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					   Flower City
                          The Blossom Times
 Association of
 Administrative         April 2011

Special points          President’s Message
of interest:
                               Pam Johnson, CPS/CAP
Car parts made of
mushrooms      3
                        They say that small animals that hibernate       APW Event on Saturday, April 30 and reg-
Why Employee De-        are usually coming out of their burrows in       ister today!
velopment is… 4         April. I must be a small animal then as I’m      There is still plenty of time to register for
                        slowly coming out of hibernation! As we all               20-
                                                                         the May 20-22 NYSD Annual Meeting in
                        come out of our burrows, why not attend a        Liverpool, NY!
Survival Depends        chapter meeting or join a committee; your
on How Well… 5          talents are always needed.                       As always our board and officers are here
                                                                         for you; if you need anything, have ques-
How to Remember                                                 27
                        Administrative Professionals Day, April 27,      tions or concerns, please let us know.
Anything…    6          is less than a month away. Please check in       We want you to reap all the benefits of
                        the IAAP web community in the APW folder         your membership.
APW details     7       for a press release you can take/e-mail to
                        your newspaper and an editorial by IAAP
                        President Mary Ramsay-Drow, CPS/CAP.             Happy Spring!
                        Many newspapers print guest editorials,
                        especially on days such as Administrative        Pam
                        Professionals Day.
Inside this issue:
                        Please support Flower City Chapter at our
Birthdays           1

IAAP HQ             2

NYSD News           2   Flower City Chapter News

Leadership          8   On Saturday, April 9, 2011, a fundraiser for   Sharon Nusbickel, CPS/CAP         April 24
Team                    FCC’s Scholarship Fund is being held from      Anna Senko                        April 24
                        3:00-5:00 p.m. at Hicks & McCarthy’s in
May Chapter         9   Pittsford, NY. Tickets are $28. If you have
                        questions or want menu details contact
                        Marcia Zeller Opperman CPS/CAP at
Health Corner   10
                                                                       The Community Service Committee chaired
                        Members having an April birthday are                               CPS,
                                                                       by Keisha Everett, CPS is requesting that
                        Jeannette Wojtas             April 6           all members bring men’s and women’s
                        Rhonda Ackley, CPS/CAP       April 10          clothing (e.g., shoes, dresses, skirts, pants,
                        Patricia Donahue             April 11
                                                                       etc.) to the April 30 Admin Professional
                        Bonnie Cottone               April 14
                                                                       session in support of VOA’s Working Ward-
                        Donette Loehr, CPS           April 14
                        Patricia Monigle             April 15          robe. A box will be setup for your donations
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                New York State Division News
                   “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big
                                    difference.”                  Rose McDonald, Pathfinders CTS, Inc.
                                Winston Churchill
                                                                  Keynote Presentation—Cathleen Hamel,
                The 59th IAAP New York State Division’s           MS, RN, CNAA-BC, CNO and VP of Patient
                Annual Meeting will be held from Friday,          Care, Baxter Regional Medical Center
                May 20 through Sunday, May 22, 2011 in
                Syracuse, New York and is themed                  Evening of Welcome with music by Jam-
                “Positive Attitudes: Endless Possibilities.”
                 Positive                                         min’ Beats DJ’s
New York        May 19                                            May 21 — “Ready! Fire: Aim! Workshop
                A tour of the Matilda Joslyn Gage House in        by Dr. Kevin L. Hoehn, Pharmacy Clinical
                Fayetteville followed by dinner at Kirby’s.       Coordinator, Faxton St. Luke’s Health-
                May 20
                Leadership Workshop by International              For more details contact Linda Yates at
                Treasurer, Judith A, Yannarelli, CPS/CAP          518-427-8405 or
                “Healthy Assertiveness” Seminar by Leslie

