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									The University of Wisconsin–Fox Valley

1478 Midway Road, Menasha, WI 54952 • (920) 832–2620 • •
UW–Fox Valley Campus Executive Officer/Dean Search                    I      University of Wisconsin Colleges

The University of Wisconsin Colleges:
Affordable Access to Quality Education
The University of Wisconsin–                  UW Colleges enrolled a record                                                                8   Shared governance
Fox Valley is a campus of the            14,378 students for the fall 2010
                                                                                                                                           Shared governance is codified by
University of Wisconsin Colleges,        semester, an increase of 4.1 percent
                                                                                                                                           Wisconsin statutes and is a strong
a multi-campus institution of the        over the fall semester of 2009,
                                                                                                                                           tradition on campus. Governance is
University of Wisconsin System.          and the sixth consecutive year of
                                                                                                                                           organized at the campus, department
UW Colleges is composed of 13 local      growth. Tuition is $4,268 per year,
                                                                                                                                           and institution-wide levels.
campuses and one online campus.          the lowest in the UW System, and
                                                                                                                                                On the campus, it is organized
    The UW Colleges provides             has been frozen since 2006. Most
                                                                                                                                           through a body that represents
the first two years of a liberal arts    students commute to campus. The
                                                                                                                                           faculty, academic staff and
general education. Each campus           physical facilities of each campus
                                                                                                                                           students; each campus Collegium
offers a transfer curriculum for the     are owned by the local county and/
                                                                                                                                           elects various committees, including
baccalaureate degree or profes-          or city government.
                                                                                                                                           a steering committee. Each
sional studies, as well as a general
                                                                                                                                           campus also has its own student
education Associate of Arts and
Science degree. All campuses have
                                                                                                                                                Each academic department
guaranteed transfer and collab-                 UW-Superior
                                                                                                         UW–Marathon County is one of
                                                                                                                                           is governed by its own bylaws
orative degree programs with UW
                                                                                                     13 freshman/sophomore campuses
                                                                                                      of the UW Colleges. There are also
                                                                                                                 13 four-year campuses     that lay out personnel and other
System baccalaureate degree-                                                                                         in the UW System.
                                                                                                                                           committee responsibilities. The
granting institutions.
                                                                                                                                           17 academic departments are
                                                         UW-Barron County

    Ray Cross has been chancellor
                                                                                                                                           organized institution-wide, not by
of UW Colleges and UW–Extension                                                                            UW-Marinette

                                                                                                                                           campus. Department chairs may
                                              UW-Stout               UW-Marathon County

since February 2011.                    UW-River Falls
                                                             UW-Eau Claire
                                                                  Wood County
                                                                                  UW-Stevens Point
                                                                                                     UW-Green Bay                          hold appointments at any campus.
8   Mission                                                                             UW-Fox Valley                                           UW Colleges Senate policies
                                                                                                                                           govern personnel matters, including

The mission of the UW Colleges                                  UW-La Crosse
                                                                                UW-Baraboo/          UW-Fond du Lac
                                                                                                                                           tenure and promotion procedures,
is to make high quality education                                               Sauk County
                                                                                                      UW-Washington County
                                                                                                                                           as well as all curricular matters,
accessible and affordable to all. To                                UW-Richland
                                                                                                                                           including the Associate of Arts and
                                        Two-year campuses
that end, the UW Colleges serves        Four-year campuses
                                                                                                                                           Science degree. Faculty represen-
many students who might not                                                               UW-Rock County                  UW-Parkside
                                                                                                                                           tatives to the UW Colleges Senate
otherwise qualify for higher educa-                                                                                                        are elected campus by campus.
tion due to low high school ranking                                                                                                        Academic staff and student repre-
or ACT scores. The UW Colleges
                                         8      History
                                                                                                                                           sentatives are elected at large.
makes an extra effort to accommo-        The roots of the UW Colleges
date part-time and non-traditional       lie in the beginning of extension                                                                 8   Accreditation
students, recognizing that many          services in 1907. In 1946, the UW
                                                                                                                                           The University of Wisconsin
have jobs, families or children that     Regents developed a policy for local
                                                                                                                                           Colleges is accredited by The
require their time and energy. UW        communities to provide buildings
                                                                                                                                           Higher Learning Commission
Colleges seeks to increase enroll-       for exclusive use by the UW. After
                                                                                                                                           and is a member of the North
ment of under-represented groups         several organizational changes,
                                                                                                                                           Central Association of Colleges and
by reaching out to families and          the institution’s name became the
                                                                                                                                           Universities. The UW Colleges is
communities and by creating a            University of Wisconsin Colleges in
                                                                                                                                           accredited to offer the Associate
welcoming campus environment.            1997. Beginning in 1999, collabora-
                                                                                                                                           of Arts and Science degree as well
UW Colleges faculty are dedicated        tive bachelor’s degree programs
                                                                                                                                           as certificates for business, envi-
to teaching undergraduates, who          were negotiated with UW System
                                                                                                                                           ronmental studies, international
benefit from small class sizes and       baccalaureate degree-granting
                                                                                                                                           studies, women’s studies and
frequent contact with faculty. The       campuses. The UW Colleges began
                                                                                                                                           American Indian studies.
campuses also serve their commu-         offering an online Associate of Arts
nities by providing focal points         and Science degree in 2001. A full
for economic development, civic          history is available here.
engagement, culture and the arts.
                                    University of Wisconsin Colleges   I   UW–Fox Valley Campus Executive Officer/Dean Search

