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                              the place between

                                anticipation and accomplishment

                                         belief and knowledge

                              question and answer
Jake Funk
Outside the Health Sciences Centre
Emergency Department
AN EMERGENCY EDUCATION                               “It was pretty traumatic for me, and even the
                                                     doctor was disappointed to see that I was back,”
With three trips to the Health Sciences Centre’s     said Jake. His condition was again cared for
Emergency Department in two months, Jake Funk        without surgery, leaving Jake more impressed than
feels like he could teach a course on the subject.   ever with HSC’s Emergency Department.

The first time Jake arrived at HSC, he came in an     “Each time I was there, everyone from the security
ambulance; he had life-threatening complications     guards to the doctors and nurses offered the
related to a hiatus hernia. Two weeks after          support and care I needed,” said Jake.
extensive and successful surgery at HSC, he
developed an intestinal blockage, and was back in    Now, he and his wife know where the best seats
Emergency again.                                     are in the waiting room, the names of the triage
                                                     nurses and security guards, and how to find their
After managing the immediate danger, the             way to the hospital’s cafeteria for a cup of coffee
Emergency Department team recommended a              without getting lost.
‘wait and see’ approach to try an avoid another
surgery. Jake was admitted, the condition resolved   They have also learned first hand that the HSC
itself, and he went home a second time. Thirty       Emergency Department delivers excellent care.
hours later, he made a third visit to HSC due to
another unexpected blockage.                         “The doctors worked as a team and were
                                                     incredible. They saved my life during my first visit,
                                                     and their expert judgement spared me another
                                                     surgery,”said Jake. “They were amazing to me.”

                                                     Jake appreciated the post-surgery follow up as
                                                     well. “The extra support really makes a difference.
                                                     The doctors and the nurses explained everything
                                                     and answered all my questions,” he said. “I’m
                                                     doing really well now; back at work, feeling good
                                                     and expecting a full recovery.”

                                                     “I want to say thank you to the people who have
                                                     donated to the HSC Foundation to support the
                                                     care at this hospital,” said Jake. “And to the ones
                                                     who are thinking about it, go ahead, you’re not
                                                     wasting your money. It’s a great way to touch a lot
                                                     of lives.”
THANK YOU from the Board and Staff of the              Throughout this annual report you will read the
Health Sciences Centre Foundation                      stories of the patients, clinicians, researchers and
                                                       donors who made 2008/09 such a rewarding year.
It has been my very great privilege to have served
as Chair of the Health Sciences Centre Foundation      A record number of events raised record dollars.
Board of Directors for the past 5 years.               Whether it was the fun and innovative approach
                                                       to fundraising through Keeping Abreast, the
During this time we have witnessed significant          outstanding success of the Hope Classic or the
growth in our fundraising revenues and capacity.       support from the United Food & Commercial
This year, Manitobans proved once again their          Workers Golf Tournament – each one was
spirit of generosity. We had an exceptionally          successful because of the dedicated and passionate
busy and successful year – notwithstanding the         work of the organizers and the people who
economy.                                               participated.

Our donors who supported major projects like           Our first HSC Foundation Million Dollar Home
the Institute for Advanced Medicine literally saw      Lottery succeeded beyond our expectations. And
their gifts at work as construction on the Institute   we were deeply moved by the many stories we
moved toward completion.                               heard about the extraordinary care our cancer
                                                       patients receive on GD6 – and by the overwhelming
We said goodbye to Dr. Brock Wright as he              support to raise funds to refurbish the unit.
assumed new duties at the WRHA, and welcomed
Adam Topp as HSC’s new Chief Operating Officer.         Thank you to all our donors and friends for
                                                       another extraordinary year. Your continued trust
I would like to pay tribute to all of you – our        and support means so much.
generous supporters, my colleagues on the Board
and the staff of the Foundation. Together we have      Sally G. Flintoft
contributed significantly to making health care         President and CEO
better for all Manitobans. As I complete my term as    HSC Foundation
Board Chair I simply say thank you!

F. Lynn Bishop
Chair, Board of Directors
HSC Foundation
                           Lynn Bishop and Sally Flintoft
In front of the Institute for Advanced Medicine at HSC
Adam Topp
In Thorlakson Mall at HSC
THANK YOU from the Health Sciences Centre              Thanks to your ongoing commitment, many of
                                                       our dreams are becoming reality.
I had the privilege to join the Health Sciences
Centre Winnipeg team in October 2008. I have           The Institute for Advanced Medicine will open its
been warmly welcomed by both the Hospital              doors later this year. The cyclotron is on site and
and Foundation communities – Friendly                  will become operational this fall.
Manitoba indeed!
                                                       Based on our expertise with the gamma
I am thrilled to be here at such a dynamic time        knife, we will welcome international experts
in HSC’s history, one in which we are poised to        in stereotactic radiosurgery as the ArtisteTM
leverage our achievements to embrace even              ramps up to receive patients. Planning for a
greater success in the future.                         new women’s hospital is underway and we are
                                                       scheduled to break ground in the new year.
As Chief Operating Officer, one of my objectives
in setting the strategic direction of HSC is to        On behalf of the patients, staff and volunteers
enhance the patient experience and identify            of HSC, thank you for your generous and
key pillars of research that will have significant      enthusiastic support.
impact on the people of Manitoba and around
the world.                                             Adam Topp
                                                       Chief Operating Officer
We will define areas of expertise that strengthen       Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg
our ability to recruit and retain leading clinicians
and scientists, support our dedicated and
compassionate staff, and ultimately, create an
extraordinary patient experience.

And we will work in close partnership with the
Foundation, and you, our donors, to realize
these goals.

MIND SHIFT                                               “For example, it makes sense, then, to continue on
                                                         medication even if the symptoms – like depression,
There’s a compact lab space on the 7th floor of the       say – appear better, because the underlying cause
John Buhler Research Centre at HSC. Unexpectedly         is still there.”
placed next to a conference room, it’s well laid
out, bright and airy, with a great view… a view Dr.      Dr. Li, extensively trained in neuroscience and
Xin-Min Li and his team don’t spend a lot of time        mental health, has been working in this field for 20
enjoying. Their focus is elsewhere.                      years. In the last two years – since he’s been here at
                                                         HSC – he and his team have brought in $2 million
“We are applying the techniques and strategies for       in new grants and published ten papers.
neuroscience to the treatment of mental disorders
such as depression and schizophrenia,” said Dr. Li.      He is a practicing psychiatrist as well as a research
                                                         scientist. There are a number of clinician scientists
It’s brave and innovative work. “We were the first        at HSC, a deliberate choice that Dr. Li values.
in the world to discover that atypical antipsychotic
medication has neuro-protective properties,” said        “Being a clinician as well as an investigator gives
Dr. Li. “This suggested to us that mental illnesses      added balance to my work,” he said. “Doing
such as depression and schizophrenia should really       something new and exciting is important. Doing
be categorized as neurodegenerative diseases, and        something significant and impactful to the patient
treated as such.”                                        is more important. That is what HSC is promoting.”

