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					                                                                                                                                                  SAN DIEGO CHAPTER

                                                                                                                                            The Construction Specifications
                                                                                                                                                    Institute, Inc.

                                                                                                                                              Volume 8, Issue 4
                                                                                                                                                December 2008

                            O      ur greatest Chapter resource is our members. This is best articulated in our 2009 Chapter
                                   motto, “CSI San Diego: People and knowledge on which you can develop your career.”
                            The current financial and economic situations facing our country are forcing construction industry
                            organizations both to adjust to current market conditions and to retool their organizations in
                            anticipation of the next economic growth cycle. Where you will fit within the construction industry
                            on the far side of the current recession is largely up to you. How will the local industry change during
                            the current economic cycle? Will you have the necessary personal skills to compete in the future as
                            you have in the past? More importantly, what will those new skills and knowledge be to keep you
                            Fortunately, our CSI San Diego members belong to a unique construction industry organization
                            represented by individuals from all phases of San Diego’s construction processes. Unlike a single focus
  Dennis R. Hall, CCCA      professional organization oriented on its own function or phase contribution to the construction
2008-09 SDCSI President     process, CSI offers its members opportunities to broaden their personal perspective of the local
                            construction industry which is increasingly characterized by greater collaboration and the application
of emerging technologies.
There is a popular CSI phrase, “Leadership is not a spectator sport.” In my view, a more important phrase is, “Membership is not a
spectator sport.” Most healthy organizations have a ‘give and take’ quality to them. Regardless of your motivation for joining CSI
San Diego, the greater benefits of membership come from actively participating in Chapter activities (e.g., holding a Board of
Directors position, chairing a Chapter committee, volunteering to help with committee projects, mentoring an engineering or
architecture student member of the Chapter, teaching a CDT class, etc.) by volunteering (giving) a small portion of your personal
time and industry talents to help with the numerous tasks, both small and large, which help make CSI San Diego all it can be to
our members and the local industry. I guarantee you that the more you get involved in Chapter activities, the more you will
establish valuable personal relationships with other industry professionals that will help you better understand the vast
knowledge base of the local industry and your professional
role in it, no matter what your industry position.                            INSIDE THIS ISSUE
                                                                                    INSIDE THIS ISSUE
Thanks again to all of you who responded to our 2009
                                                                  President’s Message ..................................................................................... 1
Programs Questionnaire. Attached to next month’s issue of
                                                                  CALENDAR OF EVENTS .................................................... 2
the SpecTickle will be a review of our 2008 program as a
reminder of the valuable opportunities you have as a CSI          Curmudgeon’s Corner: Sustainable Design – Is It? ......................... 3,5
San Diego member to expand your personal knowledge of             BUCH NOTES: Materials for Design......................................................... 4
the local industry in which you play such an important role.      Educational Opportunity ............................................................................ 4
Outside of a project-specific jobsite meeting, I know of few      Member Profile: MO MANSOURI, CSI ................................................ 5
other opportunities where industry people from all phases         Institute News ............................................................................................... 6
of construction can interact and learn from each other in a       West Region Corner ............................................................................... 7-8
collegial and professional manner on local construction           Call For Articles ........................................................................................... 9
issues important to us all. Share this 2008 program with          Editorial Policy .............................................................................................. 9
your supervisors and colleagues to encourage them to              San Diego Chapter Board of Directors ................................................. 9
attend one of our 2009 meetings and learn more about the          San Diego Chapter Committee Chairs .................................................. 9
benefits of membership in CSI San Diego. The 2009                 Our Monthly Advertisers ........................................................................ 10
program is shaping up to be an even better one than last          SpecTickle Advertising Rates .................................................................... 10
year since we jump started it on Friday, December 12th            ADVERTISE TODAY in the SDCSI SpecTickle .................................. 10
with an added joint breakfast meeting with the American           ATTACHMENTS:
Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE) for a 2009              Tuesday, January 20th … CDT Study Group Begins .................. 11-13
economic forecast presentation on the San Diego region.           Thursday, January 22nd General Membership Meeting flyer ........... 14
May each of you and your families have a joyous holiday           Sika Corporation’s “A Day of Learning” - 01/22/09 FREE! ..... 15-16
season. ■                                                         Tuesday, February 17th Continuing Education Seminar flyer .... 17-18

  SDCSI Hotline: 877.401.6733; 619.401.6733               Email:                        Website:
          Page 2                        San Diego CSI SpecTickle                         December 2008


                   Regularly scheduled Chapter membership meetings are usually held at the
                    Admiral Baker Golf Course Clubhouse unless otherwise indicated.

