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									    APRIL, 2011                     VOLUME 54, ISSUE 8

              The Post Graduate
                               WEST SUBURBAN-MILWAUKEE, WI BRANCH

Spring Into Action
                                                                       Project Girl, Media
  Come Join Us!
                                                                       Focus of Meeting
      Wednesday,                                                       The presenters and founders of
      April 13, 2011                                                   Project Girl, Kelly Parks Snider,
                                                                       visual artist, and Jane Bartell, video
           at the                                                      producer, have an exciting multi-
                                                                       media program planned for the
  Sunset Playhouse                                                     branch meeting April 13. The title of
 800 Elm Grove Rd.                                                     the program is Unmediafying Girls’
       Elm Grove
                                                                       Snider and Bartell both mothers of
        7 p.m.                                                         girls, were inspired to create this pro-
     Mix & Mingle                                                      ject when they saw how the media
                                                                       entraps adolescent girls with its harm-
       7:30 p.m.                                                       ful messages relating to beauty and
    Branch Meeting                                                     success.

                                Project Girl is an arts-based program created to enable girls to become
    In This Issue               more media literate so that they can avoid harmful commercial or media
                                messages. The program uses art created by girls to educate, inspire, reflect,
2   President’s Report          and transform.

3   Election of New Officers    Snider and Bartell focus their efforts on programs directed at meeting the
4 Election of New Officers      needs of women and children with an emphasis on environmental and social
Continued                       issues. These include workshops on media awareness, artist-in-residence
                                programs and interactive exhibitions made available through public and pri-
5  Proposed Budget &            vate galleries, schools and youth and community centers.
Treasurer’s Report
6  Public Policy & Breaking     In 2008, the women each were recognized by the Wisconsin Arts Education
Barriers                        Association with their Concerned Citizen of the Arts Award because of their
                                outstanding leadership service and dedication to art education.
7 Women’s Court & Civic
                                Through their collaborative efforts, Snider and Bartell use their art and art-
8 State Convention, April       based programming to educate communities and stimulate dialogue about
Book Sale & Hospitality         targeted issues, such as the media, to create social change.
9 April Calendar
                                Join us April 13 for this exciting and inspirational program.
10 Fashion Show Update &
May Potluck                     Kathleen O’Brien (414) 425-1309
                                Program Chair
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                              President’s Report
A Time to Renew Efforts                              AAUW-WI
                                                     Two-Minute Activist
We are all hoping for signs of spring…warm
breezes, buds on the branches and spring             AAUW –WI offers a new service, a local version of the
flowers sending up their first shoots. Al-           Two-Minute Activist. We can stay informed on WI legis-
though we know there is still a barrier since        lative issues and send messages to our WI legislators.
we have lots of snow, we know that soon              The state public policy platform outlines the issues that
                                                     AAUW-WI members hold as important and as these is-
spring will arrive in Wisconsin.
                                                     sues are addressed in the legislature, we will receive no-
                                                     tices. At times we will be invited to contact the Gover-
The mission of AAUW is to advance equity             nor, State Senator or Assembly person. We won’t have
for women and girls through advocacy, edu-           to look up addresses or send letters but can place an
cation, philanthropy and research. Unlike            email message in their box to be counted as in favor or
spring, which will arrive overcoming whatever        against an issue.
nature puts in its path, our young women and         This can be a membership tool for our branch through
girls will not “break through the barriers”          the impact of our votes. Imagine the 2700 users of the
without the assistance of each and every one         Two-Minute Activist letting their elected officials know
of us. I was amazed as I read AAUW Mission           how they feel about an issue.
& Action outlining all the activities of AAUW
at the national level, many that are resources       Perhaps we can grow our membership by telling others
for state and local branches.                        about our advocacy. Joining AAUW means joining a net-
                                                     work of members working to advance equity for women
                                                     and girls and provides the opportunity to be part of the
The list included Equal Pay Day – April 12;          solution.
AAUW Leadership Corps; Women’s Empow-
erment Campaign; Sharing of STEM News;               Please visit at
LAF Support of Plaintiffs in Wal-Mart Law-           Eileen Dagen 262-796-8656
suit; 55th Commission on the Status of               President
Women; Participation with Prestigious Sci-
ence and Engineering Groups; and many
more opportunities to explore for ideas on           Membership Renewal
