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					            WINTER PARK TOPICS             A Weekly Review of Social and Cultural Activities
                                                   During the Winter Resort Season
                         Entered as second-class matter January 8, 1937, at the Post Office, at Winter Parlt, Fin., under the Act oj March 3, 1819.
Vol. 15—No. 11     Charles P. Hammond, Publisher            Winter Park, Florida, Friday, MARCH 12, 1948                       Season Subscription $2.25   Price 15 Cents

WOMAN'S CLUB TO SHOW                      "IRON FANG MAN" NEXT
  A major event in the calendar of         Winifred Gwyn-Jeffreys has au-
the Woman's Club of Winter Park          thored another exciting, spellbind-
is the exhibit of paintings by Lee       ing, peanut-selling ''mellow-dram-
Adams to be held next week under         mer," "The Man With the Iron
the auspices of the Art Department,      Pang," to open next .Thursday in
Mrs. Leland Murrah, chairman,            Annie Russell Theatre, also play-
and arranged by Mrs. Edith Tadd
Little with the assistance of Dr.        ing the evenings of March 19 and
and Mrs. George H. Opdyke and            20. It is being presented for the
Mrs. Edward M. Davis.                    Annie Russell Theatre Improve-
                                         ment Fund.
                                           Theatregoers recalling last sea-
                                         son's peanut-pelted "Finger of
                                         Fate 1 ' will have another opportuni-
                                         ty to hiss the villain and applaud
                                         the hero. "The Man With the Iron
                                         Fang" is the story of the electri-
                                         fying exploits of Skinlock Bones,
                                         celebrated sleuth, who foils a gang-          The nave of Knowles Memorial Chapel, an impressive setting for the
                                         land attempt to steal a bracelet                                Bach Festival of Winter Park.
                                         from the hero of the play. The hero
                                         must have the trinket in order to             NEW HAMPSHIRE ARTISTS                        DEFECTS IN FOREIGN
                                         Identify himself and claim his in-            SHOW AT MORSE GALLERY
                                         heritance.                                                                                    POLICY OUR DANGER
                                                                                         Pronounced by critics a brilliant
                                            Howard Bailey will be seen as              cross section of the many trends in            "Is there no hope?" groaned Win-
                                         Skinlock. Barbara Greason is the              contemporary American painting,             ter Park's elder statesman, John
                                         heroine. Henry Jacobs portrays the            the exhibition of 40 pictures by the        Martin, of lecturer Col. James
                                         juvenile hero. Rose Dresser, Lydia            New Hampshire Art Association               Warner Bellah, after the latter had
                                         Dorsett, Ernest Kilroe, Baroness              will be shown at the Morse Gallery          given an extremely ominous pic-
                                         Colette van Boecop, Rudolph Fisch-                                                        ture of the problems confronting
                                         er, Ainslee Minor, Edith Allen, Jul-          of Art, opening Monday, March 15,           the United States in his address,
                                         iana Crow and Jack Hennessy com-              at 2 p.m. Among the prominent               "Pitfalls of American Foreign Pol-
                                         prise the group of criminals led by           artists whose work is included are          icy," in the Town Hall Series.
                                         Helen Bailey and William Whltta-              Malvina Hoffman, Grace Bliss                  Col. Bellah is a realist and has
                                         ker. Horace Tollefson, Rhea Marsh             Stewart, Lois Bartlett Tracy, Helen         seen, the war from the military an-
         Doves and Grapes                Smith, and Winifred Gwyn-Jeffreys             Stotesbury and Kurt Roesch.                 gle. He offered no wishful thinking
One of Lee Adams' pictures of            complete the cast,                                                                        to those who hope that somehow
tropical fruits and birds to be shown                                                    The gallery will be open during
                                            Tickets may be obtained at the             the exhibition from 2 to 5 daily,           peace may be brought to the world.
at the Woman's Club.                                                                                                               Having defeated the Nazis, said he,
                                         theatre box office                            with no admission charge.
  The exhibit will open on Tuesday                                                                                                 we are now confronted by another
evening, March 16, at the Woman's                                                                                                  equally totalitarian despotism which
Club, with a private showing to                    IMPRESSIONS OF THE BACH FESTIVAL                                                has adopted world dominion as its
members of that club, the Garden           Thirteenth Annual Bach Festival             exhibition of the work of a master          destiny. He did not spend any time
Club and the Rollins faculty, be-        of Winter Park, Thursday, March               painter or a series of Shakespeare's        on how war might come but he
tween the hours of 8 and 10 p.m.,        4, Camtata No. 144, "Take what                plays; the element of entertainment         took it for granted that we must
Assisting Mrs. Murrah and her            thine is and go thy way"; Motet,              is subordinate in the presence of           prepare for it and that it would be
committee at this reception will be      "Jesus, Priceless Treasure"; Ex-              the product of commanding g'enius.          better for us if it came while we
Mesdames Henry Chamberlain,              cerpts from the "Passion Accord-              And yet not all of Bach's work is                   (Continued from Page 4)
Fred Trisman, Miss Loretta Sal-          ing' to St, Matthew." Friday,                 equally superlative any more than
       (Continued on Page 8)             March. 5, "The Mass in B Minor,"              is it true of any creative artist:           ELEANOR THORNTON
                                         in its entirety, at 3 p.m. and 7:30           the contrasts between the highest            PHOTO EXHIBITION
DR. CONSTABLE ASKS                       p.m. Dr. Christopher O. Honaas,               inspirations and the more conven-              Mr. Alexander B. Trowbridge has
   HIGHER CIVIC IDEALS                   Conducter; RutFi Diehl, Soprano;              tional passages but serve to glori-          issued Invitations to a photographic
                                         Lydia Summers, Contralto; Harold              fy them. Indeed it is the intensely          exhibit of the work of Mrs. Eleanor
   Bev. William A. Constable, asso-      Haugh, Tenor; J. Alden Edkins,                human touch that makes us so                 H. Thornton, of Maitland, Florida,
ciate professor of English at Rol-       Baritone. Dr. Herman F . Siewert              completely responsive to many of             March 17th and 18th, 2 to 5 p.m. at
lins, took the place of Dr. Hamilton     and Louise George Totihy, Organ-              Bach's wonderful pages. He did not           his home, 320 Sylvan Boulevard.
Holt in the John Martin lecture se-      ists; Katherine Carlo, Piano; Ed-             compose decorative music for su-               This is the second time Mrs.
ries yesterday afternoon at the          ward Bernard, Concert Master;                 perficial entertainment, but music           Thornton has shown her beautiful
Congregational Church.                   Edith Allen, Grace MacBriclc, Fred-           that sounds the depths of human              photographs at the attractive stu-
   Mr. Constable in his lecture on       erick MacFalls, First Violins;                feeling',                                    dio-gallery of Mr. Trowbridge, and
''The State and the Individual"          Charles G. Rex, Anne Lovell, Bet-                                                          it is sure to be an event of much
commenced by contrasting extreme         ty McCauslin, Frances Stephens,                 Our Bach Festival in Winter Park
                                                                                       means an ever-widening knowledge             interest to lovers of art,
Individualism with Statism in its        Second Violins; Bernard Friedland,                                                           Mrs. Thornton is an artist, who
two quite distinct forms of Fascism      Terry Page, Viola; Gerard Haft,               in the community of the greatest
                                                                                       choral music through the constant            studied for many years in Europe
and Communism.                           Rudolph Fischer, Violincello; Ed-                                                          and America. She holds a Master
   He then discussed the possibility     ward W. Rosevear, Bass; William               study of those who sing in the
                                                                                       chorus and by the increasing ap-             of Arts degree in Fine Arts from
of rinding another way that would        Druckenmiller and Byron, Hester,                                                           Columbia University, and in Paris
avoid the anarchy of the one and         Flutes; Lois Wann and Konstantin              preciation of those who attend. The
                                                                                       efforts made to present this music           studied at the Sorbonne. She gradu-
the betrayal of liberty of the other.    Epp, Oboe and Oboe d'amore; Rob-                                                           ated from the New York Institute
He pointed out that with the growth      ert Landholt, Armando Ghitalla,               according to the highest possible
                                                                                       standards are each year more gen-            of Photography and chose to go
of our society in complexity amid        Trumpet; David Cramp, Timpani.                                                             into that field professionally be-
increasing industrial and social ten-                                                  erally understood and valued.
                                           The annual Bach Festival of last            These efforts have always been               cause it appealed to her artistic
sions the state is bound to grow in      week revealed more clearly than                                                            talent. Among the many places she
power, and to touch our lives at an                                                    conscientious and idealistic and
                                         heretofore that the true nature of            have been crowned with success in            has exhibited are the exclusive
increasing number of places. In-         this Festival is a period consecrat-                                                       Hillsboro Club, Pompano, Fla.,
deed the state is necessary even                                                       many instances, giving moments of
                                         ed to the meditation of musical art           exalted beauty to be treasured in            where she has held two shows of
to protect our very freedoms.            — a meditation in which Bach's                                                             her color photographs, and where
   But can we avoid the evils of bu-                                                   memory.
                                         music provides spiritual refresh-                                                          she was a guest during a three-day
reaucracy, graft and dirty politics      ment through its tonal depiction of             Although larger than in recent             show, also at the beautiful gallery
which seem so frequently to occui'       the vitality of religious faith. The          years and correspondingly richer             of Mr. Colona at Barnstable, Cape
       (Continued on Page 5)             Festival is similar to attending an                    (Continued on Page 6)               Cod, Mass.
 Page Two                                         WINTER PARK TOPICS, FRIDAY, MARCH 12, 1948

