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					        12th Annual
                          Working Together
                                          March 13 & 14, 2007
The faces of multi-family housing are changing. The faces of our residents
and what they expect from us as housing providers. The faces of those
who govern at the local, state and national level. The faces of innovation as
new technologies come into the industry at a dizzying pace.
How will you, your staff and your organization cope with these changing
faces as well those still to come? Join multi housing providers from
throughout the state at the 12th Annual Working Together Conference for
two days of learning, training and networking designed to empower you
and your staff to overcome obstacles, share ideas and grow both person-
ally and professionally.

                “Service with Shazzam!”
  Keynote Address by customer service
               strategist Mark Mayberry
              plus a full day of seminars
       by property management expert
 and motivational speaker Donna Hickey

                             New Location! Earle Brown Heritage Center
                             6155 Earle Brown Drive, Brooklyn Center, MN 55430
                             Phone: 763-569-6300

               Minnesota Multi Housing Association
   Powerful Sessions for Everyone
         Educational sessions have been designated according to the likely audience. Please feel free however, to choose
         sessions from any of the five seminar tracks.
                                                                              OWN Owners
                 M&L      Marketing and Leasing
                                                                              POL      Policy Updates and Discussions
                 MGR      Managers
                                                                              MNT      Maintenance

  March 13, 2007                                                         10:40 a.m. – 12:10 p.m.
  8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.                                                Google and Beyond: Marketing for the Web                      M&L
                                                                       The Internet has become a way of life. We get our news on-line,
Registration and Help Desk                                             we shop on-line, and we may even find our next date on-line. But
  9:00 – 10:30                                                         many housing providers still don’t have a clue how to effectively
                                                                       market their properties on the web. Even if you already have an
Keynote Address –                                                      on-line presence, you will not want to miss this opportunity to
Service With Shazzam!                                                  learn how your internet ad should differ from traditional print
                                                                       advertising, how to track the success of your internet advertising,
Mark Mayberry                                                          how to respond to the internet customer, how he/she is different
The fastest way to increase                                            in their wants and expectations and what new web-based alterna-
and maintain your occupancy                                            tives are popping up now. Don’t be left behind the times!
is to deliver outstanding
customer service. But are                                              *National Housing Policy                                     POL
your customers raving about                                            Hear the latest straight out of Washington regarding issues and
the service they receive                                               programs that serve your residents and affect your business.
when they do business with you? Do your team members know              Leaders from industry groups and federal agencies will discuss
how to handle an irate customer? Do you have systems in place          the top legislative and regulatory issues facing the multi-family
to measure your level of customer service? If not, how much is         housing industry. This session will include a panel of representa-
this costing you?                                                      tives from National Association of Housing and Redevelopment
In this innovative and entertaining session, you will uncover the      Officials, National Multi Housing Council and HUD.
magic of “Service With Shazzam! You will learn how to:                *Hidden Dangers: Mold, Radon and                                MGR
   Develop a service strategy that is truly irresistible                Carbon Monoxide
   Make every customer feel special                                   The state legislature is now mandating CO detectors in almost
   Surprise your customers with “Shazzam” moments                     every dwelling unit. Radon in homes has been found to be the
   Find out how to measure your company’s “Shazzam” level             second leading cause of lung cancer. And mold continues to be a
   Over-deliver on service – when the time is right                   hot button concern. Join our expert panel as they discuss these
                                                                      growing issues you must face in keeping your buildings healthy
With Mark Mayberry’s “Service With Shazzam” formula, you will
                                                                      for your residents and minimizing your exposure to liability. A
leave with a definitive and exciting 8-step customer service strategy
                                                                      session you cannot afford to miss!
that will amaze your customers – and energize your entire team!
When it comes to building successful organizations based on           *Make Room for Baby (Boomers, that is)                          MGR
incredible customer service, Mark Mayberry has “been there and        As the Baby-Boomers reach retirement age, their demands and
done that.” He was president of Fashion Connection, an apparel        preferences for housing are changing. Not only for themselves,
company that went from zero to $7 million in sales in less than 5     but yet for their parents as well. Join us in a provocative discussion
years. Mark understands the driving forces that build profitable      of how to make your community “Boomer friendly” including the
companies. He will share examples of what works for other             best ways to market your community to them (and their parents),
organizations and how they can be adapted to fit your company’s the unique needs and desires of this group and exactly why the
goals. He will take you beyond empowerment to the prospect of         Boomers don’t want “senior” housing.
an exciting new vision. Mark has been a featured speaker at           Ask the Exterminator                                            MNT
multi-housing associations across the country and truly under-        Bedbugs and roaches, ants and bird mites. These are a few of our
stands what it takes to run a successful community. A must attend     least favorite things! You won’t want to miss this unique oppor-
for your entire staff!                                                tunity to speak first-hand with extermination professionals about
                                                                      your most pressing pest problems. Find out what really works,
          Visit the Working Together tabletop displays for            and what is simply urban legend when it comes to ridding your
     great ideas and deals on products and services tailored          property of unwanted critters. There’s no structure – just your
                   to multi-housing professionals.                    questions and our experts’ answers!

