Neighbors Helping Neighbors (PDF download) by yaofenjin


									                                          Neighbors Helping
                                                                                                               Spring 2009

                                                    Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer Visits Meals on Wheels
                                                    Many Anderson County Meals on Wheels recipients are a little
                                                    warmer thanks to South Carolina Lt. Governor Andre Bauer’s
                                                    recent blanket blitz. Lt. Gov. Bauer toured the state delivering
                                                    blankets to “seasoned citizens” with help from the Palmetto
                                                    Tomorrow Foundation and several other sponsors who contrib-
                                                    uted funding.

                                                    Pictured at left: Sandra Rice, store manager of Wal-Mart on Liberty
                                                    Hwy., helps SC Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer unload blankets.

Mardi Gras in the Electric City 2009
Thanks to all of our supporters and friends who made this
year’s Mardi Gras in the Electric City a success! As a result
of your generosity, over $20,000 was raised to help feed our
elderly and disabled Anderson County neighbors.

Mission Statement:

The purpose of Anderson County Meals on Wheels is to deliver nutritious meals to individuals in need and to build
community awareness and support to meet that need.

Number of Meals Delivered January—March 2009 = 41,047
Cost of Meals January—March 2009—$114,054
                                                         INSIDE THIS ISSUE:
                                                                      2008 Donors ………………………………..........2-6
                                                                      Spaghetti Fundraiser Results………………….........6
                                                                      Golf Benefit, Congratulations, & Event…………...7
                                            Thank You to Our 2008 Donors!

10 Best, Inc.                 Debbie Atkins                      Alton & Emily Bobo            Cakes Extraordinaire          Gale Clinkscales
A Natural Day Spa & Salon     Mary E. Atkinson                   Jim Bocook                    Calhoun Elementary School     Jayne Anne Clinkscales
Abney Foundation              Georgia Attaway                    Bryan Boggs                   Ty Callaham                   Louise T. Clinkscales
Ellen Adair                   Attaway, Inc.                      Ruth Boggs                    Calloway & Associates, Inc.   Sarah S. Clinkscales
Clyde H. & Susan W. Adams     Joyce Austin                       Charles & Enerstine Boland    Calvary Baptist Church -      Terri Clinkscales
Dr. Andrew Adams              Robert G. Austin                   Margaret N. Bolding           Anderson                      Earl & Phyllis Clowers
Ellen Joy Adams               Don Autry                          Ben Bolt                      Calvary Baptist Church -      Willie Cobb
Gary & Kathy Adams            Awin Management                    David Bolt                    Williamston                   Jeanie Cochran
Jesse Adkins                  Sharon Ayer                        John & Donna Bolt              - Group 2 SS Class           Kathy Cochran
Judy Adkins                   Bailey Court Apts., LLC            Vivian Boozer                  - Group 4 SS Class           Sally O. Cochran
Advantage Health Systems      Vic & Barbara Baker                James T. Boseman               - Men’s II SS Class          Cochran's Shoes
Susan Aiken                   William & Juanita Baldwin          Dee Bostick                    - Men’ s III SS Class        Carolyn Cody
Jo Albert-Hill                Ray & Gene Balentine               Boulevard Baptist Church       - Pairs & Spares             John & Margaret Cole
Harold & Gladys Albert        Paula Ballentine                   Bounty Land Baptist Church     - Sara & Ruth Bible Class    Lyndsey Cole
Sherry Alcumbrack             Bank of America                     - Amazing Greys               - Women’s IV Class           Dwight & Betty Collar
Cynthia Alewine               Bank of Anderson                   Charles Bowen                 Campbell & Engram, Inc.       Ronnie Cole Law Firm
John Alexander                Wendell Bannister                  Ellen Bowen                   Becky Campbell                D. Collins
Hazel Allen                   Edith & John Barba                 Leon & Hilda Boyd             James Campbell                Judith M. Collins
Roy Allen                     Paul Barbas                        David Bradham                 T. Blake Campbell             Commercial Bank
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Alley       Helen Bare                         John E. Bradley               William D. Campbell           Commscope, Inc. of NC
M.A. & Carol Allred           Margaret Barest                    Brenda Bradshaw               Michael & Brenda Cannon       Community South Bank
AllSouth Sign & Lighting      Fred Bariou                        John N. Brannon               Pamela Gail Cannon            Harold & Pat Compton
Alpha Delta Kappa Alpha       Barkers Creek Baptist Church       Benjamin Branyon              Charles Cantrell              Concord Baptist Church
Lamda                         Ann Barmore                        Jacqueline W. Branyon         Derrell & Peggy Capell         - Don Latham SS Class
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority    Brian Barnard                      Elaine Braziel                Lizzie Lou Capell              - Eugenia Attaway's SS Cls
Miriam Alvarado               Sue L. Barnett                     Breakfast Club Bowling        Cardinal Racquet Club          - Faith SS Class
Wenda Amaral                  Bayne Premium Lift Services        League                        Care & Share Group of Pow-    Michael Condon
