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									San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association
                    Our 28th Year of bringing Woodworkers together

     Volume 28                        July 2009 Newsletter                                            Issue 5

                                     The Next Meeting is 7pm, July 29th
                               at the Al Bahr Temple, 5440 Kearny Mesa Rd.
                                          Behind the Hampton Inn

                                              July Program
                                             Five Woodworkers
For the July program we have five of the woodworkers who were part of the "Forms in Wood and Fiber" show at the
Mingei last year. They are Gene Blickensaff, Russ Filbeck, Patrick Edwards, Brett Allen Hesser and Del Cover. We
will begin by showing a special video that was produced for the Mingei that profiles these 5 people, their work
philosophy and their shops. This video was made by Emmy winning videographer Suzanne Bartole Owen. Afterwards
we will have a panel discussion from the five woodworkers with an open question and answer session for the
analysts. This will be a great opportunity to meet these people or ask them whatever you want about their work.

See you there,
Del Cover, Program Chairman

                                                 July Raffle
Once again we have 10 great prizes for this month's raffle. Whenever possible we try to shop at our sponsor's stores
taking advantage of the sales and SDFWA discounts.
We appreciate the generous response for the raffle at the May meeting aboard the Maritime Museum ship Ferryboat
Soooo!...Please come early and BUY lots of raffle tickets, sales begin at 6:30. All of the money goes directly for
acquiring bigger, better and a wider variety of prizes.

 1. 6" bench grinder                             6. DeWalt 1/4 sheet and Random Orbital Sander
 2. Makita Hypoid Saw                            7. DeWalt 12v Drill Driver
 3. Router Lift Table Insert                     8. Freud variable speed Router Combo
 4. Gordon & Co Block Plane                      9. Craftsman 10" Table Saw
 5. Sears 6 gal vac                             10. Bucket of goodies

Jim Bradbury, Raffle Committee Chair, bradburyjp@sbcglobal.net

                                         SDFWA Applications
If while visiting one of our sponsors and you notice that there are no SDFWA applications displayed, please contact

Jim Bradbury, bradburyjp@sbcglobal.net or 858-586-12200
                                           August Shop Tour

Who: Mitch Talcove
What: Open House at Tropical Exotic Hardwoods of Latin America
When: August 1, 2009, 1-4 pm (afternoon!)
Where: 2270 Camino Vida Roble Suite "B", Carlsbad, CA. 92011

Mitch Talcove is the proprietor and founder of Tropical Exotic Hardwoods, a unique specialty hardwoods dealer since
1972. Although normally closed Saturday afternoon, Mitch has agreed to open their warehouse as a special event for
SDFWA members only.

The purpose of this open house is to introduce members to an excellent resource for rare and unique woods at
discounted prices. All of the large and varied inventory will be 10% off, and, in addition, many specials will be offered at
20-40% discount.

Tropical Exotic Hardwoods has an exceptionally interesting spectrum of novel woods, both in species and form. They
carry over 100 different woods, including familiar and exceptional tropicals, and unusual domestics, but don't handle
standard domestic furniture woods (e.g. oak, maple, walnut). They specialize in the unique, carrying a wide variety of
lumber, billets, turning stock, slabs, logs, etc. It's enjoyable just nosing around in the nooks and crannies of the
warehouse, and there is always something new and interesting (or old and interesting!) in the way of an unfamiliar
wood, uniquely figured wood, or other type of one-of-a-kind find.

The Tropical Exotic Hardwoods web address is below; give it a look! http://www.anexotichardwood.com/

Getting there from I-5: Take Palomar Airport Rd. exit east to Camino Vida Roble (~2.5mi), turn right and 2270 will be
on your left in about one mile. Bear left as you enter the driveway to reach Suite B. From Hwy 78, go south on Rancho
Santa Fe Road (~1.5mi), turn right onto San Marcos Blvd, proceed (~3mi) to El Camino, turn left and then right (~.5mi)
onto Camino Vida Roble. Building 2270 is ~0.4mi on the right; bear left as you enter the driveway. See map below.

Any questions? Contact me!

