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                                                    SUDDEN VALLEY COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION

FEBRUARY 2008                                                      w w w    .s   u d d e n v a l l e y   .c   o m                                                 vol. 34 no. 2

Six finance                                                              Family fun zone a new hit
committee                                                                Erin Isebrands Willison
                                                                         for the Views

members resign                                                                 Upon entering the recre-
                                                                         ation center, you will notice the
                                                                         youngest members of Sudden
                                                                         Valley enjoying the newly ren-
                                                                         ovated children’s space called
Timothy Newcomb                     21 resignation. Earl Settlemyer
                                                                         the family fun zone.
Views editor                        resigned Jan. 17 for far differ-
                                                                               In a four-month time
                                    ent reasons. He has since ap-
                                                                         period, staff, along with an
     To open the Jan. 28 Sudden     plied to rejoin the committee.
                                                                         overwhelming number of
Valley Community Association              Keefer read from the resig-
                                                                         community volunteers, have
Board of Directors meeting,         nation letter at the Jan. 28 meet-
                                                                         transformed what used to be
five members of the finance         ing. She said that the board has
                                                                         “a dark and dingy” place, ac-
committee resigned. Along           actively politicized and mi-
                                                                         cording to Kalene Drummond,
with the two prior committee        cromanaged the new finance
                                                                         rec center manager, into an “in-
resignations -- not to mention      committee and that the above
                                                                         viting community center, bus-
the SVCA treasurer resignation      members (except for Settlemy-
                                                                         tling with excitement. It is now
-- seven of the nine-member         er) could not continue without
                                                                         a place where everyone in Sud-
committee have now resigned         risk to their professional cre-
                                                                         den Valley wants to be.”            River Willison, 9 mos., left, and Gretchen Rollo, 6 mos., play in the
in the last two weeks.              dentials.
                                                                               The family fun zone is        toddler zone. Scott Biane (below) plays with son Matthew, 9 mos.
     Leah Keefer, Jessica Stat-           “For those of us with ac-
                                                                         comprised of three age-spe-
en, Lisa Jackson, Pat Loken and     counting credentials and pro-
                                                                         cific areas designed to meet        Children in this area must be       any given time and know that
Lance Hillengass resigned Jan.      fessional reputations to protect,
                                                                         the unique needs of Sudden          accompanied by an adult. The        my 2-year-old will find some-
28 and signed a lengthy letter      we cannot continue to work
                                                                         Valley’s many children and          sunshine room offers a weekly       thing new and fun to play with,
outlining the reasoning. Dan        with a board that does not take
                                                                         youth.                              story time on Tuesdays at 10:30     that I can put my infant on a
Marantette said he agreed with      its fiduciary responsibilities se-
                                                                               The loft is an arcade-type    a.m. that is led by the Sudden      blanket with toys to keep her
portions of the letter when out-
                                                                         of space geared for teens. There    Valley Women’s Club, an in-         entertained and that I can chat
lining his reasoning for his Jan.           See FINANCE on page 6        is fussball, ping-pong, arcade      fant/toddler zone, a train ta-      with someone from my neigh-
                                                                         games, as well as an area des-      ble, a dress-up bin, an impres-     borhood over a good cup of

Where does the 2008
                                                                         ignated for homework help.          sive collection of arts and craft   coffee from the coffee shop!”
                                                                         “We even have on-call retired       materials, a sharing library and          The family fun zone’s
                                                                         educators from the community        even a comfy sectional leather      presence in the community

budget stand?                                                            available for tutoring,” said
                                                                               The elementary center is
                                                                                                             sofa and rocking chair for par-
                                                                                                             ents and grandparents to relax,
                                                                                                             which was donated, like most
                                                                                                                                                 has influenced many people
                                                                                                                                                 already, in the short time the
                                                                                                                                                 doors have been opened. Cam-
                                                                         an area catering to children in     of the other décor in the room.     bria Rollo and her three daugh-
Timothy Newcomb                     available reserves, and nearly       first through fifth grades and           Rebecca Gonnella, a stay-      ters discovered the play space
Views editor                        $75,000 in operational cost cut-     consists of two separate rooms,     at-home-mom, who has lived in       recently and she said, “It might
                                    ting. Even though the deficit        much like you would find in         Sudden Valley for seven years,      sound funny, but, I really want
     The proposed 2008 Sudden       costs were covered last year,        your own home. One area is          is part of the Sudden Valley        to stay in Sudden Valley now!
Valley Community Association        they are continuing costs that       designated for reading, board       moms group who volunteered          My husband and I were just
budget has been “throttled way      must be included in the 2008         games, puzzles, quiet time          much of her time and talents to     talking about all of the money
back” and is now at a status        budget. This year’s budget           and homework help. The other        help transform the family fun       we spend driving in and out
quo level, meaning a roughly        must also cover other increased      room is for entertainment, such     zone into the vibrant oasis that    of town on gas and wear and
$14 per month dues increase         operational costs.                   as movies and video games.          it has become.                      tear on our cars. Now that I
for developed lots and $11 for           Dave Wareing, general                 The family fun zone has            “I absolutely love the fact    know the family fun zone ex-
undeveloped lots will be need-      manager, said that once the          also become the meeting place       that I can go into this space at    ists, it removes that concern all
ed in order to keep operational     community voted in Novem-            for many youth groups, such                                             together!”
service levels and staffing at      ber that the originally proposed     as Homeschool Connection,                                                     “It has been an amazing
the same level as 2007. An an       budget was too much, he began        Cub Scouts, Girls Scouts, Chess                                         journey to watch community
additional $100,000 for road re-    to work on a “maintenance bud-       Club, Scrabble Club, Teen                                               members come in totally em-
pairs is also included.             get” that was meant to maintain      Council and many others.                                                powered to use their creative
     The 2007 budget was a          services and resources at a level          In the sunshine room,                                             talents and ideas,” said Sandy
“stretch budget” that tacked        that would allow him and his         you’ll find a bright and cheery                                         Chasteen, who was instrumen-
one more year onto the last         staff to begin to maintain SVCA      indoor play space designed for                                          tal in making this project be-
five-year dues increase. That       facilities at a                      the birth through kindergar-                                            come a reality. “It just gets bet-
budget included a $148,000                                               ten segment of Sudden Valley.                                           ter every day.”
deficit, which was covered by               See BUDGET on page 6                                                                                       Chasteen’s daughter, Alex,
                                                                                                                                                 who is 9, attends Homeschool

SVCA treasurer resigns position
                                                                                                                                                 Connection art classes at the
                                                                                                                                                 family fun zone twice a week.
                                                                                                                                                 She remembers the “old” rec
                                                                                                                                                 center. “It used to be really
Timothy Newcomb                     treasurer.                           lack of timely information has
Views editor                              She wrote: “It has become      jeopardized my ability to ef-                                                        See FUN on page 5
                                    clear to me over the last several    fectively and timely perform
     Cally Cass-Healy has re-       weeks that I am not able to de-      those responsibilities, and
signed her position on the          vote the amount of time that         therefore puts my credentials
Sudden Valley Community As-         the board is requesting. In ad-      at risk.
sociation Board of Directors ef-    dition, I have no desire to be a          “For those of you with the
fective Jan. 26 and her position    part of the recent negative poli-    best interests of the Sudden
as SVCA treasurer.                  tics, as they are not in the best    Valley community in mind, I
     In November 2006, Cass-        interests of the community.          wish you the best of luck.”
Healy was voted into a three-             “As treasurer and as a              The nominations & elec-
year term on the board.             certified public accountant, I       tions committee is now charged
     In a statement, Healy said     have a fiduciary responsibil-        with accepting applications for
that she does not have the time     ity to fully understand and in-      the open board position. Once
to devote to the board and a        form the board of the financial      appointed, the new board
                                                                                                                Permit #20
lack of information has jeopar-     situation -- both short term         member will serve until the
                                                                                                               Lynden, WA

dized her ability to work as the
                                                                                                              US Postage Paid
                                    and long term. I feel that the       next election in November.             PRST STD
Page 2
                                                                               Sudden Valley ViewS                                                                             February 2008

lEttErs to thE Editor                                                                            Valley Coffee Barn, which compares
                                                                                                 most favorably with the Starbuck’s and
                                                                                                                                                has many more ideas that will generate
                                                                                                                                                revenues and help prevent having to
Let’s pass the status quo                      what “community” means and think of
                                                                                                 Woods Coffee shops in Bellingham. It
                                                                                                 is a well-decorated, cozy place to re-
                                                                                                                                                ask you for more money.
                                                                                                                                                     The rec center has been upgraded
budget for Sudden Valley                       the future of this beautiful valley. The
                                               future is now and why wait till next
                                                                                                 lax with your coffee or tea and a good         for us all. There are homework areas,
                                                                                                 book, or to meet friends for a cuppa.          a TV area, a pool table, a cozy reading
                                               November. Five-year plans are a must,             The Valley Arts Group has the work of
EDITOR, The Views:                             but we need to support this new bare                                                             area, a great coffee shop and even im-
                                                                                                 some of their members on display and           proved restrooms. How lucky we are to
      When I heard that the finance            bones budget proposal first and then              for sale on the coffee shop walls, which
committee had presented a prepared             start working together on a new five                                                             have all of this and more right in Sud-
                                                                                                 adds nicely to the ambience.                   den Valley.
statement to reject the status quo bud-        year plan.                                             If you haven’t been to the Health
get presented to them by the general                                         Klara Weis                                                              We now have a GM with great
                                                                                                 Club and Coffee Barn, you owe it to            foresight and he is looking out for our
manager, it upset me enough to attend                                                            yourself to check out these two out-
                                               The new health club
the next two finance committee meet-                                                                                                            future and has hired some wonderful
                                                                                                 standing new additions to the Valley.          people.
ings and the following board meeting.
I know many people felt the first pro-         is a big hit                                      They do us proud.
                                                                                                                              Dale Rings
                                                                                                                                                     Let’s get behind Dave Wareing and
                                                                                                                                                the board in a positive way!
posed budget was too much at once
and this budget is half of what that           EDITOR, The Views:                                                                                                          Carol Bauman
one was. Ben Brigham, a board mem-                   I am writing this letter to the Views       Property values helped
ber, asked at the first finance meeting        as an unabashed fan of the new health
                                                                                                 by rec center renova-                          Health club a great
                                                                                                                                                community place
I attended how many of the finance             club. I was delighted to see it open
committee members were for a dues              and joined shortly thereafter, utilizing          tions
increase and all members responded             its facilities about five times a week
that they all thought the valley needed        to continue and improve my exercise               EDITOR, The Views:                             EDITOR, The Views:
a dues increase. If the finance commit-        program. This is a high quality facility               What a wonderful place Sudden                   The Sudden Valley Health Club
tee was for a dues increase, then why in       that included many volunteer hours to             Valley is to live. There are fabulous          has proven to be an asset to the com-
heaven did they vote 4-2 at their previ-       create a pleasant, professional environ-          views, wonderful amenities and an en-          munity. The staff is knowledgeable and
oue meeting to reject this new budget          ment which compares very favorably                thusiastic staff. I just don’t understand      always willing to help. The equipment
that is asks only for the bare bones in-       to similar facilities in Bellingham. It           why there is so much discord regarding         is first-class and the hours of operation
crease of $14.13 a month? That is half of      is stocked with top level equipment,              a dues increase.                               are convenient. Michele Hurley, the fit-
what the GM originally asked for and           which is a pleasure to use and was a                   In most families, the purchase of a       ness manager, designed an exercise pro-
what he needs to keep the valley going         good investment, as it will hold up well          home is their most valuable property           gram to meet my specialized needs as
forward and not backward. It seemed            over time and usage. There is plenty of           and it does cost to maintain it, just as       a senior citizen. Stop by for a tour and
to me that the committee did not hear          cardio equipment, including treadmills,           condos are being maintained with dues.         meet Michele and the staff, you may be
this message. It seems to me that some         ellipticals and stationary bikes, plus a          However, it also costs money to keep           pleased at what the Health Club has to
of the finance committee members had           variety of weight resistance stations             Sudden Valley running with the roads,          offer.
other agendas then what they actually          providing the opportunity to work on              parks, buildings and staff. Everyone’s                                   Alyne Anzalone
said in public because otherwise they          all muscle groups, or just the ones you           property values increase when the pro-
would have worked “with” the board.            want to emphasize or strengthen. The              spective buyer for your home, condo            Check out the new health
                                                                                                                                                club offerings
Denying a budget increase now would            club is well utilized already, consider-          or land see well-kept open space, rec-
freeze the budget below a workable             ing the short time it’s been operational,         reation areas for all the family, places to
level.                                         but there is room to accommodate ad-              rent for various functions, a golf course
      I have had property in this valley       ditional members.                                 and more.                                      EDITOR, The Views:
for over 20 years and have never seen                If you’ve never been a member                    I know there is a lot of controversy           We are long-term Sudden Valley
so much progress take place as in the          of such a club and are a little reluctant         around the new fitness center, but, folks,     residents and are enthusiastic about the
last two years. It seems that some mem-        to give it a try, be aware that there are         385 people have signed up meaning it is        valley, its amenities and ambience.
bers do not think these improvements           group and individual orientations avail-          already well on its way to pay for itself.          We find the latest innovation, the
as “progress.” For the first time in my        able. They cover such things as safety            The fitness center is world class and it’s     Sudden Valley Health Club, to be a
life I have joined a gym and love it. I        precautions, proper use of equipment,             indirectly raising your property values.       wonderful addition. It was our habit
have met more new people in the pro-           proper form and breathing techniques              Go check it out. It is just one of the vi-     to drive first to Western Washington
cess of getting myself fit than I have at      and proper repetition ranges. By taking           sions the general manager has and he
any time. This board and general man-          advantage of one of these sessions, you                                                                            See LETTERS on page 3
ager have more vision than I have seen         may begin an exercise program with
come from all the boards in the past.
There will always be people who do
                                               the peace of mind that you’re doing it
                                                                                                                     ClassifiEds and nEws dEadlinEs
                                                                                                       Classified ads cannot be published without evidence of payment. See the Classi-
not want to support the amenities this               In order to spread awareness of
                                                                                                  fied Ads page for size and payment information. Submit classified ads and payment
valley has to offer and will always be         the need for healthy living, the Acad-
                                                                                                  at the Clubhouse Front Desk, 4 Clubhouse Circle, Bellingham, WA 98229.
contentious, but it is with a breath of        emy for Lifelong Learning, affiliated
                                               with Western Washington University,                     The deadline for classified advertising and news items for the March 2008
fresh air that I see the barns really start-
ing to be used and “community” being           is presenting one of its 18 classes this           issue of The Views is Friday, Feb. 22, at noon.
formed that we did not have before.            semester at the adult center the evening                DISPLAY ADS: For display advertising contact Mitze Kester at 360-510-6464.
Many mothers spoke eloquently about            of May 22. The presenter will be Kathy             The deadline for display advertising for the March 2008 issue of The Views is
their fixing up and using the new sun-         Knutzen, a professor in the Department             Thursday, Feb. 21, at 5 p.m.
shine room where they can socialize            of Physical Education at WWU, where
with their children. Fifty mothers and
children are using this room.
                                               she has taught since 1977. The two-hour
                                               class will be free of charge to residents
                                                                                                                    Editorial and lEttErs GuidElinEs
                                                                                                  Submissions for The Views should be e-mailed to Timothy Newcomb at
      Every town has community cen-            of Sudden Valley and A.L.L. members.      or submitted to the Views’ box at the SVCA office. Mailed
ters which are actively used by the            Her course includes the fact that smok-            submission should be sent P.O. Box 153, Lynden, WA 98264. Both print and digital photos
townspeople and these places really            ing, while still the number one cause of           are encouraged with all submissions; digital photos can be e-mailed as an attachment.
bring the community together. We are           health problems in the United States, is           Photos will be returned upon request. Letters should be limited to 300 words and include
now finally getting a real “community          quickly being overtaken by the lack of             an address and daytime phone number. Any property owner in good standing may sub-
center.” I really hope the finance com-        physical activity in the general popula-           mit up to three letters in each 12-month period. All submissions are subject to editing by
                                                                                                  The Views’ editor. Anything submitted after deadline cannot be guaranteed placement.
mittee and the people who voted down           tion.
                                                                                                  Placement is based on relevance, timeliness, and space availability.
the previous budget think hard about                 I am also delighted with the new

