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                                         February 2011
             ‘produced for Reps, Activists and interested parties’
       The views expressed in this publication are not necessarily the views of the Motorcycle
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Editorial                                                                                 1-2
Get a Grip                                                                                3
The Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval Scheme – a guide to the                            3-5
approval of non-type-approved motorcycles, 3 wheelers and light 4
F E M A – Compulsory use of Winter Tyres for Motorcycles in Germany                       5
Report on the Motorcycle Test Review                                                      6-7
Continuous Enforcement - makes it illegal to keep an uninsured                            7
vehicle without declaring it off-road
Drivers reject proposals for MoT change                                                   8
Drink drive / ride figures                                                                8
RideSafe BackSafe – winter warning for Bikers                                             9
Department for Transport – New speed camera rules                                         9
Roadsafe – Distraction whilst on the road                                                 10
Around the UK – Newcastle University Research, Derbyshire. Cheshire.                      11-12
Ealing. Weston & North Somerset. Isle of Man. Cheshire and Greater
Events – February to April inclusive (plus all Regional Rallies)                          12-15
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Editorial                                            you just love it – there you are pigged
                                                     out on festive food in front of the box
Its a bit of a slow start to this edition            and on comes an advert for ‘Boxing Day
as I begin to compile it during that time            Sales’ meaning some poor devil has to
of the year when the Country seems to                forego the drink that you will be
grind to a halt except for ‘sales’! Don’t            enjoying that evening because they have

                                  Freedom ain’t Free, Bristol MAG
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to get up at the crack of dawn to serve                   So, Tesco are going to sell tyres –
those slaves to consumerism.                              bikes/cars/high performance.      As I
                                                          doubt the guys at the check-out will be
As you’ve probably gathered I’m not a                     qualified to fit them and I, personally,
big fan but at least while those who love                 hate the fact that Tesco et al seem to
‘shopping’ are doing their thing it leaves                be taking over the world, I think I’ll
me free to do mine once I’ve gotten out                   stick with those who have the expertise.
of the queues of traffic champing at the                  Although, it would be nice if, whilst
bit to get to the local shopping mall.                    waiting for the tyre to be fitted, I
                                                          could browse for my weekly shop – NOT.
I mentioned in January my concerns re
the ever increasing number of 20mph                       When I received the copy for this
zones locally. A quick update is that our                 edition on FEMA it made very depressing
Political bloke – Pat Healey - is working                 reading “Compulsory Winter Tyres for
hard with Councilors as they seem                         Motorcycles in Germany” and “Individual
determined to blanket this across the                     Vehicle Approval”. It would appear we
City. By the time you read this our                       have an even busier time ahead to retain
Group will have had a ‘letter writing                     the    freedom   and    individuality so
evening’ to try and persuade the Council                  important to us.
to be more selective over where they
apply the limit and not to go down the                    I have to say that, from a personal
‘blanket’ route, especially on arterial                   point of view, I question RoSPA’s
roads.                                                    recommendation    for   the    move   to
                                                          ‘single/double summer time’ (SDST) and
Further on you’ll see the results of some                 am not sure how it would save the
research from Newcastle University                        number of lives RoSPA claims. As one
which suggests removing kerb stones to                    who leaves for work at 7am I feel in far
keep drivers who get bored more alert!                    more danger on a dark morning when
Now, I may be missing something here,                     some drivers are not at their perkiest.
but wouldn’t that put pedestrians,                        I hope Nich gets some joy with putting
cyclists etc., in more danger? Seems a                    over the riders point of view to those
really strange suggestion to come up with                 determined to progress this issue.
and I’m left wondering exactly what
financial resources were used to come up                  Ride free & safe, Anne
with this.

Acknowledgments:- George Legg, Louisa Smith, Soggy John, Nich Brown, Rowan Publications, plus anyone else I’ve

                                      Freedom ain’t Free, Bristol MAG
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                                          This is MAG’s campaign for better road grip – High-grip
                                          manhole covers, Repair the Potholes, Clean-up the Diesel

                                           “Slipping on gravel or a manhole cover, especially in the wet,
                                          can be frightening at best, catastrophic at worst. If visibility is
                                          good you will probably try to take avoiding action, but that
                                          can make you alter your line - a potentially hazardous activity
                                          too! Potholes can have exactly the same effect, but with the
                                          added danger of suspension and wheel damage, or extreme
                                          deflection into oncoming traffic.”

            Action – Go to www.getagripuk.org, sign the Petition, report defects and much, much more.

Single Vehicle Approval scheme to change under new European Commission proposals
Nich wrote:- The issue of Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) is important for amateur builders and customizers of
motorcycles to get their vehicles registered and therefore being able to legally ride them on the road.

When a bike is presented for registration at DVLA it must have a Certificate of Conformity to Type Approval from the
manufacturer. Bikes that are not TA'd will need to be individually approved - eg; bikes that were built for off-road use,
or were built before the TA system came about, or were built as one-off/low volume specials, or built for a market
outside the EU.

In the UK we have a system of Single Vehicle Approval (SVA) that allows bikes without TA to be registered for use on
the road if it is
- an amateur built vehicle
- a vehicle manufactured in very low volume
- a vehicle manufactured using parts of a registered vehicle
- a rebuilt vehicle (mandatory if first licensing and registration required)
- an imported vehicle without type approval.

