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MESA AQUATICS CLUB by hedongchenchen


									        M esa A q u a t ic s C lu b
                                        July, 2011

                                                    Olympic Gold Medalist, Misty Hyman, spent the
                                                    evening with swimmers from MAC. The clinic was
                                                    a huge success! Not only did Misty motivate us
                                                    with her story of how she upset the legendary
                                                    “Madame Butterfly” from Australia to capture
                                                    Olympic victory in the 200 Fly at the 2000 Games,
                                                    but her demeanor, attitude, and gift as a natural
                                                    role model was inspirational to all who attended.
                                                    It was a phenomenal evening for all who attended!
                                                    And remember kids, after you win that Olympic
                                                    Gold, please come back to the Club and share your
story with us!!!

                                     A Message from Meg…….

June was an amazing month for the MAC age groupers. Many of them swam in their first Long Course
meet. Many others began to explore new events, and all of these incredible athletes grew and matured
in their swimming. We had 4 swimming meets this month and a number of kids swam in all four of
them. Our two Tuesday night meets at Kino Pool went great. They were both quick and produced a
number of fast swims. It’s important for the kids to participate in meets and race on a regular basis.
Meets give the kids an opportunity to grow and to put into practice what they have been taught in
practice. It adds to the fun of swimming and allows the kids to spend some time getting to know their
teammates. We have two meets remaining this summer. One is in Kingman, AZ the weekend of July 15-
17. This weekend offers an opportunity for all of our swimmers to swim. The morning session is the
Regional Championship meet, and the afternoon session offers a supplemental session for kids who do
not qualify to swim in the morning session. For many of our age group swimmers this will be their last
opportunity to swim in a meet until the end of September. Out of town meets always prove to be an
enjoyable experience for families and teammates. Please consider attending and speak with your
coaches if you have any questions. Our final meet of the Long Course season will be our State
Championship Meet at Skyline Pool, July 21-24. We will be asking all of our families to spend some time
volunteering at this meet. If you have kids swimming in it or not, it always proves to be a fun meet with
fast swims. Please plan on making some time to come out and help.

We still have three months of hot weather ahead of us. It is important that the swimmers come to
practice prepared with a water bottle. We ask that you bring re-usable water bottles with your name
them. If you need a MAC water bottle, you can pick one up from the team store. Swimmers should also
come to practice with sunscreen on.

Keep working hard and having fun!

    Mesa Aquatics Club Swimmers of the Month for June
                                          Ross Macdonald
                                           It has been a great month coaching Ross. I really enjoy his
                                           enthusiasm and willingness to work hard and to accept
                                           feedback on everything from stroke technique to racing.
                                           Ross achieved an 83% attendance record for June. He has
                                           had several best times this season: 100 Fly, 100 Free, 200
                                           Free, 200 IM & 400 Free. I cannot wait until the LA Invite to
                                           see what he can do when he is fully tapered! When not in
                                           the pool Ross is a great team mate that has a positive
                                           attitude in dry land and also is willing to help out with
anything (including tearing down pop-up tents when it’s a 110 degrees out). I wish Ross the best of luck
at his end of the season meets and look forward to training him for the next three years!

                                                           Thomas Anderson
                                         Congratulations to Thomas Anderson, our Age Group
                                         Swimmer of the Month. Thomas always comes to practice
                                         with a smile on his face and a great deal of determination. He
                                         is consistently one of the first swimmers in the pool and has
                                         100% completion on all test sets. Recently I heard his favorite
                                         past time used to be playing video games, but in early June he
                                         persuaded his parents to drive him to Tucson to swim a 50 M
Freestyle. After the 50, they drove back to Mesa, in the same day. He is an amazing asset to our team.
The other kids in his group look to him as a leader and fortunately for his coaches he leads by working
hard and having a positive attitude. Recently he has decided he wants to get stronger and become
better at butterfly. He takes every opportunity he has to work on his butterfly stroke, even during his
cool down. Apparently it’s contagious, because out of nowhere, the Silver Group has a plethora of
swimmers who love swimming butterfly. When he is absent he is missed not only by his teammates but
also his coaches. Thank you Thomas for always being willing to help out, and work hard with a great

               From a Sharp Mind….Words from Dr. Sharpe!
One of those memories that sticks with me over many years is my mother hounding me about my
posture. While this has been an ongoing issue most of my life, it was particularly memorable when I had
started swimming competitively. I think part of a mother’s role in life must be
to correct their child’s posture as I have observed countless mothers in one
way or another tell their child to stand up straight (along with many other
things our mothers seem to feel a need to correct). I clearly remember the
day she said: “you used to have such good posture until you started swimming.
Now you slouch like all of your friends (also swimmers). You need to quit
copying them and stand up straight.” She thought I was slouching to be
“cool.” I think teenagers in the 60’s had done that – maybe Paul remembers?

What mom didn’t know at the time was that she was observing “swimmer’s posture” which occurs from
the imbalance of forces created by swimming freestyle. Because swimmers are repeatedly working the
same muscles, those muscles get stronger and have a tendency to stay contracted (shortened).
Swimming uses a lot of upper extremity muscles, but those that get the most work are those which
internally rotate the shoulder and pull the arm down. Included are those muscles which pull the
shoulder blade forward (protracted). It is these muscles which are usually contracted and have little
opposition from those muscles which pull the shoulder blade back. For those with an interest in
anatomy the main deforming force is the pectoralis minor.