“That would mean a shift in the pathology and            Dr. Li sees his lab as a base for a network of
treatment of these conditions; we could move             collaboration. While it was designed as a generic
from controlling the symptoms to treating the            space, for use by as wide a range of researchers as
source. We could apply techniques and strategies         possible, he is grateful that it is available to him.
from neuroscience to treatment of mental illness.”
                                                         “As of January, I finally have my whole team here.
Dr. Li’s passion for his work is clear, as he outlines   This lab – so generously outfitted thanks to donors
the potential impact of his team’s efforts to            to the HSC Foundation – made that possible.”
analyze, evaluate and work to develop new
approaches; new medications, as well as the              Dr. Li cites the “wonderful support mechanisms” in
expanded application of current medications.             place at HSC, and is enthusiastic about the future
                                                         of his work, both clinical and scientific.
“It’s a completely new way of thinking about
these illnesses. When you identify them as               “The hope and potential here at HSC is great. The
neurodegenerative, you accept that they are              emphasis on the brain - not just in the traditional
progressive diseases, necessitating different levels     sense, but also with regard to mental health issues
of treatment along the way,” he said.                    - and the commitment of resources help make this
                                                         an exciting place to further my research.”


                                            Dr. Xin-Min Li
     In his lab in the John Buhler Research Centre at HSC
Dr. Blake McClarty
in front of the cyclotron
in the Institute for Advanced Medicine at HSC
RESEARCH IN PROGRESS                                      “The technology we now have in place will allow
                                                          us to move from imaging anatomy to imaging at
It’s in the labs. It’s in the clinics, the clean rooms…   the molecular level,” said Dr. McClarty.
even the coffee shops.
                                                          “Being able to attach a custom-made isotope to
There is an eagerness among the clinicians,               a molecule, to watch where it goes, what it does,
researchers, scientists and investigators at the          what impact it has on the cells, is an astounding
Health Sciences Centre; a forward movement, a             opportunity.”
certainty that they are in the midst of something
unique and momentous.                                     The potential is enormous; there are ties to
                                                          anesthesia, cancer treatment, reduced respiratory
As Director of Research for the Health Sciences           distress in the Intensive Care Unit, regeneration of
Centre, Dr. Blake McClarty is pleased with the            heart muscle… all clinical applications with direct
exciting opportunities facing HSC’s investigators,        impact on patient care.
opportunities generated by bold vision and
decisive action. He cites the new research facility,      “The significant investments that HSC Foundation
generously supported by donors to the HSC                 donors have made in research, technology and
Foundation, as a pivotal milestone.                       education at HSC in the past year have helped us
                                                          create this environment,” said Dr. McClarty.
“The Institute for Advanced Medicine is no
longer a concept,” said Dr. McClarty. “It is not          He also referenced the HSC Foundation’s vital role
a construction site, or even an empty building.           in supporting emerging investigators.
It is here and it is real and it is the future of
neurological and image-guided research in                 “The young researchers I work with have so much
Manitoba.”                                                potential. Receiving a grant from the Foundation
                                                          early in their careers is like an injection of energy.
“The cyclotron and the ArtisteTM – the                    Knowing that someone believes in their work and
technological foundations of two fundamental              wants to help them succeed is an incredible vote of
programs – are physically in place. The first of the       confidence.”
many scientists and the invaluable grants that will
bring them to life are here.”

HSC has been moving to expand research
opportunities, acquiring the technology and the
facilities that will engage present and future

It was the anticipation of a transition towards
less invasive image-guided surgical techniques,
alongside HSC’s expertise in the area of
neuroscience, which helped drive the creation of
the Institute.
Dr. Neeloffer Mookherjee
in the Systems Biology lab
in the John Buhler Research Centre at HSC
SEEKING BALANCE WITHOUT COMPROMISE                     Health Sciences Centre Foundation
                                                       RESEARCH GRANTS & AWARDS 2008 / 2009
Treatments for inflammatory diseases typically
compromise the body’s general immune system. Dr.       Through our annual Grants and Awards Program,
Neeloffer Mookherjee is seeking another way.           the Health Sciences Centre Foundation seeks
                                                       to advance and recognize the work of the
“Inflammation is a normal reaction. The problem         extraordinary clinicians and researchers at
is when the balance is lost; when the inflammation      the Health Sciences Centre. Here are the HSC
escalates, and the reaction continues,” said Dr.       Foundation’s Grant and Award recipients for 2008
Mookherjee. “When we discover why that balance         / 2009.
is lost, we can develop strategies to maintain
selective balance, suppressing escalation and the      General Operating Grants
sustained reaction, without compromising the           Drs. Ruth Ann Marrie; Lawrence Elliott $35,000
body’s immune system.”                                 The burden of Multiple Sclerosis MS in Canada is
                                                       considered high compared to other areas in the world.
The $35,000 grant Dr. Mookherjee received from         The goals of this study are to develop a validated MS
the HSC Foundation in 2008 / 2009 was her first as      database to describe the burden (frequency) of MS in
a new investigator.                                    Manitoba and how it is changing over time.