Ben Amering                   BB&T                               Eleanor Breazeale             dersville                     George Conrad
Alfred & Ruth Amos            David Beal                         Sally Brewer                  Liz Carey                     Bonita Cook
Anchorage Fish & Wildlife     Mazie (Ethel) Beasley              Donald R. Bridges             Michael Carey                 Nell & Carol Cook
Anderson Christian School     Bruce & Carol Beavers              Jeff Bridges                  Carlee's Restaurant           Terry Cooley
Anderson County               Heather & Dan Beavers              Michael Bridges               Carolina Beer                 Lynn Cooper
Anderson Co. Arts Ctr.        Belk's Jewelry                     James Britenburg              Carolina Mop                  Coop's Health & Fitness
Anderson Co. Board of Ed.     Mable Belk                         Deborah Broadwell             Perry Carroll                 Daniel Corrigan
Anderson Co. Planning Svcs.   Ruth Belk                          Tommy & Sherrill Brock        Sidney Carroll                Jamie H. Corrigan
Anderson Dermatology          Etrulia Bell                       S F Brokeshoulder             Carson's Steak Warehouse      David L. Cothran
Anderson Districts 1&2        Mark Bellamy                       Phyllis Brothers              Joe H. Carter                 Carolyn Couch
Career Ctrs.                  Belton Middle School               Alberta Brown                 Mr. & Mrs. William T Casey    Stephen & Patricia Couch
Anderson Fire & Safety        Belton High School Class of 1954   Carol Brown                   Mary K Castle                 John Coulis
Anderson Independent          Belton Presbyterian Church         Dan M. Brown                  Caton's Shoes                 Rosa Lee Shook Courtney
Anderson Independent Rest.    Arvie & Sue Bennett                Diane Brown                   Irvin L Cauthen               Covenant Baptist Church
Assoc.                        Roger Benton                       Ethel Mae Brown               Cedar Grove Baptist Church     - WIGS
Anderson Journal              Gary & Cheryl Bequette             Hazel Brown                    - Fidilis SS Class           Dorothy P. Cowan
Anderson Lions Club           Doug Berry                         Louis Brown                   Central Presbyterian          Etta Cox
Anderson Moose Family         Bethany Baptist Church             Larry Brown                    - Koinonia SS Class          Kerry Cox
Center                        Bethel AME Church                  Allen & Starla Bruce           - McArthur Men's SS Class    Mike Cox
Anderson Paint & Decorating   Bethel UMC - Iva                   Rance Bruce                    - Presbyterian Women         Sara Smith Cox
Anderson Rotary Club          Bethesda UMC                       Brushy Creek Baptist Church   James Chadbourne              Susan Cox
Anderson School of Dance       - Men’s Fellowship                James Bryan                   Beth Chamblee                 Cracker Barrel
B.A. Anderson                  - Thursday Prayer Group           Brenda Bryant                 Elizabeth A. Chandler         Debbie Craft
Dicky & Elsie Anderson        Mr. & Mrs. William Betsill         Steve Bryant                  James R. Chandler             Johnny Craft
Hampton & Bette Anderson      Paulette Beusse                    Budget Blinds                 Carrie Sue Charping           E.H. Crandall
Mandy Anderson                Bible Deliverance Church           Budweiser                     Don Chapman                   Jim Crawford
Pam Anderson                  Big Creek Baptist                  Donald Burdette               Bernice Chastain              Creative Health
William & Kathryn Anderson     - Matrons Sunday School           Mrs. C.A. Burdette            James & Verenda Chastain      Creekside Barbecue
AnMed Health                  Gary Biggins                       Lawrence & Barbara            Mrs. Thomas Chastain          CRG, LLC
Ann D. Miller                 BiLo Charities                     Burdreau                      William & Lisa Chasteen       Eric W. Crisp
Betty Antonakos               Bill & Kay Binford                 Connie T. Burns               Jerry Cheek                   Tim Croft
Brad & Lisa Applewhite        Amy Birney                         Gerald Burns                  Chez Julie's                  Gene & Ruth Cromer
Ray and Joan Arel             Regis & Doris Birx                 Leigh Burns                   Chay Ching                    Louise Cromer
Phyllis Argo                  A. William Bizup                   Patricia K. Burns             Chili's                       Carroll Crooks
Ardy Armen                    Bonnie C. Blackwell                Eddie Burrell                 Chiquola Baptist Church       John Cross
Terri Lynn Arms               Nancy W. Blackwell                 Laura Burrell                 Chomarat North America        J.P. Crowder
Carol Armstrong               Peggy W. Blackwell                 Peggy M. Burris               Ben Chreitzberg, Jr.          Margaret Crowe
Ivan & Betty Lou Armstrong    Blake & Brady                      Helen Burris                  Christian Endeavor SS Class   Patrick Crowe
Art & Frame                   Alan E. Blanchard                  Kathryn Burriss               Cingular                      Crowe’s Corp. Promotions, Inc.
Asaville Baptist Church       Beverly Blanton                    Mack Burriss                  Clearview Baptist Church      Miranda Crowther
Eunice Ashley                 Brian Blasco                       G.W. Butler                   Clemson Animal Hospital       Julie Croxton
Herbert & Janice Ashley       Blue Ridge Fest                    Sam Butler                    Clemson UMC                   Judy Culbertson
Laurie & Lane Ashley          Blue Ridge Security                Nick Byers                    Charles & Dorothy Cleveland   Vicki Culler
Sue Ashley                    Danny & Lilly Blue                 Wilfred Byrum                 Kym Cleveland                 Culwell Ins. Agency, LLC
Margaret Asmussen             Clayton Boardman III               Jane Cahaly                   Irene Clevenger               John W. Cunningham