                     WORKING TOGETHER CONFERENCE 2007
  12:10 - 1:10                                                           3:00 – 4:30 p.m.
Lunch                                                               Cutting off Concessions                                       M&L
                                                                    One month free rent, two months’ free rent, plasma TV’s, and
   1:20 – 2:50 p.m.                                                 vacations. You name it – the market was dictating that we were
Selling with Questions                                     M&L      giving it away. The good news? The market is tightening and
Thousands of leasing consultants have been trained to sell          many owners are ready to reduce or even eliminate concessions.
benefits, not features, to overcome objections and to “always       The bad news? After months (maybe even years) of using give-
be closing.” But is there another way? This fun and interactive     aways as a closing tool – concessions have become a crutch
session will give you brand-new tools to help you step outside      many leasing professionals don’t think they can do without. Are
the box of traditional thinking and more effectively engage your    you one of them? Then this session is for you! You’ll gain a new
prospects by knowing the right questions to ask, at the right time. understanding of the things today’s renters really want (hint: it’s
Learn from the success stories of other industries and apply them not free stuff!) and be ready and even glad to cut off concessions.
to your community. A wholly different way of approaching the        *Section 8: Updates and Opportunities                         POL
selling process!                                                    Find out how the latest legislative and policy initiatives from
*State Housing Policy                                       POL        Washington D.C. will impact the Section 8 Housing Choice
The face of our state legislature changed dramatically in the last     Voucher (HCV) Program. Your expert panel will include a represen-
election. What does this mean for you? Get up-to-the-minute            tative from NAHRO, local housing agency representatives and
information from the people “in the know” about the pressing issues    property management professionals.
the 2007 legislature are considering. Panelists include Tonja Orr,

                                                                       *Green Roof Technology                                     OWN
Minnesota Housing Finance Agency, Jack Horner, Minnesota               The new Minneapolis Public Library has one. So do many buildings
Multi-Housing Association and Kevin Walli, Minnesota NAHRO             in Chicago and across Europe. But, what exactly is a green roof
*Cultural Understanding, Part I                               MGR      and why should you consider one for your property? Join this
New immigrants to Minnesota face multiple obstacles to finding         insightful discussion and discover how green roofs can provide
fair and affordable housing including income, language, credit         a proven return on investment as well as significant social,

history and discrimination. But this is just the beginning. Differ-    economic and environmental benefits to the community at large.
ences in culture, traditions, cooking, communication, relationships,   You’ll explore the costs associated, the landscaping design
and religion can all affect their housing including how staff and      needed, the process for installing and the policy and funding
residents relate to one another. This timely session will give you     support available. Presented by Steve Frenz, owner of JAS
first hand knowledge of how you can improve resident relations         Apartments and 2006 MADACS winner for Best Landscaping,
and help new immigrants to become excellent long-term residents.       Rick Carter of LDB, Inc. and Warren Hanson, Executive Director
Part I will represent Somali and American Indian communities.          of the Greater Minnesota Housing Fund.

