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					            Staying Connected with the Capital City Scribes

February 2009                                                 Austin, Texas

                   Remember: February General Meeting on Thursday the 12th !!!!!
                              Location: Red Bud Center, Room 108N
                                                                       Calendar at a glance
         February General Meeting
                                                                       February 12.....................................Board Meeting
          Thursday, February 12th
                                                                       Thursday, February 12.............General Meeting
                        New Date !!!
                                                                       February 18...........................................Study Group
         Red Bud Center, Room 108N                                     March 7 & 8,....................................Victoria Pittman
                   3601 Lake Austin Blvd                                                                     Metal Collage, M a j o r
                        Free parking in lot                            March 15......................................Exhibit Pieces Due
         6:30 pm Refreshments and Social                               April 2...................................................Guild Exhibit
           7-9 pm Meeting and Program                                                                         Wally Workman Gallery

                   Be on Time!!!!!!
                 Doors open at 6 pm
                Doors will lock at 7 pm

                        2008-09 Board of Directors
    Guild Coordinators (* Positions available May 2009)
    President: *             Alison Hanks           479-6266

    Vice President: *        Trish Taylor            251-9545
                                                                                577-9526 (c)           A non-profit organization dedicated
                                                                                                       to sharing in the appreciation of, and
    Treasurer: *             Andrea Galbraith              246-2475               providing education in, the art of cal-
    Secretary: *             Teresa Bemis                 335-8505
                                                                                                       Fostering both community and per-
    Corresponding Secy: * Teri Gaus                   458-5496               sonal growth through the art of
                                                                                                       beautiful writing, CCS is open to all
                                                                                                       who believe in its purpose.
    Committee Volunteers
                                                                                                       P.O. Box 5427
    Major Workshops: *       Loretta Gordon           260-8410               Austin, Texas 78763
    Mini Workshops: *        Jennifer Phillips              288-3271
                             Brian Mantz            469-2923               Annual dues: $25

                                                                                                       Monthly General Meetings are the
    Membership: *            Sandy Odom 282-1784                      second Tuesday of each month,
                                                                                                       September through May.
    Exhibits:                Kate Bergquist          476-1869
                                                                                                       6:30 pm Refreshment and social
    Publicity: *             (Position open)                                                           7-9 pm Meeting and Program
                                                                                                       Study Group meets on the third
    Library:                 Teri Gaus                458-5496
                                                                                                       Wednesday of each month year-
    Website/Email Distrib: Trish Taylor            251-9545               round. 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
                                                                                577-9526 (c)           Newsletter articles for the next
                                                                                                       issue are due to Linda Stiefler by
    Newsletter: *            Linda Stiefler            261-5761               the Friday after the General
    NES: *                   Teresa Bemis                 335-8505
                             Paula Webb          327-7486

2                                                                                                                                February 2009
                              President’s Pen 
                                          always like the February 12th meeting- nothing gets me in a better

                              I           mood than hearts, red and white colors, romance, Valentine’s Day
                                          sentiments and the chance to make cards. No pressure, just fun and
                              free artistic creativity, probably last truly felt in second grade. I hope to see lots
                              of you there ready to make cards. They will later be donated to a worthy cause.
                              We had a terrific showing last month of all the “Wednesday Study Group”
                              pieces. I am still staggered by the technical ability combined with the diverse
                              imaginative creations- and I’ve seen all of these works before and they still
                              appeared fresh and inspiring.
                              Thanks to JILL SALWEN for collecting, matching up and correctly labeling all
                              the pieces. This must have been the calligraphic version of a logic puzzle from
                              hell — “If sixteen participants each contribute sixteen pieces over a year and a
                              half, with a theme and color assigned to each month, and they all get turned in
                              nolens volens (“willy-nilly”) — how long does it take to drive the organizer
                              completely bonkers?” Well, logic did prevail and they were beautifully present -
                              See you February 12th!
                              Happy lettering,
                              Alison Hanks


                         Happy FEBRuary Birthday
                To the following CCS members:

                             Trecia Roberts          2-8
                             Alison Hanks            2-11
                             Lisa Belli              2-16
                             Sue Costa               2-23
                             Kate Bergquist          2-26
                             Dee Day                 2-26

                      Make someone’s day...........send a card !

