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					Spring 2010 Volume
                                     Wiscons in G ar den Cl ub Feder ation

61, Issue 2
                                                                      Wisconsin Garden Club Federation

                                                                             Wisconsin Gardens
                                                                                                                                                               Wisconsi n G ardens

in this issue:                                                               Sheboygan District: A Gardening Mecca?
                                                                             Mary Kulhanek   Sheboygan - a Garden-         The Sheboygan Area Garden Walk is
                                                                             ing Mecca? Well, at least for the up-         on July 31 and features one glorious
In the President’s Words        2                                            coming season with four great garden-         garden: Christopher Farm and Gar-
                                                                             ing events! Plan your fieldtrips now.         den. This private jewel is rarely open
                                                                                                                           and deserves a garden walk dedicated
Horticulture News               4                                            The long awaited opening of Book-             to it alone. Of the 450 acres, 50 will
                                                                             worm Gardens comes this summer.               be open to reveal a remarkable array
                                                                             Designed as a free garden based on            of flowers, grasses, an orchard and
Go Native - Shrubs              6                                            children’s literature the site will en-       vineyards, vegetables, Koi ponds, bee-
                                                                             tice visitors to explore nature and           hives, garden art, Asian Tea House
                                                                             literature. Opening with approxi-             and railroad. Wet and dry streambeds
Environmental School            10-11                                        mately 2/3 of the gardens                         and                      waterfalls
                                                                             ready, the                                                                     along
                                                                             final plan                                                                      with
Container Gardening Book 15                                                  is for 74                                                                       sweep-
                                                                             books                                                                           ing
Life Members Wanted             16                                           repre-                                                                          vistas
                                                                                                                                                            of prai-
                                                                                                                                                            rie and
Scholarship Donations           19                                                                                                                         Lake
                                                                             sented                                                                     are all visi-
                                                                             as theme                                                                  ble from
                                                                             gardens. Lake Shore Charlotte’s Web Garden - Bookworm Gardens          the paved
                                                                             Garden Club do-                                                  paths. Members of
                                                                             nated $5,000 to purchase “Plants              both Lake Shore and Ivy League Gar-
                                                                             That Bite Back” and Ivy League Gar-           den Clubs are staffing the garden and
                                                                             den Club is purchasing “A Kid’s               hope you will join them. This would
                                                                             Herb Garden” for $5,000. Both clubs           make an ideal club bus trip: add a box
                                                                             are sponsors of the Sheboygan Area            lunch and a stop at one of our great
                                                                             Garden Walk that continues to raise           garden centers and you have a ready-
                                                                             money for Bookworm Gardens after              made trip with little planning effort!
                                                                             purchasing “Katie and The Sunflow-
                                                                             ers” for $15,000.                             Our NGC’s own Central Region
                                                                                                                           78th Annual Meeting comes to the
                                                                             The Wisconsin Master Gardener                 shores of Elkhart Lake, October 4-6,
                                                                             Conference, July 23 and 24, provides          with local tours and a variety of speak-
          Gardening Tips                                                     a variety of educational programs,            ers and workshops. The Osthoff Re-
                                                                             tours and workshops. If you are at-           sort is a wonderful venue in itself and
                                                                             tending the convention, please stop at        the meeting promises to culminate a
                                                                             Lake Shore Garden Club’s booth sell-          wonderful growing and learning sea-
                                                                             ing handcrafted garden-related items          son in the Sheboygan District.
    To prevent algae in your bird bath,                                      and at Ivy League’s booth selling
    drop a few penny’s in dated before                                       Dramm Inc. products. We would love
     1982. The copper prevents algae.                                        to chat with you!
                          – S. Nelson
Page 2                                                                                               Wisconsin Gardens

                    WGCF is a non-for-
                    profit educational       Notes from your President
                    organization                                      As gardeners,   Every club can send one delegate to
                    founded in 1928.                                  after months    vote at the Annual Meeting at con-
                    WGCF is a mem-                                    of snowy        vention. If the club president cannot
                    ber of National                                   weather and     attend as the delegate, an alternate is
                    Garden Clubs,                                     hours spent     appointed. Clubs between 25-49
Inc., the largest gardening organiza-                                 looking at      members have one additional dele-
tion in the world.                                                    pictures of     gate. Clubs with membership of 50-
                                                                      gardens and     74 have two additional delegates.
MISSION: WGCF PROVIDES EDUCATION,                                     garden cata-    Please be sure you have a delegate at
RESOURCES AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR ITS                                   logs, we are    convention to represent your club at
MEMBERS TO PROMOTE AND SHARE THE                                      anxiously       the Annual Meeting. Read about the
LOVE OF GARDENING, FLORAL DESIGN, CIVIC                               awaiting the    Annual Convention in your new
                                                   Judy Pitcher       time when we    copy of the Handbook, page 17 in
                                             can feel the soil between our fingers.   Standing Rules. If you have not re-
WGCF 2009 - 2011 OFFICERS:                   We plan and dream of what our gar-       ceived your new WGCF Handbook,
PRESIDENT: JUDY PITCHER                      dens will become this summer. That       contact your district director.
1931 Rollingwood Road Rt. 6                  time is coming closer. Spring is here!
Mosinee, WI 54455-8435                                                                The Summer WGCF Executive Com-
                                             Thank you for sending your many          mittee (EC) Meeting will take place
FIRST VICE PRESIDENT: MARION BOOKS           garden club yearbooks filled with pro-   immediately after the close of Con-
W8490 County Trunk MM                        jects, programs and plans for the fu-    vention. EC members, please write
Hortonville, WI 54944-9801                   ture. Your communities are richer        this on your calendar and plan to
920-779-6656               and more beautiful for all of the hard   attend. The WGCF website
                                             work of your clubs.                      ( lists other
SECOND VICE PRESIDENT: SYLVIA LOWELL                                                  great activities happening in our state.
3435 Hwy 78 North                            At the recent WGCF Executive Com-        Check it out.
Mount Horeb, WI 53572-1341                   mittee meeting, we recognized the
608-437-8764               members who have spent 5, 10, 15 or      Our backyard is a gateway to the
RECORDING SECRETARY: MARCIA TOPEL            20 years in service to our organiza-     world. Let us share with others what
1509 RAE LANE                                tion. We have many dedicated garden      we have learned from our federated
MADISON, WI 53711-3337                       club members in Wisconsin who            garden clubs and what is special
608-274-0195 MARCIA.TOPEL@GMAIL.COM          have a love for plants, animals and      about the federation.
                                                                                      See you in June at the convention in

