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					                                   Gardener’s Notebook
                                          Horticultural News and Research

NEW DISEASE-RESISTANT REDBUD                    CLAY PRODUCT PROTECTS FRUITS                    position in early November, and assumed
                                                                                                the USBG post in December.
A DISEASE-RESISTANT selection of Chi-
                                                AND VEGETABLES                                      For Shimizu, the appointment means
nese redbud ( Ce rcis chinensis) will be        RESEA RCHE RS F OR THE         U.S. Depart-     a return to the Washington area, as well
available to gardeners in the near future.      ment of Agriculture in cooperation with         as to the U.S. Botanic Garden where she
Developed by the Floral and Nursery             Engelhard Corporation of Iselin, New            previously served as the assistant execu-
Plants Unit at the U.S. National Ar-            Jersey, have demonstrated that use of           tive director and chief horticulturist from
boretum in Washington, D.C., the new            processed kaolin—a type of clay—is ef-          1991 to 1996, and as public programs of-
cultivar is named ‘Don Egolf ’ in honor         fective in protecting fruit trees, grapes,      ficer from 1988 to 1991. “I had this great
of a respected plant breeder who worked         and vegetable crops from many diseases,         sense of coming home,” she comments.
at the arboretum for more than 30 years.        insects, and even sunburn damage. The
The new redbud was recently released            clay coats the plants with a film that
to commercial growers for propagation.          physically obstructs pests, pathogens,
    The tree has a compact, vase-shaped         and harmful sunrays.
structure, abundant rosy purple flowers,            Michael Glenn, who has been work-
and dark green leaves that turn yellow in       ing with kaolin for several years at the
autumn. It is sterile, but is easily propa-     USDA’s Appalachian Fruit Research Sta-
gated by cuttings. Most significantly, it       tion in Kearneysville, West Virginia, says
has a high tolerance to Botryosphaeria          kaolin effectively protects peppers—
dothidia canker, a common, lethal disease       which are prone to sunscorch—by dif-
that infects native redbuds in many parts       fusing ultraviolet wavelengths that can
of the United States.                           otherwise damage developing fruit.
    Cercis chinensis ‘Don Egolf ’ is hardy in       According to Glenn, kaolin film also
USDA zones 6-9, tolerates heat in AHS           blocks infrared rays, which can cause un-
Zones 9–3, and is recommended for use as        desirable levels of heat to build up in
a specimen, part of a mixed planting, or as     fruit. Its use has resulted in a tremendous
a focal point at the edge of a wooded area.     increase in the yield of apples at the re-
    Wholesale growers anticipate making         search station. During the drought year
the new cultivar available to retailers in      of 1999 the yield increase was 18 percent.      Holly Shimizu in front of the U.S. Botanic
spring 2002.                                        Kaolin films are also useful carriers for   Garden in Washington, D.C.
                                                pesticides, providing a more even distri-
                                                bution of chemicals than other carriers,        From Ginter she brings four years of ex-
                                                and thus reducing the active ingredient         perience of managing gardens in transi-
                                                needed by 50 percent or more.                   tion, which should serve her well as she
                                                    Kaolin is currently available—under         prepares for the opening of the botanic
                                                the name Surround Crop Protectant—              garden’s renovated conservatory, sched-
                                                for use against pear psylla, a serious in-      uled for this coming fall.
                                                sect pest of that fruit. New formulations
                                                for homeowners and expanded applica-            DIRR TO RETIRE
                                                tions are anticipated in the near future.
                                                                                                M I C H A E L D I RR , the Un i versity of

                                                NEW DIRECTOR FOR U.S. BOTANIC GARDEN            Georgia hort i c u l t u re professor whose
                                                                                                Manual of Woody Landscape Plants has
                                                HOLLY SH IM IZU    was recently appoint-        become the bible of trees and shrubs for
                                                ed the new director of the U. S. Botanic        countless gardeners, students, and pro-
                                                Garden (USBG) in Washington, D.C.               fessional horticulturists, is planning to
                                                Shimizu, who for the last four years            retire from his teaching duties effective
                                                served at the managing director for Lewis       this fall. Dirr, who won the American
                                                Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond,            Horticultural Society’s Teaching Award
Cercis chinensis ‘Don Egolf’                    Virginia, began the transition to her new       last year, began his academic career at