Procrastination and Perfectionism:                         MGR         *Cultural Understanding, Part II                            MGR
Defeating the Demons of Delay                                          A continuation of the earlier session or relevant on it’s own. Part
Do you find yourself putting things off when you know you              II of this series will represent the Latino and Hmong communities.
shouldn’t? Are you always in a rush to get things done at the last    *Smoke Free Buildings                                      MGR
minute? Do you make excuses when things are late? Is nothing quite    Did you know that although only 2% of renters enjoy a smoke
good enough to measure up to your standards? This fun session         free environment, nearly 50% of renters would prefer to live in
will show you how these behaviors affect your overall productivity    them? Increase your occupancy and bottom line by going smoke
and how to gain the skills you need to increase your effectiveness.   free! If you are considering making your community smoke free
Michael Monroe Kiefer is a national trainer and author.               this session is for you. Learn the benefits of smoke free housing,
*Fair Housing for Service Staff                             MNT       and the steps necessary to adopt a smoke free policy in your
Fair Housing is much more than just memorizing the protected          building. You’ll review a model lease, learn how to overcome the
classes. Maintenance and caretaking staffs are faced with a           obstacles, and understand how the rules are different for subsi-
unique set of challenges when it comes to interacting with residents. dized housing. Presented by Brittany McFadden, Association of
As such, this seminar is specifically designed for you! We will       Non-Smokers - Initiative for Smoke-Free Apartments (ISFA).
discuss how service staff can practice fair housing as well as
which behaviors may be perceived as being unfair. Whether you’re
new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, you will want to
attend this invaluable session to help protect both your company
and yourself from potential lawsuits.

  *All courses are approved for CRM and COM credits.
  Courses in the maintenance track are approved for CRMT
  credits. Courses marked with an * are pending approval
  for Continuing Real Estate Education Credits.

                     WORKING TOGETHER CONFERENCE 2007
Washer/Dryer Repair                                     MNT          *Going Up! New Elevator Codes                              OWN
Feel like your repairs and maintenance budget has been washed,       The State of Minnesota is in process updating and revising the
spun and dried out by repairs to your laundry equipment? Let the     state code on elevators. These changes could have significant
experts teach your maintenance technicians what they need to         financial impact on multi-family housing buildings. Don’t be
know to keep your equipment in tip-top shape including common        caught off guard! Learn the details directly from those involved
repairs, troubleshooting and preventative maintenance.               at the front-line, John Corbo of Eagle Elevator and Bob Murphy
                                                                     of ThyssenKrup Elevator. If your property has an elevator – you
  March 14, 2007                                                     cannot afford to miss this session!
  8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.                                              *Housing Tax Credits: Correcting File Mistakes MGR
Registration and Help Desk                                           This session will provide you with the tips and tools you need to
                                                                     be better prepared for file reviews of your tax credit properties.
2nd Day Bonus!                                                       Not only will you learn about common file errors and how to cor-
Donna Hickey                                                         rect them but you will also pick up practical tips on how to better
We are extremely pleased to bring                                    prepare for reviews so that potential errors can be avoided. Pre-
you nationally recognized expert                                     sented by Lyn Burton, Affordable Housing Connections, Renee
Donna Hickey for a full day of                                       Dickinson, MN Housing and Angela Neilson, Dakota County CDA
timely, inspirational sessions. With
over 25 years of in the trenches                                     Practical Preventative Maintenance                           MNT
property management experience,                                      It’s common sense that it’s easier to fix a problem when it’s small,
Donna Hickey is a true authority.                                    right? But in the real world of running an apartment community

As former National Director of Leasing and Marketing for a growing   the preventative maintenance plan always seems to be low priority
property management company in Chicago, Donna watched a              and often gets pushed aside – resulting in those little problems
company grow from one apartment community to 22 in just one year.    becoming big ones. It doesn’t have to be that way! This informative
While traveling the country, she developed a complete marketing      session will give you practical easy tips to assist you in developing
plan, successfully developed an entire hands-on training program,    and actually completing a preventative maintenance plan. The
then implemented the programs and monitored the progress. In         tools you will take away are guaranteed to save you money!