TOMAH, WI 54660-3257                         This year, try something new: go with    Wisconsin Rapids!
608-567-0231 TAMRAITEN@HOTMAIL.COM           a friend to Environmental Study or
                                             Landscape Design School, participate
WGCF TREASURER: JOAN GOEBEL                  in a Flower Show or travel to Wiscon-
                                             sin Rapids for the WGCF Conven-
715-398-0400 RETIREDPASTORS@CENTURYTEL.NET   tion Tending All Things Beautiful.
SMITHVILLE, TX 78957-1202

1504 Avenue A
Webster Groves, MO 63119

4401 Magnolia Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63110

     Size        WGCF            Other
 Full page        $150           $200
Half page        $75             $100
Quarter         $37.50            $50
Bus. Card         $20            $20
Spring 2010 Volume 61, Issue 2                                                                                               Page 3

Countdown to Convention 2010
                          Marion Books    YA'LL COME! Two months and counting to the Convention and time to have
                          your registration submitted and hotel rooms booked at the Mead Inn and Convention Center in
                          Wisconsin Rapids. Convention Co-chairs, Joan Milka, and Margie Schenk, as well as Wisconsin
                          Valley District Director, Marge Hass, and all Wisconsin Valley District members have been work-
                          ing hard organizing the exciting events on the agenda. For details on all events and registration,
                          please refer back to the winter issue of Wisconsin Gardens. (If you misplaced your copy, you can
                          download the information from the WGCF website. Just click on WGCF Magazine – Winter
                          2010 Volume 61, Issue 1.
                          A variety of workshops and speakers will pique your interest and inform you about new grasses,
                          perennials, orchids and living frames. You will see designs for special occasion dining and hear
about the wonderful World Association of Floral Arrangers (WAFA) Chicago flower show. In addition, you will hear about
birds (wildlife rehab) and butterflies and have the opportunity to become personally acquainted with both. As a final
touch, you will learn about ways to alleviate gardening discomfort, enjoy less stressful gardening and relax with Reiki.
Don't forget to wear your most spectacular hat for the Garden Party, dancing shoes for some line dancing and walking
shoes for tours. There will be a variety of vendors, Ways and Means and a Tisket-a-Tasket fundraiser for those who love to
shop. Come, renew friendships and meet new friends. Joan Hood, Central Region Director, will greet you and join in the
fun. It promises to be an exciting and educational time as well as time to conduct the annual WGCF business. So get those
registrations sent in for convention on June 2 – 4, book your hotel rooms by May 16, 2010 at the Hotel Mead and Conven-
tion Center and prepare for a GREAT time. SEE YOU THERE!

                                                                 It is Tisket-Tasket Basket Time!
                                                                                    Nancy Mancusi     One of the most popu-
Arbor Day - Plant an Idea                                                            lar and fun activities at convention is
                                                                                     looking at all the lovely baskets pre-
Sandra Smet     Doesn’t everyone know when Wisconsin                                 pared by WGCF clubs and deciding
celebrates Arbor Day? I recently learned that is not the                             which to try to win. Individuals, clubs
case. I was volunteering at Saint Mary Springs High Inter-                           and districts are encouraged to assemble
est Day on February 2, 2010. I was trying to teach students      a basket and bring it to the convention. Baskets can follow
(3rd – 7th grade) about gardening, when snow was falling         any theme and do not have to be gardening related. Ideas
and the temperatures were in the 20 degrees. I focused on        include food and beverages, beauty and spa products, thea-
the benefits of growing organic. A few students knew             ter or event tickets, decorative items, gift certificates, Wis-
“organic.” We talked about compost bins, what to add to          consin goodies, and, of course, gardening items. There is
them and how important it is to replenish the soil in the        no set size, price or quantity of items. A card listing the
garden each year. I finished my talk with the question,          items inside the basket is very helpful for shoppers.
who can tell me when Wisconsin celebrates Arbor Day?
Not one student knew the answer, not even the teacher.           This year, we ask people to bring RETURN ADDRESS
Therefore, I said, maybe I should come back and teach            LABELS to attach to their raffle tickets. This speeds up the
about Arbor Day this            spring. (It is the last Friday   distribution of these gorgeous baskets at the closing lunch-
of April.)                                                       eon. The proceeds from this very successful event support
                                                                 WGCF projects. A tisket, a tasket, maybe YOU will be the
This tells me not                              all schools       one to WIN a basket!
are teaching about                              Arbor Day.
I ask all                                        WGCF
members to                                      accept the
challenge                                       of teaching
the youth                                      of their com-
munities                                      about Arbor                                 Gardening Tips
Day and its                                   value in our
lives. Where                                  would we be            Herbicide Effectiveness on Invasive Plants in Wisconsin
without trees?
                                                                                     New publication from UW Extension: Based
I am a proud member of The National Arbor Day Founda-                               on research and field observations, it highlights
tion (NADF) since 2003. I have twin great nephews that                            the effectiveness of 32 herbicides on 32 different
love trees and being outside in the garden with their par-                                invasive plants commonly found in fields
ents. I gave them the book ‘What Tree Is That?’ written by                           enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program
the Arbor Day Foundation. They love looking through the                                (CRP) in Wisconsin, all in a sturdy foldout
book and learning new trees. For their birthday, I gave                                                poster form for easy reference
each of them a membership in The National Arbor Day                                                                   Vern Lowell
Foundation. I know they will love getting mail and will
learn more about trees and have fun in spring planting
their trees they get from the NADF.
Page 4                                                                                                  Wisconsin Gardens

