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                                                              November 2010 - January 2011

      Suffolk County’s Ties to the Earliest Days of Scouting
                                                                                                           Troop 3, which has 100 years of unbroken
                                                                                                         tenure, celebrated their centennial with
                                                                                                         a big party on October 1st. Many past
                                                                                                         members, leaders and friends were on hand
                                                                                                         to add to the festivities.
                                                                                                           Although the current troop banner is
                                                                                                         not as old as the troop, a new troop flag,
                                                                                                         complete with the special 100-year veteran
                                                                                                         patch, was presented to the Scouts by
                                                                                                         their chartered organization – the Suffolk
                                                                                                         County Corrections Officers.
                                                                                                           Congratulations to Suffolk County
                                                                                                         Council’s, and Long Island’s, oldest troop!

Silver Beaver                                                                                     Don’t Forget!
Nominations Due                                                                              MAKE YOUR PLANS NOW TO ATTEND

                                Every one of us know someone who has                            THE 2011 COUNCIL
                              made an impact on the lives of youth through                          FELLOWSHIP DINNER
                              service given to their unit, district and the                        Thursday, March 31st
                              Suffolk County Council. All of us have had
                                                                                              Villa Lombardi’s - Holbrook, New York
                              an impact one way or another. But annually
                              we seek to identify and recognize those                   Good Food - Great Fun - A Scouting Party!
                              individuals who have made an exceptionally
                              noteworthy      impact on Scouting, their
                              community and youth.
                                The National Council established the
                              Silver Beaver Award in 1931 to recognize
                                                                                      Y our hard work and dedication
                              individuals who have provided distinguished                     throughout this past year
                              service to Scouting, youth and the community.
                              Since then, over 50,000 Scouters have been                       are greatly appreciated.
                              recognized nationally. The Silver Beaver is
                             the highest award that a council can present
in recognition of service to Scouting and the community. There are
                                                                                W ishing you
many Suffolk County Council volunteers that have been recognized and            a joyous Holiday Season
honored with the Silver Beaver Award. And there are many more who               and a New Year
are worthy of nomination. Recipients will be honored at the annual
Council Fellowship Dinner on March 31, 2011.
                                                                                of peace and happiness.
  Nomination forms are available on the Suffolk County Council website
( and are due by January 28, 2011. Take the time to                          Suffolk County Council
nominate those who have given of their time and effort. Contact your
district representative for answers to your questions and assistance with             Executive Board Members & Staff.
the nomination process.
 Table of Contents
                                                           Warren W. Roser Memorial Eagle Scout Scholarship
                                                      The Warren W. Roser Memorial Eagle        one-time award, prior year recipients       nity leadership roles by doing many
  2       University of Scouting                      Scout Scholarship Fund supports           meeting all eligibility criteria may        community-based ordinary things as
                                                      educational opportunities for Eagle       submit updated scholarship application      opposed doing just a few great things.
                                                      Scouts who have demonstrated              for consideration by the selection          Merit for this award will be determined
  3       Youth Protection Training Policies Change   leadership and service both within        committee.                                  by the depth of the applicant’s commit-
  3       Baiting Hollow Scout Camp                   Scouting and just as importantly, in                                                  ment to Scouting’s basic principles of
                                                      their communities and everyday living.    While never a Boy Scout in his youth,       leadership and service, that the extent
  4       Wood Badge                                  The applicant must be an Eagle Scout      Warren Roser held many different            to which, the applicant has and will
  5       Southaven Camporee                          with preference given to Eagle Scouts     leadership roles within the Trailblazer     leverage those principles beyond his
                                                      in the Suffolk County Boy Scouts of       District of the Suffolk County Council.     years in Scouting.
  6       Matinecock District
                                                      America Trailblazer District. The         He was a dynamic leader driven to
  6       Sagtikos District                           scholarship amount is $2,000. The         challenging, developing and encourag-       Applications are available at the coun-
  7       National Youth Leadership Training          recipient must have been accepted to,     ing Scouters to become model leaders        cil service center or on the council
                                                      have applied for, or plan to attend an    and citizens in the community. His          website. Applications must be post-
  7       National Scout Jamboree                     accredited four-year college on a full-   adult roots in Scouting also lead him       marked no later than February 18,
  8-9     2010 Distinguished Citizen Award Dinner     time basis. While this is a merit based   to assume significant local commu-          2011.
  10-11   Trailblazer District
  11      Benjamin Tallmadge District
                                                          Do You Have A Hankering                                                                 University of
  12      Catholic Committee on Scouting
  13      Lutheran Committee on Scouting                       For Adventure?                                                                     Scouting SCC
  13      Suffolk County Jewish Committee                 HIGH ADVENTURE – BSA STYLE THAT IS!                                                     January 22, 2011
  13      Suffolk County Protestant Committee
                                                                                                                    Information Coming Soon!
  14      Venturing News
  15	     Commissioner’s	Corner                                                                                     What is University of Scouting?
                                                                                                                         	 A fantastic, fun-filled day of supplemental training
  15      Prayer in Honor of BSA 100th Birthday
                                                                                                                             where YOU choose sessions led by experienced vol-
  16      Eagle Scouts Announcement
                                                                                                                             unteers, who will help YOU enhance your knowl-
                                                                                                                             edge and skills to deliver the Best program to the
                                                                                                                         	 A single day packed with a year’s worth of fun, pro-
 Support the United Way and Scouting –                                                                                       gram ideas, and information.
           Donor Designate!                                                                                              	 Opportunity to meet and share ideas with Scouters
                                                                                                                             from throughout Suffolk County Council.
              The Suffolk County Council
         is a partner agency of the Long                                                                                 	 Training courses for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts,
         Island United Way. The council                                                                                      Venturing, Commissioner Service and general top-
                                                          The Council’s BSA High Adventure Bases Committee
 does receive funding through other United                                                                                   ics.
                                                       is ready to come to your troop or crew meeting to let
 Ways from individuals who designate
                                                       you know about the opportunities available for your
 their contribution to go to Suffolk County
 Council, BSA. When making your United
                                                       youth members.                                               Who Should Attend University of Scouting?
 Way pledge where you work, remember                                                                                     	 YOU should attend, along with hundreds of your fel-
                                                          • PHILMONT
 Scouting. Designate some or all of your                                                                                     low Scout leaders from Suffolk County Council. All
                                                          • FLORIDA SEA BASE
 pledge to the Suffolk County Council.                                                                                       registered leaders, potential leaders and parents
                                                          • NOTHERN TIER CANOE BASE
                                                                                                                             that are looking for the very best program for their

                                                         Programs at each of these BSA High Adventure                        Scouts.
                                                       Bases are available to older Scouts and to all Venturers
                                                       in the Council through our annual expeditions.
                                                         Contact Frank Bailey, Council High Adventure               How Do I Register?

                                                       Programs Chairman,, to                         	 Registration flyers will be available online and dis-
                                                       request a presentation to your interested members and                 tributed at leader roundtables and district meetings

                                                                                                                             during the months of November and December. The
                                                                                                                             catalog of courses will be posted in November.

                                                                                                                    What’s Included in my Registration Fee?
                                                                                                                         	 In addition to receiving a full day of interesting class
                                                                                                                             sessions, handouts, and fellowship with hundreds
                                                                                                                             of fellow Scouters, everyone will receive a special
                                                                                                                             University patch.
                                                                                                                         	 You may preorder lunch when you register for an
                                                                                                                             additional fee or you may bring your own.

                                                                                                                    How Do I Dress for University of Scouting?
                                                                                                                         	 Please        dress    in    Scout   uniform     appro-
THE OFFICIAL WEB SITE OF                                                                                                     priate        to     your      Scouting       position.
                                                                                                                             BRING YOUR SCOUTING SPIRIT!
                                                                                                                    For more information contact Robin Sconzo at

Page 2 Navigator, November 2010 - January 2011 – The Best Way                                                          A Change to the Boy Scouts of America’s
            to Advertise Your Unit.                                                              Youth Protection Training Policies
Last summer, the Boy Scouts of America launched the new BeAScout website to                  Effective June 1, 2010:
give prospective members instant information on available units in their community!             •	 Youth protection training is required for all BSA registered volunteers,
                                                                                                     regardless of their position.
When someone accesses the site, they are provided with information on the three                 •	 New leaders are required to take Youth Protection training before submitting
BSA programs (Cub Scouting, Boy Scouts and Venturing) and on volunteer opportu-                      an application for registration. The certificate of completion for this training
nities. By entering their address, information on local units in the program selected                must be submitted at the time the application is made and before volunteer
are displayed on a GOOGLE map.                                                                       service with youth begins.
                                                                                                •	 Youth Protection training must be taken every two years. If a volunteer’s
UNIT LEADERSHIP KEY TO SUCCESS                                                                       Youth Protection training record is not current at the time of recharter, the
                                                                                                     volunteer will not be reregistered.
Right now, prospects looking for more information on a specific unit in their area are
directed to the Suffolk County Council. Unit leadership can customize and update             To ensure these policies are fully implemented, please take the following steps:
this information to include unit contacts, meeting information and even a link to your          •	 If you have not taken Youth Protection training within the past two years,
unit website.                                                                                       please log on to and take the training. Be sure to have
                                                                                                    your member ID number. The number can be found on your Boy Scouts of
Access to update your unit information is available to the chartered                                America membership card.
organization representative, committee chair and the top unit leader.                           •	 If you do not know your member ID number, contact your unit leader or
                                                                                                    committee chairman.
    1.   They log into their MyScouting account and select BeAScout from the Unit               •	 A person does not have to be a registered volunteer, or have an ID number,
         Tools section on the left. There are two options:                                          to take Youth Protection training. Log into and create an
         	 Unit Pin Management: Unit leaders use this to edit pin information.                     account. From the MyScouting portal, click on E-Training and take the Youth
         	 Unit Lead Management: Unit leaders use this to manage incoming                          Protection training. Upon completion, print a certificate and submit it with an
             requests for information from parents interested in Scouting.                          application or submit to the unit leader for processing at the council service
    2.   The unit leader should first complete the Unit Pin Management screen. They             •	 If you have taken Youth Protection training online but did not input your
         will notice two important items on this view.                                              member ID number, please log on to the Training section of MyScouting and
         	 At the bottom left is the field “Displayed on Google Pin” area. Unit                    input your member ID so the training will be linked to your records.
              leaders must select contact person rather than Council information                •	 If you have taken Youth Protection training within the past two years but did
              before assigning a unit contact. Also select other information that will              not take the course online, log on to MyScouting to ensure your records are
              appear on the pin. The Pin preview box will only display the informa-                 up-to-date, or contact the council service center for verification that your
              tion that the unit leader selects in this box. Also helpful to recruiting is          Youth Protection training records are accurate.
              including your unit’s meeting location. This will move the Pin location           •	 If you do not have access to a computer, contact your district training com-
              on the GOOGLE map and give prospective members a better idea of                       mittee for information on attending a “live” Youth Protection training course.
              where you are located.
         	 You MUST select three unit contacts with email addresses from the
              drop down list – without using the same email address twice.
         	 At the bottom right in the box outlined in red, is a preview of the
                                                                                             Hello Fellow Campers!
              GOOGLE pin. This is what the parent will see.                                       Thanks to all that attended camp this summer or participated in our many pro-
                                                                                             grams. Boy Scout Camp, Cub Scout Resident Camp, Day Camp at the Hollow,
    3.   The important step is that someone from the unit is prepared to follow-up on        Western Day Camp and Cub Parent Weekends were a success. A success based on a
         all contacts in a timely manner.                                                    large part by our program directors: Josh Green for Boy Scout Camp, Chris Philp for
                                                                                             Western Day Camp and Dana Berner for Cub Scout Day Camp at the Hollow. Thanks
                                                                                             guys, for providing an excellent program to the lucky Cubs and Boy Scouts that were
                                                                                             in our care.
                                                                                                  A special thanks to all that helped, including the camp staff’s finest, with the
                                                                                             2010 Council Camporee and the concession stand. Hats off to a fine group of people
                                                                                             that gave it their all.

