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									                                                           Table of Contents

       Table of Contents.............................................................................................................................. 1
1. INTRODUCTION – THE AREA AND KEY ISSUES .................................................................... 2

2. PROGRESS TO DATE ...................................................................................................................... 6

3. NEXT 12 MONTHS ......................................................................................................................... 14

4. LONGER TERM OVERVIEW ...................................................................................................... 19

5. RISK ASSESSMENT ....................................................................................................................... 21

6. DEVELOPMENT OF THE PARTNERSHIP ............................................................................... 22

7. APPENDICES .................................................................................................................................. 23

   APPENDIX A - NM BASELINE AND FLOOR TARGETS............................................................................. 24
   APPENDIX B - CENSUS FACT SHEET FOR NM AREA ............................................................................. 31
   APPENDIX C - STRUCTURE .................................................................................................................. 38
   APPENDIX D – QUICK WINS TO DATE ................................................................................................. 40
   APPENDIX E - LEVERAGE SCHEMES APPROVED TO DATE ..................................................................... 43
   APPENDIX F - SPREADSHEETS ............................................................................................................. 46
     Appendix F (i) Summary Work plan for 2004-05 ........................................................................... 47
     Appendix F (ii) Spending Plan for 2004-05.................................................................................... 55
     Appendix F (iii) M&A 2004-2007................................................................................................... 56
     Appendix F (iv) Medium Term Spending Outline ........................................................................... 58
     Appendix F (v) Longer-term Spending outline ............................................................................... 59
   APPENDIX G – MAP ............................................................................................................................. 60

                  Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
1. Introduction – the area and key issues
The NM area lies to the east of Bournemouth town centre and represents two
neighbourhoods. The area is bound to the north by the Wessex Way, to the South by the
sea, to the East by Kings Park and Shelley Park and to the west by the railway station and
Boscombe Gardens. The railway line separates Springbourne from Boscombe.

Springbourne (which forms part of the East Cliff and Springbourne ward) is a residential area,
predominantly of owner occupied housing in narrow streets. Over recent years density has
increased with the building of new social housing. The Holdenhurst Road runs east - west at
the northern edge and is a busy and rather run down road with many shops. However it does
not provide a “centre” to Springbourne.

In contrast Boscombe (almost matching the Boscombe West ward) has a lively town centre
with a range of shops in the precinct, the Sovereign Centre and a Thursday and Saturday
market. Housing in Boscombe is varied, with a range of owner occupied housing and many
private rented properties. Given the nature of the housing Boscombe in particular has a high
population turnover. The Neighbourhood Management area also has a concentration of
Houses in Multiple Occupation with over 400 known HMO‟s in the area.

In both areas, but predominantly in Boscombe, there are many drug and alcohol treatment
and rehabilitation centres. It has become both an area for successful recovery and ongoing
support and an area of drug dealing and associated anti social behaviour and crime.

New census data

The 2001 census data is now available and we have established an analysis of the data,
which matches, almost exactly, the NM boundary, using a combination of the output areas. A
full fact sheet appears in the appendices but key information is set out below.

39% of all households in the NM area rent privately, 50% are owner-occupiers and 10% rent
from the public sector.

The population of the NM area stands at 18,406 and includes c. 8,900 homes.

The census has provided us with up to date information on ethnicity, showing the following

White British                                                                   88.6

White Irish                                                                     1.2

White Other                                                                     5.5

White and Black Caribbean / African / white and Asian                           1.1

Other Mixed                                                                     0.5

              Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
Black African / Caribbean                                                                0.8

Asian                                                                                    0.5

Chinese                                                                                  0.8

Other                                                                                    1.0

Indices of Deprivation 2000

National data on deprivation indices have not been updated since the last delivery plan (and
therefore do not accurately reflect new census information nor the actual NM area) and are
as follows:

 Ward            Health           Health            Income            Income            Child        Child
                 national         borough           national          borough           poverty      poverty
                                                                                        national     borough

 BW              125              1                 670               2                 426          2
 EC              993              3                 1504              3                 582          3

                 Education        Education         Housing       Housing         Employment         Employment
                 national         borough           national      borough         national           borough
 BW              3897             7                 247           1               241                1
 EC              3232             3                 900           5               1142               3
(the numbers show where the ward sits in relation to all wards nationally in terms of deprivation)
The updated figures with 2001 census data are due at the end of 2004.

National Evaluation Consumer Survey

The major concerns identified in the survey reflected and confirmed existing Pathfinder
concerns – litter and rubbish, drug dealing and use. Access to dentists was a new issue
raised, which we are tackling with the PCT. Perhaps the most stark concern the survey raised
was the weak networks between neighbours, in terms of knowing and supporting each other.

Key statistics, which we plan to monitor regularly as base line indicators, are:

         High turnover (23% of residents had moved within the last year and 36% within the
          last 2 years)

         Concern over drug dealing and use (64%) and 21% say this most needs improving

         Many people claimed “neighbours do not look out for each other” (40%)

         Under a third of all residents had heard of the pathfinder (29%)

              Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
Strategy and vision

The February 2004 Board away day has agreed the following vision for our pathfinder, which
drives our activities:

“We envisage a Neighbourhood which is balanced, attractive, self sufficient and
great to work in, live in and visit.
Where people are not disadvantaged relative to other residents of Bournemouth.
Where people have real aspirations and opportunities for their own future
employment, education and health.
Where residents all have decent housing standards, feel safe and have easy access
to high quality services and facilities.
Where residents are proud and confident of their neighbourhood, which can be
seen from the attitude and behaviour to cleanliness, property maintenance and
each other. “

The original and year 2 Delivery Plans established broad ranging outcomes. We are
progressing well on defining measurable and achievable targets within these outcomes:

       Better housing standards for all

       Improved environment with clean, welcoming and positive image

       Increased community safety and confidence in the neighbourhood

       Employment opportunities and access to work developed

       Child, youth and leisure opportunities for socialising established

       Improve the overall health of local people and reduce the gap between their health
        and that of other Bournemouth residents

       Increase educational involvement and attainment of local people

We chose the environment and housing as our initial priorities. These were chosen because

       They are the most visible and tangible issues and hence of most immediate concern
        to residents

       In terms of the environment in particular it is an issue that can be tackled with
        immediate results, building confidence in the programme and improving quality of life

       In terms of housing this is one of the root causes of other problems in the area.

The section below explains how far we have progressed on these and other outcome areas.
Having made much headway with housing and the environment we are now able to prioritise
other issues, which have required more preparation in determining our response.

            Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
Our strategic approach, which we believe will enable us to achieve the above outcomes, can
be summarised as the following principles that guide our activities:

       We engage with the community and service providers to forge working partnerships
        and ensure we are jointly guided by professional and resident / service user
        experience. We strongly encourage joint working to deepen understanding and find
        solutions that address complex issues.

       We tackle immediate visible problems of concern to the community and take a long
        term strategic approach to address the underlying causes of the problems in the area

       We take seriously the mainstreaming agenda and minimise any risk that our
        interventions will only be short term. We aim to improve existing services rather than
        create new ones.

       We use data and evidence to inform and learn from our interventions – proving the
        success of pilots to enable mainstreaming. Piloting a new approach is one method of
        influencing but lobbying and campaigning are of equal importance.

       We use service agreements as a tool to establish service provider‟s commitments,
        agree and work towards joint targets, identify and work towards resident identified

       We commit ourselves to communicating as widely as possible, to promote ourselves
        and the area

       We take our responsibilities and accountabilities seriously

           Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
2. Progress to date

This section summarises our activities and achievements since April 2003. It follows the
content of last year‟s delivery plan worksheets, showing our achievements against our plans.
Outcome area - Housing

Our first task was to quantify the problem. We commissioned and completed a survey, which
established the number of properties in disrepair, the number of eyesores and the extent of
poor management within the HMO stock. This has informed the strategy we have now agreed
which consists of various NM funded initiatives:

         Additional enforcement activity against landlords who fail to comply with legal

         Appointment of a Street Improvement Co-ordinator to encourage voluntary
          improvements to private sector housing, impacting on the street scene

Many of the eyesore, disrepairs and HMO non-compliances have been tackled.

The Borough‟s newly agreed private sector housing renewal strategy now clearly focuses on
the needs of the NM area.

The Housing Group has had initial discussions on a Service Agreement.

There has also been ongoing discussion about planning issues relating to density and tenure
mix, which will continue into next year. This will be related to the review of HMO standards
and the findings of the boroughs housing needs survey.

Our private sector tenants group now meets frequently and is contributing towards
discussions on the developing landlord accreditation scheme.

We have had great difficulty establishing how or whether to influence density and mix of
dwellings in the area and this issue and the tenure mix will continue to be examined.
Outcome area - Environment
A Service Agreement is almost in place. The Safe and Clean team has continued throughout
the year to deliver additional, responsive services. Our growing network of street reps
monitors this service and is supported by NM to do this. Cleanliness standards are graded
using the “Encams” gradings and are regularly B (where previously C would have been

The street reps also regularly carry out audits (e.g. gullies, street furniture), which informs
future service plans and resource allocation.
Newly appointed wardens mean that this service now covers the whole of the NM area, using
the Safe and Clean team to respond to problems they identify.

Welcome signs now greet people entering Boscombe.

             Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
The environmental and traffic audit to identify a range of proposals for traffic and pedestrian
safety is about to commence, with an approach that will involve the Council, independent
consultants and the community working together.

Several new schemes have been implemented to ease parking problems and in particular the
Churchill Gardens one-way system is now being implemented, part funded by the Council.
Outcome area - Education and Health
Our combined multi agency health and education group has focused on the problems of
young children entering school. We have identified and funded a series of identified needs:

       Nurture group within St Clements school

       Home family support worker to be shared between St Clements school and Bethany

       Provision of hot school meals in Kings Park primary

We are confident that all of these are sustainable without continued NM funding.

The results of the education transition survey have now been published and lessons learnt
can be disseminated.

Two other pieces of work are also progressing as a result of connections made by NM, which
do not require NM funding:

       Speech and language training provided by the Primary Care Trust for early years
        Special Education Needs workers

       Support for breastfeeding through peer and professional support mechanisms

Through Quick Wins we have secured playground equipment for two local primaries for more
structured activities. We have also established two homework clubs in Boscombe and
Springbourne libraries.

The issue of lack of access to NHS dental services arose from the MORI survey and has been
raised with the PCT and their developing dental plan recognises this as a major issue.

