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Letters                              Dear Reader,                                                       into it, talk about attention-to-detail! After 28
                                                                                                        years of commitment, Wellesley Bolt shares

                                          hanks for the opportunity to share this                       some special moments with his wife, Jennifer
                                          magazine with you. It’s my hope that you                      with us. For Weddings and Honeymoon
                                          enjoy the following pages. In this issue, I                   Destinations, we’ll see what tryall, Medallion
                                     will be showcasing weddings that took place                        Hall and Half Moon hotels are doing to make
                                     during this slow economic period in all their                      your wedding day remarkably special. there
                                     glory. types and styles of weddings will vary,                     is also a wedding planning guide on page 20.
                                     but the anticipation of the event and accom-                         When planning for your wedding, it’s always
                                     panying emotions are still the same. our                           best to shop around. Do feel free to shop with
                                     brides and grooms are happy they took the                          us as you browse through these pages. there
                                     “plunge”. If it’s one thing that brings comfort                    are great bargains to be had in our “shopping
                                     during a recession is the state of being happi-                    page” and “Resource Listings”. enjoy our new
                                     ly in love and making future plans together,                       local, home grown, bridal magazine. It is a
                                     instead of apart. there is the opportunity to                      pleasure for the sponsors, the publisher and I
                                     fellowship one with the other, share resources                     to bring our first issue to you as a gift. God
                                     and unite families.                                                bless you.
                                       In this issue, our in-house counselor gives
                                     some good advice to couples. You will also
                                     see what couples are doing on $100,000 and
                                     $50,000 wedding budgets. Further, our                                Love Always,
                                     Weddings Jamaica exclusive presents to you                           Michelle
                                     one of the best weddings that took place this
                                     year and the remarkable planning that went                 

                                                                                                        Weddings Jamaica
                                                                                                   Caribbean Magazines
                                                                                                                                   Maurice Mason
A Bride’s Diary: In Simone’s own words............................4                                      Limited
Wedding on a $100,000 budget: No one but you................7
                                                                                                      editor-In-Chief              Photographers
Wedding on a $50,000 budget: Crazy In Love....................8
                                                                                                    Michelle Hamilton              Dwayne Watkins
Weddings Jamaica Exclusive: Modern Day Romance.....10                                                                                Hasini Bryan
Real Brides, Real Fashion!........................................................12                   Fashion editor               Richard Holder
Grooms-In-Suits..........................................................................13            Kadia Pingue                 Karl Anderson

Articles                                                                                           Productions Manager
                                                                                                                                  Sales & Marketing
                                                                                                                                  Gregory Hamilton
Ten Great Tips on Managing your wedding budget..........6
“She’s Royal”.................................................................................11                                   Allison thomas
                                                                                                     Graphics Artists              Patricia Morgan

In Every Issue                                                                                      Khaleel Melbourne
Love Letters
Wedding Memoirs........................................................................9                                             Contact us:
                                                                                                       Contributors                    email:
Wedding & Honeymoon Destinations....................................16                             Marguerite Anderson
Wedding Planning Guide............................................................20               Paula scarlett-Grant

Shopping Pages............................................................................21        Rev. earl Morgan
Weddings Jamaica Resource Listings.................................22                               Marcia Mclauglin
                                                                                                      Dave scarlett
 ON The COver
 samantha shaw, Miss Jamaica World 2009 Finalist
• Getting married is a GIAnt, but       • seek God’s wisdom - Pray, pray            • Understanding takes time. How
  important step. A responsibility        and pray some more. He will                 you choose to spend your time,
  that should not be taken lightly.       direct you (Proverbs 2: 6).                 is a good indicator of how
  Marriage calls for serious reflec-      It is the Lord’s will that you find joy     much you care and love your
  tion. Uncertainty is not an             and fulfillment in your marriage.           partner.
                                        • Be true to your love.                       Rev. Earl Morgan is the pastor of
• Marriage is a good thing. It is         the best way to understand                The Barbican Baptist Church. He
  God ordained. In reflecting, do         and appreciate love for each              has been a marriage officer and fam-
  a check up to be sure you are           other is in fully understanding           ily counselor for over forty years. He
                                                                                    can be contacted at 927-4198.
  in line with God’s will.                each other.

                                       A Bride’s diAry: in simone’s own words

                                                      ’m simone married to
                                                      hubby Douglas since
                                                      last year July 27,
                                                    2008! It may be fair to
                                                     say that the econo-
                                                       my had not yet start-
                                                       ed to feel the effects of
                                                                                                            being delivered,
                                                                                                            but there was no
                                                                                                           one at my par-
                                                                                                          ent’s home to col-
                                                                                                         lect them…hello,
                                                                                                       there was no one
                                                                                                    home!!! Yes, that’s
                                                        the global recession;       because they were two hours early,
                                                        however we were past        but luckily they phoned me back to
                                                         the ‘fairytale’ stage of   say that one of our neighbours had
                                                         our existence and knew     taken them in for us...phew!!! so
                                                          that spending a fortune   now I was only a little stressed. then
                                                          on our wedding was        I started worrying again… what if
                                                          more impractical than     the neighbours went out and we
                                                          ever!                     couldn’t get the flowers, or if they
                                                           We had about four        don’t follow the instructions of the
                                                          and a half months to      florist in preserving them (panic,
                                                          organize everything.      panic!!). By the time I got back to
                                                          We wanted a small,        the house I was a nervous wreck,
                                                         informal wedding, so       but my neighbours (bless their soul)
                                                         we invited only fifty      were just as excited and knew how
                                                         guests. on the morn-       nervous I was and followed the
                                                        ing of the eve of the       florist’s instructions to the ‘t’.
                                                       wedding, I was fine.           It was a morning wedding, 9am on
                                                       Hubby and I had break-       a sunday morning! During those
                                                     fast together and I went       moments in my life when I would
                                                     off to get my hair done        daydream about my wedding, I
                                                    and he did the same. I          had always thought of a sunday
                                                   wouldn’t see him until he        morning garden wedding.
                                                   was standing at the top of         As I exited the car into the waiting
                                                  the aisle. My hairdresser kept    hands of my father, the photogra-
                                                 on saying how calm I was           pher took a few photos and I
                                                and it was great that I wasn’t      remember thinking that they would
                                               nervous at all.                      be rubbish because I wasn’t smiling
                                             I then had a phone call from our       properly. I was so nervous. My broth-
                                         florist to say that all the flowers were   er and his fiancée came rushing up