In the Garden - Horticulture News                                  All ornamental grasses provide abundant winter interest as
                                                                   well as shelter and food for birds and small animals. Birds
                      Dancing in the Wind                          tug on them to line their nests. Butterflies and bees drink
                      Nancy Gotham        Grasses provide color,   from them in summer. They are lovely in fresh and dried
                         texture, sound and rhythmic move-         floral designs.
                         ment in the landscape. Have you ever
                         sat in your gardens and watched your      Grasses are either “running” or “clumping” in growing
                         plants waving in the wind? Grasses        habit. Clumping varieties stay put and do not take a big
                         waltz, polka, two-step and twirl like a   “walk” in the garden as do running grasses. Determine the
                         ballerina depending on the speed of       plant’s type prior to purchasing. Many of the Miscanthus
                         the wind. Grasses are scintillating and   grass varieties are running grasses and invade large areas in
                         fascinating. Grasses grow short and       one or two growing seasons. They are beautiful, but be-
Calamagrostis acutiflora
                         tall; narrow and wide; in sun or          ware, as they are very difficult to eradicate. Deer do not eat
‘Karl Foerster’
                         shade; in tufts and hairy-like sprays;    most cultivated grasses! Karl Foerster, German nurseryman
in tiny bejeweled seed heads or large plumes and in a vari-        and landscaper said, “Grasses are the hair of the earth.”
ety of colors. Both natives and hybrids plants grow easily
in zones three and four.
Some blue grasses to consider include: Helictotrichon sem-
pervirens ‘Saphisprudel’ stays an electric blue all summer
and grows 1-3’. Festuca ovina glauca ‘Elijah blue’ stays true
blue all summer at 8-10”. Elymus arenarius ‘Blue dune’ is a
metallic blue at 1-2’. Koleria glauca ‘Coolio’ is a blue
mounding hair grass with 12-18’ narrow stems.
Grasses with a rosy, red, pink and wine color are: Pennise-
tum orientale ‘Karley rose’ is 3’ tall with rose-purple flower
panicicles. Panicum virgatum is a Shenandoah Red Switch
Grass growing 3-4’. The dark red leaves in summer turn to
burgundy in fall. Calamagrostis acutiflora ‘Overdam’ is a
feather reed grass dressed in pink, white and green at 3-4’
and stays upright all summer. Andropogon gerardi (Big Blue-
stem) at 5-8’ turns red-bronze at first frost and is the most
widely distributed prairie plant according to Neil Diboll,          2010 WISCONSIN MASTER GARDENER
president of Prairie Nursery in Westfield. For a tall purple-
mauve, try Panicum virgatum ‘Dallas Blues’ - a native switch            ASSOCIATION CONFERENCE
grass at 6-8’. Molina littorialis ‘Skyracer’ is a tall purple
moor grass growing up 8-9’.
                                                                                     July 23, 24 2010
Grass blades in greens, yellow and creams brighten any
garden. Carex hachijoesis ‘Evergold’ is green-yellow, 12-18”         Come Garden with Us in Sheboygan County
and grows in sun or shade. Deschampsia latifolium
‘Northern lights” is a tufted hairgrass with variegated
cream foliage at 12-18”. Calamagrostis acutiflora ‘Karl Foer-      Preconference tour of private display
ster’ is green with feathery plumes growing 3-4’. Sesiera             gardens at Christopher Farm & Gardens
autumnalis ‘Autumn Moon’ grass is a bright yellow at 20”.          Prestigious garden speakers: keynote Ray
Sedge Carex eburnea grows 4-11” in dense clumps with fine
green hairs. It thrives in dry, rocky soil and is very drought        Rogers, garden expert and author
tolerant. Hakonechloa macra aureola is a yellow variegated         Wonderful collection of crafters, artisans
forest grass at 6”. Spartina spectinata ‘Aureomaraginata’ is a        and gardening experts to share their
magnificent cord grass that reaches 4-6’ and loves full sun.          products and expertise
Who can go without the kitten-soft Sporobolus hetrerolepsis
(Prairie Drop Seed) with its 20” golden glow come fall.
Some ornamental grasses grow in shaded woodlands or                    YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A
shaded edges of wooded stands. They mix with wildflowers              MASTER GARDENER TO ATTEND!
at their feet. Here are four: Elymus villosus (Silky Wild Rye)
takes light shade and reaches 4-6’ and grows in sand, loam
or clay. Chasmanthium latifolium (Northern Sea Oats) at 3-
4’ needs some protection and has showy flower heads. Hys-
trix patula (Bottlebrush Grass) - 2-5’ has seed heads really
looking like a bottlebrush. Elymus virginicus (Virginia Wild       Information and registration:
Rye) - 4-5’, likes medium to moist soil and grows in sand,
loam or clay.
Spring 2010 Volume 61, Issue 2                                                                                          Page 5

