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					                                           Bear Facts
                                        The Weekly Newsletter of
                                        Bethany Lutheran School
                                             Long Beach, CA

                                                 ARE YOU READY??????                           School Bulletin #29
                                                      Bethany PTL’s                               April 5, 2011
                                                  Sock-Hop Fundraiser is
         Most of you will be meeting                  THIS FRIDAY
with your children’s teachers this                        April 8
week to discuss both academic and                                                           ☺Apr. 6-K-2nd Graders sing 7PM
                                                                                            ☺Apr. 7-8 Parent/Teacher
developmental progress. I pray your                   Dance Times:                          Conferences, Minimum Days
conferences will further strengthen          th th
                                            7 /8          8:20-8:50                         ☺Apr. 8-Sacramento Meeting
your team relationship and give             K-2nd         9:00-9:30                         ☺Apr. 10-Troubadour- 10:55
insight into your children’s learning.      3rd/4th      9:40-10:10                         ☺Apr. 11-Meet the Masters
         It’s easy to make the                                                              ☺Apr. 12-Kindergarten Info
                                            5th/6th      10:20-10:50                        Meeting
conference all about the grades on          Preschool    11:00-11:30                        ☺Apr. 13-15 6th Grade Camp
the report card, but it can be so                                                           ☺Apr. 15-Sacramento
much more! Some questions to
consider before your conference:             Get your fifties dress-up outfit ready to go
                                                  and come ready to BOOGIE!
☺ What is your child doing well and              Do you have your sponsors yet??
how can you encourage it at home?                                                                 You can still turn in
☺How is your child doing socially?                                                          your e-waste! We earn
Does he/she have healthy                                                                    2,000 points each for screen
relationships with peers?                                                                   items 4” or larger! You’ll be
☺How about your child’s spiritual                                                           filling out a donation slip
development? Do you have any                                                                when you arrive…don’t
questions/insights for the teacher?                                                         forget to indicate Bethany
☺ Do you have any questions about                                                           as your school. ☺
upcoming projects/tests?                                                                    Stonewood – April 9 & 10
☺Is there something you especially                                                                   Are you doing some
appreciate about your child’s               It’s that time of year…time for….               spring planting around your
teacher? Let them know!                          CHOIR SNACK SALES!!                        home? Did you know that
                                                                                            Home Depot receipts are
        Blessings on your conversations!     After-school snack sales will be held          also eligible for SchoolCents
        Dr. Fink                                    in Freedom Square on                    points?? Keep those
                                            Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays              receipts coming…we’re in
                                                                                            the home stretch! ☺
                                                    Proceeds support our
  Join us for Lenten Services at            Trinity/Troubadour/Handbell trip to
    Bethany each Wednesday                   Disneyland for Magic Music Days!
        beginning at 7:00.
Soup suppers served in the Parish
   Lounge before each service.
                The FISHin’ Hole           FUN DAY 2011: Save the date!
                  Opportunities to Serve            Country Fair Fun Day will
                                           be held on the school grounds on
        Would you like to earn an                                                           April 15 is the last day
                                           May 21st from 10 am - 3 pm.
easy FISH hour? Put a Bethany                                                      to buy SCRIP for the 2010-
                                                    To fit in with this year's
yard sign in your yard! Contact                                                    2011 SCRIP rebate. This is one
                                           theme, we are considering holding a
Kathy Tucker if you’re interested:                                                 week earlier than usual because
                                           Craft Fair as part of the event as                                                       Easter is the last Sunday in
                                           well. Church and school families
                                                                                   April this year. SCRIP
                                           welcome! If you think you would
The Girl Scout’s bake sale over the                                                purchases made after April 15
                                           be interested in selling/showcasing
 last 2 weeks brought in $555.00                                                   will be credited to next year’s
                                           your handiwork as part of this Craft
  toward relief for the Japanese                                                   SCRIP rebate. Parents of 8th
                                           Fair, please contact Mary Kriebel at
 Earthquake victims!! Thanks to                                                    Graders please note: Your
                                           420-6160 so we can gauge interest.
   everyone for their generous                                                     SCRIP purchases will continue
             support!                                                              to accumulate for your DC trip
                                                                                   rebate until May 1.
                                                                                            You can increase your
                                                                                   rebate by stocking up on SCRIP
                                                                                   you use for everyday shopping.
                                                                                   Ask your friends and relatives
                                                                                   to buy SCRIP to help you earn
        Our 8th Grade restaurant                                                   an even larger tuition rebate.
fundraisers are over, but if you still                                             Plan ahead for home
need a night off from cooking, you                                                 improvement and purchase
can join us at Round Table Pizza                                                   SCRIP before April 15.
this Thursday to support Bethany’s         Got a spare car to donate?                       Please remember to
Mission Alaska Trip.                                                               notify the SCRIP coordinator if
        Each summer, Bethany                        Seriously! Fun Day is          relatives or friends have signed
Lutheran Church sends                      looking for a donation for a "Car       up their Ralphs or Vons club
missionaries to Alaska to share the        Smash" where participants can take      cards to give you tuition credit.
love of Jesus and conduct Vacation         a couple of sledge hammer swings        We don’t know who to give the
Bible School in areas where there          to a car for a fee. If you have a car   credit to unless you let us know
are few churches. The students             that is taking up space in your         the names of everyone that has
and families in these areas look           driveway/yard and you weren't sure      signed up to support you.
forward to our return each year,           how you were going to get rid of it                 SCRIP profits were
and our missionaries are blessed, as       - we can help. After Fun Day is         used to provide financial
well.                                      done with it, we can arrange for a      assistance for several major
        Thanks for your                    free pick up by the local car parts     projects recently. If you bought
support…see you at Round Table!            yard and they'll pay you for the car    SCRIP this year you helped
                                           (amount depends on engine               provide funds for the gym floor
                                           condition). Contact Mary Kriebel        installation, new awnings for
                                           (562-420-6160) if you are               the school office, gym and
                                           interested!                             preschool play area, plus new
                                                                                   gates for the Arbor Road
                                                                                   entrance and the preschool.
                                                                                   Every SCRIP purchase benefits
                                                                                   Bethany and you!

Save the Date:
       April 16, 2011 is Bethany’s 3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt! The festivities will begin at 10 AM here at
Bethany with crafts, a short message, three age appropriate hunts, snacks, and prizes! We hope to see you there,
and don’t forget to invite a friend!

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