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From the President
As an adult, choosing a university to achieve your educational goals requires
special considerations – key among them your current responsibilities to work
and family as well as the financial investment you are making in your future.

I’m proud to tell you that Edinboro stands apart in our ability to understand
and respond to your specific needs as an adult student. As you may have
heard, great things are happening here at Edinboro University!

First and foremost, Edinboro is a great place to learn, with several nationally
recognized degree programs and more than 100 fields of study.

To support our outstanding faculty and students, Edinboro has invested
millions of dollars in state-of-the-art learning centers, educational resources
and advanced technology.

Perhaps most importantly, as a university community we are committed
to your success. I encourage you to take a few minutes to learn more about
our Office of Adult Students Services and the wide range of educational
opportunities and financial options Edinboro has developed specifically
for adult students.

                             Welcome to Edinboro University and best wishes
                             on your journey to make great things happen!

                             Dr. Jeremy Brown

      A great time to earn your degree
As an adult student, one of your most significant
concerns is how to find the time to complete your
degree. At Edinboro, we have several ways to help:

Accelerate Your Degree
You may be eligible for credit for coursework
from another university, knowledge in a particular
subject area or experience gained through
employment or other activities. Edinboro
encourages adult students to apply for these types
of credits toward their degree requirements.

Edinboro University accepts credits in transfer
from institutions of higher education which
are accredited by regional accrediting bodies.
Coursework completed at institutions which
are not regionally accredited may be accepted
by the University following evaluation by
the academic deans in consultation with
department chairpersons.

Credits which were earned more than 10 years ago
generally are accepted, but will be evaluated by
the department chairperson and academic dean
for their applicability toward meeting current
degree requirements.

For more information on transfer credits, go to
www.edinboro.edu, keyword “transfer.”

CLEP®                                                  Life Experience Credits
The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP®)          You may earn life experience credits by developing
is a series of examinations in college subjects that   portfolios that document your learning and
allow you to earn college credits for what you         experience from employment or other activities
already know, regardless of how the knowledge          as they relate to specific courses. The learning
was acquired – be it advanced course work,             experiences must be equivalent to what would
independent study, work experience,                    otherwise be achieved through coursework
professional development or extracurricular            at Edinboro.
activities. Edinboro University awards
undergraduate credit for successful scores on          The Office of Adult Student Services administers
CLEP exams which are approximately 90                  the life experience process. Students submit an
minutes long and are administered on a computer.       application, the portfolio documenting their
Students receive instant score reports following       experience and applicable fees to the Office of
completion of the exam.                                Adult Student Services. Before you apply, discuss
                                                       your plans with the Adult Student Services Office,
Competency Exams                                       your advisor and the chair or faculty in the
                                                       appropriate academic area. These individuals can
If you feel that you already have the knowledge
                                                       help you be successful in your pursuit of credit.
and skills to meet the objectives or outcomes
of a particular course, you may be able to earn
                                                       To learn more about any of these options for
undergraduate credit by completing a course
                                                       degree acceleration, go to www.edinboro.edu,
competency examination. Administered through
                                                       keyword “prior learning.”
the academic departments, the exams are another
option for earning credit by testing.

To petition for credit, complete the request form
which is available online, in departmental offices
and in the Records and Registration office.

    Priority Scheduling
    We understand that you may need to
    schedule your classes around other major life
    responsibilities. That is why Edinboro allows adult
    students to schedule classes one day before
    students with the same class standing.

    To take advantage of this program, complete the
    Priority Scheduling Application and submit it to
    the Office of Adult Student Services.

    Academic Advisors
    Upon entering Edinboro University, you will be
    assigned a faculty advisor who will work with you
    to create a plan of study – enabling you to look
    ahead at the next steps for fulfilling your degree
    requirements. Your advisor also will help you
    develop successful strategies for academic success
    and offer insight relevant to your career plans.

Flexible Learning
We do our best to bring the classroom to
you. With our locations in Edinboro, Erie and
Meadville, as well as evening, weekend and
online learning opportunities, it’s easy to
fit classes into your busy life. Take just one
class at a time or several, depending on what
works in your personal schedule.

