    Solo Perc/Perc Ens 4
Kaiser, Leander                                                            Trioso                                    Percussion Trio
   Apsara #1                              Solo Marimba                     Winged Chariot                            Percussion Quintet
   Apsara #2                              Solo Marimba
   Aquanautic Voyage                      Perc Ens 6                    Levitan, Daniel
   Cosmic Constellation                   Vibe/Marimba                     Duo for Violin & Marimba                  Violin/Marimba
   Desert Express                         Perc Ens 10                      Variations for Vibe & Piano               Vibraphone/Piano
   Double Flanging I                      Drum Set Duet
   Double Flanging II                     Drum Set Duet                 Lighty, Alan
   Eastern Oriental Express               Perc Ens 4                       Bad Vibes                                 Solo Vibraphone
   Eastern Pacific Liner                  Perc Ens 4                       Concert Etude for Timp & Perc             Solo Multi-Perc
   Provokateur, Der                       Solo Snare Drum
   Three Caprices, Op. 25 (Piatti)        Solo Marimba
   Union Pacific Liner                    Perc Ens 4

                                                                        Long, David J.
Kawamoto, Hideko                                                           Bethena (Joplin)                          Concert Band
  Around the Corner                       Perc Ens 4                       Birth of a King                           Holiday Perc Ens 6
  Cityscapes                              Solo Marimba                     Concert Piece                             Marimba/Orchestra
                                                                           Concerto for Marimba & Wind En           Marimba/Wind Ens
Keeny, Jonan                                                               Concerto for Marimba & Orchestra         Marimba/Orchestra
   Primal Groove                          Perc Ens 6                       Crystals, The                             Perc Ens 10
                                                                           Elite Syncopations (Joplin)               Concert Band
Keesecker, Noah                                                            Elite Syncopations (Joplin)               Perc Ens 8
   Spontaneous Cat, The                   Perc Ens 7                       Essences of the 4 Signs                  Perc Ens 8
                                                                           Festive Prelude, A                        Concert Band
Kelly, Bryan                                                               Five Sketches                             Viola/Marimba/Pno
   Oxford Scherzo                         Concert Band                     For Elise (Beethoven)                     Perc Ens 5–7
                                                                         From the Sands of Kittyhawk                Concert Band
Kempster, William                                                          Frustra                                   8 Brass/5 Percussion
  Busy Box                                Perc Ens 12                      Homage to Normandy                        Concert Band

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  Impetus                               Perc Ens 5                        American Dance Music                     Brass 5/1 Percussion
  Impulsion                              Perc Ens 5                        American Dance Music                     Brass 5/1 Perc/Orch
  Jubilee                                Perc Ens 10                       American Girl                            Full or Chamb Orch
  Mixed Motives                          Perc Ens 7                        At the Edge                              Full Orchestra
  Mixtures                               Perc Ens 5                        Beaton                                   Cello Duet
  Mixtures 2                             Perc Ens 8                        Blithe Spirit                            Tuba/Chamb Ens
  Mystic Prelude                         Perc Ens 10                       Bundles of Sticks                       Bassoon/Percussion
  Practus Interruptus                    Alto Sax/Marimba                  Call of Boromir, The                    F Horn/Marimba
  Procession                             Concert Band                      Chamber Suite for Viola                  Viola/Orchestra 16
  Reverie                                Solo Marimba                      Chamber Symphony No.1                    Mar/Winds/1 Perc
  Scenes of the Rappahannock             Concert Band                          for Marimba & Winds 
  Spirits                                Piano/Perc Ens 7                  Chamber Symphony No.2                    Bassoon/Winds
  Synopsis                               Perc Ens 10                          for Bassoon & Winds
  Tangents                               Concert Band                      Chamber Symphony No.3                    Clarinet/Chamb Ens
  Teatime Tango                          Concert Band                         for Clarinet & Chamber Ens
  Three Movements                        Keyboard Ens 5                    Comets in Winter Sky                     Concert Band
  Three Scenes                           Solo Marimba                      Concerto for Keyboards                   Piano/CD
 Three Vignettes                        Violin/Cello/Piano                Concerto for Marimba,                    Mar/CD/Perc Ens 6
  Two Dickinson Settings                 Choir/Piano/Perc                      Perc & Synthesizer 
  Wait, The                              Perc Ens 7                        Dance Music                              Perc Ens 10
  Winged Victory                        Perc Ens 8                       Dance on Wahbekaness                     Solo Marimba
                                                                           Event Horizon                            Brass Ens
Lymon, Antonio                                                            Fire, Dance, & Wahbekanetta              String Quartet
  Of Thoughts & Thinking                 Solo Marimba                      Five Songs from the Summit               Orchestra/CD
                                                                           Fun, Fire & Fury                         Concert Band
Lynch, John P.                                                             Gothica                                  Full Orchestra
   Diversions                            Wind Ensemble                     Grand Ledges: Vistas in Michigan         Concert Band
 Were You There?                        Concert Band                      HammerStrength                           Perc Ens 10
                                                                           Harmonizer                               Solo Violin/CD
Machamer, Steven                                                           Harmonizer                               Solo Violin/Orch
  Crux/Cross                             Solo Vibraphone                   Immovable Do                             Jazz Ensemble
                                                                           In Love's Autumn                         Concert Band
Maddox, Jeannine                                                           Infinity                                Trumpet/Marimba
  In the Sea                             Solo Marimba                      KraftHammer                              Concert Band
  In the Sea                             Marimba/Orchestra                 Kraftwerk                                Tuba/Percussion
                                                                          Led Page, The                            Concert Band
Magnuson, Roy                                                              Light Up the Sky                         Full Orchestra
 Harvest Moon                           Concert Band                     Loon-Wolf                                Solo Tuba/Band
  In the Twilight of a Sunless World     Concert Band                      Mirror of Galadriel, The                 Solo Piano
                                                                           Moderns, The                             Jazz Ensemble
Mahan, Cecily                                                             Prisms                                   Concert Band
 Fortress                               String Orchestra                  Razdraz                                 Marimba/Alto Sax
                                                                           Rimbadance                               Percussion/Marimba
Mahr, Timothy                                                              Rimbasly                                 Marimba/CD
  All Hail the Power                     Concert Band                      Rimbasly                                 Marimba/Piano
                                                                           Rimbasly                                 Marimba/Band
Marek, Robert                                                              Rimbasly                                 Marimba/Orchesta
  Joe Clark                             Marimba Quartet                   Rimbasly                                 Marimba/Perc Ens
  Sonata for Marimba Quartet            Marimba Quartet                   River is the Way                         Perc Ens 10
                                                                           Song of Middle Earth                    Mar & Perc/PE 9
Marshall, Christopher                                                      Song of Middle Earth                     Compact Disc
 Okaoka                                 Concert Band                      Song of Summer                           SSAA/Chamb Ens
                                                                           SoundMass                                Jazz Ensemble
Mathiesen, Steven                                                          Stomp                                    String Quartet
  Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Tarrega)     Marimba Trio                      Swords of Power                          Percussion Duet
                                                                           Testament                                Viola/Piano
Mays, Walter                                                               Time Out of Mind                         Solo Piano
  Six Invocations to the Svara Mandala   Perc Ens 10                       Towers                                   Orchestra
                                                                           Treebeard                                Sop/Tenor/CD/Pno
McCarthy, Daniel                                                           Two Pieces for Tuba/Euph En              Tuba/Euph En
  Age of Reason, The                     Jazz Ensemble                     Visions & Apparitions                    Flute/Percussion

