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					Vol. 5, Issue 3

                                       Big Easy meets Far East
                                                       New Orleans-native
                                                  Mike Lambert visits China
                                                                      pgs 2-4

 A leader among leaders
 New Network chairman delivers inaugural address,
 reflects on 2008 tornado that nearly crippled his business
 pgs 8-9

 What women want
 Despite growing numbers, female customers
 feel misunderstood by automotive industry
 pgs 12-14

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In This Issue                                                                                President’s Perspective
Pickup up Speed ................................................................. 5

                                                                                                                                Big Easy meets Far East
Network elects Miami-based National Performance
Warehouse into Parts Plus membership

Another helping hand for New Orleans ......................... 6
Car Care Center owner returns to repair
                                                                                                                                New Orleans-native Mike Lambert
Katrina-ravaged homes
                                                                                                                                visits China
Start spreading the news .................................................. 7                                                   	    The	first	time	I	can	ever	recall	hearing	about	China	
Couple tours New York City as grand-prize winners of                                                                            was	when	I	was	very	young.	My	mother	used	to	tell	me	to	
Car Care Center sweepstakes
                                                                                                                                eat	all	my	dinner,	reminding	me	that	“children	in	China	are	
A leader among leaders .................................................8-9                                                     starving.”	I	recently	discovered	that–at	least	in	some	areas	
New Network Chairman delivers inaugural address,                                                                                of	the	country	today–China	is	radically	different	from	most	
reflects on 2008 tornado that nearly crippled his business                                                                      Americans’	impressions	of	years	ago.	What	follows	are	my	
                                                                                                                                observations	during	a	10-day	business	trip	to	China,	which	
One step at a time ........................................................10-11
                                                                                                                                included	tours	of	several	factories	as	well	as	a	few	of	the	
Arizona Car Care Centers make great strides in raising
cystic fibrosis awareness, donations                                                                                            country’s	incredible	sights	and	landmarks.

What women want ......................................................12-14                                                     By Mike Lambert, President
Despite growing numbers, female customers feel

                                                                                             	    After	20	hours	of	traveling,	            Chinese	and	English.	As	we	pull	into	our	
misunderstood by automotive industry

                                                                                             including	17	in	the	air,	we	arrive	           new	Western-style	accommodations,	I	
                                                                                             in	Shanghai,	China.	I	have	several	           feel	as	if	I	could	be	arriving	at	virtually	
Bee-lieve...or not! ............................................................. 15
Honey bees create buzz at Pueblo-based Parts Plus

                                                                                             expectations	and	preconceived	ideas	          any	modern	hotel	in	the	United	States–

                                                                                             of	what	this	ancient	land	will	be	like.	      until	we	check	in.	First,	after	making	a	
                                                                                             My	travel	companions	have	each	been	          copy	of	the	first	page	of	our	passport	
Sign of the times ..........................................................16-17
After WD buyout forced year-long hiatus, Winchester

                                                                                             to	China	twice	before:	Kenny	Maurer,	         and	our	Chinese	visa,	the	hotel	charges	
Auto Parts returns to Parts Plus

                                                                                             owner	of	Big	City	Auto	Parts	in	New	          us	for	our	room	and	mini-bar	usage	
                                                                                             York	City	and	chairman	of	the	Network	        up	front.	(They	would	later	reverse	
A royal racing experience .............................................. 18
South Lyon Parts Plus manager wins grand-prize in Wix

                                                                                             Product	Committee,	and	David	Prater,	         this	charge	the	next	day	to	the	correct	
Filters’ “It’s Good to be the King” promotion

                                                                                             senior	vice	president	of	the	Network.	        amount	but	they	always	get	their	money	
                                                                                             Later	in	the	trip	we	will	meet	up	with	       first.	This	pattern	will	continue	at	future	
A credit to the profession................................................ 19
Alpha & Omega Processing solves the mystery of

                                                                                             Wayne	Schaack,	another	member	of	             hotels	during	our	trip.)
credit-card processing

                                                                                             the	Product	Committee,	who	is	also	an	        	    After	check-in,	we	need	to	exchange	
                                                                                             experienced	traveler	to	China.                some	money,	so	we	are	directed	to	a	
Help wanted .................................................................20-21
Service dealers face disinterest among young people,

                                                                                             	    It’s	11	p.m.	as	we	pass	through	         currency	machine,	which	dispenses	
image problem in pursuit of the technicians of tomorrow

                                                                                             customs,	which	operates	efficiently	but	      Chinese	RMB	without	the	hassle	
                                                                                             thoroughly,	with	both	face-recognition	       of	showing	passports	or	filling	out	
The Big Sky’s the limit ..................................................... 22
Montana-based WD Novco, company owned H-O Parts

                                                                                             scans	and	fingerprints	taken.	We	are	         paperwork	as	at	other	locations.	The	
Plus locations team with WIX to raise thousands of

                                                                                             greeted	by	Ryan,	whom	I	refer	to	as	our	 current	exchange	rate	is	6.5	RMB	to	1	
dollars for local FFA chapters

                                                                                             “handler.”	A	Chinese	national	who	lives	      U.S.	dollar.	We	agree	to	depart	at	8	a.m.	
Take stock of your customer service ............................ 23

                                                                                             in	Queens,	N.Y.,	Ryan	not	only	speaks	        the	next	day	for	our	first	factory	tour.	
Agility Metrics provides Network affiliates with state-

                                                                                             English	very	well,	but	more	important,	       After	traveling	so	long,	through	so	many	
of-the art customer-feedback program

                                                                                             he	is	also	fluent	in	Mandarin	Chinese,	       time	zones,	a	7	a.m.	wake-up	comes	
Opportunity of a lifetime.................................................. 24

                                                                                             enabling	him	to	communicate	with	             really	early.	We	load	our	extensive	
After 35 years of experience, Marc Phillips realizes

                                                                                             all	the	various	dialects	of	Chinese	we	       luggage	into	the	Mercedes	SUV,	which	
dream as Parts Plus Car Care Center owner

                                                                                             will	encounter	during	our	journey.	
Network News .............................................................25-27

                                                                                             While	most	folks	can	utter	a	
New Parts Plus Autostores

                                                                                             few	phrases	in	Spanish,	French	
New Parts Plus Car Care Centers

                                                                                             or	Italian–or	can	at	least	make	
Network Jobber Advisory Council Listing
Network Service Dealer Advisory Council Listing

                                                                                             some	attempt	at	a	few	words	in	
                                                                                             those	languages–I	don’t	know	
                                                                                             a	single	bit	of	Chinese,	so	I’m	
                     Automotive Distribution Network

                                                                                             totally	dependent	on	those	who	
         3085 Fountainside Drive, Ste. 210 • Germantown, TN 38138
                      901.682.9090 • Fax: 901.682.9098

                                                                                             can	speak	English.

                                                                                             	    Upon	emerging	from	the	
Mike Lambert, President
David Prater, Senior Vice President

                                                                                             terminal,	we	are	escorted	
Bob Barstow, Vice President of Marketing/Advertising

                                                                                             to	our	ride:	a	brand-new	
Gil Gunn, Vice President of Marketing/Training
Dale Hobbs, Vice President of National Accounts/Sales

                                                                                             Mercedes	SUV,	a	nice	first	
John Rutland, President, Network Products

                                                                                             impression.	As	we	drive	
Scott Bowden, Contributing Editor

                                                                                             the	short	distance	from	the	
Laura Guy, Publisher

                                                                                             airport	to	the	hotel	
The Network Magazine is published quarterly by the Automotive Distribution Network

                                                                                             nearby,	I	notice	that	
for its affiliated jobbers, service dealers and member distribution warehouses. The
materials of the Network are fully protected by the Copyright Act of the United States

                                                                                             these	very	modern	
and are solely for the noncommercial, internal use of the authorized user. Authorized
user understands and agrees that the Network’s copyrighted materials shall not
                                                                                                                       A brush with greatness : Mike Lambert (center) ascends

                                                                                             highways	have	signs	in	
be rented, leased, loaned, sold, transferred, assigned, broadcast in any media form,
publicly exhibited or used outside the organization of the authorized user, or reproduced,
store in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form by means, electronic, mechanical,
                                                                                                                         the Great Wall of China with travel companions Kenny
photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior written consent by the Network.                                           Maurer (left) and David Prater (right).
              Page 2
                                                                                                    president’s perspective
                                                                                             U.S.	for	a	48-hour	week	over	6	days.	
                                                                                             Other	factories	have	longer	work	days,	
                                                             Mountain high: Lambert

                                                                                             with	wages	in	the	range	of	$1.60	per-
                                                            shoots an overhead photo
                                                                                             hour	U.S.,	with	limited	or	no	benefits.	
                                                           of the Great Wall extending
                                                                                             Compare	that	with	U.S.	factory	wages,	
                                                                                             and	you	can	quickly	understand	
                                                                 into the distance.

                                                             	       Two	and	a	half	hours	   the	huge	difference	in	Chinese	
                                                              later,	we	arrive	at	our	first	 manufacturing	costs.		
                                                               factory,	driving	through	     	     Years	ago,	the	Chinese	initially	
                                                                a	security	gate	and	up	      produced	low-quality,	cheap	goods,	
                                                                to	the	entrance	way	of	      such	as	the	white-box	product	we	all	
                                                                the	offices.	The	ritual	is	  made	jokes	about.	Unfortunately,	the	
                                                            remarkably	similar	at	most	      Chinese	have	gotten	better–a	lot	better.	
                                               of	the	factory	stops.	First,	a	greeting	      Who	helped	them?	We	did!	The	OEs,	
 will	serve	as	our	transportation	for	the	     party	comes	down	to	welcome	us.	An	           the	aftermarket	manufacturers,	and	the	
next	two	days.	In	addition	to	Ryan,	we	        English-speaking	employee	greets	             resellers	who	demanded	better	quality.	
have	a	Chinese	driver	who	knows	not	           us,	generally	a	young	woman,	along	           Slowly,	they	have	learned	their	craft	
only	where	we	are	going	but	also	how	          with	the	factory	owner.	Most	owners	          and	improved.	They	have	taken	the	
to	get	there–it	turns	out	that	this	will	be	   speak	a	little	English,	some	very	well.	      requirements	and	standards	that	the	OEs	
no	small	feat.                                 We	have	a	meeting	in	their	conference	        and	aftermarket	manufacturers	have	
	    With	the	Shanghai	airport	in	our	         room,	where	we	are	offered	bottled	           demanded	of	their	purchased	SKUs	and	
rearview	mirror,	we	venture	into	the	          water	and	tea.	(As	you	might	imagine,	        applied	that	discipline	across	all	product	
countryside,	where	I	have	my	first	            bottled	water	was	a	staple	of	the	trip,	as	 lines.	While	not	all	Chinese	products	
memorable	realization	of	a	Chinese	            I	never	drank	or	even	brushed	my	teeth	 are	of	high	quality,	I	suspect	they	will	
custom:	There	are	no	traffic	rules!	Once	      with	tap	water,	enabling	me	to	avoid	         quickly	learn	from	their	own	mistakes.	
we	leave	the	toll	roads,	which	have	some	      any	stomach	issues	on	the	trip.)	After	       Quality,	even	as	defined	by	the	Chinese,	is	
semblance	of	order,	we	traverse	along	         the	meetings,	some	of	which	include	a	        constantly	mentioned	during	our	tours.	
several	countryside	and	city	streets,	         PowerPoint	presentation	by	an	English- 	            After	touring	the	factories	and	
encountering	motorists	driving	the	wrong	      speaking	female,	we	tour	the	facility.	       seeing	all	the	construction	throughout	
direction	on	4-lane	divided	roadways.	         In	some	places,	we	are	allowed	to	take	       the	major	cities,	I	am	struck	by	a	thought:	
(This	nerve-wracking	game	of	chicken	          pictures;	in	others,	we	are	not.	Most	        The	U.S.	has	awakened	a	sleeping	giant.
continued	for	10	days,	including	several	      of	the	facilities	are	large,	employing	       	     On	Saturday	morning,	I	wake	up	in	
near-misses	with	not	only	bicyclists	          several	hundred	workers.                      the	Shangri-la	Hotel	Wenzhou,	perhaps	
but	also	buses	and	18-wheelers!)	At	           	     The	plants	we	visit	have	varying	       the	best	accommodations	of	the	trip.	
nearly	every	intersection	and	junction,	       amounts	of	equipment,	ranging	from	           The	view	from	my	19th-floor	room	
motorcycles,	bikes	and	pedestrians	enter	      basic	presses	to	higher-end	automated	        overlooking	the	river	would	be	beautiful	
the	street	and	into	our	path	without	          machines	to	rubber	extruding	                 if	not	for	the	pollution,	which	casts	a	
looking.	Our	alert	driver	swerves	and	         equipment,	depending	on	the	facility	and	 gray	haze	over	the	city.	
blows	the	horn,	somehow	never	hitting	         what	products	are	being	manufactured.	        	     We	leave	for	the	capital	of	China,	
a	soul.	I	would	not	want	to	play	these	        They	go	to	great	lengths	to	show	us	their	 Beijing,	which	along	with	Shanghai,	has	
odds	long-term.	My	head	is	spinning,	but	      testing	procedures	and	equipment.	            a	larger,	more	modern	airport	than	any	
I	notice	that	all	the	cars	appear	new–I	       	     I	make	several	inquiries	about	the	     I’ve	seen	in	the	U.S.,	including	the	new	
do	not	see	a	“clunker”	anywhere.	Most	         workforce,	trying	to	understand	their	        one	in	Detroit,	which	seems	cramped	by	
are	vehicle	brands	familiar	to	the	United	     environment	versus	that	of	the	United	        comparison.	
States;	however,	I	occasionally	see	a	         States.	Many	factories	have	dormitories	 	          We	arrive	in	Beijing	an	hour	late,	
Chinese	brand.                                 on	the	plant	grounds	where	the	workers	 at	1:45	p.m.,	so	we’ll	have	to	make	up	
	    Driving	along	on	this	first	leg	of	our	   live,	although	we	never	see	the	inside	of	 time	en	route	before	they	stop	selling	
excursion,	my	traveling	companions	            these	facilities.	One	owner	shows	us	his	 admission	tickets	for	the	day	to	the	
point	out	two	troubling	aspects	of	China.	     new	factory	that’s	under	construction:	       Forbidden	City,	the	Chinese	imperial	
The	overcast	day	we	are	experiencing	          400,000	square	feet	on	four	levels,	as	       palace	during	the	Ming	Dynasty	to	the	
is	not	the	result	of	cloudy	skies	but	         well	as	a	dorm	in	the	back	that	will	         end	of	the	Qing	Dynasty.	As	we	drive	
pollution.	My	fellow	travelers	also	note	      house	1,000	workers.	                         out	of	the	Beijing	airport	on	a	10-lane	
the	lack	of	birds–I	ponder	the	reason	         	     Generally,	employees	pay	$10	a	         divided	highway,	I	notice	there	are	no	
why…	pollution,	lack	of	food,	food	source	     month	for	board,	but	food	is	not	included.	 bikes	or	motorcycles	allowed	on	this	
for	the	locals,	or	something	else?	(We	        We	are	informed	that	several	workers	         road,	so	traffic	flows	pretty	well	initially.	
would	not	see	the	sun	for	several	days	        share	a	room,	with	common	living	and	         Five	years	ago	in	Beijing,	60	percent	
and	that	was	only	following	a	day	long	        bathroom	facilities.	Later,	other	factories	  of	the	wheeled	vehicles	were	bikes	or	
rain	shower.	It	also	took	many	cities	until	   tell	us	they	serve	lunch	and	dinner	to	their	 motorcycles;	today,	they	are	barely	
I	had	my	first	bird	sighting.	The	national	    workers,	and	one	facility	has	a	basketball	   allowed	on	the	streets.	
bird	of	China	is	jokingly	referred	to	as	      court	in	the	middle	of	the	courtyard	         	     The	scenery	leaving	the	airport	and	
the	“construction	crane”	because	they	         between	the	buildings.                        heading	downtown	is	that	of	a	modern	
certainly	have	more	in	the	few	cities	I	       	     When	we	inquire	about	wages,	           city,	built	up	as	far	as	I	can	see.	High-rise	
visited	than	in	most	of	the	U.S.)              one	owner	says	his	workers	make	$80	                                     Continued on Page 4

                                                                                                                                   Page 3
president’s perspective
                                                    his	100	or	so	wives	and	imperial	        The	Great	Wall	looms	in	front	of	us	on	
                                                    concubines.	The	buildings	and	           the	top	of	the	mountain,	which	leaves	
                                                     large	courtyards	seem	to	go	on	         me	thinking,	‘How	are	we	going	to	get	
                                                     forever.	Most	of	the	structures	        up	there?’	Ah,	the	gondola–that’s	for	us.	
                                                      were	rebuilt	in	the	1600s	after	       We	enter	a	6-person	car,	and	away	we	
                                                      fire	or	decay	claimed	them.	One	       go.	The	gondola	deposits	us	at	the	top	in	
                                                       large	building	was	reserved	for	      a	small	station.	As	we	emerge	from	the	
                                                       the	Emperor	to	rest	as	he	walked	     tunnel,	I	see	the	Wall.	
                                                        to	one	of	the	other	structures	on	   	    The	first	section	we	encounter	
                                                        the	property.	                       is	an	incline	that	has	a	steeper	bank	
                                                         					That	evening,	we	eat	at	       than	a	NASCAR	track.	Eventually,	the	
                                                         the	world-famous	Quan	Je	           incline	turns	into	steps,	uneven,	but	an	
                                                          Du	(Peking	Duck).	We	arrive	       improvement.	We	rest	several	times	
                                                          at	the	restaurant	late,	with	      against	the	Wall	and	look	around	to	take	
                                                           no	reservations,	so	we’re	        in	the	panoramic	view.	The	Great	Wall	
                                                      relegated	to	the	“fast-food”	          stretches	into	the	distant	mountains	
                                              section,	where	the	only	thing	on	the	          until	you	can	no	longer	see	it.		
                                              menu	is	duck.	That’s	OK	with	us.	              	    As	I	slowly	make	my	way	up	the	
                                              After	dinner,	we	have	our	first	               Wall,	I	am	passed	by	older	people,	
  Watchful eye: An iconic portrait of

                                              opportunity	to	do	a	little	shopping.	I	        children	and	ladies	in	high	heels–hey,	
  China’s late Chairman Mao Zedong

                                              need	a	sweatshirt	for	the	next	day’s	          I	can	do	this!	We	make	it	to	a	fortress	
    hangs over the Forbidden City,

                                              trip	up	to	the	Great	Wall,	but	as	I	visit	     structure	on	the	top	of	one	section.	The	
   adjacent to Tiananmen Square.

buildings	line	the	highway	and	veer	off	      various	shops,	I	soon	discover	that	the	       Wall	switches	back	and	extends	into	the	
into	the	distance.	If	there	is	any	ancient	   prices	here	are	more	expensive	than	           distance.	What	a	view–and	what	a	feat	
city,	it’s	not	around	here.	                  in	the	States.	I’m	surprised	to	find	that	     of	engineering	and	construction.	
	     As	we	enter	the	downtown	area	on	a	     some	stores	are	more	expensive	than	           	    According	to	legend,	the	Great	
Saturday	afternoon,	we	hit	gridlock.	We	      shopping	in	New	York	City.	Another	            Wall	was	built	by	the	first	emperor	
turn	on	to	another	main	road,	perhaps	        preconceived	notion	destroyed.                 of	the	Qin	Dynasty,	Qin	Shi	Huang,	
seven	lanes	in	each	direction.	Traffic	       	    Sunday	morning,	October	17,	our	          though	historical	records	trace	the	
crawls	along.	Eventually,	we	reach	           Great	Wall	adventure	awaits	us.	I	arrive	      true	origin	of	the	wall	to	defensive	
Tiananmen	Square	and	the	Forbidden	           early	in	the	lobby	to	attempt	to	use	to	       fortifications	built	in	the	fifth-century	
City,	located	across	the	street;	however,	    the	Wi-Fi	service	to	call	home	via	Skype.	     B.C.	to	surround	the	Kingdom	of	Chu.	
we	cannot	exit	our	Buick	van.	Through	        I	managed	to	at	least	have	a	short	            Constructed	over	many	years	and	in	
Ryan,	our	driver	tells	us	that	soldiers,	     conversation	with	my	wife	before	it	           various	sections,	the	Wall	goes	on	for	
police	and	government	cameras	prevent	        kicked	me	off.	                                3,889	miles.	It	is	fact	that	this	structure,	
cars	from	stopping	here.	We	are	able	to	      	    After	loading	up	the	van,	we	drive	       built	along	mountaintops,	is	made	out	
turn	toward	Tiananmen	Square	and	then	        through	the	city.	We’re	excited	to	pass	       of	granite	and	brick.	I’m	amazed	at	the	
take	a	side	street.	The	van	door	opens,	      a	familiar	landmark:	a	McDonald’s.	We	         seemingly	never-ending	man-made	
and	we	quickly	pile	out.	                     instruct	our	driver	to	turn	around–we	         marvel	and	wonder,	‘How	the	heck	did	
	    We	make	our	way	to	Tiananmen	            need	an	egg/sausage	biscuit!	For	about	        they	accomplish	this?’
Square	and	pass	through	a	security	           $6	U.S.	we	each	get	a	biscuit,	fries	and	a	    	    As	we	drive	down	the	mountain	
check.	Wow–this	place	has	been	               Coke–tastes	just	like	home.	I	haven’t	been	    and	back	toward	the	Beijing	airport,	a	
beautified,	I’m	assuming	because	of	the	      this	excited	since	we	ate	at	Kentucky	         full-sized	bus	swerves	into	our	lane	on	a	
2008	Olympics.	Something	tells	me	they	       Fried	Chicken	with	a	factory	owner	            blind	curve	while	passing	a	motorcycle.	
have	discovered	the	appeal	of	Western	        following	a	tour	earlier	in	the	week.          Another	near-miss.	I	am	not	even	fazed.	I	
tourists.	Flowers	are	everywhere,	along	      	    The	ride	up	the	mountain	roads	           think	I	have	been	here	too	long.
with	a	Jumbotron	screen	with	photos	          toward	the	Wall	is	uneventful–
of	workers	and	what	appears	to	be	five	       thankfully.	We	park	at	a	touristy	area	
John	Deere	combines	plowing	a	field.	         near	the	Wall	and	start	walking.	It’s	         	    Upon	arriving	home,	I	come	across	