               Works of Art
                       Appraisals and Restoring


                                     F. Hosic, Mrs. Herbert Halver-
 SOCIAL NOTES                        stadt, who, with her husband, has                               Sport Clothes
                                     been on a several months' trip to
   An attractive event of last Tues- the Belgian Congo, South Africa, to
day afternoon was the tea at which
Mrs. Henry M. Chambex-lain and
                                     visit a son, states that they planned                          Gowns — Wraps
                                     to sail for New Orleans on March
Mrs. James W, Newton were host-      5th from Matadi on the Del Viento,
 esses, entertaining a group of      the Delta Line and would arrive at
friends in the Winter Park Wom-      their home here early in April.         m San Juan Hotel Building
 an's Club.                             The Halverstadt's son, Mr. James
    The decorations were in green    Halverstadt, is treasurer of the
 and white with an attractive table  Southern Presbyterian Christian
 centerpiece of calla lilies and mag-Mission at Luluaburg, Belgian Con-
nolia leaves.                        go.                                     velop character and good behavior.
    Mmes. Henry Reed B u r c h,         Mr. and Mrs. William Trufant
 Charles H. MacDowell, Alexander
B. Morgan and Blossom L. Taylor
                                     Foster, who have been in South             Everyone is invited to attend
                                                                              "Girl Scouts on Parade" at the
                                                                                                                     The Jade Lantern
                                     America for two months, also write                                                       Since 1937
presided at the tea table.           the Hosics of their plans to depart      Winter Park High School Auditori-
    Others assisting the hostesses   for home, expecting to reach New        um, Friday, March 12, at 7:30 p.m.
were Mmes, Robert R. Brown,          Orleans on the 9th (last Tuesday).      All of the troops have been busy
Ronald B. MoKinnis, Leland Mur-      After a stay at the St. Charles Ho-      preparing their part of the per-
rah and Mildred Wray; Misses Hul-    tel in New Orleans, the Fosters         formance which will present over
da G. Halley, and Mary E . Knapp.    will visit several weeks in Texas        eleven fields of scouting.
    Mrs. Joseph W. Robinson will en- before returning to Winter Park.           Remember, parents, that it is up
tertain, this evening for the Misses                                          to you to help your daughter's
June Nelson and Mary Haley, stu-        Mr. Herman Heiser, treasurer of      troop win the award for having              UNUSUAL GIFTS
dents at Rollins, and a group of Crown Can Company, Philadelphia,            largest percentage of parents pres-
their college friends at a chicken is spending a few days as guest of         ent that night! The Girl Scouts will   • Large Collection of Flower
barbecue to be held at the boat Mr. and Mrs. S. Carle Cooling, of            demonstrate what real scouting is         Holders, including B l u e
house on the Robinson estate on Tnterlachen Avenue.                          —and the fun they have learning to        Ribbon and Umbrella type.
Lake Osceola. Mr. and Mrs. Haley        The concert at the Seminole Hotel    cook, participate in outdoor sports,    • Easter Peter Rabbits, Love
and Mr. and Mrs. Nelson are in- next Sunday evening, March 14th,             lead songs and enjoy dances, pre-         Birds, Eggs and Ducks,
vited for a later hour. Mr. and will be a duo-piano recital by Laura         sent dramatic productions—and just        made of candles.
Mrs. Robinson -will have as house King and Kenneth Newbern, Mar-             a real variety show of being a Girl
guests soon, Mr. Robinson's cous- tha Barksdale and Joanne Byrd.             Scout on the stage. This is the first   • Easter Bunnies, made of
ins, Miss Ella Robinson, of Boston, All are pupils of Walter Charm-          time that the Girl Scouts have            100% Virgin Wool.
 and Miss Evelyn Stark, of Mar- bury at the Rollins Conservatory.            staged such a performance in Win-
blehead Neck, Mass.                                                          ter Park, and they hope that many,            Telephone 576-W
                                      The hotel management extends a
    Mr. and Mrs. Horton Watkins, cordial invitation to all who may           many people will come to help                332 N. Park Ave.
who have occupied the Leedy resi- wish to come.                              them celebrate their 36th birthday
dence on College Point for the past     The regular monthly meeting of       anniversary,
two months, will return on the 20th the Catholic Women's Club will be           Over 100 Brownie, Intermediate
to their home in St. Louis. Mr. held on March 18 at 2:30 p.m. in
Watkins' brother-in-law and sister, the Florida Power           Company
                                                                             and Mariner Scouts join their lead-
                                                                             ers and council members in ex-          CONVERSATION
Mr. and Mrs. Francis T. Cutts, Lounge. After the business meet-              tending an invitation for all on the
also o St. Louis, with their daugh- ing, a social hour and refresh-
        f                                                                    night of March 12th.                       CLASS
ter, Mary Frances, will arrive soon ments will be enjoyed with Mrs.             Members of the Winter Park Girl                     in
after to take the house for five S, Carle Cooling and Mrs. Horace            Scout Council who will attend the
or six weeks.
   Dr. and Mrs. J . Edward Spurr,
                                      T. Tollefson acting as hostesses.
                                        Two Youth Clubs, of the St. Mar-
                                                                             Statewide Conference March 11-12
                                                                             in Jacksonville, Florida, are:
of 324 Henkel Circle, were hosts to earet-Mary Catholic Church, have         Mmes. Wm. E. Fort, Jr., commis-           For the deafened adult
Mi^s Ruth Diehl, Miss Lydia Sum- been recently organized, th? jun-           sioner; Ellerbee Smith, W. E. Win-
mers and Miss Lois Wann, of New ior football team for boys and the           derweedle, Robert Johnson and           Mondays 3:30          Tel. 817
York, soloists for the Bach Festival, girls' basketball team, which are      Gertrude Sutherland, This confer-
during their stay in Winter Park.     being coached by Rollins students.     ence is being presided over by Mi?s
                                                                                                                     Mrs. Raymond F. Potter
   Mrs. George Kraft, of Georgia Mrs. F. W. Alter is supervising a           Bettie Brooks, Regional Director,       215 So. Inte-rlachcn Avenue
Avenue, entertained as house guests children's group in games, dra-          of Atlanta, Ga. Headquarters will             Winter Fark
Robert Landholt and Armando Ghi- matics and other activities to de-          be at the Seminole Hotel.
talla, members of the orchestra for
the Festival.
   Mr, and Mrs. J. Alden Edkins of
New York were guests of the col-
lege, at Rollins Hall. Mrs. Samuel       You'll look better, feel better in                                             FORMAL WEAR
Srielling. of Swope Ave., had as her                                                                                     Palm Beach or
guest, Harold Haugh, of Oberlin,                 FLORANDO FASHIONS                                                      Northcool Tuxedos
   In a recent letter to Mrs. James                                   Florida's resort season
                                              . . . so get in tune with
                                           and enjoy this grand climate in the correct fashions
     NEILL O'BRIEN'S                       we've assembled under our own name, "Florando."
      PHARMACY                             They're colorful, attractive for wear under the
    Opposite Colony Theatre                Florida sun here and later when you return North.
     Prescriptions — Drugs
      Cosmetics — Candies
           Sandwiches                       Ivey's Florando Fashions     YOWELL
                                            Second Floor of Fashion       DREW
       WE DELIVER                                                                                                     It. C. BAKER'S
          Telephone 402
                                                                                                                         Men's Store
                                                                                                                      Winter Park, Florida
                                              WINTER PARK TOPICS, FRIDAY, MARCH 12, 1948                                               Page Three

