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					JANUARY 2007

        Early awareness success with Project Identity
        by Carole Jones
                     It has become increasingly evident to         an opportunity to speak with James Stotts,
                                                                                                                       lawrence k. Fish Scholarship
                           schools that early awareness            Financial Aid Director and Danny Bellinger,
                                                                                                                       Citizens Financial Group, Inc.,
                              programs help middle and high        Project Director, about this new Morehouse
                                                                                                                       Chairman and Chief Executive
                                school students understand the     initiative.
                                                                                                                       Officer, Larry Fish announced in
                                 benefits of staying in school,    James and Danny shared information about            October that he has established the
                                  graduating and continuing on     the program and how this has been a campus-         Lawrence K. Fish Scholarship, available
                                  to college. These programs       wide initiative. “Everyone benefits from this       to children of CFG colleagues. The
                                  also help prepare students       program: the parent, student, school and            winner will receive a full four-year
                                  and families for the financial   community. We have the opportunity to make          scholarship to Drake University in
                                 and academic steps they must      the academic and financial aid process less of      Iowa, Larry’s alma mater, including full
                               take. One such program being        an obstacle,” said James.                           tuition, room and board, and a $2,000
                             applauded is Project Identity                                                             annual stipend. Larry said his family
                                                                   Danny shared, “The Project Identity program
                         at Morehouse College located in                                                               is offering the scholarship “in return
                                                                   encourages students to complete secondary
 Danny Bellinger        Atlanta, Georgia.                                                                              for how much the Citizens family has
 Project Director,                                                 school and go on to post secondary school. It
                       Morehouse College is the nation’s                                                               given us.”
 Morehouse College                                                 is not a requirement of the program that they
                       largest, private liberal arts college       come to Morehouse. We’d be thrilled with that       CFG Ranked No. 2 SBA lender
                       for men. Citizens Bank had                                                                      Nationwide for Fifth Straight Year
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                                                                                                                       CFG ranks as the No. 2 SBA lender in
                                                                                                                       the country for the fifth consecutive
         NOT YOUR TYPICAl CONFERENCE RAFFlE                                                                            year. Both Citizens Bank and Charter
         by Martha Johnston                                                                                            One were declared the No. 1 lender in
         The Education Finance Team raffled a $500 grant at the New Hampshire Association of Student                   every market where they do business.
         Financial Aid Administrators (NHASFAA) Conference last November in North Conway. The                          Together Citizens Bank and Charter
         grant was to be used by the winning school for the student of its choice. We later learned that as            One originated more than 6,800
         Robin Gagnon, Senior Assistant Director of Financial Aid at Southern New Hampshire University                 loans totaling more than $320 million
         (SNHU), sat listening to raffle winners being called, she mentioned to a colleague that if she won            in fiscal year 2006, which ended on
         the $500 grant, she knew exactly who she needed to give it to: Michael O’Brien.                                /29
                                                                                                                       9 /06 for SBA lending.