While	some	soldiers	and	police	patrol	        cold	up	here,	and	I	still	don’t	have	a	        a	Newsweek	article	by	Rana	Foroohar,	
the	area,	no	one	carries	any	guns.	           sweatshirt,	as	I	had	refused	to	pay	those	     who	reports	that	36	percent	of	China’s	
Chinese	soldiers	are	all	small	and	thin,	a	   prices.	We	round	a	building,	where	we	         1.3	billion	people	struggle	to	live	on	less	
big	difference	from	some	of	our	enlisted	     see	merchants	selling	hats,	sweatshirts	       than	$2	a	day,	with	an	incredible	150	
men	stateside.	Despite	all	the	security	      and	jackets.	I	am	not	the	only	one	            million	living	on	$1	or	less.	Foroohar	
present	on	various	streets,	this	is	not	      to	arrive	here	unprepared.	The	first	          quotes	Nan	Zhenzhong,	vice	chairman	of	
the	intimidating	place	I’d	imagined.	         merchant	we	come	to	sticks	a	furry	hat	        the	Foreign	Committees	of	the	National	
As	we	enter	the	Forbidden	City,	the	          on	my	head;	Ryan	starts	yelling	at	him.	       People’s	Congress,	“We	are	second	only	
iconic	picture	of	Mao,	the	former	leader	     I	am	told	it	is	$10	U.S.;	for	something	       to	India	in	terms	of	sheer	numbers	of	
of	the	People’s	Republic	of	China,	looks	     warm,	I’ll	take	it.	A	little	farther	down,	    poor	people.”	
down	on	all	who	arrive.	                      they	are	selling	sweatshirts.	One	             	    Despite	all	the	modern	construction	
	    The	Forbidden	City	is	the	vision	        merchant	wants	120	RMB	for	it.	The	            and	progress	I	saw	during	my	trip,	
of	the	third	Chinese	Emperor,	YungLo,	        next	vendor	wants	60	RMB	for	the	same	         maybe	my	mother	had	a	point	about	
who	ruled	and	lived	there–and	housed	         sweatshirt,	so	Ryan	buys	two	for	us.	          China	after	all.	

Page 4      Network Magazine, Volume 5, Issue 3 2010
                                                                                                                 warehouse profile

Picking up Speed
Network elects Miami-based National Performance Warehouse

	     Occasionally,	Larry	Pacey	gets	the	bug	    	    Unlike	some	warehouses	that	have	
to	race	again.	A	former	dragster	driver	for	     shifted	to	two-step	distribution,	NPW	
20	years	who	won	national	events	in	AHRA	        remains	committed	to	jobbers	and	their	
and	IHRA	racing,	Larry	still	gets	a	rush	of	     future.	NPW	plans	to	offer	the	Parts	Plus	
adrenaline	when	he’s	at	the	drag	strip.          program	to	its	most	progressive–and	
	     “Then	common	sense	takes	over	             aggressive–customers	in	Florida	over	the	
and	tells	me,	‘No–you	don’t	need	to	be	          next	year.	
doing	that,’”	says	Pacey,	who	gave	up	           	    Parts	Plus	complements	NPW’s	
his	slingshot	dragster	in	1989	to	focus	         philosophy	on	providing	the	jobber	
on	expanding	his	National	Auto	Parts	            with	a	true	partnership	and	the	tools	
Warehouse	throughout	Florida.	“I	may	            to	help	ensure	their	success	in	today’s	
                                                                                                     Family-owned, family-operated:

have	thrown	in	the	towel	on	racing,	but	         competitive	environment,	Pacey	says.	
                                                                                                    (from left to right) Larry Pacey, his
today,	half	our	business	remains	high-           	    “By	having	a	strong	program	in	place	
                                                                                                   wife, Hilda, and sons Chris and John,
performance	parts.”	                             like	Parts	Plus,	we	can	offer	our	jobbers	
	     Now	operating	also	as	National	            something	to	really	help	their	business	
                                                                                                   complement NPW’s vast experience

Performance	Warehouse	(NPW),	the	                and	increase	volume,”	says	Pacey,	who	
                                                                                                        on all sides of the parts and

Miami-based	WD	recently	was	voted	               continues	to	serve	as	president	and	CEO	         through	the	doors	of	most	jobbers	these	
                                                                                                           accessories markets.

into	Parts	Plus	membership	during	the	           of	the	company	he	started	more	than	40	          days	are	looking	for	that	slow-moving	or	
Network’s	annual	fall	meeting	at	Vinoy	          years	ago.	“We’ve	never	lost	our	core	focus	     ‘long-tail’	part,”	Pacey	explains.	“Of	course,	
Renaissance	Resort	in	St.	Petersburg,	Fla.	      of	selling	to	the	jobber.	In	some	cases,	I	      the	normal	warehouse	can’t	handle	the	
	     What	started	as	a	one-man	operation	       believe	some	warehouses	may	have	given	          E-F	and	W	parts	because	they	don’t	have	
specializing	in	carburetor	rebuilding	           up	on	the	jobber	prematurely.	We’ve	             the	business	to	support	it	or	the	margin.	
in	1969	has	grown	into	a	successful	             never	given	in	to	that	line	of	thinking,	‘Oh,	   In	our	particular	case,	we	have	a	factory	
warehouse	distributor	offering	high-             well,	the	jobbers	are	going	away	anyway.’	       warehouse	inventory	on	several	lines,	so	
performance,	truck	and	off-road	                 As	some	warehouses	in	Florida	have	gone	         we	can	have	those	slower-moving	parts	
accessories,	traditional	parts,	and	             another	direction,	jobbers	in	this	area	         on	hand	so	the	jobber	can	make	that	sale.”
chemicals,	with	about	70	employees	at	           know	they	can	always	count	on	us.	We	            	    Pacey	recently	extended	his	jobber	
NPW’s	three-story,	300,000-square-foot	          don’t	compete	with	our	customers	for	            customer-service	philosophy	to	California,	
facility	in	Miami,	and	40,000-square-foot	       consumer	sales	online	or	in	installation	        with	the	acquisition	of	the	wholesale	
satellite	location	in	Clearwater.	               bays;	we	truly	support	the	jobber.”              operations	of	Hayward-based	Speed	
	     With	more	than	300	deliveries	a	day	to	    	    Because	NPW	is	a	factory	warehouse	         Warehouse,	a	former	Alliance	member,	
customers	throughout	the	Sunshine	State	         for	close	to	40	lines	now,	QDAs	(Qualified	      and	its	branches	in	San	Jose	and	Tustin	
and	into	Southern	Georgia,	NPW	has	built	        Direct	Accounts),	mainly	mega-jobbers,	          (Los	Angeles)	earlier	this	year.	Started	by	
its	business	on	excellent	customer	service.	     can	buy	some	lines	directly	through	them.	       Jerry	Light	in	1949,	Speed	Warehouse	has	
Using	a	unique	delivery	service	with	more	       As	a	result,	NPW	gets	a	share	of	that	           been	selling	high-performance	parts	for	
than	300	vehicles,	NPW	offers	a	level	of	        direct	business	and	further	cements	their	       more	than	60	years.
commitment	unmatched	in	the	area	by	             supplier/customer	relationship,	unlike	          	    Speed	services	Winchester	Auto	
even	its	biggest	competitors.	In	addition	       some	WDs	that	are	bypassed	because	they	         Parts’	five	Parts	Plus	locations,	which	
to	handling	domestic	customers,	NPW’s	           only	offer	a	traditional	inventory.	That’s	a	    recently	began	converting	35	of	their	
multi-lingual	phone	staff	is	also	proficient	    tactical	advantage	for	NPW,	as	a	number	         service-dealer	customers	to	Parts	Plus	Car	
in	handling	international	orders	to	the	         of	mega-jobbers	nowadays	have	to	buy	            Care	Centers.
Caribbean,	Central	and	South	America.            lines	direct	because	they’re	competing	          	    With	a	strong	presence	in	three	of	
	     NPW	enjoys	an	edge	by	hiring	              with	huge	two-step	warehouses,	national	         the	four	largest	markets	in	California,	
experienced	personnel	on	the	traditional	        chains	and	online	retailers.                     Pacey	looks	to	replicate	NPW’s	three-step	
side	who	have	owned	or	operated	parts	           	    “If	they’re	not	buying	their	major	         success	out	West	through	Speed.	
stores,	machine	shops	or	related	parts	          lines	right,	such	as	their	brakes,	they’re	      	    “Our	plans	are	to	do	the	same	thing	
businesses,	while	employing	people	on	           not	going	to	be	competitive	and	their	           we’ve	done	in	Florida,	not	only	within	
the	performance	lines	who	have	worked	           business	likely	won’t	make	it.	Our	factory-      California,	but	also	as	we	expand	Speed	
for	manufacturers.	In	addition,	NPW	             direct	warehouse	has	helped	plenty	              into	Arizona	and	Nevada,	where	there	are	
prides	itself	on	being	a	family-owned	           of	mega-jobbers	who	might	not	have	              no	other	large	performance	warehouses”	
and	-operated	business.	Larry’s	sons,	           survived	otherwise.”                             he	says.	“We’re	going	to	continue	to	sell	to	
Chris	Pacey	and	John	Pacey,	serve	as	vice	       	    Having	every	part	number	on	several	        jobbers	only;	we’re	a	bit	of	a	dying	breed	
president	of	operations	and	warehouse	           direct	lines	also	enables	NPW’s	jobber	          these	days,	but	we’re	doing	very	well.	
manager,	respectively,	while	his	wife,	          customers	to	locate	that	rare	part	quickly	      We’ve	always	stuck	to	our	core	values	of	
Hilda,	doesn’t	have	a	title	since	she	“does	     as	opposed	to	going	to	the	dealer	or	            serving	the	jobber,	not	competing	with	
a	little	bit	of	everything	and	helps	hold	the	   through	a	mail-order	service.	                   them,	and	they’ve	responded	well	by	
place	together.”	                                	    “The	majority	of	customers	coming	          giving	us	their	business.”	

                                                                                                                                        Page 5

helping hand for
New Orleans
Car Care Center
returns to repair
Katrina-ravaged homes
	     Nearly	five	years	after	Hurricane	
Katrina	ravaged	parts	of	the	Gulf	Coast,	
Parts	Plus	Car	Care	Center	owner	Mark	
                                                               Broken homes: Damaged, boarded-up houses are a stark

Wigley	and	his	team	from	Calvary	
                                                                          reminder of Hurricane Katrina.

Community	Church	in	Columbia,	Md.,	             	    They	helped	families	regain	some	         a	two-block	radius	from	where	we	were	
returned	to	the	New	Orleans	area	in	            semblance	of	normalcy	and	peace	in	            standing	who	had	died	in	the	storm.	
May	to	help	families	still	without	a	           their	homes,	including	Alberta	L.,	who	        I	had	a	good	talk	with	a	man	named	
suitable	place	to	call	home.	                   was	living	in	makeshift	conditions	on	the	     Mr.	Red,	who	told	us	how	he	stayed	in	
	     Since	Katrina,	this	was	the	10th	visit	   property	her	house	once	stood	complete	        his	house	for	days	till	the	floodwater	
for	the	Calvary	team,	who	make	the	2,200-       in	Mandeville,	La.	Her	son,	Gary,	was	         receded.	We	talked	for	almost	an	hour,	
mile	round-trip	drive	to	the	Gulf	Coast	        forced	to	live	in	a	12’	x	12’	shed	in	the	     and	the	man	warmed	up	to	us	after	
about	twice	a	year	to	help	people	they’ve	      backyard.	One	team	hung	sheetrock	and	         finding	out	why	we	were	there.	He	was	
never	met	and	likely	won’t	see	again.	They	     applied	spackle,	and	installed	siding	and	     very	grateful	for	our	commitment	to	
keep	coming	back,	even	though	the	media	        soffits	in	Alberta’s	house.	The	house	was	     continue	coming	down	almost	five	years	
has	long	since	moved	on.	                       out	of	square,	which	made	the	project	         after	the	storm.	It	was	refreshing	to	see	
	     “We’re	trying	to	make	a	difference	       more	challenging,	but	the	Calvary	team	        the	barriers	come	down	as	we	talked	
in	people’s	lives,”	explains	Wigley,	           members	helped	get	the	job	done.               candidly	about	a	number	of	things.”
owner	of	New	Life	Automotive,	a	                Another	group	helped	install	soffits,	         	    Still,	Wigley	realizes	that	not	
five-bay	Car	Care	Center	located	in	a	          framing	and	siding	for	Valerie	T.’s	New	       everyone	is	glad	to	see	them,	and	that	
southwest	suburb	of	Baltimore.	“Five	           Orleans	house,	in	addition	to	cutting	50	      tensions	still	run	high	in	the	area.	He	
years	after	the	worst	natural	disaster	         rafter	tails	to	line	them	up	to	accept	the	    was	on	a	ladder	when	a	man	warned	
this	country	has	seen,	there	are	those	         new	fascia	boards.		                           him	that	carpenters	who	were	working	
still	coming	in	the	spirit	of	brotherhood	      	    Other	team	members	helped	install	        across	the	street	were	just	held	up	at	
to	help.	We	step	out	of	our	comfort	zone	       kitchen	cabinets,	trim,	fencing,	flooring	     gunpoint.	This	was	not	far	from	the	
and	into	someone	else’s	disaster	zone	to	       and	interior	doors	for	Sonya	L.’s	home	        neighborhood	where	occupants	of	two	
continue	the	legacy	of	making	America	          in	the	Upper	Ninth	Ward,	working	              cars	came	down	the	street	shooting	
the	greatest	country	in	the	world.”             alongside	her	son,	Glen,	who	inspired	         at	each	other	as	the	Calvary	team	was	
	     Partnering	once	again	with	               the	team	when	he	talked	about	how	he	          working	in	October	2009.
the	Touch	Global	Crisis	Response	               used	a	boat	to	bring	members	of	his	           	    Toward	the	end	of	his	week	in	New	
organization,	Wigley’s	group	split	into	        family	to	safety	after	the	city	flooded.	      Orleans,	however,	Wigley	experienced	
four	teams.                                     	    The	fourth	group	assisted	with	           one	of	those	moments	that	reminded	
                                                tearing	out	old	concrete	and	jacking	and	      him	of	just	how	much	their	work	
                                                leveling	Pat	J.’s	home,	and	reframed	and	      positively	impacts	the	community.	He	
                                                resupported	the	floor.	                        received	a	call	from	the	church	office	
House call: Mark’s team goes to work.

                                                	    “We	understand	that	Pat	has	been	         back	home	informing	him	that	someone	
                                                an	advocate	for	her	community,	helping	        in	New	Orleans	who	noticed	their	
                                                others	get	back	in	their	home,”	Wigley	        church	trailer	around	town	had	taken	
                                                says.	“It	was	our	privilege	and	joy	to	be	     the	time	to	call	to	say	thank	you.	
                                                one	of	the	first	teams	to	help	her	start	      	    “Our	success	isn’t	measured	strictly	
                                                getting	her	house	renovation	underway.”        by	how	much	work	we	got	done,”	he	
                                                	    In	addition	to	home-repair	projects,	     explains.	“These	homeowners	could	
                                                Mark	and	his	group	spent	afternoons	           have	done	it	all	by	themselves	with	
                                                with	inner-city	youths	playing	games	and	      help	from	friends.	But	what	really	made	
                                                attended	a	block	party	cookout,	where	         this	trip	successful	was	the	relational	
                                                they	were	able	to	talk	with	local	residents	   connection	we	made	with	them.	
                                                and	listen	to	what	they	had	been	through.	     	    “We’re	blessed	as	a	team	to	grow	
                                                	    “They	love	to	tell	their	stories	of	      closer	together	and	rely	on	one	another	
                                                survival,	and	we	enjoy	hearing	them,”	         more	than	we	ever	expected–we	have	
                                                he	says.	“Some	folks	shared	with	me	           the	privilege	of	doing	what	we	can	to	
                                                stories	about	people	they	knew	within	         help	others.”	

Page 6       Network Magazine, Volume 5, Issue 3 2010
                                                                                                   national sweepstakes

Start spreading the news
Couple tours New York City as grand-prize winners of Car Care Center sweepstakes
                                               	    “I	was	floored	when	the	shop	called	
                                               us–I	thought	they	were	playing	a	joke	
These	vagabond	shoes