♦ THURSDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2008                               ♦ THURSDAY, JANUARY 22, 2009
  HOLIDAY GATHERING                                           GENERAL MEMBERSHIP DINNER MEETING
  Time:    5:30-8:00 pm                                       Program: THE EVOLVING CONTRACTOR
  Location: Tom Ham’s Lighthouse                              CLICK HERE FOR MEETING FLYER.
                                                              Times:     5:30 pm - Networking, Cocktails,
♦ FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2008                                                        Product Vendor Tabletops
   HOLIDAY BREAKFAST MEETING, a joint meeting                            6:30 pm - Buffet Dinner
    with the American Society of Professional                            7:15 pm - Announcements
    Estimators (ASPE), San Diego Chapter                                 7:30 pm - Program
                                                           ♦ TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2009
              ENGINE—WHAT’S AHEAD IN 2009?
                                                              CONTINUING EDUCATION SEMINAR
   Times:     6:45 am - Check-in; 7:15 am - Breakfast
                                                              Topic:     USING, UNDERSTANDING &
   Location: Holiday Inn Mission Valley/Stadium
                                                                         INTERPRETING WRITTEN
♦ TUESDAY, JANUARY 20, 2009                                              CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS
  CDT STUDY GROUP                                             CLICK HERE FOR FLYER & REGISTRATION FORM.
  First of 10 classes to be held every Tuesday night          Times:     8:00 am - Registration
  CLICK HERE FOR FLYER & REGISTRATION FORM.                              8:30 am-12:30 pm - Seminar
  Time:        6:00-9:00 pm                                   Location: Handlery Hotel & Resort, San Diego
  Location: Most classes will take place at the San        ♦ THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2009
               Diego Campus of Woodbury University,
                                                              GENERAL MEMBERSHIP DINNER MEETING
               2212 Main Street, San Diego
                                                              Program: SAN DIEGO BUILDING OFFICIALS
            RSVP:                               Times:   5:30 pm - Networking, Cocktails,
        877.401.6733 ■ 619.401.6733                                              Product Vendor Tabletops
                                                                       6:30 pm - Buffet Dinner
                                                                       7:15 pm - Announcements
      SDCSI accepts MasterCard,                                        7:30 pm - Program
      Visa and American Express
       for ALL Chapter events.
        Click here for credit card
          authorization form.
       Click here for Reservation/
             Payment Policy.

SDCSI Hotline: 877.401.6733; 619.401.6733      Email:    Website:
         December 2008                         San Diego CSI SpecTickle                                     Page 3

   Curmudgeon’s Corner: SUSTAINABLE DESIGN – IS IT?
                                        by Sheldon Wolfe, RA, FCSI, CCS, CCCA
SUSTAINABLE: Able to be sustained; the capacity to maintain a certain process or state indefinitely.

E   nglish is the richest of the world's languages. Most sources put the number of words well over 900,000; the Global
    Language Monitor estimates we will see our millionth word in April 2009. How does that compare to other languages?
Chinese is a distant second, at half a million words, followed by Spanish and Japanese at about a quarter million words each.
English not only has a word for everything, it has an impressive range of words with subtle differences for most subjects.
Unfortunately, we are able to use only a fraction of that number; the average American has a working vocabulary of about
14,000 words. (It has been estimated that Shakespeare's vocabulary was about 24,000 words, but he helped himself along,
having invented over 1,500 new words himself.) Of the words we do know, not all are at our immediate disposal. It's far
easier to come up with a more suitable word when we have time to think, but in casual conversation, we too frequently
grab the first word that comes to mind, thereby missing an opportunity to be more precise in what we say.
For example, when listening to talk radio, it seems everyone completely agrees with whatever the other person says; the
most common expression of agreement seems to be "exactly!" That word expresses the idea that there is no difference of
opinion, that both caller and host have precisely the same opinion. Yet as the conversation continues, it is quite evident that
those involved in the discussion have significantly different views. They say they are in complete agreement, but they aren't.
It's one thing to be inaccurate in casual conversation, but there is no excuse for incorrect use of words when they are the
result of supposedly thoughtful planning. With so many opportunities to be precise, why is it necessary to co-opt a word
and give it a false meaning? To some extent, it may be because we have become accustomed to misuse of words. In
advertising, "new" and "improved" often are misleading, and
in politics, we accept outright lies, such as "balanced budget"
and "budget surplus." Still, we should expect more from                       For all the righ t

                                                                                                                         angles, specify Sherwin - Williams!
                                                                                                                         angles, specify Sherwin - Williams!
those claiming scientific basis for their assertions.
Unfortunately, the latest energy crisis—another abused
term—has led to one more poor choice of words. Because,                       Architects and specifiers have
by definition, sustainable design – isn't.                           always looked to Sherwin-Williams for
Ultimately, our culture is not sustainable, and any form of
                                                                              quality products and technical
design or culture that relies on fossil fuels cannot be                 services. That’s because they know
sustainable, as there is a finite amount of oil in the ground.         our products are the most advanced
We can come up with clever ways to extract oil from                         in the industry, and our team of
deeper or more remote wells, or to extract it from shale or                 professional problem-solvers is
other once-ignored sources, but in the end the oil will run                unmatched in the
out, and unless it can be replaced, sustainability is a myth.          diversity of their skills
Other terms, such as eco-design, green design, or design for                     and years of
the environment, were already in use, so why not use them                  experience. John
instead of settling on sustainable design? I know what you're        Dumesnil is one of our
thinking; "What's the big deal? It's only a word." When we
                                                                     dedicated architectural
misuse words, we make it more difficult to discuss the
issues. "At Gary's Grocery, we have sustainable salmon;"                consultants ready to
"Mazda Shows 'Sustainable' SUV;" "Top Five Sexiest                         help you with any
Sustainable Sports Cars;" and similar expressions reveal a            technical questions or
simple-minded view of a complex issue.                                                coatings specifications.
Not only is "sustainable design" not sustainable, but the                      Give John a call at (619) 665-9341
meaning of the term is being changed to formally                                       for all the right angles.
incorporate non-sustainable principles as part of the                     THE PROS KNOW. ASK SHERWIN-WILLIAMS.
definition. The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA),
in a move reminiscent of Orwell's "doublethink," is
                                                                                            Visit our website at
promoting its own definition.                                        
                                              (cont’d on page 5)