                                                                                             Summer is over. So that means camp is closed, right?
                                                                                                  Wrong! We are busy on weekends with lots of events such as district camporees,
                                                                                             Webelos Woods, training, unit camping, Baiting Holloween, and of course, our newer
                                                                                             service - the Blue and Gold Dinners! We lighten your burden by providing table dec-
                                                                                             orations, a varied menu prepared in our own, modern kitchen and we clean up so you
                                                                                             don’t have to. This at a price typically 50 to 65% less than you would pay a caterer,
                                                                                             including a split pricing system for children under the age of 12. And of course, the
                                                                                             under 4’s, or future Tiger Cubs are free. And don’t forget the new restrooms are on
                                                                                             the same floor in the dining hall.
                                                                                                  Please visit our web site or
                                                                                             for attritional information or to make a reservation using our new…

                                                                                             Baiting Hollow Scout Camp Reservation System.
                                                                                                 See if there are spots open on the weekend you want. Reserve on line (payments
                                                                                             or deposits must still be paid in person, by mail or by credit card) or contact Diana
                                                                                             Llanes at 631-924-7000 x 22.

     You Can Look It Up Yourself!                                                                 Speaking of new restrooms, the Visitors Restrooms are overdue for renovations.
                                                                                             If you have connections for new commercial toilets, plumbing fixtures, PVC or cop-
                                                                                             per pipe, urinals, sinks, roofing, lumber or anything else to aid in the proposed reno-
   Questions about your training records can now be answered on the Internet.
                                                                                             vation, please contact James Grimaldi at 631-924-7000 x21 or jagrimald@bsamail.
   Simply log on to your MyScouting account and under the E-Learning section, click
                                                                                             org . Any donations of new materials are greatly appreciated.
   on “Training Validation”. All training courses on your BSA record will be displayed.
                                                                                                                                                    See you at camp!
   If you attended a BSA training course and it is not shown, send a copy of the train-
                                                                                                                                                    Bill Strong
   ing attendance card to: Council Registrar, Suffolk County Council, 7 Scouting Blvd.,
                                                                                                                                                    Suffolk County Council
   Medford, NY 11763. Or, fax to 631-924-7145, attention Registrar.
                                                                                                                                                    Camping Committee Chair

                                                                                                                          Navigator, November 2010-January 2011 Page 3
                                            Wood Badge
2010 Wood Badge NE-VII-19                                                            convenience and choice of location. Attendance at both weekends is required.
Congratulations to the 18 Scouters from Suffolk                                      The Wood Badge curriculum has been developed in a series of building blocks
County Council who completed the practical portion                                   with each session relating to another or building and expanding on a previous
of this years Wood Badge course held at Schiff Scout                                 topic. Our days and nights are very full of presentations and activities and it is
Reservation. The Scouts and the parent they serve                                    extremely important that participants be available to participate for all six days.
should be appreciative of the dedicated effort these                                 There really is no way to make this experience up separately. Consequently,
Scouters took in striving to provide an improve                                      we ask that cell phone calls or other business or personal matters be strictly
scouting program. The scouters included: Theresa                                     limited to periodic break times in the course schedule. There will not be time
Boyle, Paul Carl, Dave Colford, Peter D’Ambrosio,                                    for a participant to leave the camp during the six days. Please contact the course
Liam Donnelly, Nicholas Felitti, George E. Funk, Richard Mehner, Erik Moller,        director if you have any questions on this issue.
Kurt Nilsen, Ralph Savarese, Louis Scotti, Peter Sebor, Douglas B. Sutton,
Joseph Torre, James Weydig and Ryan Bieler. They now have 18 months to               How will Wood Badge help me?
complete the goals that they established. Once they complete them, they will         Wood Badge will teach you about leadership techniques in a “living”, hands-on
earn their Wood Badge Beads.TRC’s own Vinnie Giacalone served as this years          environment, and you will be able to apply all you learn to any Scouting role
Scoutmaster/Course Director.                                                         that you currently have or may have in the future. It will also be very useful in
                                                                                     your personal and business life. Since these skills can be practiced in a variety
What is the purpose of Wood Badge?                                                   of situations, Wood Badge is beneficial for all adults involved in Scouting,
The ultimate purpose of Wood Badge is to help adult leaders and Venturing            including Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Venturing, Commissioner Service, as
youth 18 and older deliver the highest quality Scouting program to young peo-        well as on district and council committees. You will develop a “Ticket”, which
ple to help them to achieve their highest potential. It models the best techniques   is a written agreement outlining how you will apply your newly learned skills
for developing teamwork among both young people and adults. In doing this,           as you continue your involvement in Scouting. Development of your ticket is
Wood Badge also supports Scouters who are active on adult committees, includ-        an exercise in goalsetting and includes creating a personal vision and mission
ing district and council committees. Nationally famous training professionals        statement and outlining your individual steps to personal success. You will
and volunteers updated the Wood Badge syllabus during 2000 and 2001 to pro-          work with a member of the Wood Badge course staff who will assist you in
vide the best methods to adult Scouters to model and teach leadership skills to      the development of your ticket and will be available to you until your ticket is
others. Wood Badge’s effectiveness as a leadership development experience has        completed.
                            been applauded by industry training professionals.
                                                                                     How do I get my beads?
                                                                                     After participating in all three days of each weekend, you will have completed
                            2011 Wood Badge N7-404-11-1                              the “practical” phase of Wood Badge training. During these two weekends, and
                             On Monday September 27th, Bob Koch was                  the interim time between them, you will create your own Wood Badge Ticket
                             announced as the Course Director for the 2011           as mentioned above. You’ve probably seen other Scouters wearing their Wood
                             Wood Badge Cluster Course (Suffolk County and           Badge beads. When you successfully complete your Ticket (the application
                             Theodore Roosevelt Councils). Bob has served            phase of Wood Badge), some members of your Wood Badge staff will present
on staff for the past ten Wood Badge Courses, starting with NE-II-110 in             you with your Wood Badge beads, tan neckerchief with the MacLaren tartan
2001. He is a 45-year veteran Scouter having received his Eagle Scout award          “patch”, a leather woggle (neckerchief slide) and a special Wood Badge certifi-
nearly 40 years ago. Bob attended the Regional Wood Badge Course Directors           cate. These are worldwide symbols that a Scouter has completed Wood Badge
Conference held at Alpine Scout Reservation during the weekend of October            training.
N7-404-11-1 will be held at Baiting Hollow Scout Camp during the weekends            Will I have fun?
of Friday, September 9th to Sunday September 11th and Saturday October 1st           Absolutely! At Wood Badge, fun and learning go hand-in hand! In fact, for
to October 3rd, 2011.                                                                N7-404-11-1, it’s a requirement. There’s a lot of learning, but there is also a
As in past years, participants can expect a staff of extremely dedicated Scouters    lot of sharing…and many games as well.
who bring the highest level of enthusiastic Scouting spirit to the course. They
will generously share their experiences with every participant and offer them-
selves as a resource during the course…and years after. They will set the            What are the qualifications needed
example for how the Scouting program was meant to be run.
                                                                                     to attend Wood Badge?
                                                                                     Wood Badge is NOT just for Scoutmasters. It’s for adults Scouters and Venturers
Do I need an invitation to attend Wood Badge?                                        over 18 at all levels: Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Varsity and Venturing, as
No. All Scouters who meet the qualifications below are eligible to attend Wood       well as District and Council members. Here are the qualifications:
Badge. We wish that we could personally meet and encourage every Scouter in          •	      Be a registered adult member of the Boy Scouts of America or a
the council to take Wood Badge. Since this is unlikely, we are trying to reach       Venturer                 18 or older.
out in as many ways as possible to introduce Wood Badge for the 21st Century         •	      Complete basic training courses for your primary Scouting position
training. You will find additional information on our council’s website under        •	      Complete the outdoor skills training program appropriate to your
the heading of Training.                                                             Scouting                 position (if necessary)
                                                                                     •	      Be capable of functioning safely in an outdoor environment
                                                                                     •	      Have your physician authorize your BSA Annual Health and Medical
How much time will Wood Badge take?                                                  Record
Wood Badge is conducted over two full three-day weekends. Each weekend
begins at 8:00am and finishes about 5:00pm. Your patrol will have one or two         Who do I “AX” for more information? You can contact your district
meetings between the two full weekend sessions, scheduled at your patrol’s           training chairs or you can contact Bob Koch, course director at bobbsa@opton-
                                                                            or 631/981-1399 (home) or 516/209-8162 (Cell)