                                               on	us,	but	for	the	life	of	me	I	couldn’t	
Are	longing	to	stray

                                               imagine	why	they	would	do	that,”	she	
Right	through	the	very	heart	of	it

                                               says.	“We	were	in	disbelief.	They	said,	
New	York,	New	York

	    It’s	only	fitting	that	longtime	          ‘No,	really,	you	won!’	I	paused	for	a	
commuter	Barbara	Vaught	won	the	               second	to	process	that,	and	said,	‘Oh.	
grand-prize	of	a	trip	for	two	to	New	          Cool!	We	love	New	York.’”	
York	City	in	this	year’s	service-dealer	       	    Wanda	says	the	grand-prize	trip	
sweepstakes	as	part	of	the	Network’s	          couldn’t	have	gone	to	a	better	couple.
sponsorship	of	30	Minute	Meals	by	             	    “They’re	very	dedicated	
Rachael	Ray	and	the	Food	Network.	             customers,	so	we	were	very	excited	
Vaught,	a	retired	school	teacher	in	           for	them.	They’re	a	very	loving	couple–
Adrian,	Mich.,	loathes	flying,	so	she	and	     just	wonderful.	Like	a	lot	of	households	
her	husband,	Richard,	opted	to	drive	          nowadays,	Barbara	usually	comes	in	to	
to	the	Big	Apple	in	their	2006	Saturn	         drop	off	the	car	and,	usually,	she’s	the	
Ion,	which	is	regularly	serviced	at	Hill’s	    one	who	we	discuss	the	repairs	with.	
Adrian	Auto	Repair	and	Towing	in	              That’s	very	common	for	us,	as	I’d	say	75	
Adrian,	Mich.	                                 percent	of	our	customers	are	women–
	    For	more	than	15	years,	the	Vaughts	      so,	yeah,	the	Rachael	Ray	promotion	
have	entrusted	their	vehicles	to	the	          was	a	hit	for	us.
Parts	Plus	Car	Care	Center	owned	by	           	    “I’m	happy	to	say	that	after	
John	and	Wanda	Lewis,	including	two	           returning	from	New	York	and	putting	
Ford	Taurus	sedans	with	a	combined	            all	those	miles	on	the	car,	they	brought	
mileage	of	more	than	300,000	miles.	           their	vehicle	in	for	service	and	showed	
	    “I	used	to	teach	elementary	school	       us	pictures	from	their	trip.”
down	in	Toledo,	so	that	was	80	miles	a	        	    The	Vaughts	had	a	“phenomenal”	
day	I	was	putting	on	my	car,	five	times	       time,	with	the	self-described	history	
a	week,”	Vaught	says.	“So	it	was	always	       buffs	taking	in	a	few	sights	as	they	
important	to	me	to	take	care	of	my	car.	I	     made	the	drive	to	New	York,	including	
started	going	there	[Hill’s	Adrian	Auto]	      Gettysburg.	                                 Broadway	shows,	which	were	the	
because	they	were	open	on	Saturdays,	          	    “Before	touring	the	battlefields,	we	   highlight	of	the	getaway	for	the	two	
which	was	convenient	for	a	teacher.	           walked	around	the	cemetery	where	a	          seasoned	performers	of	the	stage.	The	
The	reason	I’ve	kept	coming	back	all	          lot	of	the	soldiers	are	buried.	And	it’s	    Vaughts	saw	“The	Addams	Family,”	the	
these	years,	though,	is	because	they’ve	       also	where	President	Lincoln	delivered	      popular	musical	based	on	the	camp	
always	taken	care	of	us	and	our	cars…          his	Gettysburg	Address.	That	was	really	     TV	show	from	the	1960s,	and	the	Tony	
from	doing	little	things	like	installing	      special,	as	Lincoln	and	I	share	the	same	    Award-winning	“The	Million	Dollar	
a	seat-belt	clip	for	free	or	working	out	      birthday.	My	husband	had	been	in	the	        Quartet,”	which	chronicles	how	young	
a	three-month	payment	plan	with	us	            show	‘Arsenic	and	Old	Lace,’	where	he	       troubadours	Elvis	Presley,	Johnny	Cash,	
if	the	repairs	were	more	than	we	had	          played	the	character	who	thought	he	         Carl	Perkins	and	Jerry	Lee	Lewis	came	
anticipated.	                                  was	Teddy	Roosevelt.	So	we	toured	           together	at	the	legendary	Sun	Studios	in	
	    “Whether	it’s	Wanda,	her	husband,	        Roosevelt’s	home	place	where	he	was	         Memphis	to	record	with	producer	Sam	
their	son	or	whoever’s	working	on	the	         born	and	raised–that	was	really	neat.	       Phillips.	
car,	they’ll	come	out	and	explain	what	        We	also	toured	Grant’s	Tomb,	which	was	      	    Barbara	thanks	Parts	Plus	and	the	
has	to	be	done	to	the	car	and	answer	my	       another	thing	we’d	never	seen.”              Network	for	accommodating	them	on	
questions.	I	just	feel	comfortable	there.”     	    Other	stops	included	Shanksville,	      their	journey.		
	    Barbara	was	dropping	off	her	             Pa.,	where	United	Flight	93	crashed	on	      	    “They	were	so	nice	when	I	
2003	Taurus	for	an	oil	change	at	Hill’s	       9/11,	and	Hershey	Pa.,	where	the	couple	     explained	that	I	didn’t	like	to	fly	and	
Adrian	Auto	earlier	this	year	when	she	        took	a	class	on	how	to	make	their	own	       asked	if	we	could	drive	instead.	They	
noticed	a	poster	promoting	Ray	and	            chocolate	bars.                              really	worked	with	us	on	that,	giving	us	
the	sweepstakes	trip	to	New	York.	She	         	    In	addition	to	the	option	of	touring	   money	for	gas	and	putting	the	car	up	
and	Richard	are	singers	and	actors	who	        the	Food	Network	studio	where	the	           in	a	parking	garage	so	we	could	walk	
perform	in	local	theatre,	so	the	thought	of	   Rachael	Ray	show	is	taped,	as	part	of	       and	take	bus	rides	around	the	city.	They	
entering	the	contest	to	win	a	free	trip	to	    the	grand-prize	package,	the	Network’s	      took	care	of	nearly	everything	for	us.	It	
New	York–and	perhaps	catch	a	Broadway	         travel	agent	helped	the	couple	arrange	a	    was	a	trip	we’ll	never	forget.”
show–was	too	good	to	pass	up.	                 three-hour	dinner	cruise	up	the	Hudson	      	    And	yet	another	reason	why	it	pays	
	    Deep	down,	though,	Barbara	admits	        River	and	the	East	River.	                   to	have	your	vehicle	regularly	serviced	
that	she	never	dreamed	she’d	actually	win.	    	    The	couple	also	attended	two	           by	a	Parts	Plus	Car	Care	Center.	

                                                                                                                              Page 7
chairman’s challenge

A leader among leaders
New Network chairman delivers inaugural address,
reflects on 2008 tornado that nearly crippled his business

	     March	14,	2008,	had	been	a	
perfectly	normal	day	for	Danny	Ward,	
                                                  Danny Ward, president of Southeastern

president	of	Southeastern	Automotive	
                                                   Automotive Warehouse, Atlanta, Ga.

Warehouse	(SAW),	the	Network	WD	
based	in	downtown	Atlanta.	Danny	had	
left	work	to	attend	his	youngest	son’s	
state	championship	baseball	game	
earlier	that	evening.	He	was	looking	
forward	to	relaxing	at	home	when	he	
received	word	that	a	tornado	had	hit	
the	downtown	area	for	the	first	time	in	
the	city’s	history	at	approximately	9:45	
p.m.,	weaving	a	path	of	destruction	that	
included	SAW’s	warehouse.	
		 By	the	time	he	arrived	nearly	45	
minutes	later,	his	family’s	life	work–the	
warehouse	operation	started	by	his	
father,	Bill	Ward,	in	1964–had	been	
largely	reduced	to	rubble.	
	    As	helicopters	circled	overhead	in	
the	pitch-black	night,	and	personnel	
from	fire	trucks	and	ambulances	
scurried	about	looking	for	anyone	who	
may	have	been	inside	what	was	left	of	
the	building,	Danny	couldn’t	believe	his	
eyes.	The	5,000-lb.	steel	beams	that	held	
the	roof	together	had	been	blown	off	
into	the	sky,	along	with	the	second	level	
                                               Reduced to rubble: SAW suffered $5.2 million in damages to its main facility in

of	his	building–roughly	22,000	square	         	    Since	Danny	owns	a	construction	         flooded	the	warehouse	floor.	
                                                      Atlanta after a tornado hit the downtown area in March 2008.

feet–including	his	office.	More	than	20	       business	on	the	side,	several	pieces	of	      	     “I	spoke	to	all	of	our	employees	
product	lines	had	been	sucked	into	the	        heavy	equipment	were	quickly	on	hand	         the	first	day	we	went	back	to	work	
darkness	as	well.	All	told,	the	warehouse	     to	clear	away	the	rubble	and	broken	          and	made	a	commitment–we	would	
suffered	$5.2	million	in	inventory	losses	     sections	of	the	facility	by	6:30	a.m.	That	   rebuild,	we	would	overcome	this,	and	
and	property	damages.	                         same	Saturday	morning,	more	than	             we	would	come	back	stronger	than	
	    “I’m	not	ashamed	to	say	that	I	           60	percent	of	SAW’s	employees	came	           ever.	I	just	believed	in	my	heart	that	
broke	down	and	cried,”	he	admits	              in	voluntarily	to	help	in	any	way	after	      this	was	not	the	way	God	intended	for	
candidly.	“I	will	never	forget	the	shock	      learning	of	the	destruction	via	friends	      SAW	to	end.”	
I	felt	as	I	looked	at	the	total	devastation	   and	news	reports.	                            	     The	rebuilding	process	began	the	
of	the	building	that	had	been	my	              	    “We	didn’t	even	have	to	call	            next	weekend.	Seven	months	later,	
life’s	blood	for	more	than	30	years.	          anybody–they	just	came	in	on	their	           Southeastern	Automotive	Warehouse	
Thankfully,	every	single	one	of	my	            own,”	Danny	says	proudly.	“My	average	        was	nearly	operating	at	full	strength.
employees	from	the	night	shift	had	left	       employee	has	been	here	between	22	            	     “I	will	forever	owe	a	debt	of	
by	the	time	the	tornado	hit.”	                 and	25	years–the	warehouse	was	their	         gratitude	to	our	employees	and	our	
	    Danny	quickly	pulled	himself	             livelihood	as	much	as	it	was	ours.	They	      vendors	who	helped	us	during	that	
together.	After	locating	flashlights	and	      reacted	like	family	would.	Together,	we	      time.	My	faith	is	stronger	than	ever	and	
batteries	in	his	remaining	warehouse	          rolled	up	our	sleeves	and	went	to	work.	      our	employees	have	grown	even	closer.	
stock,	he	and	his	management	staff	            Along	with	tremendous	help	from	our	          Our	vendors	are	part	of	our	family,	
began	making	phone	calls	to	vendors	           vendor	partners,	we	were	shipping	            and	even	though	we	may	have	family	
and	forming	a	contingency	plan	at	2	           parts	out	by	Tuesday	afternoon.”              disagreements	from	time	to	time,	we	
a.m.	Saturday	in	a	conference	room	            	    The	warehouse’s	shipping	area	was	       still	love	each	other.”
that	was	still	standing.	                      the	most	affected	by	the	tornado,	and	        	     Danny	recently	reflected	on	the	
	    They	salvaged	the	main	computer	          the	conveyor-belt	system	had	to	be	shut	      tornado	during	his	first	address	as	the	
system	and	transported	it	out	of	the	          down	for	two	months.	Employees	pulled	        new	chairman	of	the	Network	at	the	
facility	in	a	delivery	truck	just	in	case	     orders	and	carried	them	in	totes,	with	       association’s	fall	meeting	at	the	Vinoy	
the	remaining	structure	collapsed.	            their	feet	soaking	in	the	water	that	had	     Renaissance	Resort	in	St.	Petersburg,	Fla.	

Page 8      Network Magazine, Volume 5, Issue 3 2010
                                                                                                    chairman’s challenge
	    “I’d	like	to	tell	you	that	we	put	        Network	as	a	Parts	Plus	WD	in	1983.	         headquarters	staff	takes	it	to	the	street	
everything	back	together	and	doubled	          “I	read	once	that	‘It’s	easier	to	follow	    so	that	our	new	and	existing	WDs	can	
our	business	and	everything	was	               the	leader	than	to	lead	the	followers.’	     pick	it	up	quickly	and	efficiently.	This	
just	perfect,	but	that’s	not	the	way	it	       Well,	the	Network	doesn’t	want	to	take	      is	the	parts	business–if	you’re	not	
happens	in	real	life.	In	real	life,	you	get	   the	easy	route.	We’re	here	to	lead	the	      learning	something	every	day,	you’re	
hit	with	the	worst	economic	recession	         followers,	and	I	hope	you	are	too.”	         backing	up.”
in	80	years	just	when	you’re	trying	           	    In	addition	to	the	group’s	vendor	      	    After	introducing	his	son	Blake,	
to	rebuild	your	business.		You	see	            relationships	and	buying	power,	Danny	       who	recently	started	working	for	
longtime	key	customers	close	their	            points	to	the	Network’s	programs–and	        SAW	after	graduating	from	Auburn	
doors	due	to	financial	problems,	and	          the	people	behind	them–as	keys	to	the	       University,	Danny	closed	with	some	
you	see	your	best	jobber	stores	sell	out	      association’s	continued	success.	            words	from	his	dad.	Bill	Ward	left	
to	the	retailers.	If	ever	there	was	a	test	    	    “Based	in	Atlanta,	I	know	better	       home	at	age	16	for	to	carve	a	better	life	
of	character,	this	was	it.”                    than	anyone	the	challenges	we	face–          for	himself	and	is	widely	considered	a	
	    As	he	looked	out	at	the	faces	of	the	     namely,	the	retailers.	Georgia	has	the	      true	visionary	in	the	industry.
vendors	and	WD	owners	who	offered	             third-highest	number	of	auto-parts	          	    “Under	my	watch,	I	want	to	help	
their	support	following	the	natural	           retail	stores	of	any	state	in	the	nation.	   grow	the	Network	to	be	the	biggest	
disaster,	Danny	vowed	to	help	guide	           But	we’ve	got	the	right	tools	in	our	        automotive	buying	group	out	there.	As	
the	Network	to	new	heights	in	his	new	         toolbox–and	the	right	people	behind	         we	continue	to	make	acquisitions	and	
role	and	challenged	the	membership	to	         them–to	compete.	With	the	tools	we	          conduct	mergers	as	we	expand,	I’m	
join	him	for	the	ride.	                        have,	all	of	our	members,	no	matter	         reminded	of	something	my	dad	told	
	    “I’m	proud	to	be	associated	with	         what	size,	have	everything	they	need	        me	a	long	time	ago	that	I	remember	
such	a	fine	group	of	folks.	I’ve	learned	      to	grow	their	businesses	and	establish	      to	this	day:	‘One	day,	there’s	going	to	
more	from	some	of	our	members	over	            themselves	as	the	force	in	their	own	        be	a	group	for	the	groups.’	Today,	the	
the	last	27	years	than	I	could	ever	           markets.	Other	groups,	they	distribute	      Network	is	that	new	group	for	the	
get	from	any	Ivy	League	business	              their	programs	on	CD-ROMs.	The	              groups.”	
school,”	says	Danny,	who	has	served	on	        Network	sends	its	people	to	help	
numerous	committees	since	joining	the	         implement	the	programs.	Our	excellent	

         Rebuilding on faith: With renewed dedication from their employees and support from the Network family,
                                  SAW quickly went to work on its reconstruction efforts.

                                                                                                                              Page 9
car care center community

One step at a time
Arizona Car Care Centers make great strides in
raising cystic fibrosis awareness, donations
	     In	December	2009,	a	group	of	
employees	from	Mesa-based	Tri-City	
Automotive	and	several	Parts	Plus	Car	
Care	Center	owners	from	throughout	
Arizona	huddled	together	as	9-year-old	
Sean	Dean	prepared	to	say	a	few	words.	
Along	with	Tri-City,	about	30	Car	Care	
Centers	in	the	area	had	teamed	together	
earlier	in	the	fall	to	raise	approximately	
$8,000	for	the	Arizona	chapter	of	the	
Cystic	Fibrosis	Foundation	(CFF).	But	it	
wasn’t	until	that	brave	little	boy	stepped	
before	them	to	say	thank	you	did	they	
truly	understand	who	they	were	helping.
	     “Everyone	in	the	room	was	in	awe	
of	Sean,”	says	Paul	Buckman,	owner	of	
Paul’s	Arizona	Auto	Service	in	Glendale,	
Ariz.	“The	little	guy’s	been	through	a	lot.”
	     Like	more	than	30,000	other	
children	and	young	adults	afflicted	
with	CF	in	the	United	States,	Sean’s	
body	produces	a	thick,	sticky	mucus	
that	clogs	his	lungs,	which	can	lead	
to	life-threatening	lung	infections,	
and	obstruct	his	pancreas,	impairing	
digestion	and	absorption	of	nutrients.	
Twice	a	day,	he	wears	a	mechanical	vest	
to	help	dislodge	and	thin	mucus	as	it	
compresses	and	releases	his	chest	wall.	
Inhaled	medicine,	enzyme	supplements	
                                                  Team leader: Paul Buckman (wearing hat) guides Team Car Care up a hill as
to	aid	digestion	and	quarterly	visits	
to	the	CF	clinic	at	Phoenix	Children’s	
                                                     part of the Great Strides fundraiser for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Hospital	also	help	keep	Sean’s	disease	         on	hand	to	walk	for	a	good	cause	and	        group	outings	with	other	kids	who	have	
under	control.                                  help	raise	awareness	for	a	disease	that	     the	same	disease,	young	CF	patients	
	     Despite	low	funding,	CF	researchers	      rarely	garners	media	attention.	             cannot	play	together	for	health	reasons.
have	made	progress	over	the	last	40	            	    At	both	events,	Tri-City	and	Team	      	    “With	CF,	you	have	a	network	of	
years,	with	survival	rates	steadily	            Car	Care	hosted	a	Parts	Plus	booth,	         kids	who	are	coming	to	support	these	
increasing	due	to	better	treatments	            offering	giveaways,	such	as	T-shirts,	key	   fundraisers,	yet	they	can’t	be	around	
and	improved	drugs.	Before	the	                 chains	and	tape	measures,	as	well	as	        each	other	because	they	are	poison	
development	in	the	’60s	of	artificial	          distributing	information	on	their	locally	   to	one	other,”	says	Buckman.	“It	really	
enzymes	to	help	digest	their	food,	             owned	businesses	and	fundraising	            tears	at	you	to	see	these	kids	having	to	
thousands	of	CF-inflicted	children	died	        efforts	for	CF.	                             avoid	each	other	instead	of	being	able	
of	malnutrition.	                               	    “We	explained	that	we’re	not	a	         to	establish	a	bond,	a	brotherhood…
	     “As	Sean	accepted	the	check	from	us	      big	chain–we’re	independent	service	         or	find	a	buddy	who	truly	understands	
and	spoke	about	his	disease,”	Buckman	          dealers,	your	next-door	neighbors,	trying	   what	they’re	going	through.	They	were	
says,	“I	think	it	hit	home	for	a	lot	us	just	   to	make	a	difference	in	the	community,”	     so	tickled	that	we	had	come	out	there	to	
how	important	it	was	for	Team	Car	Care	         says	Buckman,	who	works	closely	with	        see	them.”
to	continue	our	fundraising	efforts.”	          Tri-City’s	Don	Monroy	and	John	Burrell	      	    The	CFF	works	tirelessly	to	raise	
	     And	continue	they	have.	Now	with	         to	lead	Team	Car	Care’s	efforts.	            funds	to	keep	these	kids	healthy	until	
44	Parts	Plus	Car	Care	Center	locations	        	    Buckman	couldn’t	help	but	think	        a	cure	or	better	treatments	become	
in	the	state	participating,	Team	Car	           of	Sean	when	he	noticed	kids	at	the	         available.	Organized	volunteer	groups	
Care	has	raised	another	$2,000	so	far	          Tempe	event	wearing	visors	affixed	with	     like	the	Parts	Plus	Car	Care	Centers	that	
this	year	through	two	Great	Strides	            warnings	that	they	have	CF–a	necessity	      make	up	Team	Car	Care	help	shoulder	
walkathon	events	hosted	by	the	CFF,	            so	youngsters	afflicted	with	the	disease	    some	of	the	load.	
in	Tempe	and	Prescott,	Ariz.	Team	Car	          don’t	mingle	too	closely.	Unlike	children	   	    This	fall,	Team	Car	Care	is	shooting	
Care	and	their	friends	and	family	were	         with	cancer	who	may	attend	camps	or	         to	raise	an	additional	$18,000,	with	

Page 10      Network Magazine, Volume 5, Issue 3 2010
                                                                                    car care center community

         Banner days: The 44 participating Parts Plus Car Care Centers in Arizona have not only raised more than
               $10,000 for cystic fibrosis research but they have also increased awareness of the disease
                                            by promoting the cause in their shops.

each	Car	Care	Center	pitching	in	to	
donate	one	percent	from	their	monthly	
gross	for	September	and	October,	with	       How you can help join the fight
each	location	pledging	at	least	$500.	
Their	donations	are	put	to	work	in	
laboratories,	where	researchers	are	
                                             Paul Buckman, a member of the Network’s National Service Dealer

working	to	find	a	cure	for	this	genetic	
                                             Advisory Council, is asking Parts Plus Car Care Centers nationwide
disease.	The	Arizona	CCCs	will	also	be	
                                             to join the fight against cystic fibrosis.
hand	at	the	Cystic	Fibrosis	30th	Annual	
Ensynch	StairClimb	and	Firefighter	
Challenge,	a	fundraiser	that	includes	
                                                 If Car Care Centers from at least two other states join the Arizona

the	popular	competition	based	on	tasks	
                                             service dealers, Team Car Care will qualify as a national team

commonly	performed	by	firefighters	in	
                                             recognized by the CFF. Paul can be reached at (623) 934-2963, or at
emergency	situations.	
	   In	addition,	participating	Car	Care	
Centers	are	including	a	huge	plastic	jar	
on	their	countertops	to	complement	
                                                You can also make a donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in

the	banners	promoting	CF	awareness	in	
                                             any one of the following ways:

their	shops,	enabling	their	customers	to	
make	donations.	
                                             • Call toll-free at (800) FIGHT CF (344-4823).
	   “It’s	amazing–when	you	hang	
that	banner	in	your	shop,	so	many	
customers	either	have	someone	in	their	
                                             • Send an e-mail to

family	with	CF	or	they	know	someone	
who	is	suffering	from	the	disease	or	a	
                                             • Send checks to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (national
child	who	has	lost	their	fight	with	CF.	
                                               headquarters) 6931 Arlington Road, Bethesda, MD 20814.
We	have	a	poster	of	Sean	in	our	shop	to	
not	only	remind	us	what	this	is	all	about	
but	to	make	people	aware	of	just	how	
                                             • Make a donation online at (click the Donations link at

crippling	this	disease	can	be	for	kids.”	
                                               the bottom of the home page).