The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley
The UW–Fox Valley’s modern
campus is located in the city of
Menasha, one of 18 municipalities
along the banks of the Fox River
and Lake Winnebago in northeast
Wisconsin that comprise the Fox
Cities. Menasha is about 100 miles
north of Milwaukee and 40 miles
southwest of Green Bay. With a
population exceeding 385,000,
the Fox Cities is the third largest
metropolitan area in the state and
one of the fastest growing.
    UWFox, as the campus is
known locally, is located on a
43-acre site that is easily accessible
by bus lines and nearby highways.
A major regional airport is approxi-
mately nine miles away.
    With several unique facilities
on campus, UWFox is a resource for        visitors to view the geologic history          8   Academic Programs
intergenerational learning, culture       of Wisconsin, including collections
and activity both for the community                                                      UWFox awards an Associate of Arts
                                          of rocks, minerals and dinosaur
and more than 1,800 students.                                                            and Science degree (60 credits).
    The Barlow Planetarium hosts                                                         A guaranteed transfer program
                                              The Communication Arts
public shows, educational field                                                          assures students that all of their
                                          Center (CAC), the first LEED-
trips and community events in its                                                        general education credits will
                                          certified academic building in the
98-seat facility. The Weis Earth                                                         be accepted by any UW System
                                          UW System, houses the Aylward
Science Museum, the state’s official                                                     institution. A significant number
                                          Gallery, the 362-seat Perry Hall,
mineralogical museum, welcomes                                                           of students transfer to other UW
                                          the Baehman Theatre, first floor
                                                                                         institutions. Those who transfer
                                          and second floor lobbies large
                                                                                         as upper classmen have a remark-
                                          enough to host events, and a second
                                                                                         able record of academic success:
                                          floor outdoor reception deck.
                                                                                         78 percent receive their bachelor’s
                                              The Children’s Center provides
                                                                                         degree within six years.
                                          daycare for children of students,
                                                                                              Students may earn an AAS
                                          faculty, staff and the community.
                                                                                         degree with emphasis in 24 specific
                                          The campus has three green-
                                                                                         course areas, indicating that they
                                          houses, four computer labs and a
                                                                                         have taken 9 to 15 credits in that
                                          specialized media lab. Classrooms
                                          are equipped with white boards,
                                                                                              In addition to the AAS,
                                          computers with internet access,
                                                                                         students can earn a bachelor’s
                                          DVD players, projection systems
                                                                                         degree on the UWFox campus
                                          and clicker-enabled capability.
                                                                                         through collaborations with
                                              The mechanical and electrical
                                                                                         UW-Oshkosh (organizational
                                          engineering programs will move
                                                                                         administration and leadership
                                          into a new and larger facility in
                                                                                         development), UW-Platteville (elec-
                                          time for the fall 2012 semester.
                                                                                         trical and mechanical engineering),
                                              The campus has parking for
                                                                                         UW-Stevens Point (American
                                          more than 600 cars, with priority
                                                                                         studies) and UW-Stout (industrial
                                          parking designated for fuel effi-
                                          cient vehicles, disability needs, and
                                          campus guests.
UW–Fox Valley Campus Executive Officer/Dean Search   I   University of Wisconsin Colleges

