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                Springfield, IL 62705-1974

     Vol. XXXIII No. 9
            II    11                                                                 November 2009 Editor, Marcia Hoos
                                                                                  September 2010    Editor, Marcia Hoos
Executive Board Members
Executive Board Members
                                                                  SENATOR LARRY BOMKE
Bill Curry
Bill Curry
President                             RSEA looks forward to Senator Larry Bomke’s appearance on September 29. Ever the cham-
Larry Wort
Carolyn Ackley
                                      pion of RSEA causes, Bomke can always be counted on to give a straight-from-the-shoulder
1st Vice-President
1st Vice-President                    account of what is happening under the State House dome and what we can expect in the
Carolyn Ackley
Arno Grey                             coming year.
2nd Vice-President
Jim Clancy                            Bomke has been in the Senate since 1995, representing the 50th District.
Jim Clancy
Treasurer                             As Senator for the 50th district, Bomke led the effort to improve the fairness of pensions for
Carol Matheson
Carol Matheson
Secretary to Board
                                      state employees, university employees, and teachers., He also fought for the ‘Rule of 85”,
Secretary to Board                    which allows state employees to retire before the age of 65. He also fought for an expansion
Standing Committee Members
                                      of the state’s Circuit Breaker program to give more senior citizens access to property tax grants
Ross Buie
Standing Committee Members
Legislative and Legal
                                      and discount prescriptions. He also sponsored legislation to require health plans cover 48-hour
Ross Buie
Pat Espenschied
                                      hospital stays for newborns and their moms and expanded access to OB-GYN care for women
Bruce Strom
Membership &
Legislative and Legal                 in HMO’s, also he fought for comprehensive crime legislation, including public notification if a
E-mail Coordinator                    known sex offender moves into a community. Through his efforts, expensive privileges are no
Membership &                          longer given to prison inmates.
E-mail Coordinator
Publicity and Education
                                      In private life, he is a successful small business owner. He and his wife, Sally Jo, are the par-
Gladys Hajek
Edna Hardaman
Finance and                           ents of two children.
Appointed Board Members               RSEA always welcomes Senator Bomke and look forward to a wonderful presentation.
Publicity and Education
Ray Ackerman
Lee Fuchs
Gladys Hajek
Tom McGee
Finance and Budget
                                                                  DUES INCREASE NOTICE
Wendall Messenger                     The RSEA Dues Increase Committee met with the RSEA Board on June 30 and recommended
Joyce Lanham Rodgers
Appointed Board Members               we raise the dues for all Retired State Employees to $1.50 a month beginning on January 1,
Metro Chicago
Ray Ackerman                          2011. This increase will happen to all RSEA members . If you have payroll deduction, it will
Sylvia Schluter
Lee Fuchs                             happen automatically.
Chairman / 1-773-275-1464
Tom McGee
Wendall Messenger                     It has been over 10 years since we have had an increase but we must be prepared financially
Special Committee Members
Joyce Lanham Rodgers
Larry Griffith
Alice Wort                            to defeat Legislation oppose by RSEA. The dues increase will help build up resources RSEA
Social-Monthly Meeting                requires to advocate the protection and improvement of the provisions of the Illinois State Em-
Metro Chicago
Marcia Hoos                           ployees Retirement Systems Act.
Shirley Hagen
Sylvia Schluter                       RSEA needs your support to help protect all our members pension rights.
Dorothy Tuxhorn
Chairman / 1-773-275-1464
Bill Curry
Holiday Luncheon                                                                                                - Marcia Hoos, Editor
Special Committee Members
Shirley Dillon
Alice Griffith
Joanne Riedesel
Social-Monthly Meeting
Dorothy Tuxhorn
                                                   THIS MONTH                            COMING ATTRACTIONS
Marcia Hoos
Shirley Hagen
Bill Pierce
Dorothy Maintenance
Website Tuxhorn                          Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Bill Curry                                                                               October 27, 2010
Holiday Luncheon                                   1:30 P.M.
                                                                                           International        December 3, 2010
Shirley Dillon
Joanne Riedesel                              St. John’s Lutheran Church                     Community           ANNUAL HOLIDAY
Dorothy Tuxhorn                                   Family Life Center                       of Springfield           PARTY
Welcome                                       2477 W. Washington St.
Bill Pierce                                       Springfield, Illinois                      November
Website Maintenance
                                                                                             No Meeting
                                               Senator Larry Bomke
                                                                                            Ross Buie & Bruce Strom

Thought you might be interested to know about an article that appeared in the Chicago Tribune on August 25, 2010.