         On Patio from 120 North! Orange & 35 West Washington

       The Whistling Oyster                                                         Southland
             JVedding Presents
               Smaller Gifts                                                          Fashions
          <iANY gift that matters
       Jensen Silver — Swedish Crystal — Lamps                                        Distinctive Florida
       Spode - Wedgwood - Castleton - Royal Doulton
    Marghab Linen — English Silver — Mark Cross Purses                                 Resort Creations
              Unusual Greeting Cards, Etc.

     The largest stock of fine china & crystal in Orlando.

                                    Oak, Mich., for a visit with her
                                    parents, Dr. and Mrs. James F.
   Mr. and Mrs. James L. Goodwin Hosic, of Highland Avenue. Near                                                  "The Woman's Store"
have been entertaining at their the end of her trip, heavy Gibson
                                    experienced a very           storm,
Alabama Drive residence Mr. and the plane having, at times, to fly                                           ORANGE AVENUE — ORLANDO
Mrs. William P . Wharton, of Gro- at 17,000 feet to avoid it. .                                                 Deliveries to Winter Park
ton, Mass., who left early in the Mrs. Addison P. Wickham, of 373
week for their home. Mr. Wharton Comstock Avenue, has as her guest
is president of the Massachusetts for several weeks, her aunt, Mrs.
Forestry Association and also pres- H. H. Platt, of Norwalk, Conn.       ETCHINGS BY ERNEST ROTH,               subject matter. His 24 canvases
ident of the National Parks Asso-                                        PAINTINGS BY HERMAN                    with two or three exceptions have
ciation, and was much interested      Mr. John L. Wilson, of Titusville,                                        been done this -winter and from m a -
in the Audubon Trip to Lake Okee- Pa., who arrived a couple of weeks     BROCKDORFF                             terial he found in Maitland and
chobee which Mr. and Mrs. Whar- ago for a visit with Mr. and Mrs.                                               Eatonville and along unfrequented
ton enjoyed as the guests of Mr.
                                                                           Opening on
                                    Louis C. McKinney, of Interlachen and continuingTuesday, March 16th, byways. He is not a ''contact paint-
                                                                                          through April lltli
and Mrs. Goodwin.                   Avenue, was joined last week by the Research Studio in Maitland er" reporting an actual scene, but
   Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Leon- Mrs. Wilson and also by Mrs. Har- will show a group of etchings by instead he has used his "findings"
ard who spent the last six weeks in ley Johnson of Titusville, who will Ernest Roth and the recent paint- as a starting point for his colorful
Maitland and Dr. and Mrs. Ran- remain, for several days with the ings of Herman Brockdorff, who compositions. Equally interesting
dolph T. Congdon, of 1773 Alabama McKinneys.                                                                the and perhaps more abstract in con-
Drive, attended the Convocation at    Mr. and Mrs, Arthur T. Dear, Jr., lias been a resident artist atpast ception are several of his paintings
                                                                         Research Studio during the
Florida Southern College, Lakeland, and family, are getting settled in few months.                              that are based upon the structure
last Friday. The Convocation ad- their new home at 1195 Lakeview                                                of sea shells in which the artist has
                                                                           Ernest             for many years
dress was delivered by Dr. William Drive, which they recently pur- held a Roth hasposition among taken advantage of the spiral forms
Pearson Tolley, Chancellor of Syra- chased from Mrs. H. A. LaCerte. American leading and his work is and iridescent coloring that these
cuse University, of which institu- Mr. and Mrs. Dear's former home                                              shells have suggested, Mr. Brock-
                                                                                             are interested in
tion Mr. Leonard is a trustee. Dr. was at 1608 Aloma Avenue. Mrs. known by all whoexpression which dorft's paintings will be on exhibi-
                                                                         this medium of
Tolley and Eleanor Steber, the La Certe has bought property in demands of the artist exceptional tion in New York later in the year.
Metropolitan soprano, were award- the Forest Hills section which she ability in drawing as well as a
ed honorary degrees.                will occupy shortly.
   Mrs. F. B. Crowninshield of Wil-   Mrs. Roy B. Guild and Mrs.thorough technical knowledgs. Of                DR. GRAY TO TAKE PLACE
                                                                         this ability in drawing and teohnl- .
mington and Boston motored up ; George R. Wilson left Wednesday cal assurance Mr. Roth has made OF MRS. MARY BETHUNE
from her winter home at Boca        morning by motor for Miami
                                                                         the fullest use in the subjects of        Dr. William H, Gray, Jr., substi-
Grande for the Bach Festival and where they took an airship on his selection, and the prints shown                      for Dr. Mary Bethune, on
the Florida Audubon Society meet- Thursday to fly to Mexico City. are, with few exceptions, scenes in tuting Martin lecture series Thurs-
ing. While in Winter Park she was After a visit in the Mexican capi- Italy and Spain, intricate interpre- day, March 18, is president of
the house guest of Mr. and Mrs, A. tal Mrs. Guild and Mrs. Wilson will tations of hill towns and ancient Florida Agricultural and Mechani-
J. Hanna.                           visit Guatemala and from there
                                                                         streets that call for keen observa- cal College of Tallahassee, the
   Rollins Dean of Men, Arthur D. take a steamer for New York. Mrs. tion and the utmost skill in record- largest institution for Negroes In
Enyarfc, left Monday for Dallas, Guild plans to return to Winter ing,                                           Florida.
Texas, where he attended the an- Park in. October.
nual meeting of the national asso-    Mr. and Mrs. John E. Holt, of        Herman Brockdorff is an ab- The Hungerford Choir will sing
ciation of Deans of Men.            Hampton, Conn., are making a stractionist who has created his before the address and the collec-
   Mrs. Harold J, Gibson arrived short visit with the former's father, pleasant paintings not out of his tion will be contributed to the Hun-
last week by plane from Royal President Hamilton Holt.                   head but in actual contact with his gsrford School.

              "The Five Hundred Chase"                                                                              DISTINCTIVE GIFTS
                        For the Discriminating
                                                                                FRANCES O'HEIR                        322 North Park Ave.
                                                                                                                         Telephone 118
                         CHOICE DINNERS                                            English China - Pottery - Imports from Italy, France,
                              From $1.86                                                           Sweden and Denmark
                 Steaks, Chicken—Menus Varied Daily                                  Lamps, Trays, Glassware, Ann Haviland Toiletries
    Reservations, Winter Park 27          500 Chase, Winter Park                         Special Attention Given to Wedding Presents
    Sundays—12:30-2:00; Daily (except Mondays)—6:00-8:00 P.M.                         Visitors are invited to come in and enjoy the shop
               Breakfasts served daily—8:00-9:30 A.M.

