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Local Party
              If found, please return to:
                                                                                        20-23 March 2009
                                                                                                           Blackpool Winter Gardens
                                                                                                                                      Green Party Spring Conference

Welcome to Green Party Spring Conference
2009 at the Blackpool Winter Gardens
                   Peter Cranie,              not only on environmental issues, but in
                   Lead Euro Candidate,       providing a practical vision for a better
                                              Britain. Green policy on social justice,
                   North West Region
                                              housing, jobs and transport will provide
                                              the vision that the other parties lack.
                                                We need a progressive vision, and
We’d like to once again welcome members       nowhere is that contrast more starkly seen
here to the North West for Conference.        than in the North West. In this region, the
Our venue at the Winter Gardens is            contest for the final Euro seat is likely to
fantastic and a fitting launch point for      be between the Greens and the BNP. It’s a
our European Election campaign here in        contest we can and must win.
the North West.                                 So a warm welcome to you all. Let’s
   Britain is in recession. The red, yellow   work together at this Conference, as
and blue parties have dogmatically            Greens, to put our ideas and our vision
followed free market economics and            across to the electorate of Britain. There
deregulation. They have led us down           has never been a more important time
a cul-de-sac in terms of economic and         for us to meet together, so please make
political thinking.                           the most of your time here at Conference,
   That is why Green Party Conference         and please do use it to get ready for the
is so important. We are leading the way       European Election campaign.

                                              paigning hard to defend our two existing
                                              seats in the European Parliament and to
                                              break through in other regions.
                                                 Every member can make a difference
                                              by helping in the elections, and with a full
                                              day of training on Sunday you can pick
Caroline Lucas, Leader                        up plenty of tips and share experiences.
                                              The training is doubly important given
Adrian Ramsay, Deputy Leader
                                              that there could be a General Election at
Welcome to Spring Conference and to the       any time. Speaking of which, if your lo-
magnificent Winter Gardens. Blackpool         cal party has not yet selected its General
is the perfect destination for this confer-   Election candidates please do so without
ence and not just for the beach, bars and     delay. We want to ensure we stand more
bright lights. The North West is one of our   candidates than ever before!
target regions for the European election        The conference programme is packed
and we’re also close to Lancaster where       with interesting policy discussions, pan-
one of the most successful local parties in   el debates and evening entertainment.
the country has 12 City Councillors.          We’ll also be attempting to break the
   This conference comes at a crucial time.   world record for the biggest ever canvass
Next month will see nominations open          on Sunday afternoon in the Lancaster and
for the European and County Council           Fleetwood constituency.
elections on 4th June. These elections are      We look forward to talking to members
a vital opportunity to make more Green        during the conference.
gains across the country. We’re cam-            Have a good time!

    Keeping it Green
    Recycling: recycling bins are in every room;
    please use them

    Lights: turn off lights in empty rooms

    Badge holders: please return at the end or
    bring with you next time

    Crockery: please help the venue staff by
    returning used crockery

    Safety & security: please keep gangways,
    entrances and exits clear

    Smile: enjoy yourself, and if you’re an old
    hand, give a warm welcome to newcomers

    Thank You
    Conferences Committee & Clover Events

     Please wear your badge at all times
     There will be no access to the venue
     after 6pm without your conference badge

    Would you like to help organise future
    Green Party Conferences?
    A huge amount of work goes on behind the scenes to make confer-
    ence happen, and conference committee needs more members to
    share the load and make sure we continue to make conference more
    attractive and affordable to members, stallholders and the wider
       If interested please speak to an existing member of conferences
    committee (Sue Luxton, Emily Heath or Mohammed Jiwa) for more
    info, and consider putting yourself forward for election!