fulfilling the mission.                              Will Begin in May
I believe that the next few years will be critical   Just a reminder… we will begin to renew our AAUW
times for women due to economic issues,              membership for the 2011-12 year in May. You will be
                                                     able to go directly to the AAUW web site and renew your
health reform and a polarized government.
                                                     membership on your own or you can write a check to our
Let’s renew our efforts to make a difference         local branch where Barb McDermott or Linda Babcock
and help young women and girls break                 will assist you. Dues have been raised by the AAUW
through the barriers as spring returns to Wis-       National by $3. Your membership now will be $85.
consin.                                              More information will be forthcoming about the process
                                                     in the May newsletter.
Eileen Dagen 262-796-8656
                                                     Linda Babcock, 262-784-1297
                                                                                          APRIL, 2011
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                 Election of New Officers at April Branch Meeting
President Eileen Dagen presented the following slate    Joyce Boehlen
of officers at the March 9 membership meeting, as       Joyce, who is currently serving as Branch Secretary
recommended by the Nominating Committee and             has been an active member of AAUW since joining
approved by the Branch Board. The membership will       in 2008. For the past two years she has chaired the
be asked to vote for these candidates on April 13.      Silent Auction for the spring fashion show. After
                                                        earning her degree in management from Cardinal
Co-Presidents:                                          Stritch College, Joyce worked for 20 years at ATT,
Carol Dadaian and Barbara Noonan                        held various management positions, including mar-
President-Elect: Joyce Boehlen                          keting, team training and sales. She is membership
Secretary: Vicci Filandrinos                            chair and past president of the Friends of the New
Treasurer: Barbara McDermott                            Berlin Public Library and serves as Trustee on the
Vice President – Membership:                            Library Board. “I’ve done lots of volunteer work
Karla Sloan and Ro Getto                                over the years,” Joyce said, citing Junior League,
                                                        North Shore Junior Women's Club, and PTA
Respectfully submitted,                                 Board. She and her husband Bruce live in New
Arlene Finn, Nominating Chair                           Berlin; together they have seven children and 12
                                                        grandchildren (with one more on the way!) She
Candidates for 2011-2012:                               enjoys reading, crocheting, travel and golf.
Carol Dadaian                                           Vicci Filandrinos
Since joining AAUW in 2003, Carol has willingly         Since joining AAUW in 2008, Vicci has served on
stepped into many positions of leadership within our    the Hospitality Committee and chaired Legal Ad-
branch. As President Elect, she has worked together     vocacy Fund (LAF). She has worked on the spring
with Barbara Noonan on fundraising for Local Schol-     fashion show for three years. Recently retired,
arships. In past years she has served as chair of the   Vicci holds a degree in management from UW-
Educational Foundation/Spring Fashion Show and          Whitewater. She and her husband Dean live in
Vice President of Programs. She has also served on      Brookfield. They have two children and four
the Nominating and Audit committees and worked          grandchildren. In addition to her work with
on LAF baskets and on the November Tea. She be-         AAUW, Vicci sings in the Brookfield Civic Choir
longs to the golf, bridge and literature groups. The    and does other volunteer work in the community.
owner of “Baskets from the Heart,” Carol enjoys
making gift baskets, cooking, gardening and travel.     Barbara McDermott
She and her husband Chuck have two sons and a           Barbara has faithfully served one year of her two-
brand new grandson.                                     year term as our branch treasurer and enthusiasti-
                                                        cally agreed to continue. For the past several years
Barbara Noonan
                                                        she has chaired the Wednesday morning literature
Barbara has been an active member of our branch for     group. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin
20 years! During that time she has held numerous        – Madison, Barbara hold a bachelor’s degree in
offices and worked on many committees: Secretary,       physical therapy. She earned her MBA at the Uni-
Vice President - Membership, Educational Founda-        versity of Chicago, specializing in health admini-
tion / Spring Fashion Show and Hospitality. She is      stration. She worked in both areas, but found her
also a volunteer at the Milwaukee Art Museum. She       greatest interest in the geriatric field of physical
and Carol Dadaian work well together as a team and      therapy. Barbara has also worked as a travel agent,
will enthusiastically continue that team work as Co-    specializing in special needs travel. She currently
Presidents in 2011-12.         A graduate of UW-        lives on Milwaukee’s East side; her two adult sons
Whitewater, Barb holds a degree in English and Jour-    both live in Louisville, Kentucky. In addition to
nalism. She and her husband James recently returned     her interest in health and wellness issues, Barbara
from a month in France to their home in Wauwatosa.      enjoys reading and gardening.
In addition to travel and volunteer work, she enjoys
reading and golf.                                                                 Continued on page 4 ...
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Candidates for 2010 — 2011
Continued ...