“This funding helped me to start my research           Drs. Maria Vrontakis; Margaret Morris $34,640
                                                       Patients living with MS experience a significant clinical
program. It allowed me to generate preliminary
                                                       improvement in their symptoms during the second
data that, in turn, permitted me to access $185,000    and third trimester of pregnancy. The possibility of a
in grants from other sources,” she said.               natural, biological mechanism, such as increased levels
                                                       of the neuropeptide galanin, which produces new
The additional funding allowed Dr. Mookherjee to       myelin during pregnancy, is hypothesized. The goal of
hire two lab assistants, meaning that her research     this research is to begin to delineate the protective role
can now move forward more quickly.                     of galanin in myelin repair during pregnancy, with the
                                                       hope of developing treatment modalities for MS.
“I am getting good data that is beginning to
address the fundamental problems I am trying           Drs. Harminder Singh; Oleg Krokhin; Ahmet Leylek
to solve. Without that first grant from the HSC
                                                       The project will determine the differences in blood
Foundation, I would not have been able to begin        proteins between patients with rectal cancer and
my work,” she said.                                    healthy individuals. The results of this and subsequent
                                                       studies may lead to the development of blood markers
“This is a long process and I am just at the           for colorectal cancer and thereby enhance early
beginning of my research career. I may end             detection and screening for colorectal cancer.
up contributing only a little, but each bit of
knowledge adds to what we know about our               Drs. Shikha Mittoo; Zoheir Bshouty $4,700
body’s systemic biology. That is valuable for all of   The goal is to characterize lupus lung disease, to
                                                       evaluate the role of biomarkers in detecting early lung
                                                       disease, and to determine the impact of sub-clinical lung
                                                       disease on patients’ physical function.
Dr. Steven Mink $30,486                                   Dr. Neeloffer Mookherjee $35,000
In septic shock, bacteria leak into the blood injuring    Therapy for chronic inflammation, such as is found
the heart and vessels, leading to low blood pressure.     in rheumatoid arthritis (RA), can result in complete
The investigator has found a novel mediator of            neutralization of all inflammatory responses, which can
sepsis that contributes to the injury of these organs     impair efficient immune function. This research project
and has described the pathway by which this occurs        will evaluate certain compounds that can selectively
in experimental models of septic shock. He will test      suppress inflammation, without compromising all
whether this pathway is relevant to humans in septic      immune responses, thereby limiting progressive
shock, providing information about potential new          inflammation and tissue damage associated with RA.
technology for the treatment of cardiovascular collapse
in septic shock.                                          Drs. Shadreck Mzengeza; Xin-Min Li; Andrew Goertzen
Drs. Lisa Miller; Joshua Koulack $13,400                  Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is characterized by the
In order to receive dialysis, patients require repeated   deposition of plaques in the brain which are believed
access to their bloodstream, achieved with a central      to cause dementia. Efforts to treat the disease by either
venous catheter (CVC) or a surgically created             preventing or reversing plaque deposition will depend
arteriovenous fistula (AVF) or graft (AVG). The CVC is     on early detection of AD. This project is for the creation
associated with higher infection rates, mortality, and    of imaging agents capable of detecting plaques found
hospitalization than either the AVF or AVG, yet CVC       in the brain of AD patients.
placement and duration of use continues to increase.
This study will determine if an organized approach        Dr. Julia Rempel $35,000
to vascular access, following an algorithm protocol to    Canadian Aboriginal people have decreased rates
convert CVCs to functioning AVF will improve AVF rates.   of chronic Hepatitis C virus (HCF) compared to other
                                                          peoples. Natural killer (NK) cells appear to be involved
                                                          in this improved resistance. Preliminary studies indicate
                                                          that Aboriginal NK cells possess characteristics that could
                                                          thwart the establishment of chronic HCV infection.
                                                          This study will examine whether distinct NK receptor
                                                          expression contribute to the enhanced NK cell activity
                                                          observed in the studies and potentially HCV clearance,
                                                          providing new insights in novel treatments for HCV.

                                                          Drs. C. Ellen Lee; Y.K. James Lau; Andrea Kilgour $35,000
                                                          The objective is to determine the efficacy of a home-
                                                          based walking exercise program in promoting cognitive-
                                                          psychosocial functions of men with prostate cancer
                                                          receiving androgen depletion therapy (ADT). While
                                                          ADT is the mainstay treatment for men with advanced
                                                          prostate cancer, it has negative side effects which
                                                          impact quality of life. The question: does exercise have
                                                          a positive impact on the quality of life of men with
                                                          prostate cancer undergoing ADT?

    Beakers and bottles
    in Dr. Xin-min Li’s lab at HSC
Health Sciences Centre Foundation                           Health Sciences Centre Department of Research
Designated Awards                                           Awards
Mr. Stéphane Dragon - 2nd Year Recipient                    Salary Support - Ms Sara-Jane Milne $9,724.50
$11,000 from the Mindel & Tom Olenick Research Award        Graduate Studentship - Ms Alicia Berard $15,000
in Immunology
This project aims to determine if a protein called IL-17    Opportunity Awards
could be defective in people with asthma, allowing the      Mr. Harry Schulz $17,500
inflammatory immune response of white blood cells to         Funding for surgeons and radiation oncologists to
persist in the airways.                                     attend leading radiosurgery sites in the U.S. to gain
                                                            knowledge on the use of the ArtisteTM, a new minimally-
Ms Brenda Jane Stutsky                                      invasive radiosurgery tool in the Institute for Advanced
$5,499.50 from the Dolly & Michael Gembey Nursing           Medicine.
Research Award and the HSC Foundation
Sixty nurse educators employed in tertiary hospitals        Ms Barbara-Anne Hodge $2,200
in Manitoba, Alberta and Ontario will be studied to         Sponsorship for the 2009 Mamingway Burn Survivor
determine best practices in leadership development          Society Conference, October 23 and 24, 2009, at the
by comparing and contrasting two distinct learning          CanadInns Club Regent Hotel, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Allied Health Research Awards
Ms Natalie J. MacLeod Schroeder $6,592.80
This project aims to determine the effect of current HSC
infection control protocols on the pressure relieving
properties of three styles of wheelchair cushions
currently in use within HSC. Results of this study will
determine the need to develop new protocols should
pressure relieving properties be significantly diminished.

Ms Sara-Jane Milne $3,407.20
One treatment for burn scars is the use of pressure
therapy with a silicone gel insert. The purpose of this
project is to test the effectiveness of this treatment by
comparing a traditional pressure garment to a pressure
garment with the silicone gel insert incorporated into
the fabric.

Jessie Lang
in her home
                                                       turning point

The plan seemed quite straightforward: to start a
fund to support doctors who wanted to conduct
                                                         turning point
                                                          turning point
research at the Health Sciences Centre.

Jessie Lang remembers the day well.