                 The Retirement Trust Foundation
                   IAAP Members in all Six Districts Can             (HSAN) in an effort to assist more
                     Apply for Housing Assistance until              admins. This program has the capa-
                                  May 15.                            bility of assisting more admins per
                                                                     year than we currently help. We
                 The RTF has assisted many admins over               need you to get the word out about
                 the years with comfortable and afford-              HSAN, so that the RTF can help more
                 able housing through building and the               admins participate in the program.
                 ongoing operation of the Vista Grande
                 apartment complex in Rio Rancho, NM.                Visit the Retirement Trust Founda-
                 With RTF subsidies, the apartments at               tion web site at:
                 the complex are priced below the rent
                 market for the geographic area.                     The Retirement Trust Foundation—
                                                                     Helping Admins in Need. It’s Never
                 More recently, we launched our Housing              Too Late to Donate!
                 Subsidy for Admins in Need program

                IAAP International News
                The 2011 International Education Forum             A few fun facts:
                & Annual Meeting (EFAM) will truly be in-          • Montreal is one of the five largest
                ternational this year as Montreal, Canada              French-speaking cities in the world.
                is the location. The July 24-27 event will         • It is home to an underground city, a
                offer more than 50 education workshops                 climate-controlled labyrinth of
                focusing on topics from management                     2,000 shops spread over an area of
                skills to leadership development.                      18 miles.
                                                                   • In Montreal, the English speakers
                Online registration opened April 1, 2011.              are known as “Anglophones,” which
                Hotel reservations for EFAM are open.                  is a fancy way of saying “there is a
                Questions? Contact IAAP HQ via email:                  person who speaks English.”
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Civic, Public and World Affairs
      Car Parts Made of Mushrooms                a range of bizarre-sounding materials,
     By Jennifer Alsever, Contributing Writer    from Ecovative’s mycelium to cooked
                                                 chicken feathers, algae and wheat straw.
(CNNMoney) — Hybrids and electric vehicles       Mycelium is impressive because it can
were just the beginning. Next up: the mush-      be grown in any size or shape and is fire-
room mobile.                                     proof, she says.

Ecovative Design a startup in Green Island,      But Ecovative faces some unique chal-
NY, is collaborating with the Ford Motor Com-    lenges, because its manufacturing proc-
pany (F, Fortune 500) to develop a fungus-       ess relies on the growth of a living organ-
based, biodegradable foam for automotive         ism. The startup must ensure the myce-
bumpers, side doors and dashboards. “You         lium can grow consistently, creating a
would be able to compost your car,” says         foam of uniform density with no air pock-
Gavin McIntyre, 25, chief scientist and co-      ets.
founder of Ecovative.
                                                 The Eureka moment: The mushroom
The secret? Mycelium, the strong root system     tale began in 2006, when McIntyre and
of mushrooms, is a natural binding agent         his roommate, Eben Bayer, 25, were as-
that can knit together agricultural by-          signed to create a natural glue for a
products including corn and oak husks. Eco-      class at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
vative technicians combine the husks and         in Troy, NY. Bayer grew up on a family
the mycelium in trays of various shapes and      farm in Vermont. He remembered how
sizes. The trays spend five days in a dark-      mushrooms covered the ground in
ened warehouse, long enough for the mush-        nearby woods. “If you have ever tried to
rooms to work their magic, before the rooted     pull a mushroom off a log, you’ll see that
mixture is cooked and dried. The result is a     it’s incredibly tenacious,” says Bayer,
fireproof, waterproof foam solid, which de-      who is now Ecovative’s CEO.
composes one month after it’s been buried in
soil.                                            They saw a huge opportunity. What if
                                                 mushroom roots could bind natural sub-
Ecovative wants to challenge the $20 billion     strates into a sturdy, lightweight mate-
polystyrene and Styrofoam industry, betting      rial? It could ultimately replace the Sty-
that it’s funky, earth-friendly foam will show   rofoam packing materials that are ubiq-
up in building insulation, table and cabinet     uitous in most consumer goods — and
cores, surfboards and even wind turbine          the bane of landfills.
blades. The invention won accolades from
the World Economic Forum, which included         McIntyre and Bayer launched Ecovative
Ecovative among its Technology Pioneers of       Design in 2007. Their largest client is
2011. (In past years, that list has featured     Steelcase (SCS), an office furniture
Twitter and Google [GOOG, Fortune 500].)         maker that orders thousands of custom
                                                 foam parts each week to cradle its goods
The mushrooms also intrigued Deborah             in transit.    Total sales hit about
Mielewski, technical leader of plastics re-      $500,000 last year.
search at Ford. The carmaker, which already
uses soy-based foam for seat cushions,
wants to replace about 30 pounds of petro-       Source: Excerpt; for the full article go to
leum-based foam per car with eco-friendly
alternatives. Mielewski is currently exploring   technology/ecovative/index.htm 4/4/2011
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         Why Employee Development is So Important

