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          The newsletter of the Stonewall Jackson Area Council
                          Boy Scouts of America

           October/November 2005
                   Remember Scouting in Your Will

          Don L. Ellis                                    Jack A. Taylor                             T. C. Dickerson
          Scout Executive                                   President                                 Commissioner

Don L. Ellis is Welcomed as                                                      Popcorn and Peanuts
Stonewall Jackson Area Council’s                                                 We are off and Running!
New Scout Executive
                                                                                        veryone participating should have received
                                                                                        everything they need. Should you need
                                                                                        additional information or forms check your
                                                                                 Council Web Site or contact your
                                                                                 District’s P&P Chair listed below.
                                                                                 Key Calendar Dates:
                                                                                 October 28ish:     Turn in Unit orders and Prize form
                                                                                   per District Schedules
                                                                                 November 11-12: Unit Popcorn & Peanut Pickup per
                                                                                   District Schedule & Location
                                                                                 December 6: Unit Popcorn & Peanut Accounts
                                                                                 December: Youth Prizes mailed to Unit P&P Chairs
                                                                                 January: Council Youth Recognitions

                                                                                 Special Council-Wide Top Seller Recognition
                                                                                   In additional to our usual Council Top Seller
                                                                                 Awards this year we will be adding Recognition for
                                                                                 the Top 5 Popcorn Sellers in the Council.
                                                                                 Top Popcorn Seller: Columbia Mountain Bike

         on L. Ellis began his professional Scouting career in 1979 in the
         Occoneechee Council located in Raleigh, North Carolina. During his      2nd Popcorn Seller: 5 person Tent
         26-year tenure with the Boy Scouts of America, he has served in the     3rd Popcorn Seller: MP3 Player
following positions:                                                             4th Popcorn Seller: Binocular with built in Digital
• District Executive-Raleigh, North Carolina                                        Camera
• District Scout Executive – Orlando, Florida                                    5th Popcorn Seller: Four in One Lantern
• Field Director – Charlotte, North Carolina                                     For additional information and help contact your
• Director of Field Service – Little Rock, Arkansas                              District Popcorn & Peanut Chairman:
• Finance Director & Finance Development Director – Raleigh, North Carolina        MASSANUTTEN: John Graham 540-435-2461(c) 540-
  Don is coming to us from Raleigh, North Carolina where he served success-      434-8039 (h)
fully for the past seven years. Having served in four councils, Don brings a       MONTICELLO: Scott Desmond 434-242-1538 (c)
wealth of experience in all phases of District and Council operations, quality   434-975-5626 (b)
program delivery, traditional membership growth, fundraising and fiscal            SOUTHERN: Donna Tyree 540-464-1154
management.                                                                      (h)
                                                                                   VALLEY: Jene Phillips
  He is a Star Scout. Don is married to Daphne and they have one son             540-943-8363 (h)
Brandon (a former Cub Scout & Webelos) who is attending The School of
Arts and Communications in Raleigh, North Carolina. Don will join us
effective October 10th.
Page 2                                                                                              Stonewall Jackson Area Council’s Saddlebags

Monticello News: Serving Albemarle, Greene, Madison, Orange, Louisa, and Fluvanna
counties and the city of Charlottesville. Web-site:
                                                                                Goal:     $91,000
District Chair: Rob Schuett                  434-973-1217 Reported: $109,866
District Commissioner: Thom Guthrie 540-661-3329
District Director: Richard Bogan         434-882-0611

                                   October                                  New District Appointments
 6     Cub Scout Roundtable Meeting, 7:30PM Aldersgate UMC, C’ville