“Creating the Foundation was really Bill Gardner’s
                                                       Honorary Directors are a select group of senior
idea,” she said. “We had heard that other hospitals
                                                       volunteers and donors with extensive service to
were doing this, and thought that we should do it
                                                       and in support of the Health Sciences Centre and
as well.”
                                                       its Foundation. They are important advocates and
                                                       ambassadors for the Hospital and the Foundation
That was 27 years ago, and William C. Gardner’s
                                                       alike, and we are honoured by their ongoing
idea has developed into the strong and vital
                                                       support and encouragement.
organization we know today. More than $90
million has been raised by and for the HSC
Foundation, a testament to the vision of those first    Robert W. Cunningham       Nick Leitch
volunteers and the many generous donors who            CHAIR                      Gary H. J. Macdonald
have followed in their footsteps.                                                 Laurie Mainster
                                                       Linda Ballance             Don Marr
                                                       Doneta Brotchie O.M.       Ash Mohda
Jessie is still passionate about the cause after
                                                       W. John A. Bulman C.M.     David Morrison
all this time. As an Honorary Director of the
                                                       Ray Cadieux                William Parrish C.M.
Foundation, she is still looking for ways to help      Ditte Cloutier             Elizabeth Paterson
support vital research, innovative technology and      Orest Dackow               Lawrie O. Pollard
complex care at HSC.                                   Betty Carol de Jong-Ford   Maureen Prendiville
                                                       Geoffrey Elliot            Sheila Rabinovitch
This past year, Jessie was recognized for her          Martin Eva                 Tannis Richardson C.M.
dedication and commitment to HSC at a luncheon         James A. Ferguson          Ross Robinson
attended by her family, friends and former             Evelyn Friesen             Lily Schreyer
colleagues. The event raised nearly $6,000 for         Robert Gannon              Barry Shenkarow
                                                       Mitchell Graye             Al Snyder
multiple sclerosis research at HSC.
                                                       Rick G. Hester             Gwen Steiman
                                                       Norm Humby                 Eileen Stewart
And as a member of the Foundation’s Andrew             Robert H. Jones            Dr. Ian Sutherland
Bannatyne Legacy Society, Jessie has made a            Alice Jope                 Deborah Thorlakson
tangible commitment to HSC’s future as well.           Al Joudrey                 Linda Vernon
                                                       Dierdre Kozminski          Curtis Vossen
“If people have it to give, I think supporting young   Jessie Lang                W. Terry Wright Q.C.
doctors in their work for the benefit of future         Robert Lavery
generations is as important now as it was all those
years ago,” she said. “Look how far we’ve come!”
YEAR IN REVIEW                                                  GIFT OF HOPE RADIOTHON
                                                                This past year marked a significant change in the way
Fundraising Highlights from 2008 / 2009
                                                                we presented the Gift of Hope Radiothon. It began with
                                                                the expansion of our radio partners to include Power97
Several of our signature events were reinvented                 and GrooveFM, as well as long-time host CJOB, giving
this past year. Some were given a rest - like the               more Manitobans than ever the opportunity to join the
Laureate of Excellence Award Dinner (which will                 celebration. The guests’ stories were powerful, and the
be back in Fall 2010) - and others were added or                commitment of our radio partners was enthusiastic.
enhanced. We are so thankful for the continued
and generous support of our many donors and                     Our Radiothon events also increased significantly. There
friends, and are proud to recount some of the                   was a Paris raffle and an HSC history display at Polo Park
                                                                Shopping Centre, a Dessert Day in HSC’s Cafe on 2 and
events and activities that engaged and benefited
                                                                the Annual Pony Corral Radiothon Kickoff.
so many.
                                                                Perhaps the most exciting addition to our Radiothon
HOME LOTTERY 2008                                               was the Cash in the Can project, an HSC staff challenge
Manitobans proved once again that they love a great             where departments raised money for the Radiothon,
deal; a “real deal”, to be exact. The HSC Foundation            decorated collection cans, and competed for prizes.
was excited to offer a most extraordinary opportunity:          While the money they raised was not insignificant,
a chance to win a million dollar showhome and 3,632             it was the team spirit the project generated that
other incredible prizes for only $100 a ticket.                 was so exciting. HSC staff believe in the work of the
                                                                Foundation, and show us time and time again with their
The response was as astounding as the lottery project           extraordinary support.
itself, with all 50,000 tickets sold in less than four weeks.
As thrilled as we were by the response, no one was
more excited than Robert Dixon, the grand grize winner
and proud owner of the lottery’s top prize. Overall, this
project raised $1.7 million for the HSC Foundation.

We were very pleased to present a new golf tournament
in partnership with Jeff and Ian S. Rabb and their
dedicated volunteer committee. Their leadership,
expertise and legendary commitment to providing a
premiere golf experience, along with top-flight support
from sponsors and golfers, combined to make the Hope
Classic a spectacular sold-out event. Every golfer was
treated to a great day, from the opening luncheon and a
feature experience at every hole to an incredible dinner,
with unbelievable prizes and auctions.

The 2008 Hope Classic raised $125,000 in support of
the Centre for Surgical Innovation in the Institute for
Advanced Medicine at HSC.

                             Dan Powell and Drew McNichol
    Part of the Audis Canada Ltd. Team, Presenting Sponsor
  for the 2008 Hope Classic at Glendale Golf & Country Club
Our In Memoriam and In Tribute programs continued to
be strong throughout the year, augmented by a vibrant
and growing In Celebration program.

From six-year-old Ethan, who collected gifts to the HSC
Foundation in lieu of birthday presents, to Courtney and
Andrew, who made a donation to the Foundation as
a thank you to their wedding guests, we were blessed
with a growing number of donations in celebration of
life and hope.

We were overwhelmed with the number of third party
events - fundraising activities organized by others - held
in support of the HSC Foundation this past year.

Each one was a precious link into people’s lives, homes,
families and communities, and an opportunity to touch
and be touched by the lives of those who have been
transformed in some way by what they experienced at

One of the most creative events we were privileged
to be part of was Keeping Abreast, an evening of                                       Dr. Ed Buchel and Jackie Stephen
gratitude and celebration for those who enhance the                at Keeping Abreast 2008 at the Old Spaghetti Factory
lives of women with breast cancer, hosted by Jackie
Stephen and her fantastic volunteer team. From cup-size
sponsorship levels to celebratory party games, it was an     The 3rd Annual UFCW Union Local 832 Golf Classic
a fabulous evening that had a tremendous impact              committed half of their proceeds to the HSC Foundation
                                                             in support of The Hope Project to revitalize GD6, the
More than $100,000 was raised at this event to support       Acute Leukemia / Blood and Marrow Transplant /
research and education at HSC in the area of breast          Oncology Unit at HSC. They raised more money than
reconstruction surgery, under the leadership of Dr. Ed       ever before, which they attribute to the fact that half
Buchel.                                                      the funds stayed right here in Manitoba.