8   Student Profile                                                                    Conference. Students may partici-
                                                                                       pate in soccer, women’s volleyball,
UWFox enrolled a record 1,814
                                                                                       men’s and women’s basketball and
students in the fall semester
                                                                                       men’s and women’s tennis.
of 2010, about evenly divided
                                                                                           The new Communications
between male and female. Fifty-
                                                                                       Arts Center serves as the hub of
nine percent are first generation
                                                                                       the performing and visual arts for
college attendees, 32 percent are
                                                                                       both the campus and the commu-
non-traditional (22 & older) and
                                                                                       nity. The performance spaces host
41 percent are enrolled part-time.
                                                                                       theater and music events by both
Freshmen accounted for 66 percent
                                                                                       campus and traveling performers.
of all credit hours in 2010.
                                                                                       The Aylward Gallery features an
     About eight percent of the
                                                                                       ever-changing lineup of fine visual
student body are students of color.
Southeast Asians make up 3.6           have a doctorate or terminal degree                 The Barlow Planetarium offers
percent, 1.4 percent are Hispanic,     in their field. They are joined by              public and student programming,
1.2 percent are Native American        30.4 (FTE) instructional academic               including family shows geared for
and one percent are African            staff who are 56 percent female                 the young and young-at-heart, and
American.                              and eight percent minority. The                 shows for the older student or adult
     Fifty-two percent of UWFox        student-to-instructor ratio in 2009             who already has an established
students receive financial aid.        was 19:1 and the average class size             interested in astronomy.
The average aid amount was             was 24.7 students.                                  The Weis Earth Science
$5,876 in 2009, including grants,
                                                                                       Museum offers a combination of
scholarships, loans, and student       8   Campus Life                                 geological education and entertain-
employment. Pell grants went to        Students participate in more than               ment for everyone from children to
374 students (21.7 percent of the      30 student organizations, including             expert rock hounds.
student body) in 2009, with an         Phi Theta Kappa international
average grant of $2,782.75.            honor society, Sigma Kappa Delta                8    Budget
                                       national English honor society and              The budget for general expendi-
8   Faculty & Staff Profile            student government. Clubs and                   tures is $6,397,331 in the current
UWFox has 33.5 full time equiva-       activities include a drama club,                fiscal year. The campus has 84.3
lent (FTE) faculty members, of         newspaper, literary magazine,                   FTE employees. UWFox build-
whom 42 percent are female and         concert band, jazz ensemble and                 ings are owned by Outagamie and
eight percent are minority. Seventy-   many more. The UWFox Cyclones                   Winnebago Counties under an
nine percent of faculty members        compete in the Wisconsin Collegiate             agreement with the UW System
                                                                                       and are valued at $29.3 million.

                                                                                       8    UW–Fox Valley Foundation
                                                                                       The UW–Fox Valley Foundation
                                                                                       is a non-profit, tax-exempt
                                                                                       philanthropic organization
                                                                                       supporting academic and outreach
                                                                                       programs of the University of
                                                                                       Wisconsin–Fox Valley. In 2009,
                                                                                       the foundation completed a $2
                                                                                       million capital campaign for the
                                                                                       new Communication Arts Center.
                                                                                       In addition, the foundation awarded
                                                                                       $133,000 in scholarships.
                                     University of Wisconsin Colleges   I   UW–Fox Valley Campus Executive Officer/Dean Search