                                            Wood Badge
Page 4 Navigator, November 2010-January 2011
                                  Southaven Camporee
     It was an amazing three days at Southaven County Park (renamed
SCOUTHAVEN for the weekend) as Scouts and Scouters from across
Suffolk County gathered to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of
Scouting. Under the leadership of co-chairs Cliff Locks and Dot
Young and our Scout Executive Dirk Smith the event went off with
out a hitch. 4,000 participants and over 300 camporee staff and
exhibitors gathered for a weekend that will not be soon forgotten.
     Tent city was the home to 2,000 Scouts and Scouters. It was an
awesome sight to watch nearly 200 units setting up in this big open
field. Instantly the excitement grew as the field started to fill up. On
Saturday morning the gate to the activity areas was opened and the
fun had begun.
     There were over 175 activities, exhibits, stations and points of
interest. From Tom Burns and his Scouting Museum (which was
absolutely incredible) to pine wood derby, bounce houses, bb’s
tomahawks, 2 man saw, team building events, a Civil War reenact-
ment, You name it, it was there! From A to Z. Archery to zoo - a
petting zoo that is. Scouts and Scouters, friends and family spent the
day going from activity to activity Finally after dinner there were
church services and then off to the big show! Wow! To say big is an
understatement. Thanks to Pat Kelly who arranged for stage, sound,
lighting, video and that amazing 40’ video screen.
     Under the leadership of Brian McAuliff and Mark Businski the
program was great. From the beginning with Mike Rowe’s discus-
sion about dirt, and Rachel Hankers singing of the Star Spangled
Banner, to the grand finale laser light show this show was certainly
the best performance this council has ever had. Two Scouts leaving
the show were heard saying that the laser light show was the best
thing they have ever seen.
   There is only one question left. Dirk, Cliff and Dot -
what will you do at the next council camporee to out do this

                                                                           Navigator, November 2010-January 2011 Page 5
                    Matinecock District                                                                        Sagtikos District
                                                                                                       District Chairman Karl A. Fritch (631) 435-0819;
              District Chairman John P. Rosenblatt – (631) 692-9780;                                                Email:
                           Email:                                             District Commissioner Michael Ludwig (631) 224-4767;
             District Commissioner John A. Davis – (631) 544-9336;                                               Email:
                              Email:                                                   District Executive Michal Dluginski - (631) 924-7000 ext. 31;
       Assistant Scout Executive John A. Nowak - (631) 924-7000, ext. 13;                                        Email:
                Paraprofessional Elaine Gray – (631) 924-7000 x27
                                                                                         12/4     Den Chief Training
                               CALENDAR                                                  12/7     District Committee Meeting – 351 Brook Avenue, Bay Shore
                                                                                         12/14    Roundtable
  November                                                                               12/21    Commissioner Meeting
  2     Election Day - Remember to vote!                                                 12/28    Order of the Arrow Chapter Meeting
  3     SM/ASM Position Specific Training (3/3)
  4     Leaders roundtable meeting - NOTE DATE CHANGE                                    1/4      District Committee Meeting – 351 Brook Avenue, Bay Shore
  4     Order of the Arrow, Nissequogue Chapter meeting                                  1/11     Roundtable
  10    Commissioner staff meeting                                                       1/18     Commissioner Meeting
  11    Veterans Day - Council service center closed                                     1/25     Order of the Arrow Chapter Meeting
  13    Den Chief Training
  18    District committee meeting                                                       2/1      District Committee Meeting – 351 Brook Avenue, Bay Shore
  25    Thanksgiving Day - Council service center closed                                 2/4-6    Sagtikos Winter Camporee at Baiting Hollow
  26-28 Thanksgiving Holiday - Council service center and Baiting Hollow                 2/8      Roundtable
        Scout Camp closed.                                                               2/15     Commissioner Meeting
                                                                                         2/22     Order of the Arrow Chapter Meeting

  2      Commissioner staff meeting
  9      Leaders roundtable meeting
  9      Order of the Arrow, Nissequogue Chapter meeting
  16     District committee meeting                                                    2010 Fall Membership Recognition
  24     Christmas Eve - Council service center closed                                      As fall moves into winter, look for more boys to join Scouting. Invite them to
  31     New Year’s Eve - Council service center closed                                pack nights and troop meetings. Have your registered Scouts bring peers to meetings.
                                                                                       Make it your goal to exceed your 2009 membership. And to recognize those units that
                                                                                       do increase membership, we are offering Sagtikos packs, troops and crews recognition
  January                                                                              awards similar to those of 2009.
  6     Commissioner staff meeting                                                          The incentive plan is this: Show a growth in membership over the previous year
  13    Leaders roundtable meeting                                                     for the following recognitions:
  13    Order of the Arrow Nissequogue Chapter meeting                                               	 Bronze: Have a growth of plus 1 boy over December 23, 2009.
  17    Martin Luther King Day - Council service center closed                                       	 Silver: Have a 1.5% growth over December 23, 2009.
  20    District committee meeting                                                                   	 Gold: Have a 3% growth over December 23, 2009.
  28-30 Polar Bear Camporee                                                                          	 Platinum: Have a 5% growth over December 23, 2009.
                                                                                            To achieve this, your unit must reach these goals and maintain them through
                                                                                       December 23, 2010. Only Scouts who are registered with the Suffolk County Council
                                                                                       Service Center by this date will be counted.
It’s Coming!
     It is a balmy 70 degrees (F) outside as this article is being written, but win-
ter is on the way. And with it, the Matinecock District Polar Bear Camporee!
                                                                                       Winter Camporee February 4-6, 2011
                                                                                            The Winter Camporee at Baiting Hollow Scout Camp will be a Winter Scout
     The event will be held January 28th to 30th, 2011 at Baiting Hollow Scout
                                                                                       Skills Olympics. Planning is taking place now, but be prepared to be involved. Save
Camp. Be sure to attend the November and December leader roundtable meet-
                                                                                       the weekend of February 4-6, 2011 for your troop to attend. Bring your game face! Let
ings to get all the registration and program information you need.
                                                                                       the games begin!

                                                                                       2011 Friends of Scouting Campaign
 Den Chief Training                                                                        January to April are prime months for the 2011 Friends of Scouting campaign.
     Training for those all-important helpers to den leaders - a Boy Scout Den         Contact the council service center or your unit commissioner to schedule your visit
 Chief- will be conducted:                                                             from a representative to speak to your families about the value of Scouting and how
                            Saturday, November 13th                                    they can support its future.
                                9:00 am- 1:00pm
                          East Northport Public Library                                All Leaders Need Youth Protection Training
     Registration forms are available from the training calendar or Matinecock              Unlike previous years, starting in June of 2010, every leader of your unit, including
 District page on the council website (                                your Chartered Organization Representative, MUST have Youth Protection Training.
                                                                                       If they are not trained, or can’t show proof of training, they will be excluded from your
                                                                                       charter. If they hold a key position in the unit, the charter itself will be incomplete and
                                                                                       we will not be able to register your unit. Act now! Make sure all your leaders are fully
Friends of Scouting                                                                    trained. Youth Protection Training is available online at
     The number of Matinecock District units supporting the council’s annual
Friends of Scouting (FOS) campaign increased again in this centennial year. And
despite a challenging economy, the district will meet its finance goals this year.     2010 Centennial Quality Unit Wrap Up
     Thank you to those Matinecock District units who made the nut sale, Trails’           From now through the end of 2010, you can see your unit commissioner or
End popcorn sale and FOS a success.                                                    council representative and review your goals for 2010 to see if you qualify as a 2010
     In 2011, we intend to actually accomplish the plan of having all units com-       Centennial Quality Unit. If you do not have a copy of your goals commitment sheet,
plete their FOS effort by June 30th.                                                   contact Mike Ludwig or your unit commissioner and request a copy and a review.
                                                                                       Deadline for getting in your 2010 Centennial Quality Unit form is January 15, 2011.

 Page 6 Navigator, November 2010-January 2011
             Training for Boy Scouts                                                                        National Scout Jamboree
          and Venturing Crew Members                                                              Two hundred Scouts and twenty-one adults from Suffolk County Council formed
                                                                                            five troops to make up the Suffolk County Council’s contingent to the 2010 National
What is National Youth Leadership Training?                                                 Jamboree at Fort A P Hill in Virginia. This was a ten day trip for all which started
    National Youth Leadership Training is an outdoor experience for youth leaders in        with a two day visit to Washington DC where our Scouts visited dozens of museums,
support of the adult unit leader’s responsibility for the training of youth leaders. The    monuments and memorials. Many of them took the time to view the Grand Centennial
                              Suffolk County Council, using a nationally approved out-      Parade, an event in Washington where Scouts from every council in the country joined
                               line under the leadership of quality volunteers, conducts    together to celebrate 100 years of Scouting. After two nights in D.C. it was off to Fort
                               the training. The training takes place March 25-27 and       AP Hill. Our 4 busses and 3 trucks arrived and met up with 40,000 Scouts from across
                               April 8-10 2011 at Baiting Hollow Scout Camp. Both           the country. In a matter of hours it went from big open fields as far as the eye can see
                               weekends are required.                                       to fields full of tents and tarps and field kitchens.
                                                                                                  Suffolk County Scouts spent the next week participating in hundreds of activi-
                              Who is qualified to attend?                                   ties. Patch trading and meeting Scouts from around the country and around the world
                                    The course is open to Boy Scouts, 13 to 17 years        is always a big hit. Our contingent patches (featuring five historic Grumman planes
                              of age, and Venturers, both male and female, 14 to 17         from Long Island) were some of the most popular patches at the Jamboree. Our Scouts
                              years of age. To be eligible for this course Boy Scouts       watched two big arena shows. The closing show had over 100,000 people in atten-
                              must have attained the rank of First Class, and be 13         dance and was nothing but amazing. Our Scouts returned home tired, dirty and ready
                            years of age by the start of the course. His Scoutmaster        to go back again.
must approve the Scout’s application. Venturing Scouts should have completed either               We would like to thank Pat Kelly who was the chairmen of the Jamboree com-
crew officer training or Venturing Leadership Skills Course. Your crew advsior must         mittee. Pat and his team arranged for all of the equipment, transportation, meals and
approve the application.                                                                    lodging. They also arranged for each person in our contingent to receive a backpack,
                                                                                            water bottle, patches, pins and t- shirts. Our guys looked great. Thanks for your hard
Registration Information                                                                    work.
     Registration forms are available at the council service center, and on the coun-             Ralph Weidler led our contingent of 5 troops, taking care of all the units’ needs
                                                                                            while traveling and during their stay in Washington. Thanks Ralph for all of your plan-
cil website – Please fill out the registration form and mail it             ning, hard work and dedication.
to the Suffolk County Council with a deposit check of $45.00. The total course fee                Thanks also to the five Scoutmasters and fifteen assistant Scoutmasters who took
is $210.00. Additional information will be mailed directly to the paticipant in early       care of the day-to-day operations of their troops.
March. Deposits and full payments are transferable but not refundable. The fee                    We were sad to say good-bye to Fort AP Hill, which has been the home of the last
includes 2 T-shirts, hat, training materials, meals, loads of challenges and lots of fun.   several National Jamborees. But at the same time we are excited as we look forward
Space is limited to the first 42 applicants.                                                to 2013 and the National Jamboree’s new home at THE SUMMIT – Bechtel Family
                                                                                            National Scout Reserve. Planning for that Jamboree has already begun. Our steer-
What are the course objectives?                                                             ing committee is being formed and within the year adults interested in serving as a
    •	   The confidence and knowledge to run the unit program.                              Scoutmaster or assistant Scoutmaster will be interviewed and appointed. It’s not to
    •	   A working knowledge of the skills needed for leadership and help the Scouts        early for Scouts to start to plan to attend. We will be limited to 160 or 200 openings so
         relate these skills in their troop responsibility.                                 plan early. Keep an eye on the council website ( for more informa-
    •	   The opportunity to share ideas and experiences with Scouts from other troops.      tion.
    •	   An atmosphere where Scouts can experience Scouting at its best.
    •	   To enhance the relationship between Scout and Scoutmaster.
    •	   To have fun!