                                                                                  hom Guthrie will serve Monticello District as the District
 7-9   Apple Harvest Camporee, Fork Union
  8    Cub Scout Field Day, Fork Union
                                                                                  Commissioner and Jeff Gieser will be the chairman for Activities
 12    OA Chapter Meeting, 6:30PM; Martha Jefferson Hospital                      and Civic Service committee. Thank you for the past services
       Education Center Charlottesville                                     of Norman Bednarcyk and John Taylor in these positions of
 12    Boy Scout Roundtable, 7:30PM; Martha Jefferson Hospital Education    responsibility.
       Center, Charlottesville
 23    Training: SM/SA Specific Training/Outdoor Skills Training, Outdoor   Apple Harvest Camporee #28
       Webelos Leader Training, BALOO Chris Greene Lake Park, C’ville
 26    District Commissioners and Committee Meeting, Aldersgate United      and Cub Scout Field Day
       Methodist Church, Charlottesville 6:45PM and 7:30PM                  Make plans now to attend the Apple Harvest Camporee and Cub
                                      November                              Scout Field Day the weekend of October 7-9. Contacts for the two
 3     Cub Scout Roundtable Meeting, 7:30PM Aldersgate UMC, C’ville         events are Neil McLaughlin for the Boy Scout Camporee at 434-296-
 9     OA Chapter Meeting, 6:30PM; Martha Jefferson Hospital Education      1188 and Kevin Cordray for the Cub Scout Field Day at 540-672-1208.
       Center Charlottesville
                                                                            Last year over 1100 Scouts, Scouters and family members attended
 9     Boy Scout Roundtable, 7:30PM; Martha Jefferson Hospital Education
       Center, Charlottesville                                              this fantastic event full of fun, fellowship and healthy competition.
 16    District Commissioners and Committee Meeting, Aldersgate United      This is a great event for all. Here is the perfect opportunity to bring
       Methodist Church, C’ville 6:45PM and 7:30PM (holiday schedule)       new scout families to view scouting at it’s best.
 16    District Annual Business Meeting.
                                                                            Scouting’s National Good Turn
                                                                            Join the many area Packs, Troops and Crews in collecting food for the
Outdoor Training                                                            Scouting for Food—National Good Turn. Monticello District units can
                                                                            take all food to Thomas Jefferson Area Food Bank on Harris Street in
Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster/Outdoor Skills Training,                  Charlottesville. Food will be sorted, screened and redistributed to
Outdoor Webelos Training and BALOO will all be held on the                  several local food pantries. Pre-printed food bags will be available at
weekend of October 21,22 and 23 at Chris Greene Lake Park in                the October Roundtable meetings. Bags are placed out on October 22 and
Charlottesville behind the Charlottesville/Albemarle Airport.               food collected and turned in October 29th. Please contact chairman Jay
SM/SA Outdoor Leader Skills Training: Outdoor skills are                    Byrnes at 434-296-2390 or for more info.
critical to the success of the Scouting program, and Introduc-
tion to Outdoor Leader Skills will provide leaders with the
basic outdoor skills information needed to start a program
                                                                            Webelos to Boy Scout Transition
                                                                             Scoutmasters should attend the November Cub Scout Roundtable on
right. Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills is the required
                                                                            Nov. 3rd where the breakout discussion for Webelos leaders and
outdoor training for all Scoutmasters, assistant Scoutmasters.
                                                                            Cubmasters will be Webelos-to-Scout Transition. Roundtable begins
The emphasis is on the skill, rather than on attending the
                                                                            at 7:30. Boy Scout leaders will meet and greet Cub Scout leaders to
Outdoor Webelos Leader Training presents ‘how to’ in                        share the basics of their Troop and offer the needed information to
planning and conducting successful Webelos Den parent and                   Packs and Webelos dens about the troop meeting schedule. Pack
                                                                            leaders should bring the rosters of Webelos II to help track this
son overnight campouts and other Webelos outdoor activi-
                                                                            process from one unit to another. Contact Steve Hammond, Member-
ties. This course provides “hands-on” learning experience in
                                                                            ship Chairman for more information at 434-971-7273 (day).
camping and outdoor skills as done by Webelos Dens.
BALOO Training: Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation is
a one-day training event that introduces parents and leaders                Family FOS Planning Begins
to the skills needed to plan and conduct pack outdoor                       Family Friends of Scouting Chairman, Susan Hietanen is gearing up
activities, particularly pack camping. This training is required            for another successful year of Family FOS. Packs, Troops and Crews
for any adult who is in charge of planning a pack campout,                  should be making plans to host a Family FOS team member at a pack
and it is recommended that at least one adult per pack                      meeting, Court of Honor or parents meeting early in the calendar year.
complete BALOO training. Questions? Please call Peggy                       Susan will be at the upcoming fall Roundtables to schedule a date for
Edmonds at 434-984-6783 or email at                                         each unit. If you have a date already selected, please contact Susan Fee’s for the courses are                     at 434-973-7539 or e-mail Thank you all of the unit
$40, $20 and $10 respectively. All registration forms are                   leaders for their support and efforts to aid the loyal team of presenters.
available on the district web page.
October/November 2005                                                                                                              Page 3

