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         SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12,2005

                          at UCC CHURCH on
                          Seminary Street in Berea

        Final Auction List -2005
               Table of Contents

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                                   Arts and Crafts
( All auction items will be viewed and auctioned on November 13th; Cash-n-Carry items will be available
November 13th for CASH or CHECK only! Sign-Up items will be awarded to the first people to sign up
at the suggested price. Live Auction items may be bid on November 13th and bidding will close about
9:00 PM.)

                   Biddable Items
B10                Matted, Signed Photograph                            Offered by:            Sylvia M. Banks

Looking for the perfect nature photo to set off that new room? This one of a kind item is an 11 by 14 " photograph
which has a 16 by 20 inch mat and is signed by Sylvia Banks. This item is valued at $125.00. Bid this one up!!
                                                              No. Offered:            1             Price:    $25.00

B11                Christmas Blanket made by the children of            Offered by:       Mary Dellorso and the 2nd -
                   SWUU                                                                      6th grade R.E. class

This blanket will earn money for the church and the person who buys it will get to keep the blanket!
                                                              No. Offered:            10            Price:    $10.00

B12                Christmas Blanket made by the Children               Offered by:        Mary Dellorso and SWUU

This blanket will earn money for SWUU and the person who buys it will not keepit but will donate it to the Social
Concerns Committee for a needy family. The children who worked on this item are Nick and Katey Hinkle,
Nikita and Ivan Martin, Sarah Page, Wheatley Fathour, and Michelle Rock.
                                                              No. Offered:            1             Price:    $10.00


C01                Greek Medal Necklace                                 Offered by:            Mary Ann Chee

Be a Greek Medal Winner! These necklaces are made with a genuine Greek coin which is no longer in circulation.
                                                              No. Offered:            5             Price:    $5.00

C02                Catnip toys                                          Offered by:               Sue Davis

These toys may be unimpressive to humans but your cat will love them because of the genuine catnip. Handmade
by our resident cat expert, Sue Davis.
                                                              No. Offered:            20            Price:    $3.00


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C05                Fringed Denim Bookmarks                              Offered by:           Sandra McLean

These bookmarks are hand-decorated with our chalice. They can withstand daily use for years!!!
                                                               No. Offered:           10           Price:    $2.00

c06                note cards, framed sayings                           Offered by:              Sue Szabo

Sue will once again bring some note cards and framed inspirational or comic sayings. Be sure to visit the cash
and carry table for these items. The note cards are 10 for $2.00 and the framed sayings are from $1.00-$3.00.
Check them out!!
                                                               No. Offered:           10           Price:    $1.00

C07                Dressy Knit Scarves                                  Offered by:           Kathryn Young

These hand-knitted scarves are perfect to set off any outfit. Buy a few in different colors! At $10.00 each, they are
a bargain!
                                                               No. Offered:           10           Price:    $10.00

C10                Vermont Marble Slab                                  Offered by:            Bruce Melville

Just over one square foot (0.8 " thick) piece of greenish marble from former Women's S&L Building downtown.
                                                               No. Offered:           1            Price:    $5.00


                   Sign-Up Items
S23                Pretty Good Quintet                                  Offered by:        DanPaxson and Ellen

You’ve heard them in church. You’ve seen them on tour (really?...that’s funny because they’ve never been on
tour). SWUU’s very own Pretty Good Quintet has been wowing crowds for years with their stunningly tight, and
harmonically balanced a capella singing. Now you can own your very own special edition CD of their greatest
hits. Within the year they will record, just for you, 10 of their most memorable pieces. The more copies you buy,
the more motivated they will be to actually complete this project that they’ve been talking about for years. Order
your copies now before their voices turn to mush and they become the Pretty Old Quintet. The Pretty Good
Quintet is composed of: Ellen Hansen-Ellis, Dan Paxson, Susan Paxson, Ted Macosko & Sarah Meyers- Macosko
                                                               No. Offered:          100           Price:    $15.00

S25                Chalice Pillow                                       Offered by:            Eleanor Davis

A hand sewn 15 inch square pillow (colors vary) with a multicolored chalice hand embroidered on one side.
Orders will be taken for later delivery. A sample will be available at the auction. This item is priceless!
                                                               No. Offered:           5            Price:    $25.00


                                         Page 4
( All auction items will be viewed and auctioned on November 13th; Cash-n-Carry items will be available
November 13th for CASH or CHECK only! Sign-Up items will be awarded to the first people to sign up
at the suggested price. Live Auction items may be bid on November 13th and bidding will close about
9:00 PM.)