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February 2008
                                                                          Sudden Valley ViewS                                                                                Page 3

Letters                             shown a top level set of num-
                                    bers as well as detailed budget
                                    sheet of revenues and expenses
                                                                        capital assets, our buildings
                                                                        and roads, it is our community
                                                                        spirit. It is a large part of what
                                                                                                              space by accident today as we
                                                                                                              came to visit the coffee shop for
                                                                                                              the first time. Our house is be-
                                                                                                                                                  the money, sweat and time of
                                                                                                                                                  many volunteers, with little
                                                                                                                                                  cost to the association. I wish I
Continued from page 2               by department. This is what         makes this a desirable place to       ing painted inside today and so     could have been here to help in
                                    was designated the “status quo      live. It’s something that’s diffi-    we needed a place to be for the     the creation of this space, but I
the weight resistance equip-        budget,” which will allow Sud-      cult to put a number on but it        day. What a great space and a       will definitely be here to help
ment. To have this new Sudden       den Valley to maintain our cur-     does add value to our homes.          great way to connect with other     keep its vision going.
Valley facility within walking      rent level of services through-     You may have issues with the          moms. I met two other home               I want to encourage other
distance of our house is most       out 2008 while a five-year plan     methods used in the past, but         school families and visited with    moms to check it out. Appar-
welcome. We love the facil-         is being developed.                 today I heard a commitment            some great “first-time” moms        ently it’s only free for the next
ity, with a friendly and help-            At the previous finance       from the board to create a five-      needing advice from someone         week to visit “the yellow room”
ful staff who are responsive        committee meeting, another          year plan with community in-          whose been through it. The          in the Family Fun Zone, so by
to comments and suggestions,        budget was distributed -- the       put and from the general man-         combination of a coffee shop,       the time this is published there
affordable prices, classes to re-   NDI or No Dues Increase bud-        ager to adhere to a policy of         family zone and gym in one          will be a daily charge to play
view proper use of the state-of-    get. It detailed the cuts that      fiscal prudence.                      place are exactly what I need-      here. I would like to encour-
the-art equipment and an ap-        would be required if there is no         I strongly support the pro-      ed to make connections in this      age the decision-makers to re-
pealing coffee shop. It saves us    dues increase until next year.      posed 2008 dues increase to           community.                          consider this charge as most of
time and money, and because it      The most significant cut would      support the capital and spirit of          I was just having a con-       the mom’s involved are “stay-
is so easily accessible we exer-    be to reduce the number of em-      our community. I’m asking you         versation with my husband           at-home” and living on one
cise more often.                    ployees by nearly 20 percent.       to vote in favor of this increase     the other day about how I con-      income means many sacrifices.
     So, if you haven’t yet, take   It is most likely that these cuts   at the special general meeting        stantly drive to town and feel      I hope having a connection in
a look, meet the staff and check    would occur in the area of com-     on March 29. If you are unable        guilty about the gas cost, pollu-   the community is not a sacri-
out the prices.                     munity activities. This is the      to attend the meeting, your           tion and time wasted because I      fice moms have to make. Find
                      Lorina Hall   area where the most communi-        common proxy in my name will          don’t have a way to make con-       grant money or find other ways
                                    ty effort has been expended this    assure a “yes” vote.                  nections with other moms in         to generate revenue, but this
Strongly supports                   last year. Most notably, this ef-
                                    fort was expended by the young
                                                                                           Leslie McRoberts   “the valley.” We were actually
                                                                                                              talking about selling our house
                                                                                                                                                  room is special and I would
                                                                                                                                                  hate to see it sit unused because
the new SV budget                   families who donated hundreds       Family Fun Zone a                     and moving back to town. But        the cost was too high. I know
                                    of hours of their time to turn a                                          today this bright yellow room
                                                                        great place
                                                                                                                                                  I spent about $20 at the coffee
EDITOR, The Views:                  dark, unkempt set of rooms in                                             came to be known to me, with        shop today and would join the
     Today the SV board of di-      the barn into individual, bright                                          other moms wanting to swap          gym for sure if the talked-about
rectors introduced the 2008         play areas. This space is now       EDITOR, The Views:                    clothes, trade work-out times,      child-care co-op for moms to
draft budget at a town hall         being extensively and enthusi-           I am typing this as I sit on     share home schooling secrets        help each other get a chance to
meeting. It had been thorough-      astically used by SV children of    a sofa in the “Family Fun Zone”       and support one another in our      use the gym came to fruition.
ly reviewed by the finance com-     all ages and their parents.         yellow room in the Sudden Val-        parenting journeys. I only wish                          Cambria Rollo
mittee and was described as               Our Sudden Valley in-         ley recreation center. My three       I had discovered it sooner. I un-
fiscally responsible. We were       frastructure is more than our       children and I discovered this        derstand it was created through            See LETTERS on page 4
Page 4
                                                                            Sudden Valley ViewS                                                                       February 2008

Continued from page 3                 portion the individual charges)     enjoy quiet time with one an-        ask that any personal agenda       counted seating for 24 at small
                                      and I will then happily vote        other.                               be set aside to find it within     tables. (Yes, this little business
Still wants tax by                    for a justified increase in ex-         •  Our  recreation  director     yourselves to move forward to      does pay to lease the space.)
property value
                                      penses. Without that change         and general manager, talking         a positive outcome in a timely     The marble countertops were
                                      in the by-laws, however, I plan     with people, excited about the       manner. The people of Sud-         donated. There’s a library and
                                      to continue to vote against a       potential of the new renova-         den Valley are depending on it     reader’s nook nearby that is
EDITOR, The Views:                    rise in the association fee and     tions and giving people their        and need your voices to make       available to all residents of the
      I recently voted against        hope all other owners of homes      time.                                it happen.                         valley. The health club is quite
the increase in service fees at       and condos in the lower priced          •  Volunteers  cleaning  up                     Rebecca Gonnella    impressive. I counted enough
Sudden Valley -- joining nearly       range would do the same.            parks, adding toys to the sun-                                          machines (treadmills, weight
                                                                                                               Enjoying the new
80 percent of my neighbors --                              K.C. Sulkin    shine room, donating time and                                           machines, etc.) so that 30 peo-
even though I think there are                                             labor to keep our community                                             ple can be working out at the
legitimate reasons for an in-
crease in charges.                    Wants others to see                 up.                                  amenities in valley                same time. The entire SVCA
                                                                              •  Children  bringing  in                                           recreation staff (5.4 FTE) are
      I did so, and will continue     positive changes                    books, toys and craft materials      EDITOR, The Views:                 housed in the area adjacent to
to do so, because I think the                                             to the rec center so that others          My husband and I attend-      the health club.
single tax for all home owners        Editor’s Note: This was a letter    can have fun and take part in        ed the informational SVCA               Several more information-
in Sudden Valley is inherently        submitted to the finance commit-    their wider community.               meeting in the Dance Barn on       al meetings will be held before
unfair. The argument has been         tee.                                      So I ask you, the finance      Jan. 26. We thought it was en-     the general meeting on March
two-fold against changing the                                             committee, if I am seeing these      lightening and generally posi-     29 where lot owners will vote
method of taxation (or fee as-        EDITOR, The Views:                  things daily and so much good        tive. I especially appreciated     on a status quo budget and
sessment, if you will). First of            Things are happening in       is happening in Sudden Val-          seeing meaningful budget in-       dues. Relevant budget docu-
all, it is said that all associa-     Sudden Valley that I have not       ley, why are we continuing to        formation. For example, the        mentation will soon be avail-
tions charge per lot no matter        witnessed in the entire seven       stall on a budget proposal that      numbers of staff for each pro-     able on the SVCA website. You
the value of the dwelling on          years I have lived here. On a       could make a good thing even         gram were presented as FTEs,       will then be able to download
that lot. If that is the case, then   daily basis, this is what I see:    better?                              which I find helpful when          the budgets and print them off
all lot owners should be pay-             • Families coming togeth-             Myself, along with many        evaluating departments with        yourself.
ing the same fee - including          er in the recreation center, hav-   of the families in Sudden Val-       lots of part-time employees.            Our new general manager
those with no homes on them           ing coffee, playing in the yel-     ley, support a reasonable dues            After the meeting, we         and the board seem to have
at all. The reason that they          low room, now referred to as        increase and a new use fee pro-      went to the lower level of the     learned a lot from having their
don’t is because undeveloped          “the sunshine room.”                posal to continue the quality of     dance barn. I marveled over        proposals turned down at the
lots are obviously worth less             • Older residents sitting in    life we have come to love in our     the new family fun zone, which     last election. I truly believe we
than developed ones -- just           a rocking chair holding other       community. What is reasonable        includes a game room desig-        are in good hands now.
as lots with $200,000 condos          people’s children, reading to       you ask? The consensus of the        nated as the teenagers’ loft, an        Also, the infant through
are worth less than those with        them and feeling connected.         young families I have talked         infant through kindergarten        kindergarten room would like
$750,000 homes on them. And               •  People  using  the  gym      with feel that about half of the     room where mothers and chil-       volunteers who are willing to
I believe that owners of unde-        to feel better inside and out,      original dues increase would         dren can gather and another        hold babies while mamas go
veloped lots pay less of a fee in     especially in the cold winter       be appropriate and sufficient        room for the age groups in-        to the bathroom or take a few
Sudden Valley -- in some cases,       months when exercising out-         to continue operating our com-       between. We heard passionate       minutes to have lunch. Stay
much less. Even if this were          side is difficult.                  munity at its current standard.      support for the family fun zone    tuned for more about this! (I
not the case, it’s simply not fair        • Teenagers taking owner-           Please  refer  to  signed  pe-   by many young mothers in the       told them I would be willing
to expect people with a fixed         ship and pride in the loft area,    tition noting support of a new       meeting audience.                  to be a stand-in “grandma” if
income who moved to Sudden            finally having a safe space to      use fee agenda and denying                The coffee shop offers        they had any afternoon time
Valley in the first place to save     call their own.                     the $275 use fee pass.               a few lunch items such as          slots.) They could also use any
money on their living expenses            •  Friends  meeting  in  our          I ask that the decisions you   quiche, soup, breakfast muf-       donated rocking chairs that are
to subsidize those with large         coffee shop, within minutes         make this evening represent          fin and bagels plus a number       surplus to your needs.
incomes who either purchased          from home, able to relax and        what the community needs. I          of coffee and dessert choices. I              Rachel Smith Manrique
or built trophy homes around
a beautiful lake in the North-
      The second argument is
that it’s almost impossible to
make a change to the by-laws
to allow for proportional as-
sessment of the expenses. To
this I can only say that the by-
laws have been changed in the
past and can be changed again.
It might take a lot of effort to do
it, but let the effort be spent in
changing the method of assess-
ment (let Whatcom County’s
tax assessment be used to ap-
February 2008
                                                                            Sudden Valley ViewS                                                                                            Page 5