The 15th Annual Mondetta Sport Charity Classic               The Legacy Builder Charities Fall Golf Classic, hosted by
raised $21,896 in support of the HSC Foundation, and         Rick and Diane Graumann, was another first time event.
the medical research, leading edge treatment and             They raised over $13,500 for Gynaecologic Oncology
compassionate care all Manitobans find at HSC. We are         Research and Education at HSC, under the leadership of
proud to continue our partnership with the Mondetta          Dr. Garry Krepart.
team, and look forward to many more years together.
                                                             The 2nd Annual Sam Caci Memorial Golf Tournament
                                                             was a great success. This year Sam’s brothers - Lou and
                                                             John - chose to donate 50% of the proceeds to the HSC
                                                             Foundation for specialized training for surgeons to
                                                             support cancer patients at HSC.
                               SUMMARIZED STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION 2008 2009
The HSC Foundation’s
financial results demonstrate                                                      2009              2008
another extraordinary year.    ASSETS
Despite very challenging
                               Current Assets
economic times, we are
pleased with our financial          Cash and Short-Term Investments           6,058,422          5,984,090
results. Our Major Gifts           Accounts Receivable                         226,327           276,252
program continued to
                                   Current Portion of Pledges Receivable     3,075,265          4,079,356
attract significant support.
The HSC Foundation Home            Prepaids                                  1,136,218          1,184,191
Lottery contributed $1.7                                                    10,496,232         11,523,889
million to the bottom line.    Investments, at Market                        7,846,898          8,979,993
Our Annual Programs had
a very robust year, with       Long-Term Portion of Pledges Receivable       7,532,596          7,867,284
strong growth in many          Capital Assets                                9,182,173          9,631,674
areas. The one component                                                    35,057,899         38,002,840
of our revenue strategy that
did not perform as hoped       LIABILITIES
was our investments. We        Current Liabilities
continue to monitor this       Accounts Payable and Accrued Liabilities      1,360,577           224,758
area closely.
                                   Deferred Revenue                          3,800,919          4,479,404
The following summaries                                                      5,161,496          4,704,162
are taken from the Health      FUND BALANCES
Sciences Centre Foundation’s
audited Financial Statements       Unrestricted                                   -                 -
as reported on by Deloitte         Endowment                                 4,244,588          4,759,202
& Touche LLP. To obtain            HSC Research                                167,401           370,514
complete financial
statements, please visit our       Restricted                                7,456,250          4,304,521
website at hscfoundation.          JBRC Capital                             10,816,941         11,518,030 or call the HSC              IAM Capital Campaign                      7,211,223         12,346,411
Foundation at 787 2022.
                                                                            29,896,403         33,298,678
                                                                            35,057,899         38,002,840

                                F. Lynn Bishop                             Tony Catanese, CA
                                BOARD CHAIR                                TREASURER
                                               2009            2008
   Donations                              1,229,830        3,442,745
   Special Projects, Net                  1,777,796         227,138
   Ventures, Net                             57,303          60,104
   Investment Income                       -919,789         -212,351
   Major and Planned Gifts                2,708,880         496,017
   Funding Commitments                       63,784          32,732
   IAM Capital Campaign                       7,519        2,304,304
Total Revenue                             4,925,323        6,350,689

   Office Administration                     371,301         389,784
   Donor Development                        478,353         322,620
   Major and Planned Gifts                  292,851         201,527
   Communications                           493,328         168,371
   IAM Capital Campaign                       5,060            9,401
   Amoritization                            469,170         428,295
Total Expenses                            2,110,063        1,519,998
Excess of Revenue Over Expenses
   Before Funding Commitments             2,815,260        4,830,691

Funding Commitments                       -6,217,535      -1,244,812

Excess of Revenue Over Expenses           -3,402,275       3,585,879
Fund Balances, Beginning of the Year     33,298,678       29,712,799

Fund Balances, End of Year               29,896,403       33,298,678

                                                                       Institute for Advanced
These statements were prepared in accordance with generally accepted          Medicine at HSC
Canadian accounting principles and are taken from the March 31, 2009
audited financial statements as reported on by Deloitte & Touche LLP.
DOING SOMETHING                                           “Our family practically lived there while Jamie was
                                                          on the unit. He was absolutely where he needed to
In 2006, Nancy Allan and her husband Neil                 be,” said Ken, “but it wasn’t home.”
Carleton spent several months, off and on, in a
12’ x 14’ room, with limited access to the outside        “We wanted to do something to respond, to
world, surrounded by reminders that others had            recognize the people who helped us so much, and
died fighting the same kind of battle they were            the idea of revitalizing the unit just had so much
fighting each day. Nancy could come and go as she          appeal. We knew, first hand, what a difference
chose; Neil could not.                                    even cosmetic changes could have in creating a
                                                          great place to heal.”
He was a patient on the Health Sciences Centre’s
Acute Leukemia / Blood and Marrow Transplant              And when Ken and Nancy shared what they knew,
/ Oncology Unit, known as GD6 to anyone who               Manitobans responded. The Hope Project inspired
spends time there.                                        an awareness day on CBC Radio and Television,
                                                          newspaper stories, magazine articles, corporate
GD6 is a specialized 17-room unit for patients            support, fundraising events such as a charity poker
requiring a closely-controlled environment, serving       tournament, a golf tournament, and a 5K walk /
an average of 250 people each year. These patients        run, and letters and phone calls from people who
are highly susceptible to infection, so isolation is a    had their own GD6 experiences to share.
critical part of their treatment.
                                                          The HSC Foundation, working with Nancy, Ken,
Patients remain on the unit from four weeks to            their families, and others, has committed to raising
four months or more and may require multiple              $250,000 to transform this unit. The modifications
stays. In some cases, patients are confined to their       will begin in the summer of 2009.
rooms, unable even to walk in the unit’s hallway
because of the risk of infection. The isolation,          While more support is needed to reach the goal,
combined with relatively long stays on the unit,          Ken, Nancy and their families are confident that
creates additional stress for patients and their          the funding needed will be there to complete the
families.                                                 transformation of this very special place at HSC.

“It was dismal,” said Nancy. “The staff were              * Jamie Hildahl’s story was featured in the HSC
                                                          Foundation’s 2007 / 2008 Annual Report. You can read it
incredible, the care was extraordinary, but the
                                                          again online at, under Stories of Hope
physical environment just didn’t help. Once Neil          / Patient Stories / Jamie Hildahl Story.
was able to be at home, and we felt we’d passed
the major hurdles on the way to recovery, we just
had to do something.”

“Something” started with a call to Ken Hildahl,
who’s son Jamie spent many months on GD6.*
Together, Nancy and Ken became the driving force
behind The Hope Project for the revitalization of
               Ken Hildahl and Nancy Allan
in the Capital Planning Department at HSC
Anne Crossin
in the Nursing Archives at HSC
DOOR TO THE PAST                                      The collection dates back to 1889, to the first
PROMISE FOR THE FUTURE                                nurses to graduate from the Winnipeg General
                                                      Hospital School of Nursing, the first such training
If you happen to be a little early for a visit to     centre in Western Canada. As such, the collection
the Archives / Museum in the Isabel M. Stewart        is invaluable to the history of nursing and health
Building at HSC, you might notice the black and       care.
white photographs lining the hallway in front of
the famous copper door.                               The members of The Nurses Alumni Association of
                                                      the Winnipeg General Hospital and Health Sciences
It’s easy to be drawn in to each one; to notice       Centre Winnipeg have, until now, provided the
the nursing uniforms that look just like the one      volunteers and the money needed to maintain the
your mother had, to count the cows in the picture     collection, with HSC providing the space for the
of the original Winnipeg General Hospital (now        archives. Now, however, a professional archivist is
HSC), to see the formal faces and starched whites     needed.
of Manitoba’s earliest nurses, and imagine the
impact that they must have made, providing            “I have a passion for this, but it’s too big for
compassionate care in our province’s earliest days.   volunteers; it needs a professionally-trained person
                                                      to manage this kind of a diverse collection,” said
The copper door, by the way, is from the first         Anne. “Now we are also considered the museum
elevator in the nurses’ residence which opened in     for all of HSC. That has made the work and value
1907 at the corner of McDermot and Olivia.            of the collection mushroom out of sight.”