                    FINE DIAMONDS                                                                      Baby Gifts
                                                                                Pure Wool Sacques — Wrapper and Hood — Jackets —
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 Page Four                                                 WINTER PARK TOPICS, FRIDAY, MARCH 12, 1948

                HELEN PURDUE
                         Exclusive Millinery
           Sportswear — Afternoon and Evening Gowns
               Sport Jackets in Pastel Shades for
                  afternoon and evening wear.
           The Kensington Suit and the Fairbrook Coat                                         RAMBLER
      342 Park Avenue N.            Phillips Block            Winter Park                     Tan and White
                                                                                              AA to E, $13.95
    DEFECTS IN FOREIGN                     Park Topics—and the Orlando pa-
       (Continued from Page 1)
                                           pers—the Orlando Morning Senti-
still have some advantages in             nel and the Evening Star—for their                  Also in Two-
 atomic warfare.                           wonderful co-operation.                            Tone Brown
                                             To the radio stations—WDBO,                      with ventilation
   The pitfalls of our foreign policy,    WHOO, WLOF, and WORZ—I want
according- to Col. Bellah, are three-     to express my heartfelt thanks to
 fold: inconsistency, instability and     you for donating to us time on your
inadequacy. We started out as iso-        stations.                                  Similar style in Spike Golf Shoes-
lationists to get free of wars start-       I thank all of the Public Utilities      All Brown By WALK-OVER—$14.95
ed in Europe but we became impe-          in Winter Park for their contribu-         Brown and White by Bass—$17.95
rialistic to control the Western          tions and also the business people
Hemisphere. Our President Wilson          of Orlando who by their generous
preached world cooperation but we         contributions helped to make the
would not help realize it and turned
 down the League of Nations. Our
                                          drive a success.                                         ORLANDO BOOT SHOP
                                            Again let me say THANK YOU                                       (WALK-OVER SHOES)
policy changes with each change of        to everyone who had any part,
party in the White House; our abili-      great or small, in this Drive in hav-                              64 N. Orange Ave.
ty to handle intei-national problems      ing made it so successful that we
is inadequate because we have nev-        went over the top.                                                    ORLANDO
er learned the science of world di-            S. Carle Cooling,
plomacy. These defects have been              General Chairman 1948 Drive.
the cause and aggravate the serious                                                 volved.                                The Woman's Union cordially in-
problems confronting us today.                                                         The need to think in terms of     vites the public to tills showing of
   The Town Hall series demonstrat-       DR. SAUTE ASKS US TO                      peace, rather than of war, was Mr. Burrell's pictures. The usual
ed its valuable function as a forum         THINK IN PEACE TERMS                    stressed by Dr. Saute, whether that offering for the missionary and
for the discussion of important is-                                                 demands action by the UN or by welfare work of the Union will be
sues. Col. Bellah stood up to a               Contrasting pictures of his na-       some other form of world govern- taken.
heavy barrage of questions which           tive Belgium and his adopted Unit-       ment. The United States is face to
with his explanations were highly          ed States of America were drawn          face with tremendous issues, Well-
stimulating' and may set some of           by Dr. George Saute in his lecture       informed citizens must help solve MABEL RITCH GIVES SECOND
us to work on finding the answers.         in the Community Series on Mon-          those problems. The audience who OF FACULTY RECITALS
                                           day evening. In its strategic posi-      heard Dr. Saute was a sample of
                                           tion for progress to peace, or as a                                             Second in the series of Faculty
MR. COOLING THANKS                                                                  similar groups all over the coun-
                                           battlefield for war, Belgium has                                                              are being given
                                                                                    try, and in foreign countries, who Recitals which the music library for
                                           carved out her history under Ro-                                              the benefit
                                                                                    are striving to frame some strong the Rollins of                       of
    The Community Fund Drive,              man, Spanish, French, Dutch ban-                                                          Conservatory, was
                                                                                    federation, with power to enforce of Miss Mabel Ritch, contralto, thatand
 Winter Park's own charity, is over,      ners, till its independence in 1830.      its decisions upon aggressive na- professor of voice, on Wednesday
 and I am glad to say that we have        Most densely populated country in         tions. Atomic power can spell peace evening at the Annie Russell The-
 reached our goal. You may rest as-       the world, she is fabulously rich in      as well as war, if wisely adminis- atre. Miss Ritch's knowledge of
sured that the money subscribed           colonial possessions in the Belgian       tered and implemented.
                                           Congo—with uranium and copper                                                 German lieder and acquaintance
 will be handled in an efficient man-                                                  The next date in the Community with their style was indicated by
ner, and I am sure the eight agen-        as well as other basic materials         Lecture Series will be on Monday her groups of seldom-heard Schu-
 cies represented in the drive will be    for the atomic age. Because of            evening, at 8 o'clock, when Mr, mann, including the wondrous
very happy to receive their budget        these resources Belgium has re-          Loomis Burrell will show koda- "Stille Thrane," and also of Hugo
 allowance and use the money to           covered more rapidly from the rav-       chromes of Florida and Nantucket. Wolf—songs which call for vocal
help those that need help.                ages of two world wars, than other       A member of the University Club, resources of a high order and ma-
   I wish it were possible for me to      European countries. Her recent           whose history may be read in turity of interpretation for their
write personally to each and every        economic agreements with the             Who's Who for those who are inter- fullest presentation. John Carter
subscriber to thank you for your          Netherlands and with Luxembourg          ested, Mr, Burrell is a retired in- gave excellent artistic cooperation
contribution. This, however, is im-       are preparing her for a decisive         dustrialist whose hobby is color to the singer with his accompani-
possible, as we had about 1,200 sub-      voice in any future action in West-      photography. Prom Little Falls, N. ments.
scribers this year, but to each and       ern Europe. Whether political and        Y., Mr. and Mrs. Burrell spend
every one of you who subscribed I         military agreements will also be         their winters here and their sum-
do say, THANK YOU VERY                    entered into by her with her neigh-      mers on the island of Nantucket,        Don't miss any copies of Winter
MtTCH, and I want to give special         bors, France and Great Britain,          both paradises for retired lovers of Park Topics if you want to be in-
thanks to the new contributors as         against possible aggression from         beauty.
                                          the East, is quite probable.                                                  formed.
well as those who increased their
contribution this year. I know you           Ir. contrast to that small country,
all feel that you have given this
money for a good cause.
                                         with its wealth in resources and its
                                          valiant record in the past, Dr.                      SEA GULL GIFT SHOP
   This drive could not have been
successful had I not had the whole-
                                         Saute sketched the progress of
                                         atomic research, as sponsored by
                                                                                       Gifts - Greeting Cards for All Occasions
hearted co-operation of those who        the Government of the United                              St. Patrick and Easter Cards
devoted their time and talent to-        States. Scientists have the respon-           Orders taken for Indian River Fruit and Marmalade
ward making it a success. I want         sibility of that research; but poli-
to thank each and every solicitor,       ticians have the control of the re-           152 E. PARK AVENUE                  WINTER PARK, FLORIDA
especially for your house-to-house       sults of that research, whether for
canvass.                                 war or peace. And it is the duty of
   I also want to thank the press,       each patriotic citizen to mould the
consisting of our local papers—the       action of those politicians, by a                         The KNIT-A-BIT SHOP
Winter Park Herald and Winter            firm knowledge of all that is in-                             Hand knits—Instruction—Yarns
                                                                                              Bucilla Linens for embroidery, Argyle Sock Paks
                                                                                       122 E. Morse Blvd.             Tel. 986          Winter Park
              Handicraft Studio
              311 E. Welbourne Ave.
              Reduction in Yarns and Wool Articles
      New wash bags, wee smocked dresses, aprons, crochet hats
                            and dolls.                                                                                        Smart Clothes
      ELIZABETH S. BAYLES — Tel. 310-M — WINTER PARK                                               JANE                      For CHILDREN
                              Easter Cards
                                                                                                                      19 W. Washington St. -:- Orlando
                                           WINTER PARK TOPICS, FRIDAY, MARCH 12, 1948                                                           Page Five