Course Method
    The patrol method is used extensively throughout the training. Patrols are on their         UNIFORM EXCHANGE PROGRAM
own to set up campsites, cook meals and carry out other activities without direct adult
supervision. Patrol leadership changes daily to give all Scouts a chance to be a patrol         (We are a Scouting family, we work together )
leader or an assistant. Although this provides hands-on opportunities for each
Scout to grow in leadership, it also requires that each Scout be mature enough to                 Donated items are like gold to those that do not have.
handle the independence given him. Experience has shown that younger Scouts                              BRING ANY UNIFORM ITEM, ACCESSORY
often lack the physical and emotional maturity to benefit fully from this outdoor
                                                                                                                   TO ROUNDTABLES
                                                                                                       OR GIVE A CALL FOR ITEMS TO BE PICKED UP
Other Questions?                                                                                          *CUB SCOUT ITEMS GREATLY NEEDED*
For more information on the program please contact:
Suffolk County Council - 631-924-7000                                                                         *We have sleeping bags available*
Course Scoutmaster – Martin Minogue - 631-447-3966 or e-mail mminogue4@opton-
Or visit the Suffolk County Council website at
                                                                                               Items will be distributed to Scouts who are unable to afford to pur-
                                                                                                             chase the official Scout uniform items.                                                                              All names of Scouts and families will be kept confidential. Their
                                                                                                             payment will be, To Do A Good Turn.

                                                                                              If you need assistance to donate or to receive uniforms, contact:
                                                                                              Sagtikos District: Kelly at 592-9112
                                                                                              Trailblazer District: Kathleen at 767-4990
                                                                                              All others, contact Donna at 736-5518

    THE OFFICIAL WEB SITE OF                                                                    ANY SCOUT THAT WOULD LIKE TO JOIN THE COMMITTEE
  SUFFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL, BSA                                                                       OR NEEDS A FEW SERVICE HOURS, CONTACT US.

                                                                                                                           Navigator, November 2010-January 2011 Page 7
                                     2010                                                D istinguished C itizen
      The BSA centennial year edition of the council’s Distinguished
Citizen Award Dinner was held on October 22nd at Villa Lombardi’s
in Holbrook. This is the council’s most important fundraising event
of the year and well exceeded its budget goal.
      Honored this year were two former Cub Scouts who are still
fulfilling the Cub Scout Promise…”To help other people…” They

Salvatore Ferro – President & CEO of Alure Home Improvements,
     Sal is one of the most respected leaders in the home improve-
ment industry and Alure recently completed its eighth project for the
hit ABC television show EXTREME MAKEOVER: Home Edition.
Ferro’s leadership, positive attitude, management capabilities and
determination were instrumental to the successful completion of each
project. Unheralded are the many other projects Alure undertakes
each year for those in need.
     In addition, Sal is on the boards of the Huntington Townwide
Fund, FACT ( Find a Cure Today), The Interfaith Nutrition Network
and the business association, Advancement of Commerce Industry
and Technology. He is also a board member of Empire National
Bank, Winthrop University Hospital and coaches his son’s Little
League team in Huntington.

Joseph S. Tantillo, Jr. - Founder and President of Nassau Suffolk                       With many of the audience joining in, Suffolk
Electrical & Mechanical                                                                 County Council Scouts recited the Cub Scout
     A full service provider of plumbing, heating, electrical and                       Promise and the Scout Oath.
HVAC services all across Long Island, Nassau Suffolk Electrical
& Mechanical has partnered with Alure Home Improvements Inc.
on all of their Extreme Makeover projects. Serving as a consultant
and advisor in various capacities regarding the construction industry,
gave Joe the opportunity to assist in heart-warming projects that
greatly improve the lives of others.
     Little did he think in 1994, when he organized the Cross Island
Challenge, a 23 mile one man marathon to benefit St. Charles
Hospital in Port Jefferson, that it would lead to a continuous involve-
ment with the hospital that currently has him serving as Chairman of
the Board of Trustees.
     In addition Joe is Vice-Chairman of Catholic Health Services
Eastern Region and Vice-Chairman of the Board for New Island
Hospital (Currently St. Joseph’s Hospital) in Bethpage, NY. Invited                                                                     The perfect touch was added by Villa Lombardi’s with an ice
to embark on a new venture in 2007, Joe became a founding director                                                                      sculpture of the Suffolk County Council logo.
of Empire National Bank.
     Joe’s athletic skills are now used in a coaching capacity as he
volunteers his time to work with his son’s traveling baseball and
basketball teams.

                                                                                                              Master of ceremonies was Pack 225 Den Leader, Leer Leary. He is best known to Long
                                                                                                              Island for his advertising commercials voice over work and as the P.C. Richard “whistle”.

  Joe Tantillo receives his neckerchief as Fellow Distinguished Citizen, Sal Ferro and Scout Executive Dirk
  Smith observe.

Page 8 Navigator, November 2010-January 2011
A ward D inner

 Douglas Manditch, Chairman & CEO of Empire National Bank, and
 Co-Chairman of the event with Carl Hyman, introduced Distinguished
 Citizen Joseph Tantillo.
                                                                                     (l-r) Distinguished Citizen Award recipients for 2010 Sal Ferro and Joseph Tantillo
                                                                                     with dinner co-chairmen Douglas Manditch and Carl Hyman.

                                                                                           Youth members from many Suffolk County Council units assemble for the opening cer-
 Scout Executive Dirk Smith explains the Scouting activities funded by the dinner.

To inform the many non-Scouters in the audience of what Scouting is                       Getting into uniform is a part of the presentation. Sal Ferro receives his neckerchief from
all about, and tell about his own personal experiences, was Eagle Scout                   council Vice President Mark Businski as past DCAD honoree and Council Executive Board
Louis Mincieli of Troop 52 in East Northport.                                             Member Carl Hyman looks on.

                                                                                                                    Navigator, November 2010-January 2011 Page 9
                         Trailblazer District                                                pit. The adults and many of the Scouts brought home Montauk mud with them after
                                                                                             getting to close to the pit.
                   District Chairman Louis Scotti – (631) 979-0060;                            Merit badge stations were plentiful. The Scouts were able to learn about First Aid,
                             Email;                                   Ham Radio, Emergency Preparedness as well as the newest merit badge, Geocaching.
                District Commissioner Kevin Quinn – (631) 286-4571;                          In honor of this newest merit badge and the 100th Anniversary of Boy Scouting,
                             Email:                                     Lowrance GPS helped to establish a permanent geocaching site at Camp Hero. This
              Senior District Executive Ryan Bieler – (631) 924-7000 x29;                    area also was host to a 200-foot long monkey bridge where scouts throughout the day
                                                          pitched in to lash it all together.
                                                                                               The camporee also featured a memorabilia station where Scouts were able to brand
                                                                                             their own recycled plastic mug. The brand fashioned in the likeness of our council
                                                                                             logo as well as a second brand for the year 2010. A popular station to say the least.
                                  CALENDAR                                                     An evening campfire brought all the Scouts together to celebrate the end of the
                                                                                             year-long centennial anniversary celebration. It was highlighted by a historical review
                                                                                             of Scouting as well as visits from our council executive, board members, Trailblazer
      November                                                                               Districts Trailblazer Man, President Teddy Roosevelt and Lord Baden Powell. In
      6        Venturing Leader Specific Training                                            addition, the show included passing of the Centennial torch to the Nassau and Suffolk
      12-14    Introduction To Outdoor Leader Skills Training                                County Girls Scouts as they embark on their 100- year anniversary celebration.
      13-14    Webelos Outdoor Leader Training
      12-13    Popcorn Take Order Distribution                                                 On Sunday, the Scouts closed the weekend celebration with a flag retirement cer-
      17       Roundtable - Saxton Middle School, Patchogue                                  emony complete with buglers blowing Taps. Awards were given to the Best Troop
               7:00 PM - Fellowship, 7:30 PM - Meeting                                       (Troop 242, Riverhead) and the Best Cub Pack (Pack 136, Montauk). Additional
               Order of the Arrow Montauket Chapter Meeting                                  awards were given for the Best Cooking units.
      19       District Dinner - Riverhead Polish Hall
      26       Ten Commandment Hike                                                            Our thanks for the hospitality and cooperation of the east end community mem-
                                                                                             bers. In particular, the Towns of East Hampton and South Hampton villages of East
      December                                                                               Hampton, Montauk and Hampton Bays, as well as New York State Parks Department
      5        Merit Badge Midway                                                            in making it a terrific success. Additional thanks need to go out to the businesses,
      8        Roundtable - Saxton Middle School, Patchogue                                  individuals and council service center staff. Finally, many thanks to our own Scout
               7:00 PM - Fellowship, 7:30 PM - Meeting
      11       Den Chief Training                                                            volunteers. –
                                                                                               All in all we saw a bunch of happy faces in the crowd where the intent was to make
      January                                                                                a difference and give the attendees a chance to “Survive” until the next one. See you
      9        Order of the Arrow Banquet                                                    there……
      12       Roundtable - Saxton Middle School, Patchogue
               7:00 PM - Fellowship, 7:30 PM - Meeting
      14-16    Winter Camporee                                                                                                            Kevin Quinn
      22       Council University of Training
      29       Trainer’s Edge Training