February 2009                                                                                                          3
AND THE WINNER IS…..                                        It’s time for the 2009 Graceful
TRISH TAYLOR was the lucky winner of the $50                Envelope Contest!
Paper and Ink Gift Certificate drawing for paying her
dues early! It was quite funny, actually! At the meet-
ing, Sandy held up the bag to choose a winner and           This year’s theme is Address the Environment. Think
asked Trish to draw a name….. she first pulled out          green with all the colors of the rainbow! Focus on flora
“Lori Perry”, but since you had to be present to win        or fauna, accentuate the air, highlight H2O—or give a
Sandy asked Trish to proceed drawing names till the         big hug to Mother Earth herself. Design an envelope
person was there…. The VERY next name that came             that promotes the preservation of our natural world
out was “TRISH TAYLOR”. It was quite embarrassing           and address it artistically to:
for Trish, but after paying her dues on time each
                                                            The Graceful Envelope Contest
year…. she was well deserved of the prize! Thank you
all for paying your dues on time (or early). It really      Washington Calligraphers Guild
helps make the Membership and Treasurer’s life a lot
                                                            P.O. Box 3688
                                                            Merrifield, VA 22116
Please pay your dues if you haven’t yet!! Thank you!
                                                            Envelopes must be postmarked by Thursday, April 30,
STUDY GROUP                                                 2009. There is no entry fee (and no prizes other than
Third Wednesday Study group                                 nice certificates)!
February 18th 1:15 till 3:30                                This is the contest’s 15th year. The Smithsonian
Grace Covenant Church—Education center                      Institution’s National Postal Museum created and
RSVP to Trish for more info                                 administered it until delegating responsibility to the
                                                            Washington (DC) Calligraphers Guild in 2001.
Every member is welcome to join our eclectic and cre-
ative group that meets year round. We will be meet-         Beginning in 2003, the National Association of Letter
ing temporarily at a members’ church until the North        Carriers agreed to partner with us to sponsor the con-
Village Branch Library opens its doors at its new loca-     test and exhibit the winners. Winning envelopes are
tion in April and we are entered into their pool to get     also exhibited online at
a slot to meet there once again. If you are interested in
our group, please contact Trish for more info.
                                                            Please spread the word among your calligraphic col-
                                                            leagues (and local schools, because there are two sep-
WELCOME NEW MEMBERS!                                        arate categories for children). Full rules and a flier
                                                            suitable for posting are at
Beth Morton
5946 Salcon Cliff Drive                           
Austin, Texas 78759
301-5763                                                    Have fun as you Address the Environment!
                                                            —Lorraine Swerdloff
Susan Madden                                                Washington Calligraphers Guild contest coordinator
1704 Bartoncliff
Austin, Texas 78704
444-3423                                   NEED A DIRECTORY??
New address for Bonnie Brushwood:                           If you are unable to collect your directory at a Guild
483 Ledgestone Drive                                        meeting, please e-mail Alison Hanks,
Austin, TX 78737                                            ( and she will mail one to you.
Phone and email remain the same

4                                                                                                         February 2009
                               MAJOR WORKSHOP
                       VICTORIA PITTMAN – METAL COLLAGE

                                           March 7 & 8, 2009
All the spots have been filled for this fabulous workshop. This class is for all levels of expertise, i.e., beginners as
well as intermediate, seasoned, well-seasoned and very well-seasoned individuals, so please do not feel intimidat-
ed. The supply list can be found on our website and, as stated, there will be a group order for the paper. If you
have any questions, whatsoever, regarding any of the other supplies, please simply ask me. Your check in the
amount of $125 made payable to Capital City Scribes will hold spot on the waiting list.
The “Tortured Metals, Tangled Words” workshop will incorporate metal, textures and color with traditional and
non-traditional elements as we create exquisite metal leafed papers on acrylic backgrounds. We will use transfer
techniques and patinas to further develop surfaces. We will also find new freshness in our work through an intu-
itive design approach by working with carefully selected fragments, letterforms, natural and industrial objects,
copper and brass and silver sheet as well as genuine silver, gold and palladium leaf. Fun, creativity and explo-
ration will culminate in finished mixed media collage or assemblages.
For “eye candy” check out Victoria’s blog at and her website at
Loretta Gordon

This is just in from Reggie....

Dear Calligrapher,
The Medieval Institute of Switzerland will be digitizing
all of its country’s medieval codices. This virtual library
will encompass eventually all manuals in the such as
St. Gall, Einsiedeln, Engelberg, etc.
These digitized manuscript images are of a quality
level never achieved before, allowing you to magnify
the pages and study a script in detail.
The links describe the context and all physical aspects
of the books. You can choose to read in English,
French, German, or Italian. Unfortunately the detailed
descriptions are not translated from the original lan-
If old books and paleography interest you, this website
is the ultimate for image quality:                                             Card for exchange by Trish Taylor (see following page)

February 2009                                                                                                         5
January Study Group — card exchange at
Kate Bergquist’s home. Topic: Home