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  Visions in Funk                           String Quartet
  Visions of the Anointed                   String Quartet                Metzger, Jon
  War is Kind                               Band/SATB Choir                 Batterie Diabolique                       Perc Ens 7–9
  WarHammer                                Marimba/CD                      Black Elk                                  Perc Ens 11
 Xyprexia                                  Solo Perc/PE 6                  Double East                                Solo Marimba
  You, Who Sang in Summer                   Chamber Ensemble                Elephant Walk                              Vibe/Marimba
                                                                            Five Easy 2-Mallet Pieces for Marimba      5 Marimba Solos
McClaren, Cort                                                              Five Pieces for Timpani                    5 Timpani Solos
 Book of Percussion Audition Music         Etude Book                      Five Pieces for Vibraphone                 5 Vibraphone Solos
  Book of Percussion Pedagogy, The          Perc Methods Book               Four Flights                               Flute/Percussion
  Steppin’ ’Round (Anderson)                Xylophone/3 Mar                 Imageries                                  Solo Vibraphone
  Steppin’ ’Round (Anderson)                Xylophone/Band                  Jazz Bis                                   Vibe/Perc Ens 6
  Swedish Folk Song (arr.)                  Marimba Quartet                 On Verchiel’s Wings                        Vibe/Perc Ens 3
                                                                            Spiral Passages                           Solo Marimba
McClure, Casey                                                              Zoroastrian Thunder                        Jazz Quint/Perc Ens
  Hold Fast                                 Perc Ens 10
                                                                          Meyn, Till MacIvor
McCormick, Robert                                                          Groovelocity                               Perc Ens 3
  Premiers Vol. 1                           Compact Disc
                                                                          Michaelson, Edward
McCoy, D. Mark                                                              Che Faro from Orpheus (Gluck)              Concert Band
  Symphony for Salem, A                     Concert Band                    General Radetsky Goes Cuckoo               Concert Band
                                                                           Happy Birthday, Amadeus (Mozart)           Concert Band
McDermott, Michael (arr.)                                                   March of the Peers (Sullivan)              Concert Band
  Panis Angelicus (Franck)                  Concert Band
                                                                          Mikkelson, Russel (arr.)
McKenney, Thomas                                                           Serenade, Op. 22 (Dvorák)                  Wind Ensemble
 C:M                                       Marimba/CD
                                                                          Miller, Edward Jay
McMichael, Catherine                                                         Going Home                                Chamber Trio
  Basque Noel, A                            Brass Quintet
 Bigler’s Crew                             Concert Band                  Missal, Joshua
 Cape Breton Postcard                      Concert Band                     Dramatic Overture, A                      Concert Band
 Fusion Suite                              Baritone Sax/Piano             Five Penny Rondo                           String Orchestra
 Huron Passage                             Concert Band                     Freedom March, The                        Band/String Orch
  Lewis & Clark                             Concert Band                     Passing                                   Band/Full Orch
 Michigana Suite                           Alto Sax/Piano                   Three English Dances                      String Orchestra
  Pax                                       Concert Band
  Proud Titania                             Brass Ensemble                Money, Rodney
  Sapphire                                  Alto Sax/Band                  Quakers & Conures                          Perc Ens 9
  Sapphire                                  Alto Sax/Piano Red            Montgomery, Edward (arr.)
  Spirit of the Shannon                     Flute/Band                      Adeste Fidelis                             Holiday Brass Ens
  Spirit of the Shannon                     Flute/Piano Red                 Carol of the Bells                         Holiday Brass Ens
  Sword Dancer                              Oboe/Wind Ens                   First Noel, The                            Holiday Brass Ens
  Sword Dancer                              Oboe/Piano Red                  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen                Holiday Brass Ens
  Woodland Serenade & Rondo                 Alto Sax/Band                   Good King Wenceslas                        Holiday Brass Ens
  Woodland Serenade & Rondo                 Alto Sax/Piano Red              Lo, How a Rose                             Holiday Brass Ens
                                                                            Silent Night                               Holiday Brass Ens
Meade, Elizabeth
  Curios                                    Keyboard Ens 6                Morgan, Tom
  Tapas                                     Voice/Perc Ens 6                Autumn Scenes                             Perc Ens 7
                                                                            Beast’s Debacle, The                       Jazz Combo Chart
Meechan, Pete                                                               Compound Fracture!/Hoe-Down                Solo Snare Drum
 Carnival!                                 Concert Band                    Downbeat Blues, The                        Jazz Combo Chart
 Crazy Diamonds Shining                    Clarinet/Band                   Jazz Drummer’s Reading Workbook            Drum Set Method
 Lift Off!                                 Concert Band                    Nathan’s Number                            Jazz Combo Chart
                                                                            Out of the Fog                             Jazz Combo Chart
Meister, Scott                                                              Sequential Fundamental Snare Drum          Snare Method
  TAQSIM                                    Perc Ens 7                      Sequential Rudimental Snare Drum           Snare Method
  Three Changes                             Violin/Percussion               Sign of the Times                          Jazz Combo Chart
  Three Maqamat                             Bassoon/Percussion

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Moyer, Jamie                                                                     & Perc Orch 
  Something Old, Something New (CD) Compact Disc                             Contrasts                                Perc Ens 10
  Sonatine (Giuliani)              Solo Marimba                             Five Pieces for Clarinet & Perc Orch    Bb Clar/Perc Ens 7
                                                                             Sketches                                Alto Sax/Perc Ens 4
Mueller, Robert                                                              Soliloquy and Dance                      Oboe/Concert Band
  Mogami-gawa                              Viola/Perc Ens 6                  Soliloquy and Dance                      Oboe/Piano Red