                                         Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in
                                               looking together in the same direction.
                                                                                                  Antoine De Saint-Exupery
to me and fussed over me, and for some reason I burst
into tears; I think I was a bit overwhelmed, but he had
me laughing again the next minute. At the same time, I
was thanking God that my make-up wasn’t ruined.
   the Middle Quarters seventh Day Adventist church              WITH LIFE –
looked awesome on the inside. the church was decorat-
ed in colours of lime green and banana yellow. I had
used crepe paper, cotton fabric and ribbons to decorate
the church, and it felt like the church was happy to see
Dougie and I wed. My dad walked me up the aisle. I was
trying not to cry but had got it together by the time I got
to the end of the aisle. saying our vows went by in a flash
and before I knew it we were signing the papers and
were married! the ceremony was lovely. I remember
being very impressed that everyone was singing.....
“Morning has Broken” ...the first real song I learnt to play
during piano lessons at 10 years old.                                                               ULTRA LIFE
   the pastor made a funny slip up at one point during the                                          Embrace life with the protection offered

closing prayer that went something like: “we pray that                                              by this equity-linked insurance plan.

these two families grow in infection for each other”                                                 Flexible life insurance coverage

instead of in affection! I don’t think many heard it but it                                          Savings/investment component
                                                                                                     Diverse investment options
made me giggle. I think that was the deal cracker as                                                 Automatic inflation linking
through the window went all the tension and obsession                                                Optional coverages for:

over perfection.                                                                                     Personal Accident, Dismemberment,
                                                                                                     Disability and Supplemental Term
   the photos seemed to take ages, but we got through                                                Available to ages 0-80 years
them all, then it was off to Font Hill Beach                                                        Don’t take life for granted.
Park for brunch. the driver                                      Wise Financial Thinking for Life   Call a Sagicor Advisor or Broker today.
handed us some ice cold                                                                             Sagicor Life Jamaica Limited
water, which went down                                                                              H.O.: 28-48 Barbados Ave., Kgn 5

very well as we were very
                                                                                                    Tel.: (876) 929-8920-9
                                                                                                    Toll Free: 1-888-SAGICOR

thirsty. I was anxious,

though not worried, to see
how the park looked. I must
admit that on our way I
could not resist to call our
caterer Diana Kiffin to tell
her we’re almost there and
if everything was in place.
Apart from the tents which
were rented from st. Bess All
occasions, the Park was
transformed by nekeisha
Daley a friend who calls her-
self the ‘bridezilla’. she is a lot
like me, a micromanager. thankfully, she’s one of the
best wedding planners and decorators in st. elizabeth.
that explains why I was comfortable with not seeing the
venue until after I arrived for the brunch. My expecta-
tions were more than met.
   our guests seemed to like our very non-traditional table
seating plan and breakfast menu of fruit plate, calaloo
quiche, bammy pate, pizza, tea and fruit juice. the cake
was also non-traditional-carrot cake, my fave! I was sur-
prised to see there was also a water fountain – a pleasant
surprise – as the caterer and I had not had any discussions
about that at all.
   the speeches was something we debated for many
months and Douglas was quite apprehensive about it.
We compromised by me agreeing to do one as well. the
toasts were real touching. My father cried throughout!
somehow I managed to compose myself and didn’t cry,
although there were times when I came very close.
   A few tips that we would like to pass on are:-
• A “grand wedding” and a “grand marriage” are not
    mutually exclusive terms.
• Pinching pennies and planning a wedding are not the
    best of bedfellows but moving away from the tradition-
    al wedding can be less taxing on the budget.
• As much as you try and stick to a timeline, you have
    to realize that it’s not the end of the world if you are a
    little late, guests do understand. Things will happen...
    stay calm!
   We have to say a huge big thank you to all our families
and friends without whom we would have gone mad
over the three months of planning, and not have had half
as many fantastic ideas for the big day itself!
                                                GREAT TIPS
                                                MA nAGInG YO
                                                WEdd InG BudGE

                                                                  3  . Consider renting the wed-
                                                                 ding attire as a serious option.
1.   Keep the guest list down. Weddings should be a
                                                                  the clothes do not have to be ill
                                                                   fitting and inappropriate. shop
     time when small gatherings celebrate a big                     around and choose wisely. If not, this can pose a
     occasion. throw a party on your 1st anniversary                big dent in the budget.
     and invite ALL your family and friends. Make
     the wedding list include only the essentials.
                                                                      4.  Make a realistic budget and stick to it. If
                                                                       you get carried away in one area, immediate-
2.   If you must have a large wedding introduce                         ly try to cut back in another.
     a less formal setting so as to be able to bet-
     ter economize. Morning weddings can usu-                                 5
                                                                            . Restrict your last minute spending
     ally prove more cost effective, especially if                         and follow the advice of your wedding
     you eliminate the dancing, the cost of a DJ                      planner. this person is there to save you time,
     or band and the additional liquor that is expected.           money and resources.

                                                           6. Be creative with the wedding programme. spend only
                                                                 half as much on that, as you did on your invitations.

                                                           7.    Instead of imported flowers use tropical
                                                                 blooms or perhaps different kinds of
                                                                 greenery with an occasional floral
                                                                 spray. Curly willow, bramble or
                                                                 coloured sticks, combined with glass
                                                                 beads, marbles or decorative ‘ice’,
                                                                 can be quite effective. Potted
                                                                 plants are also a good substitute
                                                                 for floral arrangements. Candles dis-
                                                                 played in holders of varying shapes,
                                                                 sizes and colours are an alternative
                                                                 as centerpieces and of course cost
                                                                 a whole lot less.