                                              On May 22, 2010, Milwaukee Habitat        prised to see how many donors are
Habitat Happenings                            homeowners will select plants from        excited about contributing to this
Barbara Wesley Milwaukee district             those donated by Milwaukee District       worthy cause. To recognize your club
members have again collaborated               members from 9:00 to noon. Districts      or district for its contributions, please
with Milwaukee County UW-                     not having their own Habitat projects     send me a report on any Habitat ac-
Extension Horticulture Agent Sharon           may also donate plants or money. To       tivities in your area. Send to barband-
Morrisey and the Master Gardeners.            contribute, send a check made out to Your successes
A seminar for Habitat for Humanity            Habitat for Humanity of Milwaukee.        will be included in the report sent to
homeowners was on March 6, 2010               Send to Milwaukee District Treasurer      the National Habitat Chairman.
at Havenwoods Environmental Cen-              Lani Becker at W214N10385 Oak
ter. The homeowners learned the ba-           Lane Colgate, WI 53017. The plant
sics for planning, planting and caring        share is a most popular project and
for their gardens during the session.         participation has increased dramati-
                                              cally since it began. In 2009, mem-
Another part of the event focused on          bers distributed three thousand daffo-
educating the homeowners’ children            dil bulbs to bloom this spring.
about nature and plants. Havenwoods
naturalists were available to teach the       National Garden Clubs will sponsor a
children. Thanks to Milwaukee Dis-            Habitat walk at the Atlanta Conven-
trict members’ assistance, groups were        tion. There is a contest among the
small to maintain age level appropri-         regions to see who is able to collect
ate material.                                 the most money. Funds collected stay
Judy Newman is organizing a Garden            in the participants’ district. Walkers
Mentor opportunity. Habitat home-             are responsible for sending the money
owners will pair up with mentors to           they collect to the Habitat office in
learn from their expertise. Home-             their district.
owner and mentor will determine
time and location. More information:          Encourage the clubs in your district
contact Judy:             to sponsor an event. You will be sur-

                                                                      ALL THINGS GROW
                                                                        WITH LOVE
                                                                      A Standard Flower Show
                                                                      presented by
               JUNE 2-4, 2010                                         Elm Grove Garden Club
               Save at the WGCF Annual Convention!
               Bring this coupon for
               $1 OFF Purchase ($20 min.) at Ways & Means
               One coupon per person, please

                                                                      June 19: 12 - 5
                                                                      June 20: 11 - 4
                                                                      City of Brookfield Senior Center
                                                                      2000 N. Calhoun Road
                                                                      Brookfield, WI
Page 6                                                                                                 Wisconsin Gardens

Go Native                                  Got Projects?
                Diane Powelka
                Shrubs can provide
                                                            Helen Surridge   The Central Region Unified Project “Helping
                the under-story for                         Others Learn to Grow” focuses on individual member clubs
                trees or stand on their                     and State Federations working together on special projects -
                own. Native shrubs                          especially those sponsored by NGC. Plantings, landscaping or
                are a wonderful addi-                       revitalizing areas around schools, nursing homes, churches,
                tion to any landscape.                      Blue Star memorials, etc. meet the criteria of a Unified Project
Some shrubs like the shade while oth-                       - especially those concerning youth and senior citizens.
ers need full sun and good air circula-
tion. Shrubs come in all sizes, shapes                      Many WGCF clubs have qualifying projects that might come
and soil requirements. Berries on          under other headings such as civic beautification or community gardens. These
shrubs are generally devoured by           projects can be on government and/or non-government properties. The projects
birds either when they ripen or in the     can be large or small. Groups working together are encouraged. Projects that
winter. This year, I watched as a tur-     qualify on a club, district or state level are eligible. The project can be brand new
key ate apples in a crab-apple tree.       or continuing. However, old endeavors must involve new plantings rather than
Another turkey was underneath gob-         just maintenance.
bling up fallen apples.
                                           Spring is here. Garden club members, look over your programs and plans and
When deciding to add a shrub, the          participate in the Central Region Unified Project. The only requirement is a
best time of year to look at your land-    brief summary of the project, participation of volunteers, two or three pictures
scape is in winter with snow on the        and a copy of any publicity received. As project chair, I will create one book of
ground. At this time of year, you are      evidence containing all Wisconsin projects. If you have, any questions e-mail me
more aware of the spacing between          at Deadline for submission is November 15, 2010. In the
existing shrubs. Measure the area to       past, I have received two reports from Buds ‘n Sprouts projects for this award.
make sure the desired shrub will fit       These are great but let us add a few more in 2010. We can do it!
the selected space. Sometimes damag-
ing winter snows or summer winds
work for us - giving an excuse to take
out the shrub that grew out of its
boundaries or is just undesired.
Shrub removal allows the planting of
                                                        DGà{ TÇÇâtÄ
something with real character, beauti-
ful foliage, lovely flowers and/ or ber-
ries. Native shrubs, like any other
                                                f{xuÉçztÇ TÜxt ZtÜwxÇ jtÄ~
plant, have certain planting require-
ments. A few examples:                                                 
Wet areas: Red or Black Choke berry
(Aronia arbutifolia, A. melanocarpa) or
                                                           Saturday July 31 (9‐4) 
Redosier Dogwood (Cornus amomum)                        Christopher Farm & Gardens 
Dry area: American Smoketree
(Cotinus obovatus), Leadplant
                                                       Garton Road on Lake Michigan 
(Amorpha canescens), New Jersey Tea                                                    
(Ceanothus americanus) or American                               More info: Barb 920‐457‐4243 
Bittersweet (Celastrus scanens)                                   RoseMarie 920‐452‐3064 
Shade: American or Red-berried
Elder (Samubucus canadensis, S. Pubens)
Flowers: Redbud (Cercis canadensis)
Service berry (Amelanchier sp.), Elder-
berry (Sambucus canadenis), Winter-
berry Holly (Ilex verticillata), Pagoda
Dogwood (Cornus alternifolia), Button-
bush (Cephalanthus occidentalis)
Send me a photo of new native
shrubs planted by club members in
private or public landscapes. I will
forward to Central Region and Na-
tional to show the WGCF’s pride of
its native Wisconsin shrubs.
Spring 2010 Volume 61, Issue 2                                                                                     Page 7