Naumann, Siegfried                                                       Petersen, Mark
  Marcia a Montecelio                      Concert Band                   Percussionistas, The                       Perc Ens 10

Nearpass, Jeffrey                                                        Popp, Harold
  Blume’n Cuban                            Mar/Perc Ens 10                  Concerto Grosso in C Maj (Handel)         String Orchestra
                                                                            Gigue from Orch Suite No.1 (Bach)         String Orchestra
Newsome, John D.                                                          Sing Noel (arr.)                           Holiday String Orch
  Atlantic Coast Overture                  Concert Band                     Song of Jupiter (Handel)                  Voice/String Orch
  Discata Mexicana                         Concert Band
  Fighting 50th Regiment, The              Concert Band                  Ridley, Brian
  La Pelea del Toro                        Concert Band                   Ashtown Overture                           String Orchestra
                                                                          Shadowood Portrait                         Concert Band
Newton, Rodney
  Defenders, The                           Concert Band                  Ridley, Steve
                                                                            Animism                                   Timpani/CD
Nilson, Torsten                                                             Goblins                                   Perc Ens 9
   Faults                                  Organ/Percussion
                                                                         Riley, Steve
Ogren, Jayce John                                                           Aware of Discussion                      Perc Ens 8
  Evening Music                            Soprano/Wind Ens                 Collinear Dancer                          Solo Multi-Perc
  Symphonies of Gaia                       Concert Band                     Delivering, A                             Solo Timpani
                                                                            Eye Irascible                             Perc Ens 8
Oli, Ravi                                                                   Goodbye and Go Begin                      Perc Ens 8+
   Pizza Music                             Concert Band                     Re-Entry                                  Solo Multi-Perc
                                                                          Sonic Adventures for Perc Ens              Perc Ens 4–6
Orfaly, Alex                                                                Spanesque Oscillations                    Marimba Quartet
   Divertissement                          Timpani/Perc Ens 4               Spring Wind                              Perc Ens 8
                                                                            Storm Warning and Dance                  Perc Ens 8
Osmon, Leroy (arr.)                                                         Vortices                                  Dr Set/Perc Ens 6
  Prelude from the 49th Parallel           Concert Band
    (Vaughan Williams)
                                                                         Roberts, Bruce
Owens, Terry Winter                                                        Dona Eis Requiem                           Voice/Marimba
  336: Sources of Light                    Solo Marimba                    Last Day of Pompeii, The                   2 Winds/Perc Ens 7
  Ten Preludes for Vibraphone              Solo Vibraphone                 Two Moods                                  Marimba/Clarinet
  Three Pieces for Timpani & Piano         Piano/Timpani
                                                                         Roberts, Scott
Pairojtanchai, Surapol                                                    Chromatic Fantasy                          Perc Ens 10
   Music for Marimba                       Solo Marimba
                                                                         Robinson, Nick
Palmer, Robert Glenn                                                       Something for Riley                        Perc Ens 7
   Land of Rest                            Concert Band
   Night Sounds                            Clarinet/Mar/Piano            Rodriguez, Armando
   Toccata in Dance Rhythm                 Concert Band                    Prelude and Fugue                          Solo Vibraphone
                                                                           Timbre-Space-Time                          Solo Vibraphone
Papadimitriou, Dimitris
 Oenanthe                                 Solo Marimba                  Rogers, Lisa
 Rain                                     Solo Marimba                    Paint Me A Sky (CD)                        Compact Disc
Pappas, Joseph                                                           Root, Thomas
   All Hail the Power                      Concert Band                    Desert Light                               Concert Band
Parker, Philip                                                           Ross, Ryan
   Concertino for Trumpet                  Bb Trpt/Perc Ens 7               Bicycle, The                              String Orch/Perc

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Rossi, Mick                                                              Souza, Ricardo
   Periphery                               Marimba/Perc Ens               Oferendas                                  Perc Ens 9

Roy, J. Michael                                                          Sparke, Philip
  Savage Ritual                            Perc Ens 9                       Barn Dance and Cowboy Hymn                Concert Band
                                                                            Concert Prelude                           Concert Band
Rush, Stephen                                                               Fantasy                                   Concert Band
   Hummingbird                             Perc Ens 6                       Land of the Long White Cloud              Concert Band
   Inner Rebellion                         Trom/Piano/Perc                  Tameside Overture, A                      Concert Band
   Mas Fuerte                              Perc Ens 6
   Nature’s Course                         Marimba/CD                    Speck, Frederick
   Rebellion                               Trom/Piano/Perc                  Dance Toccata                             Wind Ensemble
                                                                            Fantasia on a Southern Hymn Tune          Concert Band
Sanford, Richard                                                          Kizuna                                     Concert Band
   Stranded on Tulsa Time                  2 Piano/Perc Ens 4               Mosaics                                   Brass/Percussion
                                                                            Night Songs                               Full Orchestra
Schiboni, Barton                                                            Pulsar                                    Full Orchestra
   Canyon Echoes                           Solo Vibraphone                  Tango Concertante                         String Orchestra
   Variants                                Marimba/Violin
                                                                         Stamp, Jack
Schwarz, Ira-Paul                                                           All Hail the Power                        Concert Band
 Classical Kick, 2nd Ed.                  Sax/Clar/Marimba                 Elegy for English Horn & Band             English Horn/Band
                                                                            Elegy for English Horn & Band             English Horn/Piano
Shen, Hsueh-Yung                                                            Four Maryland Songs                       Soprano/Band
   Fantasy for L.K.                        Solo Vibraphone                  Four Maryland Songs                       Soprano/Piano
   Five Movements                          Percussion Quartet               Melting of the Winter’s Snow              Voice/Band
   Six Concert Etudes                      Solo Multi-Perc                  Vociferation                              Perc Ens 13

