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                                                    & Diary                           May – August 2011
                                                                                            Issue No. 64
    Registered Charity (1009872)                  Website:

                                       ‘LEGAL EAGLES?
                                                    A group of thirty Harrow U3A members had a busy day out
                                                    in the "legal" area of London. Their first stop was Soane's
                                                    Museum - the amazing collection by Sir John Soane, the
                                                    famous architect of the Bank of England and other landmark
                                                    buildings in and around London. Born in the middle of the
                                                    1700s he had a magpie obsession to collect anything from
                                                    architectural fragments from Rome and Athens to a 1300
                                                    BC Egyptian sarcophagus as well as the two fascinating
                                                    Hogarth series of paintings: the Rake's Progress and An

                                                 After this visit came a walk through Lincoln's Inn Fields and
     Harrow U3A Group in front of the New Hall,
     Lincoln’s Inn                               narrow alleyways to Carey Street and a break for
     Photo by Audrey Arnold                      sustenance. The majority lunched in a pub of enormous
                                                 proportions, the Knight's Templar, in a former banking hall,
    complete with chandeliers and an extremely elegant ladies' powder room.

    With renewed energy some visited the nearby Silver Vaults before meeting up again in Chancery Lane for a
    guided visit of Lincoln's Inn. The group showed such enthusiasm that the guide over-ran the tour time by
    half an hour and complimented the audience for their attention and interest!

    A slightly reduced number ended the day by walking through Hatton Garden to Farringdon Station for a
    direct train to Harrow instead of taking the softer option of using the Underground.
    Inga Stone

                     HARROW U3A AGM HELD ON TUESDAY 22 MARCH 2011

Glenys Tuersley MBE (Chairman GLF), Speaker at the AGM                     Ronald Channing, newly elected Chairman,
                  Photo by Mike Allen                                                addressing the AGM
                                                                                     Photo by Mike Allen

                    Georgina Butcher, outgoing Chairman and new Life President, addressing the AGM
                    Photo by Mike Allen                  1
                                           Hermann Hirschberger awarded MBE

                                                                   Hermann Hirschberger, a long-standing and
                                                                   popular member of Harrow U3A, was
                                                                   awarded the MBE in the New Year's Honours
                                                                   List for services to the Jewish community and
                                                                   Kindertransport evacuees.

                                                                   He came to this country from Karlsruhe in his
                                                                   native Germany, at the age of 13, escaping
                                                                   with his brother the all-too-real threats to
                                                                   their very existence as Jews in Hitler's Third
                                                                   Reich in which the parents who they left
                                                                   behind were murdered.
                      Photo: Zoya Siddiqui

         Hermann worked his way through night school and college to become a chartered engineer,
         retiring as head of Kodak's large design department in the UK. Among his many voluntary
         activities, Hermann is a member of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, a Harrow careers'
         advisor, and speaks regularly to schools throughout London and the Home Counties on his
         experiences as a child refugee.

         After a long campaign and many disappointments, in 2008 Hermann achieved a revision to the
         UK's pension law which enabled several hundred former Kinder to received enhanced pensions
         from the German Government.

         For several years Chairman of the Kindertransport special interest group of the Association of
         Jewish Refugees, in this capacity he led a small team which created, analysed and published the
         results of a unique questionnaire, responded to by 1,400 former Kinder, which provided definitive
         accounts of their backgrounds, education, military service, professions and contributions to the
         economy and culture of their adopted country.
         Ronald Channing


         Bridge, anyone?
A picture from a recent Bridge class.
Bridge runs on Tuesday afternoons at
the Zoom Leisure Centre, 1.30pm (for
2pm) until 4pm All are welcome from
Beginners to Advanced.
Contact: Trudie Barton on
020 8907 8388

From left to right: Evelyn Silver, Ilona
Boris, Eric Silver (Harrow U3A newly
elected Vice-Chairman) and Frances

                                                                     Photo by Mike Allen

                                            SPEAKERS’ MEETINGS

    Talks start promptly at 10.30 a.m., unless otherwise stated, in the Harrow Arts Centre, Uxbridge Road, Hatch
    End, HA5 4EA, unless otherwise stated. Please note that, because of availability, the actual room varies.
    Announcements and discussions will take place after the speaker has finished. These meetings are a great
    opportunity for members from all groups to come together and for members to invite non-members to come
    and see what we are about.

    Thursday 28 April 2011 – Hatch End Suite 1 & 2

    Ruth Waterman: From Bach to Big Band, Leeds to La Paz – The Life of a Concert Violinist
    A popular return visit by this world famous classical violinist with excerpts from some of her lesser known

    Thursday 26 May 2011 – Hatch End Suite 1 & 2

    Diana Widdis: Shared Learning
    Further details to be advised later.

    Thursday 30 June 2011 – Hatch End Suite 1 & 2

    Jennifer Kelsey: A Voice of Discontent – Women in the 18th and 19th Centuries
                                                              th     th
    Women were beginning to assert themselves in the 18 and 19 centuries. Our speaker will bring this period
    into focus for us in this fascinating talk. Jenny Kelsey wrote a book on this subject which was published in
    2008. We are to hear from her about some amusing and sometimes shocking revelations that she uncovered.
    These revelations are thought provoking and will not only add to our knowledge of women’s history, but will
    also enable us to have a greater understanding of female characters in any literary classics we read or see.

    Thursday 28 July 2011 – Hatch End Suite 1 & 2

    Peter Maggs: Henry’s Trials
    This covers a period in British history which has had a profound effect on the religious direction and the way of
    life in our Country. Our speaker has encompassed this within his study of the trials of Henry VIII.
    Peter Maggs grew up in Ealing. After leaving school at 16 he became involved in rock and roll, playing with
    several bands. He made a record in 1965 and toured Italy until the bookings and money ran out. Back in
    England, and after some time at night school he studied Physics at Southampton and Essex Universities. He
    took early retirement after 31 years as an Engineer to spend more time sailing and writing.
    Published material to date includes scientific papers on subjects as diverse as the absorption of
    corticosteroids in human skin, laser and semiconductor physics, high power electrical switching, a PhD thesis,
    some articles on sailing and genealogy, an obituary and of course HENRY’S TRIALS. The original research
    for his talk was started in 1996.