“When they were renovating our archive space,         To that end, the Nurses Alumni Association has
they wanted to change it,” said Anne Crossin,         partnered with the HSC Foundation to raise
volunteer curator of this special place since 1992.   funds for an endowment to sustain the Archives
“I let them know I’d have them on a platter for       / Museum into the future. The goal is to raise $2
dinner if they so much as touched one screw. This     million over the next two years.
door has a story, and it belongs right here at the
Archives.”                                            The first donor to the endowment fund? Anne

                                                      “I think that everyone needs to understand that
                                                      HSC has given exemplary health care since 1872,”
                                                      said Anne. “The impact of the Wininipeg General /
                                                      HSC cannot be fully measured, and that applies to

                                                      all aspects of health care, not just nursing.”

  growth                                              “We should be proud of what HSC has done in
                                                      the past, and know that its potential for the
                                                      future is unlimited; the education along with the
                                                      innovations that are coming out of HSC are just

The Health Sciences Centre Foundation extends its warmest thanks to our generous don donors for their
enthusiasm, vision and trust. With each gift, they invest in enhanced patient care and sustain world class
technology. Their support helps HSC recruit and retain the most excellent clinical and scientific expertise. The
                                                                                              t also includes
following list includes gifts and sponsorships received between April 2008 and March 2009. It a
pledges and outright gifts to the Breakthrough! Campaign. Celebrate them with us.
PACESETTERS                      Scotiabank                      SPONSORS                                            ch
                                                                                                  Estate of Jennie Rich
$1,000,000 and above             TD Bank Financial Group         $10,000 to $24,999               Ronley Holdings Ltd
The Paul Albrechtsen             The Wawanesa Mutual             The Andison Family               Eric & Myrna Stefansonn
   Foundation Inc                  Insurance Company                Foundation Inc                Judith Seipp
Herb & Erna Buller               Martin Weinberg & Family        Audis Canada Ltd                 Gwen Steiman
David Graves                                                     Century Properties Inc           Stryker Canada
Manitoba Public Insurance        BENEFACTORS                     Dorothy & Hugh Cole              Walton International Group In
   Corporation                   $50,000 to $99,999                 Foundation                    Ben Moss Jewellers /
Siemens Canada Limited           Friesens Corporation            Kayla & Art Maister, Crosstown      The Trepel Family
Anonymous                        Terracon Development Ltd           Dental Laboratory                & The Wilhelmer Family
                                 Johnston Group Inc              Cunningham Business Interiors
VISIONARIES                      Maple Leaf Construction Ltd.    Custom Truck Sales Inc           CONTRIBUTORS
$500,000 to $999,999             Maxim Transportation Services   Karen & Daryl Diamond            $1,000 to $4,999
The Great-West Life              Megill - Stephenson Co Ltd      Mark Gray                        AIC Limited
  Assurance Company              Pediatric Radiologists          Gypsum Drywall Interiors Ltd     Aikins, MacAulay
The Winnipeg Foundation          Thomas Sill Foundation Inc      Garry Krepart                       & Thorvaldson LLP
HSC Department of Surgery        Smith Carter Architects &       Estate of Eileen Land            Josephine Alexander
Anonymous                           Engineers Inc                J. Robert Lavery                 All Charities Campaign
                                 Winpak Ltd                      Legacy Builder Charities         Allco Electrical Ltd
LEADERS                                                          McCaine Electric (1979) Ltd      Baxter Corporation
$250,000 to $499,999             PATRONS                         Mondetta Clothing Company        Bio-Concepts Inc
CanWest Global                   $25,000 to $49,999              National Leasing Group Ltd       Ed Boldt
  Communications Corp.           Paul Albrechtsen                Pony Corral                      Border Chemical Company Ltd
G.B. Gray Holdings Ltd           Richard G. Andison              PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP       Harry & Elaine Bosveld
Investors Group Inc.             The Cadillac Fairview           R.R. Dobel Insurance             Harry G. Burdon
                                    Corporation Limited          Shelter Canadian Properties      Cangene Corporation
FOUNDERS                         Bruce & Lesley Campbell            Limited                       Canadian Tool & Die
$100,000 to $249,999             Estate of Therese Fraser        Sigurdson, McFadden &            CancerCare Manitoba
Bank of Montreal                 Friesen Foundation                 Associates Ltd                Tony & Silvana Catanese
Morley & Marjorie Blankstein     David & Evelyn Friesen          Sirius Benefit Plans (AGM Ltd)    CI Investments Inc.
  & Family                       Estate of Elizabeth Kleine      SSQ Financial Group              Clandeboye Fire Department
CIBC                             Estate of Wilfred J. Larner     United Food & Commercial         Albert D. Cohen
Estate of Geraldine O. Clarkin   Karyn Lazareck                     Workers Local 832             Confidence Management Ltd
Anton (Tony) Deger               James R. Morden & Family        White Cross Guild of HSC Inc     Norma M. Cooke RN
HSC Department of Nuclear        James A. & Muriel S.            Dr. Brock J. Wright                 (WGH 1950A)
  Medicine                          Richardson Fund                                               Anne Crossin
Kleysen Group LP                 SMS Engineering Ltd.            ASSOCIATES                       Rosalind Dick
Dr. Douglas W. MacEwan &         Estate of Stephanie Stoter      $5,000 - $9,999                  James Dmytrow
  Mrs. Elizabeth MacEwan*        Estate of John Tepilo           Nigel & Marilyn Lilley           Thanh T. Duong
Manitoba Hydro                   Thompson Dorfman                Mackenzie Financial Services     Lorna I. Eggertson
PCL Construction Group Inc.         Sweatman LLP                 Sylvia L. Main                   Empire Iron Works Ltd
Pollard Banknote Limited         Triple E. Canada Ltd.           Medtronic of Canada Ltd          Dana Erickson
Radiology Consultants of         WGI Westman Group Inc           MJ Roofing & Supply Ltd           Vermillion Farms
  Winnipeg Medical Corp          Winnipeg Building &             Hugh & Jennifer Moncrieff        Firefighters Burn FuFund Inc
RBC Foundation                      Decorating Ltd               Pre-Con Builders                 John Flintoft
Rose Rudko*                      In Memory of Sam & Kay Yuar     Harry Reiss                                  coe
                                                                                                  Gibson Briscoe & Associates
Shirley J. Gilbert              Harry & Cindy Schulz             Jackie Dann                      Sharon M. Naugler
GlaxoSmithKline Inc             W. W. Shepherd                   Maureen Diamond                  Peter Neve
Estate of Morley M. Globerman   Anne M. Simpson                  John B. Dick                     Patricia Nord
William L. Gordon               Lesley Sisler & Lewis            John D. Dillon                   John Pacholuk
Granwil Holdings Ltd               St. George Stubbs             G J. Doak                        Rebecca Parkes
Gurinder Grewal                 Velma A. Smith                   Downtown Winnipeg Biz            Party Stuff / U-Rent-It
Janet Groves                    Smith & Nephew Inc Canada        Margaret Drall                   Richard A. Poersch
Linda Hanson                    Dawne & Bill Smithson            Gordon Dyck                      Power Vac Services
HBC Foundation                  Sorin Group Canada Inc           East St Paul Lions               Van R. Price
Richard Higgins                 St Boniface Warehousing Ltd      Roland Engel                     Darla Raddysh
Ngoc B. Hong                    St. Paul’s High School           David Favor                      Cynthia Ramnanan
Investors Group Charitable
 n                              Curtis & Lorane Steiman          Federated Insurance Holdings     Ian Rayter
    Giving Program              Steinbach Credit Union Limited   Rosella Genik                    Julieta Remetilla
Mary A. Janciukas
M                               Studio Publications Inc          Eileen George                    David W. Rivers
Joint Veterans Association of   Adam Sus                         Homer W. Gill                    Brian Scharfstein
    Winnipeg                    Ian Sutherland                   Global Advisory Council          Della Schmidt
Ernest W. Karlowsky
    n                           Muriel L. Sutherland             Linda & Robert Gold              Alex Shannon*
Kenmar Food Services Ltd
    n                           Two Small Men with Big Hearts    Marj and Gil Goodman             Sims & Associates Engineers
William Kettner
        i                          Moving Co                     Linda Graham Transplant          Jane Smith
David King                      Jennifer M. Walton                  Awareness Fund                St. James Volkswagen Ltd
Vicki K   Klassen               Wardrop Engineering Inc          Curtis Gray                      Carol Stockwell
William G. Konantz
           m                    Leslie E. Weir                   David Greening                   Inga Storgaard
Deirdre Kozminski
           e                    Wellington West Holdings Inc     Gina Guertin                     Beverley Struthers
Estate of Alma Kunz