Smith, J.B.                                                              Steadman-Allen, Ray
  …all things hastened back to Unity       Perc Ens 13                      Cambridge Triptych, A                     Concert Band
  Boundary Waters                          Solo Marimba                     Comedy Overture (Ireland)                 Concert Band
 Choice                                   Solo Marimba                     Downland Suite, A (Ireland)               Concert Band
  Concertante Diversion                    6 Solo Perc/Band                 Elegy from A Downland Suite (Ireland)     Concert Band
  Concertante Diversion                    6 Solo Perc/CD
 Conga Mix                                Conga Trio
  Conga Tarang                             Perc Ens                      Steinohrt, William
  CongaStück                               Conga Duet                       Menehune March                            Concert Band
  Dulcimer Dream (Winsor)                  Marimba/Vibe                     On the Wings of Eagles                    Concert Band
  First Reflection                         Solo Marimba                     Opposing Forces                           Perc Ens 9
  Five Concert Etudes                      Solo Marimba                     Three Notions                             Solo Marimba
  In Light of Three                        Duet
 It’s Destiny...Gasp!                     Voice/Perc Ens 7              Tanner, Peter
  Mountain Images                          Perc Ens 5                      Concerto for Timpani & Brass               Timpani/Brass 8
  Prelude to Elaboration                   Vibe/Steel Dr/Mar
  Ringing Webs of Metal Thread             Vibe Duet                     Taylor, Charles
  Seconds Lost                             Marimba Duet                     Sonata for Horn & Marimba                 Horn/Marimba
  Skin Tensor                              Perc Ens 3
 Slap Shift                               6 Conga Drums                 Taylor, Clint “Skip”
  Soca Phase                               Percussion Duet                  Mountain Music                            Keyboard Ens
  Trio Passacaglia                         Mar/Vibe/Bass Mar                Variations on Red River Valley (arr.)     String Orchestra
                                                                            Wildwood Flower (arr.)                    String Orchestra
Smith, Judge
  March: 1919                              Concert Band                  Taylor, Noah D.
                                                                          Concerto No. 1 for Marimba                 Marimba/Piano Red
Smith, Mark                                                               Hunt, The                                  Marimba/Perc Ens 8
  Out … from Darkness                      Perc Ens 7/Piano
                                                                         Thompson, Kevin
Smith, Rob                                                                 Intrada/Brazilian Folk Song                Concert Band
  Sprung-Out                               Perc Ens 6                      Rock and Roll for Band                     Concert Band
  Surge                                    Perc Ens 10                     Shepherd's Song                            Concert Band

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Tipei, Sever                                                            Winsor, Phil
   Skin Tensor                            Perc Ens 3                      Dulcimer Dream                             Marimba/Vibe/CD

Torchinsky, V.                                                          Winstead, Steve
   Paradigma                              Marimba/Vibe                    Anxiety                                   Perc Ens 14
                                                                          Constellations #6 – Pisces the Fish        Solo Marimba
Tucker, Christopher
  Amber Terrace Dreams                    Concert Band                  Woolfenden, Guy
                                                                          Deo Gracias                                Concert Band
Turner, Aaron
  Parading Parrots                        Steel Band                    Wood, Gareth
  Toes in the Sand                        Steel Band                      Dance Sequence                             Concert Band
                                                                         Euphonium Concerto                         Euphonium/Band
Turrin, Joseph                                                            Japanese Slumber Song (arr. G. Brand)      Concert Band
  Chronicles                              Trumpet/Wind Ens                Tombstone, Arizona Overture                Concert Band
  Fandango                                Tpt & Tbn/Band
  Fandango                                Tpt & Tbn/Piano               Wright, Dennis (arr.)
  Hemispheres                             Wind Ensemble                   Moorside Suite, A (Holst)                  Band/Str Orch
  Jazzalogue No. 1                        Brass Ensemble
  Quadrille                               Tbn Trio/Wind Ens             Yardley, Cory
                                                                           Jumping Beans                             Solo Marimba
Van Appledorn, Mary Jeanne
   Symphony for Percussion                Perc Ens 12                   Yurko, Bruce
                                                                           Intrada for Wind Ensemble                 Wind Ensemble
Walker, Desmond (arr.)                                                     Sinfonietta for Wind Ensemble             Wind Ensemble
  B.B. & C.F. (March)                     Concert Band
  Death or Glory (R.B. Hall)              Concert Band                  Zambito, Pete
  Mephistopheles (S. Douglas)             Concert Band                    I Need a Name                              Steel Drum Band
                                                                          It's Not Carmen, So Save It                Steel Drum Band
Ward, Barry                                                               Slavonic Dance, Op. 46, No. 1              Marimba Duet
  Colonial Days                           Concert Band                    Slavonic Dance, Op. 72, No. 2              Marimba Duet
  Dinosaurs                               Concert Band
  Highlands March                         Concert Band
  In a Garden with Koi                    Concert Band                  Zaninelli, Luigi
  Mt. Fuji                                Concert Band                   Golden Horn, The                           Solo Trumpet/Band
  Russian Overture, A                     Concert Band                   Little Scherzo                             Concert Band
 Salute!                                 Concert Band                   Remembrance                                Concert Band
  Samurai                                 Concert Band                     Symphony for Winds                        Concert Band
  Skyline March                           Concert Band                   Three Dances of Enchantment                Concert Band
  Sweet Candy                             Concert Band
  ’Tis the Season                         Concert Band                  Ziek, Gary D.
  Visit to the Zoo, A                     Concert Band                     Aegean Symphony                           Concert Band
                                                                           Beasts and Monsters Suite                 Concert Band
Ward, Scott                                                                Chant                                     Concert Band
  Of Roman Times                          Brass/Percussion Ens             Concerto for Solo Perc & Wind Ens         Percussion/Band
  Sleight of Hand                         Solo Multi-Perc                Dance Diabolique                           Concert Band
                                                                           Divertimento for Eleven Winds             Wind Ensemble
Wells, David L.                                                            Essays for Trumpet                        Trumpet/Band
  Central Woodlands                       Concert Band                     Fanfare for a Festive Occasion            Concert Band
  Grand and Rapid                         Concert Band                     Heavy Metal Suite                         Tuba/Brass Ens
  Valleywood Overture                     Concert Band                   Heavy Metal Suite                          Tuba/Concert Band
                                                                           Joyous Overture, A                        Concert Band
Wiley, Frank                                                               Labyrinth                                 Concert Band
  Star-Fall Dances                       Clarinet/Marimba                 Ritual                                    Concert Band
Willis, Robert                                                          Zyskowski, Ginger
  Four Miniatures                         String Orchestra                 Classic Suite for Marimba                 Solo Marimba
                                                                         Lament & Soliloquy                         Solo Marimba
Wilby, Philip                                                              Lullaby for MAJ/Kyle’s Song               Solo Vibraphone
  Dawn Flight                             Concert Band                     Memory’s Glimpse/z’Rondo                  Solo Marimba

