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					Hello, we are Joey, Iva and I am Nicola.
Welcome to the Zijlwijkschool.
We are your guides in this visit to our school.

First we’ll show you the classrooms and tell you about the school system.

This is class one. Its usual to go to this class when you’re four years old.
The most important thing that you learn in this class is how to socialize, by playing with other

This is the second grade. The children in this class are still playing with each other, but they
learn the alphabet and learn how to count.
The children have to make a little test, called the Cito-toets.
Its about understanding things like counting apples and what words mean, to see if they’re
ready for the next year.

This is the gymnasium for the children from class one and two.
The children have there gymnastics in this room.

This is class three. This is the place where the real school actually begins.
The children learn how to read and write numbers, letters and words, and have their first math

Grade four. This class is a bit more difficult for the children, because the lessons are much
tougher and they have more lessons.
The lessons that they have to follow are Dutch, maths, grammar and write exercises.

Principal room,
This is the room from our principal Jan Westerbeek, he represents the school. He takes care of
the administration of the school and sets up some meetings between the teachers.

Class five. This is where the children get prepared for a tough school life. In this year the
teachers introduce geography and history to the children. If you want, you can make a
presentation or a workpiece.

This is the sixth grade. This is a very important year.
The children have their first traffic lessons, and topography tests.
The teachers are much stricter, they are required to present a presentation and a workpiece.
And you have your first homework.

Class seven. This is also a very important year, because you begin with train for the most
important tests of the next two years.
You get more homework then the years that came for this year.
The children have to do also the most important traffic test, and you have a big test called the
entrée test. That test is about maths, grammar, and pick information out of graphics and texts.

Class eight. This is the fun and hard working year: you train always for the Cito test (its like
the entrèe, but they ask you also things about history, geography and biology). And at the end
of the year you do a musical, and all the children from our class perform for all the parents.
And you go to a camp, and than you do nice things like swimming with the whole class.
This is the caretaker-room. His name is Joop Degen.
He takes care of the shopping for the school , and if there is something broken, he will fix it.

This is the place where the teachers eat and they are conferencing over here.


Our school organized allot off activities.
Some to help children, and some are just for fun!

We are going to tell you about a couple of them.

Remedial teaching is to help children with difficulties.
We have different teachers who help the children.

Tutor reading and NT2
Tutor reading is organized for children that have difficulties with reading.
Children from class 7 and 8 help the children by saying to them if they have said a word
wrong, or by timing how fast they read.
NT2 is to help children from other countries. Some children from class 7 and 8 help the
children with difficult words.

Sport tournaments
The school organizes much sport tournaments.
We have soccer, swimming, korfball, basketball and skating tournaments.
When you play a tournament, you play against other schools.

Big gymnasium
That’s the place were the children from class 3 to 8 have their gymnastics.

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