Stand Out From the Crowd
                        Helen Surridge  WANTED: Members to serve in WGCF leadership positions! Do you want a new
                        challenge and a new commitment? Are you ready for the next big step in WGCF? In the next elec-
                        tion cycle, WGCF needs a recording secretary, membership secretary, treasurer and second vice-
                        president (ways and means chair). These two- year terms serve during 2011-2013. Installation is at
                        the annual convention in 2011.
                        The WGCF Handbook, in Standing Rules, pages 4-6, lists the duties of each office. Simplified,
                        officers must attend four WGCF board meetings per year. The secretaries need to be detail ori-
                        ented and possess office and computer skills. Officers can send electronic reports to the board
members. The treasurer must have experience keeping financial records. The second vice-president must have moneymak-
ing ideas, be an enthusiastic seller and able to transport merchandise to various meetings.
District Directors have copies of the complete duties of each elected officer and a form outlining prospective candidates’
experience, educational and work backgrounds. Do not wait for a call. Read the duties, ask the current officers for informa-
tion and VOLUNTEER for a rewarding position.

                                                               Tri-Council in ‘Rapids Update
                                                               Lucy Valitchka     Date: Wednesday, June 2, 2010
                                                                                  Time: 9-2:30 p.m.
                                                                                  Meet: 9 a.m. at Hotel Mead
                                                                                  Carpool to: Tours & Lunch
                                                                                  Cost: $20

                                                                                  Tours include Pink Ribbon Garden,
                                                               Buds & Sprouts Project at Zoo, Edgewater Haven Therapy
                                                               Garden, State Fire Memorial Garden, private homes.
                                                               Lunch and meeting after tours at the Lake Aire Restaurant.
                                                               Tour and lunch open to all attending the convention.

                                                               WGCF Tri-Council Tour & Lunch, June 2, 2010
                                                               Send completed form and fee payable to Tri-Council to:
                                                               Gretchen Vest, Tri-Council Treasurer,
                                                               704 Spring Dr., West Bend, WI 53095
                                                               Gretchen’s phone: 262-338-6645
                                                               Deadline: May 21, 2010



                                                               Zip                   Telephone


                                                               Amount enclosed $

                                                               (This form may be photocopied.)
Page 8                                                                                                                                                              Wisconsin Gardens

 Hotel Mead & Conference Center

 Wisconsin Garden Club Federation
 Tending All Things Beautiful
 June 2-4, 2010

 Hotel Mead
 451 East Grand Av ¶ Wisconsin Rapids

          Marshfield Marshfield Marshfield Marshfield Marshfield Marshfield Marshfield Marshfield Marshfield Marshfield
                                         Uncommon Essentials
                                     E         Kitchen & Home
                                                   re                                                                                                  CORNER OF WEST 6TH & CHESTNUT
                                                                                                                                                          115 W. 6TH MARSHFIELD, WI
                                                                nj                                                                                                   715•486•9229
                                                                     oy                                                                                                       HOURS:
                                                                                                                                                         TUESDAY - FRIDAY 9:30-5:30
                                                                                                                                                                 SATURDAY 9:30-3:30
                                                                                                                                                            CLOSED SUNDAY & MONDAY
Carefully Selected                                                                          
World Wines                                                                                              lo
Farmstead and Artisan                                                                                              
Wisconsin Cheeses                                                                                                               oy
                                                                              713 W. SIXTH ST MARSHFIELD, WI                                           
                                                                              715•387•2000                                                                     xp
                                                                              HOURS:                                                                                     re
                                                                              TUESDAY - FRIDAY 10-6                                                                           
                                                                              SATURDAY 10-4                                                                                       E
                                                                              CLOSED SUNDAY & MONDAY                                                                                       oy
Spring 2010 Volume 61, Issue 2                                                                                   Page 9

President's Project
                    Claire Aziz   Cele-
                      brate National
                      Public Garden
                      Day on Friday,
                      May 7, 2010 at
                      the Robert W.
Monk Garden. Join other gardeners
to help plant the Wildflower Woods
and Memorial Garden. You can par-
ticipate in a number of ways. You can
come and get dirty helping with plant-
ing; you can donate extra plants from
your own garden or you can purchase
plants from your local nursery and
donate those. Labeled stakes will
mark the planting plan with many
volunteers available to give assistance.
Rain date for planting is Saturday,
May 8, 2010. If you plan to join the
festivities, please contact Darla Zas-
trow: or 715-
261-6282. Desired plants, trees and
shrubs include:
   Bottle Gentian/Closed Gentian/
     Prairie Gentian                       At the recent executive board meeting Vickie Richmond-Hawkins, Treasurer of
   Yellow Gentian                        the Monk Gardens received a check for $1,000 from the President’s Project.
   Fringed Gentian                       (Pictured L-R: Judy Pitcher, Vickie Richmond-Hawkins and Claire Aziz) Recent
   Harebell/Bluebell                     donors include the Paper Valley Garden Club, Wisconsin River Garden Club,
   Indian Paintbrush/Painted Cup         Indianhead District, Botany Belles and Beaus Garden Club, Coulee Region Gar-
   Dutchman's Breeches                   den Club, Wausau Y.W.C.A Garden Club, Leora Mitchell and Carol Potter.
   Spotted Coralroot                     Thank you all for your continued support of this project. Please send donations
                                           to State Treasurer, Joan Goebel. (Photo courtesy of Ginger Wierman.)
   Purple Fringed orchid
   Bloodroot
 Lady's Slipper/Moccasin
   Nodding Trillium
   Large-flowered Trillium/White-
     flowered Trillium
   Smooth Solomon's Seal/True
     Solomon's Seal
 Solomon's Seal
   Twinflower
   Wood Violet
   Common Blue Violet
   Bird's Foot Violet
   Canada Violet
   Downy Yellow Violet
   Virgin's Bowyer/Old Man's Beard
   Columbine
 Bergamot/Horsemint/Bee
   Black-eyed Susan/Brown-eyed
   Coneflower/Gray-headed/Yellow
   Coneflower thin leaved
   Liatris/Gayfeather/Blazing Star
Page 10                                                                                                Wisconsin Gardens