Vicci Filandrinos
Since joining AAUW in 2008, Vicci has served on
the Hospitality Committee and chaired Legal Ad-
vocacy Fund (LAF). She has worked on the
spring fashion show for three years. Recently
retired, Vicci holds a degree in management from
UW-Whitewater. She and her husband Dean live
in Brookfield. They have two children and four          Ro Getto
grandchildren. In addition to her work with
AAUW, Vicci sings in the Brookfield Civic Choir         Ro is an educational consultant and long-time educator
and does other volunteer work in the community.         living in Franklin . She describes herself as a “lifelong
                                                        learner.” Ro earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from St.
Barbara McDermott                                       Francis University in Joliet , Illinois , majoring in art and
                                                        education. She earned her Master’s degree in curriculum
Barbara has faithfully served one year of her two-      and instruction from Aurora University. In addition, she
year term as our branch treasurer and enthusiasti-      achieved Master Practitioner status in Neuro-Linguistic
cally agreed to continue. For the past several          Programming from the NLP Institute of Chicago. Ro
years she has chaired the Wednesday morning             served as president of WomanWithin International,
literature group. A graduate of the University of       which offers programs for women. She is currently com-
Wisconsin – Madison, Barbara hold a bachelor’s          mitted to being an Introduction Leader and leadership
degree in physical therapy. She earned her MBA          coach for the training and development program offered
at the University of Chicago, specializing in health    by Landmark Education. Her mission is to make a differ-
administration. She worked in both areas, but           ence in the world encouraging others to “live a life that
found her greatest interest in the geriatric field of   they love and love the life they live.” A few of the things
physical therapy. Barbara has also worked as a          she enjoys include traveling, knitting, playing bridge and
travel agent, specializing in special needs travel.     having great conversations with friends.
She currently lives on Milwaukee’s East side; her
two adult sons both live in Louisville, Kentucky.       Marjorie Pagel, 414-425-406
In addition to her interest in health and wellness      Publicity
issues, Barbara enjoys reading and gardening.

Karla Sloan
Karla and her husband Harold live in Pewaukee
where she is active in her church, particularly
dedicated to working with refugees from
Burma . Karla holds both her bachelor’s and
master’s degrees from the University of Northern
Iowa . She was an elementary teacher in Iowa for
many years. After moving to Wisconsin, she was
an elementary principal at Dixon in the Elmbrook
Schools.      She joined the West Suburban-
Milwaukee branch of AAUW in 2008. Karla es-
pecially enjoys spending time with her grandchil-
dren but also finds time for golfing, tennis, read-
ing, bridge, biking and travel.
                                                                               APRIL, 2011
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                             Proposed Budget for 2011 — 2012
Branch Account                                  Fund Raisers
Receipts                                        Receipts
 Post Graduate Ads                    180.00     Style Show                           $6.000.00
 Interest                               2.00     Interest                                  2.00
 Dues (94@23.)                       2162.00     Leadership Conference                 1,000.00
                                                 (possible carry over)
 Fund Raisers
                                                                       TOTAL          $7002.00
 Tour                                  120.00
 Book Sale & other                     250.00
 Entertainment Books                   200.00   Disbursements
 Shares/Honor roll                   1150.00     AAUW Scholarship Funds               6,000.00
 Bridge                                150.00    Leadership Conference                 1,000.00
 Golf                                  150.00                       TOTAL             $7000.00
 Tea                                 1300.00
                                                                    Surplus              $ 2.00
 Style Show                            750.00
    Total Income                      6414.00
                                                Barbara McDermott, 414-510-0926
                Reserve                286.00   Treasurer
                TOTAL                6700.00

                                                 Treasurer’s Report
                                                 March, 2011
 Post Graduate                        180.00
                                                 Branch Account
 Committee Expenses                     50.00    .