    Thursday 25 August 2011 – Hatch End Suite 1 & 2

    Christopher English: The History of No. 10 and its Silver Collection
    Further details to be advised later.

               ABOUT HARROW U3A
                                                                              A PLEA FROM YOUR COMMITTEE!
Harrow U3A (University of the Third Age) aims to be an
organisation where there is no distinction between those
who teach and those who learn. All activities are                         We always love to hear from all our members,
voluntary and members’ time is freely given in an                         whether you have a problem you need help on or
atmosphere of shared learning.            The U3A is an                   whether it is to congratulate us on something that
association of men and women who have retired from                        we have done well, but PLEASE could we ask you
full-time employment and who are more free to take up
leisure and study activities of their choice. No experience
                                                                          NOT to phone us during the evenings or the
is needed nor qualifications given. The subjects covered                  weekends, unless of course there is an emergency.
depend on the choice of the members and the availability
of those prepared to share their knowledge with others.                   We would really appreciate it if you would
                                                                          telephone us only during “office hours”: 9am –
A glance at the schedule in this Newsletter (issued three
times a year) shows the range of our activities at the
                                                                          5pm Monday-Friday!
present time. If you are interested in joining, please
contact:                                                                  Thank you for your help.

Sheilah Lowe, Enquiries Officer                                           Harrow U3A Committee
Tel: 020 8861 3821

Time is racing on towards 3 August when we will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary. There
are still some places left so those of you who haven’t sent your cheque for £10 per person (+
an SAE) to me yet, please do so as soon as possible. There is another application form
enclosed with this newsletter. It promises to be a ‘fun’ occasion with entertainment
provided by some of our members and a chance to re-live experiences during Harrow U3A’s
first twenty years. Some time ago I asked for reminiscences from members of their time
with Harrow U3A – I received some but would like to have more. So if you have any photos
or memories you would like to share with everyone, please send them to me. Items sent
through the normal post will of course be returned to you.

One very important notice appears in this newsletter and that concerns the ‘Freedom Pass’.
There is a rumour that this may be scrapped which would be a disaster for all of us who rely
on the Pass to travel to classes, Study Days, Shared Learning Projects etc. There is further
information on page 12 and a plea to you to send in your comments – contact details are
given .

Once again I have had to omit items from members due to lack of space but hopefully I will
be able to include them next time. Please keep them coming!
Gwen Wright

                         Sunday Local Walks 4-8 Miles

Sunday 15 May - Walk 8 Capital Ring - Osterley Lock to Greenford
5 mile linear walk along a stretch of the Grand Union Canal, through Hanwell, South
Greenford to Greenford Station. Start: 14:00 prompt at Boston Manor Station (Piccadilly
Line) Travel: Tube or bus. Finish: Greenford Station. West Ruislip Branch of the Central
Line. Plenty of opportunities to visit pubs and cafes on route.

Sunday 12 June - Walk 10 Capital Ring - South Kenton to West Hendon
5 mile linear walk along surfaced paths, open fields and woodland tracks, through Preston
Park, Barn Hill, Fryent Country Park, Welsh Harp Open Space to Hendon Station.
Start: 14:00 at South Kenton Station (Bakerloo Line) or train. Finish: Bus or train from
Hendon Station.

Sunday 10 July - London Loop 15 - Stanmore to Elstree Station
5 mile linear walk through Stanmore Country Park, Aldenham Country Park to Elstree
Station. Start: 14:00 Stanmore Station LT (Jubilee Line). Bring water to drink. Cafe or pub
stop at the end of the walk. Finish: Elstree Station Train to Kings Cross or bus 292 to

Sunday 7 August - London Loop 14 - Moor Park to Hatch End
6 mile linear walk mainly on rough path, tracks and grass, which may
be muddy at times. Start: 14:00 at Moor Park Station (Metropolitan
Line). Finish: Hatch End Station.

Mathilde Kaplan

                   Notes from The Chairman
                         News on the catering front. HAC is in negotiations with a firm of caterers to run
                         the Green Room Cafe and also eventually re-open Gilbert’s bar. If all goes well
                         perhaps it will be up and running by the autumn.

                         HAC now has the money to demolish the old Greenhill and erect the new one,
                         which has been sitting in the car park for several months. By the time the
                         newsletter goes out they may even have started. They hope it will be ready by

As many of our classes are now full we do need more group leaders so please do not be shy in
coming forward to run a group. You can share it with friends, it does not just need one person to
run some groups, and it is all about shared learning after all. You can always try a short course and
see how you go.

May I say a special thank you to all our group leaders who do a magnificent job but especially to
our long standing leaders like Daphne Singer, George and Mary Vulkan, Pat and Roy Rae and
Jack Leon who not only lead groups but have served on the committee. Your years of service are
much appreciated.

IAL (Informal Adult Learning Partnership) of which we are part have received some funding from
Grundtvig for a Reminiscence project which we are sharing with Finland, Ireland and U3A Warsaw.
Each Country is holding a Conference and IAL is hosting one in Harrow in November. I am sure
Warsaw U3A will want to pay us a visit, we may even be able to arrange some outings for them,
we will learn more nearer the time. I will be visiting Warsaw, together with Sandra Levy and Kathy
Westhead, at the end of May.

Thanks to Mike Allen our website has been updated and is full of information. If group leaders wish
to have information about their classes on the website, please let him know. Many of you have
expressed your appreciation of the email updates, keeping you informed of the various events that
come to my attention.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Hermann Hirschberger on receiving an MBE
and also to Raymon Benedyk for his article “Growing up in the Thirties” appearing in the current
edition of U3A News, page 40.