State Pension funds project asset sales of more than $5 billion.
By Kathy Bergen, Tribune Reporter

Illinois has done nothing to make its contribution,. Illinois employee pension funds are sending up flares warn-
ing they may have to sell off as much as 10 percent of their investment portfolios unless lawmakers find a way
for the financially hobbled state to make its pension contributions this fiscal year.

The step would be equivalent to farmers selling their seed corn, pension executives say, because the five major
pension funds rely on investment returns, together with contributions from the state and employees, to make
annual benefit payments to retirees.

The funds avoided permanent trims of their asset bases last fiscal year because the state borrowed $3.47 billion
to make its annual contribution to what is the nation’s most under funded pension system.

But legislators recessed this spring without approving a plan to cover this year’s pension obligation, and they
have balked at Gov. Pat Quinn’s proposal to borrow again for that purpose. No movement on the thorny issue
is expected before the November elections.

In the interim, the five major pension funds are projecting potential asset sales of more that $5 billion this fiscal
year, which began July 1.

*The Illinois State Universities Retirement System said Tuesday it may have to sell $1.2 billion, or close to 10
percent of the fund’s $12.2 billion in assets. “I can’t reiterate enough how important it is for the state to make
its contribution,” said William Mabe, executive director of university system.
*The Illinois Teacher’s Retirement System estimates it may need to sell $3 billion, or about 9 percent of its $33.1
billion in assets.
*The Illinois State Board of Investments may need to sell $960 million, or nearly 10 percent of its $9.9 billion
in assets, said William Atwood, the executive director. The board manages the assets of the Illinois State
Employees’ Retirement System, the Illinois Judges’ Retirement System and the Illinois General Assembly
Retirement System.

The possibility of asset sales was first reported by Pension & Investments, a trade publication.

While waiting to see if there will be relief from Springfield, the teachers fund is selling assets to meet its monthly
benefits obligations, as it did last year, said Dave Urbanek, a spokesman for the system.

Last fiscal year it sold $1.3 billion in assets for this purpose.

The teachers fund was replenished after the state sold $3.47 billion in bonds so it could meet its annual obliga-
tion to the state’s five major systems.

Efforts are in progress as we approach the future with Recruitment.        Our goal will be to make an attempt to
improve our efforts in RSEA Recruitment.
                                                                                   - Edna Hardaman, Chair Person

                                            RETIRED STATE EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION

                                     First                                    Middle Initial                  Last

                                             Street Address or PO Box#                                   Apt# if applicable

email address:                            City                                   State                Zip Code
website:              PHONE (                 )                                       E-MAIL

Mark ALL Boxes that apply:
  Permanent Address Change                      Temporary Address Change for the months of
  Current Member Renewal (Annual Payees Only)
  New Member              I am a:               Retiree                      Surviving Spouse                Current Employee*
  My Check for $____________is enclosed for January through December__________(year). (Annual dues are $18.00 per year.)

 * Current employees must obtain and submit a payroll deduction card to your payroll department.
    I hereby authorize the State Employees Retirement System of Illinois (SERS) to deduct from my pension check the amount as
 certified by the RSEA of Illinois, for my dues, and to remit said amount to the RSEA of Illinois. I also authorize SERS to provide
 change of address information to RSEA, if requested. (Currently, the deduction is $1.50 per month.)

 Signature:                                                  SS#:                                    Date:


We welcome all the new members and look forward to seeing you take an active part in RSEA.