Dave Henry, 760-753-2484, mailto:dwhenry@simplyweb.net

                                            2009 Fall Seminar

This year we are privileged to have Phil Lowe as our seminar speaker. Phil is an experienced lecturer and speaker.
His school, the Furniture Institute of Massachusetts, offers hands-on classes in all facets of traditional furniture making.
He has been professionally woodworking since 1968 and is the author of many articles in Fine Woodworking
Magazine. He will be teaching the art of traditional chair making. No matter the style of chair you want to make, the
techniques are the same. Phil will show us how to design, build and fit a chair as he actually constructs the parts and
assembles one on stage. Phil is featured in the "Time Life" series on woodworking and in videos with The Taunton
Press on "Carve a Ball and Claw Foot," "Making a Sheraton Bed," and most recently, "Measuring Furniture for
Reproduction.” His teaching experience includes ten years (1975 -1985) as an instructor at Boston's North Bennett
Street School, where he was department head for the latter five. Since 1985, Phil has operated a furniture making and
restoration shop in Beverly, MA, producing work for the private sector and museums throughout North America. In
1997, Phil started The Furniture Institute of Massachusetts that offers hands-on classes in all facets of traditional
furniture making. Phil has been a visiting instructor and demonstrator at various schools and woodworking
organizations throughout the United States and Canada.
         Seating is limited so sign up early to guarantee a seat.

Ed Gladney, Seminar Chair

                                          DESIGN IN WOOD
                           Design in Wood – A Great Success for 2009

This year’s Exhibition was a success on several fronts: We broke all records with set up; had great entries; stiff
competition for the awards; and by all indications from the comments by the public, the best attraction of the Fair and
best attended. Fair attendance exceeded 1.25 million.

I want to express my thanks to everyone who helped with Design in Wood 2009. Through the efforts of the Seaside
Scrollers – Don and Mary Lee Lester, Karen Kaminski, Ron Unkerfer, Evie Aring, and Fernanda Brown - and my staff,
we were able to win the theme award between the exhibits departments. It was too bad that Don passed before
seeing his work win the award.

The lighting for this year’s exhibit was directed by Don Spangler. He was also responsible for the closed circuit TV’s,
the security of the Sam Maloof Tribute, and the XM radio piped throughout the exhibit. To all my staff: Ron Rossi,
Martin Ruch, Al DeVries, Tom Johnson, Ed Gladney, Sharon Pierce, Beryl Johnson, Dale Stauffer, Carl Drake, Don
Spangler, Doug Parker, Glen Weischedel, Tom Henderson, Warren Stehle – A JOB WELL DONE.

To all of you who assisted in set up and take down – THANK YOU.
To all who entered or volunteered during the Fair walking the floor or working in the shop – A HUGE WELL DONE.
To Rhoda Keegan for all your last minute work to produce the wonderful catalog – THANK YOU SO MUCH.
To Doug Murphy and Eric Lunde for setting up the web site for signups for volunteering – IT WORKED PERFECTLY.
To the Violin makers and Scroll Saw booth, who provided evening demonstrations - THANK YOU FOR HELPING

The responses from the exhibitors as they came to pick up their pieces were extremely positive. Everyone was
grateful to the Association for co-sponsoring the event and very appreciative of what we do.

Finally, the members of the public, and there were so many we couldn’t count, who came by our information desk and
thanked us for what we do with the exhibit. Many of those said it has become the one thing they come to the Fair for.
It is extremely gratifying for my staff and me to hear these comments. I want you all to feel that pride. This year I
would like to give a special thanks to Tom Johnson and Al DeVries of my staff who went the extra mile to “WOW” the
many people who came to see Design in Wood.

Lastly, to my Committee, Scrollers, Maritime Museum, Turners, Carvers, Judges, our Photographer, Andy Patterson,
and his assistant, Lynn Rybarczyk, the Web Master and our Volunteer Coordinators, Doug Murphy and Eric Lunde,
and to Chuck and Sharon Anderson for letting us meet at their residence for our monthly meetings – THANK YOU
ALL. .

A lot of preparation goes into Design in Wood. To everyone, no matter how small or large your participation, please
accept my sincere gratitude for A JOB WELL DONE.

With my deepest appreciation.
Bob Stevenson
SDFWA, Chairman, Shows & Exhibits
SD County Fair, Coordinator, Design in Wood

THANK YOU to Bob Stevenson, who Wowed Fair visitors to the Design In Wood exhibit with his docent tours and
evening demonstrations and to Janet Stevenson who's tireless behind the scenes work helped bring the exhibit

Without Bob's guidance the DIW would not be the exhibit it is today.