    Suffolk County Council’s 100-Year Anniversary                                              The troops from Montauk, East Hampton, Sag Harbor,
    Trailblazer District Camporee.                                                             & Southampton participated in the 4th of July parade in
                                                                                               Southampton with a combination float bridging the 100 years
                                                    As the month of October was com-           of Scouting. This group won 1st place for the parade.
                                                  ing to an end so was the Council’s
                                                  100-year Anniversary outdoor events.
                                                  The final one was aptly held at “The
                                                  End” Montauk Point – Camp Hero State
                                                  Park in the shadow of the Camp Hero
                                                  radar tower and Montauk Lighthouse.
                                                  The event theme, “Survivor Montauk”,
                                                  was a celebration of Scouting’s history
                                                  with traditional Scout skill events and
                                                  modern day demonstrations. On Friday
                                                  October 22, 2010, over 1,500 Scouts
    and Scouters began descending upon the camp. The event kicked off early Friday
    with a district member from Troop 4, Wes Franchi, cycling through south shore com-
    munities wearing theCamporee shirt and bringing awareness to all. Later, others
    began to arrive from around the council by car, van, train and bus clamoring at the
    opportunity to get settled in.
       The event was divided into 5 major hands-on program Areas. The Survivor
    Montauk Obstacle Course had the scouts navigating a log walk where teamwork
    was king. Then it was on to the Cargo Net and answering Scout questions for Lawn
    Scrabble, where the Scouts used teamwork to find the letter to the answers. Adding
    to the fun was a water balloon sling shot. Scouts showed their proficiency in build-
    ing fires without using matches and more teamwork cutting a log using a 2-man saw.
         Fire Departments from Montauk, East Hampton, Southampton and Hampton
    Bays were on hand to teach the Scouts with emergency preparedness skills, as well as
    demonstrations of their Heavy Rescue Equipment (with cars donated by Town of East
    Hampton) and capabilities. In other activities Scouts formed a bucket brigade put out
    a fire and learned the correct way to use fire extinguishers. Scouts also learned to
    navigate their way out of a smoke-filled house with the help of the firefighters.
       Law enforcement personnel from Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department,
    Southampton Village, East Hampton Village and East Hampton Town were on hand
    using the “Convincer” with the Scouts. Scouts and their parents learned about the
    dangers of drinking & driving. Officers demonstrated their communication center
    and police equipment, as well as personal gear that is carried by all police officers.
    The AAA was on site to help with traffic safety hints and information. NY Life
    worked with the Scouts and their parents so that the Scouts were fingerprinted for
       Never one to be left out, the United States Marine Corp was on hand teaching the
    Scouts the benefits of Physical fitness and then working with all to start a personal
    fitness program. After that many of the Scouts played tug of war over a large mud

Page 10 Navigator, November 2010-January 2011
                                                                                         now work with and those who are yet to come.
Cub Scout Training                                                                          In a song by Marty Cooper - You Can’t Be A Beacon if You’re Light
          Cub Scout training has been provided each month, beginning in August, to
                                                                                         Don’t Shine, originally recorded by Donna Fargo. It may be familiar to some it
get all our leaders, new and experienced, off to a great start with the New Delivery
                                                                                         was the quote used on the last slide of the presentation at our 100 Year Anniversary
Method 2010. The program itself has not changed, but the way you implement the
                                                                                         Camporee at Camp Hero. Its words are a further reminder on how if we don’t strive
program is now laid out in complete detail, linking requirements and electives, and
                                                                                         to keep this Scouting program going strong we can not expect it to thrive. The chorus
providing a core value for the month instead of a theme. The response we have heard
                                                                                         I believe is the great motivator but the rest of the words can give us some insight into
to this new method has been very positive.
                                                                                         how as individuals we can concentrate our effort into the Beacon to be followed by
          Training can also be done on-line for all of the requirements to be a fully
                                                                                         others. Here is the Chorus:
trained leader. These include Youth Protection, Fast Start, This is Scouting, and
                                                                                                            You Can’t Be A Beacon if You’re Light Don’t Shine
the various position specific courses. But, we do hope to see you at the in person
                                                                                                            You Can’t Be A Beacon if You’re Light Don’t Shine
trainings to take advantage of the knowledge and experience our wonderful training
                                                                                                             There’s a little light in all of us by God’s design
staff has acquired over the years and to share ideas with other leaders.
                                                                                                            But you can’t be a beacon of your light don’t shine
          Coming up! November 6th and 7th, we will have Webelos Outdoor
Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders Training, a must for Webelos leaders planning
                                                                                             The Council Lighthouse and our Trailblazer Man logos figuratively bring this
on camping with their den. Then on December 11, Den Chief Training which will
                                                                                         Beacon to life with the Lighthouse beaming light in all directions and Trailblazer Man
be held in Patchogue. This training is for Boy Scouts that want to work with a Cub
                                                                                         leading the way.
Scout den. See you next year with more training opportunities!
                                                                                                        Be a Beacon - Light the Way - Lead the Way!!!!!!!!!!

Bicycle Rodeo                                                                                                                            Ellen Gherardi & Kevin Quinn
This year, Suffolk County Council teamed up with Brookhaven Town for our
        Bike Rodeo. What a success! We were able to offer Scouts of all ages
        three opportunities to not only get a “FREE” helmet, but the Sheriff’s
        Department was there with an obstacle course, NY Life gave each child
        their own ‘license’ (and the parents ID kits), and they also had a chance to                  Benjamin Tallmadge District
        go through “Safety Town” at Holtsville.
Over 200 Scouts, representing all Suffolk County Council BSA districts, are riding                        District Chairman Ralph Weidler – (631) 473-2380;
        safely with their new helmets….and they look cool too! We plan to work                                       Email:
        together again next year, so be on the lookout for our date in the spring!                      District Commissioner Gerri Alfano – (631) 382-2414;
                                                                                                    Senior District Executive James Grimaldi – (631) 924-7000 x21;
Mall Show                                                                                                             Email:
     Our 3rd Annual Mall Show is set for Saturday, March 5th at the Sun-Vet
Mall in Holbrook. Our theme this year is Scouting Around the World. It’s a great
opportunity for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venturing to show the public what
Scouting is all about! Units will be putting on displays, playing games and giving
demonstrations. In addition we will have Scout memorabilia, the Southold Native
Americans, Suffolk County Sheriff’s Dept., Long Island Science Museum, the               Every Boy Deserves a Trained Leader
Scouter’s Reserve and much, much more.
     It will also be a time for the District Pinewood Derby Run-off. First place              Every boy does deserve a trained leader, and as a leader, you owe it to yourself
winners from each rank (Tigers, Wolves, Bears & Webelos) are invited to compete          to get trained. To accomplish this Suffolk County Council offers all kinds of training
for a district trophy. Come out and enjoy the day! Check the council calendar for        for every position you can think of, and some you can’t. So, why get trained? One
upcoming registration information.                                                       important reason is so that you can deliver the best youth program in the world the way
                                                                                         it was designed to be presented. Another reason is training helps make your job as a
                                                                                         scout leader easier. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, scouting has already done
                                                                                         that for you with outstanding trainings.
Merit Badge Midway                                                                            The Cub Scout program delivery method has changed and there is new training to
     Scouts in the Trailblazer District will have a unique oppor-                        reflect this. Please check out the new training so you can be up to date with the latest
tunity to learn and earn at our District’s first Merit Badge Midway being                in the Cub Scout program delivery method. In addition to Fast Start Training, This is
held at Baiting Hollow Scout Camp. Scouts can learn about merit badg-                    Scouting, and Youth Protection Training, Cub Scout leaders can now take Cub Leader
es, get hands-on instruction, begin, and even complete several merit badges              Position Specific Training online at
in one day. In order to make this a success, we need counselors to man the sta-               Benjamin Talmadge District is offering all kinds of training and flyers are avail-
tions. The more MB counselors we have, the better the event will be. To volunteer        able at the council office and online at
as a counselor please contact Stephen Kesner: 631-475-4360 or scoutmaster@                              	 Cub Leader Position Specific – November 13, 2010                                                                                     	 Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster Position Specific – November
                                                                                                             20, 2010
                            Baiting Hollow Scout Camp                                                   	 Den Chief Training – December 4, 2010
                       December 5th @ 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM                                                	 Troop Committee Challenge – January 8, 2011
                      (Set-up 9:00-10:00; Clean-up 4:30-5:00)                                           	 Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills – February 26 and March 5
                                                                                                             (both sessions required)
                                                                                              YOUTH PROTECTION TRAINING is now required for all leaders, and can be
                                                                                         taken on-line at
                                                                                              For you new leaders, you can get started right away with some online training that will
Scouting’s Centennial Celebration                                                        help kick off your scouting career. You can take FAST START training for your position,
                                                                                         and THIS IS SCOUTING, which all new leaders need to take. Both are available on-line.
“Celebrating the Adventure * Continuing the Journey”                                     To take these and other on-line trainings you need to create a MyScouting account through
     Many activities and programs were held in celebration of this milestone             the BSA website. It’s easy. Go to and follow the directions for creating a
throughout the United States and in Suffolk County Council. As the events of this        new account, then follow the links to the E-Learning center and start taking training. Have
celebration come to an end we now can reflect on there effect and impact on our          your BSA ID number handy, but you can still register without it.
current program and how it will affect it going forward.                                      Please visit the Suffolk County Council website at for more
     From the first ideas and ideals that were put into motion to develop the Scouting   information.
program the light of these started as flickers. These grew into flashes of light and
have now grown to beams that stretch across the world. Once started, Scouting
grew spontaneously and neither lost it glow nor capability to penetrate the wilder-
ness of life. A quote from James Keller, a favorite of mine, depicts how the events      Boy Scout Troop 384
                                                                                              Mount Sinai Troop 384 purchased through the Arbor Day Foundation, 9 ever-
that grew Scouting keep it going and are evident in his words: “A candle loses
                                                                                         greens and then donated them to Heritage Trust for the North Shore Heritage Park. The
nothing by lighting another candle”. Just think of this and how those                    troop planted the trees along with Legislator Dan Losquadro and Mr. Fred Drewes of
before us established the program and how throughout time it has                         the Trust. There is a sign in front of the trees saying “ BOY SCOUT CENTENNIAL
continued with the traditions and program in use today. It is now our                    TREES 1910 - 2010”
responsibility to keep this movement alive and viable for those we                            This donation was made to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Scouting.