Fun: New area a hit                                                      The conflict, facts and risks as I see them
Continued from page 1               opportunities. The Gonnella          Bob Cooper                             increase unacceptable and requested          few words, the current service levels
                                    family is eager to see intergen-     Former board member guest opinion      the finance committee to approve a           are at risk. A no-dues-increase bud-
dark, dirty and messy, with a       erational activities where the                                              2007 status quo budget for 2008. The         get would mean laying off several
couple of boys playing video        elders of Sudden Valley can in-         As many of you are aware by         board also stipulated a certain ur-          staff members resulting in less main-
games in the corner on a re-                                          now, a “conflict” has developed be-       gency since it was important to get a        tenance and less support to SVCA
                                    teract with the youngsters and                                              budget and dues proposal out to the
ally ugly couch. I wanted to                                          tween the SVCA board and the fi-                                                       members, the probable closing of
                                    inspire each other. “The poten-                                             membership as soon as possible. For          pools this summer and severely cur-
help make it better. I helped                                         nance committee. This did not just
                                    tial is limitless,” said Gonnella.                                          various reasons the finance commit-          tailing the recreation program. Our
with cleaning, a lot of painting,                                     happen over night but has been sim-
                                          “It is all about building   mering for sometime. It came to a         tee refused to do this, claiming that        roads alone will require $100,000
bringing in donations and find-     community,” said Drummond.                                                  they did not have enough informa-            more in 2008 than in 2007. Approv-
                                                                      head over the past two weeks when
ing a good spot for new things.     “People weren’t interacting       several members of the finance com-       tion and that the board was pressur-         ing a 2007 level of service budget
We even donated our kitchen         and now, thanks to the efforts    mittee resigned individually or en        ing them into an action they did not         for 2008 would insure that these key
table from home,” Alex said.        of many volunteers and staff,     masse. This included the treasurer of     believe in.                                  services would continue on for 2008
     She also enjoys that the       the people of Sudden Valley       the board, who also served as chair             So this is the conflict. On one        and through 2009.
family fun zone isn’t just for      are finally coming together and   of the finance committee.                 hand there is the finance commit-                  The board is committed to
kids and that everyone is wel-                                             As in most conflicts there are       tee that proposed a NDI budget that          maintaining these service levels and
                                    connecting.”                                                                would set SV services back several
come there, even grandmas                                             many issues, with bickering and dif-                                                   to follow the vision of SV. In doing
                                          The hours of operation                                                years and, on the other hand, the            so, the board also recognizes that
and grandpas.                                                         ferent points of view involved. But,
                                    for the family fun zone are                                                 board that wants to keep services at         it would be almost impossible and
     Even though the family                                           to me, the key issue is the welfare of
                                    Monday through Friday from        Sudden Valley. The board has one          the 2007 levels.                             also unfair in these economic times
fun zone is up and running,         9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday                                                     The new community center               to come back in November 2008
                                                                      view on this and the finance com-
there is great potential for ad-    from 12 to 5 p.m.. Unlimited      mittee has another. Unfortunately         has become the lightning rod in all          and ask for another dues increase.
ditional programming and            entry is available for 2008 with  these opposing views were held so         these discussions. There has been a          Therefore they have resolved not to
events. Lydia Rollo, 9 years        the new $20 per family annual     strongly by each side that a compro-      lot of concern about so-called un-           ask for a dues increase in 2009 and
old, is hopeful for a movie and     recreation card. Contact the rec  mised resolution never occurred.          authorized spending in renovating            simply link any proposed increases
popcorn night in the future,        center staff for more informa-    The most recent problems arose af-        the community center. This was not           to roads and inflation in order to
as well as drama and dance                                            ter the dues proposal last November       done in a transparent manner ac-             maintain services at the 2007 level.
                                    tion at 312- 5189.                                                          ceptable to many SVCA members.               This certainly seems fair and sen-
                                                                      was soundly defeated.
                                                                           The board heard this and said,       But the community center was ap-             sible to me.

SVCA names new golf                                                   “OK, let’s not be so aggressive and let   proved as part of the 2007 Commu-                  The board is also committed to
                                                                      us propose a budget that preserves        nity Plan and the parks and recre-           sponsor the development of a five-
                                                                      the present status of Sudden Valley.”     ation commission. And the results            year financial plan for 2009–2014 as

director -- from valley                                               In other words, a budget that main-       have been fantastic with over 400            proposed by the finance committee.
                                                                      tains the current level of services and   current members of the health club.          This plan will be developed during
                                                                      keeps us from falling backwards but       In all my time in Sudden Valley I            2008 with SVCA member input and
                                                                      does not allow for growth. It is time     have never such rapid participation.         will include proposed solutions to
Greg Paul                           nance department has been for us to tighten our belts like ev-              Even the golf club cannot boast that.        our increasing need to meet capital
Golf director                       busy with projects during the eryone else has to. However, falling          The development of the family area,          requirements during this time frame
                                    off-season. Drainage was in- back to a status quo, no-growth bud-           mostly by volunteers, has become             and beyond. Such a plan is long
                                                                                                                a much needed gathering place for            overdue.
New Director of Golf Hired!         stalled at rear of #17 green and get just to be able to keep services at
                                                                                                                mothers and young kids with over                   In summary, the choice is
     Congratulations to Jeff        a project has just begun on the the 2007 level would still require a        50 families enrolled. The addition           yours. For a minimal dues increase
McMahon in receiving the of-        new driving range tee. The small dues increase due to inflation             of a relaxed coffee shop-library area        of $14.13 per month for developed
                                                                      and expanded services over the past
fer, and accepting the Director     guardrail has been replaced few years. The Board knows that                 where you will find several SVCA             lots and $11.74 per month for unde-
of Golf position at the Sudden      coming down the cart path SVCA is in a financial crisis right               members at any time has rounded              veloped lots we can have a vibrant
Valley Golf Course, replac-         on hole #15, which will great- now but also strongly believes that          out the community center. How-               community with the assurance that
ing Greg Paul. McMahon has          ly aid in safety. The mowing the community cannot afford to slip            ever, is spite of all the good aspects       Sudden Valley will meet the needs
been involved in the Sudden         equipment has been tuned-up, backwards from the current service             of the community center, there are           of all of its members. The alterna-
Valley golf program since the       sharpened and will be ready levels.                                         still many people, including ex-fi-          tive is too bad to think about.
summer of 1996 and enrolled         for spring. And lastly, staff has      The finance committee has            nance committee members who still                  I fully support the reasonable
in the PGA apprentice pro-                                            taken a very different, ultra-conser-     would stop all of this progress by           dues increase and will lend my ef-
                                    been cleaning-up the edges of
                                                                                                                proposing a no-dues-increase bud-            forts where I can to continue the
gram in 1998. He represents         the golf course, which lead to vative view and has proposed a no-           get. It is hard for me to understand         “Community Spirit of SV” that has
a wonderful choice in operat-       enhanced playing conditions, dues-increase (NDI) budget. They               that point of view.                          become so evident recently. I hope
                                                                      believe that all the recent service
ing the business, serving our       clarity of boundaries and im- increases should be cut back to the                 What is at risk in all of this? In a   you will join me.
customers and continuing the        proves the overall appearance levels that existed several years ago.
traditions of the golf program.     of the golf course. Essentially, They also argue that this is what the
Also, Tyler Wong has accepted       staff is ready to “hit the pave- SVCA membership really wants.
the first assistant professional    ment running” with top-notch The board heard differently where
position. Changes are antici-       golf course conditions this most people have said we do need a
pated by April 1.                   spring.                           dues increase, just not one so aggres-
                                                                      sive. The board deemed a no-dues-
Super Bowl Sunday At SV
     On Sunday, Feb. 3, we have
scheduled the annual “Super
Bowl Skins Game” at Sudden
Valley. As in the past, there
will be a two-person best-ball
competition plus an individual
skins game. The next event is
the Modified Best-ball tourna-
ment, which is scheduled for
Saturday, Feb. 9.

Golf Course
    The golf course mainte-
Page 6
                                                                         Sudden Valley ViewS                                                                February 2008