 SDCSI Hotline: 877.401.6733; 619.401.6733             Email:        Website:
              Page 4                              San Diego CSI SpecTickle                               December 2008

                          BUCH NOTES … a book report by Ed Buch, CSI, CCS, AIA
                                                        MATERIALS FOR DESIGN
                                                   by Victoria Packard Bell, with Patrick Rand

                        T   he selection of architectural materials as an integral part of the design process is the premise of
                            the new book, Materials for Design. Its point is the best architecture is created when the
                      consideration of materials is taken up in the early stages of design, not when they’re left to be
                      selected after the form of a building has been determined. The book combines well written sections
                      on the fundamentals of materials with beautiful drawings and photographs to provide a thorough
understanding of the architectural applications of glass, concrete, wood, metals, and plastics. The book makes a strong
argument for the value of integrating materials selection in the conceptual phase of the design process.

The book is divided into five sections, one for each of the materials noted above. Each section presents the basic
characteristics of the material followed by the history of its development as a building material. The architectural design
considerations for its use are presented, followed by a more
detailed description of the different types of the material
available. If the book was nothing more than this, it would have         Educational Opportunity
been very useful. However, what makes it so valuable, both as a
textbook for architectural students as well as a reference for       On Tuesday, January 20, 2009, WoodWorks (an 
experienced practitioners, is the 60 or so sample projects           initiative  of  the  Wood  Products  Council)  is 
provided to illustrate the materials’ applications in real life.     hosting  a  FREE  day‐long  educational  event  in 
Unlike so many books on the materials of construction, the           Southern  California  –  The  Wood  Solutions  Fair 
book contains architectural quality photographs and numerous         –  at  the  Long  Beach  Convention  Center.  This 
detail drawings reminiscent of those that used to appear in          free event will feature concurrent seminars on 
magazines such as Architectural Forum and Progressive Architecture   a wide range of topics earning attendees up to 
in the 1960s. Beautiful!                                             six AIA HSW credits. Seminar topics will include: 
                                                                         Fire  Protection  in  Non‐Residential  Structures, 
Each of the projects presented to illustrate the application of a
                                                                         Inspirational  Designs  in  Non‐Traditional  Wood 
specific material is described in significant detail. Think of this as
                                                                         Structures,  Incorporating  Wood  Trusses  Into 
reading a current edition of any architectural magazine with an
additional page or two included to present specifications
                                                                         Overall  Building  Design,  Tips  from  the  Trade: 
information and the details of the principal exterior cladding           How to Specify and Source Wood Products and 
materials. This is the kind of information that is always missing        many others.
from architectural journals, the story behind the attractive             Those  wishing  to  attend  can  register  online 
photography.                                                             now  by  visiting 
Why weren’t masonry and stone included? I think they were left
                                                                         and  then,  following  the  Long  Beach  Wood 
out to focus on the materials that have seen the most                    Solutions  Fair  link  under  “Free  Educational 
innovation recently and that hold the most promise for further           Events,” linking to the registration page. ■
development in the future. This is certainly true for the section
on plastics, but even glass and wood products continue to evolve.

The evolution, even explosion, in the development and new uses of building materials since the middle of the 20th century
has made it difficult for architects to keep up with an understanding of material properties and their proper application in
buildings. This makes a book like Materials for Design all the more important.

The book was written by Victoria Packard Bell with Patrick Rand and was published by the Princeton Architectural Press in
2006 with 270 pages. ■

 SDCSI Hotline: 877.401.6733; 619.401.6733                Email:       Website:
          December 2008                        San Diego CSI SpecTickle                                      Page 5

Curmudgeon’s Corner                                                                                     continued from pg 3

