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									                    THE EDINBURGH GAZETTE, JULY 7, 1914.                                         785

   Paunett, Harry Axon Riley, William' Wallace,      Charles Mogridge (Cardiff), Frank Yernon
• William Wilson.                                    (Knutsford), George Woodward (Altrincham).
Home Office: Assistant Clerk (Abstractor)-r-             Temporary Assistant Postmen — William
   Arnold Ellis.                                     Thomas Avis, Frederick Lloj'd Dixon, Gordon
National Health Insurance Commission, England :      Kerridge, Harold Lindsay, James M'Clure,
   Assistant Clerk (Abstractor)—Richard Frederick    John Partridge, George Stephen Richards,
   Tyler.                                            Frank Arthur Sangster, Harry Edward Sawyer,
                                                     Arthur Sibson, Donald Wilkins.
Board of Trade: Assistant Clerk (Abstractor)—
   Alfred Fritz John Brewer.                       UNDER CLAUSE 7 OF THE ORDER IN COUNCIL OF
Post Office: Female Learner, Liverpool—Janet                       10iH JANUARY 1910.
   Baines.                                         Admiralty: H.M. Dockyards and Naval Estab-
                                                     lishments : Carpenter—Henr}T Green.
             AFTER LIMITED COMPETITION.                  Shipwright—Thomas Morgan.
Admiralty : Third Grade Clerk in H.M. Naval              Skilled Labourer—Frederick William Bever-
  •Establishments—William Charles Killbery           stock.
                                                   Post Office: Female Clerical Assistant, Cork—
Post Office: Female Sorting Clerk and Tele-          Ellen Dominica Sullivan.
   graphist, Kyle—Isabella Maclnnes.
                                                          FOR REGISTRATION AS TEMPORARY BOY
                WITHOUT COMPETITION.                                     CLERKS.
Admiralty : Established Inspector of Shipwrights   Harold Alfred Auderton, William Dougal, James
   in H.M. Naval Establishments—Henry John           Doyle, Maurice Frederick Haynes, John
   Bernthal.                                         Edmund Lambert, John Pritchard, Gwilym
      H.M. Dockyards and Naval Establishments :      Richard Roberts, Edward Stroucl.
   Bricklayer—William Henry Farrington.
      Carpenters—John Thomas Coaker, Daniel                           June 25; 1914.
   Fitzpatrick.                                                  AFTER OPEN COMPETITION.
      Engine Fitter—Ernest George Eeek.            Customs and Excise Department: Officers of
      Sailmaker—Arthur George Robinson.              Customs and Excise — Vincent McMahon,
       Shipwrights—Charles William Bray, Henry       Thomas Thompson Prestage.
   Thomas Chapman, Francis Beville Crews, General Register Office, Ireland : Assistant Clerk
   Alfred William Deacon, Hercules Joseph             (Abstractor)—William Henry Duffy.
   Doddridge, Nicholas Lowry Harris, Sidney
    Charles Herbert, Walter Walkey Hill, William   Local Government Board, England: Assistant
   John Kelly, Reginald Charles Southard,             Clerk (Abstractor)—"Percival Charles Bolton.
   Thomas Henry Spurrell, Charles James Alfred National Health Insurance Commission, England :
    Squance, Sydney Robert Townsend, Alfred          Examiner—William Oswald Chatterton.
    Henry Watson.                                  Post Office: Female Learners, London—Mercy
       Skilled Labourers—Philip Richard James         Isabel Emms, Frances Mary Gibbs.
    Coombes, James Cox, Bertie James Davis,               Female Learners — Mabel Hobbs (Bristol),
    Arthur John Flood, Edward George Fowler,          Ida May Walkland (Sheffield).
    Richard Giles, William George Harvey, Charles
    Henry Jackson, Richard Charles Key (other-
    wise Richard Charles Bates), Henry William                  AFTER LIMITED COMPETITION.
    King, Robert Richard Porter Miller.            Board of Agriculture and Fisheries : Assistant in
       Smith—Arthur Oscar Colthup.                    the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew — William
                                                      Bertram Turrill.
Friendly Societies Registry : Messenger—Francis
    Harvey.                                        Post Office : Male Learner, Salisbury—Edward
                                                      Frank Eyres.
War Office: Established Civilian Employd in the
    Royal Ordnance Factories—William Ernest               Female Learners — Ethel Logan McGeown
    Griffin.                                          (Altrincham), Barbara Alfreda Pounder (West
                                                      Hartlepool), Violet May White (Enfield,
 Post Office:      Male Sorters, London—Percy         Middlesex).
    Samuel Dean, Philip Henry Reeve.
       Female Clerical Assistant, Glasgow—Helen                    WITHOUT COMPETITION.
    Morgan Douglas.                                 Admiralty: H.M. Dockyards and Naval Estab-
       Telephonists, London—Dorothy Flanagan,          lishments : Shipwrights—George Henry Baker,
    Ruth Annie Hazzledine, Ivy Winifred Merrett,       Willie Norman Bray, George James Burgoyne,
    Constance Mills.                                   Frederick George Callow, John Ernest Griffiths,
       Telephonists — Margery        Annie    Bell     Herbert Dunstan Couch, Ernest Albert Grylls,
    (Chichester), Ada Margaret Vernon Blackburn        Ernest Rupert Harington, Thomas Isaac
     (Newcastle, Staffs),    Constance   Ernestine     Hurley, William Thomas Hutchings, Joseph
     Queenie Victoria Hardy (Newport, Isle of          Johns, John Cecil Horace Lamb, Frederick
     Wight), Dorothy Harrison (Nottingham),            Stanley Mills, William Elins Ruudle, Joseph
    Mabel Maxwell (Bolton), Agnes Booth Moir           Wallace Sargent, Alfred Charles Vosper, Fred
    (Edinburgh), May Winifred Taylor (Watford).        Williams.
        Skilled Workman—George Frederick Black.            Ship Fitter—Henry William Crabb.
       Postmen—Percy George Mills (Sheffield),             Skilled Labourer—William Henry Parlane.

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