                                              2008 Donor List Continued
Ronald & Joyce Currier       Earth Materials Grading         1st Bapt.Church - Anderson       Thomas E. Garrison             Alex & Ann Gundry
Doug Curry                   Helen Eberhart                   - Eugenia Attaway's SS Cls      Paul Garvin                    Guthrie Grove Church of God
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Curry      Billie & Buddy Echols            - Blanche Holcombe SS Cls       Dessie Geer                    H. Jeff McLeod
Jack Mohr Curtiss            Anthony Wayne Edwards            - Dorcas SS Class               Latorrie Geer                  Billy Hackett
Curves                       Gayle B. Edwards                 - Faith SS Class                William F. Geer                A.B. & Priscilla Hair
Keith Cushman                Wesley Edwards                   - Howard Smith SS Class         Manfred Gehrmann               Diane Haley
Custom Steel & Wood, Inc.    Marguerite Elam                  - Margaret Williams Bible       General Machine of Anderson    Hal Hall
Cutter Head Mfg. Solutions   Electric City Garden Club        - Sanctuary Choir               Genesis Sunday School          Lily R. Hall
Roger L. Cwynar              Electrolux                       - Tom Allen Bible Class         Ella Walls Gentry              Norman D. Hall
Kenneth Dailey               Elemental Design                1st Bapt. Church - Belton        George Coleman Ford            Thomas & Sherrill Hall
Elizabeth Dailey             J.M. & Marian B. Ellenburg       - Adult Men’s Bible Class       Agatha Gerg                    Leland Halleck
Dorothy Danenhower           Daniel & Mary Jane Elliott       - Co-Ed SS Class                Michele (Dawn) Gerow           Gene M. Hallman
Maudelle H. Daniel           Rick Elliott                     - Fidelis SS Class              James & Sandra Gettys          Kay Hamilton-McKee
Sam & Martha Daniels         Julia & Dennis Ellis             - King’s Daughters SS Class     Cecil D. Gibson                Peggy Hamilton
K.Y. Dantzler                Rachel E. Ellis                 1st Bapt. Church - Honea Path    Elsie Gibson                   Betty Hammond
Darby Electric               Colie E Elrod                    - Baraca-Dodson SS Class        Harold Gilbert                 Geraldine Hammond
Mike Darby                   Joyce Elrod                     1st Bapt. Church - Piedmont      Gerald & Janice Gillespie      John & Ann Hammond
Saundra Dary                 Katherine Elrod                 1st Bapt. Church - Williamston   Lauren E. Gillespie            Hampshire Designers Group
Betty Sue Davenport          Milwee & Lamar Elrod             - All Comer’s SS Class          M. Ray Gillespie               Richard & Kathleen Hane
Janice Davenport             Louis Embiscuso                  - Faith SS Class                Gary & Marilyn Gilmer          Cathy Hanks
                                                              - Ruth’s Bible Class
J.C. & Patricia Davies       Paul L Embler                                                    Harriet Gilmer                 Kim Hanks
                                                             First Citizens
Albert & Joyce Davis         Engineered Systems, Inc.                                         Michael Gilreath               T.L. Hanna Jazz Band
                                                             First Presbyterian Church
Billy & Janet Davis          Epps & Nelson                                                    Polly Gilreath                 Barbara Hansen
                                                              - Men’s Bible Class
Curt & Alyce Davis           Elaine Epstein                                                   Ronald Gilreath                Gary Hanwell
                                                              - Women of the Church
Susan Davis                  Michael & Kathie Erwin          Flat Rock Presbyterian Church
                                                                                              Wilburn Gilreath               Harbor Inn Seafood
Theron & Celeste Davis       Estate of Ansel Guthrie         Judy Fleming                     Sally Given                    Ron Harbin
Doug Davison                 Estate of Elizabeth H. Martin   Preston Fleming                  Ethelyn Gleason                John B. Hardaway, IV
Mike Dean                    Estate of Frances Bannister     Floppy's                         Glen Raven, Inc.               Hardee Bingo Friends
Virginia & Ron Dean          Lollis                          Floral Gallery                   Glenn Plumbing Co., Inc.       Sue Hardee
Melissa DeAngelis            Estate of Mary Johnson Babb     James Foil                       John W. Glenn                  Burnus Harder
Bert & Reba DeBerry          Jennifer C. Etheridge           Food Lion                        Priscilla Glenn                Steve Hardrick
Leon E. Dedeaux              Cecil Ann Ethridge              Foothills Community Fdn.         Global Financial               Billy & Harriett Hargrove
Dental Associates of S.C.    Eureka Baptist Church           Foothills Marine, Inc.           Golden Age Club                Dr. Corrine Hargrove
Becky DePalma                Frances Evans                   Foothills Presbytery             Barnette Golden                Gary Harper
John & Claire Derning        Lyn Evans                       Forest Hill Baptist Church       Golf USA                       Claude E. Harris
Design South                 Nancy Evans                      - Esther SS Class               Good Hope Baptist Church       Evelyn Harris
Terry Dewhurst               Martha Evatt                     - Grace SS Class                 - Golden Rule SS Class        Jennifer Harris
Diamond-N-Gold Direct        Ex-Libris Book Club              - Happy Warriors SS Class       Good Hope Presbyterian         Mr. & Mrs. Claude Harris
Florence Dias                Exxon Mobil                      - Herbert McCurley SS Cls       Church                         MJ & JA Harrison
Steve & Mary Dickinson       Tim Fabian                       - Hope SS Class                 Good Shepherd Pet Services     Louis & Elaine Hart
Jim Diffenderfer             Fafard                          Charlie Forrest                  Lori Gorman                    Sam & Florence Hart
Vinnie R. Dill               Clarence Fagg                   Forrest Junior College           Kristin Gorrell                Chad Harvey
Bernard Dion                 Fairview UMC                    Susan J. Forrest                 Grace Episcopal Church         Kenneth Harvey
Dirty Old Men's Club         Fairway Outdoor Advertising     J. Louis Forrester                - St. Catherine’s Guild       William Hauser
Doug Dixon                   Charles W. Fant                 Patricia Y Fortune               Grace Senior Adult SS          Amber Hawkins
Harold & Ashley Dobbins      Elizabeth Fant                  Dorsie Fowler                    Grace UMC of Williamston       Danny Hawkins
Kenny Dodd                   Joseph A. Fant                  Edward D. Fowler                 Grady's, Inc., Employees       Jo Ellen Hayes
C.L. & Jeanette Dodson       Mildred O. Fant                 Jeanne G Fowler                  Grady's, Inc.                  Loretta Hayes
John & Rosie Doker           Mr. & Mrs. Alan Fant            Nancy Fowler                     Frances Graham                 Loyd & Margaret Hayes
Phil Donnan                  Mrs. Elizabeth B. Fant          Margaret Fox                     Kay C. Graham                  Corrine Haynes
Doo Dah Day Cafe             Sara H. Fant                    Bryan Foxx                       GrandSouth Bank                Lucile M. Haynie
Janet Dorado                 Judd B. Farr                    Enretha Frady                    Donnie Grant                   Tom & Shirley Hazelwood
Dorchester Bapt.-Laura       Fatz Cafe                       Fraternal Order of Police        Catherine Graves               Linda Head
Mitchell Circle              Paul Faulkenberry               Shelbra Freeman                  Marie Graves                   Zack & Ann Heard
Douglas F. Dorsey            Brenda Faulkner                 James W. Freeman, Sr.            Gray Engineering Consultants   Patricia & Fred Heath
Larry & Jo Eleanor Dove      Feathered Nest Linens &         Mae B. Fretwell                  Gray Fox                       Ann Heck
Richard & Ann Dove           Interior Design                 Margaret P. Fretwell             Mary Lou Gray                  Roger Heineman
Draisen Edwards Music        Kathryn Fedele                  Friends - Food with a Flair      Anita Green                    Caroline Hemphill
Andrea Draisen               Fellers Welding, Inc. (Allen    Fuddruckers                      Jane Green                     Richard & Jeanne Henderson
Mary L. Drake                Shevey)                         Emmett S. Fullington             Greene & Company               Sheila Hendrix
William O. Ducworth, Jr.     Charlene Ferguson               Buck Fulp                        Greenville Meats, Inc.         Rick Hennebaul
Duke Energy                  Mary Ferguson                   Robert B. Funk                   Jim Greenway                   R.O. Herbert
Walter & Nancy Duke          James H. Fetner                 Daniel Furlong                   Sandra Greenway                John Herbold
Beth Duncan                  Sharon Fields-McCormick         Jessie Gaillard                  Alice Greer                    Mr & Mrs Roy Hess
Dunn & Dunn, Inc.            Imogene Fields                  Angeline Gaines                  Johnnie Gregory                Mildred Hewin
George Durham                Martha Fields                   Barbara Gaines                   McNeil Grier                   Charles & Carol Hewlin
Betty R. Durst               Linwood Findley                 Albert Gambrell                  Nancy & Richard Grove          Corean M. Hicks
Patsy Dutton                 Shirley J. Findley              Gambrill Foundation              Doris Guest                    Diane Hicks
James N. Dwinell             Donna Finley                    Gap Foundation                   Russell & Diane Guffee         Harold Hicks
E-City Java                  Douglas Finley                  John Garman                      Annette Guiseppi-Elie          Karen Higdon
Mrs. Louise J. Earle         Zelma Finley                    Ernie & Patsy Garrison           Judy Gullatt                   Highland House