One of Edinboro’s most flexible degree options
is our Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies
(BAIS). An alternative to the traditional major,
BAIS students select and combine courses
into concentration areas relevant to their
learning and career pursuits. This degree fulfills
all traditional university requirements, and is
ideal for students who have unique goals or
who have earned an associate degree in
a specialized field.
BAIS alumni are currently working in areas
such as human services, education, health
services, protective services, graphic design,
independent film, sales, and manufacturing.
Some alumni have pursued graduate study
in a wide range of fields including business,
education, counseling and social work, as
well as computer and information science,
allied health, and real estate.

Edinboro also offers associate degree
programs that can be earned in their entirety
at our Erie or Meadville campuses. To learn
more about these opportunities, go to
www.edinboro.edu, keywords “Erie”
or “Meadville.”

A great value in education
Edinboro offers the region’s lowest tuition fees for undergraduate
education. Plus, if you take at least six credits (two classes) per semester,
you may qualify for financial aid, including grants and loans.

Each year, more than $58 million in financial aid is available to Edinboro
students through a variety of federal, state and University grants. In
addition, Edinboro annually awards more than 500 scholarships, including
aid specific to adult students. The University also offers several other options
for financial aid.

Financial Aid:

Employer Reimbursement
If you are working, you may have employer-paid education benefits.
Edinboro’s Employer Tuition Reimbursement Agreement allows you to defer
payment of your tuition and fees until after grades are available at the end
of the semester.

Tuition Payment Plan
With this convenient program, you can make installed payments for your
school expenses over the course of the semester.

Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver
At Edinboro, adults who are age 62 or older and receive Social Security
(or equivalent) retirement benefits are eligible for full remission of tuition.

Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) and
Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
TAA is a federally funded employment program
that assists workers whose jobs have been
impacted by foreign imports, while WIA
provides federal job training funds for adults
and dislocated workers. Edinboro offers several
certificate programs as well as undergraduate
and graduate degree programs that are approved
for TAA and WIA funding.

For more information on financial aid or
scholarships, call the Financial Aid Office at
814-732-5555, toll-free at 1-888-611-2680, or go to
www.edinboro.edu, keyword “financial aid.”

Recognition of Success
At Edinboro University and across the nation,
adult students achieve great academic success.
To recognize these students, Edinboro offers:
•	 Honors	Program
•	 Scholarships
•	 Deans	List
•	 Graduation	Honors
•	 Academic	Honor	Societies

Alpha Sigma Lamda
With over 300 chartered chapters, Alpha Sigma
Lambda is the oldest and largest chapter-based
honor society for adult students. This national
organization is devoted to the advancement of
learning and recognition of superior scholarship
and leadership in adult learners who accomplish
academic excellence while facing competing
interests of family, community and work.

Edinboro students who meet eligibility criteria are
invited to be members of this prestigious group.
For more information about Alpha Sigma Lambda,
visit www.alphasigmalambda.org. To learn more
about the University’s chapter, visit www.edinboro.
edu, keyword “adult,” or contact the Office of Adult
Student Services at 814-732-2701

Great support for adult students
So who does Edinboro consider an adult student?
Typically, it is someone age 25 or older who is
pursuing an associate or baccalaureate
undergraduate degree. In fact, the average age
of our adult students is 34. Other factors
considered include:
•			Has	legal	dependents
•			Is a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces
•			Is independent for financial aid purposes

Regardless of your situation, Edinboro’s Office
of Adult Student Services offers a full range of
support to help you achieve your goals.

