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					Department: Institute of Medical Biophycics

Tutor: RNDr. Michal Legiň
   Electrical properties of cell membranes.

Tutor: doc. RNDr. Lea Vojčíková, CSc.
   The importance of HDL cholesterol detection.

Department: Department of Pneumology and Phtiseology

Tutor: prof. MUDr. Ružena Tkáčová, PhD.
   Metabolic syndrome in patients with obstructive sleep apnea.

Tutor: MUDr. Pavol Joppa
   Exercise testing in patients with pulmonary disorders.

Department: 3rd Department of Internal Medicine

Tutor: doc. MUDr. Peter Mitro, PhD.
   Contemporary trends in the diagnosis of syncope.

Tutor: doc. MUDr. Gabriel Valočik, PhD.
   New aspects in the treatment of heart failure.

Tutor: prof. MUDr. Jozef Pella, PhD.
   Inflammation and cardiac diseases.

Tutor: MUDr. Ján Pobeha
   Diseases associated with Helicobacter pylory infection and treatment.

Tutor: MUDr. Ivan Majerčák
   Epidemiológia obezita.

Tutor: MUDr. Peter Kalist
   New aspects of ACE inhibition and AT receptor blocker therapy.

Tutor: MUDr. Zuzana Kočišová
   Treatment of acute coronary syndromes.

Department: 4th Department of Internal Medicine

Tutor: prof. MUDr. Ivan Tkáč, PhD.
   Genetics of type 2 diabetes.

Tutor: doc. MUDr. Jozef Gonsorčík, CSc.
   Treatment on atrial fibrillation.

Tutor: prof. MUDr. Dušan Trejbal, CSc.
   Relationship of serum cholesterol and tyreotropin levels in primary hypothyroidism.
Tutor: MUDr. Eva Szabóová, PhD.
   Management patients with peripheral arterial diseases.

Tutor: MUDr. Martin Javorský
   Diabetic dyslipidemia.

Tutor: MUDr. Miriam Kozárová
   Endothelial dysfunction and metabolic syndrome.

Tutor: MUDr. Norbert Lukán, PhD.
   New therapeutical approaches in SLE.

Department: 2nd Department of Gynaecology nad Obstetrics

Tutor: prof. MUDr. Alexander Ostró, CSc.
   1. Normal labor, delivery, newborn care and puerperium.
   2. Ectopic pregnancy.
   3. Incontinence of urine.
   4. Chronic pelvic pain.
   5. Menopause.
   6. Assisted reproductive technology.
   7. Amenorrhea.
   8. Pelvic Infections and Sexually transmited diseases.
   9. Operative vaginal delivery.
   10. Obstetric and perinatal infections.

Tutor: MUDr. Ladislav Saksun, PhD.
   1. Current trends in prevention of HPV infection.
   2. Management of non-puerperal mastitis.
   3. Current trends in imaging methods of the breast.
   4. Role of fine needle biopsy of the breast.
   5. Preoperative care of oncogynecological patient.
   6. Postoperative care of oncogynecological patient.
   7. Early diagnostics of cervical cancer.
   8. Early diagnostics of endometrial cancer.
   9. Current trends in surgical treatment of gynecological cancers.
   10. Sentinel node in oncogynecology.

Tutor: MUDr. Róbert Dankovčík, PhD.
   1. Aethiology of preeclampsia.
   2. High risk pregnancy due to toxoplasmosis.
   3. Laparoscopic treatment of ectopic pregnancy.
   4. Nuchal translucency-new technique in antenatal scrrening .
   5. Ductus venosus doppler and tricuspid regurgitation in antenatal screening.
   6. Chorionic villi sampling- indication and technique.
   7. Cordocentesis-indication and technique.
   8. In utero treatment of diaphragmatic hernia.
   9. Rh isoimunisation- diagnosis and treatment.
   10. Bacterial vaginosis.

Tutor:   MUDr. Peter Urdzík
   1.    Pelvic organ prolapse – etiology, diagnosis and treatment.
   2.    Pregnancy and delivery – pelvic floor defects and stress urinary incontinence.
   3.    Endometriosis and infertility.
   4.    Fibroids – minimal invasive surgical treatment.
   5. Pelvic inflammatory dissease and infertilty.
   6. Intrauterine growth restriction – etiology, diagnosis and prediction.
   7. Spontaneous labour after caesarian section.
   8. Prediction of preeclampsia by using biochemical and ultrasound markers.
   9. Urodynamics and urinary incontinence.
   10. Prediction of intrauterine growth restriction by using biochemical and ultrasound

Tutor: MUDr. Andrea Grešová
   1. Venous trombembolism in pregnancy – possibilities of prevention.
   2. Labour in 3rd millenium.
   3. Possibilities of pain relief of pain during labour.
   4. Placental insufficiency.
   5. Mola hydatidosa – ethiology.
   6. Management of arterial hypertension in pregnancy.
   7. Premature rupture of membranes – cause and consequences.
   8. The endangerment of baby by prenatal and perinatal infections.
   9. Sepsis puerperalis and other serious obstetrical infections.
   10. The prevention of respiratory distress syndrome.

Department: Department of Neurosurgery

Tutor: doc. MUDr. Miroslav Gajdoš, CSc., mim. prof.
   Microscopic operation of lumbar disc.

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