I have noticed that a few of you, especially those attending larger classes have been arriving late.
Please try and be on time as it disturbs not only the leader but everyone else.
I hope you all have a lovely summer and I will look forward to seeing you at our 20 Anniversary
Georgina Butcher

SHAPE is an organisation for disabled and deaf people           about travelling or attending an event alone, perhaps
and the arts.                                                   you could benefit from some encouragement to
SHAPE tickets remove barriers to entertainment and              participate in the arts and culture scene.
the arts be they physical, financial, attitudinal or
transport related so whatever your taste, be it in fine         For full details, membership and application form
art, cinema, concerts, drama, musicals or opera, shape          please contact SHAPE at
tickets could be just for you.                         or
If you find it difficult to access arts and entertainment       telephone 020 7424 7333
across London, have difficulty getting out because
public transport is not accessible to you, or are anxious

                      HARROW U3A SUNDAY GROUP MEETINGS

This group is intended for members who may be alone on a Sunday. YOU DO NOT NEED TO
BOOK A PLACE but we ask members to phone Jean Jones on 020 8866 7237 by the THURSDAY
BEFORE THE OUTING if they wish to come. If you are new to our group, please carry something
that will let us know that you are a Harrow U3A member. The group will leave at the appointed
time with those who have registered their interest. PLEASE LET US KNOW WHICH OPTION YOU
ARE USING as to time of meeting up with the group.

                                         SUMMER 2011
MAY 15 - THE FOUNDLING MUSEUM:                         the full variety of ways watercolour has been
CONCERT        The museum usually holds                used offering the chance to see rarely
concerts at 3 o’clock on the third Sunday of           displayed works by artists ranging from JMW
the month. There is the chance to have a               Turner and Thomas Girtin to Anish Kapoor
guided tour about the museum at 2 o’clock,             and Tracey Emin. The exhibition presents a
followed by the concert. We have no details            full and fresh assessment on the history and
of the performer or choice of music at                 future of watercolour painting, presenting
present . The Museum is located at 40                  famous and lesser-known works side by side.
Brunswick Square, Bloomsbury WC1N 1AZ.                 Meet at the Gallery at 12.30 for lunch (picnic
Travel by overland train to Euston, 12                 or use the café or restaurant in the gallery)
minute journey, and then a short walk or               and then visit the exhibition. For exhibition
local buses from Euston Station, or to Russel          only, meet at 1.30 p.m
Square on the Piccadilly Line. There is a park         Cost concessions £10.90. Travel via Victoria
adjacent to the Museum for picnics or use              Line to Vauxhall or Pimlico or Jubilee, District
the good café in the Museum. Meet at the               or Circle lines to Westminster.          Some
Museum at 12.30 for lunch or at 1.45 for the           stations have a sign-posted walk to the
guided tour or 2.30 for the concert. Cost:             Gallery.
concessions £5.00.
                                                       AUGUST 21 - THOMAS CARLYLE’S HOUSE
JUNE 19 - COLNE VALLEY REGIONAL PARK                   Preserved since 1895, this writer's house in
WALK Those who took part in the canal                  the heart of one of London's most famous
walk last year suggested that they thought             creative quarters located at 24 Cheyne Row,
this would be a good outing. The “square”              London, tells the story of Thomas and Jane
walk is only about 3 miles in total. We will           Carlyle. The couple moved here from their
meet at the Colne Valley Park Visitor Centre,          native Scotland in 1834 and became an
Denham Court Drive Denham, Uxbridge UB9                unusual but much-loved celebrity couple of
5PG at 12.30 for lunch (bring a picnic or buy          the 19th-century literary world. Famous
at the Visitor Centre) OR at 2 o’clock for             inhabitants range from Ralph Vaughan
the walk. Travel via Denham station on the             Williams to Keith Richards. We will meet at
Chiltern line , or drive there. There is a short       the Museum at 12.30, with a picnic to eat
walk from the station to the Visitor Centre.           around this area, or for the House only,
The visit to the park is free.                         meet at 1.30. National Trust members have
                                                       free entry others £5.00 concessions. There
JULY 17 - TATE BRITAIN ‘WATERCOLOUR’                   are signposts to the House in Cheyne Row.
EXHIBITION This promises to show many                  Travel to Sloane Square: District and Circle
water-colour paintings that are rarely                 Line, or South Kensington: Piccadilly, District
shown, due to the fragile nature of their              and Circle lines, or walk the Thames path
composition. ‘Watercolour‘ at Tate Britain             which is within three-quarters of a mile.
invites you to challenge your preconceptions           Alternatively, use the buses which include
of what watercolour is. This is the most               11, 19, 22, 49, 319 to Carlyle Square then
ambitious exhibition about watercolour ever            walk down Bramerton Street, turn right into
to be staged with works spanning 800 years.            Glebe Place. 170 yards to Albert Bridge,
The boundary-breaking survey celebrates                then follow road to Cheyne Walk.

                                 Tours & Visits

                           SUMMER 2011 PROGRAMME

Mini Break - Isle Of Wight
By coach. Change of date now planned for August Bank Holiday Monday 29th August -
returning on Thursday 1st September.
Plans are being finalised for a 3 nights/4 days, dinner, bed & breakfast, at the elegant Country
House Hotel Bourne Hall and Spa in Shanklin. This includes a visit to Osborne House and
Gardens, a return journey on the Isle of Wight Steam Railway and hopefully on the way home a
visit to the historical Beaulieu Motor Museum. Prices still to be finalised but depending upon
the number of members coming it should be circa £325 - £375 twin/double rooms and £30
supplement for single rooms. If interested please send an SAE together with the tear-off slip in
the middle of the magazine to Toni Waxman.                                                  TW

Magical Marrakesh
The exciting seven day trip to Marrakesh is still on but regretfully it is postponed to the end of
October 2011 – this was partly because the Harrow U3A Spring programme was already very full
and partly because Marrakesh is too hot in summer.
Many members have already registered but you may still register your interest by sending in the
tear-off slip in the middle of the magazine to Aimé Levy.                                      AL

