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									                                                                                                                      August 2010

 C o m m u n i t y         S e r v i c e ,       L a s t i n g       F r i e n d s h i p s ,          L o t s     o f     F u n !

    Welcome to all the Fort Campbell Officers’ Spouses’ Club new and returning members!
   With the deployments in full swing, it’s been a busy summer for many of you. With that in mind, each month, our Program’s
   Chairs, Katie Taylor and Vicki Colon have planned some really entertaining luncheons that I hope you can all attend. We will
    be leading off with our annual Longaberger Bunco on September 15 th. This year to we have added beautiful jewelry by Wild
                                 Angels as well as Longaberger as our prizes, so put it on your calendar!
   We have many areas in the coming year where we will need your help. JoAnn O’Connor and Tammy Nolan are hard at work
     on the 35th Annual Craft and Collectibles Fair, which is scheduled for the 16th and 17th of October. They will be looking for
                      volunteers, and only with your help can we make this event the success that it is each year!
    VICE Night on 11 March will need many volunteers to help gather donations, arrange baskets and help in running the event.
               Last year we had a ton of fun, raising over $69,000 to give out in Scholarships and Charitable donations.
       Our other fund raising activity is the Thrift Store, which runs throughout the year. There are many volunteer benefits by
        donating your time to the Thrift Store. Depending on how many hours, you can receive better consignment rates, free
      childcare, and a first look at all the wonder items coming in. Check into the Thrift Store, for additional volunteering perks!
  Always remember this is YOUR club. If you have suggestions or ideas on how to make it better, please tell me. I am excited to
   be able to serve as your President for another year. I hope with your help we can continue to give back to our community, and
                                                at the same time have a lot of fun doing it!
                                                                Take Care,


                                   Save the Dates!
                                2010-2011 OSC Programs
                   September                                                                  December
                   Day Event                                                    Thursday 9th “Make it, Bake it, Take it”
    15th “Bunko with Longaberger Baskets and
              Wild Angles Jewelry”                                                           January
                                                                                19 “Fashion Show at the Thrift Store”
                  Evening Event
      24th “An Evening of Wine & Cheese” at                                                       February
              Beachaven Winery 6-8                                                         16th “A Day at the Spa”

                   October                                                                    March
     16th and 17th OSC Holiday Craft Fair                                              11th VICE Night 6:30
                                                                         16th “A Girls Day Out” Lunch at the Looking Glass
20th “Movie Day” Boxed Lunch from Einstein Bagels
      and a movie at the Wilson Theatre on Post                                                April
                                                                              20 “Polish Pottery and OSC Glass Bingo”
   17th “3 Mini Seminars” Your choice of, “Self                                                  May
       Defense”, “Info about Antiquing”, or                                    11th “Farewell and Welcome OSC Board”
            “Entertaining on a Dime”

                   Unless stated other wise, all luncheons will be on post at
                 Cole Park Commons, 10:30-1:00 the 3rd Wed. of every month.
P a g e     2                                                                                                    C a m p b e l l e s

                                                                            OSC LUNCHEON RESERVATION
      2010-2011                                                      The OSC hosts a monthly luncheon, usually held on the third
                                                                     Wednesday of each month. In order to attend the luncheon, it is
                       Honorary President Ann Campbell               necessary to RSVP no later than noon on the Wednesday prior to
                OSC Advisor Melissa Townsend        the luncheon. There are several options on how to do so:
                 President Jodi Wright jjmpwright
            1st Vice President Patty Morgan
                                                                     · Option One: Visit the OSC web site
      2nd Vice President Danna Ferguson       Click on the tab for Online Reservations, fill out the form, and
           Treasurer Lindsay Compitello      follow the instructions given to prepay online.
           Recording Secretary Beth Sides
                                                                     · Option Two: Email your reservation to UH60pilot-
      Corresponding Secretary Ashley Latzka
                                                            Please include your name, contact information,
            Parliamentarian Laura Mercier   menu selection and payment type.
            Thrift Shop Kathlene Armbruster
                             Craft Fair Co Chairs
                                                                     · Option Three: Call (270) 839-3647 and place your reservation.
                   JoAnn O’Connor            Please include your name, contact information, menu selection
                      Tammy Nolan              and payment type.
                             VICE Night Co Chairs
                     Magen Roberts                Menu:
                    Martha Powers          The menu selections will be published monthly in the Campbelles
                                    Welfare                          monthly newsletter and on the OSC website,
                           Scholarships Co Chairs
                     Ronya Rendon
                      Cindy Jones                 Childcare:
                              Programs Co Chairs
                                                                     The OSC does not offer onsite childcare for the luncheons.
                        Katie Taylor
                       Vicki Colon           •Reservations for hourly childcare are available on post at the
           Membership Rebeca LeMaire        Tennessee CDC, 5382 Tennessee Ave. , 270.412.4477. Calling
                                                                     the first week of the month will help to confirm your spot for the
          Special Projects Martha Powers
                Reservations Tammy Nolan       •Reservations may be made up to three weeks in advance.
            Hospitality Jenny Barrineau       •Your child must be registered with Child Youth Services.
                           Ways and Means Co Chairs
                                                                     •Reservations may be made in person or by phone
                        Kelly Story             (270.412.4477/4889). Simply call or visit the hourly care center
                     Lisa McIntosh          and request the date and times when you will need care.
                 Properties Sarah Eyman      •For more information please visit Child Youth Services on post
                                                                     or on the web at
                  Historian Amy Fouche
                   Publicity Karen Perez
            Campbelles Amber Comrie          Payments: All payments must be received by the published
             Webmaster Dianne Webb            deadline unless payment arrangements are made with the
                                                                     Reservations Chair. In the event you attempt to make a
                                                                     reservation after the deadline, you will be placed on a waiting list
                                                                     until the Monday before the luncheon by noon. No shows will be
                                                                     responsible for payment.