 Hospitality                          300.00     Balance 1-31-11        $ 11,336.33
 Local Scholarships                  3300.00       Income               $      0.00
 Officers Expenses                      50.00      (Expenses)          ($ 250.00)
 Programs                              600.00    Balance 2-28-11        $ 11,086.33
 Rent & Meetings                      900.00     Educational Fund Account
 Yearbook                             275.00
                                                 Balance 1-30-11        $ 6,369.31
 LAF                                  485.00
                                                   Income               $     0.00
 Convention Expenses                  500.00
                                                   (Expenses)          ($ 371.81)
 Insurance-2013 ($100)                  35.00
                                                 Balance 2-28-11        $ 5,997.50
 Misc. Expense                         25.00
                                                 Barbara McDermott, 414-510-0926
                     TOTAL           6700.00     Treasurer
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                                                        From AAUW
Public Policy:                                          Breaking Barriers
Giving Thanks, Part IV                                  for Women & Girls
(AAUW Action Network Newsletter)
                                                        Dear Friend,
“We’re thankful for the creation of the Consumer
Financial Protection Bureau which under the leader-     I have exciting news to share with you! As you may
ship of Elizabeth Warren will protect students and      recall, in 2010 Great Nonprofits (GNP) named
their families through better-regulated lending prac-   AAUW a top-rated nonprofit based on reviews and
tices.                                                  ratings by people whose lives had been touched by
                                                        AAUW. Now, in recognition of our great work and
“We’re thankful for the passage of Wall Street re-      the five-star rating we received, AAUW has been
form legislation which gives the Federal Govern-        invited to be a partner in GNP's 2011 Women's
ment authority to terminate contracts with financial    Empowerment Campaign.
firms that do not guarantee fair inclusion of women
and minorities.                                         So far, more than 50 people have reviewed and
                                                        rated AAUW by sharing some of their individual
“We’re thankful for Justice Elena Kagan’s confir-       accomplishments and AAUW’s important role in
mation as the fourth woman to serve on the Su-          their lives. These reviews, featured on AAUW’s
preme Court; a third of the high court is now           GNP page, highlight examples of AAUW's work to
female for the first time in history.                   advance equity for women and girls through advo-
                                                        cacy, education, philanthropy, and research.
“We’re grateful for Batgirl and her willingness to
demand fair pay, along with our coalition partners      As a member, you play an important role in the
who help us fight for equity and the never-give-up      AAUW story. This is a chance to tell your part of
spirit that unites us all.                              that story. Please read what others have written
                                                        about AAUW and join them by writing your own
“We’re thankful that the first provisions of the new    review. As a member, you play an important role in
health care law kicked in this year, many of which      the AAUW story.
support women, including a focus on children’s
health, lifetime caps, and free preventive care.        Warm Regards,
                                                        Linda D. Hallman, CAE
“We’re thankful for the Obama administration            AAUW Executive Director
launching a new initiative to work toward ending
anti-LGBT buying and harassment in schools, and
President Obama, Secretary Clinton and Vice Presi-
dent Biden contributing ‘It Gets Better Project’
video messages encouraging teens to seek help
when they need it and maintain hope for the fu-

To Be Continued.

Cynthia Donnelly,
Ret. R.N., B.S.B.A. 414-475-7977
Public Policy
                                                                                         APRIL, 2011
                                                                                                     Page 7