             f                  Michael West                     Philippe Guertin                 Brenda Stutsky
Audrey E. Lay  .                Western Fashion Group            Ron Hanson                       Dr. James Thliveris
Dr. Daniel P Levin              Kenneth Wiens                    Sarina Hayes                        & Mrs. Mary Thliveris
    & Lilian Bobin o            Doug Wilson                      Hi-Tech Energy Windows           Edna Isabel Thomson
Bruce MacNeill      il          Wind Up                          High Road Commercial             Richard Thornhill
Manulife Financial   nc         Winnipeg Goldeyes Field of          Cleaning Inc                  Lloyd C. Treble
Meyers Norris Penny    en          Dreams Foundation             Ken & Judy Hildahl               Trish Trucking Rentals
Jack Morris                     Walter Witowski                  Hill Dermaceuticals Inc          Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Vis
Mel Morrison                    Stewart Zalluski                 Heather Hlady                    Leonard Walder
Mulder Construction             Anonymous                        Wendy Hooper                     Cornelius Waldner
    & Materials Ltd                                              Arshad Hussain                   Pat Wedlake
Ted Nelson                      FRIENDS                          David B. Jones                   WGH Nursing Class of 1958B
Anh Tu Ngo                      $500 to 999                      Robert H. Jones                  Don & Colleen Wiebe
Nurses’ Alumni Association      Antony Adriaansen                Kanee Investments Ltd            Dr. Kim Wiebe Medical
Daniel Panisko                  Nancy Allan & Neil Carleton      Blaine King                         Corporation
PCL Constructors Inc            Andrew Peller Ltd
                                A                                John N. Knowles                  Lawrence Wiens
Polo Park Hearing Centre          ng
                                Angus McKay School               Ladies Legion Auxiliary Souris   Les Wiens
Kathleen Poulter                    aZe
                                AstraZeneca                         Branch 60                     Chuck & Libby Winograd
Premier Printing Ltd                   e
                                Michele A. Augert                Fung H. Leung                    Workers Compensation Board
Randall Plumbing & Heating                nd J
                                Banville and Jones Wine Co       Todd Lovallo                        of Manitoba
Paul C. Rathgeber                              ces
                                Bio Med Sciences Inc             Donna Q. Macaw                   WRHA Breast Health Centre
Renew Masonry Inc               John Bond                        MacDon Industries Ltd            Matthias Yeung
Tannis M. Richardson            Kate & Gary Brenner              Manitoba Moose Hockey Club       Leigh W. Young
Claudio Rigatto                 Marilyn Burt                     Garry Markham                    Youth Culture Group
J D. Riley                      Calea Ltd                        Todd Mathews                     Anonymous
Ross Robinson                   Canada Microsurgical Ltd         Ger
                                                                 Gerard McCarthy
Burton A. Robinson*             Celebrity Flooring                    pbell
                                                                 Campbell McIntyre
Thomas P. Robson                Cityplace Orthodontics           John McLay
Rug Doctor Canada Ltd           Helen Clark                      Earl C. McMillan
Ryco Enterprises Ltd            Jacob Cohen                      MGM Construction
Salisbury House Employee        Colin’s Mechanical Service Ltd   Clarke H. Mills
    Donations Fund              Robert L. Cooke                  Fred Millward                    * Deceased
Ms. Margaret Saray              Leigh Cunningham                 Mr. Tubbs Bathtub Refinishing
GIFT-IN-KIND                     Prairie Mobile Medical Ltd      MEMORIAL, TRIBUTE AND                  ANDREW BANNATYNE
Aulden Security & Monitoring     Pro TELEC Alarms                CELEBRATION
   Services Ltd                  Quality Underwriting Services   Owen Albrechtsen                       LEGACY SOCIETY
Auto Haus Volkswagen             Rachel Mara                     Delbert G. Bebee
B. Goldberg                      Radisson Hotel                  Charles V. Bemben                      Named for HSC’s first donor,
Bernard Lofchick                 Ranger Insurance Brokers        Vivian Bicknell
                                                                                                        the Andrew Bannatyne
BFI Canada Inc                   Re/Max Real Estate Inc          C. Bright
Bistro 7 1/4                     Reiss Furs and Outerwear        Helga Bryant                           Legacy Society recognizes
Blinds are Beautiful             Royal Crown Revolving           Antonio de Sousa Marques               those who have confirmed
Caddy Shed Golf Stores Ltd          Restaurant                   J. Dick                                a gift to the Health Sciences
Carlson Wagonlit Travel          Royal Sports Shop Ltd           Henry E. Duckworth                     Centre Foundation in their
Chamberlyn’s Restaurant          Second Skin                     William (Bill) Feldman
                                                                                                        estate plans. Through a
   & Lounge                      Shooters Family Golf Centre     Stephen Lloyd Hayes
City Mix Inc                     Studio448                       Shirley Hoffman                        bequest, life insurance
Clarion Hotel                    T J. Cook                       Vytautas Janciukas                     annuity or trust arrangement,
Clay Oven Restaurant             The Brick                       Steve Kakowchyk                        these thoughtful individuals
Colins Mechanical Service Ltd    The Gates on Roblin             David Klassen                          have chosen to support the
Curtis Carpets Ltd.              The Great Canadian Travel       Ky Lai                                 future of health care in
Danali His & Her Urban Wear         Company                      Nicholas Laping
Doug Harvey                      The Market 520                  Monica J. Laramee
                                                                                                        Manitoba. We are sincerely
Duraco Windows                   Thunder Rapids Amusement        Yick H. Leung                          grateful to them.
Ed Buchel                           Park                         Isabelle MacKay
First Avenue Office Furnishings   Totem Lodge Resorts             Pamela Mason                           Mrs. Kathleen Allison
Fitness Experience               True North Sports &             Andrew & Courtney Melnuk’s             James H. Ashdown, Sr.*
Fude Inspired Cuisine               Entertainment Ltd               Wedding                             Oscar Cantor
   & Wine Bar                    Tuxedo Animal Hospital          Melva Mitchell                         George Cluett
Golf Dome                        UN Luggage                      Sharron A. Pertson                     Norma M. Cooke RN (WGH 1950A)
Hecla Oasis Resort               Waverley Chrysler Dodge Jeep    Wilf Piche                             Ms. Nancy Ford
Holiday Inn Winnipeg             Winnipeg Blue Bombers           Freda Posner                           Delores & Michael* Gembey
   - Airport West                Winnipeg Folk Festival          Darren Romijn                          Ms. Barbara Cecil Jones
IMAX                             Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra     Rowena Segal                           Dr. Paul Galbraith
Imperial Flooring                Winnipeg Winter Club            Lawrence (Lars) Sharp                  Dr. Leonard H. Kahane
J Max Auto Services              WOW Hospitality                 Estate of Dr. Ben Shell                Jessie H. Lang
Jim Gauthier Chev Olds                                           Adelina So                             Beryl Long
   Cadillac Ltd                                                  Ethan Soares’ Birthday                 Clifford J. McGimpsey
Jim Gauthier Pontiac                                             Verna Storozuk                         Ross & Allana Robinson
   Buick GMC                                                     Gerry Walters                          Harold Shack
J-Max Auto Service                                               Marie Yalowega                         Brad Smith
Johnson Waste                                                    Alice Zaluski                          Mrs. Alice Wagner
   Management Ltd                                                                                       Mr. James Williamson*
Josef Ryan Diamonds                                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. William Zakala
Lakeview Management Inc                                                                                 3 Anonymous Members
Laurie River Lodge
Lawton Partners Financial                                                                               *Deceased
   Planning Services Ltd
Leonard H. Kahane
Louis Trepel                                                     The Health Sciences Centre
Mabe Canada Inc                                                  Foundation recognizes that some
McDonald’s Restaurants of                                        donors do not wish to have their
                                                                 name published, and we adhere
   Canada Ltd
                                                                 to provincial and federal privacy
McIntyre Fine Meats                                              legislation. We have carefully
Megan Vun Wong                                                   reviewed this information for
Midland Appliance World Ltd                                      accuracy - we apologize for any
Nefco Furniture Ltd                                              omissions or errors in this listing.
Ooh La La Hair Studio                                            Please contact the HSC Foundation
Oreck Canada                                                     at 787 2022 if you note incorrect