The group are now focusing on the >11 age group with an audit of all available data being
put together from Education, Health and Connexions.
Outcome area - Community Safety
The police led Community Safety Action Group has met regularly through the year and began
discussions on a Service Agreement. A seminar at the end of January ensured consultation
with and “buy in” from residents and a range of agencies in the area. Our Home Office
funded officer will be able to take this agenda forward next year. The seminar established a
clear action plan, with four priority areas identified:

       Drugs, with a specific focus around engaging recovering addicts

            Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
       Community Involvement, with a specific focus around information sharing and public
        perception of the area

       Housing and the Environment, with a specific focus around dealing with HMOs,
        abandoned vehicles and graffiti

       Prostitution

The seminar also provided a model approach to gaining commitment from a range of
agencies and the community and we plan to use this approach for other theme areas next

A pooled budget from NM, Police, Fire and Council, now exists to remove communal vehicles.

The NM area is the one area in Bournemouth where crime levels are dropping, due in the
main to targeted Police activity on drug dealing.

A video on “Living Safely” is being produced with a range of agencies inputting.

The Safer Streets Initiative has surveyed residents in two streets identifying crime and
security concerns which the CSAG are tasked with responding to. Residents were trained to
carry out the survey and worked closely with the Police and Council to gather and analyse the

We have supported the community based Crime Prevention Panel which is now a strong
organisation able to deliver projects contributing to community safety and public reassurance.
Outcome area - Employment

The health and education group has identified getting vulnerable adults into work as a
priority. Statistics quantifying the problem are still outstanding and Job Centreplus has been
tasked with providing robust post-coded data. Without this it will be difficult to target our
work. Four themes emerged at the multi agency problem-solving day: alternative forms of
employment; employers changing recruitment and employment practices; the benefits to
work transition; access to training / volunteering.

In response to this we have agreed funding for a feasibility study into Clouds Working
Recovery (a local addiction treatment service) establishing a “social firm”. However, so far
within our programme employment has not been prioritised and we have not yet established
a group for tackling this issue.

Outcome area – youth and leisure opportunities
The lack of youth provision, highlighted in the original delivery plan, has continued to be of
concern and we have lobbied the Youth Service on this issue as well as working with
voluntary sector providers. Our Youth Action Group are researching needs through the local
secondary schools.

            Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
We have commissioned feasibilities into two buildings in Springbourne, which we believe
could provide community facilities – the unused half of the Springbourne library and the
redundant St Mary‟s Church.

Our sports trailer is now in operation – being run by leisure Services with local people being
trained up to take it out more frequently to community groups next summer.

Cross cutting - Image

We have attempted to change the image of the NM area by employing a PR company to
promote positive stories of NM and the area in the press, TV and radio. Results have been
regular stories in the Daily Echo as well as weekly contributions to their local news columns.
Local radio and TV regularly feature our stories and the “Back off Boscombe” campaign at
“2CRFM” has stopped the derogatory comments about the area reaching the ears of 000‟s of
listeners. Moving from PR to marketing the area will be a priority for next year.

Cross cutting - Private sector
Our PR consultants have acted as a DIY Business Broker. Using their existing links to major
firms and the Dorset and Bournemouth Chambers they are developing links between local
voluntary and community groups (through the Council for Voluntary Services) and the
business sector. Our current Business Board rep is currently vacant but this place signals the
close links we have with the private sector.

Substantial effort on the part of the Community Involvement Officer has resulted in a thriving
Boscombe Traders Group whose achievements to date include:

       A Small Retailers Initiative to establish Boscombe Retailers Against Crime – a data
        sharing protocol with a computer based backup

       A Safe Child Scheme within the Boscombe precinct and Sovereign Shopping Centre

       A commitment to start Sunday trading in the form of a Farmers/Craft market in the
        precinct area

       A commitment to explore the possibility of having a Boscombe Town Centre Manager

Developing a similar structure in Springbourne, using the newly appointed wardens will be a
focus for next year.
Cross cutting - Community Engagement
This year saw our first elections for 4 resident Board members. Seven stood for four places
and 25% of our registered voters returned their ballot papers. This excellent level of interest
(given that only 29% had heard of NM in February) gives the board credibility and support.
The election process focused our minds on promoting NM and reaching the public in a variety
of ways – press articles, radio interviews, advertising at the Post Office and on the back of

           Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
buses, stalls in the shopping precinct and at local fairs over summer as well as the usual
newsletter and posters.

A Tenants Forum now meets six weekly addressing a number of issues and may develop into
an independent group run by and for tenants.

Contact has been established with Wessex Disability who are now actively engaged in the
Street Reps Meetings and the Environment Group, representing the needs of people with
disabilities locally.

The Youth Action Group meet every fortnight and are actively engaged in discussing issues
that are relevant to the area. Early in this next year they will consult within secondary
schools to identify local needs.

The 50+ Forum has been established as a strategic steering group for older people‟s issues, a
topic based agenda has been devised for this year to discuss, health, lifelong learning, social
activities, housing, employment etc. Age Concern Bournemouth is working with NM to
provide „Voices‟ training to people aged 50+ to establish a social/discussion forum for those
living locally.

NM representatives have now made two visits to the Mosque, and the need for community
development work in Boscombe West and Springbourne for this group has been discussed.
The Muslim community would like to build or buy a community and youth centre in the area.

NM has funded a feasibility study by Dorset African Caribbean Association (DACA) to look into
the needs of the significant African Caribbean community locally, with the possibility of a
drop-in centre being set up locally.

Dorset Race Equality Council is in contact with NM providing links and information into other
BME groups locally.

Street Reps who continue to monitor the Safe and Clean project are to receive robust training
through ENCAMs to support their efforts, and a major publicity campaign early in the year
should attract further voluntary support to this group. There is an opportunity for the Street
Reps to become involved in the Environmental Audit and a number of other consultation/
information distribution initiatives.

Cross cutting - Joint working

We have established a number of structures to link service providers and locate services in
the neighbourhood, as follows:

             Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
       A bi monthly “On the Ground Workers” meeting has been established for all staff who
        work on the patch and directly with the public

       The Healthy Living Centre are now located in our offices and the Police, Shelter,
        College and CAB, Pensions Service run regular surgeries

       Our groups and the developing Service Agreements are multi agency

Cross cutting - Raising the profile

Moving in to the NM office on the patch has made NM much more visible. Stalls at community
fairs over summer, stalls in the shopping centre, our high profile election campaign (using
radio, TV, press, bus advertising, Post Office advertising) has resulted in much greater
awareness of NM in the community. Bi - monthly newsletters are delivered to every

In terms of engaging service providers we have focused in particular on our profile within the
Council, given the new administration (May 2003) and Chief Executive (August 2003), for
example inviting the Cabinet, local ward members and the Chief Exec to meet the Board on a
number of occasions.

We made a presentation to the Bournemouth Partnership (LSP) and are a key member of its
developing Communities Tackling Crime Forum and its local Community Safety Action Group.
Cross cutting - Community confidence
Providing one off grants and responding to issues of concern that can be resolved quickly are
key to building community confidence.

The list at Appendix D shows the Community Wins we have granted this year.

       In addition we have responded to a range of issues raise by the community, for
        example: developing ideas to upgrade the bus station and securing resources from
        Marks and Spencers to fund this

       developing plans to prevent anti social behaviour on The Crescent for next summer
        by providing entertainment, making physical changes and increasing enforcement
Cross cutting - Baseline
Weaknesses in our baseline information and consequently target setting were identified
through the Performance Management process. A new appointment of Service Development
Officer seconded from the local authority has now begun to address this issue and work will
be complete towards the end of this (financial) year. The greatest difficulties are with health
and employment statistics for the neighbourhood. Progress is now being made with our
education baseline and work on employment / claimant figures for the area are being

             Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
progressed. The priority after that will be health. Appendix A shows a template for baseline
and target data. Not all the data is yet available but the template shows what we will collect
and monitor through the course of the programme.
Cross cutting - Evaluation
We have appointed independent evaluators whose brief is to:

        Track changes in satisfaction with services and the area

        Evaluate our effectiveness in community engagements

        Evaluate the effectiveness of our mainstreaming

        Provide an advisory role on leverage spend

        Assist in establishing a comprehensive baseline and meaningful targets

Their work will complement the national evaluation and enable us to learn from our ongoing

Cross cutting - Mainstreaming
Our significant achievement this year has been the adoption by the Borough of a Private
Sector Housing Renewal Strategy that clearly recognises the needs of the NM area and
reflects these needs in its priorities and resource allocation.

Other examples include:

        The agreement of a one way scheme around Churchill Gardens with the Borough
         consulting on options and contributing 50% of the funds for the scheme.

        The running of the NM funded Mobile Sports trailer by Leisure Services department
         as an integral part of their local service.

        The adoption by Cleansing and Waste of elements of the NM Safe and Clean scheme
         in another part of the borough.

        The commitment to sustain many initiatives initially funded by NM, such as the
         Nurture Group and Home School Support worker, wardens

Other initiatives
Inevitably issues have arisen through the year that we have become involved in which were
not predicted in last years delivery plan.

We have continued our discussions with Supporting People about the effect of the provision
within the area. We now have a commitment to enable residents groups to have some input
to contract monitoring.

              Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
The NM Boards views have been sought on a number of major issues within the area, e.g.
the development of the Pier and seafront area and the Football Foundation bid for new
facilities at Kings Park.

            Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
3. Next 12 months

Compared to the beginning of the last year we are now more firmly established with service
providers and the community and delivering a range of initiatives, through partner agencies.

Having a new administration provides us with a clear opportunity. The new Chief Exec of the
Council has also shown considerable interest in our work and learning the lessons borough
We have made headway in achieving outcomes on housing and the environment and to some
extent education. Community Safety, Employment and Health have not yet been addressed
with the same focus. Our away day established priorities for next year within and between
theme areas and these are summarised below then explained in more detail in the following

Our new priorities for the forthcoming year are Community Safety and Education. The need
to develop closer links with the recovering community is crucial and will enable us to develop
interventions around employment, possibly for implementation in year 4.

In addition the implementation of our housing and environment programmes are of great
importance but require less developmental work.

Our analysis of health needs must continue so that we can identify interventions for future

Raising the physical standards of properties is our key priority within this theme,
in particular to increase the number of homes achieving the decent homes
standard. With the appointment of the street improvement co-ordinator we have started to
address the problem of the visual impact of properties identified last year in our survey. We
will begin to see real changes as a result of this work. We will also begin to develop much
closer relationships with owners, landlords and tenants enabling us to target advice and
information. This in turn will lead over a longer period to the improvement of standards and
housing quality.

Promoting the accreditation scheme (which should be operational by April 2004), reviewing
HMO standards and maintaining enhanced enforcement levels will also be tasks for the year,
which again will feed in to the longer-term improvements in standards.