                                                                         The Enjoyment Place
                                                                       950 W. Grand Av

Calling all Yearbook Editors
                      Nancy Mancusi      Some clubs are already working on program planning and yearbook production for
                      the coming year. There are significant yearbook judging changes that the program planners need to
                      know. The new WGCF handbook dated 2008, has a change in scoring for the yearbooks for the
                      2010-2011 year. The “Awards” section of the WGCF handbook, pages 17 – 18, details the scale of
                      points. One hundred points are possible with 50 points assigned to the “Club Meetings” portion.
                      The total is the same as in the past, but the points credited each of the six areas judged is now distrib-
                      uted differently.
Another major change is under “Club Projects.” New and continuing projects now receive equal points: 12 total points in
each area. This year I observed that nearly three quarters of the clubs had no new projects. Some clubs have so many con-
tinuing projects; it seemed unfair for them to undertake anything more. The "New Project" column can list a continuing
project with a significant change. Examples are changing the perennials in a city garden or adding a trellis or some other
item to a garden you are already tending. I encourage you to evaluate your club’s projects and determine if you will be do-
ing some of these changes this year. I interpret from the scoring change that NGC is encouraging a critical look at what
clubs are doing and see where things can “change up” so as not to become stagnant. (Judging for 2010 followed the old
rules of a lesser number of points deducted for no new projects. Next year the new guidelines are in effect.)
Another big deficit in many club yearbooks was the failure to note where subjects of meetings pertained to project work.
This is 10 points that is very easy to achieve. Yearbook editors just need to note the “CP or NP” along with the project
number on the meeting page. Check out the “Guidelines for Preparing Club Yearbooks” on pages 12 – 16 of the Awards
section, it contains much good information to help make yearbooks a useful tool for members.
Most program/yearbook chairs do not have a copy of the new handbook. Each club president has a copy. In order to pro-
vide more information and better access to the handbook guidelines, my goal is to add a yearbook page to the WGCF web
site in April. One of the first things I intend to post is the score sheet used in Wisconsin for judging. Another goal is to
email occasional yearbook information to club presidents and district yearbook chairs; however, fourteen club presidents
have no email listed in the directory. Please send club email contact info to me at
Please do not forget to view the display of this year’s yearbooks at the WGCF convention in June. There is so much variety,
so many beautiful books to browse through and get ideas to incorporate in any yearbook.
Spring 2010 Volume 61, Issue 2                                        Page 13

                                 C O M E T O T H E WG C F C O N V E N T I O N
                                         JUNE 2nd, 3rd & 4th
                                        IN WISCONSIN RAPIDS

                                            gardens
                                            informative speakers
                                            workshops
                                            at the vendors
                                            a GREAT TIME

                                    W E ' L L B E LO O K I N G FO R YO U !
                                          Ya r d a n d G a r d e n C l u b

                                 Fox Point Garden Club’s
                                 May Market
                                 Perennials  Wildflowers  Bakery
                                 May 8, 2010 (9-1) Longacre Pavilion -
                                 Fox Point
Page 14                                                                           Wisconsin Gardens

 Riverview Hospital Gift Shop
Come and Be Surprised

            Art                         Jewelry
                                                                              & More

Bring in this ad to receive 10% off any regular priced item
Riverview Hospital
410 Dewey Street, Wisconsin Rapids                 10% off
Monday - Friday 9:30-4:30

                                              The Living Earth
                                                                Carole Hopp     Mark your calendar for
                                                                 May 7 and 8 and plan to attend “The
                                                                 Living Earth”, an Environmental Studies
                                                                 School Course III, Series IV. Offered by
                                                                 the Wisconsin Garden Club Federation
                                                                 – Milwaukee District at Havenwoods
                                                                 Environmental Awareness Center, the
                                                                 course focuses on Air.
                                              Dr. Dale R. Olen will return to discuss Environmental
                                              Ethics and Earth Stewardship. Paula Zamiatowski, a Certi-
               American Rose Society          fied Master Naturalist, will teach about the Rain Forest as
               National Miniature             part of a Field Trip to the Mitchell Park Horticulture Con-
                                              servatory (The Domes), in Milwaukee. A backstage tour of
               Rose Conference                The Domes under Paula’s guidance includes additional
                                              instruction on the growing of orchids in the arid dome.
               August 20-22, 2010             Brenton Burger, from the “big island” down under and a
               Waukesha WI                    guest lecturer at Marquette University, will share his
                                              knowledge on pollution. Howard Aprill, Naturalist at
                RANK LLOYD WRIGHT”
                “F                            Wehr Nature Center, Milwaukee County, will discuss
                   INSPIRED   DESIGNS         “How to start a conservancy.” Judy Klippel, Superinten-
               OSE COMPETITION
                R                             dent at Havenwoods, will talk about endangered plants
                                              and wildlife and Judy Newman, NGC ESS Chairman, will
               ATIONAL SPEAKERS
                N                             wrap-up the two days of activities.
               PEN TO THE PUBLIC
                                              Environmental Studies School is open to the public
               INFO: DIANESOMMERS@WI.RR.COM   and all NGC Garden Club Members. This is the
                                              third course in a series of four that will be presented.
                                              Course fee is $35 per day and lunch is available for an ad-
                                              ditional $8.00 per day. See brochure in this issue of Wis-
                                              consin Gardens for more information
Spring 2010 Volume 61, Issue 2                                                                                    Page 15

