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              ‘NEARLY GROWN UP’
                        Our formative ‘teenage’ years at Camida are nigh on over – we are almost 20 years old.

                             In 1988 – after ten years with BASF Ireland – I first knocked on the doors of my
                              customers informing them of the inception of the new Company.
                              The message was rather ethereal then; I had little or nothing to offer. All I had was the
                                 existing good relationship I had built up with those customers and a determination to
                                   do things well.

                                  I am very pleased to say that all these years later we are still doing business with those
                                    same initial companies – although some of the individuals have changed of course!

                                     Our service ‘philosophy’ or ‘policy’ remains constant since that first day in 1988. It
                                     is split into two activities:

                                    • We market a select range of Speciality Chemicals and Ingredients
                                    • We understand and service customer supply needs - or enquiries

                                    You can feel free to ask Camida to solve any procurement problem. We have
                                    always striven for a strong performance and a high ethos in all we do and constantly
                                    endeavour to exceed your expectations.

                                    Camida have matured – we are currently bigger and stronger than in our childhood

                                     We now have over 200 customers in more than 25 countries and many strong
                                     international supply partners. Even the aforementioned BASF are still very much
                                     an integral part of what we are. I’m very pleased to say that those of you who put
                                     your faith in us when we were babies have stayed with us as we have continued to

                                           We are nearly grown up now, but still need all of you and thus we’d very
                                           much like to stay together, please.

                                            Thanks to everybody who has been a part of us and helped us
                                              transform into the mature entity we are today. We look
                                                forward to the future together with confidence.

             Inside this Issue...
                     Logistics A - Z                                                Lapi Gelatine
                     REACH for Camida                                               The new Kate
                     ICMA -> CDI                                                    Lonza

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 Solkane HFA Propellants for medical use                                                            |    Solkane HFA
Solvay Fluor .... Camida appointed as UK and Ireland Agents! .... Ex Solvay Fluor .... Camida appointed as UK a

               Camida Europe              Camida Americas              Camida Asia                  E:
               T: +353 52 25455           T: +1 330 3184107            T: +65 6738 7311             W:
                                 Delivering our Promises
                                        Logistics is one of those strange words that can be taken to mean any, some or all
                                        of the supply chain functions that companies operate. For some it’s the transport
                                         and warehousing of materials, for others it’s part of the planning and production of

                                                For Camida, Logistics means taking your
                                                        order and ensuring it gets delivered
                                                             to you, our customer, as
                                                              requested. There is a
                                                               lot entailed in making
                                                               sure this happens and
                                                               we always make certain
                                                               to keep our customer
                                                               up to date and fully
                                                                                             Laura Reidy
                                                               informed. The function        International Pharmaceutical                 Collette Phelan
                                                               isn’t completed until the     & Development                               Food Ingredients

                                                                customer has satisfactorily
                 Lee Hassey                                     received the material and
                 Logistics Manager
                 Also contact for UK Pharma & US orders         necessary documentation.

                  This is the challenging job of the people pictured and
                  although sometimes it may not go as smoothly as anticipated,
                  our team do everything possible to fulfil the function.

                  It is a central role within our organisation and needs the
                  utmost dedication. Thankfully we have the right people
                  to build good relationships with our valued suppliers and                                                                Breda O’Dwyer
                                                                                                  David Bain
                  customers and we all look forward to continuing to play our                     Industrial, NI Pharmaceutical,   Ireland Pharmaceuticals
                  part in the future.                                                             Nutriceutical & Biotech                    Key Accounts

                                                                         The Whole Team!

Sep t e m be r
                 Lapi Gelatine S.p.A.
                 Lapi Gelatine S.p.A. is located in Empoli (Italy), only 35 km from the international airports of Pisa and
                 Firenze and about 40 km from Leghorn harbour. The company was established in 1966 and has since
                                                        then produced high-quality gelatine for food and pharmaceutical
                                                        sectors, where a strong position and an excellent reputation is

                                                          The company is a member of the G.M.E. - Gelatine Manufactures
                                                          of Europe and in 2002 achieved the certification ISO 9001:2000,
                                                          IQNET UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and EDQM (European
                                                          Directorate for the
                                                          Quality of Medicines).