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                                       MUSIC for ORCHESTRA
                                                       String Orchestra 
      TITLE                           COMPOSER                   ITEM #      DESCRIPTION                             LEVEL   PRICE
      Adagio: In Memoriam 9/11        J. Bishop                  07980       String Orchestra                         III    $50.00
      Aria                            E.L. Diemer                08420       String Orchestra                         III    $50.00
      Artemis Rising                  J. Bishop                  06610       String or Full Orchestra                 III    $65.00
     Ashtown Overture                B. Ridley                  10800       String Orchestra                          I     $38.00
      Ballade                         J. Bishop                  07970       String Orchestra                          II    $50.00
      Bicycle, The                    R. Ross                    09210       String Orchestra/Triangle (all pizz.)     II    $48.00
      Black Sea, The                  G. Gackstatter             09230       String Orchestra                         III    $50.00
      Blackberry Blossom              arr. Gackstatter           08910       Solo Fiddle/String Orchestra             III    $48.00
      Brigid’s Fire                   J. Bishop                  08000       String Orchestra                         III    $50.00
      Concerto Grosso in C Major      Handel/arr. Popp           09310       String Trio/String Orchestra             IV     $45.00
      Downland Suite, A               J. Ireland/arr. Bush       R30001      String Orchestra                          V     $70.00
     Five Penny Rondo                J. Missal                  10810       String Orchestra                         III    $42.00
     Fortress                        C. Mahan                   11080       String Orchestra                         III    $50.00
      Four Miniatures                 R. Willis                  08920       String Orchestra (multi-movement)        IV     $60.00
      Freedom March, The              J. Missal                  08470       String Orchestra/2 Percussion            III    $48.00
      Geminus Sonus                   J. Bishop                  08010       String Orchestra                         III    $50.00
      Gigue from Orch. Suite No.3     Bach/arr. Popp             09330       String Orchestra                         III    $45.00
     Granny, Does Your Dog Bite?     G. Gackstatter             10840       String Orchestra                         III    $42.00
     Jig!                            G. Gackstatter             10830       String Orchestra                         III    $42.00
      Moorside Suite, A               Holst/arr. Wright          R30002      String Orchestra                          V     $75.00
      Oh, Beautiful                   arr. Gackstatter           08930       Solo Vln, Vcl, Pno/String Orchestra       II    $48.00
      Orpheus in the Underworld       Offenbach/arr. Bishop      06600       String or Full Orchestra                 III    $70.00
      Over the Hills                  arr. Bishop                06590       String or Full Orchestra                  II    $65.00
      Point of Reckoning              D. Gillingham              08410       String Orchestra                          V     $80.00
      Raven’s Flight                  J. Bishop                  07990       String Orchestra                         III    $50.00
     Sing Noel                       arr. Popp                  10790       Solo Voice/1 Perc/String Orchestra       IV     $42.00
     Song of Jupiter                 Handel/arr. Popp           09640       Solo Voice or Instr/String Orchestra      II    $42.00
      Tango Concertante               F. Speck                   09660       String Orchestra                         IV     $48.00
     Three English Dances            J. Missal                  10820       String Orchestra                         III    $42.00
      Variations on Red River Valley arr. Taylor                 08360       String Orchestra                          II    $48.00
      Wildwood Flower                 arr. Taylor                08370       String Orchestra                          II    $48.00

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                                                       Full Orchestra         

    TITLE                            COMPOSER                   ITEM #      DESCRIPTION                                      PRICE
    American Dance Music             D. McCarthy                06200       Solo Brass Quintet/Full Orchestra               RENTAL
    American Girl, An                D. McCarthy                06160       Full Orchestra                                  RENTAL
    And Make a Joyous Sound          R. Cichy                   06630       Full Orchestra (Band Version Available)           $70.00
    Artemis Rising                   J. Bishop                  06610       String or Full Orchestra                          $65.00
    At the Edge                      D. McCarthy                09920       Full Orchestra                                    $89.00
   Black Sea, The                   G. Gackstatter             08950       Full Orchestra                                    $60.00
   Chumash Dance Celebration        E.L. Diemer                09220       Full Orchestra                                    $65.00
    Concert Piece for Mar. & Orch. D. Long                      01170       Solo Marimba/Full Orchestra                     RENTAL
    Five Songs from the Summit       D. McCarthy                06620       Full Orchestra/CD Accompaniment                   $89.00
    Forward Motion                   D. Gillingham              06180       Full Orchestra                                  RENTAL
    From This Time Forth             D. Gillingham              06540       Full Orchestra/SATB Choir                       RENTAL
    Gothica                          D. McCarthy                10220       Full Orchestra                                    $89.00
    Harmonizer                       D. McCarthy                06140       Full Orchestra (Version for Violin/CD Avail.)     $90.00
    Interplay                        D. Gillingham              06190       Solo Piano 4-Hands/Full Orchestra               RENTAL
    Light Up the Sky                 D. McCarthy                06130       Full Orchestra                                    $90.00
    Night Songs                      F. Speck                   08280       Full Orchestra                                  RENTAL
    Pulsar                           F. Speck                   05330       Full Orchestra                                   $120.00
    Serenade, Op. 22A                D. Bourgeois               R40001      Full Orchestra                                    $55.00
    Towers                           D. McCarthy                06120       Full Orchestra                                  RENTAL
    Trombone Concerto, Op. 114       D. Bourgeois               R99902      Full Orchestra                                 $225.00
                                                                            Piano Reduction Available - under Chamber Music

                                                 MUSIC for BRASS
    TITLE                            COMPOSER                   ITEM #      DESCRIPTION                            LEVEL     PRICE
    2 Pieces for Tuba/Euph Ens       D. McCarthy                08460       Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble                   M       $42.00
    Adeste Fidelis                   arr. Montgomery/Cichy      07130       Holiday Brass Choir                       M       $45.00
    Basque Noel, A                   C. McMichael               08630       Holiday Brass Quintet                     M       $25.00
    Bolero                           K. Archer                  10850       Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble                   M       $42.00
   Brass Modality                   G. Gackstatter             11730       Brass Ensemble                            M       $32.00
    Carol of the Bells               arr. Montgomery/Cichy      07140       HolidayBrass Choir                        M       $45.00
    Dream of Flight, A               G. Danner                  09530       Brass/Percussion Ensemble                 M       $45.00
    Echoes                           D. Gillingham              06260       Brass/Percussion Ensemble                 MD      $70.00
    Event Horizon                    D. McCarthy                08240       Brass Quintet/Timpani                     M       $42.00
    Fanfare Ecalant                  D. Gillingham              06560       3 Trumpets/Organ                          M       $65.00
    Festival Celebration, A          G. Danner                  09520       Antiphonal Brass Choir                    M       $45.00