                   Sign-Up Items
S01                Chili Dinner at the Tucci's                          Offered by:          Karen and Mike Tucci

Come over the Tucci's for a chili dinner with all the fixings. The date is TBA .
                                                              No. Offered:            10            Price:    $15.00

S04                Soup, Dessert, and Game Night                        Offered by:        Lydia Avery and Sue Szabo

With soup provided by Sue Szabo, dessert by Lydia Avery and games to top off the evening, this is will be a big
hit! It is sure to warm you up on the chilly evening of Saturday, January 28th
                                                              No. Offered:            15            Price:    $15.00

S05                Dinner and Video Night                               Offered by:               Sue Szabo

Ramtha's Create Your Day DVD
If you liked the movie, What The BLEEP Do We Know!? and are ready to try and put to the test some of the
extraordinary and bizarre concepts presented there by the group of scientist and friends, you are going to be blown
away by Ramtha: Create Your Day DVD. This is a rare, close-and-personal, looking-in-the-eyes-of-greatness
instruction by Ramtha on the concept of creating your day mindfully, using the concepts of quantum physics and
the power of our minds to alter and shape reality. Having Ramtha explain these concepts at length that were
briefly presented in the movie, and then the camera closes up on Ramtha's face and his eyes, and you can literally
feel his piercing gaze, and there is so much more there that words cannot tell, but believe me, you can feel it, and
you will not forget it, nor his instruction on how simple yet profound it is to wake up every day, and instead of
letting the day create you, you create your day the way you would really like it to be, just as great Masters have
always done it. One of the great benefits of this DVD is that you can learn this art without having to go anywhere
else other than your TV set at home.
This Ramtha DVD was produced by BLEEP director, Mark Vicente, and has all the talent he shown us in the
BLEEP movie; not just for making a great entertaining movie, but for giving us a priceless message with it too! I
assure you, you are going to love this one!
                                                              No. Offered:         unlimited        Price:    $15.00

S06                Holiday Karaoke Night                                Offered by:          Susan and Dan Paxson

This is a new twist on an old item. Take a break from holiday madness and have some real down-to earth fun!
Kids and adults of all ages can come and sing their holiday favorites to a very supportive audience. If you sign up
for this item, I will do my best to make sure and have at least one song of your choice. The evening will start with
soup and bread and the singing will begin around 7:30. There might even be some traditional holiday cookies for
dessert. The date is to be determined by the people who sign up but I am hoping for a winter evening in December.
                                                              No. Offered:            10            Price:    $15.00


                                        Page 5
S07                An Afternoon of Quartet Music                         Offered by:         Emily Heath Wilson

The North Coast Cantabile Quartet is once again offering to do a program of classical chamber musical WestShore
Unitarian Universalist Church in Rocky River after taking a year off due to illnesses and renovations at West
Shore Church.
This program will happen on a Sunday afternoon in September 2006 and will involve an annotated talk by a
member of West Shore Church to help you better appreciate the music. Refreshments consisting of wine, tea,
coffee, and Viennese pastry will be served

The members of the quartet, which has played at West Shore for many years, are Cathy Clark, 1st violin, Liani
Bliss, 2nd violin, Emily Heath Wilson, Viola, and Sue Ruesser, Cello.
                                                               No. Offered:           100           Price:      $15.00

S09                California Style Wine and Cheese Tasting              Offered by:        Christina Neilson and
                   Party                                                                      Sharon Hoyenga

Are you a wine lover? Are you looking for that perfect accompaniment for
your gourmet dinner? Come to an authentic wine and cheese tasting. learn how to test and swirl like the pros.
$10.00 each- no limit on number of people. This will be held on March 25th, 2006 at 7:00 pm
                                                               No. Offered:           100           Price:      $10.00

S10                Game and Dessert Night                                Offered by:             John Purcell

A game evening at my house for up to 5 people at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, January 20, 2006. Dessert, snacks and
beverages served. Don't miss out!
                                                               No. Offered:            5            Price:      $8.00