                                                         The rigorous HACCP
                                                         control programme and
                                                         the ISO 9001:2000
                                                         certification guarantee
                                                         that the product quality
                 and the standard services which are provided always maintain
                 a high level and are constantly improved. To help protect the
                 environment, the company utilises a powerful treatment plant for
                 the purification of all wastewater.

                 Lapi traditionally specialised in the production of gelatine solely from bovine skins (a sector in which it
                 covers approx. 20% of the European Market). Gelatines are now also sourced from other raw materials
                 such as fish and pig skin for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

                 Provided with modern production units and fully equipped laboratories for chemical, physical and
                 bacteriological analyses, the company produces only the purest gelatines of the finest quality. The
                                                     production can reach 1,800/1,900 tonnes currently.

                                                      Our gelatine is mainly used in the production of soft and hard caps
                                                      and micro-encapsulation, dairy products, confectionery, fruit juice
                                                      fining, low calorie food and gastronomy.

                                                      The dimension and the philosophy of Lapi Gelatine allow us to meet
                                                      the requirements of both small/medium customers and also those of
                                                      large multi-nationals in the pharmaceutical and food market.

                            Please Contact Camida for more information about
                                      L a p i G e l a t i n e S . p . A’s p r o d u c t s

                 REACH for Camida
                 REACH, the most important and complex regulation ever imposed on the chemical industry in Europe,
                 came into effect on 1st June, requiring those who produce, market or import chemicals in the EU to prove
                 their safety.

                 All relevant chemical products (some 30,000 are affected) must be identified and recorded with the new
                 European Chemicals Agency (EChA) in Helsinki.

                 Camida have put in place a REACH working party to ensure conformance to the new regulations. Sup-
                 pliers and Customers will be contacted in the near future to seek the required information needed for each
                 product registration and to meet the requirements for the supply chain transparency.

                 Camida currently supply over 500 specialised chemical products. Camida are able to ensure REACH reg-
                 istration will be appropriately fulfilled for each product bought, sold and supplied by them.

Sep t e m be r
                 Kate comes to life!                                                            Granny
                                                         Since joining Camida in                Britton
                                                         September, it has proved to be an     Proud Grandmother
                                                         interesting and challenging place     Mary Britton of the
                                                         to work. My role within Camida        Accounts department
                                                         is now changing: from July 16th       shows off her two
                                                         2007 I have moved into a more         grandchildren:
                                                         sales-orientated role, taking the
                                                         baton from Yvonne Mullins,
                                                         while still being involved in sales
                                                         technical support until December
                                                         2007. With the advent of the
                                                         new year, I will be concentrating
                                                         fully on sales to the life science
                                                         industries in the UK and
                                                         Northern Ireland.
                                                         I look forward to the new
                                                         challenges and both the personal      Neasa, born to Mary’s
                                                         and professional development this     son John and his wife
                                                         new job will bring. I anticipate      Amanda on April 14th
                                                         the deepening of my relationships     2007.
                                                         with Yvonne’s established
                                                         customers and I especially look       Alex, born to Mary’s
                 forward to developing and widening my customer base come January.             son Philip and his wife
                 Thanks to all my colleagues in Camida for their support and good wishes       Josephine on April 24th
                 and I only hope I do them proud!                                              2007.

                 ICMA gets new name and a new Chairman!
                 To those of you that may not know ‘The Irish Chemical Marketers
                 Association’ (ICMA) was formed in 1984 to strive to ensure that
                 member companies understand and contribute to best practices
                 within the industry and its environment. It has been the ICMA
                 which has been to the fore in Europe in implementing the
                 environmental performance management tool and world wide
                 initiative that is Responsible Care.