Southern News: Serving Alleghany, Bath, and Rockbridge counties
District Chair:         Hans Rothe              540 862-4598
                                                                                                                      Goal: $25,000
District Commissioner: Judy Goodbar 540 463-4056                                          Reported: $15,260
District Executive:     Scott Lancey    540-464-1100                                                  61.0%

       Roundtable, Sharon Senior Center. 7PM. (directions on website)
                                                                        Keep Those Cubs Coming!

                                                                               chool Night may be over but our fall recruitment campaign
  15   BALOO and Webelos Outdoor Training
  22   Scouting for Food (out)                                                 remains strong! It’s easy for parents to miss our School
  22   Venture/Exploring Council wide Leader Training                          Night events so be sure to continue inviting new youth into
  22   Cub Scout New Leader and Leader Specific Training, Lexington     your Pack. Boys and parents alike are often surprised when we tell
        (more information on this page and our web site)                them Cub Scouting is a year round and so are the opportunities to
  24   Unit popcorn/peanut orders and prize sheets turned in            join! Place a tear sheet registration flyer in school, ask a local
        (more information on this page and Council web site)            business to put our Jeff Gordon or banner in
  25   District Committee Meeting                                       a visible location, give your Cubs the peer-to-peer recruitment
  29   Scouting for Food collection                                     cards, ask your Church to include a recruitment message in the
                                   November                             Sunday bulletin. The ways to increase membership are limitless
  3    Roundtable, Sharon Senior Center. 7PM. (directions on website)
                                                                        and so are the rewards. Scouts who sign up a friend get instant
  5    OA One Day of Service.
  5    Pow Wow! Council wide Cub Scout Leader Training
                                                                        recognition with a cool “Recruiter” patch! New Cubs receive our
  12   Popcorn and Peanut Pick Up, Virginia Horse Center, Lexington     “New Cub Scout Kit”, including Pinewood Derby car and you’ll
  29   District Committee Meeting                                       have more parents to help make the Pack go…and grow! If you’re
  30   Popcorn and Peanut money due                                     looking for additional ways to recruit new youth and adults, be
                                   December                             sure to attend Roundtable. More help is available by contacting
  1    Roundtable Pot Luck Dinner                                       Beverly Dudley, Membership Chair at 540-291-1727 or Scott
  1    Recharter packets distributed at Roundtable.                     Lancey, District Executive.
  20   District Committee Meeting
                                                                        Cub Scout Leader Basic
Southern District Web Site                                              Training Saturday October 22nd 9:00am
                                                                        to 4:00pm - Trinity United Methodist Church in
Address Change                                                          Lexington.
 The Southern District web site has moved to a larger and more
                                                                        This is an important day of Training for all New Cub Scout
secure server. Our goal is to expand the amount of local informa-
                                                                        Leaders. New Leader Essentials provides key skills needed to
tion available to scouts and scouters while making it easy to
                                                                        make you a more comfortable and confident Cub leader. Leader
navigate between our site and the Council’s new web site. Point
                                                                        Specific training for Cubmasters, Assistant Cubmasters, Den
your bookmark to our new address by visiting the SJAC home
                                                                        Leaders and ADLs will be offered in the afternoon. If you are
page at Southern District’s new site is available
                                                                        changing your Cub Scout Leader position you’ll want to attend
under the “District Sites” on the top left of the home page.
                                                                        the special afternoon breakout (1:00 to 4:00pm) for specific
                                                                        training in your new position. Registration details, directions and
Popcorn $ales Are Popping!                                              additional information is available on our web site or visit the
                                                                        Council site at, click Training. Specific ques-
Popcorn and peanut sales are well underway. Your unit’s popcorn         tions may be directed to Bill Jenkins at 540-463-4558.
and peanut Chairperson has additional forms and can provide                Please review the Pow Wow Cub training information elsewhere
assistance as needed. You’ll also find more support online at the       in this edition of Saddlebags and make plans to attend. Pow Wow
Council web site. Upcoming key dates: Unit order and prize forms        is scheduled on Saturday, November 5 and you will find this to be
to Donna Tyree on October 24. Popcorn and peanut pick-up is             an excellent source of fun, fellowship and training. We’ll also have
November 12 at the Virginia Horse Center. All money needs to be         a Pow Wow car pool sheet at upcoming Roundtable’s.
turned into Donna by November 30. For information and help
contact Donna Tyree at or telephone             EVERYBODY Loves a Parade!
(after 6PM) 540-463-1154. In 2004, Southern District boasted the        There are several Holiday Parades in Southern District. Many
largest percentage increase in our Council and we’re looking to         people are aware of our local Scout units; however rarely see
repeat this year! With planning and enthusiasm, popcorn and             Scouts out in the community. This is a great way to show off your
peanut sales can financially support your unit for the entire year.     Pack or Troop not to mention Scouts enjoy participating in the
There’s no better way to support your scouts and have an “Ideal         festivities. Pick up a schedule of all district parades at the
Year of Scouting”!                                                      November Roundtable and let’s make sure every parade includes
                                                                        the Boy Scouts of America!
Page 4                                                                                         Stonewall Jackson Area Council’s Saddlebags