The new regulation is attempting to impose the same requirements for 'functional safety' (eg; ABS) and 'environmental
protection' (ie; emissions limits) on these bikes as it demands of bikes that have been fully TA'd.

Since the new type approval rules will be very strict it may effectively mark the end of new custom bikes being built by
or for individuals, or at lest make the current SVA arrangements much more difficult to comply with.

This would mean changes to our existing SVA arrangement and we now have an opportunity to lobby on this issue
(for a list of items that are currently checked in SVA see page 3 of the official guide in the attached .pdf or download it
from http://www.dft.gov.uk/vosa/repository/MSVA%20Guide%20Jan%202011.pdf).

IVA provides them with exemptions. The precise conditions will be laid down by the Commission in the upcoming
months (in a delegated act) so now is the time to lobby for the best deal we can get.

The Commission agrees that the issue of amateur built or highly customised bikes is complex and has decided to
work out solutions in a special “IVA taskforce group”. This will involve DfT officers and FEMA.

I have already met DfT officials to tell them MAG's position on all the TA issues, but we now have an
opportunity to make specific requests about protecting the right to register for the first time bikes that have
been custom-built, low-volume/specials, pre-Type Approval bikes, etc.

                                          Freedom ain’t Free, Bristol MAG
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At present the Commission proposes to allow EXEMPTIONS based on the following (this is the basis we have to build

Member states can exempt the vehicle from compliance with requirements for ABS, emissions, etc. as long as
alternative requirements are imposed and they have 'reasonable grounds' for doing so
- the DfT officers I met say they are minded to keep things as close as possible to the current SVA system, which is an
inspection largely concerned with the same things as an MoT test and which does not test for all the various missions
that the new regulations insist on.

The Commission says that these alternative requirements must ensure a level of 'functional safety' and 'environmental
protection' that is 'equivalent as far as possible' to that provided for under the new TA regulation
- our DfT may well take the view that it is impractical to replicate the emissions tests, but may introduce the sort of
emissions check that a car MoT invlolves. They may also be obliged to check to see that the bike is fitted with ABS.
However, destructive tests are not allowed. Instead a member state would have to use 'any relevant information
provided by the applicant' to establish compliance with the alternative requirements.

Where a bike has been built using modern TA'd components or systems, the paperwork for those systems may be
needed to prove the bike is eligible to be registered.

The FEMA position is:

FEMA strongly supports the individual riders and business engaged in the well established tradition of customizers
and producers of small batch series of motorcycles for whom Type Approval processes are inappropriate.
Single Vehicle Approval schemes should continue to be available to allow such vehicles to enter service in
Member States. Due to very low numbers of these vehicles, FEMA also considers less strict emission standards as

Below is the latest information from FEMA on this subject...

Jan 18, 2011 - Individual Approval of Bikes - The new European regulation on type approval of motorcycles currently
discussed in European Parliament is also dealing with the individual approval of vehicles and could therefore affect
amateur built or highly customized bikes. Aiming at protecting the freedom of riders to create individually designed
bikes and to develop innovative technical solutions FEMA entered into a dialogue with the European Commission.

The new Regulation on type approval of motorcycles defines what two and three wheeled vehicles have to comply
with in order to allow its use on public roads in Europe. It still has to pass European Parliament and Council though it
is assumed that type approval rules for manufacturers will become stricter, especially with regard to emissions, ABS
brakes and electronic devices.

Mass manufacturers are expected to be able to invest in research and to update their production lines in order to
comply with tightened standards. For most of the amateur builders, customizers and manufacturers of small series
compliance with the new type approval rules would simply become unaffordable. Via an Individual Vehicle Approval
certificate (IVA) the European Commission is trying to account for the needs of individuals and small enterprises.
Nevertheless many customizers have already expressed their concerns about the proposed legislative text.

*FEMA initialises taskforce group on individual approvals*
At the beginning of December 2010 FEMA members from Sweden and Finland met with Commission representatives
to explain difficulties that may result from the interpretation of the legal wording. "It remains unclear how far national
approval institutions can go in exempting amateur built motorcycles from strict technical requirements like ABS or
compliance with the EURO 5 norm. The Commission will precise exemptions for IVA in a delegated act which means
that we have to follow the process closely" stated Teemu Lindfors, the legal expert of FEMA member SMOTO from

Being responsive to FEMA at the last Motorcycle Working Group in January 2011, an important platform for exchange
between the Commission, EU member states' representatives, industry representatives and riders, the Commission
announced an IVA taskforce group. FEMA very much welcomes this initiative and will be actively involved in order to
protect riders' freedom as well as the existing variety and individuality within the motorcycle community.

*The implications of IVA*
The challenge for IVA is to allow registration and use of self-built vehicles, to customize mass produced bikes and to
allow single or individual imports of motorcycles which do not comply with EU requirements. At the same time the

                                          Freedom ain’t Free, Bristol MAG
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Commission does not want IVA to "become an undesirable backdoor for manufacturers producing vehicles in high
volumes, trying to circumnavigate base type approval requirements", a Commission official explains.

Once a motorcycle is certificated with European IVA it can be used and sold throughout Europe. Of course a
standardised EU IVA means watering down safety and environmental standards in some countries while in others
individual approval would become stricter. "The IVA topic is currently being dealt with in the Council working group
and there are a number of Member States who would like to re-introduce in addition to EU IVA individual approval on
a national base" the Commission official continues. "This concept would allow each Member State to develop its own
set of derogation of base rules". At the same time other countries could refuse the registration of such a nationally
approved vehicle.