Finance                             going to be a challenge. I knew
                                    they were the ones out oppos-
                                    ing (the dues increase), but I
                                                                        Budget                     istic and appropriate to refer to
                                                                                                   the board.
                                                                                                                                       tee,” Wareing said. “The board
                                                                                                                                       met and heard the concerns of
Continued from page 1               thought it would be an oppor-       Continued from page 1            After first voicing sup-      the people who pled to the board
                                    tunity to find a consensus.”                                   port for the budget, the com-       to keep the status quo budget.”
riously,” the letter says. “The                                more acceptable level, but at a
                                         Russ Harlan, board presi-                                 mittee did an about-face and             The finance committee
board has not only failed to        dent, said his reaction waslesser dues level than was pro-     presented a prepared a written      made new recommendations
support the finance commit-         genuine disappointment “forposed in November 2007. He          motion that recommending            to the board in a Jan. 23 letter.
tee in exercising its role ac-                                 submitted that budget to the
                                    the majority of the false and                                  that the board wait until No-       The committee said that the
cording to the SVCA Bylaws,         or crafted statements they new finance committee when          vember to act on any budget         “severe underfunding” of capi-
it has actively politicized, mi-    made.”                     it first met in late December.      issue -- something that would       tal needs should be addressed
cro-managed and undermined               “From the start of the bud- “Working with the new fi-     force the massive cuts in lev-      with a five-year plan.
the work the committee has                                     nance committee was difficult
                                    get review process it was obvi-                                els of service and staffing. The         It also said that full disclo-
attempted to perform on the                                    from the beginning,” Wareing
                                    ous they were not interested in                                board and a host of communi-        sure of the gym costs are need-
board’s behalf.”                    reaching any type of commonsaid. “Most of the commit-          ty members reprimanded the          ed and that the health club fees
     Community member Jim                                      tee members and alternates
                                    ground,” Harlan said. “All one                                 committee for their lack of re-     should be increased on Aug. 1.
Huthert and board member                                       had actively opposed the first
                                    had to do was listen to the dia-                               sponsibility to the community.           The committee agreed
Ben Brigham challenged that                                    dues increase last year.” He
                                    logue, the accusations, the sar-                               The disagreements between           with the figures of the status
statement. In a passionate ad-                                 admitted that the 2007 dues
                                    castic innuendos and the mi-                                   the board and the committee         quo budget and referred it on
dress to the board shortly after                               campaign was “just too ambi-
                                    cro-detailed requests for data                                 were evident in a Jan. 21 meet-     to the board.
the resignation letter was read,                               tious,” but he and the board
                                    being made. They weren’t just                                  ing (article on page 7).                 “It is the only budget that
Huthert said the action by the                                 had learned their “lesson” and
                                    reviewing a budget, they were                                        After having their recom-     makes sense right now,” Ware-
committee was political. “There                                wanted to move expeditiously
                                    aggressively searching for a                                   mendation of a no-dues in-          ing said. “It’s really a ‘no-brain-
are a lot of folks in this room I   flaw.”                     to get a 2008 budget and fund-      crease budget, which would          er’ budget. The community
know personally. This current                                  ing in place for the year to
                                         Keefer, however, said that                                nearly shut down the entire         feels it needs a dues increase,
finance committee was here          the board did not allow theavoid damaging cuts.                recreational offerings in the       but it wanted to go back to sta-
and ready to bring this board       committee to act in its stated   He said the budget review     valley and force layoffs in all     tus quo; this budget does just
down prior to the discussion                                   process bogged down almost
                                    function. The bylaws state: “The                               departments, rejected by the        that. We can then begin work-
of the budget even started,”                                   immediately and it quickly be-
                                    finance committee’s purpose is                                 board, the committee then           ing on a five year dues plan
he said. “There was a prede-                                   came apparent the majority of
                                    to assist the board in overseeing                              went back to looking at the sta-    that can be presented as early
termined political desire and                                  the committee still had an “op-
                                    SVCA’s financial affairs in the                                tus quo budget.                     as November of this year.”
I know this in my heart and I                                  position mindset and agenda.”
                                    areas of financial management,                                       “The board became con-             If the status quo budget
know it in my mind because I        accounting, reporting and in-    “It took several meetings     cerned (with the no-dues in-        does not pass at the end of
talked to them personally.”                                    before we were even able to
                                    ternal controls. The committee                                 crease budget) and a number of      March, the board and general
     Brigham concurred. “It         may also make recommenda-  look at the budget and begin to     people became aware of it and       manager will have no choice
was a great episode of politi-                                 go through it,” Wareing said.
                                    tions to the board concerning                                  came and made their concerns        but to make substantial cuts to
cal theater and I am absolutely                                “Vetting a budget with finan-
                                    creation, modification or imple-                               known to the finance commit-        personnel and services.
disgusted by it,” he said. “I                                  cially savvy people should
                                    mentation of financial policies
knew when this finance com-                                    have been easy and quick, but
mittee was appointed it was              See FINANCE on page 7 the adverse political agenda
                                                               made it impossible. I’ve never
                                                               seen anything like it in 20 years
                                                               of building and administering
                                                               budgets. We are just trying to
                                                               do the right thing, it was very
                                                                     Wareing cut the “mainte-
                                                               nance” budget even more to
                                                               create a “status quo” budget
                                                               that would just kept every-
                                                               thing at the same 2007 level to
                                                               match projected expenses with
                                                               a minimum of additions. Ware-
                                                               ing said he took this action in
                                                               an attempt to get to a realistic
                                                               “survival” budget the commu-
                                                               nity could accept and feel good
                                                                     The finance committee
                                                               then went through that budget
                                                               (status quo) line-by-line and
                                                               appeared to find it acceptable.
                                                               He said that several members
                                                               indicated the budget was real-
February 2008
                                                                              Sudden Valley ViewS                                                                                     Page 7

Finance                               view.
                                           He also said that another
                                                                            idea and decided instead to do
                                                                            a five-year budget over the next
                                                                                                                      Board turns away Jan. 21
Continued from page 1
                                      major reason he resigned was
                                      that he didn’t have all the pieces
                                                                            six months,” Settlemyer said. “I
                                                                            told the committee I thought it
                                                                                                                      finance committee proposal
                                      of the financial puzzle. He said      was a horrible mistake and will                In an evening when a fi-        crease budget simply does not
and/or procedures and make                                                                                            nance committee meeting and          work.”
recommendations pertaining to         that they were given three dif-       only lead to negative things. The
                                      ferent operational budgets to         board asked the committee to do           a Sudden Valley Community                  The finance committee’s
capital expenditures, budgets,                                                                                                                             recommendation to not bring
                                      peruse, but didn’t see a capital      certain things and the committee          Association Board of Direc-
investments and other matters
                                      budget until Jan. 21 or a roads       decided to tell the board what to         tors meeting ran consecutively,      forth a status quo budget
related to the SVCA’s financial
affairs.” The letter says: “We        budget. He said he couldn’t           do.”                                      the board rejected two recom-        (keeping service levels on par
have been unable to perform our       recommend any type of dues                 Penny Carter, one of the             mendations from the com-             with what they were in 2007)
financial oversight obligations as    increase – of which he fully sup-     two remaining members of the              mittee and, along with SVCA          and instead cutting the bud-
specified in the bylaws. Despite      ports – without having all the        committee, said that she was              members, called for the finance      get and focusing attention on
repeated requests for key finan-      appropriate figures to know how       surprised to see the committee            committee to take meaningful         a new non-existant five-year
cial information, the GM and          much money was needed.                making motions to not recom-              action.                              plan was not met with appre-
controller have not provided the           Marantette said that the         mend the budget on Jan. 17, 11                 The rotunda filled up for       ciation from the board.
required information in a timely      board has accused the commit-         days before the deadline of Jan.          the Jan. 21 meetings regard-               The board restated its be-
manner, if at all.”                   tee of sandbagging on the issue,      28.                                       ing the 2008 budget with a full      lief that a status quo budget is
                                      but he said it was a matter of get-        She noted that the finance                                                the right direction and again
      Both Dave Wareing, general                                                                                      range of demographics rep-
manager, and Andy Schwartz,           ting all the pieces of the puzzle     committee wasn’t willing to talk                                               asked the finance committee
                                                                                                                      resenting various parts of the
controller, said this statement       before making a decision.             about solutions, instead pushing
                                                                                                                      valley.                              to focus on reviewing the bud-
simply wasn’t true. They both              Hillengass said, during the      the idea of a no dues increase
                                      Jan. 28 board meeting’s public        budget.                                        The finance committee           get in an effort to get a reason-
agreed that it took some time to                                                                                      made two recommendations to          able dues increase figure to the
provide information the commit-       comment period, that he didn’t             And getting information
                                      resign over a lack of information     wasn’t a problem for Carter.              the board regarding the bud-         board by Jan. 28.
tee was asking for, but provided                                                                                      get. The first was to instruct the         Finance committee mem-
all the things they thought the       -- as stated in the letter he co-     “Staff bent over backwards to
                                      signed -- but because that he was     get us stuff,” she said. “The (fi-        board to freeze all expenses at a    bers who voted in favor of the
committee needed.                                                                                                     budget level that did not include    recommendation were Leah
      Wareing said, “Every time       “being chastised by the board.”       nance committee’s) objections
                                           He said that he agrees with      do not add up for me.”                    a dues increase. The second rec-     Kiefer, Dee Spreitzer, Jessica
we handed out more informa-                                                                                                                                Staten and Lance Hillengass.
                                      the current dues increase pro-             Carter also said that it is          ommendation was to immedi-
tion, they complained we pro-
                                      posal (he opposed the larger          important for the board and the           ately implement a budget with-       Penny Carter and Earl Settle-
vided too much information and
they didn’t have time to review it    November attempt) and had             committee to both understand              out a dues increase, decreasing      meyer voted against it and
and then they asked for more.”        enough information to make his        the roles and rules of the com-           service levels in the valley.        Dan Marantette was absent.
      “We were initially asked a      decision, but it was a matter of      mittee.                                        The board rejected both         All members, excpet for Spre-
series of 200 questions and we        how he, a volunteer, was being             Barbara Audley, the new              suggestions and admonished           itzer and Carter have since re-
spent a lot of time answering         treated that forced his hand.         SVCA treasurer as of Jan. 28,             the finance committee to focus       signed.
those and provided every bit of            During a phone interview,        said she will take Carter’s com-          on the issue at hand -- provid-            Other action at the meet-
information we could. The more        Settlemyer agreed that the ma-        ments “seriously” about clarify-          ing a usable status quo budget       ing included the decision to
questions we answered, the            jority of the committee appeared      ing roles.                                that did not force drastic cuts      hold a special general meeting
more questions were thrown at         to have a political agenda. He             Harlan said that the board           in service levels and staff.         of the entire SVCA member-
                                      said that the board asked the         will answer the statements in the                                              ship on March 29.
us. They weren’t looking at the                                                                                            The board had support of
budget at all. It became very ap-     committee to review a one-year        letter and it will be put in “black                                                  The board had also agreed
                                                                                                                      the members, as not one mem-
parent to me that the committee,      status quo budget and that the        and white” for the community.
                                                                                                                      ber spoke against not having a       to hold off sending out the sec-
as constituted, had a political       committee went through it line-            Spreitzer, also the chairman
                                      by-line and his assumption was        of the nominations & elections            dues increase of some level.         ond quarter dues statements
agenda to talk at nauseam and                                                                                              The board had already           until after the vote is tallied.
not send anything to the board        it would be recommended to the        committee and a non-voting
                                      board to send it to the voters.       board member, said she plans to           taken action to minimize oper-           •  There  was  a  signed  pe-
for action. It was very unfortu-                                                                                      ating expenses and noted that        tition submitted by over 50
nate. We are just trying to do the    “Instead, the committee thought       continue working on the budget
                                      the one-year budget was a bad         issue.                                    by not increasing dues, there        families in support of the new
right thing for the community.”                                                                                       would be “significant staff re-      recreation fee structure.
      Brigham asked why the
                                                                                                                      ductions, facility closings, pro-