Valley News: Serving Augusta, Highland, and northern Nelson counties
District Chair: David W. Driver 540-886-7918                                                    Goal:     $31,000
District Commissioner: Fred Miller 540 943-4821                                                  Reported: $34,034
District Executive: Dee Schartiger 540-569-6034                                                               109.8%

                                    October                                 To Help Other People….
 4       Cub Scout & Boy Scout Roundtable Meeting
                                                                            Our annual “Scouting for Food” drive is scheduled for Saturday,
         OA Chapter Meeting – 7:00 pm Fishersville UMC
 6       Leader Specific Training & Youth Protection – 7:00 pm Waynesboro
                                                                            October 22 when scouts will be placing collection bags on the
         Church of Christ Waynesboro                                        front doors in area neighborhoods, followed by the collection of
 8       New Leader Essentials, Cub Leader Specific, Troop Committee and    the food items on Saturday, October 29. The food items will be
         Youth Protection Training – 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Waynesboro Church   delivered to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank for distribution to
         of Christ, Waynesboro                                              needy families in our area. Please plan on your unit participating
 8       Pancake Breakfast @ Waynesboro Applebee’s                          in this service project – area families need your help and support!
 20      District Committee Meeting – 7:15 pm Council Office - Waynesboro
         Unit Commissioner Meeting – 6:30 pm Council Office – Waynesboro
 22      Scouting for Food (bags/hangers out)                               Do your Best….
 29      Scouting for Food (food pickup)                                    We have all heard the saying “Every boy deserves a trained
                                   November:                                leader” and we know that in order to “Do our Best” for the scouts
 1       Cub Scout & Boy Scout Roundtable Meeting                           that we work with, we need to take advantage of all the training
         OA Chapter Meeting – 7:00 pm Fishersville UMC                      opportunities we can. So, ask yourself – “Am I as “prepared” as I
 5       Pow Wow Augusta Military Academy-Fort Defiance                     could be to make the scouting experience the best it can be for the
 5       OA One Day of Service
                                                                            scouts I work with?”; then check out the “Training” link on the
 11 & 12 Popcorn & Peanut Distribution
 15 -    District Committee Meeting – 7:15 pm Council Office - Waynesboro   Council website for all the training opportunities online and
         Unit Commissioner Meeting – 6:30 pm Council Office – Waynesboro    available throughout the District and Council.

