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travel                                                                                                              Go on a most unforgettable fishing trip of your life

       saturday, august 20, 2011

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                                                  Check out world’s top fishing destinations
                                                  NEW YORK, Aug 19, (RTRS): Immerse              haven, Phuket. The clear, blue watersof          excitement. Fishermen flock for its            rule the seas. Some of the most well            spot to bait your hook, sit back and relax.
 www.kuwait-airport.com.kw                        yourself in Scotland by reeling in             the Andaman Sea set the scene for some           coastline, brimming with tuna.                 regarded yacht charters around, like the        Until you get your first bite, of course.
                                                  salmon, or bundle up in Newfoundland           of the best fishing in the world.                   The area has some of the richest tuna       Picante Bluewater Sportfishing fleet,              9. Puget Sound, Washington, United
                                                  for anouting to catch yellowtail and              Cast your line and wait for tuna,             grounds in the world and also some of          take eager novices out daily, year round.       States
✔     WASHINGTON: Boeing said Friday              mackerel.
                                                     Whether your preference is cod or
                                                                                                 swordfish, blue and black marlin, and
                                                                                                 other impressive sea creatures to bite. A
                                                                                                                                                  the globe’s toughest fighting fish. A
                                                                                                                                                  diverse ecosystem guarantees you’ll see
                                                                                                                                                                                                    7. Montauk Point, New York,
                                                                                                                                                                                                 United States
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    For a day trip from Seattle, try nearby
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Puget Sound. The waters are calm and
its new jumbo 747-8 cargo plane has
cleared US and European Union approval            bluefin, Cape Town or Cabo, online trav-       strict catch-and-release policy means you        albatross, killer whales and dolphins             Montauk Point, a glacial cliff on the        it’s easy to relax - perfect for the stressed
for entry into service.                           el        advisers       Cheapflights.com      won’t be dining on your accomplish-              galore. Tuna season lasts from                 east coast of Long Island, provides a           out workaholic who just wants to get
   The US aerospace giant received certifi-       (www.cheapflights.com) offers its top 10       ments, but a photo for Facebook on               September to June, but there are oppor-        fishing retreat for New Yorkers,                away from it all.
cation Friday from the US Federal Aviation        fishing destinations. Reuters has not          Thailand’s west coast may do instead.            tunities to throw your net year round.         Philadelphians, Bostonians - and every-            Turn off your cell phone, cast your
Administration and the European Aviation          endorsed this list:                               3. Florida Keys, United States                   5. Sicily, Italy                            one in between.                                 line, and sit back while the salmon
Safety Agency for the aircraft.                      1. Sutherland, Scotland                        Set your iPod to Jimmy Buffett’s                 Fishing is synonymous with Sicily              Thankfully charter groups that take          comes to you. Your view of Mount
   "With these certificates, the program is          From a boat or from the shore, fishing      “Margaritaville,” pour yourself an appro-        and, unfortunately, its fish population has    you out come equipped with experienced          Rainer and the Olympic Mountains will
in the final stages of preparing to deliver the   is a brilliant way to enjoy Scotland. Even     priately-mixed beverage, and spend a             started dwindling as a result. But you-        captains who know what they’re doing.           be worth the trip. Fishing is popular in
first 747-8 Freighter to launch customer          though the outdoor sport isn’t allowed on      day relaxing on South Florida’s turquoise        can’t go to the Italian isle and not try       Bring the family to reel in tuna, striped       the area, so there’s no shortage of char-
Cargolux in early September," Boeing said         Sundays at the Kyle of Sutherland, there       seas.                                            spearfishing. You physically dive into the     bass and shark that swim the eastern            ters to take you out. Sign up ahead of
in a statement.                                   are six other days of the week to take            There you’ll find the Marquesas Keys,         water and spear the fish - with a spear.       shore of the United States. Remember to         time, and then go with the flow.