                                                                                                                       Navigator, November 2010-January 2011 Page 11
 A Scout is Reverent. A Scout is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties.
 He respects the beliefs of others.
                                                                                  Scouting was awarded to Monsignor Joseph Curley, Assumption of the Blessed
                                                                                  Virgin Mary, Centereach and Joseph Huber, Our Lady of Perpetual Help,
                                                                                  Lindenhurst, for their years of dedication and service to Catholic Scouting.
                 Catholic Committee on Scouting                                   2011 SAINT GEORGE TREK AT PHILMONT
                   Diocese of Rockville Centre                                    The Catholic Committee is accepting applications for the 2011 Saint George
                                                                                  Trek., a high adventure leadership program for Catholic Scouts at Philmont
                                                                                  Scout Ranch, July 7–22, 2011. The program is open to Boy Scouts and Venture
VIRTUS PROGRAM                                                                    Crew members (boy or girl) who will be 15 years old by July 7, 2011 and
The Virtus Program, “Protecting God’s Children”, is provided by the Diocese       entering their second, third or fourth year of high school in September of
of Rockville Centre. To register for one of the scheduled sessions, call the      2011. Two Scouts/Venturers will be selected from the Rockville Centre Diocese
Catholic Scouting Office for scheduled sessions. Once you have attended           and two grants, each in the amount of $800.00, will be provided to cover their
the Virtus training session you need not attend again as your attendance          registration fees. Application forms and further information can be obtained
covers all parish ministries in which you serve.                                  by contacting the Catholic Scouting Office at (516) 678-5800, ext. 245 or

SUNDAY MASS OBLIGATION                                                            BSA 100 th ANNIVERSARY CAMPOREES
Father Gerard Gentleman, Diocesan Scouting Chaplain, has asked that               The Anniversary Camporees conducted by the Suffolk County Council were
Catholic Scouts, leaders and parents be reminded that attendance at Sunday        outstanding events. A very important part of both events was the opportunity
Mass is a vital part of their faith life. Plans should be made to attend Sunday   for Scouts to fulfill the twelfth point of the Scout Law, “A Scout is rever-
Mass during or after any camping trip or Scouting activity. Participation in a    ent.” Religious services were available on Saturday evening and all were well
Scouting activity does NOT excuse a Scout, parent or leader from this obliga-     attended. Father Gerard Gentleman Diocesan Chaplain extends his thanks and
tion.                                                                             appreciation to Bishop Peter Libasci for presiding at the Southaven Mass as well
                                                                                  as Sylvia Murdolo for coordinating the Mass and Mike Keller and his Venture
2010 BOY SCOUT CONVOCATION                                                        Crew for providing music.
The 2010 Boy Scout Convocation was held at Saint Agnes Cathedral in               Father Mike Rieder, former Diocesan Chaplain and Pastor of St Therese Church
Rockville Centre on Sunday, September 20, 2009. The Most Rev. Paul H.             in Montauk presided at the Camp Hero Mass. Mike Keller and his Crew again
Walsh, Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Rockville Centre presided. Father       provided the music for the liturgy. Father Gerard also extends his thanks to the
Joseph Fitzgerald, Chaplain at Holy Trinity Diocesan High School gave the         Deacons, leaders, Scouts and members of the Catholic Committee who assisted
reflection. Father Gerard Gentleman, Diocesan Scouting Chaplain assisted.         at Mass as Eucharistic Ministers and ushers.

                                                                                  ANNUAL CATHOLIC BOY SCOUT RETREAT
The following Boy Scouts from the Suffolk County Council received the Ad          Due to the exceptional number of events this fall, the Annual Catholic Retreat
Altare Dei Emblem: St. Anne, Brentwood, Leighton and Christopher Collins;         was postponed. A new date is being planned and will be announced as soon as
St. Luke, Brentwood, Gary Gravesandy, Noe Sorto, David and Edward                 it is finalized.
Plocharczyk; Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, Centerport, Joseph Corrado;
St. Frances Cabrini, Coram, Valentino Gotay, Kevin Perlow, Robert Wright;         CUB SCOUT FUN AND FAITH DAY
Sts. Cyril and Methodius, Deer Park, Michael Theiling, Andrew Zappola;            The Catholic Committee’s special faith day for Cub Scouts will be held on
St. Matthew, Dix Hills, Joseph Anderson, Anthony Bisulco, Thomas LaRose,          Saturday, April 2nd at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Island in Eastport. A pro-
Joseph Nestolo; St. Joseph the Worker, East Patchogue, Kyle McGlynn,              gram including games, a handicraft, music and fun will highlight the day and a
Michael Weygand; Resurrection, Farmingville, Gilbert Burgos, Jr.; St. Thomas      special patch will be presented.
More, Hauppauge, Vincent Carlino, Matthew Fortmeyer, Nicholas Lauritano,
Liam Nugent, Ryan O;Dea, Christopher Parrett; St. Joseph, Kings Park, Kevin       All are urged to mark the day in their calendar and plan to be with us. Registration
Chaves, John Cooney, Robert Franco, Liam Hood, Donald Kennedy, Ryan               is at 10:00 am and the day will conclude at 2:00 pm. Bring a bag lunch and bev-
Lowth, Nicholas Pitch, William Reid, Michael Stein, Victor Titone; Our Lady       erage. EARLY REGISTRATION IS $ 7.50 PER PERSON. Payment after March
of Perpetual Help, Lindenhurst, Robert Brady, Luke DeBardelaben, Michael          21 and at the door is $ 8.50. Packs, dens and individual cubs are welcome!
Duffy, Ryan McDonough, Matthew Ninomivia, Nicholas Strigaro; St. Therese          For information, speak to a member of the Catholic Committee or contact the
of Lisieux, Montauk, Robert Akkala; Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Patchogue,            Catholic Scouting Office at 516-678-5800, ext. 245 or
Matthew Shaughnessy; St. Francis de Sales, Patchogue, Patrick Duge, William
McNamara; St. Gerard Majella, Pt. Jefferson Station, Brandon Rodriguez,           SCOUT SUNDAY/SCOUT SABBATH PATCH
Alex Recchion; St. Joseph, Ronkonkoma, Kian Avillia: St. James, Setauket,         A newly designed SCOUT SUNDAY/SCOUT SABBATH PATCH will again
Michael May, St. Patrick, Smithtown, Michael Bartels; Our Lady of                 be available this year for presentation to those who participate in a Religious
Lourdes, West Islip, Stephen Davidson.                                            Service during Scout Week. Cost is $ 1.75 per patch. For information, contact
                                                                                  a member of the Catholic Committee or the Catholic Scouting Office at (516)
Receiving the Pope Pius XII Emblem were: Our Lady of the Snow, Blue Point,        678-5800, ext. 245 or scouting@drvc.orc
Samuel Bensin; Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Centereach, Robert
Murawski; Stephen Van Nostrand; Our Lady, Queen of Martyrs, Centerport,           OTHER INFORMATION
Matthew Geidell, Christ the King, Commack, Thomas Fitzgerald, Matthew               	 Pre-registration of Scouts working on the Ad Altare Dei and Pope Pius
McCarthy; St. Matthew, Dix Hills, Ryan Glass; St. Thomas More,                         XII Religious Emblems is requested.
Hauppauge, Thomas Crociata, Rocco Recce, Marcos Pedone; Good Shepherd,              	 Contact the Catholic Scouting Office. (516-678-5800, ext. 245 or
Holbrook, Brian Holt; St. Patrick, Huntington, Eric geyer; St. Joseph, Kings 
Park, Daniel Jiritano, Nicholas Galante, Andrew Kennedy, Daniel Squillante,         	 Workbooks for all Catholic Religious Emblems are available at the
James Stein; Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Patchogue, Matthew Fontaine,                    Scout Shop or from the Catholic Scouting Office. (516-678-5800, ext.
Alex Jackson; and St. Joseph, Ronkonkoma, Joshua Bartley, Thomas Brady,                245 or
Nicholas O’Brien, Margaret Taylor, and Madonna Yellico.                             	 Pope Pius XII Senior Scout Retreat – Feb. 11, 12 and 13, 2011. –
                                                                                       Emmanuel Marianist Retreat House, Uniondale
Nelson daLuz, Christ the King, Commack, Samuel Machado, St. Luke,                   	 For details on any of the above or information on any Catholic Scouting
Brentwood and Andrew Mayce, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary,                     event or program, contact a member of the Catholic Committee or call
Centereach were awarded the Bishop’s Emblem for exceptional service to                 or e-mail the Catholic Scouting Office at 516-678-5800, ext. 245 or
Catholic Scouting as a youth. Adriano Machado, St. Luke, Brentwood and        When calling after regular business hours or on the
Mary Scotti of Saint Joseph, Ronkonkoma received the Bronze Pelican                    weekend, dial extension 245 for voice mail.
Emblem for their years of service to the cause of Scouting under Catholic
auspices. The Saint George Emblem of the National Catholic Committee on

Page 12 Navigator, November 2010-January 2011
         Lutheran Committee on Scouting

                                                                                     Definition of “Active”
     The Suffolk County Lutheran Committee on Scouting was pleased to be
able to provide a Protestant chaplain to the summer camping program at Baiting
Hollow Scout Camp. Dominique Parlia was a recent graduate of Concordia
College in Bronxville. We thank the many Lutheran charities that helped fund         (As found on page 21 of the 2010 Boy Scout Requirements Book.)
his salary. We also thank the Lutheran pastors who provided services on Friday
                                                                                     A Scout will be considered “active” in his unit if he is:
     We were also honored when one of our previous chaplains, Mike Bridges,
attended the National Jamboree with his partner George Baum. The Lost and                   1. Registered in his unit (registration fees are current).
Found Group performed concerts and provided a major portion of the Lutheran                 2. Not dismissed from his unit for disciplinary reasons.
/ Protestant service at the Jamboree. The National Lutheran Association of                  3. Engaged by his unit leadership on a regular basis
Scouters was proud to have Mike at the Jamboree.                                                (informed of unit activities through Scoutmaster
                                                                                                conference or personal contact, etc.).
                                                                                            4. In communication with the unit leader on a quarterly
                                                                                     (Units may not create their own definition of active; this is a
                                                                                     National standard.)