         Michael O’Brien of Hamden, Conn., is a junior at SNHU this year and his younger sister began                  Citizens Bank Raffles
         her freshman year of college this fall. Pretty typical: two children in college at the same time,             $7,000 in Grants
         both attending private institutions. What’s not typical is that Michael lost his father unexpectedly          Citizens Bank is happy to announce
         before starting college and his family has had to move forward in the face of this adversity. Michael         that the Education Finance Department
         describes the death of his father as a “blow to my family” and something that “left us numb and               raffled off $7,000 in grants at its 2006
         down-for-the-count for over a year.” Michael recounts how his mother has had to work more than                fall conferences. The grants are to
         one job in order to hold things together as she faced the loss of government dependent benefits               be used by a student of the winning
         once each child turned 18. What $500 would do for this family was unimaginable.                               school’s choice for his/her education
                                                                                                                       in 2007 We plan to raffle off $25,000
         Well, Robin was the winner, and the shouts of excitement that came from the table where the                   in grants at 2007 trade shows.
         members of the SNHU staff were seated was exhilarating. Michael would get the $500 grant!
         The grant aided Michael and his family in more ways than one. It helped reduce Michael’s                      continued on page 2
         tuition for spring semester which freed up money for his sister’s tuition and for his mother’s
         monthly expenses. “This $500 award is a huge blessing for my family,” Michael said.
         “Thank you so much!”
         Citizens Bank continuously strives to assist students in financing their education through many
         avenues. Michael is one of many students in 2006 who received a grant through conference
         raffles. We look forward to helping more students in 2007   .
                                            SCHOOl PROFIlE: MOREHOUSE COllEGE
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                                            outcome, YES, but our focus is to make sure that
                                                                                                       Why did Morehouse feel the need to begin
Project Identity Program                    they can see college in their future.”
                                                                                                  this program now?
Morehouse College recently held
a Project Identity session in which                                                                   It is never too soon to introduce early
                                                 What is Project Identity (PI)?
Carole Jones, Citizens Bank Account                                                               awareness programs. Middle school students,
Executive, spoke about financial                 Project Identity is a Morehouse College          especially minority males, need to be on the
planning for college. Carole was joined     initiative, which seeks to increase the number        path to college. The earlier the intervention,
by the Morehouse College Financial          of minority males who enroll in college. The          the better.
Aid staff, Project Director, parents and    program is specifically designed to help minority
students. The session was a success.        males get an early start on pursuing, enrolling
                                                                                                      The program sounds exciting, but how
                                            and succeeding in college. The program also
                                                                                                  does PI motivate seventh graders to take part?
                                            addresses the commitment by Morehouse
                                            to help place hundreds of minority boys in                Project Identity joins forces with some of
                                            the Atlanta metropolitan area on the road to          the most influential people in a middle school
                                            academic success.                                     student’s life – his parents and school counselors.
                                                                                                  With the many distractions and diversions of
                                                                                                  being a teenager, this network of support is
                                                 When did the program start?
                                                                                                  essential to the program’s ability to channel and
                                                  The program started in 2002 with the first      direct the student to higher education.
                                            group of seventh graders and has continued
                                            through the present, adding additional workshop
                                                                                                      What role does the Financial Aid Office
                                            events and activities each year. In 2008, the
Carole Jones
                                                                                                  play in the program?
                                            program will see the fruits of its labor when that
2007 College Goal Sunday                    first group graduates.                                     The Financial Aid office understands the
                                                                                                  importance of early awareness programs like
A rapidly growing national event,
College Goal Sunday was founded in                                                                Project Identity. It is also committed to the
                                                 Who can participate?
1989 by the Indiana Student Financial                                                             school’s effort to not only increase minority male
Aid Administrators with funding                  The program is offered to middle school          enrollment in school, but also keep these students
from the Lily Endowment, Inc., and          male students at no cost. The students remain         in school. During each program year, it conducts
supplemental support from Lumina            in the program until they graduate from               scholarship and financial aid seminars for the
Foundation for Education. It is an effort   high school.                                          students and their parents so that they can begin
to bring families and students together                                                           to understand the financial aid process. They can
with financial aid professionals to help                                                          also see the importance of early financial planning
them complete the FAFSA form.                    What are some of the programs offered to         for college. We gain feedback as to the issues they
                                            the students?                                         face and how we can better serve them when the
Citizens Bank will be a sponsor
of College Goal Sunday on January                Project Identity offers a dynamic roster of      time comes.
28 in Massachusetts and New Jersey.         speakers, workshops, cultural excursions, and
Citizens Bank will also be a sponsor in     courses in learning skills and test preparation.          Do other campus programs get involved
New York on Sunday, February 11   .         The Project’s Saturday and Summer Institutes          with Project Identity?
                                            offer SAT prep, behavior research with insects,
                                            robotics, leadership development and a course              Yes, one program is Project S.P.A.C.E.
MASFAA Elections                            in intensive Spanish. Participants are given the      (Strategic Preparedness Advancing Careers
President-Elect: Kathryn Osmond,            opportunity to interact with faculty and students     in Engineering/Science). The S.P.A.C.E.
  Wellesley College                         of the College. Students are exposed to the best      scholars, who are high-achieving Morehouse
Secretary: Shawn Bennett, Harvard           academic resources both in and outside the            students majoring in mathematics, engineering
  Graduate School of Education              classroom in an effort to instill an abiding desire   and physical science, help PI students build
Executive Council Members at Large:         to learn and the confidence to overcome any           and program robots for competition. The
  David Janey, Boston University;           barriers they face.                                   collaboration between the two projects is a
  Jason Shumaker, MIT; Susan Sullivan,                                                            win/win for all the participants.
  Bunker Hill Community College                                                                   To learn more about Project Identity and
Associate Executive Council Member                                                                Morehouse College, visit
  at Large: Joseph Lahoud, American
  Student Assistance