                        Women’s Court & Civic Conference
                                                      March 16, 2011 Meeting Notes:
                                                      Census: federal, state, local
                                                      Federal: The first census occurred in 1790. In
                                                      2010, everyone received the short form of ten ques-
                                                      tions. In the past, the long census form was forty
                                                      questions. The long form still goes out randomly
                                                      and is used to gather information. It is called ACS,
                                                      American Community Survey. The 2010 census re-
                                                      corded 157.2 million females and 153.2 million
                                                      males. At age 85 and above, there are twice as many
                                                      females as males. Milwaukee and Racine showed a
President Eileen Dagen receives the Affiliated        decline in population. Madison and Green Bay in-
Club Certificate for the AAUW West Suburban           creased in population. The census is confidential and
Milwaukee Branch from President of the                counts everyone including individuals in prisons,
Women’s Court and Civic Conference, Mary              group homes and non-US citizens. The census is
Wilde, at the December, 2010 meeting.                 used to redraw districts borders. Based on the cen-
                                                      sus, hospitals, schools roads and more will be
           About Women’s Court
                                                      State: In 2010, there was no money to promote the
           and Civic Conference…                      census. Wisconsin Voices stepped to the plate. De-
                                                      mocracy is ours alone. People need to be engaged
The West Suburban Milwaukee Branch is affiliated
                                                      for democracy to work. Wisconsin is the only state
with Women’s Court and Civic Conference of the
                                                      that starts its districts at the municipality level.
Greater Milwaukee Area. Paula Binczak is this
year’s representative.                                Neighbors can make a difference. In Wisconsin, we
                                                      have 3500 municipalities. This is more than any
                                                      other state. Because of Wisconsin Voices and others,
The objective of WC & CC is to unite women’s          Wisconsin had the highest census participation in all
groups of the community for the improvement of        the United States----82%. A good website is New
the court public institutions; to inform and be in-   American Fact Finder.
formed on local, state and national issue; take ac-
tion as individuals and through member organiza-      Local: In a perfect world, everyone would mail back
tions, and to provide programs of general interest.   the short form census questions. It costs $66/
                                                      household to have an enumerator knock on a door
AAUW members are invited to attend the group’s        and get the census information from the person who
monthly meetings at the Italian Conference Center     did not mail back the census form. To qualify as an
in Milwaukee. Beginning at 10 a.m., each session      enumerator, one has four days of training and then a
has a business meeting, morning program, lunch-       test to pass. They get $14/hour and 52cents/mile.
eon and afternoon program.                            Anyone 15 years or older can fill out the form.
                                                      There needs to be 3 phone calls and three home vis-
                                                      its. After this, one can rely on a neighbor of supply
Presenters this year have included Pulitzer Prize     the census information. It took our speaker three
winning Milwaukee Journal reporter Raquel             months to get eighty calls completed. Most calls
Rutledge and State Representatives Kelda Roys         were positive experiences.
(81st District) and Mark Gottlieb (60th District).
                                                      Paula Binzak, 414-545-8474
Contact Paula Binczak (414-545-8474) for more         Branch Representative for the
information.                                          Women’s Court & Civic Conference
Page 8

AAUW 2011 State Convention                         Hospitality Volunteers
                                                   Always Appreciated
This year’s State Convention, April 8-10 is at
the Bridgewood Resort Hotel and Conference         While our Wisconsin winter weather may be frosty and
Center, Neenah, WI.                                frigid, our branch meetings during these months have
                                                   been warm and cozy due to so many members who vol-
The Friday Evening program features a Branch
                                                   unteer to help out hospitality.
Idea Exchange. On Saturday the Keynote will
be Dr. Susan May, President of Fox Valley
Technical College. During the balance of the       We are grateful to Yvonne Frederick, who took reserva-
day sessions will feature Connie Hildebrandt-      tions for the Venice Club breakfast in January.
Mission 2011, Holly Kearl-Street Harassment,
Kathi Seifert-The Katapult Group, business         In February, Cynthia Donnelly, Ginny Moeller and
and district meetings. The evening banquet         Dorothea Winek brought dessert, and Ginny Moeller
address will be by Henry Golde, author of Rag      helped with the hospitality table.
Dolls. Sunday will include “Nuts and Bolts”
sessions, Rep. Penny Bernard Schaber, a Town       In March, Eileen Dagen, Diane Spasoff (and her hus-
Hall session and Business Meeting.                 band) and JoAnn Walker brought treats, while Ann
Unfortunately our major fund raiser, Passion for   Deuster-Dougherty, Sally Habanek and Yvonne Freder-
Fashion, takes place April 9 and many members      ick helped with the hospitality table.
will be involved in preparation the day before
and resting the day after.                         Both Ann Deuster-Dougherty and Carol Cobus are tak-
                                                   ing turns each month calling and reminding volunteers to
If anyone is planning on attending the conven-     bring finger food to the branch meeting.
tion please let me know. It would be great to
have someone represent our branch and bring        Thanks too, to our President Eileen Dagen for all of her
back information.                                  help!
Eileen Dagen, 262-796-8656
President                                          Diana Burns, 414-421-4418
                                                   Hospitality Chair

    April Book Sale
We will be having a book sale for the Legal
Advocacy Fund (LAF) before the branch meet-
ing April 13. Please try and have your gently
used books there by 6:45 p.m. for the sale if
possible. You have books but won't be attend-
ing? Please call Vicci Filandrinos to arrange
pick-up. Of course, cash donations are always
welcome! We really need your support.