addition to receiving many awards of accomplishments and recog-        10: 40 a.m. – 12:10 p.m.
nition from the companies Donna has worked for, she has been
recognized as a professional entrepreneur in Who’s-Who Magazine,     *Fair Housing                                                 M&L
is on the Curriculum Development Committee for the National          Fair housing isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s the law! No matter
Apartment Association and a frequent presenter at local, state and   your position or experience, this primer is exactly what you need
national apartment associations across the country.                  to protect your company and yourself from discrimination claims.
                                                                     You are sure to learn something new!
Every session that Donna Hickey provides is fun, motivational,
and inspiring. You will walk away from her workshops filled with  *UD/FHA Multifamily Financing Products                      OWN
knowledge, the ability to apply it, and the enthusiasm to follow  Do you have an existing HUD 202 loan (or another type of loan)
through!                                                          that you would like to refinance? Plans for multifamily or Assisted
                                                                  Living new construction? Wondering who is financing the senior
   9:00 – 10:30 a.m.
                                                                  cooperatives that we have seen all over the State? All of these
Donna Hickey: From Hi Fi to Wi Fi               M&L       MGR     types (and more) of loans can be financed by HUD/FHA. Tim
This laugh out loud act will remind you of yesteryear as Hickey   Gruenes, Supervisory Project Manager from the local HUD office
points out societal absurdities that bombarded your psyche while as well as a lender who deals with FHA Insurance will present this
growing up during the baby boom years … in “From Hi-Fi to Wi      session on HUD/FHA Multifamily financing products.
Fi, a Look at How We’ve Change in Living Technicolor,” Donna
                                                                  *Ask the Attorney                                           MGR
references middle-class suburbia as she communicates universal
                                                                  This free-flow question and answer forum was the most popular
truths that brings smiles of recognition from anyone weaned on
                                                                  session at last year’s conference. So much so that we brought it
“Captain Kangaroo and the Carol Burnett Show” and TV ads that
                                                                  back! This is your opportunity to ask our panel of expert attorneys
proclaimed, “Silly Rabbit, Trix are for Kids.”
                                                                  anything and everything about landlord/tenant law. This session
*HUD Policy Changes                                       POL     is sure to be full of surprises!
Does it seem like new rules and regulations are coming out of the
                                                                  *Violence Against Women Act:                                MGR
woodwork? Having a hard time keeping up with the changes?
                                                                    What you Need to Know
This is your one-stop opportunity to hear first-hand about policy
                                                                  The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) creates new protections
changes coming down the pipeline from HUD. Learn the latest
                                                                  for victims of domestic violence and in turn, new federal mandates
straight from Washington and the local office about issues,
                                                                  for all housing agencies, owners and managers using Section 8
programs and procedures that affect you, your residents and
                                                                  vouchers. In this must-attend session for managers of both private
your business.
                                                                  and public housing you will learn these new requirements as well
                                                                  as gain a critical understanding of how they may change the way
                                                                  you run your property.

                    WORKING TOGETHER CONFERENCE 2007
Donna Hickey: Coming to Age with                              MNT        3:00 – 4:30 p.m.
Customer Service … What’s Hot / What’s Not!
In this session we will explore the attitudes of excellence. You’ll    Donna Hickey: Traditionalists, Boomers,                       M&L
understand how to identify customers needs through observing           “X’ers” and Nexters – What does this
thoughtful body language resulting in uncompromising service           all mean to in the apartment industry?
contacts. In the end, you’ll learn to resolve conflicts and exceed     The boomerang effect, the return of the traditionalist, baby boomers,
your customers expectations. This is a power packed session with       and nexters, is the natural consequence of supply and demand
an abundance of interaction with the participants.                     and a phenomenon facing the modern apartment housing market.
                                                                       In this session, the author of the recently published book Master
  12:10 - 1:10 p.m.                                                    of Success reveals, the leasing myths, realities and challenges of
                                                                       these four major generational groups. The seminar provides
                                                                       technology, marketing and leasing strategies for effectively com-
  1:20 – 2:50 p.m.                                                     municating with and managing the leasing process to your advan-
                                                                       tage. Plus, real life case studies of how these techniques will
Donna Hickey: Outrageous Outreach for                       M&L        impact your occupancies and create an atmosphere of success in
your Tax Credit Property                                               your leasing office are revealed.
The Who, What, Where, When Why and How of the basics in
outreach marketing. Learn how to uncover potential residents         *Harassment: Rhetoric vs. Reality                               OWN
through targeted companies, employers, cooperative marketing and     You can hardly open the newspaper or turn on the evening news
organization. Come and explore proven strategies to get your team    without hearing about another harassment case. Is it really as
not only involved but also excited about your marketing programs.    prevalent as the media would have us believe? What is the impact