   The new freighter has logged more than         advantage of the bounty that this majes-       located off of Key West’s west coast - an           Patience is of the essence, as the          bring a cooler: your finest catches can            10. Victoria, Australia
3,400 hours of flight testing since its first
flight in February 2010, the firm said.           tic landscape has to offer.                    ideal spot for fishing. The marine sanctu-       underwater creatures are both quick and        serve as dinner after a sun-filled day on          Imagine your boat rocking back and
   The 747-8, which also has a passenger             The area is famous for its supply of        ary law ensures an abundance of                  cunning, so stick to shallow waters.           the high seas.                                  forth as roaring waves push it farther and
version, is a major upgrade of the venerable      salmon, and brown and sea trout. Handy         wildlife, where you’ll catch shark and              6. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico                      8. Newfoundland, Canada                      farther away from shore. You’ve got your
747 jumbo jet that launched the era of mass       for novices, the Kyle of Sutherland            barracuda. There’s a very remote feel               Appropriately nicknamed the “Marlin            The tastiest fish in the world, from         fishing lines in tow and you’re ready to
travel some 40 years ago.                         Angling Association has produced a             because a lot of charters aren’t willing to      Capital of the World,” Cabo San Lucas in       Arctic char to rainbow trout to cod, live       catch something big.
   "This is such a great day for everyone on      booklet to help fishermen figure out           make the trip because of high fuel prices.       Mexico is a place to bring your highest-       off the coast of Newfoundland on                   Powerful and wild waves are no
the 747 team," Jim Albaugh, president and         where to go to reel in the best fish              Find a charter that’s willing to go the       quality camera. There’s nothing like cap-      Canada’seast coast. Stay inland along           strangers to Bass Strait. The strait, which
chief executive of Boeing Commercial              around. A permit for a day of sea trout        extra mile, literally, for quite possibly the    turing your family’s Christmas card on         Newfoundland’s Flowers River if salmon          separates Tasmania from Victoria, has
Airplanes, said in the statement.                 fishing costs visitors only 8 ($13). The       most unforgettable fishing trip of your          the beaches of Mexico’s most abundant          piques your interest. But for saltwater         areputation for being rough. But you
   "Over the last several years, this team        view of rolling hills, though, is priceless.   life.                                            shoreline - with a massive marlin on dis-      species, like yellowtail and mackerel,          need to get out there i you hope to see
has overcome challenge after challenge,"             2. Phuket, Thailand                            4. Cape Town, South Africa                    play.                                          head east to the blistery coast.                sharks — great hammerheads, gummy,
he said. The 747-8 program has encoun-               Deep sea fishing is a must if you find         Visitors flock to Africa’s southernmost          More than 3,000 species of marine life         The area, between its mountainous ter-       school and spurred dog sharks — off of
tered setbacks that have put it about two         yourself on Thailand’s southern beach          city for culture that’s brimming with            live off the Baja Peninsula - and marlin       rain and serene surroundings, is an ideal       Australia’s coast.
years behind the original schedule.
   The FAA and ESA certified that the
plane's design "is compliant with all avia-
tion regulatory requirements and will pro-
duce a safe and reliable airplane," the
Chicago-based Boeing said.
   The new aircraft is an updated, longer
and more fuel-efficient version of Boeing's
huge 747 double-decker jet that entered
service in 1970.
   Cargolux, the Luxembourg-based cargo
carrier, is to take delivery of the first air-
craft in September.
   The first 747-8 Intercontinental, the pas-
senger version, will be delivered to a pri-
vate customer in the fourth quarter, accord-
ing to Boeing.
   Germany's Lufthansa will be the first air-
line to receive the plane in early 2012.
   Boeing said last month it expects FAA
certification of its all-new 787 Dreamliner
by the end of August. Japanese carrier All
Nippon Airways is to receive the first 787
in September, more than three years behind
schedule for the launch customer. (AFP)

✔ FRANKFURT: Night-time flights are
esential to ensure Germany does not lose its
place in the freight market to the Middle
East, Lufthansa CEO Christoph Franz said
on Friday.
   "The threat of a night flight ban is hang-
ing like the Sword of Damocles over
Frankfurt," Franz said at a logistics confer-
   Currently, 17 movements — starts or
landings — are permitted at Frankfurt air-
port, Germany's largest, between 2300 CET
and 0500 CET.