                                                                                          Bungalow on Virginia Heights
                   J^ohr - J^ea                                                   Located on the high ground of Virginia Heights, this
                                                                                    charming new block bungalow is attractively set on
                                                                                    a corner lot 90x150 with pine trees and shrubs. 2 bed-
                          Resort Fashions                                           rooms, tile bath, and shower, sun porch. Immediate
                                                                                    possession. $17,500, easily financed. This property
    208 Park Ave.—Tel. 12                            Winter Park                    must be seen to be appreciated.
                                                                                  FRED L. HALL                       GERTRUDE H. ROYAL
                                      of Fawcett Rd., entertained a group               Realtor                               Broker
 SOCIAL NOTES                         of friends at cocktails Saturday.
                                                                                     150 Park Avenue—Telephone 342—Winter Park
                                         Dr. and Mrs. Robert Mearns
   Dr. Wilbur J. Bender, Dean of      Yerkes, of New Haven, Conn., are
Harvard College, was the speaker      expected soon to be the guests of
at the Harvard Club dinner held a t   Miss Matilda Campbell of Via Sa-           Mr. Constable concluded by dis-      litical conditions are auspicious for
Florida Power Lounge Tuesday eve-     lerno. Dr. Yerkes is a distin-          cussing the U.N. as a training          the election of Republican Con-
ning. Dean Bender, who is staying     guished scientist of Yale Univer-       ground for something greater than       gressman in Florida this year. Mr.
at Mountain Lakes, was met by Dr.     sity, in the field of psychology and    itself and pointed out the difficul-    C. C. Spade, chairman GOP State
James W. Rankin Tuesday and tak-      biology. His wife is a long-time        ties and the urgency of the crea-       Committee, introduced the speak-
en for a tour of Rollins College by   friend of Miss Campbell.                tion of world government.               ers. Mrs. Jessie Rittenhouse Scol-
Dr. Nathan C. Starr, of the Rollins                                                                                   lard, president of the Women's Re-
faculty.                               Many parties are being arranged                                                publican Club which has merged
                                                                              REPUBLICAN CLUB                         with the present Republican Club,
  Miss Matilda Campbell and Mrs, to enjoy the Garden Tour of three            HEARS CANDIDATES                        was a prominent figure at the meet-
Alan Calvert, of 1150 Via Salerno, Maitland gardens next Monday,                Winter Park Republicans held an       ing.
entertained with a delightful tea on March 15. The Maitland Circle of         enthusiastic rally at the Woman's
Wednesday in honor of Miss Jane the Winter Park Garden Club which             Club Wednesday evening. Organi-
Stone and Miss Ethel Bamford, of has charge of the event, is com-                                                       Organ Vespers will be resumed
Lynn, Mass., •who are the house- pleting its preparations for the tour        zation plans were adopted follow-       next Wednesday at Knowles Me-
guests of Miss Anne Kyle and Miss which will be from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m.        ing speeches by Messrs. A. J, Pe-       morial Chapel when Dr. Herman
Lydia Rometsch, of Via Tuscany. Gardens to be visited will be those           terson and M. J. Moss, candidates       F. Siewer't will present as soloist,
  Roses, snapdragons and a variety of the Dommerich and Fownes es-            for Congress. Both speakers ex-         Miss Elinor Voorhis, of Orlando, a
of colorful spring flowers, many of tates and the Research Studio.            pressed the belief that present po-     voice student at Rollins.
them being gifts from their friends, Tickets may be secured at the
were used effectively through the Bookery in Winter Park at $1 per
house.                               person, the proceeds to be fpr the
  Presiding over the tea were benefit of the Maitland library. For
Mrs. Edwin S. Fownes and Mrs.        those who desire transportation                    Dr. Edwin Mims' "The Christ of the Poets"
Oliver K. Eaton, who were assisted cars will be in readiness at the                             Order Autographed first editions Now
by Miss Rometsch, Miss Kyle, Miss Woman's Club at 2:15 p.m.
Louise Prouty and Miss Ethel Sa-       Assisting Mrs. Daniel J. Cogan,                        THE SANDSPUR BOOKSHOP
very.                                chairman of the event, are the fol-
  Mrs. Henry M. Edmonds, of Hen- lowing who will act as hostesses:
kle Circle, has as a guest, Mrs. Mesdames J. D. deFries, Norman
James Wilson, of Louisville, Ky. deForrest, Clarence Cubbedge, C.
Dr. Edmonds is arriving on the W. Walters, I. B. Burton, T. P.
20th to take his wife back to Bir- Warlow, Jr., E. Macmeanomay,
mingham after a two-months' stay. Alvin Stover, Robert Bradford,                          DEADLINE IS MARCH 15TH
He will speak at a meeting of the Kenneth N. McPherson, Edgar
University Club at that time,        Thurmond, Kenneth Wacker, M.                                                For
  Mrs. Willis F. Washburn enter- Hull, Webber Haines, J. M. Harris,
tained at a small luncheon at The W. L. Norman, O. L. Home, R. I.
Hearthstone Saturday to honor Mrs. Raiman, Mrs F, Goodwin, Mrs.                    Renewing present membership subscriptions to the
Harold E. Edgar, of New York, a John R. Keen, Mrs. R. J. Bundy,
guest at The Alabama,                Mrs. Harry P, Bonties, Mrs. E. T.
  Mrs. William Williams is enter- Haines, Miss Anna B. Treat, Miss
taining at a tea this Sunday at her Stella Waterhouse.
                                                                                  Central Florida Civic Music Association
home on Osceola Avenue.                Several ladies from the local
  Dr. and Mrs, Russell W. Ramsey, Catholic Woman's Club attended a
                                     Deanery meeting at New Smyrna                All subscribers who wish to retain their membership
                                     Beach on Tuesday. Mrs. S. Carle                in the Central Florida Civic Music Association and
      THE TOWNE SHOP                 Cooling, president of the club, spoke
      Children's Specialty and       on the activities of the group here            thereby enjoy the famous musical attractions which
              lingerie               and what they are accomplishing.
                                                                                    it will bring to Orlando for the season of 1948-49
       Mrs. George B. Cornell           DP. CONSTABLE ASKS
   Phono 658, 250 Park Avenue North                                                 should not fail to send in their subscription checks,
          Winter Pnrk, Fla.                 (Continued from Page 1)
                                      when the power of the state is in-            $6.00 for each person, on or before Monday, March
                                      creased? This can only be done by             15th.
                                      a marked heightening of the public
                                      morale of our, relationship to the
                                      state and this must be accompan-            Beginning Tuesday, March 16th, new applications for
    Planned Income                    ied by a raising of the present low
                                                                                    membership will be given equal rank in order re-
                                      standard of political intelligence.
        Program                          The State must cease to be re-             ceived with those of former subscribers.
                                      garded as it now is by the extrem-
     CURRENT YIELD                    ist? as a necessary evil or as a god.
                                      We must create a higher ideal of            The Association wishes to give present members ample
           51/2% t o 6%               the state as the helper of us all and
                                      of the rights and responsibilities
                                                                                    time to renew but also welcome newcomers as far
                                      which this conception demands.                as the limitations of the Municipal Auditorium seat-
      Stan Comstock                                                                 ing capacity permit.
     Investment Securities                 For vertical filing,
                                           visable filing
       705 Lake Davis Drive                and
            Phone 6805                     all types of card files                           Send your applications and check to