                                                                     Deadline: Standard deadline is noon on the Wednesday prior to
                                                                     the luncheon, unless otherwise stated. Please contact me if you
      Questions or comments about this publication?                  have any questions concerning the reservation policies or
                  Contact Amber Comrie                               procedures.
                  Phone: 931-249-5871
            Email:                           Sincerely,
                                                                     Tammy Nolan
                                                                     OSC Reservations Chair
                      WE’RE ON THE WEB!                              (270) 839-3647
    c a m p b e l l e s                                                                                                   P a g e   3

                The OSC’s Hard Work and Generosity Helped so Many
$26,000 in Scholarships       $43000 in Grants                      Habitat for Humanity                    Cub Scout Pack 533
High School Winners- 2010                                           Humane Society of CMC                   Boy Scout Troop 101
Shannon Grammel               National                              Loaves & Fishes                         Cub Scout Pack 534
Cole Dadswell                 Army Distaff Foundation               MC Rescue Squad                         Jackson Elementary
Matthew Alsup                 Hugs for Our Soldiers                 C-M Crime Stoppers
                                                                    Old Firehouse Day Shelter
                                                                                                            Lucas Elementary School
Casey Moffitt                 NMFA                                                                          Marshall Elementary School
Daisna Braswell               Ronald Mc Donald House C of N         Roxy Regional Theatre
Jesica Skipper                Nashville Rescue Mission              Veterans Temp Emer Asst Prog.           Barkley Elementary School
Leo Saturday                  TAPS                                  Veterans Transportations Svc            Wassom Middle School
Kevin Phipps                  Homes for Our Troops                  Buddy Ball Special Needs Athletic       Mahaffey Middle School
Rachel Schwallie                                                    Clarksville Soldiers girls basketball   Fort Campbell High School
Kaitlyn Wade                  In Hopkinsville                       Club Beyond
Melina Dolata                 Alpha Alternative Pregnancy C.C.      Progressive Directions, Inc             Help to decide where the
Robert Sahms                  Sanctuary Inc.                        Iron Knights youth Wrestling
                                                                    C-M Co Arts & Heritage Dev              money goes this year.
Kiana Roberts                 Lions Club
Dexter Manning Jr.            Pennyroyal Arts Council               Mont. Central Middle                    Any OSC Member can
                              Big Brothers, Big Sisters of W KY     Mont Central Elementary                 serve on the Scholarship
Continuing Ed Winners- 2010   Boys &Girls Club                      Barkers Mill Elementary                 or Welfare committees.
Annette Tompkins              Challenge House Project               Barkers Mill Elementary
Tracy Meyers                                                        Hazelwood Elementary
                                                                                                            Just contact the commit-
                              American Red Cross Hopkinsville                                               tee Chairs. All proceeds
Anna Glover                   St Luke Free Clinic of Hopkinsville   Moore Magnet Choir
Trent Brock                   Aaron McNeil House                                                            from OSC fund raising
Denise Halpine                                                      On Ft Campbell                          event go to benefit Ft.
Djaninn Shannon               In Clarksville                        Armed Services YMCA                     Campbell and the
Nicole Stratman                                                     FTCK American Red Cross
                              C-M Adult Literacy Council                                                    surrounding communities,
Amanda Reisner                                                      FTCK American Fisher House
                              Area 12, Special Olympics TN                                                  through charitable
Ashley Obsorn                                                       FTC ACS- Army Volunteer Corps
                              CMC Public Library
Jeri Strong
                              CMC Public Library                    Army Family Team Building               contributions and
Jenifer Jorstad                                                     Robert F Sink Library                   scholarships.
                              Good Samaritan Ministry
The Fort Campbell
   Thrift Shop
             Open Weekly
  Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays
  the 3rd Saturday of each month
        9:00 am to 2:00pm
Donations and Consignments Taken 9:00
            am to 1:00pm
         Please call for volunteer
            opportunities and
         additional information
     2902 Indian Ave. Fort Campbell
       Located next door to the PX

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