The national member organisations of FEMA have already started to brief their national officials in order to reach a
satisfying solution.

And more from:

                                                  F E M A
Compulsory use of Winter Tyres for Motorcycles in Germany

A new legal act in Germany defines rules for the use of winter tyres. Motorcycles do not remain excluded
from the new regulation while at the same time hardly any winter tyres for bikes are available. Therefore,
participation in winter meetings, like the legendary Meeting of the Elephants, would practically become
illegal. Germany amended its Road Traffic Act in order to specify the weather conditions under which the
use of winter tyres becomes compulsory. Now it states clearly: in weather conditions of ice, snow, slush
and frost a vehicle may only be used which is fitted with winter tyres (marked as M+S Tyres). Unfortunately
the terminus ‘vehicle' automatically includes motorcycles.

"It would make no sense to oblige motorcyclists in Germany to use winter tyres, while in all countries with
harder winter conditions, for example in Austria, motorcyclists are explicitly excluded from such regulations"
says Olaf Biethan, Chairmen of the German FEMA member BVDM. Apart from that the rule is impracticable
according to a BVDM statement.

“The few winter tyres on offer that bear an M&S mark are almost all designed for use on Enduros and off
road machines. They have been designed for low power motorcycles which have a corresponding low
weight load and are restricted in their top speed. They are only produced in a few special sizes which are
not suitable for the most popular machines on the market. These tyres are only produced in low numbers
which are only stocked by a few specialist dealers."

Mistake in the law making process
German motorcyclist associations had not been included into the law making process. Apparently a court
order pushed the Ministry of Transport to act quickly to improve the applicability of the winter tyre
regulations. It remains unclear whether the authorities deliberately included motorcycles into the scheme or
if they just forgot to deal with two- and three wheeled vehicles separately.

When experts of BVDM had a closer look at the legal text they discovered that it referred to a couple
European Directives. One of them defines the scope of vehicles the other Directives are making reference
to. Motorcycles are not included in the scope therefore BVDM concludes that the application of the new
German winter tyre law is not mandatory for powered two wheelers.

How the new winter tyre rules are interpreted by the German police remains unclear. BVDM hopes to
receive an official statement soon. FEMA will keep you updated.

Go to www.fema.online to read the full statement of BVDM on the issue.

                                         Freedom ain’t Free, Bristol MAG
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                              Report of the motorcycle test review

1. The review of the Motorcycle Test was announced by Mike Penning MP, Road Safety Minister, in June
2010, in response to public concerns about the changes to the test introduced in April 2009. The aim has
been to devise changes to the test which deliver a single event test, carried out on the road where possible,
which will maintain riding standards, improve safety and increase accessibility of the test to all candidates.
Work has focused on the specified manoeuvres required by EU legislation, in particular the hazard
avoidance manoeuvre, and on improved service delivery to increase the number and geographical
coverage of locations from which testing is available.

2. A potential new hazard avoidance manoeuvre has been designed, which can be performed on the
road. This includes a more flexible approach to assessing whether candidates have attained the speed
requirement, which can also be applied to the emergency stop. Alternative approaches to the slow speed
manoeuvres and the manoeuvre at 30kmh (19mph) have also been considered.

3. Further work is needed to confirm that the revised manoeuvres achieve the aims of improving safety and
maintaining standards. Further consideration also needs to be given to the criteria for performing the
manoeuvres on the road safely. Trialing involving a significant number of candidates at or around test
standard is therefore recommended, to verify that the proposed new manoeuvres are suitable for testing
riding standards and can be done safely on the road as part of a single event test.

4. Another approach is that the slow manoeuvres could be examined as part of the pre-test training that
most candidates take, at existing off road training sites, rather than at DSA sites. This would take place
ahead of the main part of the test, which would still be conducted by DSA, as a single event. Examination
of the slow manoeuvres could be undertaken by delegated examiners, or by DSA examiners going to
customer sites at training schools. This approach needs further development with the training industry and
others, including the procedures for quality assurance of delegated examiners, recording and verifying
whether candidates had passed and the costs for trainers, candidates and DSA.

5. Once the suitability of the proposed new manoeuvres has been verified, the next stage will be to deliver
a complete new practical test. In particular, to meet the significant concerns about access to the test, it will
need to be provided from additional locations. Suitable locations for on-road delivery of the hazard
avoidance and emergency stop manoeuvres will need to be found, which meet the criteria for safe delivery
of the manoeuvres. They will also need to form part of test routes including a suitable variety of riding
conditions, an opportunity for independent riding and possibly a location for testing of the slow manoeuvres
(in the event that these are not examined separately by delegated examiners), all within a reasonable
distance of a start and end point which has suitable facilities.

6. The priority for moving to on road testing, as far as possible, will be the areas which are currently most
poorly served, while existing off road sites could at least initially continue to be used where they are still
convenient for candidates. Subject to further work on safety, cost and value for money, there could then be
a transitional period while on road testing was introduced in more areas. Over time, more on road sites
would be identified so that by the end of the transitional period, it could be possible for all tests to be
conducted on road. To ensure consistency of the test for all candidates, any changes to the manoeuvres
would be introduced in the same way for all locations at the same time.