April 2012 – Dutch Bulbs And The Floriade – Be One Of The First To Visit!
The Floriade is a World Horticultural event which takes place only once
every ten years in Holland and features every aspect of gardens and
gardening. We have a chance to be one of the first groups to visit –
while all the plants and displays are at their very best!
NO FLYING: Instead a mini night cruise from Harwich to Hoek van
The proposed tour includes a full day at the Floriade as well as a visit
to the spectacular bulb gardens of Keukenhof, a property owned jointly
by Holland’s bulb growers for the purpose of displaying their wares in a
beautiful and romantic setting – 32 acres brimming with flowering bulbs
in all colours of the rainbow. Also in the itinerary is a day in Amsterdam
with visits to the Van Gogh museum or Anne Frank’s House plus a tour
of a Diamond factory.
Included in the tour cost: coach travel in England and Holland, 2 nights
cruise Harwich – Hoek van Holland.
2 nights Dinner, Bed & Breakfast in the Golden Tulip Hotel, Amersfoort,
entrances to the Floriade and Keukenhof and one museum in                  Keukenhof Gardens
Amsterdam plus a Diamond factory tour.
Estimated Cost p.p. for this tour is £475/£525 sharing a room.
If you are interested please contact Inga Stone on 8868 0543; as early as
possible or send a stamped addressed envelope to 5, The Dell, Pinner, HA5 3EW.              IS

Painting Holiday – Summer 2012
Here’s your chance to go on a group painting holiday in England for around £400 per person, 5
days at half board.
We’ll be going by coach (Harrow pick up) and taking art teachers who will each supervise a small
Arranged by Sandra and Aimé Levy with Shearings Coach Holidays.
At this stage, we just want to know if there are enough people interested to fill a coach. Further
details in due course. If interested please fill in the slip in the centre pages of this Newsletter
(please put your email address on the reverse side of the slip) and send with a stamped addressed
envelope to Sandra Levy.                                                                       AL

                                           DAY VISITS

Thursday 5 May – Central Mosque, Regents Park
There will be a guided morning tour of the very impressive Central Mosque and Islamic Cultural
Centre, followed by a talk about Islam. Ladies will be asked to have heads covered with scarves or
similar, and shoes will need to be removed before entering the prayer area.
Afterwards, enjoy the spring flowers in Regents Park!
Cost: £3                                                                                    M&G

Wednesday 18 May at 7.00pm - Purcell School Of Music, Aldenham Road, Bushey
We are once again invited to hear the Middle School pupils give a concert. These pupils are 14 -
16 years old and will be playing longer pieces than those we heard from the Lower School. As
before we will serve light nibbles and wine or soft drinks during the interval and we are also making
a small charge to donate to the school. The concert is expected to end at approximately 9.00pm
Cost £5                                                                                          TW

Monday 23 May - Strawberry Hill House, Richmond
We will have a private morning tour of Horace Walpole’s ‘Gothic Castle’ at a time when the building
is closed to the general public. The House has undergone repairs and restoration costing £9 million
and was only briefly re-opened last October, before closing again until April. It is a Grade I Listed
Building created by Horace Walpole in the 18 century and houses his important collection of
Renaissance glass.
Public transport access is via a frequent bus service from Richmond Station. There is a car park for
up to 20 cars. Please indicate on the reply slip if you intend to bring a car and share where
Cost: £13                                                                                      M&G

Tuesday 14 June - Visit To Loseley Park, Guildford
Home to the More-Molyneux family since the beginning of the 16th Century, we have a guided tour
of the house which has many fine works of art and furniture, as well as panelling from Henry VIII’s
Nonsuch Palace. You will hear about the ancestry of the family and their connection with royalty
and other famous figures of the time. We will be welcomed with tea or coffee on arrival.
After the tour of the house you can order lunch in their restaurant (at an extra charge of £9 per
meal) or you can bring your own packed meal. The house choices are Menu A - Tomato and Basil
Quiche (V) or Menu B - Poached Delice of Salmon; each served with salads, roll and butter and
tea or coffee. If you wish to order a meal please indicate Menu A or B on the booking slip and add
£9 per person to your cheque (total £34 per head). If booking lunch, please make a note of your
choice to remind you on the day. After lunch there will be a guided tour of the magnificent gardens
(included in the price). Tea and cake can also be purchased from the restaurant before leaving.
By coach.
Cost £25                                                                                      J&M

Thursday 7 July - A Day At The Seaside & Visit To Royal Pavilion, Brighton
                                High Summer is a perfect time for 'A Day at the Seaside'. We use
                                the train for speed, comfort and economy: depart from Harrow &
                                Wealdstone to East Croydon, travelling on our "Freedom
                                Pass", then continue on the Southern Railway to reach Brighton in
                                40 minutes. This stretch is at the moment extremely cheap and I
                                am told it will remain so until April, when I will be able to purchase
                                the tickets.

In Brighton we visit the Royal Pavilion, a pleasure palace built for George IV when he was still
Prince Regent. It has been described as "St. Pauls Cathedral gone to Brighton and had pups"
because of its many domes. Part of the tour is an exhibition of Regency costumes evoking the
grandiose parties held there by the Prince.