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by Sharon Murray

Tales From the Road highlights the adventures our account executives               7:14 p.m. My hands dig into the seat, my knuckles turn a new,
experience in their travels. In this issue, Mid-Atlantic Sales Manager,            exciting shade of white, I look over at the once-screaming child sitting
Sharon Murray, recounts a humorous tale from the road.                             next to me, smile at him, smile at Dad, and say, “I travel all the time, I
                   7:30 a.m. Beep, Beep, Beep… Morning already?                    love to travel, trust me, everything is going to be fine, nothing to worry
                       I told myself to go to bed early and pack the night         about, nothing at all.”
                           before, but, of course, I didn’t listen! So, here       8:05 p.m. The wheels hit the runway, we’re on the ground, we’re
                              it is an hour before I need to leave for the         safe, and, almost in unison, everyone on the plane starts clapping and
                                airport and I still have a few things to do:       crying, laughing and smiling!
                                  pick out clothes, iron, pack, shower, eat
                                  breakfast…well, technically Starbucks is         9:38 p.m. Well, I must admit, having a window seat for something
                                  NOT breakfast but…                               like this was pretty cool, as the plane has literally been surrounded by
                                                                                   police cars, fire engines, and an array of airport personnel vehicles for
                              8:17 a.m. Panic has set in! In 13 minutes            the past hour. But the real fun, I mean, seriously, you’re having fun,
                             I need to leave for the airport and all I’ve          right, is the tow-vehicle that they brought to the plane. Yes, the plane
                            done so far is showered. Showering is good,            is being towed to the gate, now I’m not sure if you realize how long it
                          but not good enough!                                     takes to tow a plane, but let’s just say, I love to travel!
                     8:49 a.m. Packed and ready to go for my                       10:58 p.m. Off the plane and thinking about what needs to get done
Sharon Murray
Mid-Atlantic         10 a.m. flight. I have my boarding pass and don’t             at this point – get my luggage at baggage claim, grab the car rental
Sales Manager        need to check bags, thank goodness. I hope the                shuttle, phone my boss (he worries), call my family, get directions to
                     State Troopers will be kind to me this morning, I’ll          the hotel and grab a Starbuck’s white chocolate mocha.
                     need to go slightly above the speed limit to make
the plane, just slightly, zoom!                                                    11:25 p.m. As the carousel starts to spin, I can’t help but think of all
                                                                                   the confusion in Chicago… is it possible my bag could have made it?
9:27 a.m. The line waiting to pass through security is inching along.              I glance over to my right and notice a few folks from my original flight;
Don’t people realize that coins are indeed metal objects!                          they have their bags, hooray, it’s just a matter of time for me!
9:55 a.m. Finally, through security, even my 3 oz liquids in the Ziploc            11:40 p.m. The carousel is no longer spinning. The dreaded words
bag made it. Wait a minute, is someone calling my name? “Last call,                “LAST BAG” have been posted on the board against my flight
Sharon Murray, Sharon Murray, last call, your plane is about to depart             number, lovely.
and your seat will be forfeited to a standby passenger.”
                                                                                   12:35 a.m. I describe my bag to the woman at baggage claim, give
10:02 a.m. I board the plane, all of the overhead bins are closed. Uh              her my hotel information and listen attentively as she proceeds to tell
oh, they’re going to take my bag, put one of those valet ticket things on          me that she has no idea when my bag will be found or delivered.
it, and I’m never going to see it again. Please don’t take my bag, put
my bag in the first class coat closet, please! Guess what? They took it.
2:35 p.m. We landed on time at O’Hare Airport for a quick stop                               “As my head hits the pillow, I cannot help
before heading to Colorado, and I soon hear “now boarding all rows.”                     but smile, for I love my job, and I love to travel...”
Wow, I’m actually going to arrive and depart O’Hare on time. My
happiness is short-lived. “Folks, my apologies,” the captain announces,
“but we’re going to have to deplane everyone, as we seem to be having
a last-minute mechanical problem that is going to force a slight delay.”           1:31 a.m. No luggage means no toiletries or clothes, so I go in search
                                                                                   of an all-night store. Like a beacon in the night, I see neon lights – the
3:35 p.m. Slight delay, eh? We’re being moved to a new gate,                       Big K. To the point of delirium, I sprint out of the car, grab a shopping
meaning a new plane. It’s going to be okay, really, we are moving along,           cart, and, like a kid in a candy store, start piling in any and all things,
there is another plane, we do plan to depart. Not according to schedule,           clothes, toiletries, makeup, and other assorted sundries.
but we are proceeding.
                                                                                   2:35 a.m. I check into the hotel and head to my room, K-mart bag
4:47 p.m. Feeling good, got a window seat, nobody sitting next to                  in hand. I slide my keycard in the door, no flashing green lights! I start
me, they’re about to close the door. Wait, who’s walking down the aisle,           to laugh; I laugh so hard, so notoriously loud, that I’m sure I’ll wake up
is that a Dad with his screaming child? I just wanted a little rest. I love        the entire floor. I turn the card around, upside down, wipe the magnetic
kids but I’ve left mine at home. It must be a figment of my imagination,           strip against my pants, still no flashing green lights. Back to the front
NOOOOO!                                                                            desk for a new keycard. This time, flashing green lights!
6:11 p.m. Is it me, or are we circling the airport? Suddenly, the                  3:12 a.m. As my head hits the pillow, I cannot help but smile, I love
crackle of the loudspeaker, “Folks, this is your Captain, may I please             my job, I love to travel, and, after all, in just a few hours, I’ll get to see
have your undivided attention. We seem to be having a slight problem               my colleagues, decked out in my new clothes with another Starbucks
with the landing gear, and...” Did he say “landing gear?” I’m sure I               in hand...

