This 21-mile light rail system, comprised of 21     demands on individual electrical components
stations, seven electrical sub stations, numerous   such as substations, feeders and breakers. The

                                                                                                                    STREETCAR AND LIGHT RAIL TRANSIT
grade crossings, and maintenance and storage        Load Flow Analyzer also captures the distinct
facilities, was the first delivered under the       electrical characteristics of San Diego’s two
Design-Build-Operate-Maintain project delivery      rolling stock fleets, including the regenerative
system in the U.S. SYSTRA served the program        capabilities of one fleet. SYSTRA developed a
management team, performing such construction       system-wide database describing the electrical
management roles as inspection and daily work       network and provided an additional one-week
reports, documentation of change order work,        training course in San Diego.
completion of independent cost estimates for
change orders, negotiating and documentation
of change orders, and field monitoring and
documentation of such work.

                                                     Uijeongbu, South Korea,
                                                     Light Rail Transit U Line
                                                     Year Complete: ongoing
                                                     Cost of Work:$17.3M
                                                     SYSTRA Services: Project Management,
                                                     Technical Expertise

 San Diego Trolley / MTDB RAILSIM                   The City of Uijeongbu, located just north of
 Simulation Software Suite                          Seoul, has contracted the construction of a 10
 Year Complete: 2001                                km, 15 station, elevated driverless metro to a
 Cost of Work: $100,000                             special purpose firm, Uijeongbu Light Rail Transit
 SYSTRA Services: Operations Simulation,            Co., Ltd. The system is a fully automated Val
 Electrical Network Simulation, Software
 Development Training
                                                    system without a driver or on-board attendant.
                                                    It is expected to operate 19.5 hours per day,           SYSTRA Streetcar and Light Rail
The San Diego Trolley RAILSIM application
                                                    have a high level of performance and availability,
                                                    and short operating headways (60 seconds).              Transit Overview
featured a comprehensive integrated network
simulation of the entire San Diego light rail       The ATC functions include train regulation,
network, including the Mission Valley East and      variable headway management, automatic push                        SYSTRA USA’s reputation for quality and               Over the last few decades, a new perception
Mission Valley West Lines. SYSTRA was selected      recovery mode, pinched loop operation and                          client attention, combined with its access to         of the many technical, economic and
by the Metropolitan Transit Development Board/      platform doors operation. Under a project                          international resources and expertise makes           environmental advantages of modern Light
San Diego Trolley, Inc. to provide the RAILSIM®     management services contract, SYSTRA is                            it the premier provider of public and rail            Rail Transit over competing transport systems,
Simulation Software Suite, including the Network    responsible for: project management, interface                     transportation solutions. As a planning and full      has led to the development of major projects
Simulator, Train Performance Calculator, and        management, construction supervision, rolling                      service engineering consultancy, we lead the          worldwide. SYSTRA has played an active
Load Flow Analyzer applications. As part of the     stock design review, rolling stock manufacturing                   way in new transit and rail technology, while         part in this development, from conducting
project, SYSTRA enhanced RAILSIM to support         supervision, safety assessment of overall system                   consistently delivering innovative and tailored       alternatives analyses, drawing up preliminary
the inclusion of lift usage for mobility impaired   and all subsystems, and RAM assessment.                            services/products with a high level of personal       designs or providing assistance with
passengers in simulated dwells. SYSTRA then                                                                            client attention. SYSTRA USA (SYSTRA) is              commissioning to managing complete projects
developed and calibrated a complete system-                                                                            part of the SYSTRA Group, an international            from cradle to grave. SYSTRA is currently
wide simulation database. The calibration                                                                              engineering and consulting group of over 2,500        involved in about 20 LRT projects around
effort included performance adjustments to the                                                                         employees specializing in rail (passenger and         the world, either as project manager or
simulation characteristics of San Diego’s two                                                                          freight) and public transportation, which has         providing assistance to the owners. Within the
vehicle types.                                      MORE INFORMATION:                                                  conducted projects in more than 150 countries
                                                                                                                       and 350 cities since 1957. Headquartered in
                                                                                                                                                                             U.S., we’ve helped design LRT and streetcar
                                                                                                                                                                             systems in Boston, MA, northern New Jersey,
                                                     Sample projects are included in the following pages.
In addition to the network operations simulation,    Please do not hesitate to contact us for more                     Little Falls, NJ, SYSTRA has offices nationwide       Pittsburg, PA, Baltimore, MD, Charleston, NC,
SYSTRA provided a complete system-wide               information on our experience and expert services:                and more than 25 years of specialized experience      Dallas, TX, and Sacramento and Los Angeles,
RAILSIM Load Flow Analyzer application which                 SYSTRA HQ - Little Falls, NJ                              serving the public transportation and rail industry   CA – just to name a few.
models the San Diego Trolley electrical network.        Phone: 973-873-9700 | Fax: 973-873-9701                        in the United States.
The Load Flow Analyzer is used to predict                   Email:
system-wide electrical demands, as well as
                                                                                                             Gimhae Light Rail Transit (BGL). The 23 km long
                                                                                                             line is entirely built as a viaduct and includes 18
                                                                                                             stations and one depot. It will be operated with
                                                                                                             28 m long train sets (2 coaches on 3 bogies)
                                                                                                             without a driver.