What could be more appropriate than a Fish & Chips lunch at Harry Ramsden's restaurant on the
sea front? Not included in the cost but could be organised for all who wish. The remaining
afternoon, free to walk out on the pier, shop in the picturesque historic centre, The Lanes,
or visit nearby Brighton Museum. Suggested timing: train from Harrow & Wealdstone at 08.55am
and return there 6.30pm
Cost: at present prices this outing could be done for £12 - £15, not including lunch.     IS

                      Monday 11 July – Wallace Collection – Meet the Laughing
                      This private London museum, often called an International Treasure House,
                      has one of Europe’s finest collection of paintings, furniture, armoury and
                      porcelain. We will have a private guided tour of some of the most important
                      paintings including the “Laughing Cavalier” by Frans Hals and works by
                      Titian, Rembrandt, Velasquez and Fragonard, to name just a few.
                      Meet at 10.15am at the Wallace Collection in Manchester Square, a walk or
                      bus ride from Baker Street Station. There is an excellent Brasserie in the
                      glass-roofed courtyard for lunch and afternoon tea. Booking necessary.
Cost: £9                                                                                      IS

Wednesday 20 July - Highclere Castle, home of the Earl & Countess of Caernarvon
since 1679
Built on an ancient site, the original house was recorded in the Doomsday Book. This beautiful
Castle was the site for ITV’s very successful period drama – Downton Abbey. Included in the cost
is the Castle, Grounds, Egyptian Exhibition and Gardens. There is a self-service tea room open
for light lunches and teas. By coach.
Cost £24                                                                                   TW

Wednesday 10 August at 11.00a.m. As part of the Summer Opening of the State Rooms at
Buckingham Palace there is a fascinating exhibition of Royal Fabergé showing the most dazzling
pieces of Fabergé craftsmanship in the Royal Collection. The exhibition charts the Royal Family’s
enduring passion for Fabergé through 100 of the master’s finest pieces, from the dazzling imperial
Easter Eggs and delicate flower ornaments to the enchanting animal sculptures.
Cost £15                                                                                     TW

Saturday 3rd September - Racing At Ascot: Behind The Scenes Tour
This guided tour includes the Parade Ring and the Weighing Room and we also hear about the
history and traditions of the course.
The visit coincides with Ascot’s 5th Festival of Food with 25 stalls located around the Parade Ring
where you can purchase locally produced goodies. There will also be a cookery demonstration by
Ascot’s Executive Head Chef.
After the tour, we settle in the Grandstand to watch the races. There is a full card from early
afternoon onwards but we intend to depart after you have (hopefully) collected any winnings from
the 4 o’clock race so that we can avoid traffic congestion and get you home early for any evening
arrangements. By coach.
Cost £27                                                                                      J&M

Monday 17 October – Olympic Sites: The Second Tour
Due to the great response to the Olympic Sites visit in March there will be a second tour to
accommodate the disappointed members who did not get a place on the first one. There are
additional places available in order to fill the coach. The cost remains the same at £20. Contact
Inga on 020 8868 0543 or before sending a cheque.                           IS

AL     Aimé Levy                      21 Greystone Gardens, Harrow HA3 0EF       Tel: 8907 1267

J&M    Judith & Malvern Barnett       27 Wessex Drive, Hatch End HA5 4PX         Tel: 8428 9387

JK     Jack Kushner                   17 Sherbourne Place, 57 The Chase,         Tel: 8954 8671
                                      Stanmore, HA7 3UH

IS     Inga Stone                     5 The Dell, Pinner, HA5 3EW                Tel: 8868 0543

M&G Mary & George Vulkan              18 Mount Stewart Avenue, Kenton HA3

TW     Toni Waxman                    17 Sherbourne Place, 57 The Chase,         Tel: 8954 8671
                                      Stanmore HA7 3UH

                                   New Tours & Visits Chairman

I have been given the doubtful pleasure of                     SIZE SELF-SEAL ENVELOPES (8.5” x 4.5”) to
becoming the new chairman of the Tours                         make life easier for us as we are all unpaid
and Visits Committee and would like to pay                     volunteers who have to put a great deal of
tribute to the excellent work done by                          work into planning and organising the
George and Mary Vulkan for many years.                         various outings. We are always pleased to
I would like to take this opportunity of                       receive your comments to enable us to
reminding Members to send individual                           improve our outings.
cheques for each outing accompanied by A4                      Jack Kushner

                                    HOW TO BOOK AN OUTING
  For two weeks after the Newsletter appears, only postal bookings are accepted, in order of
  arrival. If you are booking at a later date, first check availability. To be included on a trip, fill in
  the relevant slip from the Summer Tours & Visits Reservation Form. We do not accept bookings
  by e-mail. Enclose a SAE and a separate cheque for each event, payable to Harrow U3A,
  unless otherwise stated. Post cheque and slip to the organisers of the outing. (See addresses
  and phone numbers on previous page.)

                                      BOOKING CONDITIONS
  CANCELLATIONS: Where we are able to re-sell your ticket, we will make a refund less an
  administration charge. Tickets will always be offered in the first place to members on a waiting
  list for the outing.
  DISCLAIMER: Please note that only trips advertised in our Newsletter or paid for via Harrow
  U3A are under the auspices of Harrow U3A. Harrow U3A and the organisers cannot be
  responsible for any loss or injury, however caused.

                                  OLDER PEOPLE

This information was passed to us by one of our members, Robert Lowe, who has already
responded to the Forum in the strongest terms!
Peter Rayner who sits on the Transport Committee for the EU Age Platform has been attending meetings in
Brussels and Barcelona and speaking in discussions around whether the transport and other inclusions
offered to older people also benefits society as a whole and not just the recipients.


This is becoming more and more a relevant issue with the proposed cuts.

Of course older people give value – economically and within the community but we need to provide
evidence to show this.

Please send in details of how you use your freedom pass e.g. volunteering, child care, avoiding social
isolation etc. What would you stop doing if there was no freedom pass and you had to pay for your fares?
Ask your friends, your organisations, anybody – we need to overwhelm them with case studies. Please send
your comments to Janine as soon as possible:

Email:          Phone: 020 7091 2593
Address: Greater London Forum for Older People, 21 St Georges Road, London SE1 6ES

                                  CONCERT OUTING
Tuesday 7th June 2011 7.30 p.m.

The next concert outing will be to the Royal Festival Hall by coach from the side of
Harrow Arts Centre at 5 p.m.