Tap into this hidden market and walk away with guaranteed ready      of harassment on the organization, the accuser, and the accused?
to implement ideas, resulting in higher rentals for your community.  What about emails and all of those forwarded jokes? And most
                                                                     importantly, what is your responsibility as an owner or manager to
*Inspection Insight                                           OWN
                                                                     try and prevent harassment? Get the answers to these and many
REAC, municipal, mortgage, fire department…No matter what type of
                                                                     more complex questions in this crucial session.
property you own, you’re virtually guaranteed to be faced with a

property inspection. And no matter the type of inspection, there are *How to Successfully Apply for                                  MGR
certain issues that any inspector will flag. Don’t miss this no-       a HUD Service Coordinator Grant
nonsense discussion of the inspection process, the maintenance       Service coordinators have a vital role to play in linking supportive
codes that all property owners must abide by and ordinance changes services for elderly and disabled residents in eligible housing
you should be aware of. Our expert panel will include Saul Ham-      projects. Each year HUD offers Service Coordinator grants to
merstein a national consultant with The Inspection Group, Inc..      owners of HUD assisted properties, enabling them to hire a Ser-
*Ask the HR Director                                          MGR    vice Coordinator to serve their residents. You’ll learn how to
Harassment, union contracts, effective hiring, progressive disci-    successfully apply for a grant, how to put a Service Coordinator
pline… Bring your toughest HR questions! Our expert panel will       position in your project budget, recognize important compliance
be on hand to answer them in this free-flow forum of questions       issues which allow you to keep such a position and hear from
and answers. A can’t miss session whether you manage a staff of provider success stories in utilizing a Service Coordinator to
one or one hundred.                                                  benefit residents. Presented by William Thomas (Multifamily
                                                                     Project Manager) and Jim Zaremba, Director of Senior and Spe-
*Bird Flu                                                     MGR    cial Needs Services, Common Bond Communities, St. Paul
The World Health Organization states that it is a matter of when,
not if, the next pandemic influenza outbreak will occur. If predica- Frontline Leadership                                            MGR
tions hold true, we as employers and housing providers could be      Effective leadership is a learned skill, not a lucky trait. In this fun
faced with an unprecedented crisis. How will we staff properties if and interactive session you will learn the essential skills that all
employees are ill or quarantines are issued? How will we deal with leaders in every organization must have to be effective. Plus gain
the potential economic and social disruptions? What are our          knowledge of basic leadership principles, the power of effective
responsibilities to our residents? Leading this important discussion feedback and practical tools to deal with emotional behaviors.
is Mark Campbell, retired HUD project manager.                       Presented by national expert and one of your favorite instructors,
                                                                     Petra Marquart.
101 Maintenance Tips                                          MNT
Back by popular demand, one of our most requested sessions!          *Mold in Your Units                                             MNT
Joe Cerny will regale you with his endless supply of practical,      Mold remains a hot button issue in housing. This essential session
easy to implement maintenance tips. You will be amazed and           will teach you the practical things you need know in order to deal
astounded! As a special bonus, all pre-registered attendees will     with mold-related issues. You will discover how to determine the
receive Joe’s very own handbook with even more tried and true        cause of moisture intrusion, how to decide what clean-up can be
ideas to make your property run more efficiently.                    handled internally versus hiring a contractor, how to determine
                                                                     resident responsibility and viable tips for finding and removing
        *All courses are approved for CRM and COM credits.
    Courses in the maintenance track are approved for CRMT
                                                                     mold. Presented by industry leader Gretchen Chamberlain,
     credits. Courses marked with an * are pending approval          Microbiologist with Restoration Professionals.
          for Continuing Real Estate Education Credits.