                 = New    = CD Recording Available | Phone 336.272.3920 • Fax 336.272.3988 • www.c-alanpublications.com
    First Noel, The                   arr. Montgomery/Cichy      07180       Holiday Brass Choir                      M        $45.00
    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen arr. Montgomery/Cichy            07160       Holiday Brass Choir                      M        $45.00
    Good King Wenceslas               arr. Montgomery/Cichy      07150       Holiday Brass Choir                      M        $45.00
    Heavy Metal Suite                 G. Ziek                    08220       Solo Tuba/Brass Ensemble                MD        $50.00
    Jazzalogue No. 1                  J. Turrin                  06830       Brass Ensemble                          MD        $50.00
    Lo, How a Rose                    arr. Montgomery/Cichy      07170       Holiday Brass Choir                      M        $45.00
    Mosaic                            F. Speck                   10860       Brass/Percussion Ensemble               MD        $42.00
    Of Roman Times                    S. Ward                    10880       Brass/Percussion Ensemble                M        $42.00
    Proud Titania                     C. McMichael               08640       Brass/Percussion Ensemble                M        $34.00
   Quintessence II                   D. Gillingham              11600       Brass Quintet/1 Percussion/Piano        MD        $40.00
    Reflection                        J. Hirt                    10870       Brass Ensemble                          MD        $42.00
    Ruffle & Flourish                 D. Gillingham              04710       Brass/Percussion Ensemble               MD        $60.00
   Shazam!                           G. Danner                  11740       Brass Quintet                           MD        $28.00
    Silent Night                      arr. Montgomery/Cichy      08650       Holiday Brass Choir                      M        $45.00
   Sunstorm                          J. Jordan                  11750       Brass Ensemble                          MD        $32.00

                                   MUSIC for JAZZ ENSEMBLE
    TITLE                             COMPOSER                   ITEM #      DESCRIPTION                                      PRICE
    Age of Reason, The                D. McCarthy                07860       Jazz Ensemble                                     $50.00
    Beast's Debacle, The              T. Morgan                  06750       From The Jazz Drummer's Reading Workbook          $32.00
    Downbeat Blues, The               T. Morgan                  06710       From The Jazz Drummer's Reading Workbook          $28.00
    Immovable Do                      D. McCarthy                07840       Jazz Ensemble                                     $50.00
    Moderns, The                      D. McCarthy                07850       Jazz Ensemble                                     $50.00
    Nathan's Number                   T. Morgan                  06740       From The Jazz Drummer's Reading Workbook          $28.00
    Out of the Fog                    T. Morgan                  06720       From The Jazz Drummer's Reading Workbook          $28.00
    Sign of the Times                 T. Morgan                  06730       From The Jazz Drummer's Reading Workbook          $32.00
    SoundMass                         D. McCarthy                05850       Jazz Ensemble                                     $50.00

                                                MUSIC for CHOIR
    TITLE                             COMPOSER                   ITEM #      DESCRIPTION                                      PRICE
    Cantata:                   D. Gillingham                     06220       SATB Choir/Children's Choir/Chamber Ens         RENTAL
      Forward Through the Ages
    Cloud of Witnesses, A             D. Gillingham              06241       SATB Choir/Organ/opt. Brass                       $20.00
    Heritage of Faith                 D. Gillingham              06500       SATB Choir/Concert Band                          $150.00
    Lifesongs                         D. Gillingham              08400       SATB Choir/Concert Band                          $180.00
    Oh, Beautiful                     arr. Gackstatter           09240       Unison Choir/Chamber Ensemble                     $45.00
                                                                 09410       Unison Choir/Percussion Ensemble                  $32.00

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   Parting Blessing, A               Williams/arr. Gillingham 05990         SATB Choir/Concert Band                          $70.00
   Return to Innocence               D. Gillingham              06210       SATB Choir/Percussion Ensemble                   $85.00
   Song of Bacchus                   D. Gillingham              06230       A Capella SATB Choir                              $2.50
   Song of Summer                    D. McCarthy                09910       SSAA Choir/Eng Horn/Perc/Pno/Bass                $80.00
   Two Dickinson Settings            D. Long                    08540       SSAA Choir/Piano/Harp/2 Percussion               $85.00
   War is Kind                       D. McCarthy                05970       SATB Choir/Concert Band                         $175.00

                                             CHAMBER MUSIC
   TITLE                             COMPOSER                   ITEM #      DESCRIPTION                            LEVEL    PRICE
   Alleluia                          S. Leonard                 08670       Organ/Timpani Duet                       M       $29.00
   American Counterpoint             D. Gillingham              06550       Flute/Clarinet/Saxophone                MD       $52.00
   American Dance Music              D. McCarthy                06670       Brass Quintet/Solo Percussion           MD       $55.00
   Baker's Dozen, A                  D. Gillingham              06250       Solo Horn/Piano                          M       $40.00
   Beaton                            D. McCarthy                07920       Cello Duet                              MD       $45.00
   Birdsong                          S. Harding                 09290       Alto Saxophone/Marimba Duet              M       $28.00
   Blithe Spirit                     D. McCarthy                06960       Solo Tuba/Clarinet/Horn/Bassoon         MD       $42.00
   Bonnie's Boogie                   D. Farnon                  R60116      Woodwind Ensemble                         E      $12.50
 Bundles of Sticks                  D. McCarthy                03020       Bassoon/Percussion Duet                 MD       $38.00
 Call of Boromir, The               D. McCarthy                02540       Horn/Marimba Duet                       MD       $39.00
   Caught'ya Caccia, Caged Waltz R. Holmes                      02120       Flute/Percussion Duet                    M       $39.00
   Chamber Suite for Viola           D. McCarthy                10310       Solo Viola/Orchestra 16                  M       $89.00
 Chamber Symphony for               D. McCarthy                01660       Solo Marimba/Chamber Winds              MD       $86.50
    Marimba & Winds
   Chamber Symphony No. 2            D. McCarthy                05860       Solo Bassoon/Chamber Winds              MD       $80.00
     for Bassoon & Winds
   Chamber Symphony No. 3       D. McCarthy                     08600       Solo Clarinet/Chamber Ensemble          MD       $90.00
     for Clarinet & Chamber Ens
   Chillin’ and Hoppin’              G. Carroll                 05180       Alto Saxophone/Marimba Duet              M       $30.00
   Classical Kick                    I. Schwarz                 02940       Violin or Alto Sax/Clarinet/Marimba      M       $36.00
   Concert Duet                      M. Houllif                 08440       Flute/Vibraphone Duet                    M       $32.00
   Concerto for Keyboards            D. McCarthy                08580       Solo Piano/CD Accompaniment             MD       $35.00
   Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies D. Farnon                    R60215      Woodwind Ensemble                         E      $12.50
   Dona Eis Requiem                  B. Roberts                 01470       Mezzo Soprano/Marimba Duet               M       $38.00
   Duo for Violin & Marimba          D. Levitan                 01240       Violin/Marimba Duet                       D      $42.00
   Echoes                            D. Gillingham              06260       Brass/Percussion Ensemble               MD       $70.00
   Elegy for English Horn & Band J. Stamp                       04462       Solo English Horn/Piano Reduction        M       $24.00
   Elite Syncopations                Strauss/arr. Farnon        R60211      Saxophone Ensemble                       M       $12.50
   Entertainer, The                  D. Farnon                  R60202      Woodwind Ensemble                        M       $12.50

