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SMEStorage cloud file server is not just Cloud Storage for the SMB business, its more than that! Read more to know how....

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									SMEStorage Cloud File Server for the SMB business:
More than just Cloud Storage

How SMEStorage Cloud File Server is more than just Cloud

SMEStorage Cloud File Server is not a pure play storage solution. Most
storage solutions are silo’d and the vendors sole motivation is to sell you
more storage. SMEStorage Cloud File Server take as a different approach.
It provide a Cloud File Server just like the one that used to sit in the
corner of your office except it now resides in the Cloud. It allows you to
plug in your own storage and information clouds so that you can manage
them from a single files system. These can be public storage clouds and
private storage clouds ie. The local files that you store somewhere in your

If you don’t have any storage or also require public storage for Archive or
backup then SMEStorage can provide storage on you preferred Cloud, by
default it uses Amazon S3 object Storage system.

How SMEStorage Cloud File Server promotes business agility and

The Cloud File Server help make SMB business more agile. and productive
The “File Server in the Cloud” approach provides true “always on” access
and the mobility solutions that are available to access your files are truly
all encompassing – iPhone / iPad, Android, Windows Mobile 7, and
BlackBerry native clients. This is not to forget the native desktop
integration for Windows Mac and Linux systems. Each Operating system
gets native integration at a drive level effectively bringing the Cloud into a
users desktop.

Administering a Cloud File Server

The Cloud File Server can be administered just like a normal fileserver.
You can setup users, assign shared folders, set permissions, set
notifications, track file events (audit) and GEO Locations, and much more.

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Managing the information explosion

The SMEStorage Cloud File Server is set to help you manage the
information explosion. Most companies and users have more than one
information Clouds. This may be more traditionally what is referred to as
Storage Clouds but there are other Clouds, such as email, and social
Clouds such as Evernote and Instapaper. SMEStorage enables you to
aggregate your storage and information clouds and easily manage the
data from one virtual cloud files system.

Using with existing Storage such as ReadyNas

SMEStorage SaaS or on-premise solution can easily work with your
existing storage using WebDav. This means you can make your own
internal storage easily accessible from the plethora of desktop and mobile
clients that SMEStorage supports.

To know more about how individual professionals, businesses and
resellers and ISP’s have benefited using the Cloud File Server, visit now, and specifically the Cloud File Server home
page at:

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