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Charles Dutoit with Martha Argerich - piano

Invitation to the Dance              Weber orch. Berlioz
Piano Concerto in A minor            Schumann
The Rite of Spring                   Stravinsky

Cost - £26.00

The legendary Martha Argerich will revisit the Concerto in a performance that will no
doubt be nothing less than extraordinary.

                 Please use tear-off slip in the centre of the Newsletter

                            COUNTRY WALKS 6 – 8 MILES
                                   May – August 2011

             Thursday 19 May
             Circular walk from Chorley Wood. Use 10.09 Chiltern Line train to Chorley
             Wood from Harrow-on-the-Hill Station. Walk starts at 10.30. Pub stop at
             Sarratt. Guest Leader is Diana Antony.

             Thursday 16 June
             Circular walk from Watford Metropolitan Line station.              Use first
Metropolitan Line train after 10.00 from Harrow-on-the-Hill Station. Walk starts at 10.30.
Pub stop at Croxley Green.

Thursday 21 July
Linear walk from Pinner to Uxbridge. Meet at Pinner Station at 10.30 for start of walk.
Early brunch stop at Ruislip and tea break at Denham.

Thursday 18 August
Linear walk from Chalfont to Chesham. Use 10.09 Chiltern Line train from Harrow-on-
the-Hill Station. Walk starts at 10.45. Pub stop at Ley Hill Common.

Anita Joliff: 020 8866 4508                 Gerald Sutno: 020 8421 0465

                                       HARROW U3A E-MAIL LIST

                              The HARROW U3A YAHOO GROUP E-MAIL LIST
                      is our major means for rapid internal communication with members

Those members who were on our original list have been invited to subscribe to the new service. For those
members who have not yet accepted the invitation and for all other members who wish to join, this is how to do it:

                                              New subscribers:
Please follow this simple procedure:

1. Visit the website

2. Enter only your E-mail address in the box provided, then click the JOIN NOW button.

3. You will next receive an E-mail from Yahoo Groups, which you need to open - (also check your SPAM or
JUNK folder) and

4. Choose OPTION 2 and click on REPLY to send an E-mail, confirming that you wish to subscribe to the
HARROWU3AML list. You must reply to this message within 7 days, or the invitation will lapse.

5. Once you have sent that E-mail, the Harrow U3A moderator will receive your request to join the
HARROWU3AML list and will verify that you are a paid-up Harrow U3A member, prior to accepting your

6. When your application has been accepted, you will receive a further E-mail from Yahoo Groups saying
"Welcome to the HarrowU3AML group at Yahoo Groups".

You should receive this above E-mail within a few days, depending on the volume of applications the moderator
has to deal with at any one time. If you have not received this "Welcome" message within 7 days, your
application has not gone through and you should then carefully repeat the above procedure.

                                        Change of E-mail address:
Visit the website and proceed as above, ensuring that you enter your new
E-mail address in the box provided under 2.

                                    Unsubscribe from the E-mail list
Send blank E-mail to (empty subject line and no text) This E-
mail must be sent from the E-mail address on which you are currently subscribed.

                                                DON’T FORGET
If you do not have access to the internet, don’t forget that many local public libraries have computers available to
   enable members to check the harrow u3a website notice board: and click on “Notice
                                  Board”. Library staff can generally assist you.

                       SOME USEFUL IDEAS FOR RELAXATION?

‘Mum, can you come and get me down now?’                          ‘You go. I’ll just stay and rest my head a little bit’
                                         Art Gallery Visits

As a new venture, we are offering visits to some forthcoming London art
exhibitions, to be run in tandem with the monthly “History of Art” talks
given by Daphne Singer.

Our first visit is to the National Gallery on 21 April to see the Jan
Gossaert Exhibition. A native of Flanders (active 1503; died 1532), he
was one of the most startling and accomplished artists of the Northern
Renaissance. This is the first exhibition dedicated to the artist for over 40
years, and presents the results of a complete re-examination of his work,
including new technical discoveries.

The National Gallery has one of the largest and finest collections of Gossaert’s paintings in the world.
This exhibition featuring over 80 works, allows them to be set in the context of the full range of the
artist’s oeuvre, from the fruits of his early visit to Rome to the unusually erotic presentation of the
nude in his Adam and Eve series.

In May, (Thursday 19) we will be going to the Royal Academy, who are presenting the first
retrospective exhibition to be held in the UK of the drawings of Jean-Antoine Watteau (1684–1721).
We will follow this by a visit in June to the V&A to “The Cult of Beauty” showcasing Aestheticism. Our
final visit for this term will be in July to Tate Modern where Joan Miró's works come to London in the
first major retrospective here for nearly 50 years.

One can attend the talk and or the visit independently, although Daphne’s talks will obviously enhance
your experience and at the same time enable you to meet up with others visiting the exhibition. All the
talks are held on the third Tuesday with visits planned for the third Thursday of the month (April is an
exception). If you are interested in joining us, we will be happy to send you a schedule of the planned
visits and talks. Preferably e-mail us at or send a stamped addressed
envelope to Pat & Roy Rae, 5, Barn Way, Wembley, HA9 9LE.

                   Professor Bryan Lask – ‘Who’s Who of the Brain’
The February Speaker was Professor Bryan                He explained how, as in any community, the
Lask who invited us to meet the inhabitants of          inhabitants interact with and are affected by
the brain in his listener-friendly introduction         the behaviour of their neighbours, some
to what the brain is and how it                               working together and others working
works.                                                        alone.