                                                                                                                   Page 11

What women want
Despite growing numbers, female customers feel misunderstood
by automotive industry                                    By	Scott	Bowden
                                                                                                     Contributing	Editor

	    It	started	more	than	two	years	ago,	      decision	and	purchasing	behaviors	
just	after	my	wife,	Hayley,	and	I	were	        than	male	customers.	Educating	female	
married.	I	had	climbed	into	my	new	bride’s	    customers	on	auto	repair	is	key	to	
2006	Ford	Explorer	for	the	first	time	in	      building	trust	and	establishing	a	loyal	
months	when	I	noticed	that	her	vehicle	        female	clientele.	Repair	shops	and	auto	
was	more	than	1,000	miles	past	due	for	        parts	retail	locations	must	remember	
an	oil	change.	Curious–and	apparently	         that	appearance	is	instrumental	in	
oblivious	to	her	poor	car-maintenance	         keeping	female	customers	returning.”
habits	while	we	were	dating–I	asked	my	        	    Eileen	also	recommends	joining	
wife,	“When	are	you	planning	on	your	          civic	organizations	and	establishing	a	
taking	your	car	in	for	service?	Next	year?”	   presence	on	such	online	social	networks	
With	nary	a	blink	of	her	green	eyes,	she	      as	Facebook	as	effective	ways	to	reach	
replied,	“That’s	your	job	now.”                female	customers.		
	    Excuse	me?	                               	    “Social	networking	is	a	great	way	
	    Hayley	explained	that	she	had	            to	reach	more	women.	There’s	plenty	of	
always	felt	uncomfortable	in	“garages”	        opportunity	to	be	a	speaker	at	various	
(Brit-speak	for	any	gas	station	or	            meetings–people	tend	to	want	to	do	
service	dealer)	back	home	in	England	          business	with	people	they	know.	Go	
because	the	“blokes	in	there	were	             out	into	the	community	and	introduce	
always	talking	down	to	me”	and	“didn’t	        yourself;	meet	the	folks	in	your	
take	me	seriously.”	She	also	cited	the	        neighborhood	so	they’ll	know	they	don’t	
overwhelming	masculinity	of	shops	             have	to	go	to	the	dealer.”	
and	their	employees,	which	made	it	            	    When	I	informed	my	wife	that	
downright	uncomfortable	for	such	a	            women	were	increasingly	becoming	
refined	English	lady.	And	because	her	         responsible	for	their	family’s	
dad	had	always	taken	care	of	“this	kind	       automobiles,	she	responded.	“Oh,	that’s	
of	thing”	for	her	mum,	she	reasoned	this	      total	rubbish.	Not	in	this	family.”	
responsibility	now	fell	in	my	lap,	citing	     	    So	I	sought	the	opinions	of	other	
my	wedding	band.	                              women	to	ask	about	their	experiences	
	    “Be	a	good	husband–don’t	make	me	         at	auto-parts	stores	and	service	dealers.	
                                                                                             “Do you promise to love and cherish
go	back	there,”	she	pleaded.	Well,	when	       Do	they	dread	the	visits	like	Hayley,	or	
you	put	it	like	that.                          do	they	perhaps	feel	empowered	by	
                                                                                             this woman and take care of her car

	    Turns	out	that	my	wife	is	not	alone.	     taking	on	this	responsibility?	Do	they	
                                                                                              until death do you part?”: Network

According	to	recent	figures	published	         ask	questions	about	the	repair?	Do	they	
                                                                                                Magazine editor Scott Bowden

in	Aftermarket	Business,	74	percent	           even	care	what	needs	to	be	done	to	the	
                                                                                             doesn’t remember his wedding vows

of	women	feel	misunderstood	by	the	            vehicle?	Perhaps	most	important,	how	
                                                                                                           this way.

automotive	industry,	despite	the	fact	         are	they	treated	by	jobbers	and	service	     proficient	handyman/mechanic,	capable	
that	females	in	U.S.	households	make	          dealers?	And	I	also	asked	a	male	shop	       of	building	a	house	or	installing	brake	
65	to	85	percent	of	the	service	and	           owner	about	how	his	shop	interacted	         pads	or	a	clutch	with	his	bare	hands.	So	
maintenance	decisions.	                        with	women	customers.		                      I	recently	asked	my	mom,	Carole,	about	
	    In	an	interview	with	Aftermarket	                                                      her	service-dealer	experiences	since	the	
                                                                                            divorce,	since	dad	was	no	longer	around	
of	government	affairs	for	LKQ	Corp.	and	       	    Back	in	my	hometown	of	Memphis,	        to	even	change	the	oil.	
Business,	Eileen	A.	Sottile,	vice	president	   Mom

executive	director	of	the	Quality	Parts	       my	parents	divorced	four	years	after	my	     	    “I’m	not	kidding–I	sit	in	the	parking	
Coalition,	stresses	that	the	automotive	       1998	move	to	Los	Angeles.	Along	with	        lot	and	take	three	deep	breaths	before	
aftermarket	cannot	ignore	the	growing	         the	inherent	guilt	I	felt–that	I	somehow	    going	into	the	shop,”	she	says.	“I	try	to	
female	marketplace.                            could	have	made	the	difference	in	           act	like	I’m	confident,	but	deep	down	
	    “The	industry	would	serve	itself	         their	marriage	had	I	not	left	home–and	      I’m	pretty	intimidated.	I	feel	like	they’ll	
well	to	target	them	as	a	powerful	             the	discomfort	in	hearing	about	my	          take	advantage	of	me	if	I	seem	weak.	
segment	of	the	market,”	she	says.	             parents’	respective	newfound	romantic	       Your	daddy	always	took	care	of	that,	so	I	
“Members	of	the	repair	industry	and	           relationships	since	that	time,	I’ve	         had	no	idea	how	often	to	even	take	it	in.	
alternative	parts	industry	must	design	        worried	about	how	mom	could	ever	            I	gave	them	my	address	and	they	send	
a	marketing	strategy	considering	              manage	the	yard	or	her	car	without	dad.	     me	a	card	when	the	oil	change	is	due,	so	
that	female	customers	have	different	          	    Unlike	his	son,	my	dad	is	a	            that	helps.	They	seem	nice	enough,	but	
Page 12     Network Magazine, Volume 5, Issue 3 2010
                                              shared	with	me	with	a	good	trick	on	         	    “I	love	talking	about	how	cars	work	
                                              how	to	make	it	work	without	a	power	         with	the	guys	at	part	stores	and	repair	
                                              tool.	Then,	as	I	was	leaving,	they	asked	if	 places–as	long	as	they	don’t	ogle	me	up	
                                              I	needed	a	job!	                             and	down.	‘Cause	then	I’m	out	of	there.”	
                                              	     “I’ve	always	felt	comfortable	in	      No	wonder	I	was	too	intimidated	to	ask	
                                              shops	and	parts	stores–even	when	I	was	 Rhonda	out	back	in	school.	
                                              a	teenager.	Back	when	you	knew	me	in	
                                              school,	I	had	limited	funds	and	a	beat-
                                              up	Mazda	with	a	lot	of	miles.	My	father	     	    When	aspiring	record	producer	
                                                                                           The Big-City Single Girl

                                              showed	me	how	to	fill	the	tires	with	air	    Nicole	Martin	moved	from	New	York	
                                              and	check	the	oil–that’s	it.	I’ve	always	    City	to	Los	Angeles	in	1998,	she	had	
                                              been	independent	so	I	went	to	a	shop	        never	driven	a	car	before,	let	alone	
                                              that	specialized	in	Mazdas	to	speak	with	 stepped	inside	a	service	facility.	She	had	
                                              the	repair	guys,	and	they	explained	a	lot	 relied	on	the	subway	system	all	her	life	
                                              to	me	without	talking	to	me	like	I	was	a	 until	relocating	to	the	West	Coast.	
                                              girl.	I	never	forgot	how	well	they	treated	 	     Because	of	the	city’s	size	and	
                                              me,	so	whenever	I	was	stuck	with	a	          substandard	public-transportation	
                                              repair,	I	always	took	my	car	to	them.	To	    system,	L.A.	requires	a	car,	especially	if	
                                              this	day,	I	won’t	tolerate	it	if	some	shop	  you’re	in	the	entertainment	industry.	
                                              guy	is	a	jerk	or	acts	all	arrogant	with	     Shortly	after	Nicole	purchased	a	“cute	
                                              me.	I	just	cut	them	off–‘Dude,	I	know	       1981	BMW	nicknamed	‘Juan	Carlos,’”	
                                              what	I’m	talking	about.’”	                   it	broke	down.	In	a	panic,	she	had	the	
                                              	     Rhonda’s	first	repair	as	a	teen	was	   vehicle	towed	to	the	nearest	shop,	an	
                                              replacing	a	window	after	her	Mazda	          independent	service	dealer/gas	station	
                                              had	been	broken	into.	After	a	week	of	       off	Sunset	Blvd.	
                                              driving	around	with	the	plastic	covering	 	       “I	was	freaking	out–I	couldn’t	help	
 High-school reunion: Today, Rhonda

                                              the	space	flapping	in	the	wind,	held	        but	think	they	were	gonna	take	me	
 Brockington-Brown is a successful

                                              in	place	by	duct	tape,	she	drove	to	         for	what	little	money	I	had.	I	was	your	
    salon owner...and still a DIYer.

I	still	feel	like	I’m	at	their	mercy	when	    the	Maz-Mart,	which	sold	spare	parts	        typical	starving	artist	back	then,	and	
they	tell	me	I	need	something	done	           for	her	car,	and	purchased	a	$50	side	       the	BMW	parts	were	expensive.	Then	
because	I	don’t	have	anyone	to	ask.”          window.	The	owner	offered	to	help	           I	met	Norm,	the	owner,	and	saw	that	
	     Hearing	that	breaks	my	heart.	          install	it,	but	she	declined,	determined	    his	wife	and	kids	worked	there.	They	
	     I	ask	mom,	“Are	you	suspicious	of	      to	do	it	on	her	own.	Thirty	minutes	after	 immediately	made	me	feel	at	home.	I	
them?”	                                       getting	home,	she	had	the	window–and	 told	him	I	was	broke,	so	he	gave	me	a	
	     “Yes,”	she	replies.	“I	think	they’re	   her	confidence–in	place.	                    deal	and	told	me	exactly	what	we	could	
honest,	but	I	don’t	really	know.	I	feel	      	     Today,	Rhonda	handles	all	the	car-     put	off	fixing	until	I	got	paid	again	
more	comfortable	going	to	the	dentist.”       maintenance	decisions–and	the	repairs– the	following	month.	Later	that	year,	
                                              in	her	family.	                              continued	on	page	14

	    Through	Facebook,	I	recently	
The High-School Crush

reconnected	with	a	girl	I	had	a	crush	
on	in	high	school,	Rhonda	Brockington-
Brown.	I	remember	her	being	the	only	
pretty	girl	in	school	who	knew	how	to	
change	an	oil	filter	and	a	tire	with	the	
efficiency	of	a	NASCAR	pit	crew–and	she	
loved	heavy	metal.	(I	was	simultaneously	
smitten	and	scared	to	death	of	her	in	
1986.)	So	I	contacted	her	24	years	later	
to	ask	if	she	was	still	a	gearhead.
	    “Yep,	I	still	do	my	own	repairs…
or	least	I	try	to,”	she	says,	her	Southern	
accent	firmly	intact	after	relocating	
from	Memphis	to	Canton,	Georgia.	
“Heck,	I	was	in	a	car-repair	place	a	few	
weeks	ago,	and	I	received	quite	a	few	
looks	as	I	walked	in	covered	head	to	toe	
in	grease,	with	my	blonde	highlights	in	
my	hair	and	my	fake	fingernails.	I	told	
them	that	I	was	installing	an	oil	seal,	
and	they	seemed	rather	impressed.	I	
needed	their	help	because	I	didn’t	have	
                                                      In the driver’s seat: Nicole Martin often takes her car to a trusted

a	power	tool	to	remove	a	bolt,	so	they	
                                                    independent rather than go out of her way to the only remaining Audi
                                                                           dealership in the L.A. area.
                                                                                                                             Page 13
because	they	knew	I	was	in	the	city	
alone	away	from	home,	they	invited	
me	to	their	house	for	Thanksgiving.	Of	
course,	they	made	a	customer	for	life	
right	then.”
	     Nicole	has	since	forged	a	successful	
career,	managing	the	likes	of	recording	
artists	Rachel	Yamagata	and	Greg	
Laswell.	In	2007,	she	purchased	a	brand-
new	Audi	from	a	dealership	in	Beverly	
Hills.	When	the	economy	downturned	
two	years	ago,	her	Audi	dealer	closed,	
leaving	the	Santa	Monica	location	as	the	
nearest	place	to	honor	Nicole’s	warranty	
work.	Unless	it’s	something	really	major,	
she	doesn’t	even	bother	taking	the	car	to	
the	Audi	dealer–instead,	she	calls	on	her	
old	friend	Norm.	
	     “Driving	to	Santa	Monica	for	the	
warranty	stuff	is	a	pain–depending	on	
what	time	of	day	it	is	and	the	traffic,	
the	drive	alone	can	take	anywhere	from	
one	hour	to	over	two	hours	round-trip.	
                                                        Got WIX?: Manager Wendy Black poses next to the WIX promotional

It’s	so	annoying.	Oil	change?	Flat	tire?	A	
                                                                Hummer outside the Parts Plus store in Pueblo, Co.

sudden	rattle?	I’m	taking	it	to	Norm.	My	      customers	are	becoming	technically	savvy	       We	explain	stuff	in	simple	terms–never	
trust	was	established	with	him	on	that	        out	of	necessity.	The	wives	assuming	           high-tech.	Never	talk	down	to	a	woman–
first	visit–I	joke	with	him	that	it	was	       responsibility	for	dropping	off	the	family’s	   unless	you	really	want	to	make	them	
love	at	first	sight.                           vehicles	for	service	are	researching	the	       angry.	With	some	expensive	repairs,	
	     “It	was	really	important	to	me	to	       problem	and	possible	diagnosis	before	          we	provide	several	options,	outlining	
find	a	car	guy	I	trust	because	I	really	       visiting	her	shop.                              what	is	needed	to	be	safe	and	what	may	
don’t	care	what	the	repair	is	or	why	          	    “Nobody	likes	to	feel	stupid–              be	needed	for	maintenance	and	why.	
it’s	needed.	I	don’t	want	it	explained	to	     especially	women	stepping	into	what	            They	all	want	to	be	confident	that	they,	
me.	I	just	want	them	to	fix	it.	The	only	      traditionally	had	been	a	man’s	business	        through	the	repair	facility,	have	taken	
question	I	ever	have	for	Norm	is,	‘When	       for	years.	They	research	online.	They	          care	of	things	to	avoid	breakdowns.”
is	it	gonna	be	ready?’”                        ask	questions.	They	listen.	But	the	key	is	
                                               explaining	it	to	them	so	that	a	12-year-
                                               old	could	understand	it	without	talking	
                                                                                               The Female Parts Plus

                                               to	them	like	a	12-year-old.	You	can	            	    Wendy	Black,	manager	of	the	
The Female Parts Plus                                                                          Autostore Manager

	    Sue	Martin,	owner	of	Pennsylvania-        always	explain	a	repair–no	matter	how	          Parts	Plus	New	Mexico’s	Pueblo-based	
Car Care Center Owner

based	Willow	Street	Tire	&	Auto,	says	         technical–without	being	condescending.	         Parts	Plus	Autostore,	can	usually	
establishing	trust	is	vital	with	her	shop’s	   We’ve	got	our	jargon,	just	like	a	doctor	       spot	a	female	customer	who	seems	
female	customers,	a	diverse	mix	of	            or	a	housing	contractor	has	theirs,	but	        overwhelmed	upon	entering	the	store.	
widows,	divorcees	and	college	students	        you’ve	got	to	be	able	explain	things	in	        	    “They’re	kind	of	wandering	the	
who	make	up	60	percent	of	her	clientele.	      terms	people	can	understand	without	            aisles,	not	really	sure	of	what	they’re	
Often,	Sue	and	her	techs	not	only	have	to	     making	them	feel	stupid.”                       looking	for,”	she	says.	“When	they	see	
make	a	good	first	impression	on	female	        	    Likewise,	Sue	says,	men	don’t	like	        me,	I	can	tell	that	they	immediately	
students	but	also	on	their	fathers,	who	       to	admit	that	they	have	to	speak	with	          loosen	up	a	bit–they	almost	look	
come	along	to	check	out	the	shop	and	the	      their	wife	before	making	the	decision	          relieved.	When	I	started	driving,	my	
quality	of	the	work.	                          to	go	ahead	with	a	repair,	but	they	give	       dad	made	sure	I	knew	how	to	do	all	
	   “We’re	located	near	a	retirement	          themselves	away	when	they	say,	“OK,	            the	minor	stuff	to	my	car.	By	the	time	I	
home	and	a	college,	and	the	divorce	           we’re	gonna	go	ahead	and	get	that	done.”	       was	18,	I	was	working	in	a	parts	store.	I	
rate	is	up–so	that	accounts	for	most	of	                                                       love	cars,	I	love	motorcycles,	and	I	love	
our	female	customers,	along	with	wives	                                                        having	the	knowledge	of	how	they	work.	
taking	care	of	their	family’s	vehicle,”	                                                       	    “I	hope,	in	a	small	way,	after	talking	
                                               The Male Parts Plus

Sue	explains.	“With	the	widows	and	            	    Jim	Bastone,	owner	of	Pittsburgh-          to	me,	our	female	customers	maybe	
                                               Car Care Center Owner

the	divorced	women,	they	want	us	to	           based	Bastone	Auto	Service,	finds	that	         have	a	little	more	confidence	that	they	
take	over	what	their	husband	did	for	so	       men	are	more	concerned	with	feeling	            can	do	this	stuff	too.”
many	years–and	that’s	take	care	of	the	        foolish	than	his	female	customers,	who	
car	decisions.	They	don’t	want	to	come	        account	for	nearly	75	percent	of	the	
                                                                                               (Contributing	editor	Scott	Bowden	

in	and	tell	me	what	they	want	done.	           vehicles	brought	into	his	shop.	
                                                                                               recently	took	his	wife’s	Explorer	into	

They	want	me	to	tell	them	what	needs	          	    “Most	women	ask	questions.	Unlike	
                                                                                               the	shop	for	a	brake	job.	Afterward,	he	

to	be	done.”                                   men,	women	aren’t	concerned	with	
                                                                                               scrawled,	“Wash	me–that’s	your	job”	in	

	   However,	Sue	says	some	of	her	female	      looking	macho	or	like	they	know	it	all.	
                                                                                               the	dirt	and	grime	collected	on	the	back	
                                                                                               windshield.)	

Page 14     Network Magazine, Volume 5, Issue 3 2010

Bee-lieve…or not!
Honey bees create buzz at Pueblo-based
Parts Plus autostore
	    One	customer	at	the	Parts	                  they	are	exceptional	pollinators,	and	
Plus	autostore	in	Pueblo,	Colorado,	             many	crops	are	dependent	on	them	for	
compared	it	to	a	scene	from	Alfred	              production,	including	apples,	pears,	
Hitchcock’s	“The	Birds”–only	this	time,	         peaches	and	melons.	The	value	of	
with	honey	bees.	                                pollination	alone	typically	exceeds	$20	
	    An	employee	at	the	Parts	Plus	of	           million	annually,	and	several	million	
New	Mexico-owned	location	received	              dollars	of	honey	and	beeswax	products	
quite	a	shock	one	sunny	morning	in	              are	also	produced.
June	when	he	gazed	out	the	window	and	           	     The	trick	for	the	beekeepers	was	
noticed	a	swarm	of	bees	huddled	near	            removing	the	colony	from	the	Parts	Plus	
the	store,	buzzing	under	the	“P”	on	the	         store	without	harming	the	bees.	Honey	
store’s	exterior	Parts	Plus	identification.	     bees	are	not	aggressive	insects,	although	
In	less	than	three	hours	since	the	store	        they	will	readily	defend	their	colony.	
had	opened,	the	migrating	honey	bees	            Using	“bee	brushes,”	the	keepers	gently	
had	managed	to	construct	a	protective	           scraped	the	Parts	Plus	store’s	uninvited	
wax-comb	wall	running	alongside	                 guests	into	crates	as	customers	and	
the	signage–not	exactly	an	inviting	             employees	watched	with	fascination.
atmosphere	for	customers.	                       	     “Nothing	ever	exciting	happens	
	    “We	opened	at	7:30	a.m.,	and	the	           here,	so	this	was	a	pretty	big	deal,”	say	
bees	weren’t	there	at	that	point,”	says	         Black,	laughing.	“The	entire	process	
Wendy	Black,	store	manager.	“We	                 took	about	two	hours.	One	of	our	
                                                                                                      In Colorado, the honey bee is

discovered	them	around	10:30	a.m.,	and	          customers	left	and	then	came	back	later	
                                                                                              important to the agricultural economy;
it	was	hard	to	believe	that	so	many	bees	        saying	he	was	pretty	freaked	out.	It	was	
had	arrived	by	that	time	and	built	this	         a	little	uncomfortable,	to	be	honest.”	
                                                                                               they are exceptional pollinators, and

thick	wall–I	mean,	there	were	thousands	         	     The	story	has	a	happy	ending.	The	
                                                                                              many crops are dependent on them for

of	them.	It	was	one	of	the	weirdest	things	      keepers	transported	the	bees	to	their	
                                                                                                production, including apples, pears,

I’d	ever	seen.”	                                 nearby	farm,	where	they	are	free	to	
                                                                                                 peaches and melons. The value of

	    Honey-bee	colonies	periodically	            swarm	as	they	desire	and	do	what	they	
                                                                                                pollination alone typically exceeds

subdivide,	a	process	known	as	                   do	best:	make	honey.	
                                                                                                 $20 million annually, and several

“swarming,”	in	which	half	the	colony	
                                                                                               million dollars of honey and beeswax

leaves	the	hive	along	with	the	queen	
                                                                                                    products are also produced.

and	attempts	to	establish	a	new	colony.	
Most	honey-bee	swarms	occur	on	sunny	
afternoons	in	May	and	June.	Immediately	
after	leaving	the	colony,	the	swarm	
usually	settles	nearby,	clustered	on	a	
branch.	On	the	rare	occasions	when	a	
new	nest	site	is	not	found,	honey	bees	
will	begin	to	produce	a	comb	where	they	
originally	came	to	rest,	which,	in	this	case,	
just	happened	to	be	the	Parts	Plus	signage	
letters	affixed	to	the	Pueblo	store.	
	    When	this	occurs,	the	colony	must	
be	eliminated	as	soon	as	possible.	If	
allowed	to	develop,	large	amounts	of	
wax	and	honey	can	be	produced,	which	
ultimately	damages	the	building	when	
the	hive	dies	out	or	when	the	combs	
melt	due	to	extreme	heat.
	    One	of	Black’s	delivery	drivers	
called	an	acquaintance	at	the	local	
Bugman,	a	pest-control	company,	
who	contacted	two	beekeepers	after	
assessing	the	situation.	
	    In	Colorado,	the	honey	bee	is	
important	to	the	agricultural	economy;	
                                                         Good morning, honey: Employees and customers were greeted by
                                                         a swarm of bees at the Parts Plus autostore in Pueblo, Colorado.