   However, a court in Leipzig will decide
on whether to allow an appeal calling for a
complete ban on night flights in the
autumn, just as airport operator Fraport
plans to open its new landing strip.
   "Gulf states want to replace Europe as a
freight hub. We need internationally com-
petitive operating times and that means
night flights," he added.
   There is no love lost between German
airlines and their fast-growing and cash-
rich Middle-East counterparts, who are try-
ing to expand in the European market.
   Emirates has been pushing to get landing
rights in Berlin and Stuttgart, in addition to
its existing German destinations. Lufthansa
has reportedly asked the government to
deny it landing slots at Berlin's new airport.
   Franz also highlighted Dubai’s plans to
significantly expand its freight handling
capacity, as well as Qatar’s purchase of a 35
percent stake in Cargolux, Europe’s largest
all-freight airline. (RTRS)
  ✔        VLADIVOSTOK, Russia: A
shark on Thursday mauled a 16-year-old
boy on Russia's Pacific coast, a day after a
young man lost his forearms defending his         This Aug 10, 2011 photo shows tourists as they stroll in the Tunis souk market in Tunisia. Long known of its sea, sand and sun, Tunisia has a new claim to fame, as the birthplace of the Arab Spring.
wife in a similar attack that stunned the                                                                                                          (AP)
    Scientists thought a single white shark
measuring some four metres (13 feet) might
                                                                                                                          Tunis offers taste of country’s unique culture
be responsible for both attacks, which they
said were unprecedented for the far eastern
Primorye region.
    The authorities extended a local ban
imposed after Wednesday's incident to the
coast of the entire region, known for its
clear waters and luscious scenery.
    "Swimming in the Sea of Japan along the
                                                  Post-revolution, Tunisia awaits tourists
                                                           By Jenny Barchfield                       Sacked by Romans - who famously                 Vendors in the medina who shuttered         asked to help unfurl them. If something         tional Tunisian designs. Arm chairs have
shores of the Primorye region is not cur-                                                        sowed the soil with salt - Carthage would        their shops during the revolution are again    strikes your fancy, be prepared to for          the minimalist lines of Danish furniture
rently safe," the emergencies ministry said.                                                     become Rome’s first colony in Africa.            open for business.                             marathon negotiations, which take place         but are upholstered in bright wool kilims.
    The 16-year-old on Thursday survived
the attack but received serious injuries,
                                                  L    ong known for its sea, sand and sun,
                                                       Tunisia has a new claim to fame, as
                                                  the birthplace of the Arab Spring.
                                                                                                 You can still visit the vestiges of the city’s
                                                                                                 Roman past, including the remains of vil-
                                                                                                                                                     Here are some of the best shops in the
                                                                                                                                                  sprawling, 667-acre (270-hectare) medi-
                                                                                                                                                                                                 over seemingly endless glasses of sweet
                                                                                                                                                                                                 mint tea.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Vases are covered in glazed curlicues of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Arabic script, while earthenware tajines
including a tear wound to his thigh and                                                          las, the ruins of a 1st century AD               na, where you can procure everything                                                           are served up in sleek monochrome hues.
damaged arteries, a local emergencies min-           Popular demonstrations toppled the                                                                                                                          Antiques
                                                  tiny North African nation’s longtime dic-      amphitheater, and the Antonine Baths, a          from cheap Chinese-made flip-flops to                                                          Nearly all the products are made in
istry spokesman told AFP, adding he was                                                                                                           hand-cast gold jewels, as exquisite as their      Next door, Gassem’s brother Ridha
rushed for treatment to the regional capital      tator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in January,      seaside thermal bath complex.                                                                                                                   Messaoudi’s own atelier outside Tunis.