                                                                            Nominations Due
                                                                            The Silver Beaver award is presented to a registered leader who
Welcome to Post 3113…                                                       should be recognized for outstanding service to the Council,
Please welcome the newest unit in the Valley District, Explorer             District, their church or community, above and beyond the unit
Post 3113 sponsored by the Waynesboro Fire Department. The                  level. Nominations should be completed and turned in to the
Post Advisor is Tina Bukoskey who gained her first experience               Council Service Center by November 30, 2005. A nomination form
with fire fighting as a youth member of an Explorer Post spon-              can be picked up at the Council Service Center or at upcoming
sored by the Fire Department in previous years. The Post will               Roundtable meetings.
focus on exposing youth members to the fire fighting profession
and fire safety. If your unit is interested in working on the Fire          Recharter Time is Here
Safety merit badge, or you would like to have the Post visit your           At the November Roundtable meeting, units will receive their 2006
troop, den or pack meeting to discuss fire safety, please contact           Recharter packets. Units will be able to complete the rechartering
Tina by phone 540 943-9927 or by e-mail                  process online by completing the “Internet Rechartering”
                                                                            followed by the recharter review process on Saturday, January 14,
Cub Day at Camp Shenandoah                                                  2006, at the Fellowship Hall at Tinkling Spring Presbyterian
                                                                            Church, Fishersville.
was a BLAST!!!
On Saturday, September 17, 2005, over 125 Cub Scouts (many who              A Time to Celebrate
had been recruited during School Night) and their families                  The December 5 Roundtable meeting will be a time for all Valley
attended the 1st Annual Cub Day at Camp Shenandoah, which was               District leaders to gather at Fishersville United Methodist Church
hosted by Southern, Valley and Massanutten Districts. The                   to celebrate the holiday season and another great year of scout-
scouts took part in such activities as: Shooting sports of archery          ing in the Valley. Please plan on attending, bring some food to
and BB guns, bottle rockets, fishing, raingutter boat racing, crafts,       share and a small gift to exchange. What better way to bring in
rope making, a great nature hike and much more. This was a great            the holiday season that sharing food and fellowship with your
opportunity for the scouts and their families to share in the in the        scouting family.
fun and excitement that can be had outdoors in scouting. A huge
thanks goes out to all those adult and youth volunteers who
made this such a great success!!
October/November 2005                                                                                                                Page 5

Massanutten News:         Serving Harrisonburg and Rockingham County in Virginia and Pendleton County in
West Virginia website:
District Chair:        J. M. Snell   540-432-0563                                               Goal:     $53,000
District Commissioner: Kemper Dadisman 540 434-1269                                                  Reported: $35,796
District Executive:    Patrick Turner 540 574-2312                                                             67.5%

