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									 Air France / December 2008 / n°3

                                    French Refinement by Air France

  for   all Air France


Champagne is a white or rosé        Champagne, a prestigious wine renown all over the world for its taste and finesse,
wine which gets its name from
the Champagne region of North-
                                    symbolizes the pleasure of appreciating rare and precious moments. This is why it
Eastern France.                     is often a synonym of celebration.
This former historical province
gave its name to the sparkling
white wines produced there.         Air France is unique among airlines in that it offers prestigious French Champagne
They are essentially made from      to passengers, irrespective of their cabin class, on long-haul routes to North Ame-
Chardonnay, Pinot Noir or Pinot
                                    rica, South America Africa and the Middle East, as well as on Air France flights to
Meunier grapes. When serving
Champagne, strict rules must be     Asia.
complied with.
Cabin crew members are trained
in the art of how to serve Cham-
                                    Vintage champagne such as Billecart Salmon, Duval-Leroy and Pol Roger is
pagne and wine.                     served to passengers travelling in La Première (first) and l'Espace Affaires
The crew member presents the
                                    (business), while Heidsieck champagne is served in Tempo (economy).
bottle of Champagne to the
passenger, then tells them in a     Champagne is also offered on the Air France medium-haul network in Espace
precise order the name, origin,     Affaires, and Tempo Challenge.
year and classification.
To keep Champagne at its best, it
should be served at a tempera-      Olivier Poussier, voted best wine steward in the world in 2000, chose Air France’s
ture between 8°C and 10°C.          selection of Champagne.
                                    Behind each different Champagne hides a different type of wine with a unique
                                    flavour, the natural expression of French art de vivre.

                                    Air France serves 900,000 bottles of Champagne to its passengers every year.

                                    Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.

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