                      WORKING TOGETHER CONFERENCE 2007
  Working Together Conference 2007 Registration Policies
To register, send your completed registration form to:                Parking
    Fax: 952-854-3810 or 952-346-9561                                 There is plenty of free parking at the conference site. Guests
                                                                      of our partner hotel, Crowne Plaza Minneapolis North may
    Mail: Minnesota Multi Housing Association                         receive complimentary shuttle transportation to and from the
    1650 West 82nd Street, Suite 250                                  conference center each day.
    Bloomington, MN 55431
                                                                      Recommended Attire
Register Early and Save!                                              Business or business casual attire. Dress in layers to adjust to
Group savings with early registration through February 20, 2007       unpredictable hotel temperatures.
Send three people from your company for $229 each and all
                                                                      Continuing Education Credits
additional registrations for your company are only $189 per person.
                                                                      The Working Together Conference is dedicated to providing
Registrations after February 20, 2007
                                                                      and promoting quality education at the conference. Attendees
Send three people from your company for $259 each and all
                                                                      may earn 1.0 continuing education credit for each hour of
additional registrations are only $219 per person.
                                                                      seminar attendance in approved sessions. An asterisk (*)
Full Registration Includes:                                           denotes sessions for which we have applied to the MN Dept.
Your choice of 38 seminar sessions, day-of-conference handouts,       of Commerce for continuing real estate education credits.
continental breakfast each morning, lunch each day, mid-afternoon     All sessions are approved for CCAM, CRM and COM credits.
soda and cookie break, networking and more networking.                All maintenance sessions are approved for CRMT credits.
General Information                                                   Seminar Changes
Hotel Reservations                                                    In the event of a change to a seminar session, all reasonable
We are pleased to partner with the Crowne Plaza Minneapolis           efforts will be made to provide a qualified substitution.
North for your lodging needs. The Crowne Plaza is located at
2200 Freeway Boulevard, Brooklyn Center - less than 3 miles from      Need to Substitute or Cancel?
the conference site. To make a room reservation at the Crowne         Substitutions will be taken until the conference begins at no
Plaza Minneapolis North, call 1-800-481-3556 24 hours, 7 days a       additional charge. To receive a full refund on cancellations,
week. Tell the agent that you are attending the 2007 Working          they must be received by March 2, 2007. A $25 cancellation fee
Together Conference to receive the reduced room rate of $98           will be applied to all cancellations received after March 2,
single or double occupancy, subject to the appropriate state,         2007. Attendees who do not cancel, do not substitute another
local and any occupancy taxes in effect. These rates will only be     individual, and do not attend are liable for full fees and will not
honored until February 20, 2007. Check-in is at 3:00 p.m. and         be entitled to any refund.
check-out is at 12:00 noon. All reservations must be guaranteed       Questions?
with a major credit card or by a first night room deposit. Please
note that the Crowne Plaza will have complimentary shuttle            If you need further information, please call Minnesota Multi
transportation available to and from the conference site at the       Housing Association and speak with Marcy Frederick at (952)
beginning and end of each day.                                        548-2202 or Carla Bush at (952) 548-2219.

                                          Directions to Earle Brown Heritage Center
                       (If you have any questions, please call Earle Brown’s Directions Line at (763) 569-3455.)
From the West (Plymouth, Maple Grove and St. Cloud)                   From the South (Airport, Bloomington, Richfield)
Take I-94 East and I-694 East to Shingle Creek Parkway exit,          Take I-494 West to Hwy. 100 North, exit at John Martin Drive.
follow cloverleaf around, turn left onto Shingle Creek Parkway,       At top of exit, cross through intersection 57th Avenue North to
left at stoplight (Summit Drive North), left again one block at       John Martin Drive, turn left, continue to first stop sign, turn right
Earle Brown Drive (first turn), follow around to the main entrance    onto Earle Brown Drive, continue through next stop sign, watch
on your right.                                                        for main entrance on your left.
From the East (Minneapolis & St. Paul)                                From the North (Duluth, Forest Lake)
Take I-94 West and I-694 West to Shingle Creek Parkway exit, follow   Take I-35 South to I-694 West, then to Shingle Creek Parkway exit,
cloverleaf around, turn right onto Shingle Creek, left at second      follow cloverleaf around, turn right onto Shingle Creek, left at
stoplight (Summit Drive North), left again one block at Earle         second stoplight (Summit Drive North), left again one block at Earle
Brown Drive, follow around to the main entrance on your right.        Brown Drive, follow around to the main entrance on your right.

                                    No Sales Pressure!                    Free Literature!
                            Special ConferenceDeals!                       Expert Advice for
                            Exclamation Points Galore!                    Apartment Professionals!