                                                 2008 Donor List Continued
Bob & Gloria Hill              Martha Jennette                  Steve & Linda Krause            Andrea Mann                     Lois McNeely
Jack Hill                      Jack W. Jennings                 Kravet                          Bruce Mann                      Kyle McNey
Richard Hill                   Lois Watson Jewell               Darrell Kreis                   Leo Marsden                     Ruth S. McPherson
Michael Hilley                 John B. Ross Insurance           M. Elizabeth Kunkel             Alma Martin                     William R. McQuillan
Marsha D. Hillhouse            John Weasley UMC Women           Judith Kuszmaul                 Barbara Martin                  Marshall L. Meadors, MD
Rebeccca Hilliard              Betty Johnson                    Ladies Auxiliary VFW            Cleo Martin                     Meals on Wheels - Greenville
Hilton Garden Inn              Charles R. Johnson               Lake Keowee Chrysler/Dodge      Dr. Terrell O. Martin           Meals On Wheels Assoc. of
Mary Ann Himes                 Donna Johnson                    Lakeside Metals                 Dwayne & Elva Martin            America
Tom & Jan Hinchman             Ida L. Johnson                   Lakeside Middle School          George Martin                   John Medicus
Arlis & Georgia Hinson         James Johnson                    Lakeside Sheet & Structural     J. Alex & Lynne Martin          Mary Medlin
Clyde H. Hobbs                 Penny Johnson                    Elizabeth F. Lamb               James A. Martin                 Ralph Melbourne
Grady Hodges                   Beatrice G. Jones                Jennifer D. Lamonte             Jane Martin                     Janie Meredith
Jack & Shirley Hodges          Grace Jones                      William & Susan Lanier          John B. Martin, Jr.             Merle Norman Cosmetics
Ron Hodges                     Heather Jones                    Candice & Steve Lapham          Mary E. Martin                  Brian & Suzanna Merriman
Linda Hoffman                  Jones Investments                Robert & Susan Larmon           P.J. Martin                     Casina Metz
B.C. & Martha Holbrook         Phyllis H. Jones                 Lillian Latham                  Russell Martin                  Mid-Day Lions Club
Greg Holbrook                  Ralph E. Jones                   Latimer Memorial UMC            Terry P. (Thomas) Martin        Middleton Road Baptist
Graham R. Holden               Robert & Adeline Jones            - John C. Hipp SS Class        Elizabeth Martin                 - Jane Felker SS Class
Lewis & Frances Holder         Jordan & McCallum Co.            Lucille Latimer                 Mary Ramseur Charitable         Midway Presbyterian Church
Evelyn Holliday                Jean T. Jordan                   Richard Laughridge              Foundation                      Bill & Ruby Miller
Anne Holliman                  Marcella K. Jordan               Lawrence & Brownlee             Patrick Mason                   Christine C. Miller
Dianne Hollingsworth           JPS Composite Materials          League Banking                  Matrix Construction Co., Inc.   Gary & Carol Miller
Holly's Cakes, LLC             Corp                             Bonnie S Ledbetter              William T. Mattingly            Kenneth K. Miller
Andrew C. Holmes               JR's Used Cars                   Wilson & Karon Ledbetter        W. Theo Mattison                Leigh Miller
Martha Holmes                  JSC Associates, Inc.             Wayne Ledford                   Matty's Downtown                Minnie Miller
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church   Jumping Jax                      Lee's Marine, LLC               Dale May                        Thomas Lewis Mills
 - Never Too Late Group        Junior Leadership Anderson       Kay Lewis                       Eugenia May                     Jane Minch
Homeland Park Bapt. Church     K. W. Grader Foundation          Mary Kate Lewis                 Verna Mayfield                  Mission Development Ministries
Honea Path Middle School       Jon Kaemming                     Liberty Mutual                  Maynard's Home Furnishings      Marie Mitchell
Claude & Frances Hood          Phyllis Kaiser                   Gilbert & Linda Lilly           Dennis McAlister                Mary Mitchell
Charles & Nancy Hooper         Don Kausler                      Linda's Flower Shop             Vernon & Maude McAlister        Patsy Mitchell
Inez Hooper                    Lewis Kay                        Rebecca Lindell                 Patricia M. McAlwee             Scott Mitchell
Hooters                        Beth Keaton                      Bradley & Carolyn Link          William McBride                 Danny Mize
Hope Chapel                    Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Keaton         Linnette, Inc.                  Bill McCall                     Fern Monroe
Hope Fellowship                Keepers of the Heart             Mamie Linton                    Stan & Alice McCallum           Michael L. Montgomery
Jodi Hrbacek                   Casey Kelley                     Lions Club - Anderson           McCants Middle School           Betty N. Moore
Pat Hudgens                    Danny Kelly                      Ann Austin Littlefield          McCauley's                      Carlton & Linda Moore
David E. Hudson                Tommy Kelly                      Frederick Lloyd                 Annie McClain                   Charles Ansel Moore
William Hudson                 Wilson C. Kelly                  Locke Design                    John B. McClain                 Ferris D. Moore
Harold Hudspeth                Melissa Kendall                  Walt & Christal Loescher        Randall McClain                 Greg Moore
Barbara Hughes                 Kenneth Rhodes Ins. Agency, Inc. Arthur Loftis                   Saunders W. McCollum            Jay Moore
Butch Hughes                   Marvin Kent                      Bobby Loftis                    Robbie McCombs                  Jerry Moore
Gene (Alfred) Hughes           Marshall & Betty Keys            Marie Loftis                    Catherine McCoy                 Jimmy Moore
John Wilfred Hughes            Thomas Kickham                   Logan's Roadhouse               Jerry McCoy                     Lula Moore
Margaret W. Hughes             Vermelle Kilmer                  Lollis Clearing & Grading LLC   Nancy G. McCoy                  Burt & Martha Moore
Amy Hull                       R. Cree Kilpatrick               Phil & Terrie Lollis            Thomas & Paula McCoy            Scott Moore/Frito Lay
Robert Humphries               Kimberly Kincaid                 Thomas Lollis                   Karl McCranie                   Ada Moorhead
John R. Hunt                   Jan Kinert                       John Robert Lomant              Daphne H. McCuen                Morgan Motor Co
Glenda Hunter                  Kristi King-Brock                Frank & Eleanor Lombardi        Michael & Colleen McCuen        Laura G. Morrison
Carole Hurley                  King Law Firm                    Dr. & Mrs. Needham Long         Robert McCurry                  Phyllis Morrison
Trudy Hyde                     Agnes & Cecil King               Longaberger Baskets             McDonald Advisors, Inc.         Harold G. Morse, M.D.
Matt & Ria Hydrick             Charles King                     Longhorn Steakhouse             McDonald's                      Butch Morton
IFH                            J. Donald King, Jr.              Louise Looney                   Paul McDonnell                  Jimmy & Patricia Morton
Edward & Geraldine Ifkovits    Jack H. King                     Maurice K. Lopez                McDougald Funeral Home          Mrs. J. Stone Moss
Images                         Laurie J. King                   Russ D. Lott                    Jason McDowell                  Mountain Creek Bapt. Church
Inergy Automotive              Lee King                         James Love                      Jodi McDowell                   Mt. Airy Baptist Church
Ingles - Hwy. 81               Sheila T King                    Linda Lowery                    Mable McDowell                    - Singles SS Class
Ingles - Hwy. 24               Stephen King                     Dr. & Mrs. William Lummus       Edward McFarland                Mt. Bethel Baptist Church
Interim Healthcare             Sudie King                       Dr. & Mrs. Carl Lund            Mike McFetridge                 Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church
Al Irvin                       Lori Kinley                      Edward Luscombe                 Willis & Mary McGee             Mt. Zion Baptist Church
Iva First Wesleyan Church      Olin & Betty Kirkpatrick         Tonya Lusk                      Jack McGill                     Mt. Zion Presbyterian Women
JC's Deli                      Kitchen Emporium                 Larry Lyles                     Willyne M. McGill               Gary Mulholland
J. Thomas Burriss DMD          Kiwanis Club of Anderson         Sheree Lynch                    McIntosh, Sherard, & Sullivan   B.J. Mullinax
Jack in the Box                Kiwanis Club of Anderson -       Don & Marie Lynn,               Brandi W. McKee                 Ila May Mullinnix
Charles K. Jackson             Golden K                         Rusty Lyons                     Danny & Sarah McKee             Jeanette Mulz
Elizabeth Jackson              Robert W. Klatt                  John & Rachel MacCartney        Debbie McKee                    Regina Murrah
Ernie Jackson                  Willy Klauser                    Helene M. Madzia                Louis McKee                     MY 102.5
Stuart Jackson                 Lee K. Kleppel                   Main Stay Suites                Matt McKenzie                   Napier Enterprises, LLC
Monica James                   Louell E. Knight                 Main Street Deli                J. Mike & Bobbi G. McLees       Randy Naser
Jax-New Orleans Bistro         Louise Knisley                   David Major                     Malcolm & Joyce McLeese         Gail Nash
Mary Jaynes                    Bill Kohler                      Weston & Joyce Malone           James & Jean McMann             Lizell Neal
Edwin & Sandra Jean            Norma J. Koon                    Jonathan Mangual                Jerry & Melba McNeely           Neals Creek Baptist Church