Ron Rossi, Assistant Coordinator, Design In Wood, Newsletter Editor


The San Diego Fair 2009 Design In Wood Show will be over by the time this is published. It has been a good year with
many lessons to be learned.

I want to thank all the volunteers who helped set up and take down the shop and who worked in the shop.
Special thanks goes to some people who worked behind the scenes preparing chair parts:

                 Ed Ducharme                                Cutting out the seats
                 David Barnhart                             Cutting glue blocks
                 John Wilkinson                             Cutting aprons, rungs, and front legs
                 Tom Henderson                              Cutting crest rails
                 Ed Gladney & Dale Stauffer                 Machining aprons, rungs, and front legs
                 Jerry Pendzick                             Cutting out back legs
                 Bob Stevenson & Tom Henderson              Machining the back legs

Now that the chairs are assembled, they will be made ready for distribution for finishing (an oil finish) at the July
meeting. I really don't want to have to beg members to take a couple of chairs home and finish them up, an instruction
sheet will be provided. So now I'm begging...please check them out before the meeting.

Oh, by the way, the finished chairs should be returned at the September meeting or I'll even take them at the fall
seminar. It is best to start finishing right away.

Martin Ruch, Shop Master

                                Toy Program

Since our last report the following toys & chairs have been completed:

42   Baby Cribs Sets   Jerry’s Toy Group           775 Cars                   Chuck Goldsmith
50   WWII Jeeps        Jerry’s Toy Group            12 Crib Doll Sets         Barbara Moyer
25   Cameras           Jim’s Toy Group              26 Tractor/ Wagons        Terry Stolzoff
17   Cars              Chuck Aulgur

Our toy, chair, & table production total for 2009 is 1594. Many thanks to all for contributing your skill, time and effort to
bring our toy program to the needy. We are making a lot of kids happy this year
Wood Needed for Toy making: We need Baltic birch plywood in 1/8”, ¼”, 3/8”, ½” thicknesses; minimum size of 8” x
13”. Please bring to our club meetings. Thank you.

Roger Solheid, Toy Program Chairman

                             DESIGN IN WOOD
                          Winning Entry's from Members

      Pete Campbell                Michael Lorch                Ken Cowell
       "Smooth"              "Pele's Eyes" Calabash Bowl       "Vessel-#901"

     Virgil Krueger            Tom Edwards                      Tom Thorton
"YAAAH" Breaching Whale          "Bowl"                    "4 Drawer Jewelry Box"

         Russ Filbeck                        Andrew Zimmerman                      Brian Carnett
  "Tigar Maple" Rocking Chair"          "Barking to the Blues Acoustic Guitar"      "Levichest"

                                          Mike Jackofsky
                         "Natural Edge Hollow Form"           "Hollow Vessel"

                     Tom Christenson                                               Jason Lane
"Lingerie Dresser"                     "Display Table"                           "Bow Tie" Lectern

 Thomas Nordstrom                                           Viki Hennon
 "Chest of Drawers"                                    "Louis Falls Coffee Table"

   Sue Spray                                               Del Cover
"The Cube Rocker"                                     "Balboa Park Bench"

                                    Peter Shoemaker
                      "High Performance Touring & Cruising Kayak"

                                          Wants and Disposals
 As you all know, the Wants & Disposals is open only to current members that want to Buy, Sell, or Trade equipment or supplies. It
is not for commercial ads. To list an item, please e-mail Bob Coates at coatesrm@cox.net or call 619-258-8674 and leave only your
name, identify yourself as a SDFWA member, and an evening call back number. When I call back, please provide the following:
Full Name, E mail address if you have one, the general area or town of San Diego Co. where the equipment can be seen, price
range & describe the item. Bring a picture to the meeting and a brief talk or sales pitch. We do not have display area, so please
bring only pictures to the General Meeting.
Please Note; each ad will only run in one issue of the newsletter. If you want to run the ad again you will have to resubmit the
information to Bob Coates at the above listed e-mail or phone number.