What all of this boils down to is that mom is right. We need to stand up straight. Unfortunately it isn’t a
matter of laziness or cool factor that we slouch. Our scapular muscles are out of balance. That’s where
dry land comes in and those fancy rubber bands the coaches like to torture us with. By strengthening
the scapular muscles we will improve our posture (making moms happy) and we will help prevent
shoulder injury by having the strength to place and hold our scapula in proper position against the very
strong muscles propelling us through the water. Proper technique is one thing, but you have to have
the right strength to support it.
If all this has you confused, that’s okay. The take home message is if you want to protect your shoulder
you need to work the “anti-swimming muscles” out of the pool. Our coaches all understand this and will
work with you. See you at the pool.

MAC Team Banquet!!!                                            Save the date!!! Tuesday, August 9th from

6-8pm at the Arizona Gold Resort Mesa Aquatics Club will be holding its annual Team Banquet! We
encourage EVERYONE to attend…from our tiniest Red Group swimmers to our biggest Seniors---and
everyone in between!!! This is a great way to socialize with teammates away from the pool, celebrate
the past season, and get excited for the upcoming one. Dress is semi-formal (so when we see you
wearing a suit, it had better NOT be a Speedo!!! And Seth, your Tuxedo swimming brief won’t cut it,
Sweetheart!) You can RSVP on our website (…final menu and pricing to follow.
Looking for volunteers to assist! Don’t worry, your coaches will be talking this up and filling you in on

Give me a Break!
Okay! We will! In fact, we want the whole team to take a little break and regroup for the upcoming
short course season! MAC will be taking a Team Break from July 25th through July 31st. Workouts will
resume on August 1st. This is for all groups, and all workouts. Recovery is an important part of training,
and a little time away from the pool is essential every once in awhile to stay focused during a long

                           Club Swimming during High School
Parents, as the high school season approaches we wanted to bring you up to date on our program
during the fall. As you know MAC is a year around club program with multiple goals, one of the major
ones helping any swimmer that has a goal to swim in college get there!

High School swim season for us is much like winter/spring short course season and summer long course
season we design a daily/weekly/seasonal training cycle to prepare each athlete to perform at their
highest level for the premier event of that season.

For many of our high school athletes that event is the High School Invitational, a select few will make it
to the next level which is High School States….and at the absolute highest level that would be followed
up with USA Swimming Sectionals, Junior Nationals or Nationals in December! A few stats to keep in
mind: 94% of all second day state meet swims (Finals) were Club swimmers, 18 % were from MAC (and
our team has grown a great deal since last High School season), 1 out of 6, Only about 20 % of the
swimmers even making the meet were non-club, and only a handful of them even made second swims.
Club swimming is a critical element to a swimmers long term success!
MAC will once again enter the month of August with a full schedule of training this fall/winter and are
coordinating with all of the high school coaches to ensure that we work together for the same shared
goals! Monday, Wednesday & Friday we swim from 5:30am-7:15am, Tuesday & Thursday is dry land
(Fact: 100% of the swimmers who attended dry land last year on a regular basis were injury free!) from
5:30-6:30am, swim 6:30-7:30am, Monday & Tuesday afternoon practices are from 4:00 PM – 6:00PM
and (high school coaches usually ask that club swimmers train with the team on Wednesdays and
Thursdays) Saturdays from 7-9am.

We do however recognize that this year almost all school districts will be imposing a “pay to play” fee on
our swimmers. Knowing how tough things are for many families we will be lowering our monthly dues
during this time to $75 (from $125).

Age Group Fall League Program!

Stayed tuned for more details on the MAC Fall League program! This is a program designed to introduce
City Recreation swimmers to year round training. Information will be coming soon!

                    From Erin, Our Awesome Admin:
As you all know, Mesa Aquatics is partnering with Sun Devil Aquatics to host the 2011 Long Course Age
Group State Championship July 21-24 at Skyline Aquatic Center. We are excited and honored to have
been chosen to host this meet! This also means that again we are moving into full blown "meet mode"
and will soon be asking for commitments from all of our MAC families and friends. There are a variety of
ways that you can help out and as always, we are so grateful for the amazing group of people that
support our team!

Please consider helping out in one or a few of the following ways:

* Sign up for a volunteer position during the meet. Sign ups are now open on the team website under
the event. Because there are a total of 7 sessions for this meet we have split up the volunteer duties
with Sun Devil Aquatics. Please check out our team's responsibilities and consider signing up! Once you
do Erin will contact you about some of the meet specific details of the position.
* Contact Tracy Maddy to help prepare the food and refreshments for hospitality. This is such a HUGE
job and Tracy will need a ton of help! This is a great way to help out if you have some extra time at
home before the meet or love being in the kitchen! She will need help gathering products, preparing
meals, etc. If you can help please send Erin and email and she will forward it on!

* Give a monetary donation to be used towards concessions or hospitality for the meet. Our
concessions stand is one of the best in the state and any help towards the bulk purchases would be
greatly appreciated. If you would like to make a monetary donation please bring a check to the pool
written to M.A.C.

One final reminder about volunteering- we are more than half way through the year which means there
is only a small handful of opportunities to fulfill your family’s 48 volunteer hours. All families who reach
48 hours will be put into a drawing for a fantastic prize!! All hours worked are credited to your account
when you report them to Erin! Additionally, for every $10 in donations towards the state meet your
family will be credited an additional hour!!

Please report all volunteer activity to Erin in the form of an email sent to

And again, thank you so much for your continued dedication to Mesa Aquatics!!! GO MAC!

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