Out of the many worthy charities to choose from, these extraordinary men and women share their energy,
vision and time with the HSC Foundation. Their selfless dedication and effort throughout this past year in
support of the Health Sciences Centre has allowed the Foundation to achieve many of its goals this past year
and will continue to form the basis of successes to come.

Board of Directors         Directors                  Gift Planning Committee
Executive Committee        David Blatt                Steven Kohn
                           Garth Buchko               CHAIR
F. Lynn Bishop             Rachelle Buller
                           Rosalind Dick              F. Lynn Bishop
William S. Gardner         Nicholas Hirst             David Christianson
VICE-CHAIR                 Jonathon Lyon              Karen Diamond
                           Kevin McFadden             Muriel Sutherland
Eric Stefanson             Hugh Moncrieff             Donna Winstone
                           Jim Morden                 Daniel Wright
Tony Catanese              Scott Richardson
CHAIR, FINANCE             Harry Schulz
                           Harvey L. Secter           Marketing and
Hubert Kleysen             Carol Stockwell            Communications
CHAIR, Breakthrough!
                           Gail Wylie                 Committee
                                                      Nigel Lilley
Steven Kohn                                           CHAIR
CHAIR, GIFT PLANNING       Allocations Committee
                           Dr. Garry Krepart          Megan Adams
Dr. Garry Krepart
                           CHAIR                      F. Lynn Bishop
                                                      Garth Buchko
Nigel Lilley               F. Lynn Bishop             Peter Clark
CHAIR, MARKETING &         Dr. Patrick C. Choy        Colin Danielson
COMMUNICATIONS             Rosalind Dick              Nicholas Hirst
                           Dr. Blake McClarty         Tracy Mainland
Muriel Sutherland
                           Dr. Lindsay Nicolle        Scott Richardson
                                                      Katherine Washchyshyn
Dr. Blake McClarty
DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH,      Finance Committee
HEALTH SCIENCES CENTRE     Tony Catanese              Nominating Committee
                           CHAIR                      Muriel Sutherland
Adam Topp
                           R. E. (Dick) Archer
                           F. Lynn Bishop             F. Lynn Bishop
Dr. Brock Wright           David Blatt                William S. Gardner
VICE-PRESIDENT & CHIEF     Eric Stefanson             Kevin McFadden
OPERATING OFFICER,         Carol Stockwell            Hugh Moncrieff
HEALTH SCIENCES CENTRE     Muriel Sutherland          Jim Morden
                                                      Harry Schulz
                                                      Eric Stefanson
     MS1 820 Sherbrook Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3A 1R9

TELEPHONE 204 787 2022 • FAX 204 787 2804 • TOLL FREE 1 800 679 8493

                 HSCF STAFF
                Sally Flintoft        Carita Halayko
             Dawne Smithson           Delores Hildebrandt
                                      Gina Maxfield
                Kate Brenner          Vernelle Mirosh
             Lynne Ducharme           Terry Vandenbroeck
             Carol Dynkavitch         Jennifer Walton
                  Colin Foran         Lisa Wirth

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