                                                                              Alison Hanks

                                   Amy Lear

                                                                       Abbey Hutchison

                      Sandy Odom

                                                            EJ Brown                       Dee Day

                                              Jill Salwen                                 Paula Webb
6                                                                                        February 2009
                                                              years, she enrolled in college and earned a bachelor’s
New Member Profile                                            degree in nursing at the age of 57. Pretty cool.
                                                              My hobbies include Calligraphy, of course, and since
MEET Barb Legault                                             moving to Austin I have also taken a couple of quilting
(Member since 2/07)                                           classes that I have enjoyed. Because my days tend to
“The future belongs to those who                              be a bit busy I thought it would be interesting to try
believe in the beauty of their                                and combine these two art mediums. I did some
dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt                                    searching on Google and found the works of calligra-
                                                              pher, Eleanor Winters, who has some pieces displayed
I’ve been married to Joe for
                                                              in a New York City gallery. View them here :
2 years, and so far it has
been quite perfect! I have
                                                              was tickled when I emailed her to compliment her on
two grown children – Jon
                                                              her work and she emailed me back.
and Josh who live in Seattle
and Wisconsin (our home state). I have been graced            Collections?
with two darling grandchildren: Hannah-7, and                 My most prized collection is my Willa Cather library. I
Bradley-3. Since they live in Seattle I only get to see       believe I have a copy of every book she published, a
them a couple of times a year. My “kids” in Texas are         few of which are 1st editions. She was a gorgeous
my dog Abbey, a one-year old rat terrier (or should I         writer.
say terror), and our docile cat, Tess.
                                                              Life Goals?
I am a “little contribution to patient safety” by working     At this point in life my goals are simply to remain true
for Scott & White Healthcare as their Director of             to my personal and professional values, and to contin-
Medical Staff Services. It entails verifying that a doctor    ue down my path of life-long learning.
is really a doctor and that they are qualified to do all of
                                                              Calligraphic aspirations!?
the different procedures that they request to do “com-
                                                              For me calligraphy is a way to explore my artistic side,
petently” in the hospital.
                                                              something that I put off for many years. Basically, I
Romance brought me to Austin after reconnecting with          aspire to create for myself, continue to learn and
my high school boyfriend after 35 years. Joe has lived        improve, and someday share my work with family and
here off and on since 1972. We have lived in                  friends. I have always had an appreciation for beauti-
Georgetown for almost 3 years and I have already              ful lettering, but outside of one art class in high school
grown to love it.                                             never found the opportunity to pursue that interest.
                                                              When I moved to Austin CCS on the web.
Before taking my giant leap of faith and moving to
Texas, I was born and raised in Ripon, WI. Ripon is a         Paula Webb was the first person I took a lesson from,
small city of 7000, home to Speed Queen washers and           and she was (is) wonderful. Every other teacher I have
dryers, and “Rippin Good Cookies”. Ripon College, a           had from the Newbies series to the Minis and Majors
small private liberal arts school, is in the center of the    have inspired me.
city and boasts such alumni as Spencer Tracy, Harrison
                                                              What impression, if any, has the guild had on your
Ford, and Al Jarreau.
I would classify myself as a late bloomer. I did not          I am so impressed with the professionalism of the
begin my undergraduate studies until I was in my early        Guild’s members and the depth of talent that I have
thirties when I earned my bachelor’s degree in Liberal        been so fortunate to encounter. CCS is such a wonder-
Studies. I went back to graduate school 4 years later         ful asset for Austin and its surrounding communities.
and earned a Masters degree in Education, with an             My main reason for joining CCS was to learn more
emphasis in higher education and adult learning. I am         about calligraphy and to meet people who shared my
a certified, professional counselor and worked at the         interest. My membership in the Guild has more than
University of Wisconsin as a counselor and academic           exceeded my expectations. The Guild members have
advisor to adult students before moving to Austin.            been warm, welcoming, instructional, and inspira-
                                                              tional. I am so happy to have found “y’all”. Thank you
The person who most influenced my academic and
                                                              so much for your interest in me, and my artistic growth
career paths is definitely my mother. After raising 6
                                                              and development.
children and working as a nursing assistant for many
                                                              Written by Barb LeGault Edited by Trish T.
February 2009                                                                                                         7
Needed: Future CCS Officers                                  2. Reconcile checkbook