7. The costs involved will also need to be taken into account. Factors affecting costs are likely to include
the time taken to deliver a new single event test will determine the number of tests per day that can be
delivered per examiner; increasing the provision of test locations, by increasing the number of examiners
needed to provide a service across a larger number of sites; the cost implications of future options for
existing Multi Purpose Test Centre sites and Motorcycle Manoeuvring Areas, most of which are leased; and
any potential savings by moving from a two module test to a single event test and from improvements to
the booking system to reduce the number of unused test slots.

                                      Freedom ain’t Free, Bristol MAG
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8. The next step will be to undertake trialing of the proposed new manoeuvres, in the early part of
2011. This will be followed by public consultation on the proposed changes. The secondary legislation
governing the test will also need to be amended, examiners and trainers will need to prepare for the new
test and the on road sites will need to be identified and prepared. The aim should be to implement the new
test, including on road testing in priority areas, by the end of 2011 or early 2012, moving to on road testing
for all tests as quickly as possible after that. Changes to the test will need to be monitored and kept under

[A statement issued by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) can be found on www.dft.gov.uk]

Uninsured Riders and Drivers Face New Crackdown

New powers to tackle uninsured driving will come into force within months, Road Safety Minister Mike
Penning has announced.

Under the new powers it will be an offence to keep an uninsured vehicle, rather than just to drive when

Currently every responsible motorist pays an average £30 each year within their premiums to cover
crashes involving uninsured and untraced drivers. It is also estimated that uninsured and untraced drivers
kill 160 people and injure 23,000 every year.

Under the new system:
- The DVLA will work in partnership with the Motor Insurers’ Bureau to identify uninsured vehicles
- Motorists will receive a letter telling them that their vehicle appears to be uninsured and warning them that
they will be fined unless they take action
- If the keeper fails to insure the vehicle they will be given a £100 fine
- If the vehicle remains uninsured - regardless of whether the fine is paid - it could then be seized and

Vehicles with a valid Statutory Off Road Notice (SORN) will not be required to be insured.

Insurance Times, reports that…

the measure is popular within the insurance industry, but an AA spokesman told the Daily Telegraph it
could cause problems for innocent motorists: “This could hit people who happen to be away or who are in
hospital when their car insurance is up for renewal," the spokesman said. “At the same time this will not
deal with the sort of people who are not recorded at all by the DVLA. The big question is whether the
Government will have enough money in its budget to publicise the change in the law.”

Road safety minister Mike Penning responded that by pledging a substantial campaign to make sure that
drivers were aware of the change in the law.

Nich says: we’ve been keeping an eye on DfT / DVLA plans for Continuous Insurance Enforcement over
the past few years. The scheme shouldn’t mean we have the farce of bikes dismantled in to boxes of bits
having to be insured, but there are continuing concerns over how accurate the insurance database really is
and whether CIE will be used as an excuse to draw all vehicles currently in long-term storage or museum
collections in to the Statutory Off-Road Notification scheme.

                                      Freedom ain’t Free, Bristol MAG
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Drivers reject proposals for MoT change

Britain’s motorists are against changing the MoT test from annually to every two years, according to a
recent survey (Car and Van News).
Motor industry bodies have condemned the government proposals and a survey of 4,200 motorists appears
to show that they agree with the industry.
The poll was jointly funded by the The Retail Motor Industry (RMI), National Tyre Distributors Association,
Scottish Motor Trade Association and the MOT Club.
The results suggest that 92% of motorists believe doubling the time between MoT tests would threaten
road safety.
Of those questioned 97% saw the test as primarily a safety measure, and 93% did not consider it an
unnecessary burden on motorists.
The government proposal would move the first MoT test back from three years of age to four years, and
then re-test every two years - following the example of the European Union.
John Ball, of the RMI, said: “With motorists being forced to reduce their spending on servicing and repairs
in these austere times, the annual MoT is seen by many as essential to ensure their vehicles are
roadworthy and safe.”

Nich says: the reported statistics suggest that countries where there is no MoT test, or a less frequent test,
do not have a worse incidence of collisions due to faulty vehicles. The real danger may be that we get a
less frequent but far more invasive and expensive roadworthiness test with little or no benefit to riders.

Motorcycle News reports that:-

Bikers are half as likely as other road users to drink-drive, according to the Motor Cycle Industry
Association. Figures show that only 1.4% of riders tested after an accident failed a breathalyzer, compared
to 2.7% of all road user casualties.

An MCI spokesman said: “Although motorcyclists are half as likely as car riders to take the risk of drinking
and driving, the Christmas season marks the time of year when people are more likely to indulge in a
couple of extra drinks.

“Young riders in particular are most likely to drink and ride. Motorcyclists aged between 20 and 24 were
most likely to fail a breath test, with 2.4 per cent of tests taken by riders in this age band positive for

"However, this figure is still less than half that of the average for all road users between 20 and 24, of whom 5 per
cent gave a breath test positive for alcohol.”

can contact Naomi Bastor at PACTS on 0207 2227736

                                         Freedom ain’t Free, Bristol MAG
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                                     Winter Warning for Bikers
RideSafe BackSafe has launched the first in a series of winter advice campaigns for bikers in North West

The campaign advises bikers to prepare properly for every journey and to adopt a much more cautious
mind-set on winter roads.