         In I Quit, But Forgot to Tell You, author         their jobs is directly tied to their relation-
         Terri Kabachnick addresses the impor-             ship with their boss.
         tance of employee development.
                                                           TKG research shows that an employee’s
         “Today, self-development is the single            performance will move 30 percent posi-
         largest contributor to job satisfaction.          tively or negatively, all based on the envi-
         Employees will choose one employer over           ronment. The boss creates that environ-
         another when the company provides more            ment.
         training and development.”
         Sadly, many managers believe an em-
                                                           Steve Ventura
         ployee’s desire for training and career
         development is influenced by an ulterior          Source: WALKTHE
                                                                       THETALK.COM®- Resources
         motive. In other words, “Once you pro-            for Personal and Professional Success Per-
         vide me with adequate training, I’ll take         formance Systems Corporation, 1100 Parker
                                                           Sq Suite 250, Flower Mound, TX 75028*
         these skills to another (better) employer.”
         It’s a valid concern. But ask yourself this
         question: How much will it cost if you
         choose not to develop your people?
         When you develop people to the highest
         standards, they will not want to leave. In
         most cases, leaving a company for a
         higher salary is merely an excuse. Actu-
         ally, one of the top reasons people leave

          Upcoming Events—2010-2011

                                                       20-22 NYS Division Annual Meeting
          16      Buffalo’s 2011 APW—Beaver Hol-
                                                             Liverpool, NY (near Syracuse)
                  low Conference Center (8:30 am—
                  3:00 pm; $50 members)
          30      Administrative Professionals         1        Chapter Dinner/Meeting
                  Week Seminar (APW) - Burgundy                 Marriott—REDUCED member
                  Basin Inn NEW LOWER PRICE!                    cost!

                                                       24-27    IAAP Education Forum and
          4         Chapter Dinner/Meeting
                                                                 Annual Meeting (EFAM),
                    Marriott—REDUCED member
                                                                 Montreal, Quebec/Canada
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 Survival Depends on How Well You Transform to Fit Your