From the Bookshelf
                  LONE PINE PUBLISHING, 2008
                  Container gardening is the fastest growing
                  segment of the American gardening scene and
                  offers unique challenges. This book introduces
                  the reader to a world of exciting containers
                  and many new and colorful plant varieties,
                  with wide choices to fill a pot, window box or
                  hanging basket.
                   Here you will learn if a plant is easy, challeng-         Racine Garden Club 
                   ing or difficult to grow. Is it a thriller - like a
                   spike, spiller - like a vine or filler - like petu-        Garden Tour 2010    
                   nias or coleus? A well- designed container can
                   look stunning with trailing plants cascading
                   over the rim and colorful mounds of delicate
                                                                                   July 11 (10‐4) 
                   flowers and interesting foliage filling the cen-
                   ter. In spring, it takes an optimistic gardener
to realize that the scrawny new transplants, with a little luck and          Tour eight private gardens & 
consistent watering, will turn into a wonderful garden to enjoy                     bonus public gardens 
all summer and into fall.                                                     $8 advance/$10 day of tour 
A “Plants at a Glance” section at the beginning of the book al-                                           
lows you to familiarize yourself with the different plants fol-          Tickets: 262‐886‐3064 or 
lowed by information that can turn an amateur into a pro. The
book displays one hundred plants, in full color, suitable for   
container gardening in the Midwest. It, also, highlights their
features and grow rating. A quick reference chart at the back of
the book summarizes requirements of the plants.
This book is packed with easy solutions and exciting ideas for creating and maintaining containers - from traditional to
cutting edge. It offers opportunities for dazzling combinations and makes container gardening easy and fun. Available at
Barnes and Noble, $19.95. I used this opportunity to check out Amazon .com and received a copy in excellent condition
for under $7.00, including shipping.

                     Thank you to the many sponsors of Wisconsin Gardens!

                                                                                          Pub & Grill
                  Prairie Sage
                                                                                 Your Neighborhood Pub Since 1936
                                                                                         4810 8th Street, South
    Exceptional Home Furnishings & Gift Items                                            Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Shoppe Hours                              1810 7th Street South                              715-423-4490
Mon-Sat 10-5                       Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494                      Great Food & Fun  Grill Open Late
                                                  (715) 421-5040
Page 16                                                        Wisconsin Gardens

Life Members Wanted
                 Lucy Valitchka Celebrate a fellow mem-
                 ber’s contributions to garden club with a
                 new WGCF life membership. New life
                 members receive special honor at the
                 WGCF state convention in Wisconsin Rap-
ids. So far, there have been no new life memberships since
the last convention. It would be great to exceed the nine
members welcomed in 2009.
Some suggestions for honorees are outgoing club presi-
dents, members who have made outstanding achievements
in clubs, longstanding members and district directors.
Members can even purchase their own life memberships. If
someone is already a life member, give a tribute - also hon-
ored at convention.
Please contact me if you are not sure if someone has a
WGCF Life Membership. These memberships are impor-
tant assets to build our Memorial Scholarship Fund.
Forms for Life Membership and Memorial Scholarship
Fund are usually in Wisconsin Gardens.
Spring 2010 Volume 61, Issue 2                                                                                 Page 17

Directory Updates                         By Law - Proposed Change
Please make the following corrections     Elaine Seeliger & Kitty Larkin
to the 2010 WGCF Directory, add:
Gardening Consultants                   BY LAWS, ARTICLE XII
    Pat Ritchie                         ANNUAL CONVENTION
                                          (Page 17 of new WGCF Handbook)
    Darlene Kobs
    Joan Schaupp                        Amend Section 1 by adding the fol-
Landscape Design Consultants            lowing at the end of the first sentence
    Joan Schaupp                        after the word spring: “prior to May
Flower Show Judges                      31st, end of the fiscal year.”
    Dawn Mozgawa
                                          If adopted would read:
Missing in Action                         Section 1. The Annual Convention          Did you Daffodil?
                                          of WGCF shall be held each spring,        RoseMarie Wilke-Hassman
Gerianne Holzman    Still looking for
                    the following is-     prior to May 31st, end of the fiscal             Help! I am looking for garden
                   sues of Wisconsin      year. Annual reports shall be received           clubs that ordered and planted
                   Gardens. Please        from officers and all members of the             daffodil bulbs last fall from
                   send to Gerianne       Board of Directors. Elections shall be           National Garden Clubs as part
                   Holzman, address       held in the odd-number years.             of the National President’s project
on back page. Thank you in advance                                                  "Golden Days". Please take “after”
for any back issues to add to the his-    Rationale: Only one Annual Con-           pictures this spring and send to me
tory of the WGCF. The missing in          vention to be held during each fiscal     for use in my Civic Development/
action are:                               year. There are many financial ramifi-    Beautification display at the Annual
 issues from 1949 - 1951
     All                                  cations in our system when more           Meeting in June. Thank you.
   Nov/Dec 1977                         than one convention is held annually.
   Sept/Oct 1980                                                                  RoseMarie Wilke-Hassman
                                          Vote to be held at annual convention      824 St. Clair Avenue
   Spring 1997                          in June, 2010.                            Sheboygan, WI 53081
   Spring 1999                                                          

                         WISCONSIN LIFE MEMBERSHIP
                                         APPLICATION FORM

Name of Applicant


Member of                                         Garden Club                                  District

Given by


Honor a WGCF Member with a WGCF Life Membership. The $50.00 membership donation will be added
to the WGCF Scholarship Fund. Send completed form and check written to WGCF, designated
“Memorial Scholarship Fund” to Lucy Valitchka, N2695 Meade St, Appleton, WI 54913
. All life members will be honored during the WGCF Convention.
Spring 2010 Volume 61, Issue 2                                                                                                        Page 19