The group will continue to develop and implement ideas on education to encourage people to
make good use of and look after their environment, including enhancing recycling (possibly
linked to employment opportunities). Mainstreaming Safe and Clean, currently 100% NM
funded, is also a key target. Transport will be a key focus for the year, linked to the audit

           Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
that will take place in the first quarter of the year. This group will champion the
business broker / town centre management approach as a key priority this year
given the importance of the Boscombe Town centre to the success of the area. In
the longer term the implementation of the recommendations from the audit and ensuring the
sustainability of the current levels of cleanliness are key goals.


Access to NHS dental services and indeed other primary care services were highlighted as
issues at the away day. Until our baseline assessment is updated and priority areas have
been identified, targets cannot be set. This will be established during the first quarter of the
year with input and guidance from GOSW and our evaluators.
A general issue of the need to raise self-esteem and psychological well being, of individuals
and the community, has also been identified as a priority.

The group have begun to focus on the >11 age group although priorities for intervention
have yet to develop. However there are indications from early discussions that developing
work related curriculum and opportunities, out of hours and family learning are areas NM
needs to explore. Developing interventions to provide relevant opportunities and
raise attainment for the secondary school / into work age group will be a key
priority for this forthcoming year, obviously informed by the baseline data schools are
currently providing us with.
Community Safety
Our newly appointed GOSW funded crime and drugs worker provides an opportunity to drive
forward this area of work. Drugs are the biggest concern in the neighbourhood and the
underlying cause of many of the area‟s ills. Disrupting the drugs market, ensuring the success
of people post treatment and assisting those in recovery into work will be priorities. We will
develop a co-ordinated local approach to enforcement, treatment and after -care
support and environmental measures to tackle this issue. We are also keen to forge
an understanding between the non-drug using community and those in recovery. Prostitution
is another area to be tackled through the Community Safety Action Group, identified at the
joint seminar as a major concern.


Our key priority for the forthcoming year will be to focus on vulnerable adults (e.g. mental
health service users, those in recovery) and we will have to agree on a mechanism to
examine these issues – establishing another group being the likely scenario. Closer links
with the recovering community will help us identify necessary interventions. We
will need to maximise take up of the many existing opportunities for training and develop
more opportunities for volunteering and employment using our growing links with business.

            Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
Once again, gathering post-coded baseline data will enable us to clearly target our
interventions. Current data on those signing on as unemployed at the Job Centre is
inadequate and a full analysis of all benefits claimed is now underway.

Youth and leisure opportunities

We are confident that this year will see the building of a “state of the art” skate park in Kings
Park and NM will make a significant be contribution to this. We are however aware that this
area still lacks adequate youth provision and we will work closely with youth services to
increase provision – our community radio project being one example. The St Mary‟s Church
development will, if successful, provide a community facility in Springbourne, as will the
opening up of the unused half of Springbourne library. We will remain involved in other
developments in the area which will also add to provision for young people (Muslim
community centre, new Sea Scouts building, Wellspring Project at St Georges, possible
relocation of the climbing wall, AFC Bournemouth‟s community centre) We will actively
support those schemes where the Board agrees. This will assist in the delivery of our
outcomes. The development of the athletics stadium and the football foundation funded
facilities in Kings Park provide major opportunities and NM will endeavour to ensure these are
accessed widely.

Cross cutting themes

We have made major progress in all of these areas. The detail is set out in the worksheet but
priorities for the year ahead are;

       To start marketing the area and its opportunities

       To draw more and diverse groups into our work

       To ensure our interventions and lobbying result in long-term service improvements,

Processes and activity types

The Pathfinder‟s activities have and will continue to cover the full range of activity types
identified by the NRU for the success of neighbourhood management. An analysis of activity
types appears below and highlights where we may need to refocus our attention.

Changing local services          Examples
Research and analysis            Population turnover research being commissioned
                                 Research into some BME groups‟ needs (Afro-Caribbean)
                                 funded through “community win”
                                 Feasibility into social firm for recovering addicts underway
                                 Environmental audit to commence
                                 Youth group interviewing young people in schools

           Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
Lobbying                          Council successfully lobbied to part fund one way system
                                  Lobbying of youth service for additional provision
Training and development          Board members attend conferences / seminars
                                  Information sessions at Board – DAT, Planning
                                  On the ground workers topic based meetings
                                  Problem solving seminars held for employment and
                                  community safety
                                  Multi agency groups provide information sharing and
                                  understanding between agencies
                                  Learning and development strategy and budget now in place
                                  with training sessions being delivered
Negotiating and monitoring        Environment, housing and community safety SLAs in
SLAs                              negotiation
Piloting services                 Safe and clean, hot school meals, mobile sports trailer, street
                                  improvement co-ordinator - new services introduced by the
Developing new mechanisms         Pooled budget for communal vehicles, info sharing between
for service delivery              police / environmental health re HMO‟s
Improving community
Building capacity                 Board members‟ pre board meetings and training
                                  Traders‟ group and tenants‟ group supported
                                  Street reps‟ trained and regular briefings
Promoting community               Highways involvement in local consultations around parking
development                       and traffic issues – Churchill Gardens, the Boscombe triangle.
                                  Haviland Rd
Improving community               Tenants involved in discussions re accreditation
Delivering quick wins             18 community wins approved for variety of schemes –
                                  homework clubs, improvements in parks, crack cocaine
Learning                          Independent evaluators appointed to the Pathfinder
                                  Performance Management
                                  Board away days
                                  Visits from other pathfinders
                                  Using NRA‟s – specialist housing NRA and education NRA, and
                                  for PMF and delivery plan away day
Changes to services
Changing policies                 Private sector renewal strategy clearly focused on needs of
                                  Pathfinder area
                                  Accreditation scheme now accepted and being developed
Reallocating mainstream           Nurture group, home - school support to be sustained beyond
resources                         tapered NM resources

            Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
                                  Police resources heavily targeted and increased within NM
Reshaping mainstream              Practices from the Safe and Clean team adopted elsewhere in
services                          the borough
Improving service access          CAB, Police, College, Pensions service, Tax officers, Shelter,
                                  deliver surgeries from NM office
This analysis shows that our activities span the full range, however our campaigning and
lobbying activities are less strong. In terms of impact, changes to services are only slowly
beginning to emerge. As we continue to develop SLAs it will become more apparent the
extent to which they are a real tool in achieving service changes. Piloting new services is, at
the moment, the main way in which we are bringing about service changes.

Baseline / targets and outcomes

This area was exposed as being weak during the Performance Management process. Despite
having been identified as a priority for year 2 the lack of staff resources to focus on this area
meant that little progress was made during the first three quarters of the year. A secondee is
now in place and is compiling comprehensive baseline data for our key areas. Our newly
appointed evaluators are also identifying gaps in the baseline and recommending how these
can be filled. They will support the secondee in developing clear targets for our outcome
areas and key performance indicators. An education NRA has also provided a framework for
tracking attainment through school years and the schools are working with us on providing
this data. The 2001 census data is also now available and we are able, as shown in tables in
the first section, to produce reports, which match almost exactly the NM area. The population
turnover research will provide further understanding of local data. 23% of the population
moved the year previous to the MORI survey and this has enormous impact on our baseline

This will mean that from early 2004 and then throughout the programme we will be able to
more clearly monitor the impact of our interventions and target our work towards agreed
priority issues.

The summarised schedule of activity and spend for next, and future, years appear in
appendix F.

            Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
4. Longer term overview

Some existing interventions will continue to be delivered into year 4 e.g. wardens, street
improvement co-coordinator and home school support.

The emphasis in the middle and later years of the Pathfinder will be on ensuring sustainability
of existing interventions.

In terms of mainstreaming, many commitments to sustain current interventions are already in
place, for example we are confident that the pupil family support worker and nurture group
will become permanent features funded within schools‟ budgets. Similarly the local authority
has given a general commitment to sustaining a warden service.

Some considerable effort will though need to be put into mainstreaming during years 3, 4
and 5, for example the NM funded housing enforcement activity and in particular the NM
funded Safe and Clean service.

Some new interventions are still to be developed in year 3 and these may run into years 4 to
5. For example our employment theme is only just taking off and there are developing ideas
around getting vulnerable adults into work. An intervention focused on mental health service
users in being discussed in the Health and Education group. Similarly that group is developing
ideas around work with young people in relation to education, aspirations, attainment and
training. The work of the Home Office secondee, focussing on drugs and crime issues, may
result in some new interventions being developed.

However, in identifying where services need to change the use of leverage funding is only
one element and we will continue to encourage service changes that do not require NM
resources. The development of Service Agreements will be a key mechanism for delivering
this area of work.

We are now better resourced, in terms of staffing, to be able to monitor the effect and
impact of our existing interventions and along with our local evaluation team will be learning
and disseminating the learning from our interventions in future years.

We are also confident that we have a robust baseline in place and clear targets that can be
tracked in the following years.

           Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
Spend will significantly taper away in years 6 and 7. Current projections

                                                          Leverage Spend





                                                                                                    Leverage Spend




                 Year 1      Year 2     Year 3         Year 4          Year 5   Year 6   Year 7
                                                 Pathfinder Lifespan

During year 3 we will begin to consider succession strategy, meaning how the NM approach
can be sustained beyond NRU funding. We will explore models of community development
trusts and link in with ongoing discussions in the local authority about local service delivery
and decision-making. We will involve SRB and Healthy Living Centre in these discussions, as it
is important that their successes are also sustained. We anticipate that during year 4 and 5
there will be considerable focus on this area of work.

In summary we will move from the early years of set up, research and development (years 1
and 2) into delivery (years 2, 3 and 4) and then on to learning and applying lessons and
securing a future for the approach (years 3 and 4 onwards).

                 Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
5. Risk assessment

Risk            Impact                            Likelihood    Imp -      Contingencies / action
                                                  of risk       ortance
                                                                           taken to mitigate risk
Interventio     Short term successes would             M           H       Continue to gain commitment
ns not          not be capitalised on and                                  to mainstream interventions
mainstrea       the outcomes achieved                                      at outset.
med             would not be sustained                                     Continue to ensure shared
                                                                           Ensure leadership of all main
                                                                           agencies (political and
                                                                           administrative) identify
                                                                           closely with NM.
                                                                           Lobby and ensure high profile
                                                                           at Bournemouth Partnership.
                                                                           Use evidence to prove
Structures      As above plus no ability to            M           H       Ensure leadership of all main
and             spread the lessons by                                      agencies (political and
processes       replicating the process in                                 administrative) identify
not             other areas in                                             closely with NM.
mainstrea       Bournemouth.                                               Lobby and ensure high profile
med                                                                        at Bournemouth Partnership.