How Conference Works ........................................................................................................ 6-7
Final Agenda ............................................................................................................................. 8-42
   Introduction .........................................................................................................................................8
   List of contacts .............................................................................................................................................................................. 8
   Section A (Reports) ..............................................................................................................................9-12
            A1 Standing Orders Committee Report........................................................................................................................ 9
            A2 Policy Committee Report ........................................................................................................................................... 10
            A3 Dispute Resolution Committee................................................................................................................................. 11
            A4 GPEx Report ................................................................................................................................................................... 11
            A5 Changes to SOC Standing Orders ............................................................................................................................. 12
   Section B (Voting Papers).....................................................................................................................13
            B10 Tourism voting paper................................................................................................................................................. 13
   Section C (Policy Motions) ...................................................................................................................19-32
   (Numbers in brackets refer to number of prioritisation votes received)
       C01 Campaigning for an alternative economic strategy (50) ................................................................................ 19
       C02 Migration motion (39) .............................................................................................................................................. 20
       C03 Domestic abuse (29) ................................................................................................................................................. 21
       C04 Gender and asylum(24)............................................................................................................................................ 22
       C05 Maternity services(24) ............................................................................................................................................. 22
       C06 Bringing climate change policy up to date (20) ................................................................................................. 23
       C07 Zero carbon Britain (19) ........................................................................................................................................... 23
       C08 Women in employment and business (18) ......................................................................................................... 24
       C09 Intellectual property (15) ........................................................................................................................................ 24
Timetable .................................................................................................................................. 25-28
            C10 Concentrating solar power and European grids (14) ....................................................................................... 29
            C11 Monetary policy (13)................................................................................................................................................. 29
            C12 Global financial archetecture(13) .......................................................................................................................... 30
            C13 Carbon capture and storage pilot projects (11) ................................................................................................ 30
            C14 Climate motion: geo engineering (5) ................................................................................................................... 30
            C15 Criminal justice (5) ...................................................................................................................................................... 31
            C16 Natural gas storage in underground salt caverns (5) ...................................................................................... 31
            C17 Northern Ireland (4) .................................................................................................................................................. 32
   Section D (Organisational Motions) ....................................................................................................33-34
            D01 Subscription rates (B) (44) ....................................................................................................................................... 33
            D02 Subscription rates (A) (35) ........................................................................................................................................ 33
            D03 Additional synopsis from policy committee (41) ............................................................................................. 34
            D04 Prioritisation of motions (36) ................................................................................................................................. 34
   Section E (Draft Voting Papers) ...........................................................................................................35-41
            E01 Education DVP ............................................................................................................................................................ 35
   Section O (Out of Order Motions) ........................................................................................................42
            O1 Members website ........................................................................................................................................................ 42
            O2 Convention of the Left ............................................................................................................................................... 42
Venue Map ................................................................................................................................ 43
Fringe Guide .............................................................................................................................. 44-49
Guide to Blackpool .................................................................................................................. 50-51
Autumn Conference Booking form ..................................................................................... 52

How conference works

A. Registration & Voting                                        C. What’s What
When you register, you will be given your Conference
badge and voting cards. Please wear your badge at all           Plenary Sessions
times inside the Conference venues and return the hold-         These are held in the main hall. They are voting sessions
er at the end of Conference. If you are a member you will       where the formal business of Conference takes place.
be given a set of voting cards, for use in plenary sessions     Items from the Agenda are discussed and voted on in
when a vote is called. There is a diff erent colour for each    these sessions. The Agenda is made up of motions put
day.                                                            forward by members of the party for amending, or inclu-
   Voting is done by raising your hand with the appro-          sion in, the Manifesto for a Sustainable Society.
priate card for that day. You will also receive a ‘card vote’      Before a paper or motion is considered in a plenary
card. If this is used the procedure will be explained by        session, there is a workshop.
the Standing Orders Committee.                                     If you have questions about the proposal, or wish to
   Please note. Lost voting cards cannot be replaced. You       take part in the plenary debate, it is helpful if you attend
need the correct voting card to vote.                           the workshop, though that is not essential.

