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					British Insurance Brokers’ Association

“Hello, BIBA
Claims Helpline.
How can I help?”

020 7767 3088
                          Changing the face of claims
An invaluable new FREE service for BIBA brokers helping
with technical advice on all claims issues

                020 7767 3088
                Monday to Friday 09.00 to 17.00
                (Excluding public holidays)

What is the BIBA Brokers Claims Helpline?

BIBA have joined together with Lorega Ltd to provide BIBA brokers with a free and unique
advice service for complex claims. The service is open to all BIBA brokers and can cover any
form of claims issue that may arise whether it is a major fire, complex business interruption
issue, liability, motor or even marine.

How does the service work?

The Claims Helpline is administered by Lorega on behalf of BIBA. Lorega are well known for
their groundbreaking Loss Recovery Insurance Product. Simply call 020 7767 3088
between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Lorega has over fifty-five independent Loss Adjusters throughout the UK who have vast
experience and a wide range of skills to be able to guide BIBA brokers through the claims
process in the event of a complicated or troublesome loss, regardless of the type of policy
involved. All Lorega Loss Adjusters are regulated by the FSA and carry full professional
indemnity insurance.

How much does it cost?

The BIBA Claims Helpline is a free service exclusively for BIBA members. Once Lorega have
been informed of the issue the broker needs help with, they will arrange for a Loss Adjuster
whose technical experience is best suited to the broker’s particular issue, to contact them as
soon as possible. The Loss Adjuster will provide initial telephone advice to help the broker
move the claim forward.
What if the claim is so complex it can’t be resolved by telephone?

There will be some occasions where a particular claim is so complex that it cannot be resolved
by telephone advice alone. In those circumstances Lorega is able to offer a full ‘After the Event’
claims consultancy service for the client.

The service Lorega offers applies to any form of insurance contract. We can help with issues
relating to policy coverage, underinsurance or simply with those losses where the broker feels
that the client will need additional help to secure the best possible settlement. All BIBA brokers
will want to do their very best to help their client at their hour of need but the fact remains that
large losses can be time consuming and very expensive for the broker and the client.

Lorega estimates that for example a loss of £80,000 will take up to 100 hours to resolve. Each
loss of this size is costing the broker around £8,600 in lost time and revenue.

How much would this additional service cost?

No two claims or sets of circumstances are the same and therefore all fees are negotiable. This
might be in the form of an hourly or daily rate, percentage of the recovery we make or a flat
fee. We will provide written quotations at the time.

In some cases BIBA brokers will want an expert to review a claims file to help them understand
the best route forward. Lorega adjusters are happy to undertake this service and will usually
be no more than one day’s work.

                                       “Why not call us for an
                                       outline opinion and see
                                       what we can do?”

                                       Lorega Limited 36 Leadenhall Street, London EC3A 1AT
                                   Lorega Ltd are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
  “We can help with the
   following classes of claims”

All forms of property and interruption claims

Miscellaneous personal lines
Subsidence                           Light aircraft and Aviation risks
Motor claims for high value cars     Motor boats and Yachts
Jewellery, Object d’art, Valuables   Antiques, Paintings and Fine furniture

Pets and veterinary insurance        Bloodstock and equine        Agricultural livestock

Livestock                            Loss of revenue         Veterinary
Disease                              Deadstock and machinery
Fish farms                           Growing crops           Fur farms

Construction and Engineering
CAR Policies                         Plant Covers                 ALOP and DSU
Loss of support claims               Design risks                 Loss of licence

Assorted Financial risks
Contingency polices                  Over-redemption claims       Executive crime
Product recall                       Non-appearance covers        Loss of licence

Critical Illness            Travel repatriation                   Death claims on life polices
Key man Insurance           Personal accident                     Loan protection and PPI
Medical expenses

Liability claims present a different set of problems for policyholders; as well as the usual,
almost routine, repudiations of policy liability, we are able to assist in most classes of
liability cover including:

Product Liability           Professional indemnity                Product liability
Construction liability      D&O