                                                  inspiring a wave of pro-democracy                  Carthage is also home to another, more       price tags are exorbitant:                     sells an impressive array of antiques out       ■ Across the street, Le Foyer de l’Artiste,
Vladivostok.                                                                                                                                                                                     of an equally tiny locale. A veritable Ali
    The attack happened in Khasan district,       protests that has swept the Arab world,        recent, historical site, Ben Ali’s sprawling     ■ Ed-Dar: Equal parts shopping extrava-                                                        has similarly contemporary takes on tradi-
                                                  from Morocco to Bahrain.                       presidential palace. Police guard the com-       ganza and cultural outing, a visit to this     Baba’s cave, it’s piled high with petrol        tional Tunisian jewelry. The chains of
near where a shark on Wednesday took off                                                                                                                                                         lamps, hammered copperware from the
both arms of a 25-year-old man to the                While the uprising that ended Ben Ali’s     pound, which has been empty since the            chock-a-block store is a must. Every sur-                                                      interlocking hammered loops worn as
elbows as he was bathing just 20-25 metres        23-year-long autocratic rule went relative-    former president and his family fled into        face in the 15th century Arab house-           1920s, and old-school hand-embroidered          decorative fasteners on brides’ multilay-
(yards) offshore in the Telyakovsky bay           ly smoothly in Tunisia - especially com-       exile on Jan 14.                                 turned-emporium is hung with antique           curtains, napkins and sheets as well as         ered silk gowns are morphed into neck-
near the Pining Heart islet.                      pared with the bloody and protracted con-          If Carthage doesn’t sate your appetite       rugs, stacked with hand-glazed ceramics        centuries-old tiles rescued from old Arab       laces and dangle seductively from gold-
    "He was swimming with his wife and            flicts that have since erupted in Syria,       for Rome, a trip to Tunis’ stunning Bardo        and shines with intricate silver jewelry.      houses.                                         plated earrings. Old coins look surprising-
was attacked by a shark," Arkady Babenko,         Yemen and neighboring Libya - the              National Museum is in order. Housed in              Three brothers, Ali, Youssef and            ■ A nearby covered lane houses the              ly trendy on chunky silver bracelets or on
head of surgery at the Khasan Central             hordes of European tourists that long          the former royal palace, the museum              Taoufik Chammakhi, founded the store in        “Souk des Chechias,” where an ever-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 artfully beaded earrings.
District Hospital, said.                          thronged to the country have largely evap-     boasts of the world’s premier collections        their childhood home in 1980 after their       dwindling number of craftsmen hand-
    "He fought back as hard as he could, pro-     orated. Tunisia’s border with warring          of Roman mosaics, with room after room           collection of handicrafts culled from the      make the boiled wool hats, like stunted                         Appetite
tecting his wife," Babenko said in televised                                                     filled with mammoth, often impeccably            breadth and width of the country bur-          fezes, that were once an integral part of          If you shop up an appetite, the medina
remarks, adding that the patient was now in       Libya remains dangerous, and poor inland
                                                  towns still see sporadic protests, but Tunis   preserved tiny tile masterpieces.                geoned out of control. Most of the pieces      the national dress. Since Tunisian men          is full of little restaurants where you can
a grave condition in intensive care.                                                                                                              here are one-of-a-kind heirlooms that          adopted the universal uniform of jeans          grab grilled meats, egg and tuna-filled
    "It was very scary when they were             and the resort towns have regained their           Tunis also has among the biggest and
                                                  pre-revolt calm, and the country is on a       best conserved medinas (the old city or          were bought directly from families that        and T-shirts, the chechia - imported from       fried pastries or tomato and bell pepper
pulling this guy out, I can't even describe                                                                                                                                                      Spain in the 14th century - has largely fall-
it," witness Alyona Semyonova said on tel-        path toward democracy.                         historic center) in the country - indeed, in     had kept them - sometimes for centuries.                                                       stews - all smeared with harissa, the
                                                     Still, the country’s Mediterranean          much of the Arab world. A warren of nar-            Prices range from a few dozen dinars        en out fashion, and the lion’s share of pro-    piquant chili paste Tunisians use on virtu-
evision. "Both his hands were already gone
and there was a lot of blood in the boat."        beaches and millennial ruins are largely       row streets with whitewashed buildings           for a tile, hand-painted by Ali Chammakhi      duction is now shipped to Libya and             ally everything. (AP)
    The teenager on Thursday was attacked         deserted, and bargains abound. Travel          studded with wooden doors painted a              himself, to tens of thousands of dollars for   Nigeria.                                                       ❑     ❑     ❑
off the nearby Zheltukhina island in Khasan       operators who offer all-inclusive package      rainbow of eye-popping hues, Tunis’              a collection of gem-covered military dec-         Second-generation chechia-producer
district, which borders North Korea.                                                             medina dates back to the 8th century and         orations with pieces dating back to the        Outaiel Jaoui still has two stores on the          IF You Go...