Continuing      The reputation of the area             H           H       Focus on drugs / crime work
drug            does not improve, crime                                    in 2004/05, identifying
problems        reduction would be hard to                                 activities that will have
in the area     sustain and other drug                                     fundamental impact.
undermine       related indices (health)
other           would remain of concern.
Lack of         The issues addressed by                M           H       Outreach with service users
involveme       the pathfinder would be                                    of addiction treatment /
nt of most      steered towards those                                      aftercare.
excluded        affecting the least                                        Develop tenants‟ group.
                disadvantaged or would                                     Street Improvement Co-
                lack input from certain                                    ordinator to make more links
                groups.                                                    with those in “worst”
Partners        No impact on service areas             M           H       Analyse strengths and
not on          where partners not                                         weaknesses in partnership,
board           engaged                                                    understand motivations, and
                                                                           identify shared agendas.
                                                                           Sell NM as opportunity.
Unfulfilled     Loss of confidence of the              M           M       Be clear about what can be
expectatio      community.                                                 achieved in what timescale
ns                                                                         Communicate success
                                                                           Quick wins
                                                                           Capacity building
Population      Achievements are not                   H           H       Turnover research will enable
turnover        reflected in statistics                                    us to understand this
                                                                           potential effect
                                                                           Aim to reduce turnover

              Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
6. Development of the partnership
We believe that the basic structure of our partnership is sound. However there are a few
areas where some development is needed:

       Co-options. In order to better reflect the community it serves the Board has
        recently discussed the need for co-optees. It is therefore likely to expand in number
        by appointing up to 3 co-optees.

       Key officers. This group met infrequently during the first half of 2003/04.
        Membership fluctuated, was sometimes not senior enough and often duplicated
        attendance at our Groups. This Key Officer group therefore needs reviewing so that it
        has a clear and focused role and relevant membership.

       Employment theme. If we are to pursue this area of work we will need a structure
        to take this forward.

       Community sounding board. The delivery plan away day identified the need for a
        mid year away day to review progress. In addition a “community sounding board”
        annual meeting would provide broader formal feedback to our planning process,
        involving local “activists” involved in NM, if not part of our main structures.

       Joint seminars. Learning from the success of the CSAG seminar we will use this
        approach on a number of issues throughout the year.

We continue to work closely with SRB and HLC. All managers meet regularly, some Board
members sit on two Boards and observers sit on each other‟s Boards. Our joint away day in
March identified areas where closer working can be achieved and this will be progressed
through the year. In particular, the need for a joint succession strategy was highlighted and
will be developed through the year.

           Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
7. Appendices

  A. Floor targets and NM baseline

  B. Census fact sheet for NM area

  C. Structure

  D. Quick wins approved to date

  E. Leverage schemes approved to date

  F. Worksheets:
     i          Summary Work Plan for 2004-05 – including targets
     ii         Spending Plan for 2004 - 05
     iii        M&A 2004-2007
     iv         Medium Term Spending Outline
     v          Longer-Term Spending Outline
  G. Map

           Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
            Appendix A - NM baseline and floor targets

Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
 NM baseline and floor targets
The floor targets represent both central and local government targets. Central government
targets may not have an appropriate baseline accompanying them as we are still in the
process of gathering data. Likewise the data in the baseline may not directly correspond to a
floor target but it is important in understanding the local issues and problems in the NM area.
It is important to understand that we are still awaiting some data and the data collection will
continue over the coming months.

Floor Targets                     Baseline
 Meet statutory minimum           160 properties in disrepair. (i)
   standards for housing-          465 property eyesores. (i)
   properties must be              39.2% of properties are privately rented (11.9%
   structurally sound, free          nationally) (ii)
   from damp and disrepair         Approximately 400 HMO‟s in the NM area, 40% of the
   and have adequate                 Borough total. (v)
   heating, lighting,              37% of accommodation is part of a converted or shared
   ventilation, cooking              house (including bedsits) (4.4% nationally) (ii)
   facilities, drainage and        4.6% of households lacking or sharing own
   suitable toilet and               bath/shower and/or WC (0.5% nationally) (ii)
   bathroom facilities.            17.2% of households have no central heating (8.5%
 Properties should have             nationally). (ii)
   reasonable modern               34% of households renting privately do not have sole
   facilities and services- its      use of bath/shower and toilet and central heating (18%
   kitchen, bathroom and             nationally) (ii)
   toilet should be                Average household size is 1.9 (2.4 nationally) (ii)
   reasonably modern and           21.2% of households are overcrowded (7% nationally)
   should be of adequate              (ii)
   size and have reasonable          Boscombe West ranks 247 on the Rank of Multiple
   noise insulation.                  Deprivation Domain for housing out of 8,414 wards in
 Properties should provide           England (1 being the most deprived). (iii)
   a reasonable degree of            23% of people had lived at their current address for
   thermal comfort- it                less than one year. (iv)
   should be reasonably              47.5% of households are one person households.
   warm for those that live           (35.3% in Bournemouth, 29.6% in South West, 30%
   in it.                             nationally) (ii)
                                     Census data shows 229 (2.3%) of properties were
                                      unoccupied second residences/holiday accommodation
                                      and 693 (7.0%) were vacant properties. Nationally the
                                      figures are 0.7% and 3.2% respectively.(iia)

Floor Targets                     Baseline
 Reduce fuel poverty              66% of people cite litter and rubbish in the streets as a
   among vulnerable                  problem. (iv)
   households by improving         60% of residents satisfied with the quality of the street
   energy efficiency.                environment in the NM area. (iv)
                                   61% of residents satisfied with the quality of the
                                     maintenance of footpaths and pavements. (iv)
                                   61% of people cite abandoned cars as a problem for
                                     the area. (iv)
   By 2010 increase usage         259 abandoned vehicles removed from the Boscombe
    of local public transport        area between Nov 2002 and Oct 2003. (v)
    by 12% against year            36.9% of households without a car (26.8% nationally).
    2000 levels.                      (ii)
   Increase by 2003 the             Car Parks available at the Sovereign Centre (620
    recycling and composting          spaces), Palmerston Road (94 Spaces), Hawkwood

           Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
    of household waste as             Road (486 spaces), Kings Park (700 spaces approx.)
    set out in the                    and at Boscombe Pier/Overstrand (313 spaces) (v)
    Government‟s Waste
    Strategy, with 17% of
    household waste to be
    recycled or composted by

Floor Targets                     Baseline
 60% of pupils achieving          65% of pupils at Avonbourne achieving 5 or more
   5 or more GCSE‟s grades           GCSE‟s grade‟s A-C 2003. (vi)
   A-C (or equivalent)             37% of pupils at Porchester achieving 5 or more GCSE‟s
   2004/5                            grades A-C 2003.
                                     (54.6% LEA average, 52.9% nationally) (vi)

   85% of pupils achieving          Bethany COE achieving 73% Level 4 in Key Stage 2
    Level 4 or above in Key           Mathematics 2003. (vi)
    stage 2 Mathematics              Kings Park Primary achieving 62% Level 4 in Key Stage
    2004/05                           2 Mathematics 2003. (vi)
                                      (70.8% LEA average, 73% Nationally)

   88% of pupils achieving          Bethany COE achieving 86% Level 4 in Key Stage 2
    Level 4 or above in Key           English 2003. (vi)
    stage 2 English 2004/5           Kings Park Primary achieving 81% Level 4 in Key Stage
                                      2 English 2003.
                                      (78.4% LEA average, 75% Nationally) (vi)

   Reduce by at least 40%           42.7% of people aged 16-74 who lack NVQ2 or
    number of adults in the           equivalent qualifications (45.6% nationally) (ii)
    UK workforce who lack
    NVQ2 or equivalent by

   By 2004 to reduce school         Avonbourne School- 6.9% of half days missed due to
    truancies by 10%                  authorised absence, 0.2% due to unauthorised
    compared to 2002, and             absence. (2003). (vi)
    sustain the new lower            Porchester School- 8.4% of half days missed due to
    level, and improve                authorised absence, 1.6% due to unauthorised
    overall attendance levels         absence. (2003). (vi)
    thereafter.                      Kings Park Primary- 6.2% of half days missed due to
                                      authorised absence, 0.2% due to unauthorised
  Percentage of half days            absence. (2003). (vi)
   missed due to                     Bethany COE School- 5.6% of half days due to
   unauthorised absence in            authorised absence, 0.2% due to unauthorised
a) Secondary schools 0.6%             absence. (2003). (vi)
b) Primary schools 0.3%
   maintained by the                 Porchester School- 0.9% pupils with SEN with
   authority (based on                statements; 15.6% with SEN but without statements.
   2001-02 absence return)            (2003). (vi)
                                     Avonbourne School- 0.1% pupils with SEN with
                                      statements; 14.3% with SEN but without statements.
                                      (2003). (vi)
                                     Kings Park Primary- 1.7% with SEN with statements;
                                      33.4% with SEN but without statements. (2003). (vi)

           Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
                                     Bethany COE School- 0.6% with SEN with statements;
                                      17.7% with SEN without statements. (2003). (vi)

Floor Targets                     Baseline
 By 2010 reduce mortality         Boscombe West ranks 125 on the Index of Multiple
   rates from major killers:         Deprivation 2000 for health deprivation out of 8,414
1. Heart Disease by 40% in           wards (1 being the most deprived). (iii)
   under 75‟s                      Boscombe West had highest number of deaths of all
2. Cancer by 20% in under            ages/sexes per Borough ward in 2002. ***
   75‟s                            33.5% long term illness within household. (ii)
3. Suicide/undetermined            21.2% of households overcrowded (7.0% nationally).
   injury by 20%                      (ii)
 By 2005 reduce                     13% of people cite dentists as a hard to access service
   maximum wait for                   (9% nationally). (iv)
   outpatient appointments           Of those services people found hard to access reasons
   to 3 months. Reduce                cited were "“none around here/too far away/distance
   maximum wait for                   involved” 53% and “Too expensive/can‟t afford to use
   inpatient treatment to 6           them” 17%. (iv)
   months.                           Of 25 local dentists only 2 were accepting NHS paying
 Guaranteed access to                patients in February 2004. (vii)
   primary care professional
   within 24 hours and to
   primary care doctor
   within 48 hours by 2004.
 Reduce the number of
   people killed or seriously
   injured in Great Britain in
   road accidents by 40%,
   and the number of
   children killed or
   seriously injured by 50%,
   by 2010 compared with
   the average for 1994-8,
   tackling the significantly
   higher incidence in
   communities (SR2000
   target rolled forward with
   new enhanced element
   to tackle the particular
   road safety problems in
   disadvantaged areas).
 Improve life outcomes of           East Bournemouth CMHT had 204 adult mentally ill
   adults and children with           service users ADDITIONAL DATA TO FOLLOW
   mental health problems
   through year on year
   improvements in access
   to crisis and CAMHS
   services, and reduce the
   mortality rate from
   suicide and
   undetermined injury by
   at least 20% by 2010.
 Increase the participation         5 residential rehabilitation centres in Bournemouth
   of problem drug users in           offering 63 beds, of which 4 are in Boscombe offering

           Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
    drug treatment                    45 beds. Demand for beds mean that they are in
    programmes by 55% by              continual use therefore a minimum of 273 persons
    2004 and by 100% by               coming to Bournemouth for treatment, 195 to
    2008 and increase year            Boscombe. Of those leaving treatment at least 30% will
    on year the proportion of         remain in the Borough. (viii)
    users successfully               471 Bournemouth individuals presented for treatment
    sustaining or completing          between 01.04.03 and 30.09.03. (viii)
    treatment programmes.            3 deaths in the NM area due to Heroin Overdoses in
                                      2003 ( 13 in the Borough in 2002/03). (ix)
                                     High levels of drug dependency (50% of injecting drug
                                      users Dorset Wide in the NM area). (viii)

   Enhance the take-up of           71% of people satisfied with the quality of parks or
    sporting opportunities by         other open spaces in the NM area. (iv)
    5-16 year olds by
    increasing the
    percentage of school
    children who spend a
    minimum of two hours
    each week on high
    quality PE and school
    sport within and beyond
    the curriculum from 25%
    in 2002 to 75% by 2006.

           Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
Community Safety
Floor Targets                    Baseline
 Reduce          domestic        30 roads in Boscombe Centre had more than 1 dwelling
   burglary by 25%                  burglary (Nov 02- Oct 03). (x)
                                  4 roads had 10 or more dwelling burglaries. (x)
                                  10 roads had 5-9 dwelling burglaries. (x)
                                  16 roads had 2-4 dwelling burglaries. (x)
                                  53% of people cited burglary as a problem in the NM
                                    area. 23% were dissatisfied with the way burglary was
                                    being dealt with. (iv)
   Reduce vehicle crime by       54% of people cited car crime as a problem in the NM
    30%                             area. 38% were dissatisfied with the way car crime was
                                    being dealt with. (iv)
   Reduce levels of anti-
    social behaviour caused
     Noisy neighbours               21% of people cited that there was a problem with
    and loud parties                  neighbours in the NM area. 38% were dissatisfied with
                                      the way problems with neighbours was being dealt with.
     Teenagers hanging              41% of people cited teenagers hanging around on the
    around the streets                streets as a problem. 46% were dissatisfied with the way
                                      teenagers hanging around on the streets were being
                                      dealt with. (iv)
     Rubbish or litter              66% of people cited rubbish or litter lying around as a
    lying around                      problem in the NM area. 45% were dissatisfied with the
                                      way rubbish or litter lying around was being dealt with.

     Vandalism, graffiti or         56% of people cited vandalism and graffiti as a problem
    other damage to                   in the NM area. 34% were dissatisfied with the way
    property                          vandalism and graffiti was being dealt with. (iv)
     Racist                         9% of people cited racist attacks/harassment as a
    attacks/harassment                problem in the NM area. (iv)
     People using or                64% of people cited drug dealing and usage as a problem
    dealing with drugs                in the NM area. 42% were dissatisfied with the way that
     People being drunk              drug dealing and usage are being dealt with. (iv)
    or rowdy
                                     37% of people cited violent crime as a problem in the NM
                                      area. 37% were dissatisfied with the way violent crime
   Improving the                     was being dealt with. (iv)
    performance of all police
    forces, and significantly
    reduce the performance
    gap between the best
    and worst performing
    forces; and significantly
    increase the proportion
    of time spent on
    frontline duties.
   To reduce the harm               Average spend per week on all drugs per week £312 in
    caused by drugs by                2001, £431 in 2002/3. (xi)
    reducing the use of Class
    A drugs and the frequent
    use of any illicit drug
    among all young people
    under the age of 25,
    especially by the most

           Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
    vulnerable young people.

Floor Targets                    Baseline
 Over the three years to         7.9% of economically active 50-74 year olds unemployed
   Spring 2006 increase the          (1.7% nationally) (ii)
   employment rates of            58.1% of lone parents are not in employment (50.1%
   disadvantaged areas and           nationally) (ii)
   groups, taking account         8.4% of economically active people have limiting long
   of the economic cycle-            term illness (7.1% nationally) (ii)
   lone    parents,    ethnic     43.2% of economically inactive people have limiting long
   minorities, people aged           term illness (38% nationally) (ii)
   50 and over, those with        7.7% of NM population unemployed in April 2001
   the lowest qualifications,        (nationally 5.0%). (ii)
   and people in the 30           25.5% of people have no qualifications. (ii)
   local authority districts      12.7% of people employed in hotel and catering
   with the poorest initial          occupations (4.8% nationally). (ii)
   labour market provision,       8.8% of people employed in financial intermediation
   and significantly reduce          occupations (4.7% nationally). (ii)
   the difference between         From those declaring themselves unemployed in the 2001
   their employment rates            census:
   and the overall rate.            4.6% had never worked
                                    28% last worked in 2001
                                    31% last worked in 2000
                                    23% last worked in 1996-1999
                                    12.7% last worked before 1996. (ii)
                                  From those declaring themselves economically inactive:
                                    12.8% had never worked
                                    7% last worked in 2001
                                    15.1% last worked in 2000
                                    22.2% last worked 1996-1999
                                    42.8% last worked before 1996. (ii)
                                  22.3% of families with dependent children had no
                                     working parents. (ii)
                                  631 registered unemployed at Boscombe jobcentre in
                                     October 2003; 183 had registered over 6 months ago; 68
                                     registered over 12 months ago. (xii)
                                  Boscombe West ranks 241 on the Index of Multiple
                                     Deprivation for Employment out of 8,414 wards (1 being
                                     the most deprived). (iii)


(i) Housing Survey commissioned by Neighbourhood Management in 2003.
(ii) 2001 Census, ONS, Crown Copyright.
(iia) The Census information relating to unoccupied properties would rely on the enumerator‟s
judgement on whether a property was a second residence/holiday home or vacant.
(iii) Index of Multiple Deprivation 2000, DETR.
(iv) NOP/MORI survey of Neighbourhood Management pathfinders.
(v) Bournemouth Borough Council, personal correspondence.
(vi) LEA performance tables,
(vii) NHS Direct,
(viii) Bournemouth DAT.
(ix) H.M. Coroner‟s Office, Bournemouth, personal correspondence.
(x) Dorset Police Crime figures.
(xi) Griffiths, L. (2003) “An assessment of Crack Cocaine within Dorset”. Dorset Police.
(xii) Data from Jobcentre plus.

           Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
            Appendix B - Census fact sheet for NM area

Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
                               Census Fact Sheet for NM Area

The area has a resident population of 18,406 and an average household size of 1.9, smaller
than the Borough figure of 2.1. The area has a smaller under 18 population and a much
larger 18-44 year old population than the comparison areas. Although the non-white
population is smaller than for England and Wales as a whole, within the Borough it is one of
the more ethnically diverse areas.

Unemployment is higher than the Borough as a whole as well as the comparison areas.

Owner occupation is lower in this area than in Bournemouth but the area has a large private
rental sector. The majority of accommodation is in either purpose built converted flats or

There are fewer households with dependent children than in other areas and a significant
proportion of households lacking or sharing facilities. Around 37% of households are without
a car, which is significantly higher than local or national figures. The percentage of
households that are considered to be living in overcrowded conditions is three times that of
England and Wales.

There are more people employed in hotels and catering than in the Borough as a whole and
more people employed in financial intermediation than in England and Wales.

Population and Households

                       NM Area         Bournemouth           South West          England & Wales
Resident Population      18,406            163,444             4,928,434             52,041,916
Males                     9,163             78,434             2,396,415             25,325,926
Females                   9,243             85,010             2,532,019             26,715,990

Households                8,900             72,212              2,085,984             21,660,475
Persons           in     17,176             158,036             4,812,072             51,107,639
Persons   not     in      1,232              5,408               116,362                934,277

Age Structure

                   NM Area               Bournemouth           South West           England        &
0 – 15 (%)                14.2                  16.7                  19.0                20.2
16 – 17 (%)                1.4                   2.0                   2.4                 2.5
18 – 44 (%)               46.2                  38.3                  34.7                37.5
45 – 64 (%)               20.4                  22.1                  25.2                23.8
65 – 84 (%)               14.3                  17.4                  16.2                14.0
85 & above (%)             3.4                   3.6                   2.5                 1.9

           Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05

                     NM Area              Bournemouth           South West           England          &
White      British         88.6                  92.5                  95.4                87.0
White Irish (%)             1.2                   1.0                  0.7                     1.3
White Other (%)             5.5                   3.2                  1.6                     2.7
White & Black               0.4                   0.3                  0.3                     0.5
Caribbean (%)
White & Black               0.3                   0.2                  0.1                     0.2
African (%)
White & Asian               0.4                   0.4                  0.2                     0.4
Other Mixed (%)             0.5                   0.4                  0.2                     0.3
Black Caribbean             0.3                   0.1                  0.3                     1.1
Black     African           0.5                   0.2                  0.1                     1.0
Black Other (%)             0.0                   0.0                  0.0                     0.2
Indian (%)                  0.2                   0.3                  0.3                     2.1
Pakistani (%)               0.0                   0.1                  0.1                     1.4
Bangladeshi (%)             0.1                   0.1                  0.1                     0.6
Other Asian (%)             0.2                   0.2                  0.1                     0.5
Chinese (%)                 0.8                   0.4                  0.3                     0.4
Other     Groups            1.0                   0.6                  0.2                     0.4

Economic Activity

                     NM Area              Bournemouth           South West           England      &
Economically               8,996                76,553              2,386,266          25,022,204
Full-time                  58.0                  56.8                  57.9                    60.9
employees (%)
Part-time                  14.3                  17.8                  19.6                    17.7
Employees (%)
Self    Employed           13.2                  14.7                  14.9                    12.4
Unemployed in               7.7                   4.6                  3.8                     5.0
April 2001 (%)
Economically               4,965                40,760              1,148,192            12,585,234
Retired as % of            10.6                  14.8                  15.5                    13.6
all aged 16-74

            Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
Tenure of Household

                      NM Area             Bournemouth           South West           England          &
Owner                      50.8                  69.5                  73.1                68.9
Occupiers (%)
Renting Privately          39.2                  20.0                  13.4                    11.9
Renting Publicly           10.0                  10.5                  13.5                    19.2