                                                           8.    Lights and fabric can be impressive but
                                                                 usually require the services of a profession-
                                                                 al. Your friends may be willing to help but are just
                                                                 not able. Don’t attempt an elaborate backdrop0.

                                                           9. Forget about favours. they are really not necessary.
                                                                 You have provided a good meal, perfect
                                                                 ambiance and entertainment, a gift is not necessary
                                                                 for your guests. they won’t use it to remember your
                                                                 anniversary anyway. spend that money on some-
                                                                 thing else.

                                                           10.    If possible, try to have your weddings out of peak
                                                                  season or on a weekday, as this will keep your gen-
                                                                  eral costs down. Hotels, florists, caterers, etc. tend
                                                                  to offer cheaper prices during these times.

                                                                                  Marguerite Anderson
                                                                            Wedding Planner, Petal & Promises

6 • Weddings Jamaica December 2009
                    What you can do on a $100,000 budget

“No one but you”
        ating a guy who was per-            a challenge.
        haps a ‘player’ was not on          tashia was head
        tashia’s agenda…”how                strong, determined
absurd?”, she thought to herself            and beautiful.       Ransford was
when Ransford Madouri e                     however tashia’s opposite; he was
approached her one night at the             often playful and loved to tease.
then popular Asylum night Club.               It was during several of these
tashia was comfortably involved in          playful moments that Ransford
a relationship. Furthermore, she            asked tashia to marry him. It was a
lived temporarily in Barbados.              question that he kept asking her             tashia bought a simple white ele-
Ransford , expressing his undying           over and over again. the propos-             gant long dress at a boutique in
love after meeting her just once,           als were always very casual, yet             Portmore. the dress, shoes and
did not make the situation any bet-         very sincere. eventually in                  accessories were all reasonably
ter. she was totally disinterested.         november, 2008 tashia said”yes”.             priced. Ransford wore a navy blue
  Years later, when tashia returned           they started planning their wed-           suit that he already had and
to Jamaica, the two would meet              ding instantly. the two had dated            splurged on a burnt orange shirt,
again. this time, it was on the ‘net’ for two years and there were a few                 which had cost him approximately
on “Hi 5”, a social networking web-         challenges. they were both equal-            $1,500. there were twenty persons
site. the timing was absolutely per-                            ly stubborn.             present at the wedding ceremony
fect. tashia was now                                            Ransford, an             which comprised family and close
single and                                                       employee                friends.
had started                                                      Relations officer,        on saturday, March 28, 2009, the
a new job                                                        wanted a big            weather was absolutely perfect for
while                                                             wedding with           an outdoor wedding. the skies
Ransford sim-                                                     family and friends     were blue with a few puffs of white
ply wanted                                                        while tashia, an       clouds. Ransford and tashia wed
to link up                                                         attorney-at-law,      at the outdoor gardens of the
with her                                                           desired a small       Registrar General’s Department.
again.                                                             intimate affair.      the gazebo was already decorat-
Ransford                                                           this issue reflect-   ed, and according to the bride she
wasted no                                                           ed the differ-       enjoyed this site because there was
time in inviting                                                    ence in their        no hassle in terms of decorations
tashia out on                                                       personalities.       and no clean up afterwards.
a date. With                                                        Ransford was a       everything was easy and simple,
some persua-                                                         “people” per-       and to think the ceremony itself
sion from her                                                        son, while          cost the couple a little over
sister, tashia                                                       tashia was          $7,000.00. the charge included the
agreed. After                                                         more conser-       services of the marriage officer, the
all he was cute,                                              rie
                                                                      vative. they       venue and certificates. there was
with that win-                                     shia Madou         debated the
                                  Ra nsford and Ta                                       only one bouquet of real flowers for
ning smile. How       Mr and Mrs.                                     issue; however     the ceremony and the bride held it
could she possi-                                                       the worsening     in her hands.
bly resist?                                                         economic cli-          Ransford and tashia had their
  tashia was                                mate at the time contributed to
                                                                                         reception at China express, their
blown away by Ransford’s charm              Ransford granting tashia her wish.
                                                                                         favourite restaurant. the reception
and wicked sense of humour. For a Further, they had recently bought a
                                                                                         was fun and intimate. everyone let
first date, they were both comfort-         home and the prudent attorney
                                                                                         their ‘hair’ down. they laughed,
able together, talking for hours.           did not want their priorities to be
                                                                                         talked and enjoyed the meal. the
they soon became friends. For               misplaced.
Ransford, there was something dif-            the rings cost the couple $60,000,         reception cost the happy couple
ferent about tashia McDonald. He            this being the most expensive item           $25,000.
had dated many girls, but she was           on their $100,000 wedding budget.              the following day, the couple
                                                                                         sped off to sunset Beach Resort
                                                                                         and spa for their honeymoon.
                                                                                         their goal in the marriage was to
                                                                                         fulfill a key advice given to them by
                                                                                         tashia’s Managing Partner, Lowel
                                                                                         Morgan, “ensure that you’re each
                                                                                         other’s best friend”. Its advice that
                                                                                         neither tashia or Ransford take
                                                                                         lightly, especially now that they are
                                                                                         the proud parents of a baby girl,
                                                                                         Madisson Madourie.