                                      Surplus vehicles for sale
board never knew the committee
                                                                                                                      gram reductions and a major          CORRECTION:
wasn’t getting the information it
                                                                                                                      decline in key services such as           Nominations & Elections
desired. “Rather than coming
back to the board and saying                                                                                          maintenance and security.            members are voted on by the
‘we can’t get the information we                                                                                           General Manager Dave            membership, not appointed by
need,’ they just quit,” Brigham                                                                                       Wareing said, “A no-dues in-         the SVCA board.
      Curt Casey, board member,
said that in his experience profes-
sional people work together in a
civil manner to solve problems.
He said the finance committee
didn’t do that in this case.
      The six resigning members
said that the board should have
taken action to cut all costs to
a no dues increase level until                                                     Sudden Valley ViewS |KIRA LAROCK
the time that the members ap-         SVCA administration is taking offers until Feb. 20 on three
proved a dues increase. Such          surplus vehicles. After that time, they will be sold to the per-
action would have immediately         son with the best offer. Information sheets will be placed in
required nearly $400,000 in cuts      the windows of the vehicles located near the recreation cen-
and the firing of eight or nine       ter and the highest offer will be updated periodically under
employees.                            the “Views” section on the website.
      The committee also took is-
sue with the way it was treated
by the board. “Because we have
little or no influence on the de-
cisions of this board in financial
                                      Winter driving conditions
matters, it is best for all con-           The SVCA is able to get its      so please be patient. Vehicles
cerned that we take this action.      plows on the roads when need-         without snow tires, chains or
At the Jan. 21 meeting of the         ed, usually between 3 and 5 a.m.      all-wheel drive should not ven-
board of directors, the finance
                                      to insure passable roads by 7 or      ture out until roads are cleared
committee was unduly chas-
tised by the board for looking
                                      8 a.m. With 56 miles of roads,        and well sanded.”
at aspects of SVCA’s finances         not every area gets plowed.                Some valley roadways are
which they did not wish us to              “We begin with the major         between six- and nine-degree
question. The board also said we      roadways first and then move          grades, which are as steep as
were attempting to exceed the         into secondary roads,” said           any mountain road and can be
scope of the finance committee.       Dave Wareing, general man-            just as treacherous. Also, please
However, we believe we were           ager. “We are doing the best          don’t park blocking drives,
following our responsibilities, as    we can with limited staffing,         roadways or mailboxes.
the membership intended, when
the finance committee became a
standing committee in our by-
laws,” the letter says.
      The committee then stated
that the board wanted to limit
their “scope,” which was unac-
ceptable to the members.
      Marantette said that he had
reasons beyond those stated in
the letter. He resigned partially
because of board members’ at-
titude toward him – a volunteer.
“There was continual personal
chastising by the board to me
as a volunteer and I got tired of
it,” he said during a phone inter-    A SVCA sander slid off the road during inclement weather.
Page 8
                                                                         Sudden Valley ViewS                                                                      February 2008
                                                                                                           much thought as the exteriors.
Valley Arts Group busy in 2008
                                                                                                                                               Center in May. She has been
                                                                                                                “I    deliberately   avoid     teaching colored pencil and
                                                                                                           trends but may, at times, offer a   watercolor in her home for the
                                                                                                           unique variation on something       past several years and enjoys
                                                                                                           I’ve seen which I find inspira-     seeing others find joy in the
Current Events and Exhibits.
                                                                                                           tional,” she said.                  creative process. Pat’s awards
     The Valley Arts Group
                                                                                                           • Jimie Gregory has been active     have included Best of Show in
will be featured at the Sudden
                                                                                                           in both music and painting.         the Spring Whatcom Art Guild
Valley Womens Club annual
                                                                                                           Prints of her paintings are cur-    “Art by the Lake” show, first
“Champagne & Chocolates”
                                                                                                           rently displayed and on sale at     place in colored pencil and
Brunch at the Bellingham
                                                                                                           the Renaissance Celebration         other awards for watercolor
Country Club, on Feb. 13, be-
                                                                                                           Gallery in Fairhaven on Harris      entries. Pat enjoys taking art
ginning at 11 a.m.
                                                                                                           Avenue. Painting house por-         classes, often traveling around
     Group members have been
                                                                                                           traits has been a recurring re-     the United States to learn from
invited by the Womens’ Club
                                                                                                           quest from her clients. In the      outstanding teachers and to
to assemble a special arts &
                                                                                                           music arena, Jimie conducts         meet other artists. Portraits
crafts show and sale to help the
                                                                                                           Sunday String Band practice         have been a focus for colored
Womens Club celebrate Valen-
                                                                                                           for fiddle/violin students and      pencil, but she is challenged by
tine’s Day. This exciting event
                                                                                                           has a performance group for         a great many different subjects
will feature sales of paintings,
                                                                                                           adults and children who are         for her work.
photography, gift art, fiber art,
                                                                                                           learning their instruments. If
jewelry and exquisite hand-
                                                                                                           interested in Jimie’s paintings
bags that are actual works of
                                                                                                           or in learning/playing stringed
art. All Womens Club members
                                                                                                           instruments, you can call Jimie
and their guests are invited to
                                                                                                           for more info at 734-5038.
attend this very special Valen-
                                                                                                           • Pat Loken will be teaching
tine party.
                                                                                                           “The Versatility of Colored
     The Valley Arts Group has
                                                                                                           Pencil” at the Coupeville Art
a permanent display wall at
the beautiful new Coffee Barn.
The current media displayed
includes acrylic, pastel, mixed
media, watercolor and pho-
tography. Exhibiting is open to
all members of the Valley Arts
Group. The art is rotated every
three months to provide variety
and give every member a chance
to exhibit. Unless noted other-
wise, all artwork is for sale.
     VAG member fine art has        Artwork and purse (right) both created by Priscilla Peter-
recently been exhibited at the      son.
Blue Horse gallery and can also          The 2008 Valley Arts Group painting and mixed media.
be found on display at Le Ren-      monthly meeting schedule is: Recently she’s segued into
dezvous Gift Art, in downtown       Feb. 12, March 4, April 1, May “handbag sculpture” and con-
Bellingham. Contact Geoff Pe-       6, Sep. 2, Oct. 2, Nov. 4 and Dec. siders these efforts to be one of
terson at 734-2181 for more in-     2. All monthly meetings will be a kind pieces of art. Each one
formation about the artwork or      held on a Tuesday at the Sud- is given the dedication, origi-
the Valley Arts Group.              den Valley adult center unless nality of design and necessary
                                    otherwise announced. Other time to create something total-
About VAG                           activities, to include classes, ly unique, using the finest ma-
     The Valley Arts Group          plein air sessions, field trips terials leather, feathers, beads,
was formed a few years ago          and shows, will be announced. stains, inks and tools to insure
as a nonprofit association “de-                                        the lifelong use of these bags.
voted to energizing the arts in     Member News/Spotlight...           They are lined with beauti-
Sudden Valley and the artist        • Priscilla Peterson. Priscilla’s ful fabrics and suedes and the
in all of us.” The group contin-    favorite medias are sculpture, insides are designed with as
ues to thrive with continued
and new membership partici-
pating in field trips, classes,
educational opportunities and
summer outdoor painting and
sketching sessions. All that’s
required to be a member is to
have an appreciation for art in
its various forms and a desire
to learn. Anyone interested in
learning more about the group
or joining can contact Bonnie
Bennett, membership chair, at
February 2008
                                                                         Sudden Valley ViewS                                                                             Page 9

Board open houses set                                                  Women’s club to feature local talent
SVCA board-hosted community meetings:
Feb. 10, 12 p.m. in the barn
Feb. 13, 6:30 p.m. in the rotunda
March 1, 12 p.m. in the barn
• The board will also host “chat” times on
Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 10
a.m. in the Coffee Barn for the month of Feb-

SVCA volunteers needed
     The nominations & election committee is looking for com-
munity members to apply for a vacancy on the SVCA Board of
Directors. You may pick up an application at the administration
office or contact N&E Chairman Dee Spreitzer at 739-4142.
     If you have a background in finance and would like to volun-
teer to serve on the finance committee, applications are currently
being accepted. Download an application or call Spreitzer.
     Interested in helping with the voting process? Contact the
N&E committee now and sign up to help with the special gen-
eral meeting.

OBITUARY                            State University, graduating in
                                    1979 with a degree in interna-     The Sudden Valley Women’s Club steering committee welcomes new club members.
Robin Ireland                       tional relations. She relocated
                                    to Portland, where she met and     Carolyn Leeper                           The fashion show has been     Would you like to be a part of
      Robin Kathleen Small          married Michael Ireland, who       SV women’s club                     moved to April to allow for        the planning committee? The
Ireland, 53, of Sudden Valley       was an artist. They made Sud-                                          the snowbirds return. We need      committee needs new members
passed away on Jan. 9, 2008, af-    den Valley their home in the            On Feb. 13, the Valentine      models (all shapes and sizes).     and new ideas.
ter fighting uterine cancer.        early 1990’s, finding joy in the   “Champagne & Chocolates”            Fashions will be provided by            Membership in the Sud-
      Ireland was a former editor   natural beauty of the area and     Brunch will feature the Valley      several local stores and you can   den Valley Women’s Club is $17
of the Sudden Valley Views.         its environs. After working for    Arts Group with a variety of        pick your own outfits. Call Sara   for the year and new members
      Robin was born on May 7,      a time at the Industrial Credit    exhibits. Showing will start at     to sign-on!                        are always welcome. Besides
1954, to Clyde and Carol Small      Union in marketing and then        11 a.m. at the Bellingham Coun-          The May event will be a       the monthly Women’s Club
in Ukiah, Calif.                    serving as editor for the Sud-     try Club. Check with Linda E.       trip to the Seattle Art Center     luncheons, held the second
      After living a few years      den Valley Views, she started      Miller for car-pooling.             and July will bring a special      Wednesday of the month, there
abroad, while her father was in     her own business as a writer            The March luncheon will        trip to Nordstrom’s for their      are sub-groups such as the book
the Foreign Service, the family     and editor.                        showcase some of the musi-          annual sale. The planning com-     club, bridge, arts, gardening,
returned to Ukiah. They then             In lieu of flowers, dona-     cal talent in our group. Do you     mittee welcomes your sugges-       Bible study, lunch bunch, etc.
moved to Sacramento before          tions may be made to Whatcom       sing or play an instrument? Do      tions for future events. What      For more information about
finally settling in Redding,        Hospice, to whom the family is     you belong to a chorus or musi-     events have you enjoyed the        the Women’s Club, call Sara
Calif., where Robin graduated       grateful, or to Prana account      cal group? Call Sara St. James to   most, or the least? What kinds     St. James at 647-4523. To make
from Enterprise High School         #15549-02 at the Industrial        sign-on or to recommend some-       of meetings/luncheons/day          your reservation for any event,
in 1972. She attended Oregon        Credit Union.                      one else.                           trips would you like to see?       call Linda E. Miller at 756-6941.
Page 10
                                                                                Sudden Valley ViewS                                                                         February 2008

New rec programs set
Kalene Drummond                       Play ping pong, shoot pool,
Recreation director                   play board games and more;
                                      Thurs., 6-9 p.m.; rec center.
     Programs may be can-                 •  Adult  Recreation  Advi-
celled due to insufficient reg-       sory Council; Call recreation at 
istration. For updates, details       312-5189 to sign up for 2008.
and registration information on           •  Sudden  Valley  Boot 
the following programs, please        Camp;  Six-week  course  to  get 
contact the recreation center at      you in shape for the new year.
312-5189.                             Next  class  begins  Jan.  7.  Con-
                                      tact SV recreation at 312-5189.
Toddler Programs (Ages 0-5)               •  Beginning  Tae  Bo,  Feb. 
    •  Wee  Wigglers  Story           10, 5:30 p.m.; Adult center stu-
Time; Tues. 10:30 a.m.; Family        dio; Lead: H. Aitchison
Fun Zone.                                 • Shinty. Play the sport that 
    •  SV  mom’s  playgroup,          gave  birth  to  golf  and  hockey 
Thurs.,  10:30  a.m.;  Sunshine       on  Feb.  2  and  17  at  the  recre-
Room.                                 ation  corridor.  Contact  Steve, 
Youth Programs (Ages 7-11)                •  Tai  Chi.  For  dates  and 
    •  Limited  Afterschool           times, contact the rec center at
Program; M-F 3-6 p.m.; Family         312-5189.
Fun Zone.                                 • Seniors in Motion, Tue./
    •  Home  School  Connec-          Thurs., starting Feb. 12, 9 a.m.;
tion; M-F 12-1 p.m.; Family           Adult center studio; Instructor: 
Fun Zone.                             M. Hurley.
    •  Babe  Ruth/Cal  Ripken             • Boot Camp, MWF, start-
Baseball  Sign  Ups;  Begins  Jan.    ing Feb. 11, 6 a.m.; adult center
5–March 1; Obtain registration        studio.
form at the recreation depart-            • Active Living Class. This 
ment.                                 course will examine the impor-
                                      tance of active living in health 
Teen Programs (Ages 12-17)            aging. The course is directed
    • Teen Advisory Council;          by Kathy Knutzen, professor
Call  recreation  at  312-5189  to    in the Department of Physical
sign up for 2008                      Education,  Health  and  Recre-
    • TNT Tuesdays, 6-8 p.m.;         ation at WWU. Thursday, May 
Call  recreation  center  for  de-    22 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Reg-
tails.                                istration deadline is May 15.
Adult Programs                        Sign-up  forms  are  available  at 
    •  Game  Night    Ages  18+;      the recreation department.