                    WORKING TOGETHER CONFERENCE 2007

  Name _____________________________ Company and Site Name _____________________________________________
  Mailing Address _____________________________________________________________________________________
  City ________________________ State _____________________ Zip ________________
  Phone (_____)________________ Fax (_____)________________ E-mail ________________________________________

  Affilated with:    MHA          MHFA       MN NAHRO
                                                                                                           Multi 2-Day Discount:
     Early Registration through February 20, 2007 Registration after February 20, 2007                     First three people from
        Full 2-Day - $229                           Full 2-Day - $259                                      one company full price;
        Discount 2-Day - $189                        Discount 2-Day - $219                                 each additional person
        1 Day - $159 (lunch included)                1 Day - $179 (lunch included)                         from the same company
        Individual Seminar - $69 (no lunch)          Individual Seminar - $79 (no lunch)                   discounted price.
                                                     Individual Lunch Purchase - $35
         Payment Total ____________          Payment Method:         Check        Visa       MasterCard       Invoice Company
         Card # _____________________________________________ Expiration Date _______________
         Name on Card _____________________________ Signature ______________________________
                               Multi 2-Day Discount: First three people from one company pay full price and
                                 all additional from the same company may register at discounted price.

 March 13, 2007                                 March 14, 2007

9:00 – 10:30                                   9:00 – 10:30                                   1:20 – 2:50
   Keynote Address: Service with Shazzam!         Donna Hickey: From Hi Fi to Wi Fi              Donna Hickey: Outrageous Outreach for
                                                  HUD Policy Changes *                           Your Tax Credit Property
10:40 – 12:10
                                                  Going Up! New Elevator Codes *                 Inspection Insights *
   Google and Beyond: Marketing for
                                                  Housing Tax Credits – Correcting File          Ask the HR Director
   the Web
                                                  Mistakes *                                     Bird Flu *
   National Housing Policy *
                                                  Practical Preventative Maintenance             101 Maintenance Tips
   Hidden Dangers: Mold, Radon and
   Carbon Monoxide *                           10:40 – 12:10                                  3:00 – 4:30
   Make Room for Baby (Boomers, that is)          Fair Housing *                                 Donna Hickey: Traditionalists, Boomers,
   Ask the Exterminator                           HUD/FHA Multifamily Financing Products *       “X’ers” and Nexters,
                                                  Ask the Attorney *                             Harassment: Rhetoric vs. Reality *
1:20 – 2:50
                                                  Violence Against Women Act: What You           How to Successfully Apply for a HUD
   Selling With Questions
                                                  Need to Know *                                 Service Coordinator Grant *
   State Housing Policy *
                                                  Donna Hickey: Coming to Age with               Frontline Leadership
   Cultural Understanding Part I *
                                                  Customer Service …                             Mold in Your Units *
   Procrastination and Perfectionism –
                                                  What’s Hot / What’s Not!
   Defeating the Demons of Delay
   Fair Housing for Maintenance *

3:00 – 4:30                                           *All courses are approved for CRM and COM credits. Courses in the
   Cutting off Concessions                          maintenance track are approved for CRMT credits. Courses marked with
   Section 8: Updates and Opportunities *            an * are pending approval for Continuing Real Estate Education Credits.
   Green Roof Technology *
   Cultural Understanding Part II *              Mail this form and payment to: Minnesota Multi Housing Association
   Smoke Free Buildings *                        1650 West 82nd Street, Suite 250, Bloomington, MN 55431; or fax this form and credit
   Washer/Dryer Repair                           card payment information to MHA at (952) 854-3810 or 952-346-9561
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                    WORKING TOGETHER CONFERENCE 2007
Minnesota Multi Housing Association
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Earle Brown Heritag
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Brooklyn Center, Minnesota
Phone: 763-569-6300

  ork     ogether Confer
         Tog          erence
Working Together Conference 2007
is Designed for YOU!
Dedicated professionals of all experience levels within the multi-family housing
industry will be attending this conference. If you are an owner, manager, mainte-
nance technician, or leasing professional in market-rate, subsidized, government or
non-profit housing, this conference has been designed for YOU!

What You’ll Miss If You Don’t Attend:
                                                Route to: ______________________
    Pride of satisfied residents
    Greater enjoyment of your job
                                                   Reserve these dates!
    Faster career development                      I got a lot out of this conference last year!
    Recharge attitude batteries
                                                   Sign up the entire staff!
    Satisfaction of making a difference!

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