                                                                                                                            Page 15
autostore profile

Sign of the times
After WD buyout forced year-long hiatus,
Winchester Auto Parts returns to Parts Plus
	    In	today’s	
aftermarket	climate	
of	acquisitions	and	
mergers	made	by	
large	conglomerates,	
often	those	most	
affected	are	the	
smaller,	independent	
businesses	caught	in	
	    Winchester	Auto	
Parts	discovered	
that	cold,	hard	fact	
firsthand	when	their	
servicing	Network	
WD,	Pacific	Supply	
Co.,	sold	out	to	NAPA	
in	May	2009	and	
closed	their	San	Jose	
                                       Blue skies ahead: Together with Parts Plus, Winchester’s retail business should

                                                           flourish in its new Scotts Valley location.

	    Despite	flying	our	banner	for	           Parts	Plus	posters	promote	products	            	    Haschert	stresses	that	Parts	Plus	is	
more	than	a	decade,	Winchester’s	five	        that	will	actually	draw	a	customer	in	          more	than	just	programs–it’s	the	people	
locations	throughout	Santa	Clara	and	         the	door…in	addition	to	shelf-talkers	for	 behind	them	that	make	the	difference.	
Santa	Cruz	counties	were	forced	to	drop	 the	sale	items.	All	in	all,	we	believe	that	         With	help	from	Network	Headquarters,	
their	Parts	Plus	affiliation	and	retail	and	 after	exclusively	promoting	Parts	Plus	          including	vice	presidents	of	marketing	
wholesale	programs	after	scrambling	          for	10	years,	the	Auto	Value	name	just	         Gil	Gunn	and	Bob	Barstow,	Winchester	
to	reach	an	agreement	to	buy	from	            didn’t	have	the	impact	we	were	looking	         was	able	to	continue	with	the	Parts	
San	Jose-based	Speed	Warehouse,	an	           for.	The	best	thing	that	happened	for	us	 Plus	retail	programs	as	well	offer	Car	
Alliance	member.	                             was	the	acquisition	of	Speed	Warehouse	 Care	Center	elements	and	promotions	
	    Although	the	Winchester	affiliates	      by	National.                                    for	its	service	dealer	customers	for	the	
were	now	officially	Auto	Value	stores,	       	    “Fortunately,	we	kept	the	Parts	Plus	      remainder	of	2009	after	Pacific	Supply	
Parts	Plus	marketing	elements	and	            logos	and	striping	on	the	stores.	We	are	       sold	out.	
graphics	remained	on	the	stores	              excited	to	be	back	in	the	Parts	Plus	family.”
until	co-op	funding	from	Speed	could	
eventually	be	acquired.	Terry	Haschert,	
president	of	Winchester	Auto	Parts,	
was	in	no	hurry	to	remove	his	stores’	
Parts	Plus	identification	anyway	as	he	
loved	the	name	recognition	and	the	
association’s	toolbox;	he	didn’t	want	to	
leave	the	program	in	the	first	place.	
	    As	it	turns	out,	it’s	a	good	thing	
Haschert	never	got	around	to	it.	
Speed	was	recently	purchased	by	
Miami-based	National	Auto	Parts	
Warehouse,	a	Miami-based	Parts	Plus	
WD	under	the	Network	umbrella.	
	    “Switching	to	Auto	Value,	after	
being	an	active	Parts	Plus	member	for	
10	years,	was	quite	an	adjustment,”	he	
says.	“When	it	comes	to	retail	exposure,	
Parts	Plus	is	the	clear	winner.	In	our	
stores,	we	utilize	the	entire	Parts	Plus	
monthly	poster	program,	tie	it	in	with	
the	on-hold	messages,	and	run	large,	
                                                   Smooth movers: The Winchester crew recently opened the new Scotts Valley

color	retail	ads	about	six	times	a	year.	
                                              location without missing a beat. Team members include (left to right) Austin McCann,
                                                    Doug Phillips, Mike Miquel, Terry Haschert, Dan Messinger and Mike Litel.

Page 16     Network Magazine, Volume 5, Issue 3 2010
                                                                                                                autostore profile
	     Now	back	with	Parts	Plus,	
Haschert	and	his	partners	have	worked	
closely	with	Barstow	and	Gunn	to	get	
Winchester	up	to	speed	with	the	latest	
retail	tools	and	reintroduce	the	program	
to	36	of	their	service	dealer	customers	
as	they	make	the	transition	from	Auto	
Value	Certified	Centers	to	Car	Care	
	     “From	visiting	and	conducting	
Car	Care	Center	meetings	to	keeping	
us	apprised	of	the	latest	promotions,	
it	would	be	impossible	for	us	to	
keep	up	without	the	help	of	Bob	and	
Gil,”	he	says.	“We	have	always	had	
great	representation	from	Network	
Headquarters.	It’s	interesting	because	
we	had	been	away	from	it	for	over	a	
year,	so	we	were	unaware	that	Parts	
Plus	had	made	some	significant	strides	
[with	the	Car	Care	Center	program].	All	
of	our	Auto	Value	Certified	Centers	are	
happy	to	rejoin	Parts	Plus.”
	     Barstow	also	assisted	Haschert	
with	the	recent	move	of	his	Scotts	Valley	
store,	which	had	previously	been	in	
the	same	spot	for	30	years.	The	new	
                                                Bright idea: Winchester Auto Parts’ new location in Scotts Valley is highlighted by

location	is	an	upgrade	from	4,000	
                                               an expanded, well-lit and well-merchandised retail area that caters to its increased
square	feet	to	almost	7,000	square	feet,	
nearly	doubling	the	size	of	their	front	
                                                                                  retail traffic.

retail	space	and	enabling	Winchester	          had	no	back-door	access	and	worked	            	    “You	can	buy	auto	parts	and	
to	bring	in	lots	of	new	product	without	       hard	to	convert	from	carpet	and	tile	          front-end	accessories	pretty	much	
sacrificing	any	existing	lines	to	make	        floors	to	an	attractive,	efficient	parts-      anywhere.	Our	real	test	of	time	has	
room.	Located	on	a	major	street	next	          store	look	and	layout.	With	warehouse	         been	the	service	our	guys	and	gals	give	
door	to	a	Jamba	Juice	and	Peet’s	Coffee,	      representatives	and	fellow	employees	          the	customer.	We	have	knowledgeable	
Winchester	is	already	benefitting	from	        and	managers	helping	every	step	of	            counter	people	who	are	considered	‘car	
increased	retail	traffic.                      the	way,	Haschert	moved	the	entire	            guys’	with	years	of	experience.	The	key	
	     No	matter	how	much	new	paint	            Scotts	Valley	store	on	a	Sunday	without	       is	they	still	enjoy	their	jobs–they	enjoy	
and	floor	wax	you	apply,	or	new	product	       missing	a	beat.                                helping	people	and	talking	about	cars.		
you	put	in,	it	just	doesn’t	compare	to	a	      	     “All	of	our	heads	are	a	little	grayer	   We	always	get	compliments	on	our	
new	location,	Haschert	says.	Although	         than	when	we	started,	but	it	was	all	worth	    people.	We	have	employees	that	have	
they	have	been	in	the	new	Scotts	Valley	       it,”	he	says.	“One	of	the	biggest	drawbacks	   been	with	us	for	over	30	years.	Without	
location	only	a	short	time,	Haschert	is	       was	the	time	involved	in	securing	permits,	    them,	we	would	be	lost.	We	have	over	
stunned	at	the	number	of	new	customers	        adhering	to	them,	and	making	provisions	       40	delivery	trucks	running	all	over	
who	tell	him	they	never	knew	Winchester	       for	ADA	[Americans	with	Disabilities	Act]	     Santa	Clara	and	Santa	Cruz	counties,	in	
Auto	Parts	existed	previously.                 requirements.	Thirty	years	ago,	things	        most	cases	offering	priority-one	special	
	     “We	moved	off	a	road	with	a	car	         were	pretty	simple–not	so	now.	Bob	            orders	in	less	than	two	hours,	seven	
count	of	17,000	cars	a	day	to	almost	          Barstow’s	years	of	experience	came	in	         days	a	week.	Service	is	something	we	
40,000	a	day.	We	have	moved	only	1	            handy	and	made	our	job	a	little	easier.”       work	on	every	day.”
mile	away	in	our	small	town,	but	we	           	     Located	in	a	very	competitive	area	      	    Haschert	and	Cameron	continue	to	
have	already	picked	up	a	35	percent	           in	California,	Winchester	has	always	          benefit	from	another	sign	of	the	times–
increase	of	new	customers.	We	not	only	        prided	itself	on	providing	the	highest	        video	stores	in	prime	retail	locations	
held	onto	our	existing	wholesale	and	          level	of	customer	service	possible	as	         going	out	of	business	in	droves–as	they	
retail	business	base,	but	we	also	picked	      well	as	the	region’s	largest	selection	of	     prepare	to	move	another	Winchester	
up	new	retail.	New	lighting	fixtures,	         cutting-edge	parts	and	accessories	and	        store	into	an	empty	Hollywood	Video	
color-coordinated	paint,	new	shelving	         the	latest	technology,	with	prices	second	     building.	
and	floor,	and	graphics	that	pop	make	         to	none.	                                      	    “Like	the	Scotts	Valley	move,	it	will	
all	the	difference	in	the	world.	The	new	      	     Haschert	and	his	business	partner	       take	a	lot	of	work	and	money,	but	it	will	
store	looks	different	and	even	smells	         Stephen	Cameron	credit	their	team	of	          all	be	worth	it.	We	can’t	just	sit	back	
different.	That	gives	us	a	better	image	       managers/partners	and	counterpersons	          and	get	hit	with	the	shrapnel	in	the	war	
and	attracts	new	customers.”                   with	helping	to	further	distinguish	           between	O’Reilly	and	AutoZone.”	
	     Haschert	and	his	staff	started	with	a	   Winchester	Auto	Parts	from	the	
vacant	Blockbuster	Video	building	that	        competition.

                                                                                                                                Page 17
vendor promotion

A royal racing experience
South Lyon Parts Plus manager wins grand prize in WIX Filters’
“It’s Good to be the King” promotion

                                                                                                              Start your engines: Four
                                                                                                               ACI-owned Parts Plus
                                                                                                                locations hosted an
                                                                                                              appearance of the No. 43
                                                                                                                     show car.

	    When	Jason	Van	Buren,	store	manager	          43	car,	and	driver	and	pit-crew	suits,	pit	   win	a	Ride	Along	at	the	Richard	Petty	
for	Michigan-based	South	Lyon	Parts	Plus,	         box	and	car	hauler	for	the	entire	2010	       Driving	Experience.	A	walk-in	customer	
completed	a	survey	for	WIX®	Filters	earlier	       NASCAR	Sprint	Cup	Series	schedule.	           and	a	technician	at	one	of	South	Lyon’s	
this	year,	he	offered	his	honest	opinions	on	      	    “WIX	will	always	look	for	creative	      biggest	wholesale	customers	were	the	
their	products	and	marketing	approach	             ways	to	bring	added	benefits	to	our	          lucky	winners.	
to	help	the	manufacturer	gain	valuable	            customers,	through	new	products,	             	    At	the	Edmore	location,	a	high-
insight	into	those	who	sell,	buy	and	use	          engineering	leadership	and	promotions,”	      school	automotive	class	who	stopped	
their	products.	                                   said	Jeff	Blocher,	brand	manager	for	         by	during	a	field	trip	was	treated	to	
	    Today,	it	might	be	a	little	harder	for	       WIX	Filters.	“The	‘It’s	Good	to	Be	the	       impromptu	instruction	on	NASCAR	
Van	Buren	to	be	objective	about	WIX.	              King’	promotion	provides	our	customers	       repair	when	the	No.	43	show	car	had	a	
As	one	of	five	regional	grand-prize	               with	an	opportunity	to	get	broad	brand	       transmission	problem.
winners	of	WIX	Filters’	“It’s	Good	to	             exposure	at	a	NASCAR	event	and,	more	         	    “We	have	a	service	bay	at	the	
be	the	King”	promotion,	Van	Buren	                 important,	the	chance	to	bring	it	back	to	    Edmore	store,	so	one	of	the	technicians	
was	able	to	treat	his	family	to	an	                their	local	markets.”                         there	repaired	the	transmission’s	
unforgettable	expenses-paid	trip	to	               	    In	addition	to	having	their	store	       reverse	linkage	as	the	students	watched,	
Charlotte,	where	he	watched	the	No.	               logo	displayed	on	the	No.	43	WIX/             which	was	a	great	learning	experience	
43	WIX	Filters	Ford	Fusion	race	in	                Petty	Motorsports	Sprint	Cup	car,	South	      for	them	and	a	thrill	for	our	tech,”	Van	
the	NASCAR	Sprint	Cup	Series	Bank	                 Lyon	received	a	golden	marketing	             Buren	says.	
of	America	500	from	the	comfort	of	                opportunity:	hosting	a	week-long	local	       	    For	Van	Buren,	the	coolest	part	of	
Richard	Petty’s	personal	Turn-1	condo	             campaign	complete	with	a	WIX	mobile	          the	experience	was	shaking	hands	with	
at	Charlotte	Motor	Speedway.	                      event	at	its	store.	Since	South	Lyon	is	an	   the	King	at	Charlotte.	
	    “It	was	the	trip	of	a	lifetime,	especially	   ACI	company-owned	location,	the	Grand	        	    “Richard	Petty	was	really	cool,	calm	
for	my	son,	who	is	a	big	NASCAR	fan,”	             Rapids,	Mich.-based	Network	WD	opted	         and	relaxed,”	he	says.	“He	doesn’t	drink,	
he	says.	“I’ve	always	liked	NASCAR,	but	           to	have	the	show-car	promotion	spread	        so	he	made	a	joke	about	everyone	up	
I	have	a	far	greater	appreciation	for	the	         out	at	three	other	area	Parts	Plus	stores	    in	his	condo	‘sinning.’	He	talked	with	
sport	after	taking	the	tour	of	the	garage	         throughout	the	week,	in	addition	to	a	        us	and	even	got	in	a	group	photo	with	
area	as	part	of	our	trip	and	seeing	how	           two-day	event	at	South	Lyon:	Middleville	     everyone.	It’s	not	every	day	you	get	to	
they	prepare	in	the	final	moments	before	          Parts,	Edmore	Parts	and	A&L	Parts.	           meet	Richard	Petty.”	
a	race.	WIX	also	provided	a	private	tour	          	    “We	have	a	lot	of	competition	
of	the	NASCAR	Hall	of	Fame,	which	my	              around	here,	including	several	big-box	
family	really	enjoyed.	We	watched	the	             stores,	so	these	events	were	huge	in		
race	from	an	observation	deck	on	top	of	           distinguishing	us	from	the	rest,”	Van	
the	condo,	so	you	couldn’t	ask	for	better	         Buren	says.	“It	was	a	really	effective	way	
seats.	I	enjoyed	meeting	the	WIX	people	           of	attracting	new	customers;	we	saw	
and	their	driver,	AJ	Allmendinger,	who	            plenty	of	new	faces	coming	through	our	
came	up	to	meet	with	us	before	the	race.	          doors,	despite	the	fact	that	the	weather	
	    “I	can’t	thank	WIX	enough–it	was	             didn’t	exactly	cooperate.”
first	class	all	the	way.”	                         	    WIX	also	helped	the	stores	publicize	
	    The	promotion	was	an	extension	               their	events	and	covered	onsite	cookout	
of	WIX’s	association	sponsorship	with	             costs	for	brats,	burgers	and	beverages.	
Richard	Petty	Motorsports,	which	                  As	a	bonus,	WIX	and	Richard	Petty	
                                                                                                 Fit for a King: As a grand-prize winner

provides	the	manufacturer	with	                    Motorsports	also	enabled	South	Lyon	
                                                                                                 of the WIX promotion, Van Buren met

secondary	brand	placement	on	the	No.	              to	host	a	drawing	for	two	customers	to	
                                                                                                              Richard Petty at
                                                                                                       Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Page 18      Network Magazine, Volume 5, Issue 3 2010

         A credit to the profession
         Alpha & Omega Processing solves the
         mystery of credit-card processing

         	    Rate	increases.	Annual	fees.	Hidden	                      the	best	decision	for	your	business.	           rate	is	based	on	interchange.	As	that	
         fees.	How	many	times	have	you	sat	                             Here	are	the	questions	you	should	be	           rate	goes	up	or	down,	your	rate	will	
         down	to	review	your	merchant	services	                         asking	your	credit-card	processor:              fluctuate	accordingly.	However,	the	rate	
         statement	and	thought,	“How	do	these	                                                                          we	set	for	you	today	will	never	change.”		
         guys	get	away	with	this?”	Most	credit-
         card	processing	companies	stick	you	
                                                                        Question: Am I subject to rate

         in	a	long-term	agreement	that	can’t	
                                                                        increases?                                      Question: Is there an annual fee?

         easily	be	broken	without	penalties	or	a	
         notarized	letter	from	your	mother	faxed	                       your	contract	based	on	Visa/MC/                 put	your	foot	down	and	tell	the	sales	
                                                                        Answer:	You	should	always	negotiate	            Answer:	If	there’s	an	annual	fee,	simply	

         to	a	discreet,	offshore	location	on	the	                       Discover	interchange	rates,	which	are	          rep	across	from	you	that	you	aren’t	
         sixth	Tuesday	of	the	first	month	after	                        published	on	each	company’s	respective	         interested	in	giving	them	a	Christmas	
         the	Harvest	Moon.	That’s	why	many	                             websites.	These	companies	establish	the	        bonus	every	year.	Annual	fees	are	bogus.	
         business	owners	give	up	and	entrust	                           rates	that	you	eventually	pay.	If	the	sales	    Period.
         their	card-card	processing	to	their	bank.	                     rep	sitting	across	from	you	starts	using	
         What	they	don’t	realize	is	that	their	                         the	words	“qualified,	mid-qualified	
         bank	simply	outsources	it	to	a	company	                        or	non-qualified,”	run.	The	fact	is	that	
                                                                                                                        Question: How long is this contract?

         with	a	very	similar	business	plan	as	the	                      interchange	is	the	same	no	matter	who	
         one	they	just	left.		                                          is	offering	it.	From	the	largest	processor	     processing	agreement	is	three	years,	
                                                                                                                        Answer:	The	standard	credit-card	

         	    Alpha	&	Omega	Processing	(AOP)	                           to	the	smallest,	we	all	pay	the	same	           with	automatic	annual	renewals.	
         eliminates	the	mystery	from	credit-card	                       rates.	However,	even	if	your	pricing	is	        Most	credit-card	processors	have	a	
         processing.	AOP	educates	you	on	the	                           based	on	interchange,	you	could	still	          cancellation	fee,	so	find	out	what	yours	
         electronic	payments	industry,	so	you	                          be	subjected	to	rate	increases,	so	ask	         is	before	your	sign.
         can	ask	the	right	questions	and	make	                          upfront.	The	answer	should	be,	“Your	           	    AOP’s	goal	is	to	expose	and	change	
                                                                                                                        the	credit-card	processing	industry,	one	
    ..                                  ...
                                                                                                                        merchant	at	a	time.	In	other	words,	the	
.... .....                   ..                                     ...
                                                                                                                        mystery	is	history.	AOP	has	established	
                                                                                                                        set	rates	for	all	Network	WDs,	jobbers	
                S P E C I F I CAT I O N S
                                                   .....                                                   .... .....          ..                      ...
                                                                                                                        and	service	dealers.	
                                                                                                                                            									“I’ve	looked	at	
             Processor                                      Printer
             200 MHz ARM9 32-bit RISC                       Integrated thermal printer with graphics

                                                                                                                                            a	lot	of	credit-card	
             microprocessor                                 capabilities, 18 lines per second, 24 or 32

                                                                                                                                            processors	over	the	

                                                                                                                                                                   Performance to the Next Power
                                                            columns, standard paper roll 58 mm (2.25

                                                                                                                                            years,”	says	Gil	Gunn,	
             Memory                                         in.) x 25M, single ply; Optional large paper
             6 MB (4 MB of Flash, 2 MB of SRAM)             roll 58 mm x 35M

                                                                                                                                            vice	president	of	
             Optional 12 MB (8 MB of Flash, 4 MB

                                                                                                                                            marketing	for	the	
             of SRAM)                                       Modem
              B E N E F I T S AT A G L A N C E

                                                                                                                                            Network.	“None	of	
                                                        Standard 14.4k bps modem supporting
             Display                                    Bell 103/212a, CCITT

                                                                                                                                            them	would	actually	
             128 x 64 pixel graphical LCD with          V.21/V.22/V.22bis/V.32/V.32bis

                                                                                                                                            tell	me	what	rate	our	
             backlighting; Supports 8 lines xperformance(300/1200/2400/9600/14400 bps) and HC
                   Unrivaled speed and 21
             characters                                 Fast Connect for 1200 bps.