2008 recreation fees revised                                                                                      person youth rate
                                                                                                                  •  $70  per  person  senior  rate 
                                                                                                                                                       son, $20 per person family add 
                                                                                                                                                       •  Daily  pool  pass:  $3  per  per-
     The annual use fee sched-        plicable taxes:  Includes  usage        family                              • $75 per person adult rate          son, $10 per family **
ule for 2008 was revised on Jan.      of the tennis, basketball courts,       •  Boat  launch  only:  $10  per  • $216 per family up to 4 peo-         * Contact recreation for more in-
21, 2008. The new structure is        boat launch and recreation cen-         day                                 ple**                                formation.
less complicated and allows a         ter.                                    •  Guest  pass:  $20  per  person,  • $291 per family 5 and over**       ** Family members must be a
user to pay for the services they     •  Single  card:  $17.50  per  per-     one week each                       • 3-month dual pool pass: $90        registered member/resident of the
would like to use.  Card holders      son                                     Pool Use + applicable taxes: per person,             $95  per  per-      SVCA.
must be a registered member/          • Family card: $20 per family           Choose the pool in which you 
resident  of  the  Sudden  Valley     •  First  Time  User,  new  card:       will use (main pool or adult
Community  Association.    For        $30 per person (or) family              pool).  You  will  also  have  the 
other family members not re-          Daily Recreation Use + appli-           option for a dual use pool pass
siding in the home, please refer      cable taxes:                            below,  for  an  additional  $20/
to the guest pass option.             • Daily use fee excluding boat          pp.
Annual Recreation Card + ap-          launch: $3 per person, $10 per          •  3-month  pool  pass:  $65  per 
February 2008
                                                                        Sudden Valley ViewS                                                                        Page 11

 A message from Architectural Control
                                                                                                   Security report
Maintenance tips for                                                  Sudden Valley security statistics and activity for the month of December 2007.
                                                                                                            DECEMBER TOTALS                     YEARLY TOTALS
your valley home                                                      Agency Assist                                     23                              249
AC Staff
                                                                      Alarms                                             7                               30
                                    meowners in understanding
                                    their retention systems and
                                                                      Animal Calls                                      43                              587
     One of the challenges fac-     locating the cleanout cham-       Arrests                                            0                               24
ing homeowners in Sudden            bers.                             Assaults                                           0                                3
Valley is maintaining vari-               Another important item      Burglaries                                         0                               11
ous elements of their homes.        to maintain is the strip drain    Checks House/Welfare                              24                              262
The stormy weather and high         installed in many Sudden
seasonal rainfall common to                                           Citations                                         24                              488
                                    Valley driveways. Located in
this area, combined with the        front of the garage or close to   Citizen Assists                                  111                              1613
surrounding forest, leads to        the road edge, these drains       Domestic Violence                                  0                               11
an accumulation of material         tend to fill up with debris and   Evictions                                          0                                6
such as conifer needles and         silt. Homeowners should pe-       Fire/Aid Calls                                    10                              152
other debris. When this mate-       riodically inspect these strip
rial accumulates it can have a
                                                                      ID Checks                                         15                              250
                                    drains and clear any accu-
negative impact on how well         mulated debris so that water
                                                                      Noise Complaints                                  11                              250
the stormwater management           running down their drive-         Prowlers                                           0                                9
systems function. Blocked           ways is diverted from homes       Shots Fired                                        0                                7
or inadequate drainage has          and roads.                        Thefts                                             6                               38
the potential to develop into             Many houses in Sudden       Vandalism                                          3                              110
major structural issues if not      Valley have a drainage ditch
properly addressed.                                                   Traffic Stops                                     25                              288
                                    that runs along the front of
      It is recommended that        the property adjacent to the      Total Mileage                                   6,342                            56,847
gutters and downspouts be           roadway. It is essential that
cleared of debris at least a        these ditches be clear of de-
few times each year. Lack of
maintenance can impede the
flow of water as it drains off
                                    bris which could interfere
                                    with the flow of stormwater.
                                    In many instances culvert
                                                                      WTA improves service to Sudden Valley
the roof of a home and cause        pipes carry stormwater un-             Whatcom Transportation         The last trip from Bellingham     Those eligible for specialized
water damage to the founda-         derneath driveways and must       Authority (WTA) has intro-          Station to Sudden Valley de-      transportation can schedule
tion and landscaping. There         be kept clear so that the water   duced improved bus service          parts Bellingham Station at       trips by calling 733-1144.
are products available that         can maintain its course. This     to Sudden Valley which began        6:40 p.m.                              For Fixed Route schedule
may be installed on existing        water eventually pours into       Jan. 21.                                 Flex service within Sud-     information, call 360-676-7433
gutters to prevent debris such      Lake Whatcom and any trash             Hourly bus service on          den Valley has been eliminated.   or visit .
as leaves, conifer needles and      or debris in these ditches can    Route 512 (formerly Routes
similar material from filling       cause pollution.                  11/12) now provides direct
the gutters. Downspouts tend              By regularly maintaining    service to the downtown Bell-
to become packed with debris        their homes and stormwater        ingham station. Previously,
and should be inspected and         drainage systems, homeown-        service required riders to trans-
cleaned out.                        ers will avoid most problems      fer from one bus to another at
      Many new homeowners           associated with the high rain-    Whatcom Falls Park.
are unaware that their Sudden       fall and winter storms char-           On weekdays, the first
Valley homes are equipped           acteristic of western Wash-       departure from Gate 13 leaves
with advanced stormwater            ington. These maintenance         at 6:59 a.m. and arrives at the
management systems de-              efforts protect the structural    Bellingham station at 7:30 a.m.
signed to minimize erosion          stability of homes while en-      Hourly departures continue
during major rain events.           hancing the water quality of      from Gate 13, at 59 minutes
These systems, known as re-         Lake Whatcom. Please con-         past the hour, until 6:59 p.m.
tention pits, collect rainwater     tact the architectural control
from the roof and foundation        staff with any questions or
(footing) drains of homes. The      concerns at 734.6430 or acm@
pit is usually located on the
downhill slope of a lot and
buried at least five feet from
the foundation of a home.
      The retention pit is lined
with filter fabric and filled
with clean drain rock. Storm-
water entering the retention
pit is held in place, allow-
ing the water to drain natu-
rally into the subsurface soil.
During sustained periods of
heavy rain the pit may be-
come filled with water, but it
is equipped with an overflow
pipe which directs stormwa-
ter off the lot, usually into a
ditch or vegetated area.
      Retention pits are also de-
signed with a cleanout cham-
ber that collects sediment and
debris as stormwater drains
to the pit from the gutters and
footing drains. Homeowners
should occasionally open the
cleanout chamber lid and re-
move accumulated debris in
order for the system to func-
tion. If debris is not removed
the cleanout chamber can
flood and release stormwater
causing soil instability and
erosion. The cleanout cham-
ber is located at ground level
near the lowest corner of a
homeowner’s lot. The cham-
ber is covered with a black or
green plastic lid that rotates to
open. A helpful diagram of a
typical stormwater retention
system may be found in the
ACC Guidelines, (Appendix
D). The architectural control
staff is available to assist ho-
Page 12
                                                                                   Sudden Valley ViewS                                                                                 February 2008

President: A financial crisis in the valley
Russ Harlan                             had become. However, we also             we will be facing a reduction of           unteer work, time and invest-          No one is making these num-
SVCA board president                    heard that a large portion of            nine staff positions, which re-            ment that went into remodeling         bers up. No one is hiding
                                        the members believe we are in            sults in reducing services and             the community center complex           reserves that can be used to
     This article is rather long        need of a dues increase -– just a        closing many facilities in the             will have been for nothing. We         fund operations on an ongo-
and for that I apologize. How-          reasonable and fair one.                 valley for an overall impact of            now have many young families           ing basis. The whole process
ever, it should be read, then                The impact of the 2007              about 20 percent to our opera-             enjoying the community center          has been vetted and reviewed
re-read and read again so ev-           AGM was that the board, the              tions staff. We have very limit-           on a daily basis and people us-        by the FC and members of the
eryone understands what is at           general manager and the FC               ed reserves we can draw upon,              ing the coffee shop. In just six       community who have gotten
stake here – it is the financial        went to work reviewing the               and to do so will deplete them             months of operation, we have           involved in their recent meet-
stability of the community of           GM’s draft status quo 2008               further with virtually no chance           over  400  active  community           ings. We will be having open
Sudden Valley.                          budget, a budget that provides           to rebuild them. Further, with-            members signed up and using            community meetings in the
     I am sure by now most              for the same services we had             out a dues increase we will be             the new gym facility.                  near future to explain the en-
members of the community                been operating with in 2007 but          greatly under funded in opera-                  As Bob Cooper, a former           tire proposed budget to every-
have heard about or attended            adjusted for 2008 dollar values          tions and the roads reserve, as            board member and resident of           one who attends. In addition,
a finance committee (FC) meet-          and required increases to help           indicated by the road study we             the community, said at a recent        the board is going to establish
ing, a board meeting or the             keep the facilities from further         just received from an outside              FC meeting, “In the history of         a commission to study and
emergency community meet-               deterioration. The FC spent the          consultant as required in our              the valley, there has never been       recommend a five- year bud-
ing on Jan. 26. So what is this         better part of two months vet-           by-laws.                                   400  members  sign  up  for  any-      get plan as well as a five-year
‘financial crisis’?                     ting the proposed draft budget                 The end result of not pass-          thing, including the golf club!”       capital reserve plan and we
     Everyone knows the mem-            (reviewing and ensuring the              ing this proposed dues increase                 Let me state one critical         are asking for volunteers who
bership did not pass the pro-           numbers match the level of               is:                                        point: What we are saying is           would like to be involved in
posed dues increase at the 2007         service proposed). This process              •  The  $300,000  we  have             not a threat -- it is reality. If we   these processes.
AGM. As a result, the SVCA              was ultimately completed and             been allocating in past years for          had to go to operating under a              We want community in-
is facing a financial crisis. We        sent to the board by the FC in           the roads is short by $100,000.            no dues increase budget (NDI),         volvement and education, but
cannot continue to pay for the          the last full week of January.           This  means  we  need  $400,000            there are simply no funds              we also have a responsibility
existing level of services pro-              The proposed status quo             for roads in 2008.                         available to support operations        to act in a timely manner to
vided without sufficient fund-          budget requires the following                • Operations for 2008 will             at the present level of services.      prevent costly damage to the
ing.                                    dues increase to avoid imple-            have a deficit of $390,090.                The FC initially supported via         structure of Sudden Valley. To
     Admittedly, the board              menting the reductions stated                • The combined total 2008              a motion to the board the NDI          go past the March 29 SGM date
reached high with the proposal          below. We are going to present           deficit  is  almost  $500,000  for         budget and taking the rest of          further depletes our limited re-
last year and we heard loud             this to the community mem-               roads and operations.                      the year to prepare a five-year        serves, and the board does not
and clear that it was too much,         bers at a special general meet-                Without a reasonable dues            plan. The result of that FC            feel that is in the best interests
too fast and all at one time. We        ing (SGM) on March 29. The               increase, the required staff re-           recommendation would have              of the corporation. Join us at
wanted to introduce a higher            proposed dues increase for the           ductions will result in cancel-            been going straight to the NDI         meetings, ask questions when
level of service in the valley          year of 2008 is:                         ing most of the recreational ac-           budget immediately and start           statements  and/or  e-mails 
than has probably ever been                 •  $14.13/mo  for  devel-            tivities, closing the community            closing down services and              don’t make sense and get in-
here. With one dues increase            oped lots ($169.56/yr)                   center facilities and pools, and           facilities -- period. No mem-          volved. This about the commu-
in the last 26 years, the level             •  $11.74/mo  for  undevel-          reductions in services such as             bership involvement or input           nity and doing what is right for
of services and the facilities in       oped lots ($140.84/yr)                   non-essential snow removal,                whatsoever. The board did not          the community!
the valley have really declined              The financial Crisis is that        park and golf course mainte-               feel that was in the best inter-                            Russ Harlan
to an unacceptable state, just          if we do not pass a dues in-             nance and facility upkeep. All             ests of the community.                            SVCA Board President
look at what the old barn area          crease effective for the full year,      the hundreds of hours of vol-                   These are just facts, folks.