We’ve been busy!


                                 Citizens Bank Education
                                 Finance Team with 2002
                                 Survivor Africa Winner,
                                 Ethan Zohn. (l to r) Donna
                                 Shelby, Heather Sutcliffe,
                                 Ethan Zohn, Jean Fura
                                 and Ambrose Price

                                 Tom Dalton of Excelsior      (l to r) Lisa Boyes, Marist College; “DJ” Giordano,
                                 College, left, and Ethan     Marist College; Linda Athern Forster, USAF;
                                 Zohn, 2002 Survivor          Tenisha Smith, Marist College
                                 Africa Winner

                                       PASFAA – BON VOYAGE

                                      Citizens Bank Education Finance Team (l to r) Ben Brudnock, Heather Kuhn,
                                      Elena McClelland, Belinda Wotherspoon and Sharon Murray

                            NJASFAA – A WHOlE NEW BAll GAME

                             (l to r) Maurice Thomas of Burlington County
                             College; Heather Kuhn, Citizens Bank Account
                             Executive; Jovina Bermudez of Burlington County
                             College and Elena McClelland, Citizens Bank
                             Account Executive

                                          NJASFAA President of Helen C. Mikulak
                                       with an award presented by the U.S. Marine
                                           Corps Reserve for the generous gift and
                                             monetary donations presented by the
                                            attendees of the NJASFAA conference
                                                 held in Atlantic City, N.J., to Toys
                                                       for Tots. NJASFAA donated
                                                         an additional $500 to the
                                                            charity in lieu of lender
                                                                   conference gifts.