Leadership Opportunities for the
New Campus Executive Officer and Dean
The University of Wisconsin                1. Lead the campus through its                 3. Develop strong campus and
Colleges is undergoing a major                transition to a decentralized                  community relationships
transition in its operating and               fiscal model                                  7 Build strong connections with
decision-making structure that                7 Develop an effective strategy                 key stakeholders, including
shifts many points of resource                  for moving the campus                         multiple county and city
allocation and decision-making                  through the challenges                        governments
from the central administration                 presented by the transition
to the 13 campuses it comprises.                                                            7 Seek opportunities for
                                                while continuing to meet its                  outreach and collaboration
The Integrated Enrollment                       mission to students and the
Management (IEM) Model estab-                                                                 with local school systems,
                                                community                                     businesses and community
lishes a new, high level of campus
accountability. Under the lead-               7 Create strong relationships                   organizations
ership of the CEO/Dean, and in                  within the UW System and                    7 Increase opportunities for the
collaboration with the campus                   peer institutions in order to                 community to be engaged with
community, the campus will:                     effectively manage and resolve                and participate in educational,
                                                transition issues                             cultural and recreational
7 Set goals and objectives which
  will respond to local needs                 7 Create a strategic plan for                   activities
                                                long-term financial support                 7 Engage the Foundation to
7 Accept responsibility and                     under the new model
  financial benefits for campus                                                               assist in providing additional
  performance in meeting those             2. Advance the mission of academic                 resources
  goals and objectives                        excellence while addressing                 4. Strengthen faculty, staff and
                                              the challenges of increasing                   student relationships within a
7 Respond to the diverse educa-
                                              student success, a competi-                    collegial atmosphere
  tional needs of the communities
                                              tive marketplace and changing
  it serves                                                                                 7 Lead the recruitment, reten-
                                                                                              tion and development of
This model respects the tradi-                7 Develop a plan to increase                    quality faculty members
tion of shared governance and the               the number of students who                    committed to academic
values and priorities found within              achieve their educational goals               excellence in a small college
the Wisconsin Idea, a more-than-                without compromising high                     environment
century-old principle that education            academic standards
                                                                                            7 Facilitate a culture of collab-
should influence and improve                  7 Respond to changing demo-                     orative decision-making and
people’s lives beyond the classroom.            graphics and increasing                       shared governance
IEM will enable UW-Fox Valley,                  competition for students
under the CEO/Dean’s leadership,                                                          5. Address the need for capital
                                              7 Create strategies for
to expand its responsiveness to that                                                         improvements
                                                developing alternative
idea.                                                                                       7 Examine the need for improve-
                                                instructional modes which
                                                maintain academic integrity                   ment of existing space, new
With the appointment of the new                                                               facilities and technology
                                                and meet the diverse needs of
CEO/Dean, opportunities for leader-                                                           upgrades
                                                a changing student population
ship take on special relevance
in light of the challenging, yet              7 Develop productive relation-                7 Create a capital improve-
exciting, institutional transforma-             ships with UW-Extension,                      ment plan in conjunction with
tion. Among those areas considered              technical colleges and                        multiple county governments
to be of significant priority are the           universities that advance the
following:                                      institutional mission
                                              7 Work with students and
                                                student organizations to
                                                enrich the overall quality of
                                                their college experience
UW–Fox Valley Campus Executive Officer/Dean Search   I   University of Wisconsin Colleges