       Cub Scout Basic Leader Training at 9:00 am at First
                                                                 2005 Fall Camporee will be
       Presbyterian Church                                       October 7-9
   4   District Commissioner’s Meeting at 6:30                   Troop 38 is ready to host this year our Fall Camporee at Seneca Caverns in
       District Committee Meeting at 7:15 pm at First
                                                                 West Virginia. Details were passed out at the September Roundtable. The
       Presbyterian Church
   6   Cub Scout Leader Specific Training at 7:00 at First       cost is $8.00 per Boy Scout participant. Cub Scouts are invited to
       Presbyterian Church                                       participate in a day outing to the Fall Camporee. Cub registration begins at
   7-9 Fall Camporee at Fort Seybert in West Virginia            9 am on Saturday with activities ending around 5 pm. The cost is $5.00 for
   11 Cub and Boy Scout Leader Roundtables at 7:00 at First      each Cub Scout and for any adult who wants a patch. For information
       Presbyterian Church                                       contact Camporee Chairman Barry Minnick at 540-282-1330.
   25 Popcorn & Peanut Orders from 6:30 to 8:30 due at First
       Presbyterian Church
   29 Scouting for Food Bags collected at the Valley Mall from   2005 Popcorn & Peanut Campaign
       10:00 to 1:00
                                                                 now underway!
   1   District Annual Business Meeting at 7:00 at First         Popcorn and Peanuts Chairman John Graham reports an excellent start to
       Presbyterian Church                                       this year’s campaign. This is a great opportunity for units to raise money
   3   Scoutmaster Specific Training Part I at 7:00 at First     for both unit and individual expenses. Make sure to take notes of the new
       Presbyterian Church                                       products and the different sales incentives! Remember that orders are due
   8t Cub and Boy Scout Leader Roundtables at 7:00 at First      on October 25th at First Presbyterian Church from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. The
       Presbyterian Church on Court Square in Harrisonburg       popcorn and peanut will arrive in Harrisonburg on Wednesday, November
   10 West Virginia Roundtable at 6:30 at Franklin Rescue        10th. Volunteers are needed to help sort the orders on Thursday, Novem-
                                                                 ber 11th. Orders will be available for pickup on Friday, November 12th at the
       Scoutmaster Specific Training Part II at 7:00 at First
       Presbyterian Church
                                                                 TSSI warehouse on Early Rd. Units will sign up for times when they turn
   11 Popcorn & Peanut Pickup at TSSI on Early Road              in their orders. For help and information, contact John Graham at 540-434-
   29 Recharter Meeting and Popcorn & Peanut Money Turn          8039. Let’s make this a record year for Popcorn & Peanut sales!
       In at 7:00 at First Presbyterian Church                   Scouting for Food meets local
   Note Change: Day Camp 2006- June 26-29                        need for food donations.
                                                                 Throughout the month of October, Scouts across the district are collecting
                                                                 food to be donated to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank as a part of the
Rechartering Begins at                                           national Scouting for Food campaign. The Food Bank has stated that
October Roundtable                                               they are extremely low on nutritious food, with donations being close to
                                                                 half of the normal. Scouting for Food bags will be available at the October
As the end of the year approaches, it is time again for          Roundtable meeting. Collected food can be turned in from 10:00 am to 1:00
Rechartering. What is Rechartering? It is:                       pm on October 29th at the northeast corner of the Valley Mall parking lot in
· The time to renew your annual commitment to Scouting           Harrisonburg. Food can also be turned in to your local community food
· A chance to update the records for your Scouts and             pantry, but we ask that you record the estimated volume of food collected
  Leaders                                                        to be reported at the November Roundtable. With every unit participating,
· An opportunity to update training records for your             we can collect a record amount of food for the needy. If you have any
  adult leaders                                                  questions, please contact Sandy Mackenzie at 540-433-0426.
· The time to pay national registration dues and Boy’s
  Life fees
· Annual Quality Unit review                                     District Committee Seeks New
Make sure to be at the October Roundtable to pick up
your re-charting kit. The goal is to have everything ready       The Massanutten District Committee is looking for new members. Are you
for turn in at the Recharter Meeting on November 29th. If        (or do you know somebody) who is interested in helping organize new
you have any questions about recharting, do not hesitate         units, recruiting and training new units, or helping organize the
to contact your unit commissioner or Kemper Dadisman,            fundraising effort of the District? While Scouting background in a plus, it
the District Commissioner.                                       is not a requirement. Most jobs just require a desire to help the youth of
                                                                 our community. Please contact J.M. Snell at 540-820-4619 for more
Page 6                                                                                     Stonewall Jackson Area Council’s Saddlebags

                                                         Council News

 Congratulations New                                   Order of Arrow Elects New Leadership
    Eagle Scouts
                                                               he Shenandoah Lodge of the Order of Arrow is proud to announce the
                                                               election of new Lodge and Chapter Officers. Martin Clemmer, a member of
                                                               Troop 55 in Staunton, was elected the new Lodge Chief. The new Vice
                                                       Chief of Committees is Troop 48’s Sandon Knicely from Harrisonburg. Kevin Van
                                                       Pelt of Harrisonburg’s Troop 40 has been elected Vice Chief of Activities. The
                                                       new Lodge Secretary is Kurt Brill from Troop 388 of Churchville. Zach Bartosik of
                                                       Troop 86 in New Hope is the new Lodge Treasurer.

                                                         The four Chapters also held their annual elections. Saponi Chapter, serving the
                                                       Monticello District, elected Brad Nissen as Chapter Chief. Tommy Dillard was
                                                       elected to a second term as Nagatamen Chapter, working with in Valley District. In
                     Matthew B. Jarrell                the Massanutten District, Stephen Kearnes was elected Monocan Chapter Chief.
                        T-116                          Ben Umstead became the Chapter Chief of the Achewon Allohak Chapter, a part of
                Piedmont Episcopal Church
                                                       the Southern District.
                     Christopher I. Miller
                        T-241                             The Lodge’s appreciation goes out to all of the officers who just finished their
            East Rivanna Volunteer Fire Station        terms. Special thanks go to outgoing Lodge Chief Matt Phillippi for an excellent
                                                       year. The elections were held at the August Inductions and officers hold their
                   Aaron A. Miller
                                                       office for a one-year term.
            East Rivanna Volunteer Fire Station