                                                2008 Donor List Continued
Nell Townsend Presbyterian    Pelzer UMC                     Mildred Pruitt                   Dr. James M. Ruff              Skin Care at the Gallery
Nevitt Forest Elementary       - UMW                         Publix - Hwy. 81                Berry Ryan                      Skin Care Specialists
School                        Pendleton Presbyterian         Gail Purdy                      Tom Sabin                       Emmala Small-Rochelle
New Harbor Light Marina       Church                         Raymond Putman                  Darrell & Donna Sage            Louise Small
New Hope Baptist Church       Pendleton UMC                  Kara Queen                      Salem Baptist Church            June Smith-Jeffries
New Hope UMC                   - Friendship SS Class         Anne Rack                       Saluda Baptist Assoc.           Betty Smith
New Prospect Baptist Church   J. Roy Pennell, Jr.            Sandra L Radican                Sam's Club Foundation           Claudia Smith
 - Encouragers SS Class       Penske Truck Rentals           Anne S. Radnor                  Laura J. Sammons                Elmain & Dorothy Smith
Margaret H. Newell            Audrey Pepper                  Stephanie Ramage                Debra Sampson                   Ernestine Smith
Mary Lou Newman               Carol Pepper                   Charles & Theresa Ramsey        Charles & Dorothy Sanders       Gary Smith
Pam Nichols                   Jeffrey & Sandra Perkins       Mary M. Ramsey                  Dianne Sanderson                Greg & Stacey Smith
Phyllis Nicholson             Perx Carwash                   Jimmy Ratliff                   Jean B. Sanderson               Jimmie B. Smith
Joey & Jean Nimmer            Dorothy & David Peterson       Ed & Liz Rauch                  Sanity Savors                   John L. Smith
Ira Nixon                     Robert Peterson                Recycled Seniors Bowling        Bob & Audrey Saraske            Johnny Lee & Beth Smith
Norfolk Wire                  Pete's on Concord              League                          James & Rita Sargent            Ken Smith
North Anderson Baptist        Lyn Petri                      Red Lobster                     Rich & Maureen Sartini          Lanelle Smith
  - Sunday School Class IV    Charles & Carol Pettibone      Bobby Joe & Azalee Redd         Sassy Shoes & Gifts             Leo & Kathryn Smith
NSL Analytical Services       Miriam Pettigrew               Johnny & Sara Ellen Redd        Sassy Stitches                  Linda Smith
Tom & Kathy O'Connor          Paulette Pfeiffer              Doris & James Reed              Donnie Saxon                    Marianna Smith
Billy O'Dell                  Paul Phelps (TCTC)             George M. Reed                  Pamela F. Saxon                 Milton W Smith
Patrick & Caroline O'Dell     Phil Little Karate             Linda Reed                      Bob Schaaff                     Nancy Smith
 John O'Neil                  Phil's Jewelers                Sandra Reese                    Phyllis Schaffer                Rick Smith
Terry Oakley                  Don & Tammy Phillips           Refrigeration Wholesale, Inc.   JoLee Schirk                    Scott Smith
Oakwood Baptist Church        H. Grady & Ann Phillips        Refuge Baptist Church           Schlotzsky's Deli               Susan Smith
Jean W. Odom                  Jerry & Crystal Phillips       Regions Bank                    Richard Schneiderman            Wilda Smith
D K Oglesby, Jr.              William & Carola Phillips      Jan Reidenbach                  David & Diane Schonauer         William (Roy) Smith
Old Stone Tractor             Becky Pickens                  Elaine Reimels                  L. David Schronce               Lisabeth Smolenski
Ole Country Smokehouse        Billy Pickens                  E. L. Renaldo                   Carolyn D. Scisci               John Snavely
Joseph Omiecinski             Constance S. Pickens           Robert & Gayle Reynolds         Scott & Stringfellow, Inc.      Terry Snipes
OMS of Anderson, LLC          Marshall & Bitsy Pickens       John M. Rhodes                  Sea Dogs                        Albertine Solon
One Coast Southeast           Wayne Picklesimer              David Lee Rice                  Sea Ray of Greenville           Leslie Southgate
Open Arms Development         Piedmont Honda Chrysler        Marguerite Rice                 Sealed Air Corp                 J. Scott Souviron
Orian Rugs                    Jeep Dodge                     Dr. & Mrs. Linvil Rich          Jeff & Johnel Searcy            BJ Spann
Julie G. Orr                  Piedmont Lions Club            Elizabeth Ricker                Catherine Marie Sears           Peggy R. Spell
Kenneth A. Orr                Piedmont Mothers Club          Sarah Ricketson                 Derrell H. Sears                Jean Spillers
Obera E. Orr                  Piedmont Natural Gas Co.       Riverview Services, LLC         Paul & Sheila Sears             Jared & Ashley Spratt