     Suffolk County Jewish


  Shalom to all Scouts and Scouters,                                                     We are in the process of forming the Suffolk County Protestant
                                                                                     Committee and would like to have representation from each district.
  1. Our next event, where everyone is welcome, is the Ten Commandment
     Hike on November 26th. Pick up a packet at council service center or on         Our mission is to provide each Scout the tools to fulfill the 12th point
     the Suffolk County Council website.                                             of the Scout Law - A Scout is Reverent. We aim to do this by promot-
  2. In January, we start our Scout Shabbat services. Watch our website              ing the Protestant religious awards, by having a religious day event and click on the SCJCOS button                and down the road, possibly a retreat. Also, as these boys grow we
     for all our dates and events.
                                                                                     want them to be able to mentor the younger boys and therefore, we
  3. Our awards breakfast will be on Sunday, February 27th , 2011 at Temple          would like to put together some kind of mentoring program to help
     Beth Chai, 870 Townline Road in Hauppauge from 10 am to around
     noonish. Come enjoy a bagel and lox breakfast for $8 in advance and             them do this. But, in order to do this and more, we need your help. So
     $10 at the door. There will be lots of door prizes and goodie bags for all      if you are interested in being a part of this committee, please contact
     the youth that come. Watch our Scouts get presented with their religious
     emblems (Maccabbee, Aleph, Ner Tamid and Etz Chaim) and our adults              Lois Accattato at: 631-275-6228 or email
     get rewarded with the Shofar and Chai awards for outstanding work in
     presenting our program to the youth of Suffolk County.

  4. Come join us at the annual North Eastern Regional conference being held
     in West Brunswick, New Jersey on April 3, 2011. Our own Bruce Streger
     is the program chair this year. Let’s support him and the conference.
     Applications will be available in December and the cost is $36, which
     includes a bagel breakfast and hot Kosher lunch. Come see your leaders
     get the Chai award for their work in Jewish Scouting.

  5. The next event will be our annual Conclave held at Baiting Hollow Scout
     Camp on May 20 thru 22. The theme this year is “Noah’s Ark”. We will
     be leading you 2 by 2. We have a great program in store. Lots to eat. A
     great campfire and crackerbarrel. Many merit badges will be offered such
     as leather working, coin collecting, stamp collecting, weather, first aid and
     so on. We will also be making flutes, walking sticks, bead flags, stained
     glass, and so much more. Come share a weekend with your brothers and
     sisters and have the time of your life with Scouts from all over Suffolk
     County. Watch our website for updates, pricing and applications.

      By the way patch collectors, come to our events and you will receive one of
  our beautifully designed patches for each event. Let’s have some fun together.
  See you my friends. For more information, email Bruce Streger, WB2ADF@
  AOL.COM or call at 631-981-0453.
           Don’t forget to invite us to your Eagle, Silver or Quartermaster court
  of honor. We will present your scout with a patch and certificate in honor of
  his achievement. The same goes for Girl Scouts who receive the Gold Award.
  We take all obstacles away from you. Earn your religious emblems. It’s your
  extra credit on the way to becoming an Eagle Scout. Good luck.
                                                                                       THE OFFICIAL WEB SITE OF
      SHALOM. Remember to be safe at all times and HAVE A LOT OF
                                                                                     SUFFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL, BSA
  We want to wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

                                                                                                           Navigator, November 2010-January 2011 Page 13
                     Suffolk County Council BSA                                           Crew 777’s Summer Kodiak Super-Activity
                          Venturing News
                         Council Chairman: Bob Koch
                       VOA Advisor: Anthony Quattrone
              Professional Advisor: Ryan Bieler 631-924-7000 x29

Venturers At the Camporee
     The Venturing program was alive and well at the SCC BSA 100th Anniversary
Camporee during the weekend of October 15-17 at Southaven Park. Crew 64 did a
great job in preparing Dutch Oven International cooking. The chili, and rice and
beans were great, but the Swedish fish were amazing!. Crew 777 ran the Ultimate
Frisbee game, as well as assisting Scouts and Scouters by giving them an item with
the Venturing brand. Ship 406 was promoting boating safety and assisted Scouts in
building sailboats and Crew 1776 was there to provide guidance on how to plan for a         Members of Crew 777 once again participated in their annual Super Activity. Our
                                                                                          trip this year was in the Adirondacks – Lake George area. Activities included: raft-
successful super activity.
                                                                                          ing, canoeing, kayaking, Waterskiing, horseback riding, biking, hiking, and a visit to
     Besides the crews present, we had a great group of consultants providing tremen-     Adirondack Extreme – a series of 5 high ropes course in the middle of the woods.
dous program. Doug Gottlieb was very busy in teaching Scouts and leaders how to           Other activities included a motorboat tour of Lake George, a double feature at a Drive
use fire-by-friction to start a fire and how to make and use spears for hunting. Pete     In (remember those), and putt-putt golf.
Gibbons was there to provide excellent mountain biking experience – where to go             Treks during 2009 and 2011 involved the Kodiak leadership and Team-building pro-
and how to use. Phil Hagemann and Jim Gustauvino hid some caches and led Cubs,            gram. Past co-ed treks included canoeing through the interior of Alaska; backpacking
Boy Scouts and Venturers on the hunt for these geocaches using GPS devices. Paul          through Philmont Scout Ranch; kayaking, biking, sailing and surfing in South Padre
Lipsky provided SCUBA instruction, giving Scouts their first experience to underwa-       Island Texas; Biking, rafting and caving in South western West Virginia (site of the
ter adventure.                                                                            soon to be Summit); and Sailing down the coast of Florida and through the Keys.
     Congratulations to Nicole White who did a great job.
                                                                                          Suffolk County Venturing Officers Association
                                                                                            Over the next couple months, a new set of Venturing Officer Association officers
Changes to Training/Resource Opportunities                                                will be selected. These officers will represent our council at the Area level. They will
      A few training/resources courses, tied to Venturing have changed over the past      organize and lead all council VOA activities. If you are interested in a position, please
couple months. They include Powder Horn, Kodiak and the Venturing Leadership              contact Anthony Quattrone at: or Bob Koch at bobbsa@
Skills Course.                                                                   Please check the council website for Venturing activities.
      The Powder Horn syllabus has been updated. The changes for this resource
course include: its no longer tied to the Venturing Ranger Award; and, there is an        Upcoming SCC/NER Area 7
optional 3-day course (in lieu of the previously prescribed 6-day program). Further
details will be communicated as they become available.                                    Venturing Meetings/Activities
      Changes to the Kodiak and Kodiak X Programs are currently being reviewed,           November 1st      Council Venturing Meeting (St. Joseph Ronkonkoma 7:30pm)
                                                                                          November 18th     VOA Meeting
with changes to being communicated by Spring 2011, when the new syllabus is also
                                                                                          November 26th     Ten Commandments Hike (let’s get some Venturing Crews there)
available.                                                                                December 4th      NER Area 7 Summit Planning Meeting at Alpine
The Venturing Leadership Skills Course (VLSC) is being replaced by a new course           December 6th      Council Venturing Meeting (St. Joseph Ronkonkoma 7:30pm)
entitled Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews or ILSC. The purpose of              December 27th     VOA Meeting – Indoor Climbing Holiday Party at Island Rock
ILSC is to teach crew members with leadership positions what their new job is and         January 3rd       Council Venturing Meeting (St. Joseph Ronkonkoma 7:30pm)
how to most effectively reach success in that role. ILSC is intended to help Venturers    January 27th      VOA Meeting
in leadership positions within their crew understand their responsibilities and equip     February 7th      Council Venturing Meeting (St. Joseph Ronkonkoma 7:30pm)
them with organizational and leadership skills to fulfill those responsibilities. ILSC    February 25th     VOA Meeting – Overnight Fun and Games night
is the first course in the series of leadership training offered to Venturers and is a    February 26th     ILSC – Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews
                                                                                          April 29-May 1    2011 NER Area 7 Summit at Alpine Scout Reservation
replacement for VLSC. Completion of this course is a prerequisite for Venturers
to participate in the more advanced leadership courses National Youth Leadership
Training (NYLT) and the National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE).            2011 Northeast Region Area 7 Summit – April
It is also required for Kodiak.                                                           29-May 1, 2011
      The goal is to have a uniform, aligned training platform for all programs so that        Last year, Suffolk County Council Venturing made a huge impression at the
those Scouters may transition smoothly from one course to the next regardless of what     Northeast Region Area 7’s first Venturing Summit when it sent over 50 venturers
type of unit they belong to. All but the intro is now “program neutral” and each course   to the event. All had a fantastic time at the event. Planning for the 2011 Summit
needs the same basic info as prerequisite. The First ILSC will be held on February        has already started and the Area VOA, selected at last year’s Summit, have selected
26tt, 2011 at St. Joseph’s in Ronkonkoma.                                                 “Venturing World of Harry Potter” as this year theme. The next Area 7 planning
                                                                                          meeting will take place on Saturday December 4th at Alpine Scout Camp. We are
                                                                                          looking for youth to attend, so if you are interested or have interested crew members,
                                                                                          please contact Bob Koch at So, if you are a Harry Potter fan,
                                                                                          we can use your help in adding creative programming idea. We would like to better
                                                                                          our 2010 participation.
                                                                                          Venturing Leadership Award
                                                                                               Each year, the Venturing Leadership Award is presented at the Council
                                                                                          Fellowship Dinner held in March. Now that Venturing has taken on a larger presence
                                                                                          in our council, a formalized selection process is being established. Keep an eye out
                                                                                          for the application for nominating potential candidates. It’s a great way to honor hard
                                                                                          working and dedicated Venturers and supporters of the Venturing program.
        THE OFFICIAL WEB SITE OF                                                               The Venturing Leadership Award is presented at the council and regional level
                                                                                          to Venturers and adults who have made exceptional contributions to Venturing and
      SUFFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL, BSA                                                         who exemplify the Venturing Code. Past VLA awardees include: Jennifer L Koch
                                                                                          (2003), Robert M Koch (2007), Nicholas Georghiou, Robert J Borowski (2009) and
                                                                                          Dot Young and Rich Saukulis (2010).