               = New      = CD Recording Available | Phone 336.272.3920 • Fax 336.272.3988 • www.c-alanpublications.com
       Episodes for Solo Piano         N. Daughtrey               10460       Solo Piano                              MD      $10.00
       Event Horizon                   D. McCarthy                08240       Brass Quintet/Timpani                    M      $42.00
       Fandango                        J. Turrin                  06812       Solo Tpt/Solo Tbn/Piano Reduction        M      $22.00
       Fanfare Ecalant                 D. Gillingham              06560       3 Trumpets/Organ                         M      $65.00
       Fantasia on Luther's Hymn       S. Leonard                 08660       Organ/Timpani Duet                       M      $29.00
       Faults                          T. Nilsson                 01050       Organ/Percussion Duet                   MD      $32.00
      Fiddlydee                       K. Archer                  11680       Solo Euphonium/Piano                    MD      $20.00
      Fire, Dance, & Wahbekanetta     D. McCarthy                11760       String Quartet                          MD      $45.00
       Five Fantasies of Natural       D. Gillingham              09250       Flute/Marimba Duet                      MD      $36.00
       Five for Two                    M. Houllif                 07830       Clarinet/Percussion Duet                 M      $25.00
       Five Sketches                   D. Long                    02360       Viola/Marimba/Piano                      M      $39.00
       Five Songs for Voice & Mar      L. Glassock                01910       Soprano/Marimba Duet                    MD      $38.50
       Four Flights                    J. Metzger                 02140       Flute/Percussion Duet                    M      $29.00
       Four Maryland Songs             J. Stamp                   04722       Solo Soprano/Piano Reduction             M      $28.00
       Four Short Dances               S. Harding                 09300       Flute/Clarinet Duet                      M      $29.00
       Frustra                         D. Long                    01880       Brass/Percussion Ensemble                M      $49.00
      Fusion Suite                    C. McMichael               11690       Solo Baritone Saxophone/Piano            M      $24.00
       Giles Farnaby's Delights        D. Farnon                  R60118      Woodwind Ensemble                         E     $12.50
       Going Home                      E. Miller                  06930       Clarinet/Vibes/Elec. Piano/Elec. Bass    M      $35.00
       Habanera & March                Bizet/arr. Farnon          R60134      Woodwind Ensemble                         E     $12.50
           of the Toreadors                                       R60218      Saxophone Ensemble                        E     $12.50
       Harmonizer                      D. McCarthy                06150       Solo Violin/CD Accompaniment              D     $45.00
       Heavy Metal Suite               G. Ziek                    08220       Solo Tuba/Brass Ensemble                MD      $50.00
       Hopscotch                       M. DeMurga                 01260       Violin/Marimba Duet                       D     $42.00
       Horn-Rims                       M. Houllif                 08030       Horn/2 Percussion                         M     $32.00
                                                                              (includes parts for Tpt, Tbn., and Euph.)
       House of the Rising Sun         D. Farnon                  R60208      Saxophone Ensemble                        E     $12.50
       In Light of Three               J.B. Smith                 02690       Clarinet/Percussion/CD                  MD      $35.00
     Infinity                         D. McCarthy                02850       Trumpet/Marimba & Vibe Duet             MD      $42.00
       Inner Rebellion                 S. Rush                    05440       Trombone/Piano/Percussion               MD      $45.00
       Jazz Rhapsody/Chaconne          T. Blinko                  R60101      Wind Ensemble                             D     $12.50
       KraftWerk                       D. McCarthy                05070       Tuba/Percussion Duet                    MD      $40.00
       Kure Beach, NC                  B. Bennett                 01700       Cello/Piano/Percussion                   M      $33.00
       Legal Highs                     D. Jones                   01620       Violin/Marimba Duet                       D     $42.00
       Lillibulero                     D. Farnon                  R60121      Woodwind Ensemble                         E     $12.50
       MAinstreAM                      D. Ernst                   01340       Flute/3 Percussion                       M      $38.50
       Maple Leaf Rag                  Joplin/arr. Farnon         R60107      Woodwind Ensemble                        M      $12.50
       Meditation                      M. Brand                   R60203      Saxophone Ensemble                       M      $12.50
                                                                  R60108      Woodwind Ensemble                        M      $12.50
      Michigana Suite                 C. McMichael               11700       Solo Alto Saxophone/Piano                M      $24.00