                   Jordan M. Ward
                                                       The Race to Cub Scouting Continues
                         C-118                         • New Member Joining Kits for all new Cub Scouts!
         Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints      Through December 22nd any new Cub Scout joining our Program will receive a
                                                          Race to Cub Scouting New Member Kit. (Pinewood Derby Car & Storage Box)
                   Jared A. Ward                          Pack will be provide with a Kit upon receipt of the New Youth Application.
                        T-26                           • Recruit a Friend Patch Award!
               Edgemont Presbyterian Church
                                                          If a Cub Scout recruits a friend to Scouting he can earn a special Recruiter
                   Jason M. Bowman                        Patch. Simply attach the name of the Cub Scout who recruited a friend to the
                           T-2                            new Youth Application and the Patch will be provided to the Pack.
              Clifton Forge Presbyterian Church        • RESOURCES AVAILBLE!
                                                          Posters, Flyers, Invitation Cards, Help with setting up Special Events, etc.
                  Jacob M. Hausrath
                          T-25                         Contact your District Membership Chairman or District Executive for
         Catholic Diocese of Richmond BSA, Inc.        the support you need.

                 Ryan M. McAnulty
               Mount Sidney Ruritan Club
                                                       Check out the revised and new look at your very own Stonewall Jackson Area
                  Zachary W. Ritchie                   Council Web Site at: There you can find such resources as:
                         T-458                         · Current and past issues of Saddlebags. You can even signup to receive the
                 Fulks Run Ruritan Club                Saddlebags by e-mail.)
                                                       · Camp Shenandoah Information
                   Aaron J. Sweet                      · New Cub Scout Joining Information
           Tenth Legion Mt Valley Ruritan Club         · New Boy Scout Joining Information
                                                       · Order of the Arrow Lodge web site
                  Richard A. Smith                     · Youth Protection Training On Line
                          T-40                         · Cub Scout Leader Fast Start Training On Line
            Asbury United Methodist Church             · Popcorn & Peanut Campaign Information
                  James J. Strang                      · Forms you can use.
                          T-40                         · Link to the District web sites: (Massanutten District Currently not active)
            Asbury United Methodist Church             · Link to the National BSA web site
                                                       At National BSA one can find many resources including the Guide to Safe
October/November 2005                                                                                                          Page 7

                                                        Council News

Annual Scouting for                                     Camp Shenandoah Boy Scout
Food Drive Service                                      Summer Camp Updates
                                                                ttendance at the Boy Scout Resident Camp was 1395 Scouts from 103
In the aftermath of Katrina, it is even more                    Scout Troops. There were 55 Troops with 698 Scouts in attendance
important than ever to help our local Food                      from the Stonewall Jackson Area Council. Massanutten District lead
Banks!                                                  the way with 88 % of its Troops in attendance while Valley District set the
                                                        standard with 52% of its Boy Scouts attending Camp Shenandoah.
To help other people at all times is an important       2005 District Attendance at Camp Shenandoah was:
ideal of Scouting. Each fall our Cub Scout Packs,       Monticello:       22 Troops (63%) and 262 Boy Scouts (37%)
Boy Scout Troops, and Venture Crews have an             Southern:          6 Troops (46%) and 94 Boy Scouts (41%)
opportunity to put this ideal into Action through       Valley:           13 Troops (72%) and 170 Boy Scouts (52%)
the Scouting for Food Community Service Project.        Massanutten:      14 Troops (88%) and 156 Boy Scouts (48%)
This year our effort will be held on Saturday           Council:          55 Troops (67%) and 698 Boy Scouts (44%)
October 22nd and Saturday October 29th. Our
Scouting for Food Service Project collects food for     Planning is now underway for the 2006 Camp Shenandoah Boy Scout
the Blue Ridge Area, Thomas Jefferson Area, and a       Resident Camp. The 2006 Camp Planning Guide will be available by early
few local Food Banks who in turn help countless         November. Visit the Council Web site for the latest updates. www.bsa-
individuals through out our area. The idea is simple:
                                                         There you will find the 2006 Camp Staff Applications and the 2006 Hold-a-
· On or near Saturday the 22nd Scouting Units           Space Form. Be sure to reserve your Troop’s Spot at Camp early to insure the
spend an hour or two distributing door hanger           week of your choice. First Week is Filling Up Rapidly!
request in their prearranged area. (Maybe your Den
or Troop Meeting could be dedicated to this task?)      HELP Needed! Don’t forget that Camp Staff recruitment is now underway.
                                                        First interviews will be scheduled during the Christmas Holidays. If you know
· On Saturday the 29th Scouting Units spend a           of any Scouts or College Students who would make good Camp Staffers
couple of hours collecting the bags of food set out     please encourage them to apply.
for Pickup and deliver them to the Blue Ridge Area
& Thomas Jefferson Area Food Banks or desig-
nated Food Pantry or Pickup Site.                       Beaver Days at Camp Shenandoah
                                                        October 8th, November 12th, and December 10th
   Nothing is more important than the example we        There is always a need for volunteers to help with Maintenance Projects and
teach the young people we work with. Please make        Camp Improvements. This fall the Properties Committee has developed a list
a unit commitment to participate in this worthwhile     of needs that includes: Latrine Reconstruction, Additional Tent Platform
effort. Full information, materials and area signups    Construction, Simple plumbing and Electrical Repairs, and Landscaping. For
will be available at the October Roundtables.           more information and to signup for one of the Days listed above, contact the
                                                        Council Service Center at 540-943-6675
                                                        Note: Advance Signup is important for planning projects. Let us know as
                                                        soon as you can.

