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									   Legitimate Work from Home Jobs Do Exist,
           Just Watch out for Scams

It is becoming easier and easier for people to earn their livings by engaging
in online money-making endeavors. Since the advent of the Internet, so
many doors have been opened to new money-making opportunities, most of
which can be done entirely from the comfort of your own home. If you would
like to learn about some legitimate work from home jobs, then continue
reading this article, which will outline several jobs that just about anyone
with a computer and regular Internet can engage in to start earning a steady
online income.

Freelance Work
A great way to get started in the world of online money-making is to start
out by perusing the various jobs listings of online marketplaces, such as
Elance and oDesk. These websites present a plethora of temporary work
opportunities, which can include things like article writing, social media
updates, blog commentary, ghostwriting, and graphic design projects.
Employers who use these sites are not looking to go through long hiring
processes; they typically want to hire people right away. The way that online
marketplaces work is that you look through the various job listings, find
some that looking interesting to you and that you would be qualified for, and
then you submit proposals. If your proposals are chosen, then you agree to
the terms and productivity milestones, and then you get to work. It’s that

Customer Service Jobs
Another easy online job option for you is to become either a virtual
concierge or a customer service representative. With these types of jobs you
can help people plan vacations, find home improvement contractors, etc. It’s
easy to do these jobs remotely, and you can usually expect to earn between
$10 and $12 an hour. Many of these jobs are independent contractor
positions, but it is possible to find steady part-time or full-time work as well,
especially after you gain some experience and get your name out there.

Search for Answers
Google is the most frequently visited website, and we’ve all done our faire
share of surfing on it, and now, you can actually get paid to surf! With
ChaCha.com you can apply to become a guide and search for answers to
people’s questions. Currently, there are over 62,000 ChaCha guides, and it’s
a great opportunity for part-time work for stay-at-home parents, college
students, or people looking to supplement their incomes.
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When you are searching for legitimate work from home opportunities, just
be wary about scams. There are many scammers out there who take out
online ads and make lofty promises. Basically, if something sounds too good
to be true, then it probably is. Some red flags to watch out for include jobs
offers that require you to shell out cash and ones that ask you to dispense
too much personal information.

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