                                                                                                             Within the Construction Joint Venture
                                                                                                             contract, which involves Hyundai Development
                                                                                                             Corporation and POSCO, SYSTRA is in charge of:
                                                                                                             Design of the viaduct superstructures (23 km)
                                                                                                             and review of the design (substructure and
 Los Angeles County Metropolitan                                                                                                                                      Government of Dubai, Roads and
                                                         City of Kenosha, Wisconsin, Kenosha                 stations) produced by the Korean partner,
 Transportation Authority (LACMTA) Metro                                                                                                                              Transportation Authority Rail Agency,
 Green Line Automated LRT Line Systems                   Downtown Electric Streetcar/Trolley Line            Management of the interfaces between civil
                                                                                                                                                                      Metro Red Line & Green Line
 Construction Management                                 Year Complete: 2005                                 engineering and systems, Assistance with testing
                                                                                                             and commissioning.                                       Year Complete: 2009 (Red Line), 2010 (Green
 Year Complete: 1996                                     Cost of Work: $45,000
 Cost of Work: $772M                                     SYSTRA Services: Planning, Operations &
                                                                                                                                                                      Cost of Work: $74M
 SYSTRA Services: Systems CM, Constructability           Maintenance Plans,Vehicles                          Additionally, under a direct project management
                                                                                                                                                                      SYSTRA Services: Design Review, Work
 Review, Systems Integration, Field Inspection,                                                              contract with BGL, SYSTRA is in charge                   Supervision
 Start-up Coordination
                                                        SYSTRA was engaged by the City of Kenosha,           of: planning, document management, safety
                                                        Wisconsin to serve as the city’s rail advisor for    assessment, RAM and performance assessment,             SYSTRA is currently providing project
August of 1995 marked the opening of the 20-            the implementation of a new downtown streetcar       and reporting.                                          management and consultancy services to the
mile Metro Green Line segment of the planned            line. Kenosha built a new two-mile streetcar line                                                            Road and Transport Authority for the Red Line
300-mile Los Angeles Metro Rail Network,                to serve a redevelopment on the lakefront. The                                                               and Green driverless metro project totalling
which links Norwalk to El Segundo on exclusive          project used five rebuilt Presidential Conference                                                            70 km of length. Services encompass project
guideway down the median of the I-105 Freeway.          Cars (PCC cars) from Toronto, Canada. The                                                                    management, design supervision, works and
This 16.5-mile segment crosses the existing Blue        vehicles were equipped with onboard wheelchair                                                               manufacture supervision, system verification, and
Line, providing a direct link between the two           lifts. In accordance with Federal and state                                                                  testing and acceptance. Specialized expertise
lines and the Blue Line service to downtown Los         requirements, SYSTRA developed the operating                                                                 provided by SYSTRA includes signalling, rolling
Angeles and the City of Long Beach. The “South”         plan, maintenance plan, system safety plan,                                                                  stock, power supply, telecommunication,
El Segundo Branch, a separate 3.5 mile-segment          and security plans. SYSTRA provided system                                                                   automatic train supervision, track, fare collection
located on an exclusive aerial guideway, carries rail   certification for the implementation sequencing                                                              and ticketing, and electromechanical equipment.
commuters into El Segundo’s major employment            and acceptance, guidance for the rehabilitation of                                                           In the area of safety assessment (including CBTC
center. SYSTRA performed third-party                    the PCC cars to ensure they met ADA standards,                                                               safety assessment), SYSTRA is responsible for
constructability review and systems integration         and oversight assistance.                                                                                    reviewing all safety deliverables produced by
during the design phase of the project, and                                                                                                                          the contractors at both system-wide and sub-
construction management services, including field                                                             Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris               system level, in order to ensure completeness and
supervision and inspection for the installation of                                                            County (METRO),TX,Technology                           consistency.
track, signals, traction power, and communication                                                             Alternatives Assessment, METRO Solutions
systems including the following systems: platform                                                             Year Complete: 2006
intrusion detection, wayside intrusion detection,                                                             Cost of Work: $150,000
seismic detection, SCADA, CCTV and passenger                                                                  SYSTRA Services: Technology Assessment, O&M
information. SYSTRA also provided start-up and                                                                Cost Estimation, Capital Cost Estimation
integrated testing services. As part of the track
review, both mainline crossovers and switches                                                                SYSTRA reviewed proven and emerging guided
leading to and within the maintenance base were                                                              transit technologies for suitability in five Houston
included.                                                                                                    corridors, originally funded for light rail. The team
                                                         Busan-Gimhae, South Korea,                          reviewed capacity, capital and operating costs,
                                                         Light Rail Transit                                  commercial readiness, and neighborhood impacts           New Jersey TRANSIT Hudson Bergen
                                                                                                             of light rail, streetcar, single-rail guided rubber      Line Light Rail Transit System, Bayonne to
                                                         Year Complete: ongoing                                                                                       North Bergen
                                                         Cost of Work: $22M                                  tired vehicles, traditional bus rapid transit, and
                                                         SYSTRA Services: Civil Works Design, Project        other European variants under development.               Year Complete: 2010
                                                         Management, Contractors Control, Technical          Suitable initial investments were recommended            Cost of Work: $1B (total contract)
                                                         Expertise                                           to the board for each corridor, as well as               SYSTRA Services: Systems, ROW/Track, Stations,
                                                                                                                                                                      Security, Civil, Construction Management,
                                                                                                             strategies to cost-effectively convert to higher
                                                                                                                                                                      Signals/Train Control, Electrical, Structural,
                                                        The automatic LRT metro line connecting Busan        capacity vehicles as ridership grows.                    Supervisory Control, Mechanical, Architectural,
                                                        to Gimhae via Busan airport is being constructed                                                              Communications, Traction Power/Catenary
                                                        under the Korean Act governing private public
                                                        partnerships in infrastructure projects. An
                                                        Implementation Agreement was signed in 2002
                                                        between the Korean authorities and Busan-

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