    Sustainable design seeks to reduce negative impacts on the environment, and the health and comfort of building
    occupants, thereby improving building performance. The basic objectives of sustainability are to reduce
    consumption of non-renewable resources, minimize waste, and create healthy, productive environments. [My italics.]
Both heating and air conditioning make it possible for us to live and work in areas that would otherwise be uninhabitable, at
the same time requiring vast amounts of energy. Air conditioning is especially insidious, as it increases the outdoor
temperature that we try to escape, and the hotter it gets, the more cooling we need.
The introduction of inexpensive air conditioning had an enormous impact on life in the U.S. – and on energy consumption
and the environment. Although modern air conditioning equipment appeared before World War II, it didn't catch on until
after the war. Sales of window units increased from 75,000 in 1948 to over a million five years later; today, 90 percent of
new homes and 80 percent of new cars have air conditioning.
We've seen the numbers that show how much the U.S. consumes; with something like five percent of the population, we
use about 25 percent of the world's electricity. According to Energy Bulletin, one-third of that goes to air conditioning.
Certainly, as we increase insulation and efficiencies, we can reduce the impact of air conditioning but its use will continue to
rise. The American market is close to saturation, but it will be overshadowed by the likely rise in air conditioning in China
and other developing countries.
Don't get me wrong; we can—we must—be more responsible in how we use energy and other resources. But, to
paraphrase the title of the popular movie, the truth is
inconvenient. Sustainability has nothing to do with creature
comfort. In fact, our insistence on being comfortable is a
prime contributor to the problems we now face. Buildings
that are comfortable do make their occupants happy and
increase productivity, but how does that help conserve
materials and energy? The closest thing to sustainable
design is a grass hut on a tropical island; the more
comfortable we make it, and the farther we get from that                       4125 E. La Palma Avenue, Ste 250
island, the less sustainable it becomes.                                       P.O. Box 17866

Green design is necessary, but calling it something it's not
will do more harm than good. ■

                                 MEMBER PROFILE
                    Focus on Mo Mansouri, CSI—Kelar Pacific LLC

                                       M        o Mansouri is President of Kelar Pacific LLC, a major southern California
                                                design, construction and construction management services provider, with
                                       offices in San Diego and Los Angeles. Mo has been working in the AEC market for 20
                                       years in various capacities. More recently, Mo and his Kelar team, as authorized
                                       Autodesk and Meridian software resellers and trainers, have been working hard to
                                       become southern California’s leader in Building Information Modeling (BIM) services.
                                       As the design and construction industry shifts to more technology-based
                                       collaborative delivery systems, Mo’s membership in CSI San Diego is a definite
                                       networking asset to your chapter membership, no matter what your position in the
                                       local construction industry. Mo’s hobbies include fishing, skiing, and hiking. ■

 SDCSI Hotline: 877.401.6733; 619.401.6733             Email:         Website:
              Page 6                           San Diego CSI SpecTickle                                  December 2008

            I N S T I T U T E                                                     N E W S
As part of the ongoing CSI Governance transition, the Board
approved dedicating 7 percent of all member dues revenue from the
Institute operating budget to support CSI's 10 regions. The funds
will be used to aid CSI community building, improve organizational
communication, enhance leadership development and grow technical
training at the region level.
Most regions will receive a substantial increase to their operating
budgets as a result of the program. Thus it is expected that regions
may reduce or eliminate chapter assessments in the future. Likewise,
chapters may be able to reduce their chapter dues by a similar
A CSI Board task team will work during the coming months to
develop the guidelines for using the funds and will communicate with
region and chapter leaders. The funds will become available beginning July 2009 (Fiscal Year 2010).

                 The 2009 CSI ballot will include an amendment to CSI's Bylaws to remove the requirement for CSI to
                 deliver ballots and other communications by mail only. This change will not eliminate the use of paper and
                 mail communications, but it will allow the Board flexibility in using technology to communicate with
                 members in a timely and cost-effective manner. Information regarding the amendment will be available at
        election in February 2009.

In an effort to establish criteria for those nominated to serve CSI at the national level, the Board approved a set of
qualifications that Institute Directors elected by regions should embody. These include strong leadership qualities, the ability
to develop and communicate the organization's vision, strategic planning experience, service as a region or chapter leader,
participation in CSI events beyond the chapter level, and sufficient time and flexibility to accommodate Board responsibilities.

The Board spent substantial time discussing CSI's core purpose and key activities during a special
strategic planning workshop. The Board also reviewed the progress to date by the Strategic Planning
Task Team. The Board and task team are committed to an open process that engages the membership in
setting CSI's future direction.
The task team is currently engaged in examining existing market research and collecting member and
potential member input. A variety of CSI members and non-members have or will receive electronic surveys, participate in
online focus groups, discuss detailed information in telephone interviews, and participate in webinars. Additional discussions
will occur at the region and chapter level. Task team members will gather this information on industry trends, member
preferences, and CSI's relative position to other organizations to clarify and report on the key issues and objectives CSI
should be pursuing.
In Spring 2009, the task team will share its preliminary plan with the Board, national committees, region and chapter leaders,
and members to verify that what task team members heard was correct. Adjustments will be made as needed to best reflect
where members wish to go and contribute their efforts. A strategic planning forum will be held at the 2009 CSI Annual
Convention in Indianapolis, IN on June 19, 2009 to allow all members an opportunity for direct feedback. More adjustments
will be made after the forum, with final adoption of the new strategic plan anticipated at the Fall 2009 CSI Board meeting.
A Strategic Plan discussion forum has been established at to encourage dialog. (To get to the forum, go
to and click "forums". Members must log in to see this forum – it's invisible to the general public.) Members
are encouraged to join in the discussion. ■