                                                                                                 December 2009 Weddings Jamaica • 7
What you can do on a $50,000 budget

 Crazy In Love
The rICArdO ANd FIONA BeNeTT STOry                  before God, family and their closest
                                                    friends. When setting the wedding

   t was one of those relationships                 date, they both decided that the
   that was just meant to be.                       anniversary of their very first date
   Fiona, a Paralegal, and Ricardo,                 would be appropriate (August 15th).
a soldier, met through mutual                       the budget for their wedding was
friends, and through no deliberate                  approximately $50,000.00.
actions on their part, they became                    Ricardo and Fiona were both
friends. Fiona liked that Ricardo                   heavily involved in the wedding
always showed concern for her                       planning: Ricardo planned the
well being. He came across as                       menu and reception activities; Fiona                        Ricardo and Fiona Benett
easy to talk to and there was a                     mainly took care of the decorations                        this event was held in the living room
natural comfort experienced by                      and the ceremony. they however                             of the bride and groom.
both when they spoke. It was just                   worked together as a team. the                               The Menu comprised, Baked
a matter of time before Ricardo                     couple chose their rings together at                       Chicken, Curried Goat, Rice and
realized that this ‘down to earth’                  national Jewelers store in Portmore                        Peas and Vegetable salad. the
girl was exactly what he was look-                    Fiona’s colleague loaned her a                           Chef at Ricardo’s workplace baked
ing for in a soul mate. the two                     beautiful white gown for her wed-                          the wedding cake. For the
courted for seven years and on                      ding day while Ricardo wore a suit                         decorations, their colour scheme
the 15th of August, 2008, they                      he already owned. The Ceremony                             was red, white and blue. they dec-
solemnized their relationship.                      was held at Fresh Fire Ministries in                       orated their living room with balloons
  Fiona thought that Ricardo was                    Portmore. those present comprised                          and used philodendron flowers, all in
cute, and especially delighted in his               the bride and groom, the bride’s                           red, white and blue.
smile. Ricardo was attracted to                     Mother, two witnesses and the offici-                        the couple did not have an official
Fiona’s charm. there was no formal                  ating Minister.                                            honeymoon. they went on a beach
proposal. they both thought that it                   thirty persons, consisting mainly of                     outing for fried fish, festival and
was time to make a commitment                       family, were invited to the reception.                     bammy at Hellshire.


                                            Start life with a Sealy!
     Restful Sleep is as
    necessary to health as
       food and water.

    Sleep Well. Stay Well!           • The world’s favourite mattress
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                                     Restful Sleep for Health & Wellness
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    Posturepedic                     DI AL -A- SEA LY: ( 1-8 88 -SE ALY B ED S)

8 • Weddings Jamaica December 2009
Weddings Memoirs
 Special message from
 Wellesley to Jennifer Bolt
      sain Bolt is the man that he is today because of
      his stable upbringing. He is the son of Wellesley
      and Jennifer Bolt, parents who not only love
their son with all their heart, but have a strong, deep
passionate love for each other. today, they fully
understand the nature of each other. they are in this
relationship for ‘better or for worse’, and the love
between them has grown even stronger now, than
when they met twenty-eight years ago.
  Wellesley had always liked girls with a dark com-
plexion, and he was very attracted to Jennifer who
had ‘bow’ legs and walked with a certain swing.
Jennifer, however showed no interest in her admirer,
so Wellesley had to ‘chase her’. the chase took a
long time, but today he’s a real happy man to have
Jennifer by his side.
  the relationship brought forth their only child, Usain
st. Leo Bolt, the fastest man in the world. the genet-
ic blend of Wellesley and Jennifer (who are both ath-
letically inclined, especially Jennifer who was a very
fast runner in her day) is not the only factor why
Usain is such a jovial, charming, focused character.
Wellesley believes the discipline he instilled in a
young Usain has helped him to deal with the chal-
lenges he must face on and off the track. Both
Jennifer and Wellesley were very involved in Usain’s
upbringing. Usain’s shirt always had to be tucked
into his pants; he had to be respectful, especially to
his elders; he could not roam the streets at nights
and everyday his school bag was checked to see
what he was doing at school.
  Jennifer, being a devout seventh Day Adventist,
wanted to do the right thing. she wanted to get
married. Wellesley, learning from his own parents the
benefits of companionship, was more than ready to
settle down. they got married in December, 1998;
Young Usain was the ring bearer. on the day of their
wedding, the groom was extremely nervous. He
remembers sweating. His bride was late, very late.
However, when she arrived, she looked so beautiful,
his nervousness slowly subsided.                                Wellesley’s message to Jennifer:
  they both keep the ‘fire going’ by making decisions
together and communicating a lot. their advice to
                                                             “From the day I met you Jennifer, I loved
couples is that marriage is an institution that is not to     you. Up until this day, I still love you,
be rushed into. Persons should take the time to know
each other first. the Bolts have two other children         and I want you to continue doing what you
from previous relationships and the bond of love
among family members is very strong.                          doing. Of course, one day soon I’ll join
                                                              you in the church. Don’t you worry.”

                                                                                December 2009 Weddings Jamaica • 9
       o you believe true love can be
       found at the click of a mouse?
       Ask Joseph Clarke, an advertis-
ing Accounts executive, and Katrina
Abrahams, an Artist, who met on the
social networking website, “Hi 5”.
they had a mutual friend on the
website and Joseph seized the
opportunity by sending Katrina a
“friend request”, Katrina accepted
and the two have been ‘connected’
ever since.
  the two corresponded through reg-
ular emails, Joseph liking Katrina’s
sense of humour and Katrina was
attracted to his winning personality.
Both were Christians, and believed
that it was God’s will for them to
meet online. Billions of people across
the world traverse the internet daily,
and they felt blessed just to have
found each other.
  the two knew they had to meet
and when they did, it turned out to
be the most natural thing in the
world. the level of comfort they had
with each other was incredible. they
simply, ‘clicked’; so much so, that
Katrina did a painting of Joe and
herself, entitled, “the Dance”. this
painting was a hit at her annual Art
show two years ago. Katrina has
another show coming up this
  there was no formal proposal. After
two and a half years of courtship,
there was no need to fill the space
between them with words. they
both knew they wanted to spend the
rest of their lives together and it was
just a matter of ‘when’. the reces-
sion not being a factor for them, as

        Continues on Page 14
“She’s Royal”
    &Prince!  He’s Her Handsome

     amaican women have managed to use their
     immaculate taste in fashion to create for them-
     selves and others, wedding dress designs that
speak to sophistication, class and awe inspiring wed-