The brain was described as a                                    The members of a highly appreciative
metaphorical community, known as                                audience were stimulated to ask many
Cephalton, populated with a wide                                penetrating questions and there were
variety of complex characters, each                             many requests for Professor Lask to
serving his or her own vital                                    make a return visit.
function.        These     characters
represented different parts of the       Photo by Zoya Siddiqui
                                                                  Professor Lask is Emeritus Professor
brain had been given names related                                of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry at St.
to their functions, such as Frederick Foresight           George’s, University of London, Medical
(responsible for the executive function of the            Advisor and Research Director at the
brain), Dudley Doit (responsible for the                  Huntercombe Hospital Group and Visiting
initiating commands of motor activity), Cherry            Professor at the Regional Eating Disorders
Chatterley (responsible for communication                 Service, Ulleval University Hospital, Oslo,
and sending information) and many more,                   Norway. He is joint author of the book ‘Who’s
equally important.                                        Who of the Brain’.
                                                          Zoya Siddiqui

                                 News from the Groups

                                            NEW GROUPS

                          COMPUTER STARTER COURSE
The "Computer Starter Course" at Bentley Wood High School. Clamp Hill. Stanmore. will take
place on the following Wednesdays at 4pm until 5.30pm. The dates are:June 8th, 15th, 22nd,
29th & July 6th This course involve one to one tuition with some of the 6th form girls from the
school and will cover anything you want to know from basic switching your computer on and off
to digital photography or writing letters and even online shopping.The choice of subject and
speed of learning is entirely up to you.
Make sure you apply early to avoid disappointment as there is a waiting list from the last course and there are
only a limited number of places.
Applications to Morris Jones telephone 020 8954 4229 or email:

                                  EVERYDAY WORD PROCESSING
A PC is not just for surfing the Web and sending or            important, it will also show how to save and file
receiving basic e-mails. A mastery of word                     work for easy retrieval at a later date.
processing simplifies the task of preparing letters            The aim is to meet people’s needs so there will be
and other documents which can then be printed and              opportunities to address individual issues.
posted or even e-mailed as attachments.                        The course will be held from 10.30am to 2.30pm on
The Everyday Word Processing course, to be run                 26, 27 & 28 July at Bentley Wood High School.
by Adrian Morant, is for those who wish to extend              Those interested should contact:
their skills, or to refresh them. It will show how to          Adrian Morant on 020 8952 7991 or by e-mail:
correct mistakes, change or re-arrange words and     
paragraphs and then produce an attractive layout
prior to printing the finished document. Equally

This is a repeat course as the previous five week course was again vastly over-subscribed. This time, Aimé
Levy, with the help of wonderful volunteers, will be covering the same material in six consecutive weeks. lt is
important that each participant is proficient in opening, moving and saving files.
We will be loading and practising, cropping, cloning, controlling images, correcting colour, using filters,
effects, and layers, blending, putting words onto your pictures, making cards, and montages. This course is
hands on, fast and fun and you won’t want to miss a session.
Each participant is expected to contribute £3.00 for two course CDs. The course will start on Tuesday, 7
                                      th         th       th       th
June 2011 and continue on the 14 , 21st, 28 June, 5 and 12 July 2011. Time 4pm to 5.45pm at Bentley
Wood High School.
To enroll for this digital course, please contact Pam Gonsal

                                      INTERNET AND EMAIL FOR BEGINNERS
                   Email stands for electronic mail. If        I have booked a room in Stratford upon Avon for a
                   you have a computer with an                 few days (and before I went I printed out a route
                   internet connection or access to            and a map of the area), researched places to go in
                   one you can type a text message             London for free, checked the weekend closures on
                   and send it to anyone who also              the Underground, found where I could buy a TV
                   has a computer with an internet             signal amplifier, checked my bank statement and
                   connection or access to one.                transferred some money from one account to
                   Once you have access to the                 another and looked up some details about the battle
computer this is free and you can communicate                  of Agincourt. My wife buys many of her clothes and
across the world. For example a few years ago I                cosmetics via the Internet and books us free tickets
went to Thailand to be at my friends wedding and I             for BBC shows. These are just a few of many uses
was able to send messages to my wife at home by                of the Internet. The course will teach you how to
email via an Internet café for less than 50p. The              use a web browser, how to search the Internet for
course will teach you how to use email with Yahoo.             information and how to save websites for future
It will also teach you how to send attachments such            use.
as photographs.
                                                                           st                    st
                                                               Tuesday 31 May, Wednesday 1 June, Thursday
The Internet is a network of computers with over 4             2 June 10.30-2.30 (lunch 12.00-1.00). Contact
billion pages of information. It has masses of uses.           Morris Jones 020 8954 4229.

                                     THE IMPERIAL PRESIDENCY
With the exception of Washington, Jefferson,                 time on how presidents are faring, “strong leader” is
                           Lincoln     and     Teddy         the one that the political wonks and nerds will look
                           Roosevelt,            few         at first.
                           presidents seized the
                           reins    of    power    in        In five two-hour sessions, Dr. John Matlin will
                           American politics until           consider the “imperial” presidencies of FDR, Harry
                           the 1930s. Congress               Truman, Dwight D. “Ike” Eisenhower, JFK, Lyndon
                           was intended to be the            Johnson and Richard Nixon. Their style of
                           strongest    branch     of        leadership as well as their domestic and foreign
government. In the twentieth century, even                   policies will be analysed, as will the changing role of
Woodrow Wilson, a progressive and pro-active                 the media. The sessions will be conducted as
president, was defeated by Congress when it                  seminars,      not    lectures.     Therefore,   class
refused to ratify The League of Nations treaty.              participation will be welcomed.