 SDCSI Hotline: 877.401.6733; 619.401.6733             Email:         Website:
           January 2006
          December 2008                        San Diego CSI SpecTickle                                  Page 7
                                                                                                         Page 7

            West Region Corner
                            by Duane Johnson, FCSI, CDT – West Region Vice President
                               Janet Piccola, CSI – West Region President

H     ave you got your list of Institute Award nominations compiled and are you now doing the
      “CSI paperwork” to follow through so you can fully enjoy the Holiday season without any
CSI “guilt”? Every year deserving members or Chapter programs go unrecognized because the
deadline came and there was not enough time to get the nomination package done. Most of the         Duane Johnson, FCSI, CDT
submittals must be RECEIVED by Institute by Thursday, January 15th (not postmarked by then)
BUT Distinguished and Honorary Membership’s deadline date is earlier … Friday, January 2nd.
There have also been several changes in the 2009 Honors and Awards Guide so don’t just photocopy a previous submittal
and start there. Our Region has 2 of the 5 Awards Committee members who, although cannot assist in nomination package
preparation, would be very willing to answer questions. So contact Jennifer Alexander, CSI, CCCA, in the Redwood Empire
or Jan Seaman, CSI, CDT, in the Sacramento Chapter if you need help (or some motivation tips). It’s time to see a bigger
West Region presence in the group walking across the stage in Indianapolis.
Since a main focus of Institute President Hu’s this year is to improve communications, I want to use this month’s article to
compliment the Institute Staff and the Institute Membership Committee for their efforts in recent months to improve the
communication vehicles we have. I want to single out two electronic pieces that I read and usually reread and save each
time they pop up on my screen.
The first is The Monthly Leader. The content and particularly
the format are just what I want to see in this type of tool. I
want to urge all of our Chapter leaders to reread the recent
November Issue and share the content at your next Board
meeting (it’s where I was reminded of the deadlines I
restated at the beginning of this article). All newsletter
editors and webmasters should also be reminded of this
piece as they scramble to look for relevant, timely
information to publish locally. Also, please reread the
Calendar of Events, which goes down the left side of the
piece, to see if you have missed anything coming up. I might
also suggest that some of those items will trigger a Chapter
program or two and here’s where to start with who to
The second piece I’m especially happy to point out as it is
“captioned” by our own West Region’s Dennis R. Hall, CSI,
CCCA, from San Diego. The just-arrived December 2008
MEMCOMMunications piece is a MUST READ. As we all face                              Michael Burke
the difficult situation of our organization’s membership
decline, we must be reminded that it all begins with the
question of “what small bite-sized piece can I personally do
that when combined with the bite-sized pieces of others, can
keep our organization relevant and attractive to join.”
As I quickly skipped ahead to page 5 for the “Box score” on
the Region-by-Region membership totals, I see that
Monterey, San Diego, Santa Clara Valley, Fresno and
Sacramento have increased membership since June of ’08
(congrats, although 3 of those Chapters are up only 1). All
                                               (cont’d on page 8)

 SDCSI Hotline: 877.401.6733; 619.401.6733             Email:      Website:
           January 2006
              Page 8                          San Diego CSI SpecTickle                                   Page

West Region Corner                                                                                  continued from pg 7

other Chapters have not stayed even but have lost members. So overall, our Region has dropped by a negative 16 total.
Now I cite this second piece, not to beat up any Chapter BUT because it feeds my hunger for UPBEAT news. I wrote in the
October article that at Monterey, I was asked to describe in 15 words or less why I value my CSI membership and was at
that conference session. My answer was that “there are people here that do things better than I can AND they are willing
to share.” That answer applies to this issue of MEMCOMMunications. I was frankly amazed to read that, contrary to the
general overall CSI trend, EVERY Chapter in both the South Central and Southwest Regions has INCREASED its
membership and they are on track for a well-deserved 30% + gain. Their stories are here to share and they have Chapter
names to call if you want someone to discuss the details. I want to urge all Chapter Leaders to share the success stories of
the multiple “here’s how we do it” stories in this issue with every one of their Chapter members. How about reading one
aloud at the start of your next Chapter meeting?
And finally, those who attended the recent Monterey Conference, I know I won’t forget Knoxville’s Brent Williams, CSI,
CDT, who gave that great musical analogy talk on “Chapter
Building and all that Jazz.” Well, he’s recently joined the
Institute Membership Committee and on page 6 you’ll see
his list of “Ten Questions” that any member should be
prepared to answer as part of their CSI “elevator speech”
to someone unfamiliar with our organization. I must admit, I
got a 6. I’ll close with two that got me thinking. “Do you
have portable signage to direct guests to your Chapter
meetings?” And of particular importance in our current
economy, “Is the first visit for a new guest at a regular
Chapter meeting free?”
So to all of our CSI family, have a great Holiday season and
if you all have been good boys and girls, maybe Santa will
bring your Chapter a new member or two (or 30). ■

