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Phiston Technologies Hard Drive Media Crusher

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                                        Phiston Technologies

                               MediaVise                            TM

   for 2010 and 2011 could be staggering with the increasing use
   of social networking and the vast array of consumer electronics.

   a computer hard drive is “fed” into the MediaVise™, its patented crushing plates deliver

   than a minute, the hard drive is crushed, mangled and rendered unreadable and discharged

                               Technical Specifications
                                         Dimensions (W x H x D)             12” x 24” x 19”

                                                       Weight                  160 lbs

                                               Power Required               13A @ 120VAC

                                                                      2.5” and 3.5” Hard Drives

                                               Media Accepted          Cell Phones and PDAs
                                                                  Other Media under Max Media Size
                                                                         (4” x 1.25” x 5.75”)

                                                    Cycle Time               30 Seconds

                                          MSRP                    $9,950.00

                                          GSA Pricing             $8,457.50

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