Board sends budget back to members,
renames barn area SV Community Center
Timothy Newcomb                         the change. He said the health           condo groups used their own                future.                                    •  To  fill  the  vacant  SVCA 
Views editor                            club has a membership of over            money to install mailboxes and                 •  Wareing  reported  that         treasurer position, left open by
                                        400, and climbing, and will need         did not use SVCA funds.                    Sudden Valley has been accept-         Cally Cass-Healy’s resignation,
      The Sudden Valley Com-            to expand at some point to ac-               • The board agreed to raise            ed to the Lake Whatcom Man-            Barbara Audley was appointed
munity Association Board of Di-         commodate its steady growth.             the Barn Theatre’s annual rental           agement Group with the Coun-           to the position. The nominations
rectors voted to send the revised            The budget includes a new           fee, but still gave it a 50 percent        ty Executive, Mayor and Water          & elections committee will un-
2008 budget to a member vote            point-of-sale system that auto-          discount on normal fees. The               District as an ex officio member.      dergo the process of filling the
on March 29.                            mates the membership billing.            Barn Theatre will be presented             “This will give us access to the       vacant board position.
      The budget calls for an an-           •  The  board  approved  the         with  a  $7,500  fee  for  its  use  of    decision process and allow us to       Property owners’ comments:
nual dues of $717.56 ($489.20 for       transfer of money from the Un-           the dance barn, large multi-               make our concerns known be-                 Scott Thiele requested to
operations, $133.36 for roads and       designated Reserve (UDR) Fund            purpose room and storage for               fore they have an opportunity to       know how authorization oc-
$95  for  capital)  for  developed      to pay for the budget shortfall          90 days per year. This fee is up           make an impact on our commu-           curred to spend money on
lots and $612.88 ($384.52 for op-       of January, February and March           from $4,000 last year, but half of         nity,” he said.                        the recreation center. Andy
erations,  $133.38  for  roads  and     that  is  projected  to  be  $98,000.    the $15,000 that the space would               •  There  are  over  3,000  lot    Schwartz, controller, said that
$95 for capital) for undeveloped        There is $186,000 in the fund. The       demand.                                    owners current on their dues           the board authorized spending
lots. These figures represent an        UDR is a short-term fund gener-               McGroddy suggested that               and  197  not  current.    The  gen-   as the general manager brought
increase  in  dues  of  $14.13  per     ated from back dues from previ-          the theater group be informed              eral manager is working to get         requests forth.
month for developed lots and            ous years that were originally           of the plan to bring the rental fee        all members current.                        Leslie McRoberts said that
$11.74  per  month  for  undevel-       slated for operational expenses.         to 75 percent of list value within             • Sudden Valley sent a letter      the increase in the Barn Theatre
oped lots.                              Without this transfer, the SVCA          the next three years.                      to the Lake Whatcom Water &            fees may look like a lot, but it is
      If passed by the members          administration would need to                  Wareing noted that the                Sewer District requesting them         only because of non-action in
at the end of March, quarterly          start laying off employees and           SVCA turns away wedding                    to show that a need still exists       past years. Currently the The-
dues payers would make up               cut services. If the membership          rentals,  which  fetch  $1,000  per        for Sudden Valley to build two         ater group pays about $4,000 for 
the difference over the remain-         does not pass the proposed bud-          day, because of the theater. Un-           sewage berms. Upgraded sys-            an expansive schedule of perfor-
der of the year and annual pay-         get on March 29, then cuts will          der last year’s contract, just four        tems and methods have reduced          mances. The current member
ers would receive an additional         be implemented by Wareing,               weddings would make up the                 the risk for sewage overflow and       rental rates fix the real rental
bill.                                   who will have no other choice            theater’s annual fee. “The chal-           Dave Wareing, general manager,         costs at roughly $11,000, even af-
      Ben Brigham, board mem-           but to revert to the original 2007       lenge we have is that is the best          has proposed the district pur-         ter a 25% reduction for its char-
ber, expressed concern that             approved budget.                         use of the space and what is the           chase movable pumping trucks           ity status.
another dues increase may be                •  Chuck  McGroddy,  vice            responsibility of the board,” Wa-          instead of building berms.                 One property owner voiced 
needed in November 2008 to              president, said it has been great        reing said.                                    •  The  SVCA  hired  Andy          his disappointment with the
pay for a 2009 budget. The board        to hear community feedback in                 Laura Weide, board mem-               Schwartz, past SVCA treasurer          poor professionalism of the fi-
then agreed at a Jan. 31 meeting        such a positive manner for the           ber, said she hates to see the fee         and current interim control-           nance committee.
to limit any requests in Novem-         new recreation center and dance          double as so many families are             ler, as its part-time controller.           Tom Solin requested infor-
ber for the 2009 budget to only         barn. He suggested renaming the          involved, but does understand              Schwartz was the only applicant        mation on the budget, which
a CPI (consumer price index) in-        entire barn area the Sudden Val-         the need to bring in revenue.              for the advertised position. This      can be obtained by stopping by
crease for operations and capi-         ley Community Center because                  “I appreciate the cultural            position’s salary fits within both     the SVCA administration office.
tal. A request for the roads fund       “that is what it has become. The         value, but the problem is that             the proposed status quo budget         He also requested that board
may still be needed.                    board unanimously agreed to              we have a directive from the               and a no dues increase budget.         packets be made available to
      In the specifics of the capital   the renaming of the center.              community for things to pay for                •  The  SVCA  board  ap-           members who attend board
budget, based on a Chuck Mc-                •  McGroddy  made  a  mo-            themselves,” Wareing said.                 proved an amount not to exceed         meetings.
Groddy, vice president, sugges-         tion that the SVCA refund mail-              • The communications com-              $16,500  to  re-key  SVCA  build-           Bob Cooper said that two
tion, over $20,000 slated for new       box assessment funds to the              mittee is investigating the possi-         ings. Wareing said that there are      dues increases back-to-back may
treadmills for the health club          condominium groups -- which              bility of creating a new website.          countless master keys floating         be too much. This, despite the
was reassigned to park equip-           includes the Deer Creek condos           While there is no money in the             around unaccounted for. The            fact that failing to pass a dues
ment for one of the outlying            and Lake Louise condos -- if the         budget now to create a new site,           item is in the 2008 capital bud-       increase for 2008 would require
gates. Dave Wareing, general            SVCA legal counsel agrees the            the committee hopes the board              get, but still needed final ap-        serious reductions in funding,
manager, agreed and supported           board has that authority. Those          will be able to fund one in the            proval by the board.                   staffing and services.
February 2008
                                                                          Sudden Valley ViewS                                                                          Page 13

How to plan for spring                                                  Garden caviar at SV Garden Club
blooms in winter                                                             Gardens, just like people,
                                                                        get hungry, they want nitrogen,
                                                                                                           by Lynn Norton, also a master
                                                                                                           composter, they will cover the
                                                                                                                                              and keep our lake healthy.
                                                                                                                                                   The Sudden Valley Gar-
                                                                        phosphorus and potash. Gar-        basics of home garden com-         den Club meets on the fourth
Mary Ann Crawford                  50 percent but unfortunately         dens, like toddlers, can also be   posting and recycling.             Monday of each month, from
SV master gardener                 many homes during the win-           fussy eaters; not too sweet, not        Since Sudden Valley is in     September until May. It is open
                                   ter months may be only 10 to         too sour. Successful gardeners     such close proximity to Lake       to anyone (male and female)
     The witch hazel (hama-        20 percent, a level too low for      have learned that mulching is      Whatcom, it is extremely im-       and is not confined to garden-
melis intermedia) are start-       many houseplants. These con-         the cheapest, healthiest and       portant that we do not use         ers. Anyone wishing for ideas,
ing to bloom and buds on           ditions will manifest brown          easiest way to feed their gar-     dangerous chemicals on our         information or gardening tips
the rhododendrons and dog-         leaf tips or increased pest infes-   dens. And the ultimate mulch       lawns and gardens. Even phos-      should feel free to come and
wood and are plumping up           tation, so inspect all plants for    is compost. This rich, brown,      phorus, an essential element       listen. Newcomers to Sudden
for their annual spring show.      these signs of stress. Humidi-       crumbly material is chocolate,     for plant growth, can be harm-     Valley are always welcome,
Yarrow (achillea millifolium),     fiers are an excellent way to        champagne and caviar to the        ful to our water. If you employ    and you don’t have to be a
with an elevated and windy         increase the relative humidity       garden, but because it is nearly   someone else to keep up your       member to attend the meeting.
southeastern exposure, has         in a single room or throughout       impossible to purchase, a gar-     yard, the responsible resident          The next meeting is Feb. 26
continued to bloom ceremoni-       the entire house. Water evapo-       dener has to make her own.         should learn what can and          at the rotunda. Coffee and min-
ously on my hillside through       rating from the potting soil         On Feb. 26, master composter       cannot be put on the yard. Safe    gling start at 9:30 a.m. and the
the winter, thus ensuring its      plus water lost through plant        Bob Hendricks will teach the       and successful composting is       program starts at 10 a.m. No
strength and drought tolerant      foliage (transpiration) will in-     Sudden Valley Garden Club          an ideal method for Sudden         reservations are required. For
properties will earn addition-     crease the relative humidity in      how to make and use compost        Valley residents to achieve pro-   more information, call Linda L.
al placement in the garden.        their immediate vicinity. This       and other mulches. Assisted        ductive gardens, green lawns,      Miller at 752-1478.
But while we peruse garden         is an excellent opportunity
books and seed catalogues,         to group plants to maximize
what care have we given our        synergy! Another method is to
indoor plants?
     Maintain the blooms on
                                   place the houseplants on trays
                                   (saucers) filled with pebbles
                                   or water, with the bottoms of
                                                                        cies water requirements vary.
                                                                        Ferns prefer an evenly moist
                                                                        soil and should be watered
                                                                                                           Garden Club looking
                                                                                                           for new members
flowering plants by keeping
them in cool, brightly lit spots   the pots above the water level.      frequently. Cacti and succu-
free of hot and cold drafts,       Change every few days be-            lents should not be watered
with     nighttime    tempera-     cause stagnant water breeds          until the potting soil is com-
tures of 55-60 degrees. Plant      insects. Misting plants is not       pletely dry. For the majority
growth is slow this time of        an effective method to raise         of plants, water (room tem-             Did you know that the Garden Club is the oldest
year, so discontinue fertilizing   relative humidity, as it would       perature) thoroughly when          Sudden Valley club and it is in a “pickle.”
unless there is a strong bloom     have to be done several times        the soil surface begins to dry         • We need fresh ideas for our meetings.
on flowering plants. Growing       daily.                               and always ensure adequate             • We need women, as well as men, to come to our 
conditions improve in March              Clean foliage every two        drainage. Water should freely      meetings with ideas surrounding gardening. What is
and April and routine feeding      weeks with a sponge or soft          drain out the bottoms of the       growing in your garden? Flowers, trees and vegetables
schedules can be resumed at        cloth, using a very mild solu-       pots. If the water drains into     and your experience with them -- good or not.
this time. Avoid placing foli-     tion of dishwashing soap and         a saucer, discard and replace          • Would you like to see more gardening around our 
age against cold glass panes or    tepid water. Grouping plants         the saucer the beneath the pot.    community? How about a vegetable garden?
in drafty areas where soil will    in the shower is a great idea        If you purchase new house-             • Please come to our first meeting of 2008 on Feb. 
cool, slowing growth even          for a leaf wash but use caution      plants, continue to follow         25 at 9:30 a.m. in the rotunda. We will have coffee and
further. Temperature extremes      not to saturate the soil. Clean-     these guidelines, recognizing      tea and always something good to eat and “chit chat”
due to hot dry heat may cause      ing houseplants improves             they have been in greenhouse       from 9:30 to 10 a.m. Our meetings begin at 10 a.m. and
plants to dry out faster than      their appearance, stimulates         conditions that have maxi-         are over by noon.
unusual. Many houseplants          growth and may help control          mized their growth and ap-             • We meet the fourth Monday in February, March, 
prefer humidity levels of 40 to    insects and mites. Plant spe-        pearance.                          April, September, October and November.
Page 14
                                                                                       Sudden Valley ViewS                                                                                     February 2008

                                                           Feb./March 2008
      Sunday                       Monday                           TueSday                 WedneSday                       ThurSday                        Friday                    SaTurday
the BArn            10      Adult Center           11       rotundA              12      Adult Center             13 Adult Poker
                                                                                                                     6 p.m.
                                                                                                                            Center            14    Adult Center            15   Adult Center        16
 12 p.m. SVCA Budget Open 10 a.m. Beginner’s Bridge         1 p.m. Bible Study           12:30 p.m. Bridge Club                                     7 p.m. Pinochle Club         9 a.m. Yoga
 House                    6:30 p.m. Yoga                                                 7 p.m. Card Club
                                                                                         rotundA                                                                                 Coffee BArn
                            rotundA                         BoB’s                        6:30 p.m. SVCA Budget
                            5 p.m. Finance Comm.                                                                                                                                 10 a.m. SVCA Board chat
                                                            6 p.m. LW Kiwanis            Open House

                   17       Adult Center                18 rotundA               19      Adult Center            20     Adult Center
                                                                                                                        9 a.m. ACC
                                                                                                                                              21                            22   Adult Center        23
                            10 a.m. Beginner’s Bridge       1 p.m. Bible Study           12:30 p.m. Bridge Club         6 p.m. Poker                                             9 a.m. Yoga
                            6:30 p.m. Yoga                                               7 p.m. Card Club