                                                                                                                    Karl anderson Photo
ding gowns that would have the eyes of guests brim
with water the moment a bride walks down the aisle.
Wedding gowns have also been known to turn even
the simplest of maidens into fairy tale princesses. to
put it simply, a bride who gets married in Jamaica
knows how to look “royal.”
  our Jamaican designers are creating trend-setting
gowns that should be getting notable acclaim world-
wide. this magazine will be featuring these designers
and their wonderful creations in upcoming issues.
the dresses featured in the Real Brides, Real Fashion!
is showcasing the fashion sense of our local brides.
All these brides made that connection with their
gowns, and what better time to reveal their intuitive
fashion style than on their wedding day?
    our men, not to be outdone are looking fabulous      designers are among the best in the world, the set-
in hot designer suits and are also making that bold      ting of trends is culturally embedded and making
fashion statement. this is Jamaica, where talented       bold fashion statements are our natural signature.

                                                                                    December 2009 Weddings Jamaica • 11
Dwayne Watkins photo
                  Continued from Page 10

according to Joseph, “love can overcome all obsta-
cles”, Katrina and Joseph set their wedding date for
August 8, 2009.

Planning The Wedding
  Katrina and Joseph knew exactly the type of wed-
ding that they wanted, a whimsical, ethereal, relaxed,
informal occasion. Katrina’s gentle, stable spirit shone
through as she went about planning her wedding with
her biggest fan, the ever supportive Joseph by her side.
they brought on wedding planner, Dawn Woodstock
and decorator, Michelle Lee to help them. the wed-
ding planning team, consisting of bride, groom, family
members and professionals had approximately three
months to put on a successful event. the wedding had
a whimsical fairytale/contemporary theme using
colours, aqua and shades of pink.

The Ceremony
  the ceremony took place at the swallowfield Chapel
on a cool saturday afternoon. Katrina Abrahams
arrived at the church with her father, Michael
Abrahams. they were met by Dawn Woodstock, who
was amazed at the bride’s absolute beauty. It was a
tear jerking moment for them all. the bride and her
father walked up the aisle to Andrew Lawrence’s ren-
dition of Billy Joel’s Just the Way you are. Katrina
laughed, unable to hide her joy. A smiling Joseph,
stood at the top of the aisle, waiting. the couple per-
formed a sand ceremony using white and aqua
coloured sand. A screen was also set up, featuring a
slide show of Joseph and Katrina from birth to adult-
hood and their families. the church décor was simple.
there were two pedestal floral arrangements. the
flowers used were baby pink and fuschia roses and              made by Jeweler, Martin Powell. Her wedding band
                             delphiniums in tones of blue.     holds several white diamonds and the rings were
                                  swatches of turquoise        made from white gold.
                                   tulle, tied into a bow,
                                    were placed at each        The Invitations
                                      pew along the aisle       this was the do-it-yourself part of Joseph and
                                      and a single baby        Katrina’s wedding. the invitations and programmes
                                      pink rose adorned        were done using Photoshop. All family members gath-
                                      each bow. the white      ered for this effort, folding programmes, stuffing
                                      runner, sprinkled with   envelopes, etc. the printing was done at Copycat
                                     pink rose petals com-     and Hot off the Press.
                                     pleted the elegant
                                       décor.                  Gown & dresses
                                            Rev. David Henry     the bride, after shopping around at countless loca-
                                                               tions for that special gown, finally found what she was
                                           and elder Lance
                                                               looking for at Miracle Mile in Miami. Katrina was over-
                                            Henry officiated   whelmed by the many beautiful gowns she saw at the
                                            at the ceremony.   store, but one gown stood out in particular. this gown
                                                               was off white, strapless, embellished with beads and
                                         The Wedding           embroidery. the close fitting bodice opened into an A
                                         rings                 line skirt from the waist, giving Katrina that total
                                            Joseph had         Cinderella look. the gown had buttons along the
                                         Katrina’s             back and a very long, long train. Katrina wore a veil
                                         engagement            that was almost as long as her train.
                                          ring designed                              there were five attendants. they
                                          and                                       wore aqua boat neck dresses from
                                                                                    David’s bridal with an empire waist
                                                                                    and ‘A’ line skirting, that fell just
                                                                                     below the knee. the chief atten-
                                                                                     dant’s dress was strapless.

                                                                                    hair & Make-up
                                                                                      the bride’s long curly hair was
                                                                                     kept in place by the comb from
                                                                                     her veil. Katrina’s make-up was
                                                                                     done by her friend, make-up
                                                                                      artist sue Wilson, who ensured
                                                                              that the bride was a picture of ele-

14 • Weddings Jamaica December 2009
                                                                   cal theme.