Page 14 Navigator, November 2010-January 2011
 A Prayer Dedicated to Suffolk County in Honor                                                                                        Fall is upon us and Scouting is
     of the BSA 100th Birthday Celebration                                                                                            in full swing for another program
                                                                                                                                      year. We have accomplished so much
Our Father and Our God.                                                                                                               this year. Celebrating 100 years of
     Today, we gather to celebrate 100 years of Scouting in Suffolk County Long                                                       Scouting, our Shining Light event at
Island, NY. Today we celebrate as proud Americans from all walks of life. Today we                                                    Stony Brook was well attended. The
celebrate our spirituality brought with us to this American shore. Today we celebrate                                                 National Jamboree at Fort AP Hill
our many different forms of worship we share with the wider Christian and Jewish                                                      was a celebration to remember.
church. Today, we celebrate the Almighty God who has traveled with us all these                                                         Recently, our council’s very own
years.                                                                                                                                celebrations at Scouthaven and
     Today, we gather knowing we are still on a journey to make a difference in the                                                   Camp Hero were a huge success
lives of youth throughout Suffolk County and the country. We have a story to tell,                                                    with over 4,000 and 1,000 partici-
we have our heroes, heroines, mentors and volunteers to remember and thank.                                                           pants respectively. Both events had
     Today, we gather to say thank you to that young man (unknown by name but                                                         many exciting activities for Scouts
known by you) who showed an act of kindness to William D. Boyce, who lost his             Dot Young - Council Commissioner            of all ages to participate in, both
way in the heavy fog of London, England and took him to his destination.                       Suffolk County Council, BSA            old and new. The Saturday evening
     Today, we gather to say thank you for Lord Robert Baden Powell, who received                                                     show at Scouthaven was spectacular.
a call from our Lord to become the Founder of the Boy Scouts of Great Britain and                                                     Many thanks and credit to all the
who passed these resources on to William Boyce, who with the help of community          volunteers, professional staff, and exhibitors who helped make these events a
and friends founded the Boy Scouts of America on February 8, 1910.                      once in a lifetime “Centennial Experience.”
     Today, we gather to say with thousands of Scouts and their leadership the Scout          Congratulations to our newest unit commissioners: Carl Sorrano from
Oath:                                                                                   Sagtikos District, and Stephanie Leach from Trailblazer District.
                            “On my honor I will do my best                                   As commissioners, we have a lot of work to do for the fall and year end.
                        To do my duty to God and my Country                             Most important, is to ensure all of our units are on target to complete their goals
                              And to obey the Scout Law                                 for 2010 Centennial Quality Unit. Please make sure to contact your units and
                            To help other people at all times                           guide them to attain quality unit status.
                  To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake                            On November 11th, we will be conducting Unit Inventory throughout all
                                 And, morally straight.”                                districts. Our goal is to contact all units and have them report their current ros-
     Today, we gather to repeat from memory the blueprint (12 points of Scout Law)      ter. We will then compare their roster with council records to ensure everyone
that every American should live by.                                                     is registered.
“A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind,                           With many units rechartering by year-end, it is also imperative that ALL
obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.”                                REGISTERED ADULTS are youth protection trained. Charters will not be
     Today, we gather to repeat from memory the Scout motto. “Be Prepared” –            accepted without all adults CURRENT in their youth protection training. This
you are always in a state of readiness in mind and body to do your duty and to face     could effect units with longevity tenure. If charters lapse or drop, the unit would
charges, if necessary, to help others.                                                  be starting over at year one.
     Today, we gather to repeat from memory, the Scout slogan –“Do a good turn             Finally, Commissioner College is being held on November 20th at St Joseph’s
daily”. (Extra act of kindness).                                                        Church in Ronkonkoma from 8AM to 5 PM. We will be running all courses
     In closing, today we gather to celebrate the fact that Suffolk County Boy Scouts   for all commissioner’s including Roundtable Training for roundtable commis-
of America was bought with a price (Cross) and as a result we are called to be wit-     sioner’s and staff. Registration and information can be found and downloaded
nesses and lights in a world that is no longer morally straight, and we will continue   form our council web site. Every commissioner is strongly urged to participate.
to offer who we are, for we are forever held in the loving arms of Christ.              This is part of our ongoing training and commitment to serve our units, districts,
     Amen and Amen.                                                                     and council.
                                                         Prayerfully Submitted,              In closing, I would like to extend a very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone
                                                         Reverend Mack H. Smith, Jr.    and a wonderful, healthy and prosperous holiday season.
                                                         Eagle Scout –Class of 1970                                                                                 Dot

                                                                                                                   Navigator, November 2010-January 2011 Page 15
  The Suffolk County Council congratulates the following young men who have recently
earned the rank of Eagle Scout:
                                                                                                          IN MEMORY                                        OF
                                                                                                                            David Dowd
NAME                           TROOP    CHARTER ORGANIZATION                                                                 from
                                                                                                                The Shelter Island Lions Club
Benjamin Tallmadge District
  Zachary R. Sacher            T6       Rotary Club of Southold                                                    William K. Somerville
  Ryan R. Mazzei               T6       Rotary Club of Southold                                                     from
  John E. Dunne                T6       Rotary Club of Southold                          Len, Della, Michael & Adam Langino, Fritzi Gros-Daillon,
  Jason Huang                  T 70     VFW Post 3054, East Setauket                     George & Patti Gaughan, Mitch Buckner, David Clemens,
  Johnathan J.Kongoletos       T 94     Wading River Fire Department                     Lawrence & Jan Kaye, The Stanco Family, Karen Landau,
  John G. Kilmartin            T 161    Shoreham Fire Company                           Donald Nobile, William & Jacqueline Doremus, The Meagher
  Dylan J. Lynch               T 161    Shoreham Fire Company                            Family, Jeanne Ostrow, Jeanne & Michael Lutzky, Donald
  Patrick J. Sullivan          T 161    Shoreham Fire Company                          Uppleger, Amy Cane, Phyllis Stein & Family, Stu Meade & Betty
  Timothy M. Murphy            T 161    Shoreham Fire Company                                                     Murphy
  Harold F. Roberts            T 172    Knights of Columbus-Sacred Heart Council
                                        4402, Centereach
  Daniel R. Lounsbury          T 244    PV Landing Lodge 2239-Order Sons of Italy
  William R. O’Connor
  Travis W.H. Ochs
                               T 244
                               T 301
                                        PV Landing Lodge 2239-Order Sons of Italy
                                        St. James Lutheran Church
                                                                                                             IN HONOR                                 OF
  Michael J. Gargiulo          T 349    Rotary Club of Smithtown
  Thomas J. Kotak              T 349    Rotary Club of Smithtown                                                   Eagle Scout Michael
  Patrick O’Callaghan          T 362    Hope Lutheran Church, Smithtown                                                  Remkus
  Edward A. Lamparter          T 384    Loyal Order of Moose Lodge 1379, Mt. Sinai                                          from
  Robert L. Andersen           T 433    Middle Island Fire Department                                          Lillian, John, John Jr. & Erin
  Steven T. Hesse              T 454    St. Gerard Majella RC Church                                                      Woudsma
  Nicholas J. Mancuso          T 560    Coram Fire Department
  Steven J. Salvatore          T 565    Smithtown United Methodist Curch
  Justin J. Porter             T 959    LDS, Plainview Stake, Riverhead Branch

Matinecock District
  Tyler S. May                 T 12     United Methodist Church

  Kyle C. Pryhuber
  Rudy Thomas Haluza
                               T 32
                               T 32
                                        in Huntington/Cold Spring Harbor
                                        Greenlawn Beach & Swim Club
                                        Greenlawn Beach & Swim Club
                                                                                        Follow us on twitter
  Michael R. Eisenhuth         T 34     Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
  Thomas Callahan              T 52     East Northport Chamber of Commerce
  Salvatore V. Spadaro         T 106    BPO Elks Lodge 1565, Huntington

                                                                                                                            Twitter – sccbsa
  John C. Connell              T 106    BPO Elks Lodge 1565, Huntington
  Ryan E. Wilk                 T 309    St. Luke Lutheran Church, Dix Hills
  Ralph R. Crisci              T 403    Christ Lutheran Church, East Northport
  Christopher G. Koutsoubis    T 409    St. Matthew’s RC Church, Dix Hills
  Ryan J. Kober                T 409    St. Matthew’s RC Church, Dix Hills
  Max Robert Killion Jaissle   T 474    St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, East Northport
  Andrew E. DeDonato           T 539    Kings Park Volunteer Fire Department

Sagtikos District
  Michael J. Owens      T1              Babylon United Methodist Church                      RSS –
  Griffin Burr          T 95            Church of Christ, West Islip
  Zachary F. Kohler     T 104           American Legion Post 94, Babylon
  Conor M. Wynne        T 153           United Methodist Church of Bay Shore
  Scott Ostrander       T 157           Constantino Brumidi Lodge 2211, Deer Park
  Anthony A. Maiorano T 183             Our Lady of Grace RC Church, West Babylon
  Matthew S. Schweider T 183            Our Lady of Grace RC Church, West Babylon
  James C. Meloro       T 183
  Alexander J. McGovern T 205
                                        Our Lady of Grace RC Church, West Babylon
                                        Great River Fire Department                                                                     SUFFOLK
  William Purdy         T 205           Great River Fire Department
  Joseph Barbato        T 327           Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church,
                                        Islip Terrace
  Harrison Tanner Baron T 329           Bayport-Blue Point Chamber of Commerce
  Jonathan T. Herr      T 370           Guglielmo Marconi Lodge 2232
                                        Order Sons of Italy, Islip                     Suffolk Navigator (USPS 375200) is published 4 times a year in
  Christopher M. Morsch T 370           Guglielmo Marconi Lodge 2232                   February, April, July and October by the Suffolk County Council, Inc.,
                                        Order Sons of Italy, Islip                     Boy Scouts of America, 7 Scouting Blvd., Medford, NY. Periodical
                                                                                       Postage Paid at Setauket, NY. 11733
Trailblazer District
  David T. Keating             T 29     East Moriches Fire Department                  Postmaster: Send address changes to
  Garrett J. Gesswein          T 29     East Moriches Fire Department                  Suffolk County Council, Inc.,
  Alexander A. Kremler         T 76     St. John Nepomucene RC Church, Bohemia         7 Scouting Blvd., Medford, NY. 11763
  Scott M. Davidson            T 184    Sayville Chamber of Commerce
  Anthony J. Otters            T 197    Rotary Club of Ronkonkoma
  Christopher Callender        T 197    Rotary Club of Ronkonkoma                      President........................................................................Rudolph Santoro
  Glen Dinger                  T 294    Lions Club of Holtsville                       Council Commissioner............................................................Dot Young
  Michael F. O’Boyle           T 1225   Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Ronkonkoma
                                                                                       Scout Executive......................................................................Dirk Smith

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