            ORLANDO                        always
                                           be sure
                                           to                                                   WALTER C. LEE, Secretary
              Representing                 check with george stuart                        314 East Livingston Ave., Orlando, Fla.
       T. Nelson O'Rourkc, Inc.,        phone 8158         13 south main
          Dnytona Beach, Fla.
                                                 orlando, florida
Page Six                                           WINTER PARK TOPICS, FRIDAY, MARCH 12, 1948
     BACH FESTIVAL                       Miss Summers was favored with
                                         four of the most beautiful of
      (Continued from Page 1)            Bach's arias and in all she sang as
in tonal resource, the Festival          in past seasons with the mellow           ELECTRIC AND GAS APPLIANCES
Chorus was notably more sensitive        quality and expressiveness which
to light and shade under the baton       have made her outstanding. Espe-
of Dr. Christopher 0. Honaas. Its        cially effective was the "Qui sedes"
resonant clarity, excellent intona-      to. which Miss Summers sang with                         For Both Home and Business
tion and precision in attack and         Miss Wann playing the oboe
release made possible impressive         d'amore—an instrument of unusu-                      Complete Modern Kitchen Cabinets
voicing of the chorus numbers.           ally beautiful timbre. Mr. Edward
Outstanding were the resilient free-     Bernard, first violinist, taking the                                and Sinks
dom of the "Take' what thine is and      place of Alphonse Carlo, who was
go thy way' '—an example of Bach's       unable to take part in the Festival
more lively mood; the finely mold-       because of illness, contributed an
ed balance of the Chorales; the
warmth of feeling In the final cho-
                                         excellent obligato for Miss Sum-
                                         mers' lovely ''Agnus Dei."
                                                                                           WALTER J. WILCOX, Inc*
rus of St. Matthew's Passion, "In           Mr, Haugh and Mr. Edkins were
deepest grief," in which, the majes-     especially effective in the "St.          61 E. Robinson, Orlando, opp. Post Office, Tel. 2-3751
tic volume of tone was restrained        Matthew Pasion" excerpts, the
and deeply expressive. Parts of the      former as the narrator and the lat-                Oldest Westinghouse dealer in Central Florida
Cantata and the Motet sung by the        ter as Jesus. Their diction was ex-
Rollins Chapel Choir alone, which        ceptional and their rich vocal ex-
had the benefit of more intensive        pression of the dramatic scene of                           Service and Sales Since 1936
rehearsal, were marked with fine         the Last Supper one of the high-
balance and shading.                     lights of the Festival, leading to
    The Chorus showed marked im-         the wish that they might both be
provement over previous years in         heard in a full performance of the     Attendance at the Bach Festival
the "Mass in B Minor" on Friday          St. Matthew's Passion. Mr. Haugh is reserved for those who partici-
 afternoon and evening. There was        displayed a voice of heroic timbre pate by becoming sponsors, as no          UNIVERSAL
more certainty in the parts in these     in the "Benedictus" in the Mass, tickets are sold at the door of the
difficult choruses which made it         giving great breadth and power to Chapel. For information address the        CLEANERS
 possible for Dr. Honaas to carry        the aria. Mr. Edkins was at his Bach Festival Society, P. O. Box
through broader phrasing and the         best in the aria "Et in Spiritum 45, Winter Park, Fla.                         The Pioneer Cleaners of
 achievement of thrilling climaxes       Sanctum" in which his resonant
 especially in the "Gloria" and          basso cantante delivered its rolling
                                                                                Subscribe to Winter Park Topics,               Winter Park
 ''Cum Sanctu Spiritu"—in which          phrases with distinction, accom-                                               F. A. HASENKAMP, Prop.
 numbers the trumpets played by          panied by Miss Wann on the oboe            FULLER BRUSHES
                                         d'amore.                                                                             131 W. Park Ave.
 Kobert Landholt and Armando Ghi-                                               31 W. Steele St. Orlando, Fla.
 talla heightened the effects bril-         Dr. Herman F. Siewert, distin-                                                        Phone 197
 liantly. There was an ethereal pi-      guished organist of the Knowles                 Telephone 4812
 anissimo in the "Et incarnatus                                                                                            A Particular Place for
                                         Memorial Chapel, played for the                H. R. TAYLOR                          Particular People
 esS"; the "Cruciflxus" subdued and       "Mass" and Louise George Touhy
 compassionate, and the change to                                                    Agent for Winter Park
                                         for the Thursday program. Mrs.
 the joyous "Et Resurrexit" was          Katherine Carlo played the piano
 electric. Again the "Sanctus' in-        accompaniments. Visiting instru-
 spired the chorus to its most im-       mentalists engaged for the Festival      Jas. Gamble Rogers II
 pressive effort, the upper voices       included Edward Bernard, violin-                                                 Thompson-Reeves
 suggesting through their long                                                     Architects -: - Engineers
 phrases in triplets the rise and fall
                                         ist; William Druckenmiller and
                                                                                      Building Consultants                      JEWELERS
                                         Byron Hester, flutists; Lois Wann                                               Expert Watch and Jewelry
 of angels' wings. Majesty of divini-     and Konstantin Epp, oboists; Rob-       POST OFFICE BUILDING
 ty was expressed by the basses in        ert Landholt and Armando Ghltal-                                                        Repairing
 their 'descending octaves singing                                                   WINTER PARK, FLA.                        346 Park Ave. S.
                                          la, trumpeters, of New York, and
 "Sanctus." The ''Mass" closed with       Gerhard Haft, cellist, of Miami.
 a broadly phrased, earnest voicing          The Festival was concluded on
 of the "Dona nobis pacem," a             Saturday morning with a soecia,!                                                THE CLOSET SHOP
 prayer for peace.
    The quartet, Ruth Diehl, soprano;
                                         prog-ram of the "Mass in B Minor,"
                                         with cuts, for college students from
                                                                                    Steven's Auto                         1319 N. Orange, Orlando
                                                                                                                               Telephone 3-1303
 Lydia Summers .contralto; Harold
 Haugh, tenor, and J. Alden Edkins,
                                          Florida colleges. All of the soloists
                                          and instrumentalists took nart in
                                                                                       Service                         Let us help you with your
 bass, had the benefit of excellent       an inspiring performance. In ppite       15 Years in, Winter Park                  storage problems—
 obligati for their solo numbers.         of the unfavorable weather all nf      641 Orange Ave. - Tel. 848              Garment bags, storeaway
 One of the finest details of the         the colleges which had accepted                                                   boxes, drawer chests
 Festival was the ensemble of Miss        sent, groups of students. Institu-
 Diehl and the two oboists, Lois          tions represented were: Rollins
 Wann and Konstantin Epp, in the          College, Florida Southern, John B.             Winter Park Insurance Agency
 recitative, "Although both heart         Stetson University, University of
 and eyes o'erflow," one of Bach's        Florida, University of Miami, Jack-                        GENERAL INSURANCE
 most poignant passages. Miss Diehl       sonville College of Music, Palm          Fire, Automobile, Personal Liability, Burglary. Special policies
 sang the aria, "Lord to Thee my          Beach Junior College, Orlando Jun-       to fit individual needs. Consult our agency for your insurance
 heart I proffer," with mastery of        ior College. Jacksonville Junior                                    problems.
 vocal line and fine musicianship.        College and University of Tampa.         128 Park Ave. S.                                 Telephone 655