S13                Grape &Grain Get-Together (GGG)                       Offered by:        Mike and Kathy Comber

The BBBB (Burger, Brat & Beer Bash) has run its course. It is being replaced with the GGG. Home made wine
& beer sampling with hors d'ouvres and desserts. Don't forget the great conversation and fellowship which will go
along with the festivities. The date will be announced at a later time but will probably be a Saturday in late July or
early August of 2006.
                                                               No. Offered:            24           Price:      $20.00

S16                Hot Tub Party                                         Offered by:        David and Judy Newell

Wanted: Six people to take a crisp, mid-winter evening dip in our outdoor hot tub. This will be followed by a light
meal of the Newells' special recipe "theology soup" and homemade bread. The wintry Saturday evening will be
decided by the group.
                                                               No. Offered:            6            Price:      $15.00


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S19                Youth Pool Party                                      Offered by:        Troy and Adrienne Ellis

Swimming, music, volleyball, games, cookout! This is for kids aged 13-18. The date is set for July 22nd from 3
p.m. -10 p.m.
                                                               No. Offered:            10            Price:   $10.00

S21                Luau and Game Night                                   Offered by:       Ken and Ellen Hansen-Ellis

Put on your Hawaiian shorts and sandals for a luau around the pool, followed by board games. Grilled Polynesian
food and tropical drinks (complete with those little umbrellas) will set the mood. Then fun and games will
continue inside. The date is Saturday, June 10th at 6:30 p.m.
                                                               No. Offered:            10            Price:   $15.00

S24                Fireside Brunch                                       Offered by:         Tom and Mary Brooks

Take a comfy break from the January chill. Come sit by the fire and enjoy a meal together with Tome and Mary
Brooks! This event will happen on Saturday, January 21 at 10:30 a.m.
                                                               No. Offered:            8             Price:   $15.00

S28                An Affair to Dismember                                Offered by:        Sharon and Steve Eckert

Get back to Unitarian roots with a murder mystery dinner at the engagement announcement of Neville Asternight
and Lizzie Bordeaux at the castle in Transylvania. It will be a night to die for. This event will take place at 7:00
p.m. on Saturday, March 4, 2006.
                                                               No. Offered:            6             Price:   $15.00


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( All auction items will be viewed and auctioned on November 13th; Cash-n-Carry items will be available
November 13th for CASH or CHECK only! Sign-Up items will be awarded to the first people to sign up
at the suggested price. Live Auction items may be bid on November 13th and bidding will close about
9:00 PM.)

                   Sign-Up Items
S20                Walk up the River                                    Offered by:              Ken Ellis

Soak your old sneakers as we walk (wade) up Rocky River through the woods and past shale cliffs. We'll look for
crayfish and salamanders as we temporarily share the river with fish and waterfowl. The date is Saturday, June
3rd from 11 a.m.- 1 p.m.
                                                              No. Offered:            10          Price:     $10.00

S27                Five Mile Hike in CVNP                               Offered by:          Sylvia M. Banks

Let Sylvia take you on a journey into the Cuyahoga Valley. This will take place sometime in the spring. If you
like hiking, come with an expert!
                                                              No. Offered:            10          Price:     $10.00


                                        Page 8
( All auction items will be viewed and auctioned on November 13th; Cash-n-Carry items will be available
November 13th for CASH or CHECK only! Sign-Up items will be awarded to the first people to sign up
at the suggested price. Live Auction items may be bid on November 13th and bidding will close about
9:00 PM.)

                   Biddable Items
B06                Dinner at Outback Steakhouse                         Offered by:        Jan and Scott When

This gift card is good for $50.00 at any Outback Steakhouse but if you are in the mood for Italian, is also good at
Carraba's. For those on the run, call ahead and pick up your dinner. The staff will even bring in out to the car!
Restaurants are located in many spots around town. Treat yourself and a friend to a great dinner!
                                                              No. Offered:            1           Price:     $25.00


C03                Spiced Pecans                                        Offered by:            Judy Newell

Judy's secret recipe- will make a great holiday gift!
                                                              No. Offered:            5           Price:     $5.00

C04                Bread and Butter Pickles                             Offered by:          Nellie VanRoden