Courtney Ouzts                Piedmont Natural Gas Fdn.      Rita's Ice Custard Happiness    Becky Seawright                 St. George's Episcopal Church
James & Abby Ouzts            Piedmont Presbyterian          Charline D. Roberson            Second Baptist Church-Belton    St. Johns UMC
Peggy Owen                    Church                         Gary & Kim Roberson             Marian Segelke                   - Circle II Class
Bill & Rebecca Owens          Clarita Pinion                 Joe Roberson                    Tommy Seigler                    - Mary O. Holler Class
Horace & Pat Padgett          Pixel Point                    Robert T. Foster Public Ac-     Allie Sue Sellers                - Victor Caudle Class
Sammy & Tracy Padgett         Pizza Buffet                   countant                        Senior Solution                 St. Mary's Church
Oren Page                     Dennis & Martha Placone        Gail Roberts                    G. W. (Gary) Seymore             - Women’s Club
Rev. Ted Page                 Pleasant Hill Baptist Church   Joan F. Roberts                 Sue & Donald Shafer             St. Paul U.M. Church
Norma Painter                 Pleasant View Baptist          Keith L Roberts                 Betty Sharpe                    Robert Stadtmiller
Joel Palmer                    - Willing Workers SS Class    Marianne Roberts                Shear Elegance Salon            David & Mary Standeffer
Julia Palmer                  Jeff Poole                     Vann Roberts                    Shiloh Baptist Church           Patricia Stanford
Palmetto Bank                 Sue B. Poole                   Gladys & Norman Robertson       Shiloh UMC                      Robert V. Stanford
Palmetto Bank - Greenville    Donna Poore                    Lena B Robinson                 Fran & Butch (Roy) Shirley      Starr Baptist Church
Palmetto Cheer & Tumble       Matthew Poore                  Rocky River Baptist Church      Margie Shirley                   - Ministry Group
Palmetto Elementary School    Pope Drive Baptist Church      Becky G. Rodgers                Mary E. Shirley                 J.J. Stathakis
Palmetto Family Dentistry      - Lloyd Foster SS Class       Rogers Furniture                Richard & Rachelle P. Shirley   Staton's Diner
Palmetto Tennis Outfitters     - Timothy King SS Class       Betty H. Rogers                 Theodore Shirley                Estelita Stein
Willie Palmore                Marion & Robert Popkin         Deatria Rogers                  Charles & Bobbie Shockley       Stella Communications
Joe Park                      Joy Potts                      Elizabeth Rogers                Norman Shows                    Judy G. Stephens
Parkwood Baptist Church       Powdersville Comm. Club        Sara H Rogers                   Siloam Baptist Church           Katherine & Cara Sue Stephens
Becky Parris                  Dr. Jerry Powell               Wade Rogers                      - Faithful Workers SS Class    Sam Stephens
Ray W. Partain                Irene Powell                   Olin & Betty Roland              - Joyful Workers Bible Cls     Steppin' Out Dance Studio
Betty Parton                  Ruth C. Powell                 Romano's                         - Senior Men’s Class           Pam Stercay
William E. Pascoe             Rufus Power                    Roomer Has It                   Phil Silverstein                Steve's Tire & Service Center
Ann C. Pate                   Gerry Poynter                  Tom Roose                       Gailliard & Beverly Simmons     Madeline C. Stevens
Angi Patrick                  Premier Construction & Res-    Carol M. Rose                   Paulette Simmons                Stevenson Trust
Caroline Patterson            toration                       Kathryn Roser                   Sara Y. Simpson                 Cheryl Stewart
Paul's Men's Shop             Maraquita Pressley             Danny & Becky Ross              Walter Simpson                  Marlene Stewart
Frankie (Carol) Peacock       Kathryn Prevost                Andrew Roush                    Simpsonville 1st Bapt.          Susan J. Stewart
Bradley Peay                  W. Hewell Pridmore             Laurie R. Rowe                   - Rushing Powell SS Class      Stine Gallery
Tom & Nancy Pebbles           Albert Prince                  Patti M Rowe                    B.J. & Nancy Sims               Leland & Mary Stoddard
Sandra Peele                  Carter E. Prince               Eugene Rowell                   A.J. Sitton                     Albert B. Stokes, III
Pelzer Elementary School      Peter & Cathy Proner           Elizabeth Rowland               Six & Twenty Baptist Church     Hazel Stone
Pelzer First Baptist Church   Propp Drugs                    Emilie Rowland                  Robbie Sizemore                 Tina Stone
Pelzer Presbyterian Church    Douglas & Gale Pruitt          Dr. & Mrs. William B. Royster   David & Lisa Skelly             Vickie Stone
  - Women of the Church       Evelyn S. Pruitt               Ruff Lodge #240 AFM             Karyn Skelton                   Marshall & Barbara Stovall