Bob Coates, Chairman Wants and Disposals
Please contact Bob Coates: coatesrm@cox.net or 619-258-8674, when you have found a Buyer, an Item to buy,
or the help you requested.
Excalibur 60" sliding table attachment. Complete with instruction manual. Partially assembled. Never really used, too
big for garage shop. Asking $350. Powermatic 719 Mortiser with stand and 6 chisels (1/4” thru ¾”). Asking $300.
Powermatic 73 Dust Collector with Woodtek 1micron bag. Asking $150 or best offer. Jessem Rout-r-lift model 02001.
Brand new, box never opened. Asking $175. Bosch 1587AVS jig saw with manual and metal case, many blades.
Asking $75 or best offer.
Contact: James Baker, El Cajon area, 619-579-9577 (home), 949-861-0761 (work cell) or jamesbaker1@cox.net


                                    There are no Wants or Misc in this issue


                                               SDFWA Scholarships

We had another very successful year supporting High School and College students with scholarships. Each winner
has been invited to join us at the July general meeting with their award winning piece of furniture. Thanks to Jack
Stone, Hurly Dodd, Del Cover and the other SDFWA judges at the SD Fair for making this all possible. The following is
the 2009 list of scholarship recipients.

Palomar College
Carolyn Barnes, Beston Barnett, Justin Blake, Werner Pyka

Francis Parker High School Teacher, Barry Cheskaty
Riley Kilpatrick, Allison Cirillo

San Marcos High School         Teacher, Allen Brent
Jarrod McGehee

San Diegito High School        Teacher, Jeff Germano
Kevin Shaw

Russ Filbeck, Scholarship Chairman

                                  Chair Design and Construction
                                     September 11, 12, 13, 2009
                                  San Diego School for the Performing Arts
                                             2425 Dusk Street
                                           San Diego, CA 92139
                             Phil Lowe is a master craftsman and furniture maker and is the
                             author of many Fine Woodworking articles and is a long time
                             contributing editor. His teaching experience includes ten years
                             at Boston's North Bennett Street School, including five years as
                             head of the furniture-making department. Since 1985, Phil has
                             operated a furniture making and restoration shop in Beverly,
MA, producing work for the private sector and museums throughout North America. In 1997
Phil started The Furniture Institute which offers hands-on classes in all facets of traditional
furniture making. Phil has been a visiting instructor and demonstrator at various schools and
woodworking organizations throughout the United States and Canada. In 2005, he received
the coveted Cartouche Award from the Society of American Period Furniture Makers. For
more information about Phil or about the Furniture Institute of Massachusetts, please visit
his web site at http://www.furnituremakingclasses.com

 3 day seminar Friday evening,
       Saturday and Sunday
   Breakfast rolls, donuts, coffee and juice
       Saturday and Sunday morning
   Soft drinks provided all day
   Catered lunch – Saturday and Sunday

                DON’T MISS THIS ONE!
                  $90.00 SDFWA Member
   $120 Non-members (includes 2009 SDFWA           Membership)
               GO TO WWW.SDFWA.ORG
  The San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association board of Directors feels our membership
 deserves the very best and this is why we want to provide such a great opportunity for you.

                        This is one seminar you do not want to miss!
                           Chair Design and Construction with Phil Lowe

                      Friday, Saturday & Sunday, September 11, 12, 13, 2009

                   Friday 6PM – 9PM, Saturday 9AM – 4PM, Sunday 9AM – 3PM
                          San Diego School for Creative & Performing Arts
                                        2425 Dusk Drive
                                      San Diego, CA 92139

 Please fill out the form below and include your check made payable to SDFWA and
                                        mail to:
                           San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association Seminar
                                             P. O. Box 82323
                                        San Diego, CA 92138-2323

                                   (Keep this half for time and place)

                                      Please sign me up for the
              2009 San Diego Fine Woodworking Association seminar with Phil Lowe

                                     PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY
NAME: LAST                                                    FIRST          ________________________

ADDRESS:                                                                    ________________________

CITY & ZIP:                                                                 ________________________


Membership includes your spouse. If you wish a membership card for your spouse, please enter your
spouse’s name here _________________________________________________________________________
Your information will only be shared within this association and on a need-to-know basis.
Please select one: I wish to receive newsletters by mail _____ I’ll read them on the SDFWA website_____

Amount Paid (Check one): ____ Member $90 ____ Non-member $120

                           (Non-member price includes 2009 membership)

                                           ProBono Letters
                                                New York Life                                      May 19, 2009

To San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association

On behalf of New York Life's Volunteer's for Life, the San Diego General Office would like to thank the San Diego Fine
Woodworkers Association for donating several wood toys to the My Stuff Bags Foundation. Thank you for hard work
and dedication, we know the children will love them!

