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  Check out these new videos in the GHS library media center:
    Pirates of Silicon Valley
    Man of La Mancha
    Egypt: Secret of the Pharaohs
    The Renaissance
    Genghis Khan
    Knights and Armor
    Ancient Rome
    Athens: Triumph or Tragedy
    Religions of the World: Hinduism
    Religions of the World: Islam
    Napoleon Bonaparte
    The Composer’s Set (set of 6)
    Careful with Credit
    Ancient Greece
    Lincoln Assassination Box Set
    The Human Body Field Trip
    Middle Ages
    Black Death
    Roman Emperors
    Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
    Civil War: A Concise History
    Constitution & the Bill of Rights
    America’s Documents of Freedom
    Teenage Suicide: The Silent Epidemic
    DUI: Dead in 5 Seconds
    I Ain’t Drunk…I’m Just Drinkin’
    Panama Canal
    Stand and Deliver
    Maintaining Your PC
    Creation of the Computer
    Dave Thomas
    Sam Walton
    Anne Frank: The Whole Story
    Essential Literary Terms
Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
Why Study Math?
Secret Garden
Adventures of Huck Finn Box Set
Where the Red Fern Grows II
Roller Coaster
Human Body: Musculoskeletal System
Human Body: The Major Systems
Human Body: Nervous System
Rain Forest: High on the Frontier
America’s Endangered Species
Just the Facts of American History
World War II: Causes and Consequences

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