 Fred Smith, the man who founded Federal        but also while they were in transit. So Fred
 Express in 1971, is a classic example of       Smith recast FedEx into what it is today—an
 someone who built a successful company         information-technology firm that is not just
 by being responsive to changes in custom-      in the business of transportation, but also in
 ers’ expectations and in the business envi-    the business of providing information about
 ronment. FedEx originally started as an        those shipments. From central computer
 idea in a term paper that Smith wrote for      systems that track everything from vehicles
 an economics class in 1965 while he was        to weather scenarios, to hand-held bar-code
 still an undergraduate at Yale University.     scanners that trace packages, to extensive
 His premise: as productivity increases with    use of the Internet, FedEx provides not only
 the use of machinery, breakdowns in            the means to move things around but also
 equipment can easily destroy any effi-         the knowledge of where everything is.
 ciency and profitability. Therefore, a sys-
 tem needs to be developed to ensure that       As the world continues to change, FedEx’s
 organizations have rapid access to spare       track record suggests that it will continue to
 parts and materials as they are needed.        morph to meet the needs of the customer
 With this as a starting point, in 1973,        and the environment.
 Smith created the now-famous hub-and-
 spoke-system with his “hub” in Memphis,        Do you think FedEx would still be around if it
 Tennessee.                                     operated today as it did back in the seven-
                                                ties? What are you doing to be responsive
 Success followed, but the world began to       to the changes in your business environ-
 shift more towards a knowledge-based           ment and the needs of your customers and
 economy. So the company that started           clients? There are two big trends occurring
 with an intention to move materials and        in the business world today—an increasing
 spare parts evolved into one that focused      expectation of “instant gratification” by cus-
 on overnight deliveries of high-priority       tomers and social media as a growing me-
 documents and packages.                        dium by which people communicate. Are
                                                you, your people and your organization re-
 Then, organizations figured out how much       sponding to these changes? For example,
 more efficient they could be by cutting        how long does it take for you or your staff to
 back on inventory and supplies, so the         respond to customer queries? If it’s not
 need for last-minute shipments decreased.      fast enough, clients will go elsewhere. Does
 And FedEx, the company that was born to        your organization have a Facebook page
 deliver overnight, shifted its focus towards   and a LinkedIn profile? If not, your competi-
 building a better network of ground trans-     tors are talking to people who you are miss-
 portation so that it could deliver items to    ing. Your long-term success depends on
 get there in a few days instead of             how you transform to fit your environment.
                                                Source: Merge Gupta-Sunderji turns managers
                                                into leaders. Through engaging keynotes and
 Customer expectations continued to             facilitated workshops, she gives people specific
 change, and the company realized that its      and practical tools to achieve leadership and
 clients were intensely interested in the       communication success. Contact her at
 status of their packages, not just when or 403-605-4756.
 they were shipped and when they arrived,
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         How to Remember Anything: Lessons from a Memory Champion
                          By Piper Weiss,                 as you put them down and the image of the
            Shine Staff, March 10, 2011, 1:28pm PST       table will simultaneously appear. As Foer
                                                          found, engaging a sense in your memory
          Joshua Foer keeps a Post-it note above          helps solidify it.
          his computer that says, “Don’t forget to
          remember.” The author of the new book           Get colorful: “Things that grab our attention
          “Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and         are more memorable,” explains Foer. “The
          Science of Remembering Everything               funnier, lewder, and more bizarre, the bet-
          went from a man with an average memory          ter.” When he was memorizing a grocery
          to the official U.S. Memory Champ in            list by placing each item in his “memory
          2006 by immersing himself in the world of       palace,” Foer was advised to get surreal in
          professional memorizing. After studying         his thinking. “Paint the mind a scene
          the skills to learn entire dictionaries, he     unlike any that has been seen before so