Things changed when Franklin Roosevelt came to               John will run the course twice each week, starting
                                                                   nd        th                      th       nd
power in 1933. Until then, presidents had not been           on 22 and 24 June and ending on 20 and 22
expected to lead. After FDR, this became the                 July, at the Harrow Arts Centre, starting at 10.15
quality that was sought above all by the American            am. Contact: Anne Gerrard on 020 8954 4110.
electorate. In political polls conducted from time to

This Group is to be run on a Workshop basis. We will be reading random American & English classic novels of
the 19th & 20th century, the complete books, and then discussing them. So far I have chosen to read Scott
Fitzgerald's "Tender is the Night" on April 11, Charles Dickens' "David Copperfield" on May 23 and Harper Lee's
"To Kill a Mocking Bird" on July 11. Contact details are in the Diary

                                          CREATIVE KNITTING
This class will interest anyone wishing to improve           or crochet - Different types of edges, ribs, pockets,
their basic knitting skills. Regular help and                button       holes      etc.     -
encouragement will be given to students who have             Embellishments such as braids,
purchased patterns and yarn and want to complete             bobbles, flowers, use of beads –
these during the session. At the same time, we will          Maybe experimenting with fabric
spend some time exploring different stitch and               paints.
pattern techniques, looking at shape, texture and            A more creative approach will be
colour. Why is it that yarns knit up differently -           included for anyone adventurous
some too loose and some too tight.              The          enough !! An introduction to
importance of making a tension swatch to insure the          simple methods of pattern making, design, knit and
garment will actually fit.                                   construction. An opportunity to make your own
We will look into a variety of finishing techniques          original items. Contact details are in the Diary.
such as: Blocking, steaming, pressing and sewing
                                         FLOWER ARRANGING
An exploratory meeting will be held at the home of Sally Rosenthal at 2:30 pm on Tuesday, May 17 .
Anyone interested in pursuing this activity should phone Sally for details on 020 8905 3762 or (07710251528).
Mah-Jongg, the name of which means ‘The                      on his or her own, against the other three. Games
Sparrows’, is, as everyone knows, a Chinese game             will take place every Monday at 10 o’clock starting
thousands of years old. It has been likened to               on 2 May at Flat 14, Dingles Court, 554. Uxbridge
Bridge, Poker and Dominoes but actually it has very          Road, Pinner. Telephone: Kay 8866 3934. You
little in common with these games. I, myself liken it        don’t have to know how to play the game, I’ll teach
to Rummy, and unlike Bridge, each player is entirely         you.
We are fortunate to have Farida ( offering a new six week Yoga course beginning on May
5 . Each class will have a structure based on Farida’s successful courses at colleges and other centres. She can
accommodate different levels of experience or fitness, but must be informed of any medication each member is
taking and whether that person’s GP is happy for them to undertake a yoga course. Farida will want to be aware
of past yoga experience and expectations of the course. The classes will be for one hour from 10:30 AM at
Harrow Arts Centre. Contact details are in the Diary.
                                         BEGINNERS’ FRENCH
We hope to start a Beginners/Returners French class next term at HAVS Pinner Road on May 17 & 31 June 14
& 28 July 12 26: 3pm - 4.30pm. Contact details are in the Diary.
                                        BEGINNERS’ SPANISH
This is starting on Thursday 5 May, weekly, at the home of Anne-Marie Dennis. Contact details are in the diary.
                                      GERMAN INTERMEDIATE
Mathilde Kaplan is considering starting a German Intermediate class following on from Beginners 2. If you are
interested        in         joining         the       class,           please        email         Mathilde

                                    Harrow U3A Management Committee                                                                     VENUE DETAILS
                 Life President: Georgina Butcher 020 8428 2665
                                                                                                                 The area location of groups held in private homes is listed in the
Chairman                        Ronald Channing                               venue column. Please telephone Group Leader or host for
                                                                                                                 address details. Groups held at Harrow Arts Centre in the
Vice-Chairman                   Eric Silver                               Uxbridge Road at Hatch End are indicated by HAC, followed by
Hon. Secretary                  Lynne Dorff                                  letter codes for the room being used as follows:
Hon. Treasurer                  Cecil Cherns                       HAC-B              Belmont Room
                                                                                                                 HAC- C             Cannon Room
Publicity Officer               Jack Lester                           HAC-CN             Constable Room
Membership Secretaries          Jacky Gordon                                HAC-EH             Elliott Hall
                                Kathy Westhead                                                                   HAC-G              Gobey Room
Study Group Co-ordinator        Rhoda Luer                             HAC-GDGrimsdyke Room
                                                                                                                 HAC-GRGreenhill Room
Premises Officer                Meera Mahida               
                                                                                                                 HAC-HES            Hatch End Suite (Rooms 1, 2 & 3)
Newsletter Editor               Gwen Wright                                      HAC-K              Kenton Room
20th Anniversary Chair          Gwen Wright                                                                      HAC-L              Lowry Room
Webmaster                       Mike Allen                                   HAC-N              Neil Room
                                                                                                                 HAC –R             Roxeth Room
Speakers’ Secretary             Alan Klein                                        HAC-RY             Rayners Room
Enquiries Officer               Sheilah Lowe                                      HAC-S              Stanmore Room
Care Officer                    Susan Field                                HAC-T              Turner Room
Joint Care Officer              tba                                        HAC-TB             Travellers’ Bar
                                                                                                                 HAC-W              Weald Room
Study Group Administrator       Sonia Sheldon              
Technical Advisor               Mathilde Kaplan                         Zoom Leisure (Eastman’s) is opposite the Kodak buildings in
Research & Strategy Officer     Zoya Siddiqui                                             Harrow View, Harrow
Special Events Co-ordinator     Rhoda Luer                 
Publications Co-ordinator       Susan Field                

         CAR PARKING                                   U3A NATIONAL OFFICE                                     COPY DEADLINE!!
Visitors to Harrow Arts Centre are permitted,                                                             The deadline for the next issue of the
indeed encouraged to park in MORRISON’S           Third Age Trust
car park. This is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.     The Old Municipal Buildings                                        Newsletter is
Whilst no guarantee can be given, it is           19 East Street
considered safer than the overcrowded Arts        Bromley                                                     SATURDAY 9 JULY 2011
Centre car park.                                  Kent BR1 1QE
Please only park within parking lines at                                                             All contributions to Gwen Wright, 1 Athena
                                                  020 8466 6139
Harrow Arts Centre and do not block the ramp                                                         Close, Byron Hill Road, Harrow, HA2 0JB
access to the Hatch End Suite.          
                                                                                         Tel: 020 8864 9019

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