Posters are being distributed to motorcycle dealerships, larger employers, local authorities and the police.

Karen Delaney, RideSafe BackSafe spokesperson, explains: “Other road users can often just de-mist or
de-ice the windscreen, get in and go; but there is a lot more to it for year-round riders. The routine you
might follow in pleasant weather is not good enough for winter.

“We are urging bikers to allow more time to dress properly for the conditions – stay warm and dry and be
highly visible – regularly check that your bike or scooter is road worthy and ride cautiously. In all but the
very worst conditions, it is still possible to get out there on two wheels; but don’t think that Mother Nature
owes you a safe ride.”

RideSafe BackSafe will be issuing further poster campaigns over the coming months focusing on the need
for other road users to show respect and leave room for motorcyclists.

For more information visit www.ridesafebacksafe.co.uk or contact mandi@tmpartners.co.uk

Department for Transport announces New Speed Camera Rules to ‘Improve Transparency’

Local authorities and the police will have to publish full information about speed cameras, under proposals
announced by Road Safety Minister Mike Penning.
By April 2011 the Government wants information about cameras to be easily available to the public.
This could include data about accident rates at camera sites, vehicle speeds and the numbers of motorists
prosecuted or offered training after offences recorded by cameras.
Mike Penning said:
"Public bodies should be accountable and if taxpayers' money is being spent on speed cameras then it is
right that information about their effectiveness is available to the public.
"The proposals I have announced today will help show what impact cameras are having on accident and
casualty rates and also how the police are dealing with offenders.
"This is in line with our commitment to improve transparency of government data so that the public are able
to make more informed judgements about the work of local and central government."
The Department will be working with police and local authority representatives as well as the Highways
Agency to discuss the details of what should be published and how. The final requirements will then be
confirmed in time for publication in April 2011.

                                       Freedom ain’t Free, Bristol MAG
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Driver Distraction
Vehicles are increasingly becoming “moving offices”, an environment in which employees are likely to
receive or make phone calls, check text messages or even check their emails, often without appreciating
the enormous road risk that this type of behaviour poses while driving.
Distraction on the roads is a major source of concern. Driver distraction is thought to play a role in 20-30%
of all road collisions. There is a long list of distractions that undermine the driver or the rider’s ability to
perform the driving task.
The report published by ETSC – www.etsc.eu/PRAISE.php - provides employers insight on how to
minimise distractions, focusing on in-vehicle distractions associated with the use of electronic devices or
so-called “nomadic devices” including mobile phones, smart phones, music players and portable navigation
devices (PNDs).
It aims to provide a source of information and recommendations to employers based on a recently
completed longer study on the regulatory situation in the European Member States.
The report focuses on the risk associated with the use of electronic “nomadic” devices by drivers.
Employers should however identify and manage all distractions linked to driving for work and ensure that
drivers reduce risks by, for example: not eating or drinking while driving; presetting music/radio and climate
controls; securing any loose objects; pulling over to adjust equipment, check maps or attend to personal
grooming; asking passengers to help with tasks (e.g. checking maps), etc.

                                            Around the UK
The Daily Telegraph reports that Newcastle University researchers have suggested increasing road
hazards as a method to battle bored drivers who seek excitement by taking risks.
The researchers found that 31% of drivers were easily bored and therefore more likely to seek excitement
by taking driving risks, such as speeding or overtaking, as they did not find the highways taxing enough.
The researchers said building in more obstacles - for example removing kerbs so cars are more exposed to
pavement hazards - might be the answer.
For more on this go to:- www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/news/823720/Removing-curbs-could-make-raods-

BBC News reports that Derbyshire Motorbike Crashes are Cut During Campaign - Fatal and serious
motorcycle crashes in Derbyshire fell by 40% during a high-profile summer campaign, according to newly
released figures. The road safety partnership said 69 incidents were recorded between April and
September - 46 fewer than during with the same period in 2009.
The campaign saw nearly 20,000 riders given a safety guide, backed by media publicity and speed camera
patrols. The guide showed accident black spots and gave tips on safe biking.

Cheshire East Council may have some explaining to do to tax payers - From April camera authorities will
be required to publish data including casualty rates, vehicle speeds and the number of prosecutions at
each site under proposals announced by the Department for Transport.
It’s been reported in MCN that the country’s first set of bike-catching average speed cameras, installed last
March at a cost to the taxpayer of £800,000, to calculate average speeds based on the time it takes a
vehicle to get from one installation to the next on the A537 Cat & Fiddle road from Macclesfield in Cheshire
to Buxton, Derbyshire could not work because of an oversight and have not resulted in a single prosecution
nearly a year later.
Reason? Apparently, they take no account of a shortcut which leaves and rejoins the A537, shortening the
distance between cameras and rendering the calculation impossible.