          became convinced that anyone could              that it cannot be forgotten,” Foer’s mem-
          have an exceptional memory. You just            ory coach advised. As he memorized his
          need to know certain memory techniques.         first grocery list, by using the “memory pal-
          Here are secrets from his book to becom-        ace” technique, he committed “salmon” to
          ing a savant.                                   memory by imagining it flopping under the
                                                          strings of a piano. “The general idea with
          Build a “memory palace”: “housing” a list       most memory techniques is to change
          of things you need to memorize is essen-        whatever boring thing is being inputted into
          tial. “The idea is to create a space in the
              .                                           your memory into something that is so col-
          mind’s eye, a place that you know well          orful, so exciting and so different from any-
          and can easily visualize and then popu-         thing you’ve seen before that you can’t
          late that imagined place with images rep-       possibly forget it,” he writes.
          resenting whatever you want to remem-
          ber,” writes Foer. It’s a method used all       Try “chunking”: “Chunking is a way to de-
          the way back in Ancient Rome, when ora-         crease the number of items you have to
          tors needed to commit their speeches to         remember by increasing the size of each
          memory and when books hadn’t yet be-            item,” explains Foer. It’s the reason phone
          come the main method of storytelling.           numbers are broken up into three sections
          The memory palace should be a place you         or why remembering a sentence is easier
          know inherently, like the home you grew         than remembering each letter in the sen-
          up in, or the route you take to work every      tence. If you are given a series of digits to
          day. Then take the 10 things you need to        remember, just break them up into parts.
          remember, like a grocery list and plant         It also helps to assign meaning to them.
          each item in a different place in your          Separating them into three sections as if
          memory palace.                                  they were a date and then remembering
                                                          that specific date (take 021411 and re-
          Get creative: When you’re “dropping off”        think it as 02/14/11 or Valentine’s Day),
          those grocery list items in your “memory        will help solidify the memory.
          palace” it helps to engage all of your
          senses. Remembering what the garlic             Practice makes perfect: Foer made it to the
          smells like, or how the garlic skin crum-       memory championships not simply by
          bles in your hand before you place it on        learning these techniques but by replacing
          your mentally rendered kitchen counter,         them with web surfing or even reading.
          will help solidify where you put it. It makes   He’d memorize numbers up to four hours a
          sense in literal life. You’re less likely to    day before the big championship. But for
          forget where you put your keys when you         the rest of us, all it takes is about an hour a
          focus on their texture in your hand as          day of practicing memory techniques to get
          you’re laying them down on a table. When        our brains working like humming hard
          you need to remember where you put              drives.
          them, you’ll remember how your hand felt
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   The term is derived from the Latin word         other situations a secretary is an officer
   secernere, “to distinguish” or “to set          of a society or organization who deals
   apart,” the passive participle (secretum)       with correspondence, admits new mem-
   meaning “having been set apart,” with the       bers and organizes official meetings and
   eventual connotation of something private       events.
   or confidential. A secretarius was a per-
   son, therefore, overseeing business confi-      Secretaries might manage all the admin-
   dentially, usually for a powerful individual    istrative details of running a high-level
   (a king, pope, etc).                            conference or arrange the catering for a
                                                   typical lunch meeting. Often executives
   A secretary or administrative assistant is a    will ask their assistant to take the min-
   person whose work consists of maintaining       utes at meetings and prepare meeting
   files, operating telephones, typing letters     documents for review.
   and other clerical functions. These func-
   tions may be entirely carried out to assist
   one other employee or may be for the            Source: From Wikipedia, the free encyclope-
   benefit of more than one such person. In        dia,,