                                                                    The Menu
                                                                      Dawn Woodstock, being a wedding planner
                                                                    and culinary specialist, worked with caterer
                                                                    Margaret silvera to prepare a tasty treat for the
                                                                    guests. Waiters served the hors d‘oeuvres which
                                                                    consisted of Lebanese and Indian cuisine: hum-
                                                                    mus, kibby, spija, and Indian samosas. Dawn and
                                                                    Margaret organized three tents for food stations.
                                                                    the tents were white, beautifully draped in
                                                                    turquoise all with crystal chandeliers overhead.
                                                                      each food station comprised the following:
                                                                      Meat station - lamb, beef filet, chicken kebabs
                                                                    and crab backs
gance throughout the evening.                                     Salad station - fruit and assorted salads which
                                                              included shrimp, sweet potato and green salads.
The Suits                                                       Pasta station - Dessert station with mini cheesecakes,
  Joseph and his groomsmen wore oatmeal coloured              pecan pies, butter tarts, lemon meringue pies, choco-
suits with white shirts and solid aqua ties. the suits were   late truffles and chocolate cake.
purchased at nu Keith’s tailoring.                              Mirrored buffet was set up for the ease and conven-
The reception Site                                            ience of the guests. All details were attended even the
  A cocktail Reception was held on the lawns of a             matching patterned napkins. throughout all stages of
home in Jacks Hill. Dawn Woodstock and Michelle               the wedding, Dawn Woodstock’s staff was profession-
Lee transformed the lawn into a relaxing, fairy tale gar-     al. they went overboard on everything.
den that had all 160 guests glowing in “ooohs” and
“aaaahs”. they created a lounge, using white over-            The Cake
sized sofas and ottomans with turquoise throw cush-             It was a delectable four tiered mint green, soft lilac,
ions. six seater cafe and bistro tables provided seating      yellow and pink chocolate cake with gold piping
for guests. the six-seater round tables were draped in        around the edges. the cake, which resembled
silk pin-tucked baby pink tablecloths.                        stacked fancy gift boxes, was tied with a golden bow
  the guests entered the reception area over a hand-          ribbon at the top, creating a perfectly delightful gift for
made wooden bridge, where they stopped to write               the happy bride and groom. there was a beautiful
                                       their best wishes in   backdrop behind the cake, one of the bride’s signa-
                                       the guest book                         ture pieces, a beautiful painting of an
                                       and on the beau-                       orchid. the cake was created by Kathy
                                       tiful photo of the                     Joe tait.
                                       bride and groom
                                       (matting). special                     The Bouquets
                                       attention was                            Bride – pink dendrobium orchids, white
                                       made to ensure                         roses
                                       that the beautiful                       Bridesmaids – shades of pink roses
                                       assortment of                            Boutonniere – white orchids
                                       blooming orchids
                                       grown by                                The entertainment
                                       Katrina’s step-                          Andrew Lawrence thrilled the guests
                                       mother, Myrna,                          at the ceremony with a soul-stirring ren-
                                       was visible and                         dition. Dennis Rushton played the key-
                                       enjoyed by all the                      boards. the swallowfield Chapel praise
                                       guests. Myrna          team led a praise and worship session with “oh Happy
                                       also made the          Day”. the bride and groom enjoyed this, as they were
                                       pink floral table      thankful to God for bringing them together.
                                       toppers for the          the Master of Ceremonies was Dr. Michael Abrahams
                                       cafe tables.           and DJ squeeze provided the music at the reception.
                                         there were up-       there were only two toasts and two replies given at
                                       lights around the      Katrina and Joseph’s reception as the couple really
area in teal colours, and paper lanterns in white and         wanted an informal relaxing affair. the party vibe was
teal blue tones were suspended overhead. two of               important to the bride and
Katrina’s personal Venus statues were strategically           groom and so the guests
placed in the garden in order to complete the whimsi-         danced the night away to
                                                              the pulsating beat of pop,
                                                              disco and old school reggae
                                                              from the 1960s – 1980s.
                                                              Katrina’s step-sister, Wendy-
                                                              Anne Chinn, and her partner
                                                              Alti Benjamin, did a wonderful
                                                              job with the photography
                                                              and videographer Patrick
                                                              smith really outdid himself.

                                                               The honeymoon
                                                                Joseph and Katrina spent
                                                              their honeymoon at the Gran
                                                              Bahia Principe in st. Ann.

                                                                                          December 2009 Weddings Jamaica • 15

                                                         There is a peacefulness
                                                           here that cannot be
                                                                    For a memorable Wedding Day,
                                                                     Anniversary, Family Getaway, or just to
                                                                       Celebrate Life, Jamaica’s tryall Club
                                                                        offers a unique collection of Villas
                                                                         nestled in a private club setting that
                                                                          starts at the turquoise Caribbean
                                                                           sea and continues into the
                                                                            panoramic hills.

                                                                              The Tryall Club features all that
                                                                               brides and grooms dream of. An
                                                                               onsite coordinator to assist with
                                                                                planning and execution of your
                                                                                special event by arranging
                                                                                 ministers, musicians, florists,
                                                                                  fireworks, cakes and also
                                                                                  in-house     catering.       the
                                                                                   Georgian style 18th Century
                                                                                   Great House, with its breath-
                                                                                   taking ocean views, is an ideal
                                                                                   location for wedding cere-
                                                                                   monies and receptions.

                                                                                 each     luxurious   villa   is
                                                                                 complete with attentive staff
                                                                                offering Jamaican cuisine,
                                                                                excellent service and our
                                                                                classic tryall Club Hospitality.
                                                                               the villas are strategically
                                                                               positioned around the 2200 acre
                                                                              property, with spectacular views
                                                                              and private swimming pools.

                                                                              The Tryall Club boasts a World
                                                                             Championship Golf Course, tennis
                                                                            Facilities, Fitness Center, spa &
                                                                           Beauty salon services, Commissary,
                                                                          Kids Club, Restaurant and Bar Facilities
                                                                        as well as two Private Beaches. It’s an
                                                                      absolute ideal location for honeymoon-

                                                                  …..Celebrate your next special event with us
                                                                 and enjoy an exclusive piece of paradise.

                                                            For information contact:
                                                         Paula Scarlett-Grant
                                                       The Tryall Club
                                                    Special Events Coordinator
                                                Tel: 1-876-956-5660
                                            Fax: 1-876-956-5658

16 • Weddings Jamaica December 2009
                                                                                  THE TRYALL CLUB
                                                                                P.O. BOX 1206, MONTEGO BAY, JAMAICA
                         Tel: +1 876 956 5660; +1 876 633 8000 Fax: +1 876 956 5673 U.S./Canada Toll Free: 1 800 238 5290
                                                               Web: E-mail:

The stylish individuality of the villas, their   Along an avenue of tall, elegant coconut palms, is the imposing
privacy and stunning views.                      18th-century “Georgian Great House” and Restaurant. A home-
                                                 from-home on a grand estate of 2,200 acres, the individually
Attractions: Chukka Blue, 5-min drive;           designed and furnished, privately owned villas include the
Mountain Valley Rafting, 40-min drive;           intriguingly named “No Problem” and “Satisfy my Soul”. They offer
Mayfield Falls, 45-min drive; Negril Beach,      from 1 to 8 bedrooms, private pools and full-time staff including a
45-min drive                                     cook, maid, laundress and butler. The 18-hole, 72 par golf course,
Towns/Cities: Montego Bay, 12 miles;             designed by Ralph Plummer, has hosted the Johnnie Walker
Lucea, 15 miles; Negril, 35 miles                World Championship, the Jamaica Classic and Mazda
                                                 Championship. This challenging course enjoys a panorama of
Airports: Sangster International Airport, 12
                                                 forest green hills, coconut palms, fruit trees, lily ponds and a full
miles; Norman Manley International Airport,
                                                 half-mile along the Caribbean shore. Facilities also include 9
220 miles
                                                 “Nova-Cushion” night illuminated tennis courts.