  Camp Shenandoah Summer Camp Reservations 2006
 WEEK 1          WEEK 2      WEEK 3         WEEK 4           WEEK 5           WEEK 6       Webelos Wk #1 Webelos Wk #2
 6-18/6-24       6-25/7-1    7-2/7-8        7-9/7-15         7-16/7-22        7-23/7-29     7-30/8-2       8-2/8-5
 T-13            T-154       T-1023*        T-66             T-202*
 T-21                                       T-102
 T-31                                       T-11

 * denotes out-of-Council units
Page 8                                                                            Stonewall Jackson Area Council’s Saddlebags

                                                                                  Council Calendar
     CAMPAIGN RESULTS                                                                       October
                                                                       10      Columbus Day: Service Center Closed
                            Council:                                   12      Executive Committee Meeting
         $265,836 against a goal of $270,000 for 98.5%                 20-21   Area Scouters Conference (Richmond)
                                                                       22      Scouting for Food Out
                                                                       22      Venture & Explorer Leader Training
                                                                       24      District FOS Chairmen Training
The Stonewall Jackson Area Council office and retail store are         27      Camping Committee Meeting
located at 801 Hopeman Parkway in Waynesboro and open                  27      District Camp Promotion Teams Training
9:00 am until 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. The telephone             29      Scouting for Food Pickup
number is 540 943-6675; fax is 540 943-6676. Find us on the
internet at                                                              November
                                                                       5       Cub Scout Leader POW/WOW
• Howard Davis, Assistant Scout Executive 434 964-1242                 5       Unit Commissioner Basic Training
• Paula Roberts, Office Manager 540 943-6675                           5       OA One Day of Service
• Ruth Merica, Trading Post, Registration 540 943-6675                 10      Training Committee Meeting
• Margaret Batton, Bookkeeper 540 943-6675                             11-12   District Popcorn & Peanut Distribution
• Pat Sipe, Part-time Office Assistant 540 943-6675                    14      Membership Committee Meeting
• Kathy McEldowney, Monticello Scout Shop 434 978-3822                 17      Council Annual Business Meeting
• James J. Johnson, Camp Shenandoah Ranger                             19      Woodbadge Staff Orientation
• Libby Paquin, Editor of Saddlebags                     24-25   Thanksgiving: Council Service Center
The Charlottesville Scout Shop at 2116 Berkmar Drive is staffed        28      Council Wide Key Three: Quality 2006
thanks to area volunteers. (Call the Council office if you’d like to           Planning
help!) Open Monday/ Tuesday 6pm-8pm /Thursday/Saturday
10-1pm and Wednesday/Friday 5-7pm ephone 434 978-3822.

 The Stonewall Jackson Area Council is a member United Way Agency
 in Alleghany County, Culpeper, and Lexington.

Stonewall Jackson Area Council                                                           Non-Profit Organization
Boy Scouts of America
801 Hopeman Parkway                                                                        U.S. Postage PAID
P.O. Box 813                                                                                  Permit # 56
Waynesboro, Virginia 22980
                                                                                         Waynesboro, VA 22980

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