                  = New     = CD Recording Available | Phone 336.272.3920 • Fax 336.272.3988 • www.c-alanpublications.com
      Miniature Set                    D. Gillingham              08790       String Trio                             MD      $28.00
      Minuet in F                      D. Farnon                  R60207      Saxophone Ensemble                        E     $12.50
      Mirror of Galadriel, The         D. McCarthy                08480       Solo Piano                              MD       $6.00
      Morning                          D. Farnon                  R60132      Woodwind Ensemble                         E     $12.50
                                                                  R60216      Saxophone Ensemble                        E     $12.50
      Morning Star                     P. Carlsen                 01710       Soprano/Vibraphone Duet                  M      $36.00
      Multiple Personalities           K. Archer                  10740       Solo Tuba/Piano                         MD      $29.00
     Music & Motion                   J. Calissi                 11480       Trombone/Marimba Duet                    M      $20.00
      Music for Viola & Percussion     C. Knox                    01160       Viola/Percussion Duet                    M      $28.00
      MVP                              D. Ernst                   01610       Violin/Marimba Duet                       D     $42.00
      New Africa                       D. Chisham                 01500       Vibes/Bass/Bassoon, Clarinet, or Sax    MD      $36.00
      Night Sounds                     R. Palmer                  06360       Clarinet/Piano/Marimba                   M      $45.00
      O Mensch Bewein Dein             Bach/P. Grainger           R60126      Woodwind Ensemble                         D     $12.50
        Sunde Gross
      O Susanna                        D. Farnon                  R60110      Woodwind Ensemble                        M      $12.50
      of lost dreams & chocolate       H. Jung                    05690       Solo Marimba/String Quartet             MD      $65.00
      Oh, Beautiful                    arr. Gackstatter           09240       Unison Choir/Percussion Ens/Piano        ME     $45.00
      Old Pond, The                    N. Daughtrey               10470       Solo Piano                               M      $10.00
      Pavane                           D. Farnon                  R60128      Woodwind Ensemble                        M      $12.50
      Pop Goes the Weasel (Fantasia) M. Brand                     R60112      Woodwind Ensemble                        M      $12.50
      Practus Interruptus              D. Long                    05810       Alto Saxophone/Percussion Duet           M      $32.00
      Prelude to Elaboration           J.B. Smith                 06950       Vibraphone/Steel Drum/Marimba            M      $25.00
      Psalm 121                        E. Diemer                  05230       Brass/Organ/Percussion                   M      $52.00
      Psalms for Percussion & Organ E. Diemer                     03330       Organ/2 Percussion                       M      $46.00
     Quintessence II                  D. Gillingham              11600       Brass Quintet/1 Percussion/Piano        MD      $40.00
     Razdraz                          D. McCarthy                02320       Alto Saxophone/Marimba Duet             MD      $39.00
      Rebellion                        S. Rush                    02230       Trombone/Piano/Percussion               MD      $45.00
     Rhapsody for Clarinet            G. Danner                  11710       Solo Clarinet/Piano                      M      $20.00
      Sapphire                         C. McMichael               08612       Solo Alto Saxophone/Piano Reduction M D         $32.00
      Scenes of Mackinac               S. Harding                 05890       Flute/Vibraphone/Cello                   M      $38.00
      Serenade, Op. 22                 D. Bourgeois               R70055      Solo Organ                               M      $10.00
     Shared Spaces                    L. Glassock                10240       2 Percussion/2 Horns                     M      $45.00
      Singing Wood                     G. Danner                  10690       Clarinet/Marimba Duet                    ME     $28.00
      Soliloquy and Dance              P. Parker                  02252       Solo Oboe/Piano Reduction                ME     $22.00
      Sonata for Horn & Marimba        C. Taylor                  01420       F Horn/Marimba Duet                     MD      $42.00
      Sonata No. 1 for Cello           D. Gillingham              06270       Solo Cello/Piano                        MD      $42.00
      Sonata No. 1 for Trumpet         D. Gillingham              09490       Solo Trumpet/Piano                      MD      $38.00
      Song of Summer                   D. McCarthy                09910       SSAA Choir/Eng Horn/Perc/Pno/Bass M             $80.00
      Sorcerer's Apprentice, The       D. Farnon                  R60130      Woodwind Ensemble                        M      $12.50
                                                                  R60214      Saxophone Ensemble                       M      $12.50

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       Sounds and Rounds                  G. Brand                   R60123      Woodwind Ensemble                         E     $12.50
       Sousa Confuser                     M. Brand                   R60113      Woodwind Ensemble                        M      $12.50
       Spirit of the Shannon              C. McMichael               10082       Solo Flute/Piano Reduction               M      $24.00
       Spiritual Dances                   D. Gillingham              05660       Solo Oboe/Marimba Quartet                M      $53.00
     Star-Fall Dances                    F. Wiley                   01870       Bb Clarinet/Marimba Duet                  D     $48.00
       State of the Art                   M. Gaetano                 04800       Bb Clarinet/Percussion Duet             MD      $35.00
       Stomp!                             D. McCarthy                10750       String Quartet                          MD      $34.00
       Strange Dreams                     N. Daughtrey               06400       Alto Sax or Clarinet/Marimba Duet       MD      $40.00
       String Quartet No. 1               K. Archer                  10780       String Quartet                           M      $34.00
       Sword Dancer                       C. McMichael               10172       Solo Oboe/Piano Reduction                M      $24.00
       Testament                          D. McCarthy                07890       Solo Viola/Piano                        MD      $30.00
       Three Changes                      S. Meister                 02960       Violin/Percussion Duet                  MD      $28.00
       Three Inventions for Flute &       M. Gaetano                 06320       Flute/Percussion Duet                    M      $42.00
       Three Maqamat                      S. Meister                 02550       Bassoon/Percussion Duet                 MD      $28.00
       Three Pieces for Timpani &         T. Owens                   01390       Piano/Timpani Duet                        E     $16.00
       Three Subtropical Vistas           D. Adams                   01360       Voice/Marimba & Vibraphone Duet          M      $38.00
      Three Vignettes                    D. Long                    11550       Violin/Cello/Piano                      MD      $20.00
      Time…                              G. Danner                  11720       Clarinet/Soprano/Piano                   M      $28.00
       Time Out of Mind                   D. McCarthy                07910       Solo Piano                              MD      $32.00
       Trapeze                            S. Gibson                  R60114      Woodwind Ensemble                        M      $12.50
       Treasured Moment                   D. Gillingham              09260       Solo Cello/Piano                         M      $18.00
       Treebeard                          D. McCarthy                07880       Soprano/Tenor/Piano/CD                   M      $65.00
       Trombone Concerto, Op. 114         D. Bourgeois               R70049      Solo Trombone/Piano Reduction           MD      $24.95
       Trombone Sonata                    K. Archer                  10730       Solo Trombone/Piano                      M      $29.00
       Twilight Remembered                D. Adams                   01200       Flute/Percussion Duet                    M      $26.00
       Two Dickinson Settings             D. Long                    08540       SSAA Choir/Piano/2 Percussion            M      $40.00
       Two Moods for Clarinet &           B. Roberts                 01490       Bb Clarinet/Marimba Duet                 ME     $19.00
       Two Spirituals                     M. Brand                   R60124      Woodwind Ensemble                         E     $12.50
       Variations for Vibraphone &        D. Levitan                 01750       Vibraphone/Piano Duet                   MD      $23.00
       Visions & Apparitions              D. McCarthy                09270       Flute/Percussion Duet                   MD      $32.00
       Visions in Funk                    D. McCarthy                08230       String Quartet                            D     $45.00
       Visions of the Anointed            D. McCarthy                10760       String Quartet                          MD      $34.00
       Walk in Dow Gardens, A             D. Gillingham              09280       Piano 4-Hands                            M      $15.00
       Woodland Serenade & Rondo          C. McMichael               08782       Solo Alto Saxophone/Piano Reduction M           $26.00
       You, Who Sang in Summer            D. McCarthy                07900       Chamber Ensemble                        MD      $85.00

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