Accommodation Type

                      NM Area             Bournemouth           South West           England          &
Detached (%)               11.9                  35.3                  30.9                22.8
Semi-detached              10.5                  14.3                  27.9                31.6
Terraced                    9.4                   6.7                  23.8                    26.0
(including     end
terrace) (%)
Purpose       built        26.5                  22.7                  10.0                    13.6
block of flats or
tenement (%)
Part      of     a         37.3                  17.5                  5.2                     4.4
converted       or
shared       house
(including     bed
sits) (%)
Flat; maisonette            4.6                   2.8                  1.3                     1.1
or apartment: In
building (%)
Caravan or other            0.1                   0.6                  0.8                     0.4
mobile          or
structure (%)


                      NM Area             Bournemouth           South West           England          &
No Qualifications          25.5                  25.1                  26.2                29.1
Qualifications up          50.4                  50.2                  47.8                    44.2
to or equivalent
to „A‟ level (%)
With a Higher              17.7                  17.6                  18.8                    19.8

            Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
Household Characteristics

                     NM Area              Bournemouth           South West           England          &
Lone Pensioner             15.2                  17.5                  15.5                14.4
Long-term                  33.5                  34.1                  33.1                    34.0
Illness    within
Household (%)
Lone      Parents           6.9                   5.9                  5.4                     6.5
Dependent                  18.6                  23.3                  27.3                    29.5
Children (%)
Lacking        or           4.6                   1.4                  0.5                     0.5
Sharing      own
and/or WC (%)
Without a Car              36.9                  25.1                  20.2                    26.8
With 2 or more             17.3                  28.2                  33.6                    29.4
Cars (%)
Average                     2.1                   2.2                  2.3                     2.4
Household Size
Average                     N/A                   5.0                  5.5                     5.3
numbers        of
rooms         per
Overcrowded                21.2                  10.2                  5.0                     7.0
Households (%)

Occupational Characteristics

                     NM Area              Bournemouth           South West           England          &
   Managers &              15.4                  15.1                  14.5                15.1
  Senior Officials
   Professional             8.3                   9.9                  10.3                    11.2
Occupations (%)
    Associate              14.2                  14.1                  13.6                    13.8
 Professional and
Occupations (%)
Administrative &           13.3                  14.1                  12.8                    13.3
Occupations (%)
  Skilled Trades           10.4                  11.9                  13.3                    11.6
Occupations (%)
 Personal Service           8.2                   7.7                  7.2                     6.9
Occupations (%)
Sales & Customer            9.2                   9.6                  8.0                     7.7
Occupations (%)
 Process; Plant &           6.4                   5.9                  8.1                     8.5
 Operatives (%)
   Elementary              14.5                  11.6                  12.2                    11.9
Occupations (%)

            Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
Employment Categories

                      NM Area             Bournemouth           South West           England          &
Agriculture;                0.3                   0.6                  2.6                 1.5
hunting; forestry
& fishing (%)
Mining           &           -                    0.1                  0.3                     0.3
quarrying (%)
Manufacturing               8.9                   9.9                  13.9                    15.0
Electricity; gas &          0.3                   0.4                  0.8                     0.7
water       supply
Construction                6.0                   7.3                  7.2                     6.8
Wholesale        &         17.6                  18.4                  17.1                    16.8
retail       trade;
repair of motor
vehicles (%)
Hotels           &         12.7                   7.7                  5.6                     4.8
catering (%)
Transport                   7.5                   6.8                  6.2                     7.0
storage          &
Financial                   8.8                   9.2                  4.3                     4.7
Real        estate;        10.5                  11.4                  11.4                    13.0
renting          &
activities (%)
Public       sector        21.6                  22.5                  25.6                    24.3
Other (%)                   5.9                   5.8                  4.9                     5.2

Explanatory Notes:
Age Structure
These factsheets use the Key Statistics produced by ONS which do not include an age and
gender split therefore retirement age is assumed to 65 for males and females.

Statistics in the England and Wales column refer to England only.

Economic Activity
Refers to population aged 16-74
For the Census part-time is defined as working 30 hours or less a week. Full-time is defined
as working 31 or more hours a week.

Accommodation Type
In commercial building includes in an office building or hotel or over a shop.

Household Characteristics

            Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
The statistics on car ownership include any company car or van when available for private
Overcrowded households are those defined as having 1 or more rooms too few.
A dependent child is a person in a household aged 0-15 (Whether or not in a family) or a
person aged 16-18 who is a full time student and in a family with parent(s).

Occupational Characteristics
Refers to the population aged 16-74.

Employment Categories
Refers to the population aged 16-74.
Other includes: other community; social and personal service activities; private households
with employed persons and extra-territorial organisations and bodies.

Refers to the population aged 16-74

Source: 2001 Census, ONS, Crown Copyright.

           Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
                         Appendix C - Structure

Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West
Structure Chart

                                                                                                                         Tackling Crime
 Communications                       Neighbourhood Management Board
 Board members                        8 residents, 3 service providers, 1 x voluntary, 1 x
 Staff                                business, 1 x faith and 1 x elected member

     Housing Group              Environment Group                          Health and                                   Community Safety
 Residents, tenants,
                                                                         Education Group                                  Action Group
                                Residents, highways,
 environmental health,          cleansing and waste,
 landlords, planning                                                  Residents, health, social                  Residents, police, community
                                wardens, parks                        services, schools, early                   safety, DAT
                                                                      years, youth service,
                                                                      voluntary sector

                                                        Boscombe                        Tenants
   Street Reps               Youth                                                                                      50 +
                                                        Traders                         Forum

                                     Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
                  Appendix D – Quick Wins To Date

Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
Quick Wins approved to date

Quick Win                        Aim/Purpose                                                    Status
Age Concern - Voices             To assist with older people group set-up                       Ongoing

Alleyway Trust                   To assist with training costs for those working with drug      Ongoing

Bins                             To provide additional bins around the NM area                  Completed

Boscombe Area Crime
Prevention Panel                 To assist with set up costs of panel                           Ongoing

Boscombe Family Drop In          Funding for Manager for centre which provides a safe
                                 environment for families in the NM area                        Completed

Boscombe in Bloom                Assistance with costs to improve the look of the precinct in the Completed
                                 summer months.

Boscombe KeyRing Network         To help with costs of developing a film to show life in the NM Ongoing
                                 area for those with learning disabilities

Boscombe Library Homework To provide a PC and assist with publicity for club                    Completed

Citizens Advice Outreach         To provide CAB services in the NM area                         Ongoing

Communal vehicles                Removal of communal vehicles                                   Completed

Dance Bytes                      Provide range of cultural dance activities for young people    Completed

Homes for Birds and Bats         The purchase of bird and bat boxes to encourage new species
                                 into the Boscombe Chine gardens                             Completed

Kings Park Classic Car           To assist with local event for the community                   Completed

New Platform                     To assist with project costs for New Platform, a young people
                                 and families project that offers support and informal         Completed
                                 educational programmes.

Next Step                        Contribution to Shelley Manor feasibility                      Completed

Playtime - Kings Park            Purchase of play equipment to encourage social interaction
                                 during break times                                             Completed

Playtime - St Clements           Purchase of play equipment to improve behaviour during play Completed

Roumelia Lane                    To provide a youth mural project, hiding a notorious eye sore Completed

                            To provide a PC for the centre which supports families with         Completed
Springbourne Family Support pre-school children living in poor accommodation

            Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
Springbourne Homework Club To provide a PC and assist with publicity for club                     Completed

St George's Holiday Club         To assist with costs of providing a safe environment for
                                 children during the holidays                                     Completed

The Brownie Adventure            To provide funding for training to build confidence and skills   Completed

The Next Stage                   To assist with costs of running training workshops              Ongoing
                                 To assist with purchase of vehicle to enable access to training
Vita Nova                        for this addiction recovery drama group                         Completed

Vivid Imaginations Film
                                 To assist with making a film on issues of teenage pregnancy      Completed

WARA - Community Notice          To provide a community notice board                              Completed

            Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
        Appendix E - Leverage schemes approved to date

Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
                          Leverage Schemes Approved to Date


Initiative Name                  Aim/Purpose                                                 Status

Safe and Clean                   To provide additional cleaning services in the NM area      Ongoing

Environmental Audit              To audit the NM area to identify an environmental action    Ongoing

Churchill Gardens                To provide a one-way system requested by residents          Completed

Signs                            To provide welcoming signage and identity                   Completed

Communal Vehicles                The removal of communal vehicles from the NM area           Completed


Initiative Name                  Aim/Purpose                                                 Status

Decent Homes Grant               To enable landlords and homeowners to bring their homes Ongoing
                                 up to the Decent Home Standard

                                 To tackle problem properties identified in the survey,
Street Improvement               reducing eyesores and disrepair by encouraging voluntary Ongoing
Coordinator                      improvements

Enforcement Officer              To enhance the local authorities HMO enforcement team       Ongoing

Housing – surveyor               To carry out a housing survey to inform our housing         Completed


Initiative Name                  Aim/Purpose                                                 Status

HO Secondee                      To employ an officer to take a lead on drugs and crime      Ongoing
                                 issues in the NM area

Wardens                          To address issues such as fear of crime, anti social        Ongoing
                                 behaviour, environmental issues etc.

          Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05

Initiative Name                   Aim/Purpose                                                 Status

Nurture Group                     To encourage children with additional needs to develop      Ongoing
                                  emotionally, academically, socially, and behaviourally

Sports Trailer                    To promote sport and leisure and encourage participation
                                  in the NM area                                           Ongoing
                                  To fund a worker shared by two primary schools acting as
Home School Support               a link between families and the school and other service Ongoing

Hot school meals                  To assist with set up costs to enable the primary school    Completed
                                  to provide hot school meals


Initiative Name                   Aim/Purpose                                                 Status

Training and Development          To provide learning and development opportunities to the Ongoing
                                  NM community

Service Development Officer       To assist with the gathering and collating of baseline data Ongoing
                                  and work with agencies on service development

Evaluation - St Marys             Feasibility study for use of redundant church by voluntary Ongoing
                                  and community groups

PR company                        To raise the profile of NM and improve the image of the     Ongoing

Evaluation of NM                  To learn from our activities                                Ongoing

Promotional Material              To increase the awareness of NM in the local area           Completed

                                  Pot of money to allow for research and feasibility studies
Research and Feasibility          to occur – accessed by Dorset Afro Caribbean Association
                                  and Clouds Working Recovery                                Ongoing

Youth Limousine                   To provide a vehicle dedicated to enabling wider activities Completed
                                  for the young people of the NM area

           Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
Appendix F - Spreadsheets

         Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
Appendix F (i) Summary Work plan for 2004-05

BASELINE ISSUE                        TARGETS           INTERVENTIONS                                       MILESTONES / OUTPUTS                          LEAD
External standards: 160               Reduction to      Street Improvement Co-ordinator                     Target streets identified April 04            NM
properties in disrepair               100               encouraging improvements to properties              X properties improved by Q3
External standards: 465 property      Reduction to      Street Improvement Co-ordinator                     Target streets identified April 04            NM
eyesores                              300               encouraging improvements to properties              X properties improved by Q3
Approximately 200 HMO‟s in the        NM funded         NM funded Enforcement Officer – ¾ budget                                                          EH
NM area non compliant with            Enforcement       carried over
regulation Scheme or non              Officer to        Appraisal of continuation of scheme for             Board decision by May 04
compliant and identified in the       achieve           further year/s.
housing survey as in disrepair.       compliance
                                      with scheme
                                      and other
                                      standards in at
                                      least 30
22% (2050) of private                 Improve 8         Decent Homes Grants - Street Improvement            Grants advertised by April 04                 EH
properties in the NM area fail to     private           co-ordinator encouraging take up
meet the Decent Homes                 properties in
Standards                             the NM area,
                                      occupied by
                                      groups to the
                                      Decent Home
                                      through the
                                      grant scheme.
Additional activity contributing to   20 landlords      Accreditation scheme, NM encouraging                Scheme launched in quarter 1                  EH
strategy                              accredited,       landlords and tenants to join.
                                                                                                            Applications received in quarter 2
                                      covering 50
                                      properties, 25                                                        Landlords and tenants accredited in quarter
                                      of which are in                                                       3.