Qualifications and Attributes
Qualifications                         Philosophic Attributes                          7 Ability to inspire and facilitate
The University of Wisconsin–Fox                                                          collaboration within the campus
                                       7 Student-centeredness                            community
Valley seeks a proven, dynamic
leader to assume the position of       7 Orientation to serving while                  7 Ability to support the advance-
Campus Executive Officer and             leading                                         ment of faculty and staff through
Dean. The new CEO/Dean will be         7 Commitment to achieving excel-                  professional development and
a visionary, capable of developing       lence in all aspects of college life            recognition
and implementing strategic, effec-     7 Understanding of and commit-                  7 Skill, desire and ability to effec-
tive responses to current challenges     ment to the mission of a public                 tively interact with students and
impacting publicly supported             two-year liberal arts college                   student organizations profession-
institutions of higher education. In                                                     ally and personally
addition to being an accomplished      7 Recognition of and commit-
educator with an appropriate             ment to the values of shared                  7 Skills for developing teamwork
graduate degree from a regionally        governance                                      and managerial leadership
accredited university, the ideal       7 Commitment to and appreciation                  among administrative staff
candidate will have higher educa-        for diversity within the academic             7 Demonstrated understanding
tion administrative experience and       community                                       of technological change and its
possess executive management                                                             significance to the support of
skills to direct and oversee all       Leadership Attributes                             teaching, learning and organiza-
campus operations. The successful      7 Ability to develop a dynamic                    tional management
candidate will have evidence of a        shared vision for the future of
collaborative, inclusive leadership      the campus that represents
                                                                                       Interpersonal Attributes
style that is built upon excellent       the values and ideals widely                  7 Ability to be an effective listener
communication skills and embraces        held by internal and external                   and an excellent communicator
a commitment to engage internal          stakeholders                                    in speaking with individuals and
and external stakeholders as
                                       7 Capacity and commitment for                     groups and in writing
participants in the campus decision-
making process. The new CEO/             developing effective internal                 7 Ability to advocate for the
Dean of UW–Fox Valley will be a          and external partnerships with                  campus and communicate its
visible and effective member of the      individuals and organizations                   needs
community, interacting with other        with which the campus shares                  7 Capacity to relate with openness,
educational institutions, elected        common values and goals                         honesty and a well-developed
officials, community organizations     7 Competence in fiscal and                        sense of humor
and volunteer boards. In addi-           resource management, including                7 Capacity to make difficult deci-
tion, the CEO/Dean will serve as         the development of financial                    sions in a timely manner
a member of the senior leadership        support from public and private
team of the University of Wisconsin      sources                                       7 Ability to relate to all constitu-
Colleges under the leadership of                                                         encies in an approachable and
                                       7 Talent for being effective in                   engaging manner through high
Chancellor Ray Cross.                    political environments                          visibility on campus and in the
Further, it is expected that the       7 Effectiveness in managing                       community
new CEO/Dean will possess the            change and dealing with conflict              7 Capacity for high energy with a
following attributes:                    and ambiguity                                   strong work ethic
                                       7 Skill to think innovatively, entre-           7 Intellectual, analytical
                                         preneurially and strategically
                                                                                       7 Skill to build consensus
                                       7 Ability to work collabora-
                                         tively and effectively with the               7 Capacity to connect with people
                                         University of Wisconsin Colleges                of varied backgrounds and
                                         administration                                  persuasions
                                                                                       7 Capacity to establish trust
                                   University of Wisconsin Colleges   I   UW–Fox Valley Campus Executive Officer/Dean Search

Application Process
The CEO/Dean Search Advisory                  Nominations, expressions of               by Wisconsin open records laws
Committee has established a dead-        interest and completed applications            to submit a written request. The
line of June 17, 2011, to receive        should be sent electronically in MS            form to request confidentiality
completed applications that are          Word format to UWFoxCEODean@                   may be obtained at
assured of the Committee’s consid-                            jobs. Completed forms should be
eration. Applications received                In addition to the UWFox                  sent to Ms. Lyn Reigstad, Searches
after the deadline are not guar-         Valley search, there is one other              Coordinator, Administrative and
anteed consideration. However,           CEO/Dean search currently                      Financial Services, Room 401,
the Committee reserves the right         underway. Individuals who desire               University of Wisconsin Colleges,
to consider applications until the       to apply for both CEO/Dean                     432 North Lake Street, Madison,
appointment is made.                     positions must send complete appli-            WI 53706.
     Completed applications consist      cations to each search committee.                  Judith B. Ward of Academic
of a current resume or CV, a letter      Please note that a campus-specific             Search, Inc. is assisting with the
addressed to the Committee chair         letter is required for each applica-           CEO/Dean searches. Nominators
responding to the CEO/Dean               tion and must refer only to that               and prospective candidates
qualifications and attributes and        particular campus, including a                 may contact her at judith.
leadership opportunities outlined        statement of why that campus is       or
above and a list of three profes-        of interest to the applicant. The              202-215-8519.
sional references knowledgeable          email address for the other campus
about the applicant’s leader-            conducting the CEO/Dean search                 The UW Colleges is an Equal
ship qualities and achievements.         is: UWRockCEODean@academic-                    Opportunity/Affirmative Action
Included in the reference list should                                     institution committed to diver-
be email addresses and daytime                Nominees and applicants                   sity and inclusiveness among its
phone numbers. References will not       desiring that their interest and/              employees and in its programs, and
be contacted without the permission      or applications be treated in                  actively seeks and encourages appli-
of the applicant.                        confidence until finalist candi-               cations from women, minorities and
                                         dates are selected are required                persons with disabilities.

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