To help you decide on accepting a position on the CCS        3. Provide financial reports to the board as needed
Board, here are the top 5 responsibilities as perceived      4. Be a voting member on the executive board at all
by the current office holder.                                   board meetings
PRESIDENT                                                    5. Attend all board and membership meetings
1. Preside at Board and monthly meetings.                    WORKSHOP CHAIRMAN
2. With input from Board members and CCS member-             1. Contact worldwide teachers who are experts in the
   ship, prepare Agendas for both of these meetings.            art of calligraphy (they all are easily accessible
   Try to think about everything from the individual to         thanks to the Internet.)
   the group as a whole.
                                                             2. Arrange for two major (two-day) workshops a year,
3. Assimilate, incorporate, and hopefully implement             preferably, one in the spring and one in the fall
   diverse views into CCS programs and policies. Take
   a deep breath.                                            3. Lightly oversee two to three mini (one-day) work-
                                                                shops a year. Another volunteer handles all the
4. Attend (with Workshop Chairman) the annual                   details for the minis
   Southwest Calligraphy Conference. This gives us a
   chance to see how other Guilds work, for better or        4. A workshop (major and mini) consists of securing a
   worse.                                                       teacher and location, writing an article for the
                                                                newsletter advertising workshop, signing up stu-
5.Provide support for all the hardworking CCS volun-            dents, collecting monies, distribution of a supply list,
  teers who keep the Guild running!                             attending workshop to coordinate any unforeseen
VICE PRESIDENT                                                  last minute details

1. Support the President and preside at meetings in          5. Find a host to transport and house teacher
   President’s absence as well as other appearances,         CORRESPONDING SECRETARY
   such as conferences, representing the Guild
                                                             1. Using guild stationary cards and supplied stamps,
2. Be a voting member on the Executive Board at all             send out [brief: 2 - 3 sentences] condolences to mem-
   board meetings                                               bers who have lost a relative or congratulations for
3. Share in the board responsibilities (fundraising, deci-      momentous events like the birth of a new baby.
   sion making, “pick up the slack”, etc)                    2. Send an upbeat message to any member having to go
4. Be available for assistance to members via email and         into the hospital, or who is suffering an injury,
   at meetings-(information, etc)                               whether that injury requires hospitalization or not.

5. Attend all board meetings and general meetings (if        3. At monthly meetings, speak up to remind the CCS
   possible)                                                    membership to inform you of guild members going
                                                                through any of the above-mentioned events.
                                                             4. Attend board meetings as often as possible.
1. Keeping the Roster updated:
   • Updating addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc.         5. Attend monthly meetings as often as possible.
   • Keeping track of the newbie’s — for two years           NEWSLETTER
   • Posting the dues checks when the arrive
   • Sending the roster to Trish for e-mail distribution     1. Establish editorial calendar.
     at least once a month                                   2. Email all coordinators/volunteers for articles.
2. Making name badges for all new members                    3. Edit articles/photos for size and content.
   • Attending all guild meetings and setting up
     membership table                                        4. Design and layout monthly newsletter. Send to vol-
   • Greeting visitors and new members                          unteer proofreader. Make changes and send PDF file
                                                                to website/Email distributor.
                                                             5. Attend Board meetings. Share in CCS Board respon-
1. Write checks                                                 sibilities.
8                                                                                                             February 2009
                           FUTURE MEETINGS INFORMATION
FIND YOUR NAME below & MARK it in your calendar NOW!!! If your name appears FIRST… you are TEAM
Captain, which only means that you shall contact the others on your team to determine what each of you would
like to bring as refreshments! In some cases, the program needs to be structured by the team as well. The TEAM
CAPTAIN will handle most of it or delegate small tasks.

      Capital City Scribes Programs and Teams 2008-2009
           SEPT     OCT        NOV        DEC       JAN         FEB          MAR        APRIL       MAY

          Holly    Secret      Olivia    Golden    Study     Valentine’s    Jennifer     Liz      Mary Ann
         Monroe    Scribes    Primaris    Rep.     Group                     Smiley     Hamel     Emerson
                                HRC                Exhibit                 Slideshow    Book

           Tues.   Thurs       Tues       Tues     Thurs       Thurs         Tues       Thurs       Thurs
            9th     16th       12th        9th      8th         12th         10th        9th         14th

         Jen S.     Trish     Alison     Barb W.  Jill         Jen S.       Brian        Liz       Charlie
          Amy      Teresa      Lori       Fran   Andrea       Heather      Kathy G.     Pat        Louis
         Barb L.   Sandy      Abbey       Gabi    Sue         Jeanne         Teri      Jen P.      Patrick
         Loretta   Margie     Linda       Betty Karon M.        E.J.        Kate       Sharon

If you havent been contacted already...PLEASE CONTACT your TEAM CAPTAIN (first on the
list) to figure out what you and your teammates will be contributing to the meeting.

                Sending Much Love To All
February 2009                                                                                                9

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