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					Greetings Metro Softball Parents!

    We are so thankful to have leaders and coaches at North Cobb High School who strongly
support and know the importance of a strong softball feeder program. In order to have a winning
season each year and a quality program, the metro feeder system is crucial. By offering youth
camps, individualized coaching, as well as competitive inner county play, we solidify our chances
of success at North Cobb. The future players of North Cobb fastpitch are among the 6th and 7th
grade teams participating in this program. Thank you parents for continuing to give of your time,
talents and enthusiasm to support such a valuable softball experience each fall season.
    As the 2011 Warrior fastpitch season approaches, the North Cobb High School fastpitch
booster club is determined to see a vision come to fruition. The improvements implemented will
directly benefit your metro player for years to come. Plans to secure a new 4,000 square foot
indoor practice facility and locker room have been in the works for some time, but it is finally
becoming a reality as we secure a 501C3 non-profit loan. Coach Weaver and our board members
have worked tirelessly meeting with prospective banks, creating and revising building plans, which
work within Cobb County School guidelines, and planning a host of fundraising opportunities to
support the facility.
    The North Cobb High School softball program continues each year to produce academically and
athletically successful young ladies. In fifteen years, 34 North Cobb players have secured softball
scholarships across the country. While it isn’t our main goal, preparing these student-athletes to
continue playing at the next level is one of the greatest rewards and satisfaction of our coaches
and parents.
    As the Warrior fastpitch program has grown in prominence, the training facility and locker room
is no longer adequate. The current 1,300 sq/ft. locker room and office facilities for 15 varsity
players, 15 junior varsity players and 6 coaches no longer meets the needs of a championship
program. More importantly, the absence of an indoor training facility inhibits player development
when weather conditions are not ideal for practice. From a competitive standpoint, it is imperative
that our players have the same training opportunities as their competition. The new plans offer
more than adequate locker room space, bathrooms with showers, storage and three carpeted
indoor batting tunnels that can transform into a modified infield. To help get us started, Dr. Phillip
Page, our principal, and on behalf of North Cobb High School, has offered to purchase all the
netting supplies needed.
    More importantly, this new facility will offer the future of our program a chance to earn continual
revenue as it provides an opportunity in the offseason to connect with the local area and become a
valuable community resource for recreational and travel ball teams of all types. Coach Weaver
continues to have teams contact her and ask to be put on a waiting list for indoor practice time.
The good news is, our fields, when not being used by our high school or metro teams is always at
rental capacity. There is no reason the same couldn’t be accomplished with this new indoor option.
    Building a facility of this type is both necessary and exciting, but it will require a commitment
from all of us. This letter comes to you as a pledge request in hopes that you will feel led to
participate and involve yourself in this gratifying process. Together we can build a facility that will
train and house future region and state championship teams. Thank you for your pledge
consideration and commitment to the Warrior softball program.

Your North Cobb High School Fastpitch Board

 “Fundraising requires both optimism and realism. Without the first, few if any gift solicitation efforts would be made. Without the
 second, few if any would succeed.”
We know you and your family will be excited to experience this new facility and join us in making
the North Cobb Fast Pitch Softball program the very best it can be.

Over the course of 3 years, _______________________ family pledges $_________.

Over the course of 4 years, _______________________ family pledges $_________.

Over the course of 5 years, _______________________ family pledges $_________.

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