James B. Moore, CLU
Managing Partner

                                           Nazareth Preschool                                     July 7,2009

To San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association

This letter is in regards to the wooden toys donation to Nazareth Preschool. We greatly appreciate what you have
done. Our preschool children will definitely make good use of all the wooden toys. Thank you again.

Georgina Barragann
Preschool Director

I wanted to express my deepest heart-felt thanks to the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association, for donating eight
beautiful chairs to the Rock Rose Parent Co-Operative this last school year! We are a small school and community
run, as such we get no money from the state for supplies. Getting donations from generous organizations like yours is
instrumental in our ability to provide quality education to these precious children. The chairs fit perfectly in our
classroom and added such an air of beauty and comfort. Thank you so much!!

With Deep Gratitude,
Katheryn Anderson
Kindergarten Teacher

My name is Mariemel Gawaran and I am the activity room assistant for the Starlight Activity Room at Rady Children's
Hospital. Last week we had received some woodshapes from Al De Vries. I had asked Al for your association's
mailing address or email address because the Child Life staff and I wanted to thank you and the rest of the
woodworkers for the great woodshapes. They are such a big hit with the children and the patients and their families
absolutely enjoy painting the various woodshapes. We greatly appreciate them. We hope you have wonderful day.

Best Regards,
Mariemel Gawaran
Activity room assistant
Rady Children's Hospital

                 2009 San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association
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Phone: (760) 579-0222                                               P.O. Box 452058 Los Angeles, CA 90045
Hours: 7:45-5:00 M-F                                                Phone: (310) 216-9265 Fax: (310) 216-9274
Chuck Schweikart, Manager                                           E-mail: editor@woodwest.com
                                                                    Ron Goldman, proprietor
Bayside Paint, Inc
                                                                    A bi monthly magazine promoting craftsmanship in
1228 Knoxville Street, San Diego, Ca 92120                          woodworking throughtout the western U.S.
Phone (619) 275-7800
Hours: 6:30-5:30 M-F, 8:00-5:00 Sat.                                World Tree Inc. 2     (NEW SPONSOR)
Robert Lewis, manager
                                                                    2295 Manya Street San Diego,CA 92154
Mohawk Finishing Products and many other stains,                    (One blk So.of Main street, just East of Hiway 5)
sealers, fillers and tools. Free delivery with minimum order        Phone 619-424-2020
 and UPS shipping available.                                        Hours M-F 8:00 to 5:00 PM, Saturday 8:00-12:00
                                                                    Arturo Morales, Owner

                                                                    Complete inventory of hard woods,
                                                                    plywood of all types and MDF

     New          Where did you hear about us? ______________________________
Name: ________________________________________________________________
     First (or Initial) Middle (or Initial) Last
I would like a membership card for my spouse _____________________________ (Name)
Mailing address: Street or PO Box ________________________________________
City: ________________________State:______ Zip Code: _____________
Telephone Number (_____)-___________
My E-Mail address is_________________

You will receive your newsletter via the SDFWA website unless you indicate otherwise.
You will be notified when the newsletter is available on the website at SDFWA.org.
I would like to receive my newsletter By U.S. mail ______
The above information will be shared only within this association on a need-to-know basis.
Please Note: The dues are $25 if postmarked by 1/31/2009 and will be $30 after that date.
Return the completed form with your payment, payable to SDFWA, to
SDFWA P.O. Box 82323 San Diego, CA 92138-2323
(Memberships expire 31 December)

                                           VIDEO LOAN REQUEST

          I wish to borrow one of the following videotapes and agree to return it within seven (7) days of my receipt of it. A postpaid
return label and an order form are enclosed. I understand that a late return charge of $1 per day may be assessed and that I am
responsible for replacement of the tape if it is damaged or lost while in my custody. If your first choice is not available, you will receive
your second choice.
         Enclosed is $3.50 to cover postage and handling. My choices are:

(1)_____________________________________ (2)_____________________________________


Make checks payable to SDFWA. Mail to SDFWA LIBRARY, c/o R.T.Reese 10886 Aviary Court, San Diego, CA 92131
                                                              858-695-2460 rtreese@jjuno.co

      FINE                                                                  Non-Profit Org.
                                   RETURN SEVICE REQUESTED                  U.S. Postage Paid
WOODWORKERS                                                                 Permit 697
                                                                            San Diego, CA
    P.O.Box 82323
    San Diego CA 92138-2323

          Next meeting: 7 pm, Wednesday, July 29th, 2009 at the Al Bahr Temple


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