Endless es
Imagine 400 verdant acres
bursting with vivid hues of rain-
bow colours, bordered by a 2-
mile ribbon of powder sands,
framed by majestic white
buildings blending seamlessly
into the scenery. this is Half
Moon, a picture-perfect back-
drop for one of the most impor-
tant events of your life.
  Locations abound in this
breathtaking tropical oasis. A
whitewashed gazebo framed
by a brilliant sunset; a lush lawn
overlooking an aquamarine
sea; or beneath a centuries old
waterwheel — these are only a
few of the magical settings Half
Moon offers the bride looking
to make her fairytale come
  Choose from a variety of
affordable wedding packages,
like the frills included Allure
wedding package.
  Half Moon boasts 398 beauti-
fully appointed rooms, suites
and villas, perfect for your
once-in-a-lifetime celebration,
whether you are a party of 200
or simply two. Wedding parties
can stay in one of the five, six
or seven bedroom villas, each
with their own butler, house-
keeper and cook.
  At Half Moon the possibilities
are endless...

18 • Weddings Jamaica December 2009

       Hall Hotel
                    “We Work With almost
                   every Wedding Budget”
      there is a beautiful, Victorian styled architecture
      tucked away in the heart of st. Andrew. It is min-
      utes away from Devon House, the Bob Marley
      Museum and Hope Gardens. this intimate, cozy
      hotel offers couples that ‘home away from home’
      feeling in the midst of st. Andrew’s busy hub. this
      hotel is Medallion Hall.
        Medallion Hall is truly a Jamaican hotel, featuring
      brilliant local artistry in its decor. the warmth of
      Jamaican hospitality hits you the minute you walk
      through the doors.
        Medallion Hall prides itself as being an affordable
      hotel for all events. there are 11 banquet rooms, one
      room holding as many as 220 persons. the sumptuous
      variety of cuisines that are prepared is one of the dis-
      tinct advantages of having your wedding held at this
        their wedding package is superb, and very reason-
                                                ably priced. A bride
                                                and groom getting
                                                married at the
                                                Medallion Hall Hotel,
                                                receives a compli-
                                                mentary suite for the
                                                night as well as
                                                breakfast. Rooms
                                                are provided for the
                                                bride, groom and
                                                bridal party on the
                                                day of the wedding.
                                                the rooms at the
                                                hotel are not num-
                                       bered, they are ‘named’.
                                       It’s all very personalized
                                       and          sophisticated.
                                         Having your wedding at
                                       the Medallion Hall is an
                                       excellent idea! Give them
                                       a call today.

                                       Kallee Bayley-Williams,
                                        Weddings & Events
                                       Address: 53 Hope Road,
                                             Kingston 6
                                        (Just opposite Kings
                                           (876) 927-5721/

                                    December 2009 Weddings Jamaica • 19

                     9 – 12 months                                  4 – 8 weeks

 Announce your engagement                          Mail invitations 6 – 8 weeks ahead of
 set a wedding date                                        wedding date
 Discuss budget with all those involved in         Make a decision in regards to your will, or
         the wedding planning                              insurance policy
 Decide on a wedding planner, if using one
 select your wedding party
 Pick the ceremony site and decide on the
 Work on guest list

                    6 – 9 months                                      2 – 4 weeks
 shop for your wedding bands                      organise seating for the reception
 Reserve reception site                           Confirm details with professionals -
 shop around, and order your gown                         photographer, videographer,
 select a caterer                                         decorator, etc.
 enroll in a bridal-gift registry                 Final dress fitting
 shop for bridal attendants’ dresses              Write your wedding toasts
 Choose your photographer/videographer
 select a florist/decorator
 Book the musicians/DJ
 start searching for honeymoon destinations

                    4 – 6 months                                      1 Week
 Choose your wedding stationery                   Give the caterer a final head count
         i.e. invitations, programmes, etc.       enjoy final beauty treatments (facial, mani. &
 select someone to bake your wedding cake                 pedi., body massage, waxing, etc.)
 organise wedding day transportation              Go out with friends: ladies (bridal shower),
 Book your beauty professionals for the big day           men (bachelor party)
 seek accommodations for out-of-town guests       Pack for honeymoon
 Complete the guest list
 Begin honeymoon plans and make hotel
         and or flight reservations
 set date for wedding rehearsal

                   2 – 4 months                   Notes:
 Check out marriage license requirements                                        =]’/.;[pl,mko
 order suits for the groom and groomsmen                                        ijnbhuygvcft
 Meet with caterer and reception venue
         organizers to discuss menu, etc.                                       1234567890-
 order the wedding cake                                                         =]’/.;[pl,mk
 select ceremony and reception music                                            trdxzsewaq
 select souvenirs
 Meet with equipment-rental companies
         (if needed)
 organise accommodation for your wedding

20 • Weddings Jamaica December 2009

                                                       4-6 Fairway Ave; Kingston 10, Ja.
                                                       Phone: 876 927-6145/946-2230.
                                                       Fax: 876 946-2231

                                                                                                                A. HYDE
                                                                                                             CONSTRUCTION &
                                                                                                            FOR GENERAL CONSTRUCTION
                                                                                                                  AND MAINTENANCE
                                                                                                                  GRILL WORK, TILES,
                                                                                                              STRUCTURAL STEEL, ETC...
                                                                                                               All works BIG or SMALL
                                                                                                                3 Lady Huggins Avenue
                                                                                                            (876) 398-4517 / (876) 383-6538