     See the "Venice of America"—Winter Park
                                    Thru 4 Lakes and Canals.

     Scenic Boat Tours              Boats leave about every 30
                                    minutes from dock at foot of
                                    Mors'e Blvd.
          Charter Trips Arranged—Phone 424-W, Winter Park
                                                                                         Keep the Red Cross on the Job
                                                                                   Every year the American people are asked to con-
                                                                                     tribute to the support of the Red Cross. Every year
                                                                                     this great organization shows that it is worth every
                  ECHOLS BEDDING CO.                                                 cent that the public contribute. In flood, fire, clisas-
               "Quality Bedding Manufacturers Since 1920"                            ter and the more commonplace emergencies of the
                 Visit Our Display Rooms Or Call Us For                              people the Red Cross is our efficient agent for re-
                      "The Best In Bedding"                                          lieving distress. Now is the time to give your dona-
               Innerspring Mattresses—Box Springs                                    tion so that the work can continue.
                  Hollywood Beds—Bahama Beds
                   Direct From Factory to You
               We Eenovate All Types of Mattresses
    Orlando—Winter Park                 1111 N. Orlando Avenue                      FLORIDA POWER CORPORATION
                   Just South of the Underpass
    P. O. Box 787—Orlando                  Tel. Winter Park 718
                                                WINTER PARK TOPICS, FRIDAY, MARCH 12, 1948                                                  Page Seven
   Mrs. Charles H, MacDowell was
chosen president for her second
term at the annual meeting of the
Woman's Club, and all other offi-
cers were also re-elected, including:                  Famous for fine food, served in an atmosphere of beauty and charm
Mrs, Robert R. Johnson, Mrs. Hen-
ry Chamberlain, Mrs, Blossom.                 Beautiful Dinner Parties and Luncheon Parties, any size. Sunday noon through
Taylor, vice-presidents; Miss Hope
Vincent, treasurer; Miss Hulda                                               Friday Noon.
Halley, corresponding secretary;
Miss Mary Knapp, recording sec-                                 Also High Teas, Coffees and Receptions
   A new high of 576 in club mem-                        473 So. Orange Avenue                                         Dial 2-0883
bership was reached this year, of
whom 131 were new members. The
club's programs have been greatly        the Rollins College Alumni Room.     tor.                                    Baritone: (1) Where'er You Walk,
expanded under the various de-             The program includes sociabili-      Soprano: (1) My Heart Ever          Handel; (2) Eri Tu (from The
partments of Community Service,          ty, a few business items, report     Faithful, Bach; (2) O Lovely Night,   Masked Ball), Verdi — Michael
Literature and Drama, American           from a club author, and a showing    Ronald — Hazel Darlington Yar-        Malis.
Home, Music and Art.                     of about 50 kodachroiiie slides of   brough.                                 Choir: Sanctus (St. Cecilia Mass),
   The president's report for the        the Oberlin campus and vicinity.       Choir: Psalm 150, Franck—Wal-       Gounod—Walter Chambury, Direc-
club-year showed that the club-             Graduates and former students,    ter Charmbury, Director.              tor.
house is being used with greater         their parents and near relative^,      Organ Offertory — Eleanor Hof-        There will be no admission
frequency by outside groups and          and citizens of Oberlin are urged    bauer.                                charge but an offering will be re-
rentals brought in over $1600, which     to reserve an hour and a half for      Mezzo Soprano: (1) Calm as the      ceived for the Choir Fund.
is used in the club's philanthropic      this happy occasion. "Come one,      Night, Bohm; (2) Ah, Love But a
projects. The clubhouse was used                                                                                       After reading your copy of Winter
                                         come all"                            Day, Beach—Betty Anne Newton.         I'ark Topics send- it to your friends
more than 120 times by outside                                                  Piano: Fantasie Impromptu, Cho-
groups.                                                                                                             up North, jt will save writing a long
                                        BAZAAR AND BAKE SALE                  pin—Joanne Byrd.                      Utter.
   Three young women are attend-        AT IDEAL WOMEN'S CLUB
ing college this year under the           There will be a bazaar and bake
scholarship-loan plan, one at Rol-      sale Thursday, Friday and Satur-
lins, one at Tallahassee and one at     day of this week at the Ideal Wom-        Annie Russell Theatre                          Rollins College
Tuskegee Institute.                     en's Club, corner of Pennsylvania
   Over $4,000 has been spent on        and West- Morse Boulevard, 3 to 11
the club kitchen to make it more        p.m. This is sponsored by the Ben-           SPECIAL BENEFIT PRODUCTION
serviceable to the community. The       evolent Club, the same group of
grounds are undergoing extensive        Negro men and women that raised                    "THE MAN WITH THE IRON FANG"
landscaping and the Winter Park         $1200 toward the new Negro Health
Garden Club will have a Memorial                                                                (or "Skinlock Bones on the Spot")
                                        and Dental Center. They are now
Garden on the south lawn.               earning money for a convalescent                      Exciting, Suspenseful Mellow-Drammer!
                                        homo, which is badly needed in                          BY WINIFRED GWYN-JEFFREYS
COMMUNITY FUND                          their community. Everyone who
REPORTS $16,265.52                      has attended the suppers the Ben-                        STAGED BY HOWARD BAILEY
   A meeting of the Board of Direc-     evolent Club puts on at the Ideal                      All star Cast!! Hilarious Entr'actes!!
tors of the Winter Park Community       Women's Club knows what good
Fund was held in the Congrega-          cook"? they are, and the bazaar and            Thursday, Friday, Saturday, March 18, 19, 20
tional Church parlors, Dr. Louis        bake sale is expected to attract a                              8:15 P.M.
Schulz, president of the group, pre-    crowd,
siding. Reports were read on the                                                        Prices (including tax): Orchestra and Loges, $1,80;
Drive, and the possible relations          Annual Choir Concert                                         Entire Balcony, $1.20
of the Winter Park Community
Fund to the National Chest were           An evening of music will be pre-
                                        sented by members of the choirs             Address mail orders now to Box 37, Rollins College. Enclose
discussed. The treasurer's latest                                                 check and self-addressed stamped envelope.
figures on the Drive were $16,-         of the Congregational Christian
265.52. It was a very happy meet-       Church of Winter Park, Florida, on
                                        March 16 at 8 o'clock.                      Theatre box office open beginning March 15 — 9:30-12:30 a.m.
ing, at which the Winter Park pub-                                                an 2-5 p.m.
lic got most of the praise.               The program is as follows:
                                          Organ: Andante C a n t a b i l e
                                        (Fourth Organ Symphony) Widor,              Reservations in Orlando from EDNA PAUL, Mezzanine, San
OBERLIN COLLEGE ALUMNI                  —Eleanor Hofbauer.                        Juan Hotel. Phone Orlando 5366.
  The annual get-together of the          Junior Choir: (1) The Children's
Winter Park branch of the Oberlin       Prayer (Hansel and Gretel) Hump-               Coming: "THE BARRETS OF WIMPOLE STREET"
College Alumni Club is scheduled        erdinck; (2) Gracious Saviour,
for Sunday, March 14, 3:30 p.m. in      Gluck—Betty Anne Newton, Direc-

       RAY GREENE                       WILLIAM H. WINDOM                                                                  TEA ROOM
                                     General Insurance                                                                    Luncheon - 12 to 3
           Real Estate                                                                                                      334 Park Ave.
            Office Greeneda Court — Opp. Railroad Station                                                                  WINTER PARK
                                                                                                                              Phone 555
             WINTER PARK        -:-  TELEPHONE 620                                                                        Under New Management

                     RUSSELL L. FULLER                                                    ELY INSURANCE AGENCY
       Mimeographing — Multigraphing — Addressing                                               Dependable Companies
        1434 Sunset Drive                         Telephone 203-W                 150 Park Ave. S.                                    Phone 687