                                             Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
                                      the NM area.      NM to support the development of the                 Forum members doubled by the end of the        NM
                                                        Tenants Forum into an independent body.              year
                                      10 tenants
                                      accredited, 5                                                          Forum becomes independent within the
                                      of which are in                                                        year
                                      the NM area.
                                                        Service Agreement                                    In place by Quarter 3                          NM
HMO     House in Multiple Occupation       EH        Environmental Health

BASELINE ISSUE                        TARGETS                 INTERVENTIONS                                    MILESTONES / OUTPUTS                          LEAD
60% satisfied with quality of         65% satisfied with      Safe and Clean team                              Street rep training                           C&WS
street environment                    the quality of the      Street reps                                      Growth in numbers of street reps              NM
                                      environment                                                              Mainstreaming of Safe and Clean –
                                                                                                               commitment in place by BBC by end of
66% site litter and rubbish as a      60% or less citing
problem                               litter and rubbish as
                                      a problem
% of street rep returns show          Maintain % at
streets at grade A / B*               grades A and B
61% of people cite abandoned          50% or less citing      Removal of abandoned vehicles by local           70% of abandoned vehicles to be removed       C&WS
vehicles as a problem                 abandoned vehicles      authority and “end of life” scheme               within 3 working days from initial report.
                                      as a problem.
                                                              Removal of communal vehicles through             Removal of communal vehicles when
                                                              pooled budget                                    identified.
Additional activity contributing to                           Development of town centre                       Exploration of Southampton business broker    NM
strategy                                                      management / business broker approach            approach. Quarter 1.
                                                                                                               Approach and funding agreed by Quarter 4.
                                                              Development of recycling activities              Paint recycling operational Quarter 4.        NM
                                                              Environment and highways audit,                  Audit complete and action plan in place       NM
                                                              leading to action plan setting out               September 04.
                                                              required improvements
                                                              Service Agreement                                Agreed Quarter 1                              NM

                                              Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
                                                         Education to encourage people to make            Work in schools, community groups and         NM
                                                         better use of / look after their                 Agenda 21 officer - to be determined

Key     C&WS Cleansing and Waste Services               * ENCAMS gradings (Environmental Campaigns, ex Keep Britian Tidy) – awaiting percentage figures

BASELINE ISSUE                    TARGETS                INTERVENTIONS                                   MILESTONES / OUTPUTS                           LEAD
Early years Attainment Goals –    Increases              Nurture Group                                   To be agreed as apart of the evaluation        StC
awaiting figures from schools                                                                            currently taking place
                                                         Pupil Family Support                            First year review March 05                     StC
                                                         Hot school meals                                2 year pilot April                             KP
                                                                                                         Full school roll out Sept 04
“Added value” results @           To be determined,      To be determined, if appropriate, via           To be determined, if appropriate, via health   NM
secondary schools – partially     if appropriate, via    health and education group                      and education group
available but figures to be       health and
completed                         education group
Transition                        Continue the           Continued implementation and                    Heads meeting Quarter 1                        NM
                                  reduction in           development of transition aids as
                                  concerns pre and       developed through the transition survey
                                  post transition        2002/03
NEET – Connexions data to be      Decrease in NEET       To be determined, if appropriate, via           To be determined, if appropriate, via health   NM
inserted                                                 health and education group                      and education group

StC     St Clements School
KP      Kings Park School
NEET    Not in Education Employment or Training

                                         Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
BASELINE ISSUE                        TARGETS               INTERVENTIONS                                   MILESTONES / OUTPUTS                     LEAD
64% cite drug dealing and use a       Reduce % citing       Implementation of CSAG Action Plan              Home Office secondee in place April 04   NM
problem                               drug dealing and
                                      use as a problem
Dwelling Burglary rates: 372          5% annual             Police to continue to resource:                                                          Police
2002/03                               reduction                   Operation Atlas
Robbery rates: 73 2002/03             5% annual                   Persistent Offender Unit
                                      reduction             And maintain current levels of policing.
Vehicle crime rates:479 2002/03       5% annual
Violent crime: 476 woundings          5% annual
and assaults 2002/03                  reduction
Additional activity contributing to                         Service Agreement                               In place Quarter 2                       NM

                                            Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
BASELINE ISSUE                     TARGETS                INTERVENTIONS                                   MILESTONES / OUTPUTS                         LEAD
Unemployment rate 7.7%             Reduction in           To be determined                                To be determined                             NM
                                   unemployment – to
                                   be agreed
ICB claims (baseline being         Reduction in ICB       Social Firm feasibility                         Report produced Quarter 1                    Clouds
gathered but will be for wider     claimant numbers –     Development of work with DHCT / SS              Establishment of structure within which to   NM
post code areas, not NM areas)     to be agreed           around assisting mental health services         develop ideas and interventions
                                                          users / addiction service users into            Commitment of JC+ to lead achieved
                                                          volunteering / training and                     quarter 1
                                                          employment.                                     Intervention/s agreed by quarter 3
                                                          Further interventions to be determined.         Develop contacts with recovering

Clouds   Clouds Working Recovery
DHCT     Dorset Healthcare Trust
SS       Social Services
JC+      JobCentre PLus

BASELINE ISSUE                     TARGETS                INTERVENTIONS                                   MILESTONES / OUTPUTS                         LEAD
Relevant baselines to be           Relevant targets to    To be determined                                Series of special meetings through April /   NM
identified – possibly proxies      be set                                                                 May for agreement in June 04
                                                          Complement and assist HLC in
                                                               Healthy eating
                                                               Active lifestyles
                                                               Information / supporting

                                          Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
BASELINE ISSUE               TARGETS                                INTERVENTIONS                                 MILESTONES / OUTPUTS                 LEAD
Community involvement and    Numbers of people involved in          Ongoing outreach by Community                 Evaluation of community              NM
confidence                   NM structures                          Involvement Worker                            engagement during Quarter 2
                                                                                                                  will establish / finalise baseline
                             Range of groups involved in NM         Widen involvement in delivery plan /          and set targets
                             structures                             performance management processes,             X additional groups involved in
                                                                    using all activists as sounding board         NM work by end of 04/05
                             Development of capacity of those       Implementation of Learning and
                             involved, feeling of ability to        Development programme                         X residents attend courses /
                             influence and actual levels of                                                       training sessions
                                                                    Continuation of Community Wins                4 rounds of community wins in
                                                                    Market the area through our own PR
                                                                    and working with Tourism.

                                                                    Board co-optees                               Appointed and in place by June
Private sector involvement   Numbers of businesses involved         Development of business broker idea,          See Environment sheet                NM
                             in NM structures / activities and      linked both to employment themes
                             supporting local voluntary groups      and supporting voluntary / community
                             1 independent traders groups           Support for Boscombe and                      Boscombe Group runs without
                             operating in NM area                   Springbourne traders groups                   NM input by Quarter 4
Joint working                Increase the range and number          Target agencies not yet involved:             Contact with these agencies by       NM
                             of agencies involved in / aware of     GPs, LSC, Probation Service, School           Quarter 2
                             NM activities.                         nursing service
                                                                    Develop a higher profile within the           2 reports / presentations during
                                                                    Bournemouth Partnership                       2004/05
                                                                    Continue to support the On the                6 meetings during 2004/05
                                                                    Ground Workers meeting
                                                                    Hold 2 joint seminars through the             Quarters 2 and 3
                                                                    Re-establish Key Officer group or             Review Quarter 1

                                    Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
Mainstreaming                     X projects mainstreamed 04/05                                                        Safe and Clean evaluated by       C&WS
                                  and 05/06                                                                            BBC during 2004/05
                                                                                                                       Nurture Group evaluated           StC
                                                                                                                       Quarter 1 and mainstreaming
                                                                                                                       decision made Quarter 3.
                                                                                                                       Succession strategy – direction
                                                                                                                       agreed Quarter 4
Youth and Leisure opportunities   Increase number and range of           Research through Youth Forum                  Report Quarter 2                  NM
                                  facilities and improve access to       Establish community radio                     Quarter 2
                                  existing                               Achieve new facility in St Marys              Offer to Diocese or scheme
                                                                         Church                                        aborted Quarter 2
                                                                         Continue to explore opening of                Feasibility report complete
                                                                         community facility at Springbourne            Quarter 1
                                                                         Link with other initiatives (Sea              ongoing
                                                                         Cadets, mosque etc)

                                         Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
Key indicators
Below are statistics that will be important indicators of the overall success of the NM programme, not related to specific theme areas.

