San Diego State cogen tour by yaofenjin


									                                                          July 2004

                                         San Diego State cogen tour
                                               Housed in a 15,000 square foot former garage
2    -   President’s message
                                         beside the Physical Plant main offices, two Solar
3    -   Program for success             Turbine Taurus 60 turbines produce a combined 14
4    -   Student membership value        megawatts of energy, more than enough to power
5    -   Microsleep detector             the campus’ peak load of 12 megawatts.
                                               “In layman’s terms, the cogeneration plant
6    -   Spotlight on Cal Poly
                                         produces enough energy at any given point to
7    -   Reading, ‘riting and robotics   power around 12,000 homes,” said Bill Lekas,
         Water projects approved         administrative analyst. “Not only does the campus
8    -   Section news                    produce its own power, we even generate extra that
         EPA opens S.Cal office          could be sold.” Physical Plant is exploring avenues
                                         to supply power to the grid on a surplus basis.
9    -   Regional events
                                               The steam produced by the turbines is used to
         PE exam review class
                                         heat and cool and generate electricity for 55 to 60
10   -   Energy and power news           major buildings on campus, residence halls, out-
                                         door lighting and parking lots. Cogeneration in            Bill Lekas of SDSU by the steam turbine.
11   -   What is ISA?
                                                                                                    Photo courtesy SDSU Universe.
12   -   Industrial networking           simple terms is using one fuel source for multiple
                                         jobs. The campus does buy a relatively small amount
13   -   Refinery & oil field news        of power for some housing not on the campus grid.
14   -   Job Shop                              After awarding the design and build contract to University Mechanical in February 2000 the
15   -   Software safety development     cogeneration plant became fully operational in January 2003, and now augments the local power
                                         grid to serve the new Aztec Athletic Center, Cuicacalli residence halls and all other existing and
                                         projected campus buildings.
                                               The university formerly bought 5 million kilowatt hours (kwh) per month - at the current
PE Review Class... Last chance           rate of 16 cents per kwh that would translate to a monthly power bill of $800,000. The current
to sign up. Please see page 9...         cogeneration plant gives San Diego State the ability to produce power at a lower price, producing
                                         net savings to the University.
Education is the theme of the                  The cost to produce power depends on the cost of the gas used to run the turbines. As gas
July issue. Please support and           prices fall, the savings grow even larger. Savings initially used to pay back the loan to build the
encourage your local science and         new plant will eventually benefit the university in many other ways.
engineering students by supporting       This article was written by Colleen DeLory, SDSUniverse, a news Web site for the faculty and
the section!                             staff of San Diego State University, published by Marketing & Communications, Div of Univer-
                                         sity Advancement. The entire article and more is at

                                         Location:      Combined Cycle Cogen Facility          Date:     Tuesday, July 20 at 5pm
                                                        Physical Plant                                   RSVP is required for this tour
                                                        San Diego State University
                                         IMPORTANT! There is no public parking at the cogen. To attend, you MUST contact Chris
                                         Freeman to arrange for carpooling. Email preferred or (858) 483-5673. Bring
                                         eye and hearing protection if you have them.
                                         Directions: SDSU is located off I-8, 4 miles east of I-805 at College Avenue exit. Physical plant
“Success is the ability to go            is located at the northeast corner of the campus. For campus maps and directions, please see
 from one failure to another    (See map on page 2.)
 with enthusiasm.”                       More details will be sent via the section email list, and posted at the San Diego Section website,
          -- Winston Churchill 
San Diego Section
Officers 2003-2004                                             State of the Section                                    By Bob Meijer, Section President
Bob Meijer
                                                                                                PLC’s are now available as single chips; 24 bit A/Ds can be had for
Major Monitors, (619) 602-7250                                                                under ten bucks and “flash drives,” costing less than $50 and no bigger
                                                                                          than a pen, can hold more data than 20 standard 3.5 inch disks. These
President-Elect & Delegate                                                                advances in electronics are matched by comparable ones in materials,
David Neuschuler                                                                          genomics, communications, navigation an much more.
Teledyne API, (858) 657-9800                                                                        One measure of the importance of these innovations is in how much
                                                                                          they reduce the cost of life’s wants and needs. Digital cameras let you
Secretary                                                                                 take and distribute pictures much more easily and economically than
Andrew Postert
                                                                                          with film and paper; voice over internet enables essentially free phone
Hinz Automation Inc., (760) 930-4000
                                                                                          calls; government web sites provide “free” access to patents and other
                                                                                          public documents. In each of these cases, the old giving way to the new
Treasurer & Past-President                                     serves to the benefit of the public This isn’t a very good time to be in the business of selling
Floyd Standing Warrior                                         photographic film & paper, wired telephone service or copies of U.S. patents!
Lakota Engineered Systems, (858) 748-3980                                   There do seem to be some odd exceptions — where there are actually net price increases.
                                                               Striking examples are energy, education, medical care and (in San Diego) water. Perhaps the
Member-at-Large                                                barriers to advancement in these fields are other than technical or perhaps there’s not the
Chris Freeman                                                  necessary R&D to achieve the breakthroughs seen in other fields. I know we have ISA engineers
BK Automation Services, (619) 507-7295
                                                               in this Section working in energy, education, medical care and water ‘n waste. Let me know your
                                                               thoughts on why you think prices in these industries continue to increase faster than inflation —
Member-at-Large                                                and the breakthroughs you think will be needed to change the trend. I’ll publish your answers in
Ray Herrera                                                    the next Signal.
CFM San Diego, (760) 434-8829
Membership Chair
Gary Stromfeld
                                                               San Diego State
JANGAR Measurement Systems                                     Univeristy Cogen
(858) 679-1165,
Program Chair
                                                               Facility Tour
David Neuschuler
Teledyne API, (858) 657-9800                                   Due to limited parking in the                                       cogen area, it is important to
                                                               conact Chris Freeman to arrange
Student Section Liason
                                                               for carpooling prior to the tour.
David Neuschuler
Teledyne API, (858) 657-9800                                       Also, if you have ear and eye
                                                               protection, please bring it with you.
Ray Herrera
                                                               Plan on meeting at a nearby
CFM San Diego, (760) 434-8829                                             restaurant after the tour for
                                                               dinner or snacks. For cost, if any,
District 11 Vice President                                      and other details, watch your email
Raj Adani                                                      and check the section website.
Caltrol, (626) 852-3507                                                                                                                   Map from
ISA Staff Contact
                                                               Open offices:
Dalton Wilson
ISA, (919) 990-9280                                            Arrangements Chair                                                Education Chair                                      Signal Your Market
                                                               Exhibits Chair
Newsletter & Directory Editor
                                                               Program Chair
John Prince
                                                               Publicity Chair
Analyzer Products Group
                                                               Honors & Awards Chair                               The ISA newsletter and
(714) 968-5501,
                                                               Standards & Practices Chair                         directory carry your message
                                                                                                                   directly to the instrumentation
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 2                                                           ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11                                    July 2004

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