                                                                                         rotundA                                                    Adult Center                  Coffee BArn
                                                            BoB’s                                                      9 a.m. Disaster Prepared-
                            The Second Helping                                           6:30 p.m. SVCA Board chat                                  7 p.m. Partner Bridge        10 a.m. SVCA Board chat
                                                                                                                       ness, Fire training room
                                                            6 p.m. LW Kiwanis

                  24        Adult Center          25
                            10 a.m. Beginner’s Bridge
                                                            rotundA              26     Adult Center
                                                                                        12:30 p.m. Bridge Club
                                                                                                                  27   Adult Center           28                            29   Adult Center        1
                                                            1 p.m. Bible Study                                         6 p.m. Poker
                            6:30 p.m. Yoga                                              7 p.m. Card Club                                                                         9 a.m. Yoga
                            The Garden Club
                            rotundA                                                      rotundA                                                                                 the BArn
                                BoArd MeetIng               BoB’s                        6:30 p.m. SVCA Board chat                                                               12 p.m. SVCA Budget Open
                                                            6 p.m. LW Kiwanis                                                                                                    House
                                    7 P.M.
                       2    Adult Center          3         rotundA              4       Adult Center             5     Adult Center          6                             7    Adult Center       8
                            10 a.m. Beginner’s Bridge       1 p.m. Bible Study           12:30 p.m. Bridge Club         9 a.m. ACC
                                                                                         7 p.m. Card Club                                                                        9 a.m. Yoga
                            6:30 p.m. Yoga                                                                              6 p.m. Poker
                                                            Book CluB
                                                                                         rotundA                        9 a.m. Disaster Prepared-                                Coffee BArn
                                                            BoB’s                        6:30 p.m. SVCA Board chat      ness, Fire training room                                 10 a.m. SVCA Board chat
                                                            6 p.m. LW Kiwanis

                   9        Adult Center           10       rotundA              11     Adult Center             12     Adult Center          13    Adult Center            14   Adult Center      15
                            10 a.m. Beginner’s Bridge       1 p.m. Bible Study          12:30 p.m. Bridge Club          6 p.m. Poker
                                                                                        7 p.m. Card Club                                            7 p.m. Coffee House          9 a.m. Yoga
                            6:30 p.m. Yoga

                                                                                         rotundA                                                    BoB’s Burger                  Coffee BArn
                                                                                         6:30 p.m. SVCA Board chat                                  5:30 p.m. Chicago Bridge     10 a.m. SVCA Board chat
                                                            6 p.m. LW Kiwanis

Camp Firwood                             tion.
                                     The Firs Spring Women’s                         Barn Theatre                             ends at 7:30 p.m. on Fridays         For reservations or for
announces                                                                                                                     and Saturdays and 2 p.m. on more information, call 756-
                                Retreat is April 11-13. Dianna                       update                                   Sundays.                         9916.
summer camp                     Kunce and Denise Easter of
                                Renewal Ministries Northwest
                                                                                                                                   Tickets are $8 and $11 at
                                                                                         The Barn Theatre is offer-           the door or ahead at Village
                                will be speaking. Call for res-                      ing 10 performances of HMS
      Camp Firwood registra-                                                                                                  Books and Piper Music.
                                ervations at 733-6840 or 1-800-                      Pinafore at the Sudden Valley
tion for summer 2008 is up and                                                                                                     There is also a dinner the-
                                765-3477 or visit www.thefirs.                       dance barn starting on March
running. Check out www.the-                                                                                                   ater on March 28 that costs
                                org for more information.                            27 and running for three week- or call 1-800-765-3477                                                                                               $22.
or 733-6840 for more informa-

More on budget                               Your could advertise HERE
for March                                      for only $30 a month!
     Due to the deadlines of
the Sudden Valley Views, there                                   Call Mitze to find out how!
will be more member comment                                            (360) 510-6464
on the budget issue appearing
in the March edition.

Did you know?
column coming
     The SVCA communica-
tions committee will be pre-
senting a Did you Know? col-
umn, starting with the March
edition of the Views.

 Sudden Valley
      Sudden Valley is a di-
 verse community, with
 many parks and recreational
 facilities, dedicated to se-
 curing the highest possible
 quality of life for our mem-
 bers while preserving our
 abundant natural resources
 and the quality of the Lake
 Whatcom watershed.
February 2008
                                                                       Sudden Valley ViewS                                                                                        Page 15

                                                                                      CLASSIFIED RATES: $6 per month for up to 25 words. $7 for 26-40 words, $8 for 41-60 words.

                                                                                      61+ words, $1 for each additional 20 words. Payment MUST be made prior to publication.
                                                                                      DEADLINE for classified advertising for the March 2008 issue is Friday, Feb. 22 at 12 noon. Make
                                                                                      checks payable to “Sudden Valley Views.” Please send ads and payment to: Sudden Valley Views,
                                                                                      Attn: Classified Ads, 4 Clubhouse Circle., Bellingham, WA 98226, or deliver to the Sudden Valley
                                                                                      Clubhouse front desk. For questions about classified ads, contact the front desk at 360-734-

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Family or friends visiting?                                          Do you love your office? Is
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dependent upon season and
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Home rental gate 1. Immac-           Call the Sudden Valley
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Sweeping lake views, 1 tier up
                                   office at 734-6430 to place
from the lakefront and park.
$2,000/month. Short-term pos-             a classified ad.
sible. 360-224-7620 or 888-583-
Page 16
                                                                                                      Sudden Valley ViewS                                                                                                  February 2008

                                                                     BUYING OR SELLING YOUR PROPERTY IN                                      BUYING OR SELLING YOUR PROPERTY IN SUDDEN
                                                                BELLINGHAM, COME TO OUR BELLINGHAM OFFICE @                                  VALLEY , COME TO OUR SUDDEN VALLEY OFFICE @

                                                                    1200 Lakeway Dr. Ste 1                                                1850 Lake Whatcom Blvd.
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                                                                      360-650-1010                                                                   360-733-3700                                       Marilynn Livingston

                                                                    Open 7 Days a Week                                                                  Realtor of the month

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               1850 Lake Whatcom Blvd., Bellingham, WA 98229                                            and the view from                                          Judy Fox 360-733-3700
                or visit our Website:                                         our lakeside office.

                                                                   GOLF COURSE                             NEEDED:
                                                                                                                                                                                                              LOW BANK
                                                               Great view of the golf course.          HOME & CONDO                                                                                          WATERFRONT
                                                               Well kept 3 bdrm with open
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Beautiful lakefront
                                                               floor plan and one car                                                                                                                  contemporary with fabulous
                                                               attached garage. Great                                                                                                                  lake views from every room.
                                                               investment property. Area                                                                                                               This 4 level, 4 bedroom home
                                                               amenities include 18-hole golf
                                                               course, marina, Lake Whatcom              If you want to sell,                                                                          has a large family room, living
                                                                                                                                                                                                       room, den, dining room, wine
                                                               access, trails, fishing, swimming
                                                               pool, tennis court and more.              list with Sun-Mark                                                                            cellar, 300 sq. ft. workshop, hot
                                                                                                                                                                                                       tub. $888,000
                                                                                                           for fast results!

                                                                      HOME &
                                                                   BUILDABLE LOT                                                                                                                        MTN., LAKE &
                                                              Sudden Valley Gate 1, 3                                                                                                                 GOLF COURSE VIEW
                                                              bedroom, 2 bath home with                                                                                                               Beautifully updated, bright and
                                                              many upgrades, including                                                                                                                sunny, 1 level condo located on
                                                              extended deck and alarm                                                                                                                 6th green. This 2 Bd, 1.5 Ba has a
                                                              system. New paint. Includes                                                                                                             lovely fireplace, sunny, private
                                                              adjacent buildable lot.                                                                                                                 deck & is in walking distance to
                                                              $299,000                                                                                                                                all Sudden Valley amenities. This
                                                                                                             QUIET & PRIVATE                                                                          condo is in turnkey condition. A
                                                                                                    Sudden Valley lot in quiet area with abundant
                                                                                                    wildlife and privacy. Surrounded by park                                                          must see!! $194,900
                                                                                                    on 2 sides. Slopes gently up from the road.
                                                                                                    Lot includes all Sudden Valley amenities.

                                                                                                                                                      SUDDEN VALLEY LOTS
                                                                                                                                                     8 Overlake Ct. ..............$14,000
                                                                                                                                                     6 Basin Circle ..............$43,900
                                                                                                                                                     50 Cascade Lane .........$47,900

                                                              FERNDALE GEM                                                                           14 Sparrow Ct. .............$49,000
                                                   This home is one of the most popular models in                                                                                               SUDDEN VALLEY CHARMER
      AFFORDABLE CONDO                                                                                             5+ ACRES                                                                    Cute chalet style rambler in a quiet wooded
 Your opportunity to own your own home at a
                                                   Malloy Village. Come home and relax. All yard
                                                   maintenance done for you. Low homeowners         Fabulous 5-acre parcel in Sedro Woolley          20 Sparrow Ct. .............$49,000       area. Large private deck, large great room
 great price! Private gated 10 member condo        dues $85/mo. Stands alone near open space        waiting for someone to call home. Semi-                                                    with freestanding wood stove, open beam
 complex. 2 story unit with private patio area,                                                     cleared, circular winding drive, private pond.                                             ceilings and lots of windows w/winter peek-a-
 spacious master, updated kitchen & laundry        and includes built-in-vac. $289,900              Create your own estate. Water and electric at    2 Basin Circle ..............$59,000      boo views of Lake Whatcom. $181,900
 room. $134,900                                                                                     street. $325,000

                  Sun-Mark Properties
                       RENTAL DEPARTMENT
                                                                                                                Residential . Commercial . Refinance
                           WE NEED RENTALS!
           We have applicants on file, so give us a call.                                             Call Us: Bellingham Office: (360) 650-1050
    Judy Fox             Judy at Sun-Mark Properties                              Patricia Scott        Sudden Valley Office: (360) 733-4109
   Prop. Mgr.                 360-733-3700                                         Prop. Mgr.                                                       *Pre Licensing
  Sudden Valley                                                                    Bellingham
                               or FAX: 360-647-6028                                                                                                                            *Correspondence Course
                                                                                                    Conventional . VA . Bankruptcy . Low Credit Score
  185 Sudden Valley Drive: 2 bedroom,
                                                  FURNISHED CONDOS:                                                                                                        *Continuing Education for Realtors
                                                  Center #48: Loft on golf course, washer/
  1 bath, new carpet, covered carport.                                                                Self Employed, No Income Verification Program
  Rent $800 Deposit $800
                                                  Rent $725 Deposit $725
  76 Marigold Drive: 3 bedroom, 2 bath,                                                                   Fixed and Adjustable Rate Loans Available                         1200 Lakeway Dr. • Bellingham, WA 98229
                                                  Ridgefield #27: 2 bedroom, 1 bath,
  2-car garage. Fantastic view.
  Rent $1200 Deposit $1200
  32 Sudden Valley Drive E: 3 bedroom,
                                                  Rent $750 Deposit $750                                  BUYING OR SELLING YOUR PROPERTY IN                                     BUYING OR SELLING YOUR PROPERTY IN SUDDEN
  2 bath, family room, great views. 2-car         Ridgefield #24: 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath,               BELLINGHAM, COME TO OUR BELLINGHAM OFFICE @                                 VALLEY , COME TO OUR SUDDEN VALLEY OFFICE @
                                                  washer/dryer, great view.
                                                                                                         1200 Lakeway Dr. Ste 1                                             1850 Lake Whatcom Blvd.
  Rent $1250 Deposit $1250                        Rent $750 Deposit $750
  2 Whispering Cedars: 4 bedroom,                 BELLINGHAM OFFICE:
  3 bath, executive home on 1 acre lot
  (furnished or unfurnished).
  Rent $2000 Deposit $2000
                                                  360-650-1010 Fax 650-1030
                                                  Fairhaven: Beautiful furnished studio                  Bellingham, WA 98229                                                Bellingham, WA 98229
                                                                                                           360-650-1010                                                               360-733-3700
  UNURNISHED CONDOS:                              Rent $900 Deposit $900
  Lakeridge #26: 2 bedroom plus den,              H Street, Blaine: 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 3
  1.5 bath.
  Rent $800 Deposit $800
                                                  fireplaces, on 10 acres, pets ok.
                                                  Rent $1500 Deposit $1500
                                                                                                                                            Open 7 Days a

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