                                                  deals at seaside resort hotels have slashed                                                                                                                                                       Tunisia: Official tourism site:
    A friend said they had been shaken by         their already reasonable rates in a bid to     is a Unesco World Heritage site.                 1750s. Don’t miss the rooftop terrace, a       souk, where he serves up traditional red
Wednesday's incident but could not even                                                                                                           lush oasis of potted plants with a knockout    and black hats to Tunisians for formal          http://www.cometotunisia.co.uk/.
                                                  lure visitors. But while those getaways                       Mausoleum
imagine they were in danger.                                                                                                                      view over the medina.                          occasions and a chechias in a rainbow of           Medina of Tunis: Unesco World
                                                  abound in beachside relaxation, they can
    "Valera decided to go diving, he put on       be isolating and don’t provide much of a          The Zitouna Mosque is both its geo-           ■ Youssef Gassem: Just downstairs from         bright hues for visitors. Nine laborious        Heritage                           site:
his wetsuit and flippers," Anna Pribytko          taste of the country’s unique local color.     graphic and spiritual heart. Built in the 9th    Ed-Dar, affable rug-seller Youssef             steps go into these little hats, which start    http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/36.
said. "He just went 20-25 meters off shore                                                       century, it was remodeled and added on to        Gassem hawks his wares in a tiny shop          out as oversized knit rasta berets and are      Shops and merchants in the medina
and that's where the shark attacked him."                           Ruins                        by successive dynasties, each determined         piled high with Berber and Persian car-        boiled, molded, ironed and dyed into            include:
    The local emergencies ministry appeared          For a stiff dose of it, try the capital,    to outdo the last. Non-Muslims can visit         pets, kilims and rugged tent rugs made         something resembling a retro pillbox.              Ed-Dar: 8, rue Sidi Ben Arous, Souk
so stunned after the first attack on              Tunis, a sprawling metropolis peppered         the complex, with its breathtaking arched        from camel hair. There’s something for         Worn on women, they breathe a Jackie O-         Ettrouk
Wednesday that it initially refused to con-       with vestiges of its ancient past. The Tunis   courtyard, mornings every day but Friday.        every budget, from small synthetic mod-        esque retro elegance.                              Tapis Youssef Gassem: 1-3, Souk
firm a shark was responsible, blaming an
unidentified "sea animal."                        suburb of Carthage was founded by                 Tourbet el Bey is also worth a visit.         els that run for fewer than $100 US to         ■ El Makhsen: This old stable-turned-           Ettrouk.
    Several types of sharks including the         Phoenicians in the 8th century B.C. and        Buried deep in the medina, it’s an 18th          mammoth, century-old kilims in veg-            warehouse-turned-wood-working factory              Chechias Outaiel Jaoui: 30, Grand
herring shark can be seen in the northwest-       was hometown of Hannibal, the general          century mausoleum where Tunisia’s mon-           etable-dyed wool that fetch upward of          is among the medina’s hippest shops. The        Souk des Chechias
ern Sea of Japan but they do not attack peo-      who crossed the Alps with elephants to         archs, or Beys, as well as their children,       several thousand.                              brainchild of designer Mohamed                     El Makhzen: 35, rue Sidi Ben Arous
ple and swimming there is considered gen-         launch his celebrated 218 B.C. attack on       wives and concubines were buried in                 Gassem’s assistant works up a sweat as      Messaoudi, El Makhsen sells contempo-           Tunis
erally safe. (AFP)                                Rome.                                          elaborate marble sarcophagi.                     he unstacks the carpets, and you might be      rary home decorations inspired by tradi-           Dar El Jeld: 5, Rue Dar el Jeld