                                       Freedom ain’t Free, Bristol MAG
                                                                                                         P a g e | 11

Ealing Council is to scrap their motorcycles in bus lanes experiment which they started in 2009.
Ealing council state there were significantly more motorcyclist casualties, mainly caused by cars turning
across bus lanes into side junctions. Original claims for the bus lane trials suggested there would be a 40%
safety benefit to motorcyclists, by giving them access to bus lanes.
The council considered data from the London wide experiment on Transport for London roads and data
from motorcycle crashes on Ealing roads. The increased casualties in Ealing were similar to those on the
TfL roads.
Cycling groups have lobbied against motorcycle access to bus lanes since day one and it seems that they
may start to get what they're looking for if other councils follow suit. It's worth noting that in both trials cyclist
casualties were higher than expected.
This is what is reported:- “Whilst there were no direct collisions between a motorcycle and a pedal cycle, it
is suggested that there must be a causal link given that the only change between the data-sets was the
motorcycle experiment.”
It adds: “The most likely reason for the increase [in cycle collisions] is that cyclists are riding closer to the
kerb (because of motorcycles passing fast and close), making them less visible to other road users.”
Sorry, am I missing something here? Seems extremely easy to blame motorcyclists, despite the fact they
were not involved in any of the collisions summed up in the Council’s own reported words – “casual link &
most likely reason”. Ed

Weston and North Somerset MAG
On 13th January 2011, a small group of Weston & North Somerset MAG met up with Mr Paul Watkins,
Senior Engineer for Highways and Transport and Mr Alex Fear, Engineering & Design Manager, Highways
and Transport for North Somerset Council. All those concerned felt the meeting had been very constructive
and it gave us an opportunity to share thoughts and ideas with two people who can have a real influence on
matters which concern motorcyclists locally.
Among the items discussed were the production of a leaflet detailing areas of motorcycle parking in
Weston, permission for motorcycles to use bus lanes in North Somerset and it was agreed that both these
would be looked into by the Managers.
We highlighted the "Get a Grip" campaign and it was interesting to see that Mr Watkins already had a
section of non slip inspection cover which he brought to the meeting. Obviously we have to be realistic in
these times of budget constraints, but North Somerset Council will do it's best to get some of these on our
roads in coming years. This may including asking any new developments to incorporate them into their
road design. MAG will canvas it's members locally to come up with a list of twenty or so of the worst covers
and take this to our next meeting, so your thoughts on this are needed!
We talked about the state of the road surfaces following two bad winters. There is a reporting process via
the Council website and we have agreed to make a link to this on the MAG website.
Finally, we discussed "Think Bike" posters. Mr Watkins said that these had already been placed on a
location near to Portishead and it was hoped to increase the numbers of them by the Summer. The posters
they have produced are excellent, so look out for them at a junction near you!
We have agreed to make these meetings every three months or so, with MAG being invited to attend
anything relevant which may arise in the meantime. It is important that members realise that this is THEIR
forum, so come along and support your local meetings and make your views known. Soggy John.

Manx Green Laning threat by Visordown News
The future for Green Laning in the Isle of Man has been called into question by a local environmentalist.
Richard Crowhurst, a director of the Isle of Man Woodland Trusts would like to see a ban on trail riding in
the Isle of Man.
Crowhurst is particularly concerned about damage being done to the MIllenium Way. 'This damage will last
years. I wish the people responsible had to come and repair it,' he said.
‘Though I personally would like to see it, I accept a complete ban is not practical but I think the bikes should
be excluded from ancient lanes like this and allowed to use some of the others provided they stick to the
marked route and don’t carve through the heath land.’
Local motorcycle groups are objecting to Crowhurst's claims. Steve Collins, who is on the committee of the
Southern Motorcycle Club, which organises trials and enduro events, said he was against a bike ban from
any of the Green Lanes or Ways. 'As a Manxman, I have ridden these tracks for 30 years and these people
have to remember to live and let live,’ he said.
                                        Freedom ain’t Free, Bristol MAG
                                                                                                P a g e | 12

‘This is a biking nation that has produced Enduro world champions and top trials riders like Steve Colley.
People need somewhere to ride.’
An Isle of Man Newspapers’ on-line poll in November 2006 attracted 14,501 responses with 8,366 (57 per
cent) opposed to restricting motorcycles on green lanes.
Read more: http://www.visordown.com/motorcycle-news--general-news/this-man-wants-to-ban-trail-

Highways Agency - Motorcycle Barriers First for North West
The safety of the region's motorcyclists is being boosted by the installation of new-style motorway safety
barriers for the first time anywhere in the North West
Work to provide the new 'motorcycle-friendly' barriers - along slip roads on the M56 in Cheshire and
Greater Manchester - began on Wednesday (January 19) and is set to be completed by the middle of
The barriers are designed to prevent motorcyclists slipping under them and colliding with the barrier posts
or lamp columns and sign posts behind.
The new-style barriers are being installed as part of the Highways Agency’s ongoing programme, working
alongside partners like the police and local councils in local road safety partnerships, to reduce road
casualty numbers.
Highways Agency Project Sponsor Mark Mosley said, "This work will improve safety along the slip roads for
all motorway users but the new-style barriers have been installed specifically to help reduce the impact of
collisions on motorcyclists."