20-21   Landscape Design School Course III, Madison
7-8     Environmental Studies School, Course III, Milwaukee
14-16   NGC Convention, Atlanta, GA
2-4     WGCF Convention, Hotel Mead, Wisconsin Rapids
4       WGCF Executive Committee Meeting WI Rapids
3-5     American Iris Society 90th Convention, Madison
6-12    National Garden Week
23-26   NGC Fall Board Meeting, Great Falls, MT
4-6     Central Region Fall Meeting, Osthoff Resort, Elkhart Lake                                  Memorial Scholarship
14      WGCF Executive Committee Meeting                                                           Fund Donations
5-6     Environmental Studies School, Course IV, Milwaukee                                         Please make checks payable to
                                                                                                   WGCF Scholarship Fund
2011                                                                                               c/o Community Foundation for
April                                                                                              the Fox Valley Region, Inc
17-19 WGCF Convention                                                                              P O Box 563 Appleton, WI 54912
27-30 NGC Convention, Washington DC                                         The enclosed donation of $                       is designated for
20-21 Flower Show School Series VIII, Fox Valley Tech, Appleton             the WGCF Scholarship Fund.
TBA Gardening Studies School Series VII
Aug                                                                         CLUB NAME                             DISTRICT
19-20 Flower Show Symposium
                                                                            DONOR NAME                             PHONE
Wisconsin Garden Club Federation
Membership Changes:                                                         ADDRESS
Use this form to add new members or
make changes in current members’ information.                                    INDIVIDUAL/CLUB DONATION - M ONEY TO BE SPENT IN CURRENT Y EAR

Date                              District                                      DONATION TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS

Club                                                                        DONATIONS APPLIED TO PRINCIPAL

                                                                                INDIVIDUAL/CLUB DONATION
                                                                                WISCONSIN LIFE MEMBERSHIP
                                                                                IN HONOR OR       IN MEMORY OF:
                                                                (Zip + 4)
Phone (         )                                                           NAME:

Email                                                                       ADDRESS:
Check One:
                                                                            SEND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TO:
New Member: $10
Same Household member: $3.25                                                NAME:
Member - at - large: $14.00
Information change only
WGCF Membership Secretary
WGCF Treasurer with a check for state dues (above)
District Treasurer with a check for district dues
Dues vary by district, contact District Treasurer for amount.
No fee charged for information changes.
                                                                                                                               Non-Profit Org
 Wisconsin Garden Club Federation                                                                                               US Postage
                                                                                                                              Permit No. 2783
                                                                                                                                Madison, WI
                      4318 S. Wermter Rd.
                      South Range, WI 54874

              Deadline for Summer Issue: June 1, Submissions Welcome
              Publication approximately July 1, delivery by July 15

Due to the variability of bulk non-profit postage delivery, WGCF and Wisconsin Gardens takes no
responsibility of late delivery of event announcements. Please plan accordingly.                  Editor: Gerianne Holzman
                                                                                                  113 E. Hudson Mazomanie 53560
Coming in the Summer 2010 Issue: Judges’ Councils, Landscape Design
Consultants, Convention Report, Memorials and Tributes, Publicity, Mem-                           Assistant Editor: Anita Voiles
bership, Floral Design, Web page updates, Book Review, Horticulture and                 
                                                                                                  852 162nd St Hammond 54015
Highlighting the Madison District                                                                 715-796-2786
                                                                                                  Circulation: Tamela Raiten
                                                                                                  945 Jeremy Street Tomah 54660
                    Sitting on the porch...                                                       Advertising: Lynn Laufenberg
                Yeah! Spring is here. The birds are singing and preparing their         
                nests. The tender plant shoots are bravely peeking out of the                     W300 S5647 Windcrest Dr
                ground. March has flown by with almost no snow to cover the                       Waukesha 53189 262-370-9646
                beautiful Hellebores, flowering since early in the month. The                     Contributors:
                fresh green of spring is in stark contrast to the dry browns of the               Claire Aziz, Marion Books, Nancy
desert during our recent trip to Egypt. Our first major vacation to a truly                       Gotham, Gerianne Holzman, Carole
“foreign” land was an eye opening experience. The ancient architects of the                       Hopp, Mary Kulhanek, Kitty Larkin,
Pharaonic temples and tombs could match the skills and knowledge of builders                      Vern Lowell, Nancy Mancusi, Sandy
in the 21st century. To think of the rudimentary tools used in construction is                    Nelson, Judy Pitcher, Diane Powelka,
                                                                                                  Elaine Seeliger, Sandra Smet, Helen Sur-
mind boggling. These structures created a legacy for generations. How will our                    ridge, Lucy Valitchka, Colleen Weiler,
time be viewed by people in the next millennia?                                                   Barbara Wesley, Ginger Wierman and
                                                                                                  RoseMarie Wilke-Hassman
The most astounding part of the journey was seeing how many Egyptians live
today. The River Nile is still the lifeline of the country with 90% of the people                 Published quarterly at Mazomanie,
living within its fertile area. Many, many families live as their ancient ancestors               Wisconsin by the Wisconsin Garden Club
did in mud brick homes with thatched roofs. They may have a few chickens, a                       Federation, member of National Gar-
donkey and a cow. (The big difference is the satellite dish on the roof.)                         dens Clubs, Inc. Supported by Club
Strangely, we did not get the impression of these folks being poor. They truly                    Membership. Subscription price $6.00
seem to be living sustainably off the land and river. It is amazing how little one                per year, single issue copies $2.00.
can get by with and remain happy. I haven’t shopped since we came home!                           Distribution: 1560 Editor reserves the right
                                                                                    Gerianne      to edit contributions for size and content.
The voyage of discovery lies not in finding new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
                                                                           Marcel Proust          Printed by Econoprint Verona, WI

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