Nellie will be offering two jars homemade bread and butter pickles at $3.50 each. These won't last long…
                                                              No. Offered:            2           Price:     $3.50

C09                Oatmeal Raisin Cookies                               Offered by:         Ellen Hansen-Ellis

Ellen will bake oatmeal-raisin cookies which will be bagged by the dozen.
                                                              No. Offered:            3           Price:     $2.50


C08                Homemade Cookies                                     Offered by:           Kathryn Young

One bag of cookies. Check the cash and carry table for what varieties. Homemade by Kathryn Young
                                                              No. Offered:            10          Price:     $1.00


                   Sign-Up Items

                                         Page 9
S08                A Home Cooked Meal                                    Offered by:         Christina Neilson

Chris will cook and deliver a meal to your home taking into consideration dietary needs, likes and dislikes.
Vegetarian meals included. This is a real bargain. Please give Chris at least a few days' notice in order for her to
buy the food and prepare it to your liking!
                                                               No. Offered:            3           Price:    $20.00

S14                Homemade Wine Package                                 Offered by:           Mike Comber

This would make a great gift for your favorite wine lover. Six bottles of wine from Comber's Winery: Pinot
Grigio, Viognier, and Peach Chardonnay, white wines, and Barolo, L'Collage, and Montepulciano, red wines. If
you are a wine lover, this is the item for you! Get it before they are all gone!!
                                                               No. Offered:            6           Price:    $50.00


                                        Page 10
( All auction items will be viewed and auctioned on November 13th; Cash-n-Carry items will be available
November 13th for CASH or CHECK only! Sign-Up items will be awarded to the first people to sign up
at the suggested price. Live Auction items may be bid on November 13th and bidding will close about
9:00 PM.)

                   Sign-Up Items
S03                Doll Making class                                    Offered by:           Paloma Blanca

Doll Class
Date: Saturday, January 21, 2006
Time: 9:00am - 1:00pm
Location: Paloma’s house in Strongsville
Price: $20/person or two for $35 (bring your mom, your daughter, a friend or your husband!) *** valued at $50-
Description: Learn how to use polymer clay to make the face of a doll, and then make the body out of fabric. You’
ll learn how to put the doll together and embellish. By the end of the class you’ll have a doll to take home with
What to bring: Clay, fabric and other materials provided. You may want to bring your own personal sewing kit
with scissors, needles, beads, old jewelry, etc.
Maximum: 20
                                                              No. Offered:            20          Price:   $15.00

S17                Make a wine basket                                   Offered by:           Edna Haugland

Let Edna provide all the supplies and the instruction on how to make a wine basket. Beginners welcome. She will
even provide lunch after your basket is complete! This will happen on Saturday, April 1, 2006 in Edna's home at
10:30 a.m. Baskets should be completed in 2-3 hours. Check out one of Edna's baskets at the auction to see what
you will be making!
                                                              No. Offered:            6           Price:   $25.00


                                        Page 11
( All auction items will be viewed and auctioned on November 13th; Cash-n-Carry items will be available
November 13th for CASH or CHECK only! Sign-Up items will be awarded to the first people to sign up
at the suggested price. Live Auction items may be bid on November 13th and bidding will close about
9:00 PM.)

                   Biddable Items
B01                    One hour legal services                          Offered by:             Mike Tucci

Mike Tucci is offering one hour of legal services. An hour of legal services could include a consultation on estate
planning, draft of basic corporation or partnership documents, advice on how to protect inventions, ideas or
writings, or tax advice.
                                                               No. Offered:           1            Price:    $50.00

B02                    20 minutes from Montage Barbershop Quartet Offered by:                  Glenn Siebert

                                                               No. Offered:           1            Price: $100.00

B03                    Sermon topic of your choice                      Offered by:          Christina Neilson

Got a hot topic on your mind? Have you been contemplating the mysteries of life but still need another
perspective? Buy a sermon!! Topic of your choosing- you pick the topic and Ill research it and preach. We'll
meet over lunch to discuss topics.
                                                               No. Offered:           1            Price:    $25.00

B04                    Katie's Child Care                               Offered by:            Katie Paxson

