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									Brainloop White Paper Looks at Secure Document Sharing

Ensuring Security Doesn’t Interfere with Productivity.

Boston, MA, Thursday - August 25, 2011 -- Secure document sharing must
reduce risk, remain in compliance with security mandates and ensure
adherence with governance policy. Document sharing must do all this
without puttingan additional burden on those sharing and using the
documents, notes a new white paper published today by Brainloop ( ), a leading supplier of software solutions for
high-security collaboration on confidential documents.

Titled "Enterprise Information Management Security Options," the paper
advocates that for any document sharing application to genuinely add
value, it must augment or complement the organization’s existing document
security infrastructure.

Organizationally, document sharing requirements ought to fit within
existing business processes. For example, the application should be
flexible enough to work as part of several processes used across the
enterprise. In particular, security policies should also govern and
control not only the confidentiality of the document itself, but the
ability to maintain protections once the document moves outside the

When the document is used outside the perimeter, it’s imperative to apply
rights management, which is key for protecting the document by
controlling the user’s ability to print, save, or forward the document.
Another factor to consider is the ability to limit the time a document is

In addition, security policies, including access rights and encryption,
must be associated with the document itself so that protection can be
maintained regardless of where the document travels and who gains access.

The paper outlines several best practices for secure document sharing,
listing end-user elements such as versioning, usage tracking,
discussions, and the ability to apply comments and annotations all of
which facilitate collaboration.

"When your work calls for collaboration with people outside your company,
Brainloop ( ) protects your confidential files
and automatically applies your company’s security policies, so you can
focus on getting the job done - safely and without a complicated process
to slow you down," said Paul Hands, Brainloop VP, Americas. "For more
than 10 years professionals on six continents have relied on Brainloop
for safe, secure collaboration."

A copy of the new white paper can be downloaded at:

Most recently, Brainloop announced that Twitter, the world’s most popular
micro-blogging site and real-time information network, has selected
Brainloop’s online platform for business processes. Brainloop also was
the recipient of a "Best Deployment Scenario Award" from Info Security
Products Guide in the Document Protection category for its work with
Deutsche Postbank Group, one of Germany’s largest financial services
providers with €237 billion in assets.

About Brainloop:
Brainloop, with offices in Boston and Munich, uses document compliance
management (DCM) to make online collaboration safe and compliant, giving
users the peace of mind to focus on their business goals. Brainloop's web
based solution automatically manages security and compliance, allowing
highly confidential documents to be easily edited and distributed inside
and outside the corporate network. Encryption and operator shielding
protect all documents from insider threat and external attacks, pro-
viding a highly secure collaboration framework. The solution enables the
complete transparency and auditability of all accesses and changes to
documents, supporting corporate and regulatory compliance directives.
Frequent uses include contract negotiations, collecting data and writing
up quarterly reports, and any other communication that contains
confidential information. To learn more, visit

Press & Media Contact:
Victor Cruz, Principal, Inc
Boston, MA
(978) 594-4134

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