CFG Education Finance Team (l to r) Derrick Williams, Marcia Wells, Shelly
Johnson and Michael Jones

                                          WElCOME NEW HIRES
                                          by Heather Sutcliffe
continued from page 2
                                          We are pleased to                                        Susan Anderson also
New Spanish Web Site                      announce that Sydney                                     joined the Education
                                          Szmonko joined the                                       Finance Team on
As part of CFG’s commitment to the
fast-growing Hispanic market and          Education Finance                                        January 2, 2007     ,
to the Spanish-speaking customers         Marketing Team on                                        as our Department
who bank with us, Citizens Bank           January 2, 2007   .                                      Administrator. Susan
has introduced a Spanish Web site         Sydney joins us from                                     comes to Citizens Bank
accessible through the En Espanol         our Watertown, MA,                                       with a tremendous
link on The site,       branch, where she got                                    amount of experience
launched in November, is designed         first-hand experience        Sydney Szmonko              planning meetings         Susan Anderson
to make it easy for Spanish-speaking      building relationships       Marketing &                 and events, as well       Department Administrator
customers and potential customers to      with our bank customers. Communications Specialist       as assisting in all
access the information they need – in     With a degree in                                         aspects of business, including customer service,
their own language – to help them         Marketing from the University of Massachusetts,          operations and marketing. Michael McFarlane,
make informed financial decisions.        Amherst, Sydney will be an excellent addition to         Director of Education Finance, says, “We are
The Education Finance section is          our department. “Sydney possesses great energy           thrilled to have Susan on our team. Her past
entirely in Spanish and can be accessed   and has an enthusiastic attitude. If I had given         experience will be a tremendous asset to many
by logging onto     her a desk during her interview, I think she would       Education Finance functions.”
edu and selecting En Espanol.             have started working right then and there,” said         Please join us in welcoming Sydney and Susan to
                                          Heather Sutcliffe, Marketing & Communications            our department.
                                          Director. Among the projects Sydney will be
                                          responsible for is our custom school printing
                                          process, our student banking initiative and
                                          outreach to our many branch locations.

UPCOMING                                  NEW SERIES: WHAT THIS INDUSTRY MEANS TO ME
APPEARANCES                               by Jennifer Bastos

                                          Financial Aid plays a tremendous role in the lives of students and makes education possible for those
                                          who couldn’t otherwise afford it. Many people enter the financial aid profession because of their
MSFAA                   1/28 - 1/31
                                          desire to help people improve their lives through education and to make that dream of education
Dearborn, Mich.
                                          accessible to everyone.
                                          Each quarter, this series will highlight a different member of the Education Finance team to describe
NACAC                   2/1-2/2
                                          what working in this industry means and what motivates them to succeed.
Pittsburgh, Penn.
                                          In this issue, we highlight Jennifer Bastos, an Account Executive with our Southeast Sales Team.
SASFAA                    11
                        2/ – 2/14
Nashville, Tenn.
                                                                           “Over the past two years, I have thoroughly enjoyed working
IlASFAA                   18
                        3/ - 3/20                                           for Citizens Bank in the student loan industry. I believe that it
Schaumburg, Il.                                                              plays an integral role in providing access to higher education
                                                                             for all students. I find it very rewarding to be a part of a process
WVASFAA Spring          3/27 – 3/30
                                                                            that allows students a chance to achieve their academic goals.
Huntington, W.V.
                                                                           By providing customers with an excellent product, as well as an
                                                                         excellent level of customer service, they are given the opportunity
                                                 Jennifer Bastos     to attend the school of their choice. Citizens is committed to making
                                                 Account Executive   college a possibility for everyone and this is what motivates me to be
                                                                     successful as a student loan lender.”