Katie will come to your home and care for your children for you while you enjoy some kid-free time. Maybe you'd
like to go out to dinner or perhaps you need to go out and do some holiday shopping. Katie has cared for our
neighbor's two boys for two summers in a row. She is driving so she will be able to come to your home. Don't you
need this item??!!
                                                               No. Offered:           1            Price:    $25.00

B07                    Have Brawn Will Travel                           Offered by:            Ted Macosko

O.K. Maybe not so brawny. But I've got lots of hustle, Attitude. And two college degrees! Ted (Can-do) Macosko
offers four hours of non-stop labor for just about any job you can come up with. (Hey, I'll try anything once!)
Need those leaves raked? How about that room that needs painting? I'll move furniture, wash the dog, or empty
the litter box. No job is too big or too small! (two weeks advance notice, some restrictions apply, must have valid
UU membership) INCREDIBLE VALUE!!!
                                                               No. Offered:           1            Price:    $50.00


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B08                One-hour Full-body Massage                            Offered by:            Sarah Macosko

Massage encourages relaxation, relieves stress, increases flexibility, circulation, and range of motion while
decreasing pain, trauma, headaches, and tension. Give yourself (or someone else) the gift that feeds both the
physical body and the soul! Valued at $75.00
                                                               No. Offered:            1             Price:     $50.00

B09                Handy Dan                                             Offered by:              Dan Paxson

What is an SWUU auction without Handyman Dan? He is back again and he says: ""I will build, install, repair,
advise, and/or aid with your home projects. Call it skilled labor. Please be reasonable, think toilets, doors,
faucets, lights, dishwashers, etc., not new additions, roofs, or kitchen cabinets.
1 offered @ 15.00/hr. (you estimate the size of the job) up to 5 hrs. per
                                                               No. Offered:            1             Price:     $15.00


                   Sign-Up Items
S02                Computer Help, Support, and Custom                    Offered by:             Lee Robinson
Lee will help you learn how to use your software, figure out which software you need, and/or write custom
software for you. He is also good at vacuuming cat and dog hair out of the computer innards!
If there is piece of software you need but can't seem find on the
market, let him write it for you. Web pages and e-mail addresses
aren't as complicated as they sound.
                                                               No. Offered:            20            Price:     $25.00

S11                Jordan's Child Care                                   Offered by:            Jordan Macosko

Jordan is offering to care for your children for up to 4 hours total. Please sign up for the number of hours you
would need. The cost is $5.00 for each hour you sign up for.
                                                               No. Offered:            4             Price:     $5.00

S15                Airport Transportation                                Offered by:        Nellie and Joe Van Roden

Nellie or Joe will drive you and your baggage to the airport and pick you up when you return to Cleveland. Save
those exorbitant airport parking fees and give your money to SWUU instead! Times will need to be agreed upon
between buyer and seller.
                                                               No. Offered:            2             Price:     $25.00

S18                Judy's office cleaning                                Offered by:              Judy Newell

This is a repeat from last year! Let Judy do the job of cleaning the church office once a month. The person who
sponsors her cleaning will be mentioned in the Forum and Order of Service.
                                                               No. Offered:            12            Price:     $25.00

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S22                Fix it                                                Offered by:        derek and Dan paxson

Something broken? Don't throw it out. Let Dan and Derek fix it (or try anyway). Save land fills. Save the earth.
Save money. You'd be amazed at what we've salvaged from the garbage: leaf blowers, lawn mowers, mixers, etc.
As long as it's mechanical (not electronic) we'll give it a shot. At $10.00, if we fix it, it's a steal! If we don't,
think of it as a gift to SWUU!!
                                                               No. Offered:            2            Price:   $10.00

S26                Airport Transportation                                Offered by:           Bruce Melville

Bruce Melville will drive two persons and their luggage to Cleveland Hopkins Airport and bring them home when
they return. The dates and times will be arranged with the buyer.
                                                               No. Offered:            2            Price:   $25.00

S29                Book Carriers needed!                                 Offered by:           Bruce Melville

This item is for people who couldn't think of anything to donate to the auction. Bruce is looking for people with
the ablility to carry a box of books up or down 54 steps. He thinks he needs of 12 hours worth of carrying. If you
are willing to donate your time, Bruce will donate the money! You can either help at his condo in Cleveland or
his place in Parma on Snow Road. See Bruce for more details.
                                                               No. Offered:            12           Price:   $15.00


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