TEMpOrariLy aWay, NO FOrWardiNg addrEss, NsN*
    The title above is the most common thing that I have seen on the returned “Reporter” since I started working
on the Membership accounts. Reporters that are returned to RSEA cost $0.44 for each one. Now I know 44
cents is not much but you take that times many and I paid over $80.00 at one time to see who we are missing.
    This is my plea: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let RSEA know when you change your residency. Snowbirds,
that means let us know when you leave and when you return. Our system does not have a mechanism to change
that back and forth automatically and we want to make sure you receive our monthly mailing. You have been or
are paying the dues and we want you to keep up-to-date on happenings at RSEA.
    The State Retirement System does NOT let us know when you change addresses with them. You need to
mail us the form in the Reporter and we will change it, or you could email us at and save
the postage.
                                                                         *NSN, I think, means no such number.
MEMbErship rENEWaLs
    Please check the label on your address in the Reporter. The line above your name could say Pay Ded9
or Pay Ded7 or Dec 2010 or some other year. If you have the Pay Ded9 or Pay Ded7 you do NOT have to do
anything about your dues but you need to let us know address changes.
    If your line reads Dec 2010 you need to renew to continue to belong to RSEA. If the line reads Dec 2011 or
any later year you are paid up thru that date and need not do anything this year. You have to let us know about
your address changes.
    All renewals are due in December. The dues are increasing to $18.00 so just mail your check in early and
that will be out of the way before the rush of holidays start.
                                                                     - Carolyn Ackley, Membership Coordinator
                     STATE EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT SYSTEM - Phone: (217) 785-7444
                     Please use this number for pension & insurance questions and changes.
The Luncheon will be on December 3, 2010, 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. The cash bar opens at 11:00 and will be open
until 3:00. A sit-down Lunch will be at 12:00 noon. RESERVATIONS ARE A MUST. A form appears in this issue
on page 6.
Once again it will be at the popular Northfield Inn and Conference Center, 3280 Northfield Drive, Springfield, Il-
linois, located just north of Sangamon Avenue and convenient to I-55 on Springfield’s north side.
The Northfield Inn is totally handicapped-accessible, has ample Free parking and has motel accommodations .
Room reservations can be made at any time now - rates are $69.00 plus tax per night - make sure you tell them
you are with the RSEA Group. You can write or phone 217/523-7900. A block of rooms will be held for us until
November 24.
Amazingly, we have kept the tickets to $15.00. The price includes a full meal with choice of entrees:
(1) Sliced Roast Sirloin of Beef w/Mushroom Sauce
(2) Chicken Cordon Bleu w/Garlic Cream Sauce
Both entrees come with: Tossed Salad and choice of Ranch or Italian dressings, Green beans with onions and
Bacon, Rosemary Roasted Red Potatoes, Rolls-Butter, assorted fruit pies- cherry-apple-peach, coffee, Iced tea
and water.
Entertainment will be Ken Bradbury and David Zink; DJ - AC Music - Art Carlson; VFW Honor Guard; Lots of
prizes - Good Company
If this sounds good to you, start making plans to come and mail in your reservations. Tickets will be sold at the
September and October meetings.
Your Holiday Party Committee will be looking forward to seeing you there.
                                                  - Marcia Hoos, Shirley Hagen, Dorothy Tuxhorn and Bill Curry

The temperature was 76, low humidity, blue skies, and sunshine. This cannot be the last Wednesday of the
month. All year members have been braving the heat and humidity, snow and cold, and thunder and lightning
storms to attend the RSEA membership meeting the last Wednesday of the month. Today with perfect weather,
only 66 members attended our meeting to hear Senator Deanna Demuzio speak. Everyone must be outside
working in their lawns and gardens.
After being introduced, Senator Demuzio expanded upon her background, in case members were not familiar
with her. Senator Demuzio selected two topics for our meeting. She talked briefly about the pension reform from
the spring legislative session. She indicated that she wants to protect state employee pensions, current employ-
ees and retirees. She is a strong believer in State employees. Today, Illinois has fewer State employees and
they have to do more with less. State employees should not have pensions cut, nor should current employees
have their pension cut. Every State employee and retiree should have a set and stable pension. After the spring
session, we now have a two tier pension system. We now have pension reform, but what happens now. Senator
Demuzio believes the pension fight is not over.
Senator Demuzio's second topic was women's issues. A large number of our members are women, and it is im-
portant to keep up with all the new developments.
                            1. CDC, SIU, Simmons Cancer Center, and St. John's working together to serve
                            the uninsured and underinsured. They are providing colon rectal screening for
                            16 counties. Maybe in time, all Illinois counties will have this available.
                            2. Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer screening for qualifying women. This pro-
                            gram was started in 1995.
                            3. Illinois Wise Woman Program out of CDC. This is called the Penny Severins
                            4. IWP, This covers heart disease and COPD.
                            5. IDPH, This covers educational programs. Nutrition, exercise, etc.
                            6. Community Health Centers, This serves 2.14 million clients. People with ac-
                            cess to Community Health Centers have 10% lower mortality rate.
                            Senator Demuzio then answered questions from the membership.
 RSEA thanks Senator Demuzio for taking time out of her busy schedule to visit with our membership. Your visit
is greatly appreciated.                                                                      - G. William Curry
From the Prez...
Normally, during the summer months, we try to have lighter programs which are enjoyable to our members.
However, this year, we have attempted to keep our members informed by our speakers. Randy Witter, our lob-
byist spoke in July, Senator Deanna Demuzio spoke in August, and at this writing, Senator Larry Bomke is the
scheduled speaker for September. These three speakers provide a valuable service to RSEA by sharing infor-
mation. Hopefully, you have attended one or all of the summer meetings. This has been an excellent opportunity
to talk to two senators and a lobbyist.