Saturday, February 19, 2011 - East Anglia Regional AGM
Organiser: East Anglia MAG
Regional AGM Arrive from 14:00 for a 14:15 start Remember your Membership card - no card, no vote.
Location: 11 Short Drive, Manea, Nr. March, Cambridgeshire PE15 0GF
Web: http://east-anglia-region.mag-uk.org

Saturday, February 19, 2011 - Burton MAG AGM
Organiser: Burton on Trent MAG
Annual A.G.M. Remember your MAG membership card. No card, no vote.
Location: The Rockbar, Shobnall Sports & Social Club, Burton on Trent, Staffs, DE14 2BB, at 8pm

Monday, February 21,2011 - Whitehaven M.A.G. AGM
Organiser: Whitehaven M.A.G.
AGM of the Local M.A.G. branch in West Cumbria area. 8pm prompt. Remember your current MAG
membership card - no card, no vote.
Location: The Haven Club, Cleator Moor Rd, Whitehaven, CA28 8TX
Web: http://www.cumbriamag.co.uk

Saturday, March 5, 2011 - West Midlands Regional Annual General Meeting.
Organiser: West Midlands M.A.G.
A.G.M. Arranged to Follow Black Country MAG's A.G.M.. Black Country A.G.M. 12 noon West Mids A.G.M.
1pm Remember your MAG membership card. No card, no vote.
Location: The Park Inn,Woodsetton,Dudley, DY1 4LN 1pm
Web: http://west-midlands-region.mag-uk.org

                                     Freedom ain’t Free, Bristol MAG
                                                                                                     P a g e | 13

Saturday, March 5, 2011 - Second "Ace to Ace" Circulars Run
Organiser: NoToBikeParkingTax
Final Fundraiser for High Court Appeal against Westminster City Council bike parking charges. Leave Ace
Cafe at 10.30am. Return ETA 3.30pm, we'll ride clockwise around to East London for lunch taking in all the
surrounding boroughs that may have considered emulating WCC's attack on the motorcycling community
but have since been persuaded to shelve those plans.
Location: Ace Cafe, North Circular Road, London
Web: http://www.notobikeparkingtax.com

Tuesday, March 8, 2011 - West Oxfordshire MAG AGM
Organiser: West Oxon MAG
Everyone welcome. Arrive for 8.30pm, meeting to start at 9pm prompt. Please remember your current MAG
membership card. No card, no vote.
Location: The New Inn, Corn Street, Witney, Oxfordshire, OX28 6AU.

Thursday, March 10, 2011 - East Yorkshire MAG
Organiser: East York's MAG
E.Y. MAG AGM. Come and have your say in what direction the group goes in 2011 to 2012. All welcome.
start for 8.30 in the back room at Lady Le Gros. Norwood Beverley. Remember your current MAG
Membership card. No card - no vote.
Location: Lady Le Gros, Norwood, Beverley,.

Sunday, March 20, 2011 - Lincolnshire Regional AGM
Organiser: MAG Lincolnshire Region
Regional AGM Arrive from 14:30 for a 15:00 start Remember your Membership card - no card, no vote.
Location: The Red Lion, Bull Ring Horncastle, LN9 5HT
Web: http://lincs-region.mag-uk.org

Sunday, March 27, 2011 - Wakefield MAG Pet Food Run
Organiser: Wakefield MAG
Charity Pet Food Run to Whitehall Dog Rescue in East Ardsley and other Wakefield based pet rescues.
Bring: Tinned Pet Food; Complete (Dry) Mixer Food; Chews / Treats; Towels / Blankets; Collars / Leads;
Old Quilts; Donations (towards vets bills)
Location: Meet 9:30am (leaving at 10:00am) at Grey Horse, Kirkgate, Wakefield, WF1 4EJ
Web: http://wakefield.mag-uk.org

Sunday, April 3, 2011 - Salisbury MAG 10th Spring Bike Show
Organiser: Salisbury MAG
12-Noon start. Unique trophies, bar, revised catering, prize raffle, cash raffle and trade stands.
Location: Salisbury Livestock Market, Netherhampton Road, Salisbury SP2 8RH

Wednesday, April 6, 2011 - Bury St Edmunds & District MAG / BSE Mad Cows AGM
Organiser: Bury St Edmunds & District MAG / BSE Mad Cows
AGM starting at 8pm. Please bring current membership card to vote.
Location: British Sugar Sport & Social Club, Hollow Road, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP32 7BB

Wednesday, April 6, 2011 - Scarborough MAG AGM
Organiser: Scarborough MAG
AGM, starting at 8pm. Please bring current membership card to vote.
Location: Forge Valley Inn, Pickering Road, West Ayton, Nr. Scarborough, N.Yorks.
Enquiries: Stuart, on: 07810 747865
Email: stuartis@talktalk.net

                                      Freedom ain’t Free, Bristol MAG
                                                                                                 P a g e | 14

Saturday, April 9, 2011 - MAG UK Annual Group Conference
Organiser: Motorcycle Action Group UK / East Yorkshire MAG
DON'T FORGET TO BRING YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD! Doors open 9.30AM, Free Tea and Coffee plus
sandwich on arrival. Conference starts 10.30am prompt. Free Buffet lunch 12.30pm. Free camping Friday
and Saturday night at the Rugby Club (MUST be booked in advance - details below) A full English
breakfast can also be booked by campers Night time party band, DJ, cheap beer open to all delegates and
MAG members
Location: Beverley Rugby Club 155 Norwood, Beverley, East Yorkshire HU17 9HT. (Located behind the
Lady Le Gros pub)
Enquiries: For Camping or Venue info: Kev Davison, Tel. 01482 863237
Web: http://www.mag-uk.org
Email: k5vda@yahoo.co.uk

Saturday, April 16, 2011 - Easter Egg Run
Organiser: West Midlands MAG
Charity ride. Please bring along donations of Easter Eggs, Cuddly Toys etc.
Location: Run from Bewell Head club Bromsgrove B61 8HY, 12 noon start for ride to Acorns Hospice,
Web: http://west-midlands-region.mag-uk.org

Sunday, April 17 - Southampton MAG Bike Show.
Organiser: Southampton MAG
Another great bike show. put on by Southampton MAG.
Location: Cricketers, Chestnut ave, Eastleigh, Hant's.