 SDCSI Hotline: 877.401.6733; 619.401.6733           Email:        Website:
          December 2008                             San Diego CSI SpecTickle                                           Page 9

        CALL FOR                                       S A N D IEG O C H A P T ER B OA R D OF D IR EC T O R S

        ARTICLES !                        President/        Dennis Hall, CSI, CCCA                      Ph: 619.518.9095
                                          West Region       Presidio Design Build                       Fax: 619.795.2377
Have you or one of your                   Director                                                      Email:
co-workers written an
article (either recently or in            Vice President    Vacant … contact Dennis Hall
the past) that might be of                Secretary         Fred Baron, CSI, AIA                        Ph: 858.509.7950
interest to our San Diego                                   Fred M. Baron, AIA - Consulting Architect   Email:
Chapter membership?
                                          Treasurer         Charlie Laughery, CSI, CDT                  Ph: 619.252.7517
If so, please send an email                                 Johns Manville Roofing Systems              Fax: 619.442.5222
to describ-
ing the article and attach a              Advisor           Matthew Boomhower, CSI, CCCA Ph: 858.395.8657
                                                            Southern Cross Property Consultants Fax: 858.278.4010
copy (in Word or PDF
format) for publication
consideration. ■                          Director—         Kara DeLeon, CSI                            Ph: 858.547.8453
                                          Industry          Interceramic                                Fax: 858.695.8453
                                          Director—         Harold Kiewel, CSI, CCS                     Ph: 619.744.4077
      E DITORIAL                          Professional      HMC Architects                              Fax: 619.744.4076
                                          Director—         Donald Schucard, CSI, AIA                   Ph: 858.523.9801
The SpecTic kle is the official
                                          Professional      Schucard Associates, Inc.                   Fax: 858.523.9804
publication of the San Diego Chapter
of The Construction Specifications                                                                      Email:
Institute, Inc. The opinions expressed    Director—         Chad Scoggins, CSI-I, CDT             Ph: 619.405.2872
in the SpecTickle are those of the        Industry          Tremco Sealants & Waterproofing, Inc. Fax: 619.795.9175
contributors only, and do not
necessarily reflect the opinions,
policies or practices of the West
Region, the Institute, or the San Diego                      S A N D IEG O C H A P T ER C OM M IT T EE C H A IR S
Ch ap ter of The Cons tru ction
Specifications Institute. Reprinting of                                                     Golf
material from this issue is permitted     Academic Affairs
                                                                                            Charlie Laughery, CSI, CDT
only if full credit is given to the       Robin Bush, CSI-I, CDT                            Ph: 619.252.7517 Fax: 619.442.5222
SpecTickle, along with credit to the      Ph: 858.692.2875 Fax: 858.291.4010                Email:
author of the article. It is intended     Email:
that the SpecTickle will provide a                                                          Membership
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                     CONSTRUCTION SPECIFIER *

The short and sweet of it is that in
today’s construction environment,
knowledge is everything.
If it is to advance your career to a higher
level, to communicate accurately with
people in all the construction professions, or     Cost for CDT Study Course: $365.00
to expand your worth to your employer (or          Includes the Project Resource Manual and
yourself if you are self employed), then the       CD-ROM and Instructor notes and
formal knowledge you possess about the             materials.
construction industry will truly benefit you.
                                                   Cost for CDT Study Course if you already
Whether you are an Architect, Specifier,           have a Project Resource Manual and
Engineer, Cost Estimator, Product                  MasterFormat™: $125.00
Representative, Contractor or Sub-
Contractor, CSI has developed professional         Complete the attached Registration Form
and tried classes to quickly get you the           and return with payment as indicated above.
formal instruction you need to obtain              If you have questions or you need more
knowledge of all facets of the construction        information, please phone or email:
                                                   Matthew Boomhower, RA, CCCA
Beginning on Tuesday, January 20th, the            Office: 858.395.8657
San Diego Chapter will have 10 classes on          Email:
Tuesday nights from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.            Visit us on the web at
Most classes will take place at Woodbury  or call the
University, San Diego Campus (2212 Main            CSI San Diego Chapter Hotline at
Street, San Diego). The instructors are            877.401.6733 (619.401.6733).
experienced local professionals, many of
whom have been teaching the courses for
many years. The classes will be based upon
                                                 * Classes for these advanced certifications will
                                                   follow a structured study group format. If you
the CSI Project Resource Manual (PRM).
                                                   are interested in a study course for CCCA, CCS
The goal will be two fold:                         or CCPR, provide the information requested
1 – To give you the formal knowledge to            below via email to You will be
understand the complex system of the               contacted with more details.
construction industry today.
2 – To give you the knowledge to capture                    □ CCCA        □ CCS         □ CCPR
your CSI Construction Documents                    Name:
Technologist (CDT), Construction Contract
Administrator (CCCA), Construction                 Email:
Specifier (CCS), Construction Product
Representative (CCPR) credential.                  Phone:
      Construction Documents Course Overview

January 20, 2009         Introduction & Overview of
   Tuesday                Construction Documents