                                                                                                                                            affiliates	would	pay.	
                   Exceptional communications flexibility – dial

                                                                                                                                            That	is,	until	I	met	
             Magnetic Card Reader                           Protocols

                                                                                                                                            with	Alpha	&	Omega	
                   and IP-based
             Triple-track (tracks 1, 2, 3), high            Application selects between asynchronous
             coercivity, bi-directional                     protocols (Visa 1, Visa 2, and others) and

                                                                                                                                            Processing.”	
                   Unsurpassed dependability and           security
                                                            synchronous protocols (including ISO
             Smart Card (Optional)                          8583/SDLC)
                   Enhanced 5V or synchronous and
             ISO 7816, 1.8V, 3V,memory for larger, more complex

                                                                                                                                           									If	you’d	like	to	
             asynchronous cards; EMV Level 1 and 2    Security
                   value-added applications
             Type Approved                            SSL v3.0, 3DES encryption, Master/Session
                                                      and DUKPT key management; VeriShield
             SAM Card Reader (Optional)               file authentication                                                                  know	more	about	
             1 or 3 Security Access Modules
                                                            Physical                                                                       Alpha	&	Omega	
             Keypad                                         Length: 209 mm (8 in.); Width: 102 mm                                          Processing,	please	call	
             3 x 4 numeric keypad, plus 8                   (4 in.); Height: 78 mm (3.07 in.) Weight:
             soft-function keys and 4 screen-               Terminal/750 g (1.65 lbs.), Full
                                                                                                                                           866-242-4325,	e-mail	
             addressable keys; PCI approved                 shipping/1,377 g (3.03 lbs.)                                         ,	or	
                                                                                                                                           visit	their	website	at		
             I/O Modules                                    Environmental
             14.4k modem module; Ethernet and 14.4k         0 to 40 C (32 to 104 F) operating                                    	
             modem combination module                       temperature, 5% to 90% relative
                                                            humidity, non-condensing
             Peripheral Ports
             One USB 1.1 port supports flash memory         Voltage

             devices; Two RS-232 ports support periph-      AC input 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz; DC
             Incomparable Performance
             erals including PIN pads and check readers;
             One telco port and one Ethernet (with
                                                            Output 8.6 - 9.4 VDC, 4.0 Amp

             Enhanced Features
             Ethernet/14.4 I/O module) support
                                                                                                                                                             Page 19
             Greater Flexibility

Help wanted
Service dealers face disinterest among young people,
image problem in pursuit of the technicians of tomorrow
	    On	a	recent	September	morning,	         somewhere	in	the	country	that’s	having	
a	“Help	Wanted”	sign	hangs	in	front	of	      trouble	finding	qualified	technicians.”
Paul’s	Arizona	Auto	Service,	a	Parts	Plus	   	     In	that	same	AB	article	(“The	next	
Car	Care	Center	in	Glendale,	Arizona.	       generation,”	April	19),	industry	trainer	
With	the	nation’s	high	unemployment	         Chuck	Udell,	MAAP,	senior	partner	with	
rate	and	challenging	economy,	owner	         Essential	Action	Design	Group,	says	that	
Paul	Buckman	initially	assumed	he’d	         steps	should	be	taken	in	the	next	five	to	
soon	find	a	qualified	technician	to	fill	    10	years	to	ensure	the	industry	doesn’t	
the	position.	But	like	most	service	         face	a	tech	shortage	in	the	future.	He	
dealers	nationwide,	Buckman	is	having	       tells	AB	that	the	increasing	age	of	the	
difficulty	making	a	suitable	hire	because	   average	technician	indicates	a	“graying	
of	a	lack	of	technicians	with	up-to-date	    of	our	industry.	When	good	techs	
skills	and	a	declining	interest	in	the	      retire,	we’ve	got	to	make	sure	their	
profession	by	young	people.	                 replacement	is	handy.”	
	    “I	see	a	lot	of	young	carpenters,	      	     That’s	easier	said	than	done.	In	an	
plumbers,	bricklayers	and	fork-lift	         interview	with	Network	Magazine,	Brian	
operators	out	there–I	don’t	see	a	lot	       Cruikshank,	director	of	the	University	of	
of	young	technicians,”	says	Buckman,	        the	Aftermarket,	a	continuing	education	
who	serves	on	the	Network’s	National	        program	managed	by	Northwood	
Service	Dealer	Advisory	Council.	“In	        University,	cites	the	profession’s	image	
addition	to	my	sign	out	front,	I’ve	got	a	   problem	among	young	people	and	their	
posting	on	Craigslist	and	ads	on	other	      parents.	
job	sites.	The	people	I’m	interviewing	      	     “From	a	service-dealer	standpoint,	
either	don’t	have	the	skills	or	lack	the	    the	image	issue	is	one	of	the	biggest	the	
passion	for	the	job.	I	interviewed	a	guy	    industry	faces	as	far	as	recruiting	young	
for	the	position	the	other	day	who	said,	    technicians.	Part	of	that	stems	from	how	
‘I	only	want	to	work	35	hours	a	week.’	      customers	view	service	dealers	as	well	
After	telling	him	we	usually	put	in	35	      as	how	young	people	view	a	technician	
hours	by	Wednesday,	I	asked	him,	‘What	      career	as	an	option.	I	believe	that	a	lot	of	
do	you	expect	me	to	do	on	Thursdays	         parents	may	discourage	their	child	from	
and	Fridays?’	Well,	needless	to	say,	I	      being	a	technician	even	if	the	kid	was	
didn’t	hire	him.”                            interested	and	displayed	a	knack	for	car	
	    High-school	automotive	programs–        repair	at	a	young	age.
for	years	a	reliable,	consistent	source	     	     “Let’s	face	it:	A	lot	of	people	are	
                                                                                               Facing the future: The aftermarket

from	which	independent	service	dealers	      still	very	suspicious	of	the	profession	
                                                                                                is anxious to recruit more young

could	pluck	potential	techs–have	largely	    based	on	experiences	at	unprofessional,	
                                                                                                 technicians like Ben Beal,who

been	eliminated	nationwide	because	of	       dishonest	shops.	Obviously,	these	
                                                                                              works for Atlantic Car Care, a North

cost-cutting	measures	and	dwindling	         customers	are	not	going	to	encourage	
                                                                                                Carolina-based Car Care Center.

student	interest.	                           their	kids	to	get	into	the	profession.”         some	young	people	from	considering	a	
	    As	baby-boomer	techs	continue	to	       There	is,	however,	a	silver	lining,	            technician	career.	Training	classes	can	
retire,	Buckman	and	other	shop	owners	       according	to	Cruikshank:	Bay	counts	are	        quickly	add	up,	and	a	proper	toolbox	
are	becoming	increasingly	worried	           falling	in	the	United	States,	an	indication	    costs	thousands	of	dollars–pretty	steep	
about	finding	the	next	generation	of	        of	fewer	shops	in	existence,	i.e.,	the	         when	you	consider	that	most	entry-level	
automotive	professionals	to	replace	         weakest	service	dealers	are	being	              techs	make	between	$10	to	$15	an	hour.	
their	longtime	technicians	who	are	          eliminated.                                     	    “They	are	expected	to	come	
eyeing	retirement.                           	     “That	tells	me	that	the	really	bad	       into	a	service	dealer	with	their	own	
	    Tony	Molla,	vice	president	of	          shops–the	ones	that	are	most	negatively	        tools,”	Cruikshank	says.	“And,	as	we	all	
communications	for	the	National	             affecting	the	industry’s	image–are	             know,	that	is	getting	more	and	more	
Institute	for	Automotive	Service	            slowly	dying	off.	It’s	a	real	Darwinian	        expensive.	Typically,	a	tech	has	to	make	
Excellence	(ASE),	recently	told	             way	of	thinking:	survival	of	the	fittest.	      an	investment	of	about	$10,000	in	tools	
                                             Only	the	best	shops	will	continue	to	           or	more.	That’s	quite	an	investment	on	
the	industry	is	not	currently	facing	        thrive	and	stay	in	business.	In	time,	as	       the	front	end.”
Aftermarket	Business	that	although	

a	shortage	of	technicians	and	that	          the	worst	shops	disappear,	I	believe	this	      	    In	the	long	run,	the	threat	of	the	OE	
cars	continue	to	be	repaired	in	timely	      image	problem	will	rectify	itself.”             dealer	may	not	be	about	the	amount	of	
fashion	at	the	moment,	“…I	get	a	            	     Still,	the	upfront	investment	toward	     business	they’re	able	to	take	away	from	
call	every	day	from	a	shop	owner	            training	and	tools	is	enough	to	prevent	        independent	service	dealers;	instead,	it	

Page 20     Network Magazine, Volume 5, Issue 3 2010
could	be	the	number	of	career-minded,	        someone	has	the	ability	to	pick	it	up.	           they	don’t	know	what	they’re	looking	
bright,	young	professionals	dealers	          With	today’s	computer	technology	on	              at.	This	tells	people	that	car	repair	
wrestle	away	from	the	aftermarket	            cars,	everything	is	a	thought	process	in	         requires	a	level	of	expertise	that	can’t	
that’s	the	bigger	problem.                    how	you	attack	a	job.	Fundamentally,	             be	self-taught	or	acquired	through	
	    For	that	reason,	attracting	new	         you	must	have	that.	I	just	don’t	see	             trial	and	error.	You	need	to	entrust	
people	into	the	industry	should	be	a	         enough	young	people	who	think	                    that	vehicle	with	someone	who	has	
priority,	especially	for	independents,	       like	that	anymore.	Maybe	those	kids	              training	to	properly	diagnose	and	fix	
Cruikshank	maintains,	since	OE	               with	analytical	skills	are	more	into	             the	problem.	As	the	public	continues	to	
dealerships	already	have	a	more	              computers	nowadays–perhaps	they	                  trust	service	dealers	more	and	more,	
concentrated	effort	in	recruiting	young	      have	more	varied	interests	than	I	did	            the	profession	will	continue	to	become	
technicians.	                                 growing	up.	If	I	wanted	a	car	when	I	was	         more	respected.	”	
	    “The	independent	aftermarket	            a	kid,	I	had	to	fix	it	up,	take	care	of	it	and	   	    While	Buckman	continues	his	
is	further	challenged	by	a	lack	of	           repair	it	when	it	broke	down.	Kids	today	         search,	Phillips	has	hired	an	18-year-
consistent	recruitment	efforts.		It’s	        don’t	have	to	do	that	so	they	don’t	learn	        old	fresh	out	of	high	school,	a	young	
much,	much	easier	for	OE	dealers	             those	skills.”                                    man	he	feels	has	potential	to	be	a	great	
to	recruit	because	they	often	have	           	    Cruikshank	attributes	that	                  technician	one	day.
relationships	with	technical	schools–         perceived	apathy	in	part	to	the	fact	that	        	    “He’s	the	fourth	kid	I’ve	tried.	
they	have	specific	programs	to	bring	         cars	last	longer	than	they	did	in	the	’60s	       Although	the	first	three	kids	didn’t	work	
young	people	into	the	industry	as	            and	’70s	and	are	far	more	difficult	to	           out,	I	think	he’s	going	to	make	it.	I’m	
technicians.	Mostly	because	of	the	           repair	when	they	do	break	down.                   really	impressed	with	him.	I	think	he’s	
fragmented	nature	of	the	aftermarket,	        	    “Cars	today	simply	aren’t	as	easy	           someone	who’s	going	to	stick	with	this	
independents	don’t	really	have	a	unified,	    to	work	on	and	repair	as	they	were	               and	work	at	it.	I	asked	him	to	sign	a	one-
consistent	recruitment	mechanism	to	          decades	ago.	I	don’t	think	it’s	an	overall	       year	commitment	with	me.	If	I’m	going	
attract	young	techs.	It’s	fragmented	and	     lack	of	interest	in	young	people–they	            to	take	the	time	to	train	him	and	have	
piecemeal;	it’s	certainly	not	a	broad,	       just	need	more	advanced	training	to	              him	work	here	part	time,	I	want	him	to	
all-encompassing	effort	like	the	OEs’	        even	get	started	today.	The	things	that	          commit	to	a	least	a	year	to	see	if	he	can	
programs.”                                    the	average	person	can	do	to	a	vehicle	           develop	into	a	technician.	He	owes	it	to	
	    If	an	OE-trained	tech	inquired	          today	are	far	more	restricted	than	you	           himself	to	give	it	at	least	that	long.”
about	the	sign	hanging	in	front	of	Paul’s	    could	in	the	’60s	or	’70s.	Fact	is,	cars	         	    The	Network	and	several	of	its	WDs	
Arizona	Auto	Service,	Buckman	says	           are	better	built	and	last	longer	today.	          have	awarded	scholarships	to	vo-tech	
the	diverse	automobiles	coming	into	his	      Used	cars	hold	up	better	and	last	longer,	        students	in	the	past,	recognizing	that	
shop	would	make	him	think	twice	about	        needing	far	fewer	repairs	than	they	did	          they	represent	the	future.	The	Global	
making	the	hire.                              30-plus	years	ago.”                               Automotive	Aftermarket	Symposium	
	    “The	OE	dealers	train	them	on	their	     	    Even	a	veteran	technician	like	              (GAAS)	and	the	Specialty	Equipment	
brand.	You	come	into	our	world,	and	I’m	      Buckman	who’s	committed	to	training,	             Manufacturers	Association	(SEMA)	offer	
working	on	a	Kia,	a	Chevrolet,	a	Ford	and	    finds	it	difficult	to	keep	up	with	the	           scholarships	and	internships	to	aspiring	
a	Dodge	and	whatever	else	may	come	           ever-advancing	technology	on	cars.	He	            technicians,	while	the	Automotive	
through	that	front	gate.	Not	only	do	I	       admits	that	if	his	new	car	broke	down	            Aftermarket	Industry	Association	
have	to	constantly	ensure	that	I	have	        on	the	side	of	the	freeway,	he’d	call	a	          (AAIA)	kicked	off	its	Aftermarket	
the	right	equipment	but	I’ve	also	got	to	     wrecker	rather	than	to	try	to	repair	the	         Recruitment	Week	in	January,	designed	
have	guys	working	for	me	who	have	the	        vehicle	right	there.                              to	inform	local	automotive	programs	
wherewithal	to	repair	everything.	It’s	       	    “Look	under	the	hood	of	a	new	               and	one	college-level	program	about	
becoming	an	issue	to	find	a	technician	       car:	Everything’s	shrouded.	Unless	it’s	          opportunities	available	in	the	industry.
who	can	work	on	all	brands.”	                 a	broken	hose	or	belt,	what	do	you	do	            	    While	he’s	encouraged	by	these	
	    Most	alarming	to	Weare,	N.H.-based	      with	it?	The	days	of	‘John	and	Mary	              organizations’	efforts,	Cruikshank	
Car	Care	Center	owner	Marc	Phillips	is	       Lunchbox’	repairing	their	cars	are	over.	         recommends	that	on	a	local	level	
that	young	people	today	don’t	seem	to	        So	how’s	a	kid	gonna	excited	about	               the	Network’s	service	dealers	take	
have	the	natural	ability	to	repair	cars.	     working	on	a	car	if	he	can’t	figure	out	          advantage	of	all	the	programs	in	the	
He	explains	that	when	he	was	teenager,	       what	the	heck	he’s	doing?”                        association’s	toolbox	to	continue	to	
he	and	his	friends	cultivated	their	          	    Ironically	enough,	it’s	the	advanced	        improve	the	public’s	perception	of	the	
innate	skills	by	constantly	tinkering	on	     technology	on	vehicles	that	continue	to	          profession.	
their	cars	and	snowmobiles.	In	those	         boost	the	image	of	service	dealers	and,	          	    “I	would	tell	them	to	ensure	they’re	
days,	he	says,	more	young	people	had	         eventually,	make	the	profession	more	             running	the	best	business	they	can	and	
to	repair	their	first	car	to	even	get	it	     attractive	to	aspiring	technicians,	says	         projecting	the	right	kind	of	image	to	the	
running	to	begin	with.	He	says	the	sense	     Cruikshank.                                       public.	Doing	so	will	benefit	not	only	
of	accomplishment	of	successfully	fixing	     	    “The	technology	on	cars	today	has	           their	business	but	also	the	industry	as	
his	car	as	a	young	man	helped	fuel	his	       already	made	the	public’s	opinion	of	             a	whole.	I	think	groups	like	Parts	Plus	
interest	in	a	future	in	automotive	repair.	   service	dealers	greater	than	it	was	30	           should	continue	to	provide	the	best	
	    “It	seems	as	if	kids	today	don’t	        years	ago.	Given	the	cost	of	cars	today,	         tools–including	technical	and	business	
have	the	natural	instincts	to	work	on	        a	2009	or	a	2010	vehicle	is	a	major	              training–to	help	independent	shops	
cars;	they	don’t	pick	it	up	as	fast,”	he	     investment.	The	general	public	opens	             convey	an	image	of	professionalism.	A	
says.	“It’s	hard	to	find	a	young	man	         that	hood	and	they	see	an	engine	with	            good	image	is	imperative	to	the	future	
who	even	wants	to	do	it,	let	alone	           a	cover	on	it	and	tons	of	electronics–            of	this	industry.”	