Office of Adult Student Services
300 Scotland Road
119	McNerney	Hall
Edinboro, PA 16444
Phone: (814) 732-2701
Fax: (814) 732-2443
Email: adultstudents@edinboro.edu
Website: www.edinboro.edu, keyword “Adult”

Great resources on campus
Wired to the world via the latest technological innovations.
•				 Ranked as one of the most technologically advanced university
•		 37 computer labs – several open all night – and wireless “hotspots”
      on campus
•				 S.C.O.T.S., the student-centered online transaction system, allows you
      to conveniently register for classes, add/drop courses, check financial aid
      and even pay your bill
•		 Baron-Forness Library, with a wireless network, computer labs and
      interlibrary loan

State-of-the-art learning centers as well as contemporary facilities
for recreation.
•		 Modern seven-story library with more than 500,000 bound volumes and 1.4
    million microform units, plus Kurzweil equipment for the visually impaired
•		 Free tutoring program and writing center                                        The State System
•		 New $5.4 million state-of-the-art music facility
                                                                                    Edinboro University of Pennsylvania is a
•		 One of the top 10 universities for students with disabilities                   part of a family of 14 universities across the
                                                                                    Commonwealth known as the Pennsylvania
                                                                                    State	System	of	Higher	Education.

  How to apply                                                                      On July 1, 1983, the state legislature joined
                                                                                    together the 13 state-owned colleges by
  Simply apply online or request an application by writing, e-mailing or            creating	the	State	System	of	Higher	Education.	
  calling the Admissions Office. With Edinboro’s rolling admissions process,        As its founding legislation states, the mission
  there are no admissions deadlines and you can apply at anytime.                   of the State System is to provide high-quality
                                                                                    education at an affordable cost.
  Edinboro University Admissions Office
  Toll-free: 1-888-846-2676                                                         As a system of public institutions, the
                                                                                    influence of the universities reaches far
  Fax: 814-732-2420                                                                 beyond the campuses. The 14 universities
  E-mail: eup_admissions@edinboro.edu                                               enroll nearly 106,000 students. Once graduated,
  www.edinboro.edu, keyword “apply online”                                          students join a network of more than 617,000
                                                                                    alumni worldwide.

                                               Undergraduate Programs
                                                                    SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS
BA    -   Anthropology                                            BA -         Philosophy                                              BFA -           Studio Arts:
BA    -   Art History                                             BA -         Political Science                                                       Ceramics
BA    -   Criminal Justice                                        BA -         Psychology                                                              Drawing
BA    -   Communication Studies                                   BA -         Psychology/Mental Health                                                Jewelry/Metalry
          (Broadcasting, Organizational                           BA -         Psychology/Developmental                                                Painting
          Communication, PR/Advertising)                          BA -         Social Science                                                          Printmaking
BA    -   Drama                                                   BA -         Sociology                                                               Sculpture
BA    -   English/Literature                                      BA -         Spanish                                                                 Weaving/Fibers
BA    -   English/Writing                                         BA -         Specialized Studies                                                     Wood/Furniture
BA    -   Foreign Language                                                     (self-designed major)
BA    -   German                                                  BA      -    Speech/Hearing Sciences*                                TWO-YEAR DEGREES:
BA    -   History                                                 BA      -    Women’s Studies: Communication,                         AA - Criminal Justice
BA    -   Humanities                                                           History, Humanities,                                    AA - Human Services/Social Services
BA    -   Journalism & Mass Communications                                     Human Development                                       AA - Liberal Studies
          Broadcast Journalism                                    BS -         Industrial Trades Leadership                                    (57 fields available)
          Print Journalism                                        BS -         Social Work
          Public Relations                                        BFA -        Applied Media Arts:
BA    -   Latin American Studies                                               Cinema (Animation, Film/Video)
BA    -   Music                                                                Graphic Design

                                                                         SCHOOL OF EDUCATION
All Grades (K-12)                                                 Elementary Education                                                 BS in Ed.   -   German
BA - Music Education                                              BS in Ed. - Elementary                                               BS in Ed.   -   Mathematics
BS - Health & Physical Education:                                 BS in Ed. - Elementary/Early Child                                   BS in Ed.   -   Physics
            Teacher Ed.                                           BS in Ed. - Elementary/Special Ed.                                   BS in Ed.   -   Social Studies
            Health Promotion                                                                                                           BS in Ed.   -   Spanish
            Recreation Admin.                                     Secondary Education
            Sport Admin.                                          BS in Ed. - Biology                                                  TWO-YEAR DEGREES:
BS in Art Education                                               BS in Ed. - Chemistry                                                AA - Human Services/Developmental
BS in Ed. - Special Education/Elem. Ed.                           BS in Ed. - Earth & Space Science                                            Disabilities (Special Ed.)
                                                                  BS in Ed. - English                                                  AS - Pre-School Ed.
                                                                  BS in Ed. - General Science