As you are reading this, Labor Day has already receded into the background. I hope you had a safe holiday.
The next important date in September is the 23rd. This is the first day of autumn or the autumnal equinox. This
is also the time of the Harvest Moon. This is the full moon that happens near the first day of autumn. As a small
child, I remember riding in the country with my parents, and seeing this beautiful moon on the horizon, so large
and low in the sky. It seemed like I could reach out and touch it. Today, living in a city the size of Jacksonville, I
cannot fully appreciate the Harvest Moon. There are too many trees, lights, and houses. If you have the oppor-
tunity on the 23rd, take a drive into the countryside just after dark. You can see the farmers working late with
the aid of the Harvest Moon.

Do you want to become more involved with RSEA? Election of RSEA officers is quickly approaching. Presently,
the First Vice-President's position is vacant. We are looking for a member to step up and fill this position. The
election of officers will be October 27, 2010. Please contact any officer or board member for more informa-

Here is the slate of candidates: President-Bill Curry, First Vice-President-Vacant, Second Vice-President-Arno
Grey, Secretary-Carol Matheson, Treasurer-Jim Clancy. Nominations can also be made from the floor the day
of the election.

Also, in September, Jim Clancy, Bruce Strom, Wendall Messenger, and I will be traveling to Chicago to attend
the Metro Chapter meeting. We will leave Springfield the 22nd at 6:30 a.m. aboard AMTRAK. It is a good trip
visiting Chairperson Sylvia Schluter and Metro members.

In this issue, you will also find information about the Christmas Luncheon. Do not hesitate! Make your reserva-
tion today! Remember, he who hesitates is lost, or in this case, misses out on the luncheon.

Our next meeting is Wednesday September 29, 2010 at St. John's Lutheran Church, 2477 West Washington,
Springfield, IL. The meeting begins at 1:30 p.m. We have a quest speaker with a question and answer period.
This is followed by a short business meeting. Afterwards, members renew friendships and make new friends. I
look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.
                                                                                - G. William Curry, President RSEA

                               CHICAGO METRO CHAPTER
 The Summer has come and gone and Fall is right around the corner, so now is the time to plan on attending
 the RSEA meetings again. Come one, come all and enjoy the fellowship and information you will receive
 at these meeting.

 At the September meeting the RSEA President Bill Curry and several of the Board members will be attend-

 September 22, 2010, 1:00 pm, at 222 N. LaSalle, Room 710, RSEA Meeting.

 Call or email Sylvia if you need directions or have questions, or 773/275-1464
                                                                                   - Sylvia Schluter, Chair

                   CHRISTMAS PARTY
   FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2010 - 11:00 A.M. TO 3:00 P.M.

   My/ our choice of entree is:             Enclosed is my check for______tickets

   ______Sliced Roast Beef            @$15.00 each
             w/ Mushroom Sauce
   ______Chicken Cordon Bleu          Total enclosed $______________
             w/ Garlic Cream Sauce


Make checks payable to RSEA. Enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope and mail to:
        Marcia Hoos - 1241 Urban Ave.    Springfield, IL 62704   217/546-1404

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