   Cinco de Mayo
   Cinco de Mayo — or the fifth of May —           has taken on significance — and major
   commemorates the Mexican army’s 1862            commercial value — as a celebration of
   victory over France at the Battle of Puebla     Mexican culture and heritage, particu-
   during the French-Mexican War. It is not        larly in areas with substantial Mexican-
   Mexico’s independence day as is com-            American populations. Revelers mark
   monly believed.                                 the holiday with parades, parties, mari-
                                                   achi music, Mexican folk dancing and
   A country rich in history, tradition and cul-
                                                   traditional foods such as tacos and
   ture, Mexico is made up of 31 states and
                                                   mole poblano. Some of the largest
   one federal district. Cinco de Mayo in Mex-
                                                   festivals are held in Portland, Denver
   ico is primarily observed in the state of
                                                   and Chicago.
   Puebla, where Zaragoza’s unlikely triumph
   occurred. In the United States, however, it     Source:
                                                   cinco-de-mayo 2/9/2011

   Administrative Professionals Seminar 2011
   Flower City Chapter is hosting its annual        once again VOA’s Working Wardrobe.
   Administrative Professionals Week® (APW)         Donations of men’s and women’s
   education seminar on Saturday, April 30,         business attire, dress shoes, jewelry,
   2011 at the Burgundy Basin Inn from 8:30         purses, belts pantyhose will be grate-
   am—12:00 pm. Dress is business attire.           fully accepted.
   Registration deadline is April 22. Mem-
   ber’s cost has been reduced to only $25!         For a registration form or more de-
                                                    tails, contact Donette Loehr, CPS at
   Cindy Sarandis, CEO of Executive Pathways        275-5167 or
   will be presenting “Reaching Aggressive
   Goals—By Getting Out of Your Own Way.”
   This year’s Community Service Project is
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          IAAP Mission
          Enhancing the success of career-minded administrative professionals by providing
          opportunities for growth through education, community building and leadership

         Flower City Chapter Leadership 2010-2011

         President Pam Johnson, CPS/CAP
         President:                                       760-8554 (w)
         Vice President Rhonda Ackley, CPS/CAP            546-7220 X7260 (w)
         Secretary Kyra Sheehan                           271-5256 (w)
         Treasurer: Donette Loehr, CPS                    275-5167 (w)

         Tarie Vinci (2009-2011)                          678-3225 (w)
         Sue Case, CPS/CAP (2010-2011)                    272-2611 (W)
         Kiesha Everett, CPS (2010-2012)                  546-7220 X5501 (w)
         Rebecca Wight (2010-2012)                        338-5536 (w)

         Marilyn H. Nickerson & Cheryl Mart               Ex-Officio

         Committee Chairs 2010-2011

         Administrative Professionals Week (APW) – Rebecca Wight & Donette Loehr, CPS
         Arrangements – Tarie Vinci
         Blossom Times – Marilyn H. Nickerson
         Bylaws & Standing Rules – Cheryl Mart
         Certifications (CPS/CAP) – Nancy Shairer, CPS
         Community Service – Keisha Everett, CPS & Barbara Snaith
         Historical – Available
         Member of the Year (MOTY) – Available
         Membership – Sandy Warren
         Nominations – Marilyn H. Nickerson
         Programs & Workshops – Barbara Snaith
         Scholarship – Sue Case, CPS/CAP & Keisha Everett, CPS
         Ways and Means (“Fun”raising) – Rebecca Wight
         Website – Sue Case, CPS/CAP

         Registered Trademarks

®         Trademarks and Registered Service Marks of the International Association of
          Administrative Professionals®, IAAP®: Administrative Professionals Week®; Admin-
          istrative Professionals Day®; Professional Secretaries Week®, Professionals Secre-
          taries Day®, Certified Administrative Professional®, CAP®; Certified Professional
          Secretary®, CPS®; OfficePro® ®
April 2011                                                                                                                  Page 9

                                         Flower City Chapter Meeting
                                          Wednesday, May 4, 2011
                           Airport Marriott, 1890 W. Ridge Rd. (Just off 390N at W. Ridge Rd.)

                                      “How to Perform a SWOT Analysis”

        The SWOT analysis is a tool used to identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and
        Opportunities of a particular project, job role, or company as a whole. We use the
        SWOT format as framework for discussion with a group to define and clarify concerns,
        brainstorm potential solutions, and build an action plan for improvement. It is an excel-
        lent way to get coworkers engaged to think creatively and get involved with a project.

                    Presenter: Douglas E. Parker, CFP®, CRC®, Account Vice President
        Doug is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER PRACTITIONERTM, a Certified Retirement Counselor®, and an Ac-
        count Vice President with Sage Rutty & Company. He is President of the firm’s Parker & Burke Private Financial
        Practice at Sage Rutty and advises both individual and corporate clients on a variety of financial issues. Doug holds
        a Masters Degree in Financial Planning from the College for Financial Planning in Denver, Colorado, and graduated
        with honors from Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, New York.