January 27, 2009
                         Construction Documents

February 3, 2009      Agreements, Contract Documents
   Tuesday              and Document Relationships

February 10, 2009
                         Project Delivery Concepts

February 17, 2009
                         Conditions of the Contract

February 24, 2009        Procurement and Contract
    Tuesday               Document Modifications

 March 3, 2009
                            Document Formats

 March 10, 2009
                        Drawings and Specifications

 March 17, 2009         Pricing, Measurements and
   Tuesday                        Payment

 March 24, 2009
                           Quality Requirements

                Visit us on the Web at
                                                                                                        Knowledge for

                10-week CDT Study Course
                                                                                                   Creating and Sustaining
                                                                                                    the Built Environment

                        beginning Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Registration Form:                                               Today’s Date:

Company Name:
Complete Address:
Phone:                                                  Fax:
Name(s) of Registrant(s): …………………………                    and (their) Email Address(es):


Complete and FAX the above form to the CSI San Diego Chapter at 619.593.9989.
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                                  JANUARY 2009 CHAPTER MEETING NOTICE
                                            SAN DIEGO CHAPTER OF
                                   THE CONSTRUCTION SPECIFICATIONS INSTITUTE                                       Knowledge for
                                                                                                              Creating and Sustaining
                                                                                                               the Built Environment
                                    THE EVOLVING CONTRACTOR
                                    THE EVOLVING CONTRACTOR
  The economy is changing the dynamics of the construction scene. Owners want
  more services for less money. With the emergence of Design Build and
  Construction Manager, the construction team is evolving to meet these new
  demands. Competition is at an all-time high. Generals and subs are turning to
  more technological tools to maintain their competitive edge. Our speakers will
  discuss what is being done today to assure Owners that their projects will be planned, designed and
  executed in the best ways possible. As architects, engineers, specifiers and subcontractors, you will
  want to hear what they have to say so that you can develop your own plan of how to become part of this
  new construction team.
  Topics discussed:        •   Construction Manager
                           •   Design Build
                           •   Multiple Prime
                           •   Subcontractor Solicitations
                           •   Sustainability
                           •   LEED 3.0 Certification
                           •   ADA Review
                           •   BIM
  Representatives from two highly respected general contractors, Roel Construction Company and
  Swinerton Builders, will discuss what is being done today to assure Owners that their projects will be
  planned, designed and executed in the best ways possible.

  DATE:                 Thursday, January 22, 2009

  SPEAKERS:             Jennifer Hawkins – Project Manager, Swinerton Management & Consulting
                        Paul Vujica – Senior Project Manager, Swinerton Builders
                        Pat Stark – Vice President Operations, Roel Construction Company
                        Jason Hunking, LEED AP – Business Development, Roel Construction Company

  MEETING LOCATION: Admiral Baker Golf Course Clubhouse (map attached)

  EVENING               5:30 p.m.     –   Networking, Cocktails, Product Vendor Tabletops
  SCHEDULE:             6:30 p.m.     –   Buffet Dinner
                        7:15 p.m.     –   Chapter Announcements
                        7:30 p.m.     –   Program
  COST:        SDCSI Chapter Members: Cost included in the dues of current Chapter members
               Non-members: $40.00     Students: $15.00
  RSVP:        Call the SDCSI Hotline: 619.401.6733 or 877.401.6733 (toll free)


product exhibitors to showcase their product lines to San Diego County designers, specifiers, contractors and building officials.
Tabletop display space is limited, so contact the SDCSI Hotline early at 619.401.6733 (toll free 877.401.6733) or
email to reserve a space.
sika Corporation

A Day of Learning
Where:         Handlery Hotel & Resort
               950 Hotel Circle North                            WOOd FlOOr bOnding
               San Diego, CA 92108

When:          Thursday, January 22, 2009
               7:30 a.m. - 5:45 p.m.

Sika Corporation and Sika Sarnafil invite you to a day of
presentations, covering subjects from roof to floor. Learn
the latest trends in roofing systems, concrete rehabilitation,
concrete admixtures, and flooring applications at NO cOst
                                                                   sealing jOints
to you.

Our unique partnership offers you quality products,
systems and superior service from one company. Each
session offered is AIA accredited and will offer 1 cEU
for qualified participants.

Review the agendas on the enclosed form, check only those
you wish to attend and fax the form to 760-547-5632.

For further information or with questions, please contact
“A.B.” at 619-871-7452.
                                                                 industrial FlOOring
We look forward to your attendance!

                               selF cOmpacting cOncrete              rOOFing
                     sika Corporation Day of Learning

                 7:30 - 8:00 am          Registration for all sessions.