                                                                                                                                 Page 21

The Big Sky’s the limit
Montana-based WD Novco, company-owned H-O Parts Plus locations team with
WIX to raise thousands of dollars for local FFA chapters

	    Network	warehouse	distributor	           of	$40,587.75,	plus	six	$1,000	bonuses.
Novco	and	their	eight	company-owned	          	     “The	WIX	Filters/FFA	box	top	
H-O	Parts	Plus	locations	throughout	          program	is	an	annual	success	due	to	
Montana	are	helping	local	student	            the	participation	of	parts	stores,	local	
chapters	of	the	FFA,	the	leading	high-        agribusinesses,	shops,	and	individuals	
school	agricultural	program	in	the	           who	purchase	WIX	Filters	in	support	of	
country,	raise	thousands	of	dollars	each	     their	local	FFA	organizations,”	says	Jeff	
year–one	WIX	Filters	box	top	at	a	time.	      Blocher,	brand	manager	for	WIX.
With	help	from	their	independent	             	     As	part	of	the	WIX	program’s	
jobber,	service	dealer	and	other	small-       incentives,	FFA	chapters	nationwide	
business	customers	and	the	support	of	        compete	for	the	six	$1,000	bonuses	in	
their	retail	walk-in	trade,	Novco’s	FFA	      different	categories,	including	most	
fundraiser	has	evolved	into	a	rewarding	      box	tops	redeemed,	most	box	tops	
community	program	over	the	last	              redeemed	per	member	and	highest	
decade,	says	David	Novis,	president	of	       percentage	increase	over	the	previous	
the	Missoula,	Mont.-based	WD.		               year’s	effort.	
	    Each	H-O	location	has	a	red	55-gallon	   	     This	year,	three	of	the	$1,000	
plastic	barrel	affixed	with	a	WIX	sticker	    bonus	winners	came	from	Montana,	a	
and	a	sign	promoting	the	fundraiser	on	       testament	to	the	strong	commitment	
the	retail	sales	floor.	After	working	the	    of	Novco	and	their	customers.	Two	
program	for	10	years,	it’s	become	second	     Montana-based	FFA	chapters	received	
nature	for	counterpersons	and	customers	      $1,000	bonuses	for	submitting	the	
to	rip	off	the	box	top	and	place	it	in	the	   most	box	tops	per	member:	Big	Sandy	
bucket	after	nearly	every	single	WIX	         FFA	in	Big	Sandy,	Mont.	(252.5	box	
Filters	purchase.	                            tops	per	member),	and	Stevensville	
	    Throughout	the	state,	Novco’s	           FFA	in	Stevensville,	Mont.	(187.3	per	
independent	service	dealers	and	jobbers	      member).	Fairfield	FFA	in	Fairfield,	
also	pitch	in,	along	with	local	farmers	      Mont.,	delivered	the	largest	percentage	
and	construction	companies.	Every	few	        increase	(659	percent)	of	box	tops	
months,	FFA	students	drop	by	the	stores	      submitted	and	earned	a	$1,000	bonus	
to	count	and	pick	up	the	box	tops.	           as	well.
	    “Our	stores	and	customers	across	        	     For	Novis	and	his	store	managers,	
the	state	are	working	this	program	really	    the	proud	looks	on	the	faces	of	the	kids	
hard	with	FFA	chapters	in	the	area	and	       when	WIX	presents	the	hard-earned	
the	response	has	been	remarkable,”	           money	to	the	Montana	chapters	make	it	         primarily	use	the	money	raised	to	help	
Novis	says.	“They	realize	that	every	         all	worthwhile.	Plus,	by	helping	to	support	   cover	travel	expenses	for	the	national	
box	top	saved	is	essentially	a	25-cent	       Montana’s	FFA	chapters,	Novco	is	making	       convention	as	well	as	for	local	exhibits,	
donation	directly	to	these	kids.	The	         an	investment	in	the	state’s	future.           says	Brian	Stovall,	manager	of	the	H-O	
result	has	been	a	lot	of	money	raised	for	    	     “Agriculture	is	an	important	            store	in	Havre.	
the	kids	participating	in	FFA,	customer	      industry	in	Montana,	vital	to	our	             	    “It’s	800	miles	from	one	end	of	the	
awareness	of	FFA	and	plenty	of	goodwill	      economy,”	explains	Don	Johannsen,	             state	to	the	other,”	says	Stovall,	who	was	
for	our	stores.	And	we’re	selling	a	ton	      assistant	manager	for	the	H-O	store	in	        on	hand	recently	as	WIX’s	Tom	Murphy	
of	WIX	Filters	in	the	process.	It’s	a	real	   Shelby.	“These	days,	FFA	is	more	than	         presented	the	$1,000	bonus	check	to	
winner	across	the	board.”                     just	taking	kids	into	the	country	to	          the	FFA	chapter	in	Big	Sandy	for	the	
	    Originating	23	years	ago,	the	WIX	       show	them	how	to	run	a	tractor.	FFA	is	        2010	fundraising	drive.	“You	practically	
Filters	box-top	program	awards	25	            invested	in	agribusiness–the	business	         have	to	drive	200	to	300	miles	to	get	to	
cents	for	each	box	top	turned	in	by	          side	of	farming.	So	these	kids	learn	          the	next	town	anywhere	in	this	state,	
local	chapters	of	the	FFA	(the	student	       all	facets	of	the	business	of	farming–         so	this	money	goes	a	long	way	toward	
organization	formerly	known	as	Future	        everything	from	futures	trading	on	            travel	costs	to	get	to	their	various	FFA	
Farmers	of	America).	                         down,	in	addition	to	how	to	operate	           exhibitions	at	county	fairs	and	the	like,	
	    This	year,	between	January	and	          farm	equipment.	Agriculture	is	a	much	         in	addition	to	the	national	event.
April,	participating	FFA	chapters	            more	intricate	industry	these	days	than	       	    “Even	if	a	town	we	serve	doesn’t	
nationwide	submitted	162,351	WIX	             many	years	ago	when	my	grandfather	            have	an	FFA	chapter,	they	adopt	one,	
Filters	box	tops	and	were	rewarded	           was	a	farmer.”                                 like	Havre	does	with	Big	Sandy.	It’s	not	
with	a	total	donation	from	WIX	Filters	       	     The	Montana	FFA	chapters	                just	a	town	effort–it’s	state	effort.”	

Page 22     Network Magazine, Volume 5, Issue 3 2010

Take stock of your customer service
Agility Metrics provides Network affiliates
with state-of-the-art customer-feedback program
	    Tracking	and	evaluating	customer	        idea	of	what	is	happening	within	your	
feedback	is	often	a	tricky	process.	While	    business	and	what	your	customers	think	
most	Network	business	owners	are	aware	       about	you–even	when	you’re	not	there.”
that	customers	represent	your	lifeblood,	     	    Like	any	customer-response	program,	
the	day-to-day	grind	of	running	your	         to	get	the	best	results,	it’s	recommended	
operation	can	sometimes	interfere	with	       that	you	offer	an	incentive,	such	as	a	
your	ability	to	listen	to	your	customers.	    quarterly	sweepstakes	promotion	in	
Eventually,	your	customer	service	is	         which	respondents	are	entered	for	a	
negatively	affected	as	you’re	not	properly	   drawing	to	win	$500	in	cash	or	products.	
in	tune	with	what	your	business	is	doing	     For	an	even	better	response	rate,	
right–and	wrong.                              promote	the	winners	in	your	business.	If	
	    The	Network	has	partnered	with	          you	offer	the	right	incentive,	you’ll	have	
Agility	Metrics	to	provide	a	Customer	        a	response	rate	as	high	as	25	percent,	
Experience	Program	that	our	jobbers,	         providing	invaluable	insight	into	your	
                                                                                              Does your customer service make the

service	dealers	and	WDs	can	roll	out	         customer	base.
                                                                                               grade?: Pinpoint exactly what your

quickly	and	efficiently.                      	    Network	affiliates	can	obtain	this	
                                                                                               business is doing right–and wrong–
	    With	Agility’s	Customer	Experience	      information	through	three	different	kinds	
Program,	you	can	gather	real-time	            of	surveys:	                                    you	in	an	easy-to-understand,	real-time	
                                                                                                with Agility’s revealing scorecard.

customer	feedback,	gain	accurate	and	         1.	 	 tore	to	Retail	DIY	Customer	Survey;	
                                                   S                                          “dashboard”	format	that	you	can	log	
timely	insights,	identify	trouble	spots,	     2.	 	 tore	or	Distributor	to	Service	Dealer	
                                                   S                                          onto	at	any	time	to	review.	If	someone	
share	best	practices	and	make	your	staff	          (B-to-B)	Survey;	or                        communicates	they	had	a	terrible	
more	accountable.	                            3.	 Service	Dealer	to	Customer	Survey.	         experience	at	your	business,	you	will	be	
	    Perhaps	most	important,	you	can	         	    All	questions	are	tailored	to	that	        immediately	notified	by	e-mail,	so	you	can	
respond	to	customer	problems	quickly	         particular	affiliate’s	type	of	customer.	       respond	quickly	to	clear	up	the	matter	
before	they	become	an	ongoing	issue	at	       For	example,	Store	to	DIYer	may	ask	a	          and,	ideally,	retain	their	business.	
your	business,	says	Bob	Barstow,	vice	        customer	how	soon	he	was	greeted	upon	          	    Agility	employs	a	team	of	world-class	
president	of	marketing	for	the	Network.	      entering	the	store.	The	B-to-B	Survey	may	      statisticians	and	analysts	who	design	
	    “All	business	owners	believe	they	       inquire	about	the	customer’s	experience	        analytical	models	that	can	uncover	key	
know	their	customers,”	he	says.	“But	         with	the	delivery	driver.		Service	Dealer	      drivers,	important	visitor	segments,	and	
think	about	how	many	times	you	have	          to	Customer	may	ask	if	the	work	to	be	          variables	that	correlate	most	strongly	
been	disappointed	in	a	service	or	            performed	was	explained	effectively	or	         with	customer	satisfaction,	loyalty	and	
product,	and	because	of	the	number	of	        inquire	about	the	condition	of	the	waiting	     engagement.	In	as	little	as	three	months,	
choices	out	there,	you	just	never	went	       area	and	restroom.	                             you’ll	have	reliable	statistics	that	will	help	
back.	This	program	gives	customers	           	    Customers	complete	customer-               you	improve	your	business.	
a	non-confrontational	way	to	express	         experience	scoreboards	that	are	not	only	       	    “Across	the	board,	from	real-world,	
themselves.	The	result	is	honest	feedback	    quick	and	easy	to	fill	out	but	also	are	very	   bottom-line	results	to	user-friendliness	
you	can	really	use.                           revealing	about	their	perceptions	of	your	      to	pricing,	Agility	met	the	criteria	I	was	
	    “With	the	information	you	receive	       customer	service	and	image.	                    looking	for	when	evaluating	customer-
from	Agility	Metrics,	you’ll	have	a	better	   	    Agility	provides	the	feedback	to	          feedback	programs	for	our	WDs,	service	
                                                                                              dealers	and	jobbers,”	Barstow	says.
                                                                                              	    Monthly	pricing	is	as	follows	for	
                                                                                              Network	affiliates:
                                                                                              •	 1–5	Locations:	$79	per	unit
                                                                                              •	 6–25	Locations:	$60	per	unit
                                                                                              •	 26–50	Locations:	$55	per	unit
                                                                                              •	 51-Plus	Locations:	$35	per	unit

                                                                                              To get started, contact:
                                                                                              Richard Pridham
                                                                                              President & CEO
                                                                                              Agility Metrics, Inc.
                                                                                              Tel: 1-877-904-2542
                                                                                              Mobile: 1-514-248-4535

                                                                                              	    For	more	information	on	Agility	
 Real-world stats in real time: Agility’s easy-to-read dashboard provides                     E-mail:

                                                                                              Metrics,	visit	
current responses that can easily be compared to past performance so you
                         can chart your progress.
                                                                                                                                   Page 23
car care center profile

Opportunity of a lifetime
After 35 years of experience, Marc Phillips realizes dream
as Parts Plus Car Care Center owner
	     Although	Marc	Phillips	was	a	                	    “It	took	a	lifetime	of	experience	to	
natural	when	it	came	to	picking	up	the	            prepare	me	for	this.”
basics	of	auto	repair	from	hanging	out	            	    To	differentiate	his	shop	from	
with	his	dad,	who	raced	a	Triumph	GT6	             the	competition	in	the	area,	Phillips	
on	the	weekends,	he	still	faced	quite	a	           immediately	became	affiliated	with	
challenge	when	purchasing	his	first	car	           the	Car	Care	Center	program	to	take	
in	the	early	’70s.                                 advantage	of	the	national	name	
	     “In	those	days,	if	a	kid	wanted	a	car,	      recognition	and	warranty	as	well	as	the	
he	had	to	go	out	and	buy	it	on	his	own	            rebate	promotions,	which	he	promotes	
and	fix	it	up,”	Phillips	says.	“The	only	          on	his	website.	The	rebates	have	been	a	
thing	I	could	afford	at	the	time	was	a	            huge	hit	with	his	customers,	especially	
1965	Volkswagen	Bug	with	no	motor–it	              in	today’s	economy,	with	many	
cost	me	about	$50…and	a	lot	of	time	               scheduling	their	work	to	coincide	with	
and	effort.	But	from	that	experience,	I	           the	promotions.	
figured	out	pretty	quickly	that	I	had	a	           	    Phillips	enjoys	being	a	part	of	
knack	for	repairing	cars.	I	never	went	            something	bigger	through	his	Car	
                                                                                                       Life’s work: Marc Phillips has

to	trade	school	or	anything	like	that–I	           Care	Center	affiliation,	a	feeling	that	is	
                                                                                                      made the transition from weekend

just	did	it.	My	interest	really	started	by	        exemplified	during	the	Network’s	national	
                                                                                                     mechanic to professional technician

accompanying	my	dad	to	those	sports-               conventions.	He	and	his	wife	and	business	       by	the	time	they	try	to	get	caught	up,	it’s	
                                                                                                              to business owner.

car	club	races	at	Bryar	Motorsports	               partner,	Susan,	now	schedule	their	              far	more	expensive	than	if	they	just	made	
Park,	which	would	eventually	become	               vacations	around	the	gatherings.	                that	commitment	early	on.	I	stay	on	top	
New	Hampshire	International	Raceway.	              	    “The	networking	aspect	of	it	is	            of	those	things,	continually	upgrading	my	
It	just	took	off	from	there.”                      amazing,”	he	says.	“The	vendor	expo	             shop,	because	I	see	the	value	in	staying	
	     Over	the	last	35	years,	Marc	has	            gives	me	face	time	with	guys	you	                ahead	of	the	curve	not	being	behind	it.”
made	the	transition	from	weekend	                  normally	would	never	get	the	chance	             	    While	Phillips	always	ensures	he’s	
mechanic	and	gas-station	attendant	                to	talk	to	and	establish	communication	          grounded	in	the	every	day	details	as	
in	his	teens	to	professional	technician	           with	them	and	exchange	contact	                  a	business	owner,	he	has	his	eye	on	
to,	finally,	business	owner.	After	a	brief	        information.	I	had	an	issue	with	a	vendor	       expansion	as	the	surrounding	area	
partnership	with	a	co-owner	earlier	this	          and	was	speaking	about	it	with	one	of	           should	continue	to	grow	rapidly	over	
decade,	he	left	in	2007	to	open	Marc	              the	engineers	who	was	in	attendance.	By	         the	next	five	years.	Located	between	
Phillips	Automotive	Service,	a	three-bay,	         the	time	I	got	home	from	Nashville,	I	had	       Concord,	the	state	capitol,	and	
1,600-square-foot	Parts	Plus	Car	Care	             an	answer	waiting	for	me	in	my	e-mail	           Manchester,	the	largest	city	in	New	
Center	in	Weare,	N.H.	                             in-box.	A	lot	of	issues	can	be	resolved	         Hampshire,	Marc	Phillips	Automotive	
	     “I’m	still	learning	about	being	a	           when	you’re	able	to	talk	to	the	right	           Service	stands	to	benefit	as	highways	
business	owner,	but	I	enjoy	the	challenge,”	       people,	but	that	communication	has	to	be	        improve	and	expand,	which	should	
says	Phillips,	whose	shop	works	on	                established	first–the	convention	is	such	a	      further	spark	urban	sprawl.	
everything	from	commuter	vehicles	to	              great	way	to	do	that.”                           	    “We’d	like	to	add	five	or	six	bays	and	
class-A	tractor	trailers.	“I	like	the	fact	        	    Since	day	one	as	a	shop	owner,	             eventually	offer	more	services,	such	as	
that	everything	is	now	my	responsibility.	         Phillips	has	been	committed	to	staying	          car	detailing,”	he	says.	“We’re	poised	for	
I	have	people	working	for	me	instead	of	           ahead	of	the	technological	curve,	               long-term	growth	at	this	location.	A	lot	
with	me,	so	I	try	to	always	remember	that	         with	mandatory	training	classes	                 our	customers	already	come	a	long	way	
it’s	up	to	me	to	ensure	that	this	place	is	        and	webinars,	the	latest	diagnostic	             from	the	city	because	of	our	customer-
a	success	so	they	can	get	paid	and	take	           equipment	and	fiber-optic	Internet	              service	philosophy,	which	is	centered	on	
                        care	of	their	families.	   access	at	each	tech	service	station	             honesty,	quality	and	value.	It	all	comes	
                         Used	to,	if	I	didn’t	     and	free	Wi-Fi	for	customers	waiting	            down	to	how	you	treat	people.”
                         feel	well,	I	wouldn’t	    for	their	vehicle	to	be	repaired.	An	            	    Part	of	the	shop’s	appeal	may	also	
                          come	into	work.	         increasing	number	of	customers	                  be	its	family	atmosphere.	When	she’s	not	
                          Nowadays,	unless	        utilize	the	shop’s	website	to	make	              focusing	on	her	full-time	career,	Susan	
                           I’m	dying,	I’m	here.	   appointments	and	communicate	with	               can	be	found	working	in	the	office,	while	
                            A	lot	of	people	are	   the	shop	online,	including	several	              the	couple’s	daughters,	Amanda	and	Lisa,	
                             counting	me.          estimate	requests.	                              work	part	time	when	not	away	at	college.	
                                                   	    “You’re	either	going	to	stay	up	to	date	    And	then	there’s	Chloe,	the	shop	dog,	
                                                   in	this	business	and	embrace	technology	         who’s	on	duty	nearly	every	day.	
                                                   or	you’re	going	to	fall	behind	really	quick,”	   	    “I	suspect	that	half	the	time	people	
                            Dog days:

                                                   he	explains.	“I’ve	seen	too	many	guys	who	       aren’t	here	to	see	us	or	get	their	car	
                            Chloe is the

                                                   won’t	make	the	initial	investment;	later,	       serviced–they’re	here	to	see	the	dog.”	
                             shop’s official

Page 24      Network Magazine, Volume 5, Issue 3 2010
                                                                                                                  network news
Class act                                                                           NEW PARTS PLUS CAR CARE CENTERS
                                                                                    ACI Parts Warehousing
Network president receives Automotive                                               Edmore Parts Plus Service, Edmore, Mich.
                                                                                    G & E Auto Service, Perry, Mich.
Aftermarket Management Education Award                                              Mason County Auto & Service, Scottsville, Mich.

	    Network	President	Mike	
                                                                                    Russ & Rons Auto Service, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Lambert	received	Northwood	
                                                                                    Tuffy Auto Service - Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids, Mich.

University’s	Automotive	
                                                                                    US12 Auto Repair, Coldwater, Mich.

Aftermarket	Management	
                                                                                    Automotive Supply Associates

Education	Award	at	a	luncheon	
                                                                                    Hill Group of VT, East Hardwick, Vt.

at	the	Venetian	Hotel	in	Las	Vegas	
                                                                                    Big City

during	November’s	Automotive	
                                                                                    G & S Auto, Brooklyn. N.Y.

Aftermarket	Products	Expo	Show	
                                                                                    Car Parts Warehouse

                                                                                    Alexander’s Diagnostic, Austin Town, Ohio

	    Lambert	was	one	of	seven	
                                                                                    Frank Edwards Company

business	leaders	to	receive	the	
                                                                                    Natural Solutions LLC, Lindon, Utah

prestigious	annual	award,	which	
                                                                                    Lowe Automotive Warehouse

honors	those	in	the	industry	who	
                                                                                    A-Auto & Truck Care, Alsip, Ill.

have	made	noteworthy	contributions	to	education,	both	within	and	outside	
                                                                                    D & J Auto Service, Inc., Festus, Mo.

the	aftermarket.
                                                                                    Gary’s D’s Auto Repair, Pevely, Mo.

	    “There	has	never	been	a	time	when	their	contributions	have	meant	more	
                                                                                    Kingston Automotive Service, St. Louis, Mo.
                                                                                    Lindy’s Automotive, St. Louis, Mo.

to	their	communities	than	they	do	today,”	said	Keith	A.	Pretty,	president	
                                                                                    Morganford Auto Care LLC, St. Louis, Mo.

and	CEO	of	Northwood	University.	“These	leaders	have	made	outstanding	
                                                                                    Schaper Auto Repair, Festus, Mo.

sacrifices	of	time	and	resources.	We	are	proud	of	all	the	Education	Award	
                                                                                    Scott’s Garage Inc., Alsip, Ill.

winners	and	commend	them	for	their	leadership.”
                                                                                    Monroe Motor Products Corp.

	    For	years,	Lambert	has	been	an	advocate	for	providing	financial	
                                                                                    Vesa’s Automotive, Rochester, N.Y.

assistance	to	students	looking	to	enter	the	aftermarket.	With	the	help	of	the	
                                                                                    Webster’s Garage, Moravia, N.Y.

association’s	manufacturer	partners,	the	Network	and	its	members	have	
                                                                                    Pacific Automotive Company

awarded	thousands	of	dollars	in	scholarship	aid	to	trade-school	students	
                                                                                    Bay Motor Works, San Francisco, Calif.

aspiring	to	have	a	career	as	an	automotive	technician.	
                                                                                    Bob’s Auto Service, San Francisco, Calif.