                                                      2008 Donor List Continued
Strange Bros                     Mildred B. Thackston                                               Wal-Mart                      Samuel & Joyce Wilds
Michael Strange                  The Classic Topiary                Trinity UMC - Anderson          Daniel Waldsmith              Mr. & Mrs. Joel Wilkie
Dr. & Mrs. Clifton Straughn      The Community Foundation            - Cokesbury SS Class           Daniel Walker                 Christine Williams
Jim & Eileen Streck              The Corner Club                    Trinity UMC - Honea Path        Deborah Walker                Danita Williams
Russell K Street                 The Curtis Company, Inc.            - Willing Workers SS Cls       Mark Walker                   Edith Williams
Strickland Fine Art              The Gallery                        Tripar International            Mrs. Charles Waller           Williamson Fabrications, Inc.
Strickland Marine Center, Inc.   The Good Life People               Jimmy Trock                     Walmart Foundation            Tanya Williamson
Andrew & Angela Stringer         The Gray House                     Mary Alice Trussell             George & Martha Ware          Williamston Presbyterian
Stuart, Mary W. Stuart           The Printer                        Tucker's Restaurant             Walter L. Warnock             Claudia Willis
Suggs Johnson                    The Sweetery                       Hugh Tucker                      Hilda Warren                 Loris A. Willis
D. Gray Suggs                    This-N-That Catering               Tony Tuorila                     Joann Waters                 Pam Willis
Forest D. Suggs, Jr.             Thomas Concrete                    Turner's Jewelers               David & Jean Watkins          Thomas R. Willis
Sullivan-King Mortuary           Doug Thomas                        Charles Turner                  Mr. & Mrs. George Watkins     Bill & Lucia Wilson
Chris & Sissa Sullivan           Edward Thomas                      Leona Tyner                     Jim Gray Watson               Jack C. Wilson, Jr.
Henry Sullivan                   Edward L. Thomas, DMD              Karen Tysl                      T.A. Watson                   James Wilson
Jeff & Kim Sullivan              Glynn Thomas                       Union #1 Rocky River Bapt.      Barbara Webb                  JoAnn Wilson
Sullivan's Metropolitan Grill    James & Joyce Thomas               Assoc.                          Robert Webbenhurst            Laverne Wilson
Sunrise Seniors                  Kathleen Thomas                    Union Grove Methodist           Scott Webber                  R. Dodd & Jennifer Wilson
Superior Engineering, Inc.       Meleah Thomas                       - Men’s Fellowship             Hazel Welborn                 Tim B Wilson
Surgical Clinic of Anderson      Royce Thomas                        - Ruth Boggs SS Class          Welcome Baptist Church        James & Dawne Wimbrow
Bradley & Valerie Swenson        Nancy Jo Thomason                  United Way                      Welcome Ranch                 Nate Winbrow
Shirley Swiney                   Bernard Thompson                   United Way of Greenville        Bill Wells                    Brad & Marie Wolff
Betty M. Swofford                Ellen M Thompson                   United Way of Pickens Co.       Wanda Wentzky                 Woodman of the World
Janet M. Tabor                   J. Bradford & Pamela Thompson      Unity Baptist Church            W. Pelzer Get Together Club   Doris Woodruff
David Tackett                    Joyce Thompson                     Stacy Upchurch                  William D. West               Frank & Alberta Woodson
Russell Tate                     Steve Thompson                     Upstate Coca-Cola               Christine Westmoreland        Frances Woody
Thelma Tate                      Swain Thompson                     Upstate Waterfront Properties   Crystal Wham                  Wren Middle School Hospi-
Sandra Tatum                     Terry M. Thompson                  Ron Van Pelt                    Smith Wham                    tality
Billy & Frances Taylor           Thomson Foundation                 Van Sullivan Photography        Teresa Wharton                Wren Ruitan Club
James & Lucy Taylor              Charles & Susan Thornton           Jonathan Vance                  Paul & Deborah Whitcomb       Frances H. Wright
Nell M. Taylor                   Chris & Faye Thrasher              Tony Varner                     White Jones Hardware          John & Nancy Wright
Perry Taylor                     Matthew & Kay Thrasher             Dianne Vaughn                   White Plains Baptist          Ella Jo Wyatt
Richard & Sandra Taylor          Tile Council of N. America, Inc.   Mary A. Vaughn                  Alton & JoAnna White          Joseph C. Yarbrough, Jr., MD
Robert Taylor                    Mike & Joy Tillirson               Ruth Vaughn                     Janice White                  Margie C. Yarbrough
Willette T. Taylor               Timken Corporation                 Santya A. Vaughn                Jay & Andrea White            Wayne P. Yarbrough
B.W. & Patricia Teague           Timms Harley-Davidson              Michelle Venable                Mildred C. White              Betty Yeates
TechFab, LLC                     Bicky Timms                        Carin H. Vickery                Patricia A. White             Ronald A. Yeske
Sallye M. Teitler                Total Lake Services, Inc           Eddie Vickery                   Whitefield Baptist Church     Homer Yon
Temco, Inc.                      Townville Baptist Church           Vintage Interiors                 - O.R. Campbell SS Class    Marjorie T. Yonce
Temple B'Nai Israel              Trammell Law Firm, P.A.            W. Pelzer Get Together Club     Dan Whitfield                 Young Memorial ARP
Jane Tennihill                   Mark Trammell                      Wachovia                        Jean Whitfield                Betty Young
Betty Tepel                      George & Colleen Trask             Wachovia - Columbia             Fred Wicker                   Terry Young
A.C. & Elizabeth Terry           John D. Traynham                   Wachovia Foundation             Tandy Wickiser                Zion UMC of Anderson
Dorothy Terry                    Tri-County Rentals                 Diane Wagner                    Rei & Hazel Wigington          - Adult Fellowship Class
LJ Terry                         Trinity Springs Church of God      WAIM Radio                      Wil Mary Apt. Residents       Betty Zuck