                                                                                                             PATSY LYN CATERERS
                                                                                                                FEEDING JAMAICA
                                                                                                                   SINCE 1974
                                       l           l         Events Planning,
                                          21st              Decoration services                                 CHINESE, LOCAL &
                                         Century             for all occasions,
                                                                                            Di               INTERNATIONAL CUISINE
                                                              wedding cakes,
                                        Planners And
                                                               rental service                  to all
                                                                                                               FOR ALL OCCASIONS:
                                         Decorators      *Special recession packages                           BUSINESS MEETINGS
                                                             to suit your budget            employees
                                                                                                                COCKTAIL PARTIES
                                      St. Bess All Occasions                                                        DINNERS
                                      Shop 3 Hayles Plaza, Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth                                WEDDINGS
                                      Rental of tents and all your event needs.
Get all your fragrances and jewelry   Tele/Fax: (876) 966-9713                                                     TEL: 924-2977
  at whole sale prices online at      Email:                                                    EMAIL:           See us for your events coordination                                    PATSYLYNCATERERS1@CWJAMAICA.COM

                                                                                                         December 2009 Weddings Jamaica • 21
         Weddings Jamaica resource listings
BrIdAl reGISTrIeS/                    FlOWerS                           RediPhoto
FINANCIAl ServICeS                    Hill House of Flowers             21 Rochester Avenue
national Commercial Bank              shop 2, Davis Plaza               Kingston 8, Jamaica
32 trafalgar Road                     84 Great Georges street           Phone: (876) 622-0458
Kingston 10, Jamaica                  savanna La Mar, Westmoreland,
Phone: (876) 929-9050                 Jamaica                           Marcia e. Roberts
                                      Phone: (876) 955-2340   
Pan Caribbean Bank                                            
60 Knutsford Boulevard                hAIr & BeAuTy                     (876) 543-7386/ 1-518-312-4893
Kingston 5, Jamaica                   stacy ‘s Hair Care                1-518-312-4893 (usa)
Phone: (876) 929-5583                 Phone: (876) 805-0270
                                      email:         DWAYne WAtKIns PHotoGRAPHY
sagicor Life Jamaica Limited                                  
28-48 Barbados Avenue                 hOMe – CONSTruCTION               email:
Kingston 5, Jamaica                   A. Hyde Construction &            phone: (954)247-4397-Us or
Phone: (876) 929-8020-9               Maintenance                       (876) 286-3198-JA
                                      3 Lady Huggins Avenue
scotia Bridal Registry                Phone: (876) 398-4517/ 383-6538   SPA
95 Harbour street                                                       Face to Face skincare salon
Kingston, Jamaica                     hOMe – FurNIShINGS                shop 3, southdale Plaza
Phone: (876) 960-2675                 sealy Posturepedic                1 south Avenue, Kingston 10, Jamaica
                                      591 spanish town Road             Phone: (876) 754-3223/885-2966
Victoria Mutual                       Kingston 11, Jamaica    
73-75 Half-Way tree Road              Phone: (876) 765-2225/2233
Kingston 10, Jamaica                                                    TrANSPOrTATION
Phone: (876) 754-8627                 hOTelS                            Christophe’s Limousine service                          Medallion Hall Hotel              shop 9, Montego Bay shopping Centre
                                      53 Hope Road                      Montego Bay, Jamaica
BrIdAl reGISTry – GIFT                Kingston 10, Jamaica              Phone: (876) 979-6810
Royal treasures                       Phone: (876) 927-6116
106 Hope Road                                                           veNue
Kingston 6, Jamaica                   the tryall Club                   struan Castle Garden
Phone: (876) 978-0374                 Main street, sandy Bay            c/o Plant World
                                      Hanover, Jamaica                  28 Constant spring Road
CATererS                              Phone: (876) 956-5660             Kingston 10, Jamaica
Patsy Lyn Caterers Limited                                              Phone: (876) 929-1422/906-0312
5 Camp Close                          JeWelry & FrAGrANCeS
Kingston 8, Jamaica                 WeddING & eveNT PlANNerS
Phone: (876) 969-6630                                                   events by Kosh
                                      OFFICIANTS                        71 Barbican Road
the Pantry Caterers Limited           temple of Light – Centre for      Kingston 6, Jamaica
2 Dumfries Road                       spiritual Living                  Phone: (876) 946-2062/381-5730
Kingston 5, Jamaica                   4-6 Fairway Avenue
Phone: (876) 929-6804                 Kingston 10, Jamaica              Petals & Promises
                                      Phone: (876) 927-6145/946-2230    Wedding Planners
CAkeS/deSerTS                                                           Phone: (876) 929-3778
Palmya Chin                           Rev. earl A. Morgan
9 Grosvenor Heights                   69 Woodhaven Avenue
Kingston 8, Jamaica                   Kingston 19, Jamaica
                                                                        21st Century Planners & Decorators
Phone: (876) 924-2274                 Phone: (876) 925-5573
                                                                        Mandeville, Jamaica
         (876) 455-2590
                                                                        Phone: (876) 810-2062
equIPMeNT & PArTy reNTAlS             Bryan studio
                                                                        Petagaye Morgan
st. Bess All occasions                shop 23, Kings Plaza
                                                                        Phone: (876) 631-5930/381-5168
santa Cruz, st. elizabeth, Jamaica    Kingston 10, Jamaica
Phone: (876) 966-9713                 Phone: (876) 926-2008

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December 2009 Weddings Jamaica • 23
Scotia Bridal Registry
The start of your lifetime together
  Scotia Bridal Registry is available at
 Scotia Jamaica Building Society (SJBS)
and all Scotiabank branches islandwide.
  For more information, please call 960.2675
    24 hours/7 days per week, or toll free at
               1.888.4. SCOTIA

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