12   the American Gardener
the University of Illinois in 1972 before     EXIT: GARDEN.COM                                   received numerous awards for both its
moving to the University of Georgia’s                                                            information service and retail opera-
Athens campus in 1981.                        IT I S T I M E to update your “book-               tions, it apparently was not able to turn
    “Thirty years is a long time to do any-   marked” Web sites. One of the trend-set-           a sufficient profit for investors.
thing,” he says. “It’s been a great ride, a   ting Internet-gardening enterprises,
great journey and there are no regrets, no, went out of business as of             RAVEN AWARDED NATIONAL MEDAL OF SCIENCE
negatives at all; I just felt it was time.”   December 31, 2000. “The investment
Dirr, who will be 58 by the time he hangs     community's wholesale rejection of the             P ETER H. RAV EN ,      director of the Mis-
up his teaching hat, says he already has      e-commerce space played a big role in the          souri Botanical Garden and professor of
many plans for his time, including “my        decision to close the doors,” re p o rt s          botany at Washington University in St.
own garden. I want to be a plantsman          Doug Jimerson, who headed the Gar-                 Louis, was one of 12 distinguished scien-
again, like I was during my sabbaticals, editorial staff.                           tists and engineers selected by President
and I miss having time with my wife.”   originated in 1995 with              Clinton to receive the National Medal of
His wife, Bonnie, to whom he’s been           the mission of providing “the ultimate             Science. The medal, presented to Raven
married since 1969, illustrates his Manu-     destination for gardening information,             at a ceremony held December 1 last year,
al. He will doubtless also find time to       products and services in the gardening             is the nation’s highest scientific honor.
work on new publishing projects, in-          industry.” In addition to offering a wide              Ra ven is re c o g n i zed as one of the
cluding updates to the CD-ROMs of plant       range of plants and gardening-related              world’s leading authorities on plant evo-
photographs that are popular accompa-         products, the Web site included an on-             lution and systematics. He has authored
niments to his Manual.                        line magazine, a landscape planner, a              550 books and papers and, with his col-
    Dirr says he will need to find a new      search engine for obtaining details on a           leagues, introduced the concept of co-
home for the thousands of seedlings he’s      wide variety of gardening topics, access           e volution. Under Rave n’s watch, the
been growing at the university, and that      to plant experts, and “chat” groups with           Missouri Botanical Garden has become
his departure won’t be an abrupt one be-      other gardeners. Its headquarters were             an important national center for the
cause he’s serving on several committees      located in Austin, Texas, with offices in          study of plant diversity and conserva-
and needs to usher his final graduate stu-    Northern California and Iowa.                      tion. Raven was the 1996 recipient of
dents through the process. “But I won’t          Though many gardeners considered                the American Ho rticultural So c i e t y’s
be tied to the office,” he adds.     a valuable resource, and it             Liberty Hyde Bailey Award.

                  2001 American Horticultural Society Travel Study P r o g r am

                  The Great Gardens of London and the Royal
                  Chelsea Flower Show           May 19–26, 2001

                                                                    very special collection of gardens awaits your visit on this trip: Barnsley
                                                               A    House, home to Rosemary Verey; Great Dixter, home garden of
                                                               Christopher Lloyd; and Sissinghurst, created by Vita Sackville-West and
                                                               Sir Harold Nicolson. Included in the public garden itinerary are the Royal
                                                               Horticultural Society’s garden at Wisley and the Marchioness of Salisbury’s
                                                               Hatfield House. The timing of this program allows inclusion of one of the
                                                               spring’s great horticultural events—The Royal Chelsea Flower Show.

                                                               Leading this program for the American Horticultural Society will be AHS
                                                               Board Member Kurt Bluemel and his wife Hannah. Kurt is the founder and
                                                               owner of Kurt Bluemel Inc., one of the country’s largest suppliers of
                                                               ornamental grasses and perennials. The Bluemels' warm personalities and
                                                               love of horticulture are the perfect addition to this exceptional tour.

 For complete details about the exciting 2001 schedule, visit the AHS Web site at, or call the
 Leonard Haertter Travel Company at (800) 942-6666.
                                         No member dues are used to support the Travel Study Program.

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