                 8:00 - 9:15 am          Session I - Joints and Joint Sealant
                                                 ▲ Where to use sealants
                                                 ▲ Choosing the proper sealant
                                                 ▲ How to better specify joint sealants
                                                 ▲ Proper elements of joint design
                                                 Speaker - Adriano “A.B.” Bortolin, Sika Corporation

                9:15 - 9:30 am           Break and Registration

                9:30 - 10:45 am          Session II - Elastic Bonding for Wood Flooring
                                                 ▲ Greater understanding of elastic technology
                                                 ▲ History of elastic bonding technology
                                                 ▲ Where to use elastic bonding
                                                 ▲ Utilization of elastic bonding in day to day projects
                                                 ▲ Market innovations and immerging technologies
                                                 Speaker - Mike Croes, Sika Corporation

                10:45 - 11:00 am         Break and Registration

                11: 00 - 12:15 pm        Session III - The Cores of Single Ply Roofing
                                                 ▲ The history of thermoplastic roofing membranes
                                                 ▲ Importance of polymer thickness
                                                 ▲ Types of reinforcement and effects of dimensional changes
                                                 ▲ Energy savings, fire testing and other benefits
                                                 Speaker - Jeff Parrish, Prism Marketing Group

                12:15 - 1:30 pm          Lunch and Registration

                1:30 - 2:45 pm           Session IV - Resinous Flooring
                                                 ▲ Types of resins/materials
                                                 ▲ Systems and configurations
                                                 ▲ Selection criteria
                                                 ▲ Installation overview
                                                 ▲ Critical success factors
                                                 Speaker - Ray Gutoski, Sika Corporation

                2:45 - 3:00 pm           Break and Registration

                3:00 - 4:15 pm           Session V - Corrosion Management of Reinforced Concrete Structures
                                         ▲ Review the mechanisms of corrosion of mild steel in concrete
                                         ▲ Present strategies to successfully repair and protect structures suffering from corrosion
                                         ▲ Highlight materials that can be used to repair and protect structures suffering from corrosion
                                         Speaker - Adriano “A.B.” Bortolin, Sika Corporation

                4:15 - 4:30 pm           Break and Registration

                4:30 - 5:45 pm           Session VI - Self-Compacting Concrete
                                                 ▲ Features and benefits of SCC
                                                 ▲ Engineering properties of SCC
                                                 ▲ Characteristics and methodology of design of SCC.
                                                 Speaker - Jeff Washburn, Sika Corporation

                                  All attendees must be pre-registered!
Name                                                                  title



City, ST, Zip Code

Phone #                                                                   Email

                                        FAX tO: 760-547-5632
                                     THE SAN DIEGO CHAPTER OF
                                                                                                                  Knowledge for
                                                           presents                                          Creating and Sustaining
                                                                                                              the Built Environment

                                Tuesday, February 17, 2009
                  Registration: 8:00 AM Seminar: 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM

                          WRITTEN CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS

      Are you a sales rep who knows everything there is to know about your line but has no idea how to
      find out what submittals are required or how your product is being used in a project?
      Are you an employee in an architecture or construction firm who needs a jump start on learning about
      written construction documents?
      Are you support staff that works with written construction documents but really doesn’t understand
      what they are or how they are used?
      Are you an owner who is getting ready to build something for the first (or second or third) time but
      has no idea why it takes so many documents?

      Topics covered will include introductions to:
      •    Drawings                                               •    Contract Modification Documents
      •    Specifications                                         •    Project Life Cycles
      •    Construction Contract Types &                          •    Construction Delivery Methods & Their
           Relationships                                               Impact on Construction Documents
      •    Conditions of the Contract
  SPEAKER:             Matthew Boomhower, RA, CSI, CCCA
                       President, Southern Cross Property Consultants

  LOCATION: Handlery Hotel & Resort San Diego – Club Room
                       950 Hotel Circle North, San Diego (Hotel Circle exit off 8 West)

  COST:                $85.00 by Tuesday, February 10, 2009 / $100.00 after Tuesday, February 10, 2009
                       Cost includes a continental breakfast.


SDCSI Professional Development/Continuing Education Chair: Gina Adams 619.460.7250 or
                      Visit us on the Web at

                            CONTINUING EDUCATION SEMINAR:                                                  Knowledge for
                                                                                                      Creating and Sustaining
                      Using, Understanding & Interpreting                                              the Built Environment

                        Written Construction Documents
                                     Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Registration Form:                                                     Today’s Date:

Company Name:
Complete Address:
Phone:                                                 Fax:
Name(s) of Registrant(s): …………………………                   and (their) Email Address(es):


        Complete and FAX the above form to CSI San Diego Chapter at 619.593.9989.
Then:      (1) Mail it with your check to “CSI San Diego,” PO Box 191307, San Diego, CA 92159-1307.
 OR        (2) IF YOU PREFER TO PAY BY CREDIT CARD, complete the authorization form below and include it
                with your FAX of the above registration form.

          Q U E S T I O N S ? Call the SDCSI Hotline at 877.401.6733 or email us at

                          Credit Card Payment Authorization Form
   I authorize the CSI San Diego Chapter to charge my credit card in the amount of $_______ for _____
      February 17th continuing education seminar registration(s) at $85.00 each (or $100.00 after 2/10/09).

   Cardholder’s Name:

   Address to which CC billing statements are mailed, including zip code:

   Credit Card #                                                               Exp. Date:

   V-Code: ________________ (3-digit code on back of Visa and MC; 4-digit code on front of AMEX)


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