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MRH the 60s - Maplewood Richmond Heights High School Class


									                                        MRH the 60s
                                        Decade Reunion
                                  September 22, 23 & 24, 2011

 Representatives of the classes of MRH the 60’s of Maplewood-Richmond Heights High School
 are proud to invite our fellow alumnus to join in celebrating our first Decade Reunion,
 September 22nd – 24th, 2011 in Maplewood, MO.

 This three day nostalgic trip into the past will enable us to revisit the good, the bad and
 (sometimes) the ugly of our High School days in the sixties. Join us in celebration of old
 traditions and seeing what new traditions are being developed for future students of MRH.

 We designed the activities so you can reconnect with friends from your class, others you looked
 up to in classes before you, or those you’ve given a hand up to help some newbie in the a class
 behind you… you may even connect with some new friends you never got the opportunity to
 meet “back in the day”.                       Itinerary
     Day/Date               Activity         Location                   Description              Event
      Time                                                                                       Cost
Thursday, Sept 22nd    Meet & Greet      Deer Creek Park       Great Opportunity to Meet &
      7:00pm                              Next to Cousin       Greet old friends. Great kick-
                                         Hugo’s Bar & Grill    off for the Reunion. There         No
                                                               will be a cash bar & food         Charge
 Friday, Sept 23rd      Blue Devil        Highland Golf        9 hole (shot gun start), put
     8:00am            Golf Tourney          Course            together your own foursome, a     $40.00
                                         Beautiful Forrest     pairing or sign up as an           Per
                                               Park            individual. Limited to first 72   Player
                                                               Registrations. All proceeds         *
                                                               go to Joe’s Place.
     4:00pm             Tour Senior          MRH               A magical guided tour of the
                        High School      Meet in the back      current facility. Allow your
                                           parking lot         mind to wonder where you           No
                                                               were when and who you were        Charge
                                                               with then.
     5:00pm                 Tailgate      Aquatic Center       Bring your camera and tall
                             Party          Parking Lot        tales to share with your old
                                         (enter) adjacent to   friends as we warm-up to           No
                                         the new library &     cheer on the current Blue         Charge
                                          behind the City      Devils. Food and beverage
                                                Hall           available for individual
     7:00pm                Blue Devil     MRH Football         Spend the night under the         $3.00
                            Football        Field              Friday night lights as we         Fee at
                             Game                              cheer on Blue Devils once          the
                                                               again.                             gate

                      Check out our web site at:
                                     MRH the 60s
                                     Decade Reunion
                                September 22, 23 & 24, 2011

     Day/Date             Activity         Location                 Description            Event
      Time                                                                                 Cost
Saturday, Sept 24th      Saturday        Saratoga Bowling Pin Busters, Billiard Players,
      2:00pm             Afternoon             Lanes        and Pinball Fanatics unite at
                          Bowling                           Saratoga…the bowling lanes     $10.00
                                                            unchanged in 5 decades.         per
                                                            Space limited to the first 150 person
                                                            alumni to sign up. Also, sign
                                                            up a team of 5 for our Alumni
                                                            Bowling Tournament.
      6:00pm           MRH the 60s         Holiday Inn      Let the good times Rock ‘n
   Social Hour &        Banquet &              Viking       Roll at our The 60s Banquet
      Pictures              Gala           Restaurant &     and Gala. We will begin with
      7:00pm                             Conference Center social hour for cocktails,      $43.00
Dinner & Festivities                     10709 Watson Rd. pictures and socializing. Then    Per
                                           (at Lindberg)    comes a sumptuous buffet
                                                            dinner, entertainment and time
                                                            to let it all hang out on the
                                                            dance floor…music provided
                                                            by TKO.
* Blue Devil Golf Tournament: Hole sponsorships are available for purchase by businesses,
alumni and/or Graduating Classes for the low cost of $300/sponsorship.
Individual sign-ups will be placed in a foursome.

** Saturday Afternoon Bowling: Included in the $10 cost is bowling shoes, snacks and finger food.
A bar is available.

*** MRH the 60s Banquet & Gala: The admission price of $43 includes a sumptuous three meat
buffet dinner, photography, music by TKO, dancing and set-up of three cash bars.