MORI 23% moved in last year
Potential target – reduced turnover
Need to identify the number of properties where high turnover is inevitable e.g. short term-supported housing.
Our turnover research will deepen our understanding of this issue and enable us to impact on current turnover rates
Image of the area
Reputation – need to develop an indicator, ideally using the Borough‟s Citizen Panel – and track this annually or bi-annually
Need indicator around community safety / confidence – to be integrated into our own local evaluation survey to be tracked annually or bi-annually.
29% aware of NM (MORI poll)
Economic success
Numbers of empty shops within Boscombe shopping centre
To be tracked by Boscombe Traders Group

                                           Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
Appendix F (ii) Spending Plan for 2004-05
   Spend by theme and outcome     Code                           Estimated Expenditure (£000)                                      Total NM    Other sources of direct            Other sources of estimated
                                                                                                                                     grant        funding (£000)                    in-kind funding (£000)
                                                           Capital                                     Revenue
                                         Q1       Q2       Q3 Q4         Total       Q1       Q2        Q3   Q4       Total                   Revenue       Capital       Total Revenue Capital       Total
 ENVIRONMENT                                                                     0                                                                                            0                               0
 Safe and Clean                                                                  0    28       28        28    28        112           112
 Environmental Audit                                                             0    10       10        10    10         40            40
 Sub-total Theme 1                        0        0         0    0              0    38       38        38    38        152           152              0         0           0          0        0           0
 HOUSING                                                                         0
 Decent Homes Grants                                                             0        2        3      2       3       10            10                                    0                               0
 Street Improvement Coordinator                                                  0        6        6      6       6       24            24                                    0                               0
 Sub-total Theme 2                        0        0         0    0              0        8        9      8       9       34            34              0         0           0          0        0           0
 HEALTH and EDUCATION                                                            0
 Home School Support                                                                   6        6         6       6       24            24                                    0                               0
 Nurture Group                                                                   0     4        4         4       3       15            15                                    0                               0
 Sub-total Theme 3                        0        0         0    0              0    10       10        10       9       39            39              0         0           0          0        0           0
 COMMUNITY SAFETY                                                                0
 Home Office Secondee                                                                  2        2         2     2          8             8                                    0                               0
 Street Wardens                                                                  0    19       19        19    19         76            76                                    0                               0
 Sub-total Theme 4                        0        0         0    0              0    21       21        21    21         84            84              0         0           0          0        0           0
 EMPLOYMENT                                                                      0                                         0             0                                    0                               0
 Sub-total Theme 5                        0        0         0    0              0        0        0      0       0        0             0              0         0           0          0        0           0
 Skate Park                                                                                    50                             50         50
 Service Development Officer                                                              4     5          4                  13         13
 Research and Feasibility                                                                 6     6          6      6           24         24
 Evaluation NM                                                                            4     4          4      4           16         16
 Evaluation - Development Work                                                            6     6          3      0           15         15
 PR                                                                                       3     3          3      3           12         12
 Community Wins                                                                           5     5          5      5           20         20
 Training and Development for
 community                                                                             4        4         4     4         16            16
 Sub-total Theme 6                        0        0         0    0              0    32       83        29    22        166           166              0         0           0          0        0           0
 Unallocated                                                                          25       25        25    25        100           100
 Mgmnt & Admin                                                                   0    53       50        54    55        212           212                                    0                               0

 Grand Total                                  0        0     0       0           0   187      236        185   179       787            787             0             0       0          0        0           0

                                              Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
Appendix F (iii) M&A 2004-2007
Management and Administration
2004-5 to 2006-7
                           2004/5 Quarter 1 2004/5 Quarter 2 2004/5 Quarter 3 2004/5 Quarter 4 Total Total               Total           2005/2006                2006/2007
Expenditure Heading        Revenue Capital Revenue Capital Revenue Capital Revenue Capital Revenue Capital                All    Revenue Capital Total    Revenue Capital Total
Employee costs
Salaries                    27,750          27,750             27750              27750             111,000      0     111,000 116,500          116,500   122,325        122,325
Superannuation              2,175           2,175              2175               2175               8,700       0      8,700   9,570            9,570    10,049         10,049
National Insurance          2,745           2,745              2745               2745              10,980       0      10,980 12,078           12,078    12,682         12,682
Training - general           500             500                500                500               2,000       0      2,000   2,200            2,200     2,310          2,310
Training - short courses       0              0                  0                  0                  0         0        0       0                0         0              0
Insurances                     0              0                  0                  0                  0         0        0       0                0         0              0
Staff Advertising              0              0                  0                  0                  0         0        0       0                0         0              0
Eye Tests                      0              0                 20                  0                 20         0        20      0                0         0              0
Interview expenses             0              0                  0                  0                  0         0        0       0                0         0              0
Relocation expenses            0              0                  0                  0                  0         0        0       0                0         0              0
Removal expenses               0              0                  0                  0                  0         0        0       0                0         0              0
Out of Pocket Expenses        15              15                15                  15                60         0        60     60               60        60             60
Conference Attendance          0              0                  0                  0                  0         0        0       0                0         0              0
Agency staff                   0              0                  0                  0                  0         0        0       0                0         0              0
Premises costs                                                                                         0         0                                                          0
Rents - general             5,000           5000               5000                5000             20,000       0      20,000   20,000         20,000    20,000         20,000
Room/Hall hire               225             225               225                  225               900        0       900      900            900       900             900
Rates - general             1,124           1124               1124                1124              4,496       0      4,496    4,946          4,946     5,193           5,193
Water rates                  60              60                 60                  60                240        0       240      264            264       277             277
Sewerage                     30              30                 30                  30                120        0       120      130            130       140             140
Electricity charges          250             250               250                  250              1,000       0      1,000    1,100          1,100     1,155           1,155
Plant Maintenance            50              50                 50                  50                200        0       200      220            220       240             240
Responsive Maintenance       25              25                 25                  25                100        0       100      100            100       100             100
Small Improvements           250             250               250                  250              1,000       0      1,000     500            500       500             500
Cleaning Materials            0               0                  0                   0                 0         0        0         0              0         0              0
Cleaning Equipment            0               0                  0                   0                 0         0        0         0              0         0              0
Contract Cleaning            510             510               510                  510              2,040       0      2,040    2,040          2,040     2,040           2,040
Refuse Collection            120             120               120                  120               480        0       480      480            480       480             480
Hygiene Services              0               0                  0                   0                 0         0        0         0              0         0              0
Laundry - Towel Svc.          0               0                  0                   0                 0         0        0         0              0         0              0
Premises Insurance          1,500             0                  0                   0               1,500       0      1,500    1,500          1,500     1,500           1,500
Security General             75              25                 25                  25                150        0       150      150            150       150             150
Office relocation             0               0                  0                   0                 0         0        0         0              0         0              0
Transport costs                                                                                        0         0                                                          0
Staff Car parking            15              15                 15                  15                60         0        60       60             60        60             60

                                              Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
Staff Public transport          150          150                150                150                600        0        600     600          600      600          600
Staff Mileage Claims            210          210                210                210                840        0        840     840          840      840          840
Staff travel                    225          225                225                225                900        0        900     900          900      900          900
Supplies and services                                                                                  0         0                                                    0
Furniture general                0            0                  0                  0                  0         0         0       0            0        0            0
Office equipment - hire         300          300                300                300               1,200       0       1,200   1,200        1,200    1,200        1,200
Office equipment -
purchases                        0            200                0                  200               400        0       400        0            0        0            0
Subsistence                     30            30                30                  30                120        0       120      120          120      120          120
Computer Lines                   0             0                 0                 1190              1,190       0      1,190    1,190        1,190    1,190        1,190
Conference expenses             450           450              1050                 450              2,400       0      2,400    2,400        2,400    2,400        2,400
Misc catering expenses          750           750              1250                 750              3,500       0      3,500    3,500        3,500    3,500        3,500
Telephone charges               350           350              350                  350              1,400       0      1,400    1,600        1,600    1,600        1,600
Mobile phone charges            30            30                30                  30                120        0       120      120          120      120          120
Photocopying                    75            75                75                  75                300        0       300      300          300      300          300
Printing publicity             4,190         2845              6440                1595              15,070      0      15,070   15,070       15,070   15,070       15,070
Copy charges                     0             0                 0                   0                  0        0        0         0            0        0            0
Photocopy paper                 90            90                90                  90                360        0       360      360          360      360          360
Stationery                      750           750              750                  750              3,000       0      3,000    3,000        3,000    3,000        3,000
Other Publications              45            45                45                  45                180        0       180      180          180      180          180
Postages                        300           300              300                  300              1,200       0      1,200    1,300        1,300    1,400        1,400
Non-staff advertising           700           600              350                  700              2,350       0      2,350    2,350        2,350    2,350        2,350
Internet Services               48            48                48                  48                192        0       192      192          192      190          190
Misc expenses                  1,100         1100              1100                1100              4,400       0      4,400    4,400        4,400    4,400        4,400
Consultants fees                 0             0                 0                   0                  0        0        0      20,000       20,000      0            0
Third party payments                                                                                                                                                   0
Childminding Fees               225          225                225                225                900        0        900     900          900      900          900
Payments to contractors          0            0                  0                  0                  0         0         0       0            0        0             0
Support costs                                                                                          0         0                              0        0             0
Central Services - Personnel     45           45                45                  45                180        0        180     200          200      220          220
Central Services - Computer      90           90                90                  90                360        0        360     400          400      420          420
Central Services - Finance        0           0                  0                 5000              5,000       0       5,000   5,000        5,000    5,000        5,000
Community Services
recharge                         0            0                  0                  0                   0        0         0       0            0        0            0
Total                          52,572   0   49,777      0     54,042      0      54,817        0    211,208      0      211,208 238,920   0   238,920 226,421   0   226,421

                                              Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
   Appendix F (iv) Medium Term Spending Outline
Outline of spending proposals for 2005-6 and 2006-7

Spending by theme     Code   Summary Capital Revenue Total Other Summary Capital Revenue Total Other   Total   Total  Total Total
and outcome                  of activity                  funding of activity                 funding Capital Revenue other All
                             in 2005-6                            in 2006-7                                          funding funding

                                                 2005-6 (£000)                               2006-7 (£000)                    (£000)   (£000)    (£000)   (£000)
Committed Spend
HOUSING                                                         0                                                   0              0        0         0        0
Street Improvement
coordinator                                           18.5 18.5                                                     0              0      18.5        0      18.5
EDUCATION                                                     0                                                     0              0         0        0         0
Home School Support                                   12.5 12.5                                                     0              0      12.5        0      12.5
COMMUNITY SAFETY                                              0                                                     0              0         0        0         0
Street Wardens                                          54   54                                                     0              0        54        0        54
                                                                                                                    0              0         0        0         0
 Unallocated Spend                                    465    465                                      329         329              0       794        0       794
Management &
Administration           Leave Blank                            0              Leave Blank                          0              0        0         0        0

Grand Total                                  0        550 550              0                      0         329 329       0        0      879         0      879

                                       Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
Appendix F (v) Longer-term Spending outline

Indicative spending in 2007-8 and 2008-9

Spending by theme               Spend in 2007-8 Spend in 2008-9 Total

Unallocated Leverage Spend                        85                     50                135

Management & Administration                      240                    230                470

Grand Total                                       325                    280              605

                                    Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
Appendix G – Map

        Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05
Neighbourhood Management in Springbourne and Boscombe West Delivery Plan 2004/05

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