Friday, April 22 - Sunday, April 24, 2011 - The Slippit Inn Rally 2011
Organiser: Glos MAG & Friends
This will be our 24th year. We have live music, real ale, lager & cider on tap served at our own bar. We also
have a limited number proper loos with hot and cold running water Cheques/POs payable to: Glos MAG
Please ring Steve on 077995883316 or email him on steve.peake@mag-uk.org if you want to pay by
cheque but we prefer it if you pay through paypal on our website. There is no extra charge for this.
Location: Severn View Farm, Gatcombe, Blakeney, GL15 4AU
Web: http://gloucester.mag-uk.org/

Saturday, April 23, 2011 - Easter Egg Run
Organiser: South East Northumberland Motorcycle Action Group
SENMAG Easter Egg Run, Meeting 10:30am - 11:00am, Setting off at 11:30am
Location: Woodhorn Museum & Archive, Ashington, Northumberland
Web: http://www.senmag.org

Friday, April 29 - Sunday, May 1, 2011 - Into the Valley
Organiser: Yorkshire MAG
Yorkshire MAG's first rally of the season. With bands beer and bikes only, what more do you need!
Location: Dalton Estate, South Dalton East Yorkshire
Web: http://www.intothevalley.co.uk

Friday, April 29 - Sunday, May 1, 2011 - Great Tees Valley Bridge Run and BBQ
Organiser: Estonians MCC
Estonians MCC 3rd Great Tees Valley Bridge Run and BBQ. Run starts 12.00 noon Transporter Bridge
Middlesbrough, travel through the Tees Valley crossing 21 Bridges ending at the Moorcock Inn, Eggleston
for BBQ complimentary snack and drink. Camping available Fri/Sat/Sun evenings. Live Band / Disco on
Saturday and Sunday evening. SAE to: Bridge Run, Estonians MCC, c/o 12 Flora Street, Middlesbrough,
Location: Middlesbrough to Eggleston
Web: http://www.estoniansmcc.com/

                                     Freedom ain’t Free, Bristol MAG
                                                                                                     P a g e | 15

Saturday, April 30 - Sunday, May 1, 2011 - The Dirty Donkey
Organiser: Wycombe MAG
One night party, with camping, beer and hot food, bands and Burlesque! Over 18s only, Ticket only.
Location: The Black Horse Pub. Aylesbury Road. Mobwell. Great Missenden. Bucks. HP16 9AX
Web: http://www.wycombemag.co.uk

Friday, May 13 - Sunday, May 15, 2011 - The Number One Rally
Organiser: Northy East MAG
Bike Show, Stalls, Bands, Bonfire, Beer, Silly Games, Survival Tent..... Ticket Prices £10 Pre Book / £15 on
the gate. For pre-book tickets, send a stamped self addressed envelope with payment to: 16 St Helens
Street, Hartlepool, TS24 0EW.
Ticket: Cheques payable to: The Number One Rally Committee
Location: Tunstall Riding Centre, Tunstall Lane, Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough, TS7 0NU.
Web: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/event.php?eid=160033380694651

Friday, June 17 - Sunday, June 19, 2011 - The Farmyard Party
Organiser: Yorkshire MAG
The UK's biggest and best bike only party. No ticket price rises for 5 years. By bikers, for bikers, in aid of
bikers and bikers pockets!
Location: Duncombe Park, Helmsley, North Yorkshire.
Web: http://www.farmyardparty.com

Friday, July 1 - Sunday, July 3, 2011 - Heart of England Rally
Organiser: West Midlands MAG
Annual Rally with live music and all normal facilities to include the Brum Demo on the Saturday
Location: Kings Norton R.F.C. Hopwood Park, Ash Lane, B48 7BB off the A441.
Web: http://west-midlands-region.mag-uk.org

Friday, August 12 - Sunday, August 14, 2011 - End of the Road Rally
Organiser: MAG Cornwall
Traditional green field Rally with Trade Stalls, Rideout, Real Ale and Live Music. Held in historic
countryside at the most southerly point of mainland UK. Restricted numbers, tickets on a first come first
served basis. Tickets are £12.00 in advance (the first 50 also get a badge) and £15.00 on the gate.
Cheques payable to MAG Cornwall. All profits to MAG.
Ticket: Send an SAE to: End of the Road Rally, 23 Parkway, St Austell, Cornwall, PL25 4HR.
Location: Predannack Paint Ball Site, Lizard, Cornwall, TR12 7AN.
Enquiries: 07778 565945
Web: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/MAG-Cornwall/111280468942007

Friday, September 2 - Sunday, September 4, 2011 - 21st Stormin' The Castle
Organiser: Stormin' The Castle
Stormin' is 21 years old - further details to follow
Location: Witton Castle, Witton le Wear, Co. Durham
Web: http://www.storminthecastle.co.uk

                                       Freedom ain’t Free, Bristol MAG
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