                               Our Host Hotel for MRH the 60s

                       Holiday Inn Southwest & Viking Conference Center
                             10709 Watson Rd St. Louis, MO 63127
                                 314-821-6600 – 800-682-6338
           Special Reunion Rates: King or Two Beds $89.00 plus tax/per night
                  Call direct (above) and hold reservations with a credit card.
We encourage both out of town and local guests to stay…where the action is! Please make
reservations prior to May 23, 2011…after May 23rd, space available reservations only!
                                  REGISTRATION FORM
                      Check out our web site at:
                                     MRH the 60s
                                       Decade Reunion
                                September 22, 23 & 24, 2011

       FELLOW ALUMNUS…Please fill out the following form and return it to:
                                   MRH the 60s
                         Dr. Bonnie Baranyai Paulsmeyer
                             15500 Country Ridge Dr.
                              Chesterfield, MO 63017
          (We ask that you return the completed form NLT May 20, 2011)

Name_____________________________________              Graduating Class of ________________
      (include maiden name when appropriate)
Phone #________________________________                Email ____________________________

     Day/Date               Activity             Location             Number
      Time                                                            Attending   X Cost = Total

Thursday, Sept 22nd      Meet & Greet         Deer Creek Park
   7:00-10:00pm                                                       ________    X __0__= __0__

   Friday, Sept 23rd         Blue Devil        Highland Golf Course
        8:00am              9 Hole Scramble        Forrest Park
                                                           ________ X $40_= _____
 Please enter the following as a foursome                       Designate payment w/ X
 1._______________________________                                     _______
 2._______________________________                                     _______
 3._______________________________                                     _______
 4._______________________________                                     _______
       Pair me with any open foursome ____________________              _______

   Friday, Sept 23rd        MRH Tour           MRH High School
        4:00pm                                   (meet in rear         ________    X __0__= __0__
                                                  parking lot)

   Friday, Sept 23rd       Tailgate Party       Aquatic Center
        5:00pm                                   Parking Lot           ________    X __0__= __0__

   Friday, Sept 23rd         Blue Devil      MRH Football                   ($3 paid @ gate)
        7:00pm             Football Game         Field           ________ X __0__= __0__
Please indicate the number attending from your party so the school can accommodate your
attendance at the game.

                    Check out our web site at:
                                      MRH the 60s
                                        Decade Reunion
                                 September 22, 23 & 24, 2011

                               REGISTRATION FORM (Continued)

      Day/Date               Activity              Location           Number
       Time                                                           Attending      X Cost = Total

 Saturday, Sept 24th        Blue Devil         Saratoga Bowling
       2:00pm                   Bowling               Lanes           ________       X _$10_= ____
If you would like to participate in the bowling tournament…
Please list your name along with the others you would like to
bowl with (5 person teams). If you don’t have a team, we will
match you up with a team at the event.

 Saturday, Sept 24th       MRH the 60s        Holiday Inn Viking
 6:00pm Social Hour         Banquet &         Conference Center        ________       X _$43_= ____
  7:00pm Dinner &             Gala
Please list the names of those attending the Banquet & Gala. Include maiden name if appropriate.


Part of the mission of this Decade Reunion is to give back to the institution that provided the
foundation for our lives after high school. We provide the following opportunities for you to
give back to MRH supported programs.

       Commemorative Baseball Cap for the reunion. Proceeds go to the Maplewood
       Richmond Heights Public School Foundation, Inc. # of caps___ X $17ea = $________
       Banquet Assistance Fund: If you would like to assist a fellow alumnus to attend the
       Banquet & Gala, please place the amount of your contribution here……… $_______

Grand Total (Make Check/Money Order payable to MRH the 60s for the sum of above) $ ________

       Joe’s Place: A home provided for students of MRH High School that would not be able to
       graduate without a place to live until graduation. If you would like to contribute to Joe’s Place,
       please make out a separate check to Joe’s Place in the amount of $______

                     Check out our web site at:

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