CHAMPIONS IN ACTION                     SM

by Belinda Wotherspoon                                                                                            lEGENDARY SERVICE
                                                                                                                  by Kevin Swaluk
At Citizens Bank, we’re not just a community bank, we’re part of the community. We’re deeply committed
to addressing the needs of our neighbors, and that’s why we’ve developed the Champions in ActionSM                Many of you have probably seen
program. This program is designed to recognize and support non-profit organizations for their contributions       Citizens Bank commercials airing
to the community. A new champion is selected each quarter from a wide range of social service areas.              in your region that exemplify
                                                                                                                  the actions and superior service
                                                                                                                  exhibited by its employees. The
CONNECTICUT                                             PENNSYlVANIA
                                                                                                                  Education Finance Department
The Open Hearth is the premier provider of              Philadelphia
                                                                                                                  is proud to have some legendary
shelter and recovery counseling in Greater Hartford     Bethesda Project, in Philadelphia, is an
                                                                                                                  moments of our own to share
and is the oldest, continuously operated facility of    organization that provides support services and
                                                                                                                  with you.
its kind on the East Coast. Open Hearth welcomes        temporary housing to the homeless with the
men throughout the entire state and serves a            long-term goal that their residents achieve self-
culturally diverse constituency. Participants in Open   sufficiency. Bethesda Project recently introduced         We received a call around 9 a.m.
Hearth’s programs receive long-term housing             the Ready to Work program, which helps place              from a frantic mother who was facing
for up to two years, in addition to                                  residents in full- and part-time jobs.       a tuition deadline. Apparently, she
nutrition and addiction recovery                                           In the first six months of the         had never received her PLUS loan
counseling, support groups                                                    Ready to Work program, 120
                                                                                                                  forms from her son’s school and the
and work therapy. More                                                        men were placed in jobs and
than 80 percent of the men                                                    21 have been on the job             deadline for submitting them was
enrolled in Open Hearth                                                     60 days or longer. Bethesda           the very next day.
transitional living program gain                                          Project also runs 11 facilities that    Fortunately, she was planning on
valuable work experience through                                          provide 142 units of temporary
                                                                                                                  visiting her son (who was already at
its Wood Products business.                                              and permanent housing. On any
                                                        given night, Bethesda Project houses 20 percent           school) the next day, so if she was
MASSACHUSETTS                                                                                                     able to receive the forms, she would
                                                        of Philadelphia’s homeless. The facilities have
The Women’s lunch Place, located in the heart
                                                        provided support services to more than 2,000              make the deadline.
of Boston, is a day shelter that provides nutritious
                                                        individuals in the past year.
food and services to homeless and poor women.                                                                     Due to time constraints, overnighting
The shelter was founded in 1982 in the basement         Pittsburgh
                                                                                                                  the forms was not an option, as she
of a church, and offers a caring and comfortable        Sojourner House MOMS (Motivation,
                                                        Opportunities, Mentoring and Spirituality), in            needed them that day. Assessing the
environment for its guests, where they are treated
with dignity and respect. The Women’s Lunch             Pittsburgh, is a faith-based residential rehabilitation   situation and knowing that time was
Place provides anywhere from 80–125 women               facility that helps addicted women learn to break         of the essence, we suggested two
nutritious breakfasts and lunches six days a week.      the inter-generational cycle of poverty and chemical      options; we could bring the forms
The shelter also has nurses and physicians visit the    abuse while in their own apartment with their             directly to her, or she could stop by
facility 20 days a month to provide free medical        children. The organization provides housing units
                                                                                                                  our office on her way to her son’s
care to guests.                                         and intensive support services to homeless women
                                                        with children.                                            school. Not wanting to waste any
NEW HAMPSHIRE                                                                                                     time the mother decided to drive to
The Way Home, in Manchester, is recognized for          RHODE ISlAND
                                                                                                                  our office.
establishing supportive, long-term relationships with   Welcome House of South County (WHSC)
low-income clients. Among the services it provides      provides shelter to as many as 275 individuals and        Shortly after the conversation ended,
are housing counseling, direct housing assistance       18 families annually. WHSC guests are expected            she arrived in the parking lot. Upon
and “Healthy Home Services.” In addition, it            to become active community participants and are
                                                                                                                  arrival, we handed her the PLUS
manages seven transitional housing apartments for       required to perform 8-10 hours of community
                                                        service a week. WHSC aims to hire former homeless         Loan paperwork, and took the time
homeless families and those with lead-poisoned
                                                        agency participants for staff, maintenance and            to explain the basics of the form and
children. The Way Home has also developed a
Housing Assistance Fund that has written contracts      cooking. After the community identified the need for      the loan before she drove away, with
for more than 3,750 security deposits and rental        a local market within the Peace Dale neighborhood,        plenty of time to make her deadline.
guarantees, totaling more than $1.6 million since its   WHSC acquired an abandoned building, restored
                                                        it and is now operating as “Welcome Market,”a             This is just another example of how
inception. A team of housing counselors, who speak
more than ten different languages, assists clients in   community market that also provides job training          our Education Finance Specialists
the management of a housing affordability plan.         opportunities for local residents.                        strive to provide superior service
                                                                                                                  to our customers.
                                                        For more information on our Champions In Action
                                                        program, visit our Web site at