                                                    Recertification Point Awarded

                               5:15 – 5:45pm Networking 5:45 – 6:45pm Dinner
                            6:45 – 7:45pm Program 7:45 – 8:30pm Business Meeting

                                                                  678-                  261-
                   For information, please call Tarie Vinci (585) 678-3225 (h) or (585) 261-0603 (w)
                           P.O. Box 92512, Rochester, NY 14692-05412 -

                                                    REGISTRATION FORM
                      Detach and return with check made payable to Flower City Chapter, IAAP
    Cost:                        Only—
  **Cost: $15 Members & Students Only—REDUCED COST!! $17 after 4/27/11           $17.00 Guests – Dinner & Program
                                    Reservation Deadline: April 27, 2011**               Guests—
                                                                                  $5.00 Guests—Program Only

               Mail registration form along with payment to: Tarie Vinci, 72 Wyndham, Rd., Rochester, NY 14609

Name                                                                                        Phone:
                                                                               ____________ Phone

Company                                                                          Email _____________________________

[ ] Member [        ] CPS [ ] CAP        [ ] Guest         [ ] Student:                                      [ ] Program Only

Meal Notes: [ ] Vegetarian Entrée [ ] Fruit Cup Dessert

                 * *NO SHOWS WILL BE CHARGED unless cancelled by the reservation date.
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          Flower City
       Association of
       P. O. Box 92512
        Rochester, NY

            Editor:             “Sunsets, rainbows, and
     Marilyn H. Nickerson          baby chicks. Well,
     Marilyn_nickerson@ur        that’s all the fuzzy crap             I know. I’m tapped
      585-276-3205 (w)                      out..”
          Proofreader:                     Maxine
           Cheryl Mart
                                Yelling It Like It Is—a Fine
      Other Contributors:       Whine With the Queen of Atti-
       Sue Case, CPS/CAP        tude, (2001), Hallmark Books,
          Marcia Zeller         Working Noon Till Five, pg 90
      Opperman, CPS/CAP

     Submit items for next      Health Corner
        newsletter by:
           April 15
                                   Memory Loss is Linked to Weight                  Sleeping on Your Right Side
                                                                                        Worsens Heartburn
                                Older women’s scores on memory tests
                                declined with every unit increase in their     People who sleep on their right side
                                Body Mass Indexes (BMIs) —- a measure-         suffer reflux for longer periods than peo-
                                ment of body fat versus height. Men were       ple who sleep on their left side. Left-
                                not studied. Excess body fat also is known     sided sleeping may keep the junction
     IAAP Headquarters          to increase the risk for heart disease and     between the stomach and esophagus
 E-mail:    Alzheimer’s disease.                           above the level of gastric acid, reducing
    Voice: 816-891-6600                                                        heartburn symptoms. Self-defense: If
     Fax: 816-891-9118          For people over age 70, optimal BMI is         you have heartburn, sleep on an incline
 10502 NW Ambassador Dr.        between 25 and 27 — slightly higher than       so that gravity helps keep stomach con-
       P. O. Box 20404          the “normal” BMI range of 18.5 to 24.9         tents in place. And if you tend to sleep
Kansas City, MO 64195-0404      for people ages 18 to 69. To calculate         on your side, make it your left side.
             ———                your BMI, go to
   International President
Mary Ramsey-Drow, CPS/CAP
                                                                               Donald O. Castell, MD, professor, division of
                                Diana Kerwin, MD, assistant professor, de-     gastroenterology at Medical University of
                                partment of medicine, Northwestern Univer-     South Carolina, Charleston, and leader of
  Northeast District Director
                                sity, Chicago and leader of a study of 8,745   two studies of acid reflux, published in The
    Bianca M. Constance         women ages 65 to 79, published online in       Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology and The
             ——–-               Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.    American Journal of Gastroenterology.
   New York State Division
           President            Source: BottomLine Personal, Vol. 32, #6,      Source: BottomLine Personal, Vol. 32, #5,
 Jennie E. Barchet, CPS/CAP     March 15, 2011, p. 16                          March 1, 2011, p. 16

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