                                               SCHOOL OF SCIENCE, MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY
BA    -   Biology                                                 BS      -    Bus. Admin./Administration                              BS -            Nursing (for RNs/LPNs only)++
BA    -   Chemistry                                               BS      -    Bus. Admin./Financial Services                          BSN -           Innovative Nursing (15 mos.)**
BA    -   Earth Sciences                                          BS      -    Bus. Admin./Forensic Acctg.
BA    -   Environ. Studies/Geog.                                  BS      -    Bus. Admin./Marketing                                   Pre-Professional Studies:
BA    -   Geography (580)                                         BS      -    Bus. Admin./Mgt. Info. Systems                                    Pre-Dental
BA    -   Mathematics                                             BS      -    Chemistry                                                         Pre-Law
BA    -   Mathematics (Actuarial Studies)                         BS      -    Chemistry/Forensic Sciences                                       Pre-Medical
BA    -   Natural Science & Math.                                 BS      -    Chemistry/Industrial Biochemistry                                 Pre-Pharmacy
BA    -   Natural Science & Math/Wildlife                         BS      -    Computer Science/Application                                      Pre-Pharmacy LECOM+
BA    -   Physics/3-2 Engineering                                 BS      -    Computer Science/Theoretical                                      Pre-Veterinary
BA    -   Physics/Liberal Arts                                    BS      -    Economics
BA    -   Physics/Theoretical                                     BS      -    Envir. Science/Biology                                  TWO-YEAR DEGREES:
BA    -   Individualized Studies                                  BS      -    Envir. Science/Geology                                  AET - Manufacturing Engineering
           (self-designed major)                                  BS      -    Geology                                                         Technology
BS    -   Biology                                                 BS      -    Medical Technology                                      AS - Computer Science
BS    -   Biology/Pre-Medical LECOM +                             BS      -    Nuclear Medicine Tech.                                  AS - General Business Admin.
BS    -   Bus. Admin./Accounting                                  BS      -    Nursing (first-time students)

                                                                               GRADUATE STUDIES
School of Liberal Arts                                            MSN -         Nursing                                                Graduate Certification Programs
MA - Art                                                                      Family Nurse Practitioner                                     Elementary School Counselor
MA - Clinical Psychology                                                      Nurse Educator                                                Principal’s Certification K-12
MA - Communication Studies                                                    Consortium with Clarion and                                   Reading Specialist
MA - Social Sciences                                                          Slippery Rock Universities                                    School Psychology
MA - Speech/Language Pathology                                                                                                              School Supervision
MFA - Studio Art                                                  Graduate Certificate Program                                              Secondary School Counselor
             Ceramics                                                  Information Technology                                               PA Letter of Eligibility for
             Jewelry/Metalsmithing                                                                                                          Superintendent/
             Painting                                             School of Education                                                       Assistant Superintendent
             Printmaking                                          MA - Counseling                                                           and IU Executive Director
             Sculpture                                                     Rehabilitation Counseling
MSW - Social Work                                                          Community Counseling                                        Graduate Certificate Programs
                                                                           School Guidance                                                  Behavior Management
Graduate Certificate Program                                               Student Personnel Services                                       Character Education
      Conflict Management                                         MED - Educational Leadership
                                                                  MED - Educational Psychology                                         Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification
School of Science, Management and Technology                      MED - Elementary Education
MS - Biology                                                      MED - Middle and Secondary Education                                 BA - Specialized Studies
MS - Information Technology                                       MED - Special Education
                                                                  MED - Reading
 * Teacher certification available.                                                                          + Coop program with Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine.
** For students already possessing a four-year degree in another area.                                      ++ For students possessing a license as a registered/practical nurse.

                   Toll-free	1-888-846-2676		•		Fax	814-732-2420				E-mail: eup_admissions@edinboro.edu
                                   One of the 14 universities in Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education

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