Vicci Filandrinos, 262-717-0891
Legal Advocacy Fund Chair (LAF)
                                                                                           APRIL, 2011
                                                                                                  Page 9

                                   April Calendar

6   Board Meeting                                    20  Women’s Court &
6:30 p.m.                                            Civic Conference
Hostess: Carol Dadaian                               10 a.m.
15260 W. Harcove Drive                               Italian Community Center
New Berlin, 262-786-0296                             631 East Chicago St.
                                                     Program: 10:15 a.m.: Electoral College: Should It Be
9 Passion for Fashion                                Reformed?
Style Show, Luncheon and Silent Auction              Speakers: Kelda Roys, WI State Representative, 81st
Saturday, 10:15 a.m.                                 District and Mark Gottlieb, WI State Representative,
                                                     60th District
Wisconsin Club
                                                     Program 1 p.m.: U.S. Supreme Court
900 West Wisconsin Avenue
                                                     Speaker: TBA
                                                     For more information, contact Paula Binczak,
13     Branch Meeting and Program                    Branch Representative, 414-545-8474
7 p.m. Mix and Mingle
7:30 p.m. Meeting and Program                        24     Happy Easter
Sunset Playhouse
800 Elm Grove Road, Elm Grove
Topic: Project Girl: Unmediafying Girls’ Lives       26 Fourth Tuesday Bridge
Presenters: Kelly Parks Snider, Jane Bartell
                                                     7 p.m.
19   Third Tuesday Afternoon                         Nancy Fennell’s Community Room
Literature Group                                     13050 W. Bluemound, Elm Grove
12:30 p.m.                                           Hostess: Shirley Erwin, 414-453-4990
Hostess: Joyce Boehlen
21655 W. Lincoln Avenue
New Berlin, 262-544-4844                             27   Fourth Wednesday Morning
Leader: Terri Mitchell                               Literature Group
Book: The Appeal                                     10:30 a.m.
By: John Grisham                                     Hostess: Alice Bradee
                                                     Brookfield Library
20   Third Wednesday Evening                         1900 N. Calhoun Road
Literature Group                                     Leader: Karen McGarigle
7 p.m.                                               Book: The Art of Racing in the Rain
Hostess: Carol Dadaian                               By: Garth Stein
15260 Harcove Drive
New Berlin, 262-786-0296
Leader: Gene Richter
Book: When Everything Changed and Essentially True
By: Gail Collins


 Fashion Show Update                                       Potluck Supper
                                                           Set for May
 By the time you receive this Post Graduate, the 2011
 AAUW Fashion Show will be just a few days away.           To get ready for our May Potluck Supper, we will be
 We appreciate all the people that have worked on spe-     passing around a sign-up sheet at the April Branch
 cific committees and the volunteers that will be work-    Meeting.
 ing the day of the fashion show.
                                                           We will be looking for members who would like to
                                                           volunteer to make either hot appetizers, cold appetiz-
 Looking forward to seeing you at Passion for Fashion on   ers or dessert. Because we want to have enough food
 Saturday, April 9, at the Wisconsin Club.                 for everyone at the supper, we are asking each volun-
                                                           teer to please bring a dish which would feed eight
 Mary Goens, 414-453-6264                                  people.
 Deb Wolff, 262-641-0661
                                                           Also, we will need some volunteers to bring either red
 Fashion Show Co-Chairs                                    or white wine for this event.
                                                           If you are unable to attend the April branch meeting
                                                           and you are interested in bringing food or wine, please
                                                           contact me.
                                                           Diana Burns, 414-421-4418
                                                           Hospitality Chair

                                                              AAUW Mission Statement
                                                                 AAUW advances equity for women and girls
                                                            through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research.

                    the Post Graduate
                                                           FIRST CLASS MAIL
                    West Suburban-Milwaukee Branch
                                                           TIME-SENSITIVE MATERIAL:
                    Marjorie Pagel
                                                           PLEASE DELIVER PROMPTLY
                    12040 W. Scherrei Drive
                    Franklin, WI 53132

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