                 At the recent ICMA AGM on April 13th , it was decided
                 that it was time to re-energise this organisation by
                 giving it a new name, which will be Chemical
                 Distribution Ireland (CDI).

                 One other matter that took place at this AGM
                 was the election of a new Chairman, namely
                 our own David Anchell, MD of Camida.

                 David believes that the raison d’etre of CDI is:

                 •   To ensure best practice of the
                     distributution of chemicals within Ireland
                 •   To assist each company within CDI in
                     achieving quality and HSE accrediations
                     and in conforming to legislation
                 •   To make customers aware of the standards
                     CDI have set.

                 We wish him well!

Sep t e m be r
                 Lonza’s non-cGMP Custom Manufacturing.
                 by Ken McMahon, Head of the Industrial Specialties Business Unit
                 Lonza is best known as one of the leading custom
                 manufacturers and suppliers to the pharma industry. Our
                 chemical and biotechnological technology platforms are well
                 known throughout the industry and our leading reputation as
                 an innovative and reliable supplier of pharma intermediates
                 and actives has been built up over many years.

                 Our production plants are located in Switzerland and
                 China. In Visp, Switzerland our plants are back-integrated
                 to a naphtha cracker and Verbund-style network which
                 provides basic starting materials like ethylene, acetylene
                 and hydrogen. Starting with these building blocks we have
                 many more highly reactive building blocks like ketene,
                 diketene, malonodinitrile, cyanogen chloride, phosgene, etc
                 available for a wide range of complex syntheses. Ongoing
                 process optimization, development of new raw materials
                 and application of innovative technologies have led to
                 continuous expansion of our product portfolio.                                        Photos supplied courtesy of Lonza

                 The business unit has several core businesses, based on our wide
                 range of chemical technologies:
                 • First, our HCN derivatives are used for the manufacture of agrochemicals, dyestuffs, optical
                     brighteners, adhesives, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. One example is our malononitrile (MDN).
                     It is extensively used as a building block for various syntheses. Our chlorosulfonyl isocyanate (CSI) is
                     another example of an important building block in the field of antibiotics.
                 • Our Ketene and diketene derivatives are utilized in vitamins, fragrances, agrochemicals, pigments and
                 • Our C- and N- based basic chemicals products are sold to industrial companies.
                 • Our high-performance materials products are used in the electronics, space, aerospace and automotive
                     industries as well as in coatings.

                 Our major growth area is in non-cGMP custom manufacturing. We are moving more and more into
                 the markets presented by new complex advanced exclusive products for the pharmaceutical, food
                 ingredient, fragrance and other industries. Our organisation has many years of experience in the custom
                 manufacturing field and we can tap into this to deliver excellent service to customers requiring complex
                 molecules, difficult chemistry and short lead times.

                                                   A clear understanding of the needs of our customers, an excellent
                                                   contamination prevention system, the ability to scale up new processes very
                                                   quickly and our leading track record with our customers are some of our key
                                                   differentiating factors. In addition our advanced waste management system
                                                   and responsible care approach ensure that our customers will not be faced
                                                   with difficult environmental protection or safety ethical issues.

                                                  Our business unit has highly flexible ISO-regulated production facilities
                                                  where we manufacture intermediates and active substances for the
                                                  agrochemical and other industries. With almost 400m3 of reactor
                                                  volume in 4m3 to 10m3 reactors and the necessary peripheries we believe
                                                  we can supply almost any intermediate or active our customers require.
                                                  Our R+D organisation works hand in hand with the business to ensure
                                                  fast process development, technology transfer and scale up.

                                                 Although suppliers from India and China will almost always be more
                                                 competitive on price for less complex molecules, we believe that we
                 have the edge in complex processes requiring a range of highly reactive raw materials, difficult safety and
                 environmental issues, speed and of course reliable swiss service!
                                                              Leave it to Lonza!

Sep t e m be r

From Organic Intermediates to
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