EDUCATION                                                    WHERE ARE THEY NOW?
FINANCE TEAM                                                 CONNECTICUT
Director: Michael McFarlane                                  Shannon Czel, formerly the Assistant Director of Financial Aid at Boston Architectural College,
Department Administrator: Susan Anderson                     is the new Assistant Director of Financial Aid at Wesleyan University, CT.
Northeast Sales Team
Northeast Sales Manager: Donna Shelby                        GEORGIA
New England Account Executives:                              Jon Finklelstein is the new Director of Financial Aid at Middle Georgia College.
   Leslie Bembridge                                          Dr. Walter Massey, President of Morehouse College, has announced that he will retire at
   Alex Bickford                                             the end of this academic year.
   Martha H. Johnston
   Brian Maynard                                             MARYlAND
New York Account Executives:                                 Dawn Mosisa of University of Maryland University College has been promoted to
   Jean Fura                                                 Vice President of Student Affairs.
   Ambrose Price
Mid-Atlantic Sales Team
Mid-Atlantic Sales Manager: Sharon Murray                    Douglas Fish, formerly of Eastern Nazarene College, is the new Director of Financial Aid at
Mid-Atlantic Account Executives:                             American International College.
   Ben Brudnock                                              NEW YORk
   Heather Kuhn
   Elena McClelland                                          Irv Bodosky, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Director of Financial Aid at SUNY Upstate
                                                             Medical University, has announced that he will be retiring.
Midwest Sales Team
(Marketing under the Charter One name)                       PENNSYlVANIA
Midwest Sales Manager: Derrick Williams                      John Schodowski, formerly the Records/Financial Aid Officer at Reading Area Community
Midwest Account Executives:                                  College, is the new Assistant Director at Alvernia College.
   Shelly Johnson
                                                             Tom Ball, formerly the Director of Financial Aid at St. Vincent College, has accepted the same
   Michael Jones
   Marcia Wells                                              position from Grove City College.
Southeast Sales Team                                         RHODE ISlAND
Southeast Sales Manager: Jim Settles                         Betsy Scola, formerly of Bentley College, is the new Assistant Director of Financial Aid at
Southeast Sales Team:                                        Providence College.
   Jennifer Bastos
   Carole Jones                                              WEST VIRGINIA
Marketing & Communications                                   Angie Jones, formerly of New River Community & Technical College is now the Assistant
Marketing & Communications Director:                         Director of Financial Aid and scholarship coordinator at WVU Institute of Technology.
   Heather Sutcliffe
Marketing & Communications Manager:
   Kristen Bourque
Marketing & Communications Specialists:                      AN APOlOGY
   Belinda Wotherspoon
   Sydney Szmonko                                            We’d like to extend an apology to Robert Forest (not Frost), the Director of Financial Aid at
                                                             Immaculata University, for misspelling his name in the October issue.
Operations Director: Dino DiMascio
Customer Service
Customer Service Manager: Lisa Flynn                         Citizens Bank                                                                         PRSRT STD
Education Finance Specialists:                               725 Canton Street                                                                    US POSTAGE
   Edward Lynch                                              Norwood, MA 02062                                                                        PAID
   Kevin Swaluk                                                                                                                                   PERMIT #375
                                                                                                                                                  nAShUA, nh
   Robyn Wolf
Vendor Relations
Vendor Relationship Managers:
   Roxanne Sanchez
   Adam Warren

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