We make every effort to acknowledge and list all donors. Please contact Crystal Phillips at or 222-6624 if
we’ve made a mistake or omission. Thank you!

                                                 2009 Spring Spaghetti Fundraiser

Thank you to all who participated in our spring 2009 Spa-
ghetti Fundraiser! Over $6,500 was raised through meal
sales, a matching funds gift from Modern Woodmen of
America, and sponsorship from Interim Healthcare.

Special thanks to the Anderson Independent, Carlee’s
Restaurant, Saundra Dary, Doo Dah Day Café, Carole
Hurley, IFH, Maggie King, Main Street Deli, Matty’s,
McDonald’s, Panera Bread, Nancy Pebbles, and Jerry
Phillips for your donations to this event. A HUGE ‘thank
you’ to all the volunteers who helped make this event a

 Laurie Ashley Named Non-Profit Director of the
Anderson County Meals on Wheels Executive Director Laurie
Ashley was recently named Non-Profit Director of the Year by
 the Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce. Congratulations

                                                      Congratulations John Benca!
                                        Congratulations to John Benca, owner of Jax Bistro and
                                        McGee’s Irish Pub, on winning the 2008 Harley Davidson
                                        Street Bob during our Mardi Gras in the Electric City!

       BMW Hosts March for Meals Event
        “So No Senior Goes Hungry”
BMW Zentrum played host Monday, March 23, to nearly 100
Upstate area residents concerned about the issue of senior hun-
ger. Enid Borden, President and CEO of the Meals on Wheels
Association of America, was the keynote speaker. The event
was coordinated by the newly created Meals on Wheels Upstate
Alliance, whose members serve Anderson, Cherokee,
Greenville, Pickens and Spartanburg Counties. Missy Johnson
and Bill Sweezy, publishers of the “All About Seniors” maga-
zine and hosts of the TV show by the same name also partici-

                                          Meals on Wheels Benefit Golf Tournament
                                               Hosted by the Dirty Old Men’s Club

                                                            May 20, 2009
                                                     Pine Lake Golf Course
                                   Entry fee: $65 per person includes cart, lunch & beverages.
                                 Four person teams ~ 9 am putting contest ~ 10 am shotgun start
                                        Captain’s Choice ~ Auction to follow tournament
                                                   Sign up by May 11, 2009
                                                   **Individuals Welcome**

105 S. Fant St.
PO Box 285
Anderson, SC 29622

Phone: 864-225-6800
Fax: 864-222-6691

If you wish to be removed from our mailing
list, please contact Crystal at 222-6624 or Thank you!

                                                               Our office will be closed for Memorial Day
         Now Accepting Donations                                              May 25, 2009
               Online at
                                                    Have a Safe Holiday!

                      Needs List                                Recipient Eligibility             Board of Directors & Staff
                                                                                                  Jack Jenkins, Chair
                                                                                                  Kym Cleveland, Chair Elect
Meals on Wheels needs list consists of items that are           Have a neighbor, friend, or
                                                                                                  Stacey Smith, Secretary
used frequently within the office and kitchen. Your             relative who lives alone and is   Scott Webber, Past Chair, Treasurer
donation of any of the items listed below will help de-         finding it difficult to make      Lisa Applewhite
fray costs of our operation.                                    meals for themselves due to       Byron Burns
                                                                                                  Kerry Cox
                                                                health, age or a disability?
                                                                                                  Rick Dyar
                                                                Anderson County Meals on          Wes Edwards
Kitchen Supplies                  Office Supplies               Wheels is here to help. Check     Harriet Gilmer
Laundry Detergent                 First Class Stamps            our website for additional in-    Annette Guiseppi-Elie
                                                                                                  A.B. Hair
Bleach                            Correction Tape               formation,
                                                                                                  Butch Hughes
Stainless Steel Pot Scrubbers     Black or Red Pens                       Larry Linnette
Dish Cloths & Towels                                                                              K D Simpson
                                  Staples                                                         Pete Cooley, Board Member Emeritus
Rubber Gloves                     Colored & White Paper
Birthday Gift Bags (new or                                             Meals on Wheels is         *************************
gently used)
                                                                                                  Laurie Ashley, Executive Director-
                                                                     looking for groups and/
Meals on Wheels is in need of substitute route drivers. If
                                                                                                  Jeanie Cochran, Food Service Mgr.
you are not able to commit to driving on a weekly basis,             or businesses who want
please consider being a substitute driver. If you are inter-                                      Vermelle Kilmer, Service Coordina-
ested, please contact Vermelle Kilmer, Service Coordinator.              to get involved.         tor
                                                                                                  Ann Miller, Bookkeeper
                                                                       Please contact us!
           Visit us online at                                                      Crystal B. Phillips, Executive Asst.
                                                                           225-6800               Margaret Webb, Kitchen Assistant
                                                                                                  Mary Wilson, Cook


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