  Have your Upholstery & Rugs
  DURACLEANED                                       ORLANDO TRAVEL AGENCY
  Duracleaming revives colors.                                                 Authorized BondedfAgents
  Enlivens pile. Cleans safely
      Use again same day                          AIR & STEAMSHIP                       118 E. Central                         TOURS
    Orlando Duracleaners                              TICKETS                             Phone 8393                        AND CRUISES
  716 Franklin St. Phone 3-1333                                                         Orlando, Fla.
Page Eight                                           WINTER PARK TOPICS, FRIDAY, MARCH 12, 1948
       (Continued from Page 1)              OF UNIVERSITY CLUB                        DE. CLARENCE CARTER NICE                 C. CARTER NICE, JR.
mon and Miss Ethel Enyart, who
will pour; Mesdames A. S. Wick-             The University Club of Winter                      Concert Mgr.                         Artist Mgr.
ham, Henry Reed Burch, A. B.             Park at its annual meeting last
Morgan, W. W. Nelson, Verdery            Saturday evening chose Mr. Oliver
Clark, Blossom Taylor, Donald Al-        Knight Eaton as its president for
                                         the year 1948-49, succeeding in that
len, Mildred Pelzer, Sophia Parsons,
Willard Wattles, Roy Verdery and         office Prof. Russell P. Jameson on           Minor and Major Concert Productions
Miss Mary Knapp. Mrs. Charles            May 1st.
MacDowell, president of the Wom-           Other officers elected were: Wil-                                    Presents
an's Club, Dr. Hamilton Holt and         liam E. Stark, secretary; Henry
Dr. and Mrs. Opdyke will receive         Schenck, treasurer; Oliver P.
                                         Me'dsger, first vice-president and
and introduce the artist, Mr. Ad-
ams.                                     program chairman; Clarence M.
                                         Day, second vice-president and
                                                                                            The Detroit Symphony
   This group of paintings has been      chairman of the house committee;
described as "portraits" of tropi-                                                                            (90 Musicians)
                                         Robert A. Budington, third vice-
cal fruits, their blossoms and           president and chairman of memo-
 leaves, in actual size and color, and
 is being done by Mr. Adams as a
                                         rials committee; Paul S. Peirce,
                                         fourth vice-president and chairman
                                                                                                 Wed., March 31, 8:30 P.M.
series of some 200 pictures, with a      of membership committee.
view to acquainting peoples of oth-         Mr. Eaton is comparatively a
 er sections of the nation and the       newcomer to Winter Park, purchas-                   ORLANDO MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM
world, with the beauty and value of      ing the former Annie Russell resi-
these fruits. He has worked under        dence on Via Tuscany two years
the direction of Dr, David Fairchild,    ago. He is a retired lawyer and
president emeritus of the Fairchild      educator. The son of a minister, he                             All Reserved Seats:
Tropical Gardens, Coral Gables.          is a native of Brownsville, Pa., a
   Lee Adams is a native of Man-         graduate of Alleghany College. In
                                                                                             $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, $2.50, $3.00, Plus Tax
darin, Florida, graduated from           his law practice, Eaton specialized
 Julia Landon High School, Jack-         in trial cases, particularly those of             Tickets Available Now at Associated Music Store
 sonville, in '41, as a highest rank-    a civil nature. For a time he rep-
 ing student, attended Emory Uni-        resented the Pennsylvania Senate                          143 N. Orange Ave., Phone 3-2253
 versity one year, graduated from        Committee dealing with remedial
 Rollins in '45 with honors. He has      legislation regarding utilities, and
 been a member of Audubon Society        also appeared before the U. S. Sen-      Shakespeare on Saturday, March        art?' 1 will be the subject of a talk
 since childhood, spending his sum-      ate Commerce Committee on re-            13, at 11 a.m. in the Parish House    by Mrs. Josepha Whitney at the
mers collecting and painting plants      medial coal legislation.                 of All Saints' Church, Lyman Ave.     Woman's Club this afternoon, 3
 and flowers.                              He was Professor of Criminal              ''The Tempest" is the play to be   p.m. Mrs. Whitney is an artist of
                                         Law at Duquesne University, Pitts-       discussed and read in part. On        note and a number of her paintings
ADMIRAL ZACHARIAS TO                     burgh, and also served for 15 years      Saturday, March 20, Mrs. Holbrook     will be on exhibition. She will also
                                         as chairman of the Athletic Advis-       will take up "As You Like It," and    present some interesting non-ob-
  BRING NAVY'S VIEW                      ory Committee of Duquesne.               on the 27th, "The Merchant of Ven-    jective works by Boris Margo who
   The 1947-48 season of the Town          Eaton also served as a member          ice."                                 recently exhibited at the Research
Hall Series is drawing to a close.       of the Board of Education, Pitts-           "What is there in non-objective    Studio.
 On Tuesday evening, March 23, a         burgh, working for and helping in-
very successful climax will be           stall new business system.
 reached when Dorothy Lookhart             Mr. Baton recently gave a very
presents Rear Admiral Ellis Zach-        interesting talk on the co-oper-
 arias, who will speak on "Secret        atives and social democrats of
Missions: Past and Future Securi-
 ty," in the Winter Park High
                                         Scandinavia in the Monday night
                                         Community Series at the Congre-              THE VALUE of a REPUTATION
School. Auditorium at 8:15 p.m.          gational Church.
   With a background of a quarter          The University Club's large new
of a century of naval intelligence       clubhouse at the intersection of
work, Admiral Zacharias was emi-         Park and Webster Aves., is rapidly
nently qualified for the important       nearing completion and although              Milk is so easily put on the table, so nourishing and
psychological warfare work in            it was originally expected to be
which he was engaged during the          ready by summer, the club may                 enjoyable by grown folk and children that too many-
closing phases of the war.               be able to hold some of this sea-
   His expert knowledge of the Jap-      son's meetings there.                         take it for granted and do not appreciate the very
anese enabled Zacharias to fore-                                                       elaborate scientific and industrial preparation be-
cast—with pinpoint -accuracy, as         MRS. CHARLES F. SCHMIDT
events proved—that the Japanese            The death of Mrs. Charles P.                hind every glass of it.
would open hostilities with an air       Schmidt occurred last week at her
attack on our fleet without any dec-     home here just a short time after
laration of war "on a week-end and       her arrival from Briarcliff Manor,           The surest protection for the consumer lies in the
probably on a Sunday morning" by         N. Y., where she had been since
launching planes from carriers.          fall. Her home was at Pleasant-                reputation of the dairy that produces and-delivers
   During the war Admiral Zach-          ville, N. Y,
arias commanded the heavy cruiser          Mrs. Schmidt, 77, was before her             the milk.
Salt Lake City and led his ship on       marriage, Ella Steinway, daughter
the famous Tokyo-bound trip to           of Albert Steinway, founder of the
"Shangri-la." He was awarded the         Steinway Piano Company, and with             The reputation of DATSON DAIRIES has been built
commendation ribbon for his "bold        her late husband came to Winter                 up in Orlando and Winter Park by supplying the
and effective handling of the Salt       Park in 1937 and built their lovely
Lake City in. action." He has also       home on Palmer Avenue.                          public with the best quality of milk. DATSON
been decorated three times with            A nephew, Mr. Charles GreefE,
the Legion of Merit for exception-       arrived from New York and made                  DAIRIES has taken the lead in the adoption of the
ally meritorious conduct in the per.     arrangements for funeral services
formance of outstanding- service         in that city.                                   latest and most approved methods of production
and was recommended by three                                                           • and distribution.
war Admirals under whom he                 Mrs. Pinckney Holbrook is to give
served for promotion to flag rank,       the third in her series of five infor-
that of Rear Admiral.                    mal talks on the love-dramas of
                                                                                      Our list of customers grows every year. Ask any of
                                                                                       them if you want to know about DATSON'S Milk.
            CRAIGMYLE, PINNEY & CO.
                  Members New York Stock Exchange
                  Members New York Curb Exchange
    126 E. Morse Blva.                                     Winter Park
                                                                                         DATSON DAIRIES, Inc.
                             Telephone 966                                               Telephone 646—Winter Park                 9835—Orlando
    B. W. Rising, Jr., Mgr.                     James D. Colt, II, Kep.

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