	    “Education	and	training	have	long	been	the	cornerstones	of	this	
                                                                                    Willy’s Auto Repair, San Francisco, Calif.

profession,”	Lambert	says.	“The	Network	and	our	vendor	partners	remain	
                                                                                    Quality Automotive

committed	to	helping	students	and	cultivating	their	interest	in	the	
                                                                                    Arbutus Automotive, Baltimore, Md.

aftermarket.	It’s	an	investment	in	their	future–and	ours.”	
                                                                                    Automotive Solutions, Pemberton, N.J.
                                                                                    DeAngelis Auto Repair, Bellmawr, N.J.

	    After	Hurricane	Katrina	ravaged	the	Lower	Ninth	Ward	of	New	Orleans	
and	surrounding	areas	in	2005,	Lambert	helped	support	the	relocation	of	
                                                                                    The Parts House
                                                                                    Ed Larcom’s Garage, Tampa, Fla.

Holy	Cross	High	School,	his	alma	mater,	from	its	former	flooded	home	of	150	
                                                                                    Kelley Automotive, Hallandale, Fla.

years	to	a	new	location	in	the	Lakefront	district.
                                                                                    Miami Sol Auto Repair Center, Hialeah Gardens, Fla.

	    “New	Orleans	has	helped	define	my	life	experiences	as	well	as	my	outlook	
                                                                                    Tri-City Automotive

on	the	world	and	the	aftermarket,”	he	says.	“My	hometown	has	lost	so	much	
                                                                                    Auto Doctors of Arizona, Prescott Valley, Ariz.

in	recent	years.	Education	represents	hope	for	a	better	future–they	can’t	
                                                                                    Network Automotive - Rittenhouse, Queen Creek, Ariz.

afford	to	lose	that,	too.”	
                                                                                    United Automotive Supply

	    With	campuses	in	Florida,	Michigan	and	Texas,	Northwood	University	
                                                                                    Complete Auto Pros, Sterling Heights, Mich.

is	the	only	learning	institution	that	offers	a	bachelor’s	degree	in	Automotive	
                                                                                    Crank-N-Go Automotive, Jackson, Mich.

Aftermarket	Management.	Northwood’s	mission	is	to	develop	critical	thinking	
                                                                                    West Springfield Auto Parts

skills,	personal	effectiveness,	and	the	importance	of	ethics,	individual	freedom	
                                                                                    Auto & Truck, Framingham, Mass.

and	responsibility	for	those	individuals	pursuing	a	career	in	the	aftermarket.		
                                                                                    Framingham Auto Service, Framingham, Mass.
                                                                                    W M Automotive Warehouse
                                                                                    Cole’s Auto & Transmission Repair, Arlington, Texas
                                                                                    Junior’s Auto Care Center, Ft. Worth, Texas

  In Memory                                                                             NEW PARTS PLUS AUTOSTORES
                                                                                    ACI Parts Warehousing
                                                                                    Edmore Parts Plus, Edmore, Mich.
  	 It	is	with	sadness	to	inform	our	Network	family	that	
                                                                                    Lowe Automotive Warehouse
  Randy	Pittman,	Vice	President	of	Operations	for	W	M	                              Jefferson County Auto Parts, Arnold, Mo.
  Automotive	Warehouse,	passed	away	in	late	July	after	an	                          South County Auto Parts, St. Louis, Mo.
  ongoing	battle	with	cancer.	                                                      Pevely Plaza Auto Parts, Pevely, Mo.
                                                                                    South Town Auto Parts, St. Louis, Mo.
  	 Randy	was	the	son-in-law	to	Wilson	McMillion,	being	
  married	to	his	daughter	Teri	Pittman.	Randy	will	be	sorely	                       W M Automotive Warehouse
                                                                                    A+ Auto & Farm Supply, Munday, Texas
  missed	by	the	family	and	the	entire	staff	at	W	M.	The	
  Network	wishes	to	offer	our	condolences	to	the	family.                            Quality Automotive
                                                                                    Brandywine Auto Parts, Brandywine, Md.

                                                                                                                                   Page 25
network news
Walk the talk                                                                              Network Jobber
Improve the green footprint of your business                                               Advisory Council
	     Safety-Kleen’s	free	site	assessment	can	help	Automotive	Distribution	Network	
affiliates	chart	a	path	toward	improved	environmental	compliance	
                                                                                             Tim Stone (Chairman)

	     Chances	are,	the	pace	of	your	day-to-day	business	as	an	Automotive	
                                                                                            Performance Automotive

Distribution	Network	affiliate	leaves	little	
                                                                                                3300 E. Michigan

time	to	delve	into	the	nitty-gritty	details	of	
                                                                                             Jackson, Mich. 49202

your	environmental	compliance.	Still,	you	
                                                                                                 (517) 783-2627

recognize	that	state	and	local	regulations	

for	storing	and	disposing	of	hazardous	
                                                                                                 Dan Backus

chemicals	are	a	real	concern	for	your	
                                                                                               JS Auto Supply

business.	But	where	do	you	start	when	it	
                                                                                             1215 East Second St.

comes	to	knowing	where	you	stand?	The	
                                                                                            Jamestown, N.Y. 14701

good	news	is	you	don’t	have	to	go	it	alone.
                                                                                                (716) 665-6622

Network	WDs,	jobbers	and	service	dealers	

can	turn	to	an	industry	leader	to	provide	a	
free,	no-obligation	site	assessment.	Simply	
                                                                                                Clark Wilson

make	an	appointment	with	a	Safety-Kleen	
                                                                                              Clark’s Parts Plus

professional	and	you’ll	get	a	clear	picture	of	
                                                                                                 1010 S. Mail

your	facility’s	strengths	and	weaknesses–
                                                                                              Moab, Utah 84532

and	how	to	improve–when	it	comes	to	environmental	compliance.	And	you	don’t	
                                                                                                (435) 259-2413

need	to	be	using	Safety-Kleen	equipment	to	take	advantage	of	the	assessment.

                                                                                                   Dennis Call

	   During	the	walkthrough,	Safety-Kleen	will	look	at	specific	processes	and	
                                                                                               Sanel Auto Parts
Step by step

workplace	conditions	that	could	impact	employee	and	customer	safety,	including:	
                                                                                                  11 Cram Ave.

•	 	 ow	are	you	storing	and	managing	used	chemicals	such	as	used	oil,	thinner	
                                                                                             Pittsfield, N.H. 03263

    and	paint?
                                                                                                 (603) 435-6761

•	 Where	are	you	disposing	of	used	cleaning	solvents	and	other	hazardous	fluids?

•	 	 o	you	have	the	appropriate	regulatory	paperwork	and	documentation	on	the	
                                                                                                Bryan Jackson

                                                                                              Bryan’s Auto Parts

•	 	 re	you	following	industry-best	practices	for	disposing	of	used	oil,	waste	gas,	
                                                                                                925 East Main

    fluorescent	lamps/CFL,	electronic	components	and	aerosol	cans?
                                                                                            Eastland, Texas 76448
                                                                                                (254) 629-2158

	    After	Safety-Kleen	completes	the	walkthrough,	they	will	prepare	an	overview	

of	the	areas	where	your	business	can	improve.	The	site	assessment	of	your	
facility	ultimately	serves	as	a	road	map	for	tighter	environmental	compliance	
                                                                                                 Ron Gantz

and	enhanced	workplace	safety.	Unlike	many	competitors,	Safety-Kleen	also	
                                                                                           Madisonville Auto Parts

offers	greater	peace	of	mind	by	offering	members	a	Certificate	of	Assurance	and	
                                                                                               610 East Main

Indemnification	once	the	waste	leaves	your	facility.
                                                                                          Madisonville, Texas 77864

                                                                                               (936) 348-2733

	    For	more	information	on	how	Safety-Kleen’s	free	site	assessment	can	help	your	
Learn more

business,	visit	and	click	the	“Locations”	tab,	or	call		
                                                                                                Vic Chapman

800-755-5705.	Both	options	allow	you	to	enter	your	ZIP	code,	so	you’ll	be	directed	
                                                                                               Snavely & Dosch

to	the	Safety-Kleen	branch	that	services	your	area.
                                                                                               18 Railroad Ave.
                                                                                          Shiremanstown, Pa. 17011
                                                                                                (717) 763-0632

•	 	 ollects	more	than	200	million	gallons	of	used	oil	annually	and	recycles	
About Safety-Kleen

   approximately	70	percent	into	base	oils,	lubricants	and	asphalt	extender	
   products	for	reuse.
                                                                                       Mike Mudjer – Chairman Emeritus
                                                                                               Alko Parts Plus

•	 	 ollects	more	than	90	million	gallons	of	containerized	waste	annually	and	
                                                                                                 Cicero, Ill.

   recycles	approximately	80	percent	for	reuse.

•	 	 ollects	and	recycles	14	million	gallons	of	cleaning	solvent	annually	and	
   recycles	approximately	95	percent	for	reuse.
                                                                                                  Bob Barstow

•	 	 fficial	environmental	services	provider	for	NASCAR,	NHRA	and	Indy	Racing	
                                                                                            Network Headquarters

   League,	serving	more	than	145	professional	automotive	race	teams	and	65	
                                                                                       3085 Fountainside Drive, Suite 210

   racetracks	across	North	America.
                                                                                          Germantown, Tenn. 38138

•	 Service	provider	to	more	than	430	of	the	Fortune	500	companies.	
                                                                                             (800) 727-8112, ext. 114
                                                                                               Fax (901) 682-9098

Page 26    Network Magazine, Volume 5, Issue 3 2010
                                                                                                                                                                       network news
King-sized benefits for your business                                                                                                          Network Service Dealer
Network forms strategic partnership with                                                                                                          Advisory Council
Royal Business Forms                                                                                                                                   Jerry Carpenter

	     When	it	comes	to	effectively	
                                NETWORK PARTNERSHIP CREATES
                                                                                                                                                    Liskey’s Auto & Truck

running	and	promoting	a	business	
                                                                                    MEMBER OPPORTUNITY
                                                                                                                                           NETWORK PARTNERSHIP
                                                                                                                                                       119 S. Larch St.                                        CREATES
nowadays,	most	Network	
                                                                                    Strategic alliance with industry leader will
                                                                                                                                           MEMBER(517) Mich. 48912
affiliates	would	welcome	more	
                                                                                    benefit business needs

savings,	resources	and	support.	
                                                                                    with trade        cut sheets, letterhead and envelope             alliance with industry
                                                                                                                                           Strategic Fax (517) 484-6708                                        leader will

The	marketplace	is	one	like	we	
                                                                                    associations      imprinting and POS invoice
                                                                                    throughout the    construction.                                business needs
have	never	seen	before,	so	being	 a business wide variety of custom and stock below for easy access instructions
                                                                                    United States          Taking advantage of these

proactive,	alert	and	open	to	new	
                                                                                    and carries a     savings is simple. See the chart
                             When it comes to effectively
                                                                                                                                                                              Kim Jacob

opportunities	are	more	important	is one
                         running and promoting                products designed to match              to Royal’s user-friendly online                    with trade                 cut sheets, letterhead and envelope
                                                              proprietary and popular software        ordering system. If you do not see
                         these days, most would welcome
                                                                                                                                                         associations Jakes Automotive and POS invoice

than	ever.				
                         more savings, resources and          packages, including J-CON,              a stock product that meets your                                               imprinting
                                                                                                                                                         throughout the Triangle Drive

	     Now,	through	a	unique	arrangement	between	the	Network	and	Royal	Business	
                         support. The marketplace             Autopoint and Triad.                    needs, you can contact Royal for
                         like we have never seen before and       Royal, founded in 1959,             pricing on custom forms.
                                                                                                                                                                                        Taking advantage of these
                                                                                                                                                         United States Heights, Mich. 48314

Forms,	your	business	can	purchase	printed	and	promotional	materials	direct	from	 of custom and stock (586) 726-4961 easy access instructions
                         being proactive, alert and open      has a sophisticated nationwide               Contact Royal Business Forms                          Sterling
                         to new opportunities is key to       distribution channel to all 50 states   with questions at 800.255.9303,                    and carries a              savings is simple. See the chart

the	manufacturer	at	a	significant	savings	over	retail	pricing.		 a competitive edge has never
                         success.                             and includes a professionally  or online at                                        (586) 726-6900
                                                                  When it management
                                                              monitored formscomes to effectively                              wide variety                                         below for

	     Through	its	Network	partnership,	Royal	Business	Forms	offers	forms,	
                             Now, through a unique
                         arrangement with the Network,        program with multiple ship
                                                            running and promoting a business efficiency and gaining
                                                                                                           Business            products designed to match                 Fax       to Royal’s user-friendly online

envelopes	and	other	business	supply	essentials	at	competitive	prices.	Founded	in	 and Triad.
                         printed and promotional materials    points located in California,
                                                            these days, most and Texas. welcome important than now. and popular software
                                                                                                                                                                                    ordering system. If you do not see
                         can be purchased direct from         Georgia, Pennsylvania would             been more

1959,	Royal	is	renowned	for	their	relationships	with	trade	associations	throughout	founded in 1959,
                         the manufacturer at a significant  more savings, resources and
                                                              Operations are based out of             Sometimes capitalizing on small including J-CON,
                                                                                                                               packages,                                            a stock product that meets your

the	United	States,	carrying	a	wide	variety	of	custom	and	stock	products	designed	
                         savings over retail pricing.         Arlington, Texas.                       decisions can help make a great
                             The Network has partnered      support. Theforms, continuous isimpact.
                                                                  Snap-A-Part         marketplace one                          Autopoint                                            Leutz
                                                                                                                                                                             Frank needs, you can contact Royal for

to	match	proprietary	and	popular	software	packages,	including	J-CON,	Autopoint	 channel to all 50 states
                         with Royal Business Forms          like we have never seen before and
                                                              checks and forms, tags and labels            The Network continues to    Royal,                                       pricing on
                                                                                                                                                                           Desert Car Care custom forms.
                         to offer forms, envelopes and        and business cards are just a few       strive for partnerships like these

and	Triad.	With	a	sophisticated	nationwide	distribution	channel	to	all	50	states,	
                         other business supply essentials
                                                                                                                               has continue
                                                            being proactive, alert and open direction that willa sophisticated nationwide
                                                              examples of Royal’s offering.           and a                                                                             Contact
                                                                                                                                                                           2341 S. Val Vista Royal Business Forms
                                                              Specialties include laser cut is
                                                            to new opportunitiessheetkey to benefit members in a trying
                                                                                                       to                      distribution                                         with questions at 800.255.9303,

Royal	offers	a	
                         at competitive prices. Royal is
                         renowned for their relationships     shells, stock forms and short run       marketplace.                                                       Gilbert, Ariz. 85296
                                                            success.                                                           and includes a professionally               or online at

                                                                  Now, through a unique                                        monitored forms management (480) 855-8300  

                                                            arrangement with the Network,                                      program with multiple ship
                                                                                                                                                                                        Business efficiency and gaining
                                            Ordering Forms and Supplies is Simple!points located in California,
                                                            printed and promotional materials                                                                                       a competitive edge has never

                                                            can be purchased direct from                                                                                      Sue been
                                                                                                                               Georgia, Pennsylvania and Texas. Martinmore important than now.
                               1                                 2                                    3
program,	with	
                                                            the manufacturer at a significant                                  Operations are based outWillow StreetSometimes capitalizing on small
                                                                                                                                                                     of              Tire & Auto

multiple	ship	
                                                            savings over retail pricing.                                       Arlington, Texas.                                    decisions can help make a great
                                                                                                                                                                       326 Beaver Valley Pike

points	located	
                                                                  The Network has partnered
                                                                             Royal Forms                                               Snap-A-Part forms, continuous                impact.
                                                                                                                               checks and forms, tags and labels Street, Pa. 17584

in	California,	
                                                            with Royal Business Forms                                                                                                   The Network continues to
                                                            to offer forms, envelopes and                                      and business cards are just a few            (717) 464-4633 partnerships like these
                                                                                                                                                                                    strive for

                                                            other business supply essentials                                                                              Fax
                                                                                                                               examples of Royal’s offering. (717) 464-4967         and a direction that will continue

                                                            at competitive prices. Royal New users can quicklySpecialties include laser cut sheet
                                                                                                         is                                                                         to benefit
                                                                                                                                                                 members in a trying

and	Texas.	
                                 Go to          After logging into the Parts Plus                             register on

                                                            renowned for their relationships for immediateshells, stock forms and short run                                         marketplace.
                                                                   site, click on “Royal Forms” at      Royal’s site while existing users can

	     Operating	out	of	Arlington,	Texas,	Royal	also	offers	Snap-A-Part	forms,	
                                                                   the bottom.                          sign on                 access.

                                                                                                                                                                              Wes Ward

continuous	checks	and	forms,	tags	and	labels	and	business	cards.	Specialties	
                                                                                                                                                                      Wes Ward Auto Repair

include	laser-cut	sheet	shells,	stock	forms	and	short-run	cut	sheets,	letterhead	and	   Ordering Forms and Supplies is Simple!                                          1193 Portland Street

envelope	imprinting	and	POS	invoice	construction.			
                                                                                                                                                                     St. Johnsbury, Vt. 05819

	     If	you	do	not	see	a	stock	product	that	meets	your	needs,	you	can	contact	Royal	
for	pricing	on	custom	forms	at	800.255.9303	or,	or	visit	them	
                                                                                                                                                                            (802) 748-3636
                                                                        1                                                2                                                3
online	at	
                                                                                                                                                                          Fax (802) 751-8694

	     Business	efficiency	and	gaining	a	competitive	edge	are	vital	in	today’s	market.	

Sometimes	capitalizing	on	small	decisions	can	make	a	great	impact	in	your	operation.	
	     This	working	relationship	with	Royal	reflects	the	Network	commitment	to	form	
                                                                                                                                                              Jim Bastone – Chairman Emeritus
                                                                                                                                                  Royal Forms Bastone Auto Service

business	partnerships	that	will	benefit	our	WDs,	jobbers	and	service	dealers	in	
today’s	challenging	marketplace.	
                                                                                                                                                                         235 ½ Carron Street
                                                                                                                                                                        Pittsburgh, Pa. 15206
                                                                                                                                                                            (412) 361-3554
                                                                                                                                                                          Fax (412) 362-7499
   	      In	the	last	issue	of	Network	Magazine,	we	inadvertently	listed	the	new	 the bottom.
                                                                           Go to                                     After logging into the Parts Plus            New users can
                                                                                                                                                             quickly register on

   Smyth	Automotive	Car	Care	Centers	under	the	wrong	member.	We	apologize	to	
                                                                                                                                        site, click on “Royal Forms” at              Royal’s site while existing users can

   Smyth	Automotive	and	to	those	Car	Care	Centers	listed	below.
                                                                                                                                                                                     sign on for immediate access.
                                                                                                                                                                       Gil Gunn – Staff Liaison
                                                                                                                                                                       Network Headquarters
                                                                                                                                                                 3085 Fountainside Dr., Ste. 210
                    Smyth Automotive Parts Plus                                                                                                                    Germantown, Tenn. 38138
                    Jeremiah’s Automotive, Heath, Ohio                                                                                                                  (901) 692-9755 Direct
                    Lang Auto Repair, Cincinnati, Ohio                                                                                                                    Fax (901) 682-9098
                    Muennich Motors Inc., Mason, Ohio                                                                                                                  (800) 727-8112 ext. 111
                    Smith’s Automotive, Dayton, Ohio                                                                                                        
                    Zugg & Sons Repair, Fayetteville, Ohio

                                                                                                                                                                                            Page 27
3085 Fountainside Drive, Suite 210
Germantown, TN 38138

                      SPECIAL DELIVERY by Cintas!
   Looking to purchase Parts Plus logoed apparel, caps, event
   commemoratives, accessories and other promotional products?	
   Visit	the	Cintas	Parts	Plus	Company	Store	at	to	find	
   a	selection	of	wearable	and	promotional	products	for	our	Parts	
   Plus	Autostores	and	Car	Care	Centers	to	personalize	as	you	see	fit.	

     Cintas	guarantees	that	the	Parts	
     Plus	or	Car	Care	Center	logo	will	
     be	correct,	both	in	scale	and	color,	
     with	unmatched	quality.	Cintas
     has no setup fee for embroidery,	
     and	a	minimum	order	quantity	
     of	one.	In	addition,	items	can	be	
     personalized	with	up	to	three	
     lines	of	text	for	a	nominal	fee.	
     Plus,	all	orders	are	guaranteed	to	
     ship	in	72	hours	or	less	from	the	
     time	they	are	placed.	Only	credit	
     card	orders	are	accepted.	

                      To access the easy-to-use, Web-based ordering system,
                               go to and click on the
                  Cintas Parts Plus Promotional Products link on the home page.

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