B. Who’s Who                                                                       These are discussions in small
                                                                                   groups. They can be:
Conference Committee                                                                  * to discuss motions that will be
The Conference Committee is elected                                                debated in plenary sessions (so that
annually at Conference and is re-                                                  the knotty problems can be sorted
sponsible for organising the confer-                                               out in a less formal atmosphere)
ence, including all workshops, fring-                                                 * discussions of draft voting pa-
es, plenaries, and entertainment. It                                               pers (these are not debated in the
is not, however, responsible for the                                               plenary sessions)
content of any of these. Its members are currently Sue             * organised by Policy Committee to facilitate policy
Luxton, Mo Jiwa and Emily Heath.                                development for future Conferences to consider.
                                                                   Any member can attend a workshop. A report from
Standing Orders Committee (SOC)                                 the workshop is given to Conference at the start of the
SOC draws up the Agenda for Conference and advises on           relevant debate.
the rules of formal debate. They can be found at a table
at the front of the main hall.                                  Fringe meetings
   They are responsible for ensuring that Conference            These are typically held at lunchtime and in the evening.
sticks to the rules and guidelines set out in the Party’s       Fringe meetings are organised by a variety of individu-
constitution. Its members are currently Pippa Lane (con-        als and groups, such as policy working groups or train-
venor), Payam Torabi and Mark Hill.                             ing sessions. They are not part of the formal business of
   The first piece of formal business is always accept-         Conference, but may cover educational or topical issues.
ance of the SOC report, as this determines the order of
business. During Conference SOC supervises votes and            Attunement
speakers in the plenary sessions (see below). They also         Each plenary session starts with a 1-minute period of at-
give advice to the chairs of the plenaries.                     tunement during which all activity stops. This is a time
   If you want to submit a speaker slip to be called to         for calm reflection. Please do not talk or move around
speak in a plenary session, or have any questions about         during attunement.
items on the Agenda, then please ask a member of SOC to
explain the procedure.                                          The Agenda and SOC Report
                                                                The formal business of Conference is compiled into the
Policy Committee                                                Final Agenda by SOC. Conference must approve the
Policy Committee is responsible for facilitating the policy     Agenda before debate can start. This is done by approv-
making process within the Green Party. If you want in-          ing the SOC report, which is always the first item of for-
formation about the policy making process, for example          mal business at Conference. This is where you can chal-
how draft voting papers turn into voting papers, please         lenge rulings, such as out-of-order motions, and other
contact them. The convenors are Policy Co-ordinators            amendments, if you are unhappy with SOC’s decisions.
Brian Heatley & Matt Follett (job-share).

Voting and Ballots                                             involve both men and women.
Any Party member may vote at Conference, so long as               Speaker slips can be obtained from the SOC table. The
they have registered and received their voting cards. Vot-     “start of debate” means before the motion was moved,
ing is by show of hands, holding the correct voting card.      even if you only want to speak on an amendment; how-
For a motion or amendment to be carried, it requires a         ever, if a debate continues into a second session, slips
majority of those voting for over those voting against.        may be handed in also before the restart in the second
Some motions, such as those that amend the Constitution        session.
or the Philosophical Basis, need a two-thirds majority.
                                                               Emergency motions
A card vote (ballot)                                           The First Agenda deadline for motions to Conference is
This may be held at the discretion of the Chair, or if re-     13 weeks before it starts. Emergency motions are intend-
quested by at least 10 members. The ballot is held by          ed to enable Conference to address situations that have
placing card votes in designated ballot boxes in the hall;     arisen since.
it is organised by SOC.                                           Emergency Motions are most often used by the Press
                                                               Offi ce to facilitate publicity for a Green Party message
Proxy votes                                                    on an important topical issue. EMs can also be brought
In card votes only, you can vote on behalf of up to five       by individual members to address a topic that they feel
non-attending members, if you bring written consent            important. All EMs need to be signed by at least four GP
for that authority (a signed letter on their behalf) to the    members and should not fall foul of the provisions in the
registration table to register proxy votes. There will be      Standing Orders for SOC ruling motions out of order.
someone at the registration desk issuing proxy votes for          Plenary time for emergency motions is available at
an hour before each plenary.                                   various times during the conference. If you want to pro-
                                                               pose an emergency motion to be discussed by Confer-
Speaking in plenary sessions                                   ence, you should discuss it with Standing Orders Com-
Any member may ask to speak during a debate, simply            mittee and the External Communications Co-ordinator
by raising their hand with that day’s voting card. In call-    before submitting.
ing members to speak, the Chair will usually give prior-
ity to members who have a completed a speaker slip to          Chairing
ask to speak on that matter, and handed the slip to SOC           The chairing of plenary sessions is organised before
before the start of debate. It is also a good idea to attend   the start of conference. Contact SOC if you are interested
and make your point at the relevant workshop, which            in chairing a session, at this or future conferences.
the Chair will usually attend.                                    Guidance is available on what the job entails and the
   The Chair will be concerned to achieve a balanced de-       best way of acquiring the necessary skills is by co-chair-
bate, representing the various points of view to inform        ing alongside someone with experience. We are always
members’ decisions on how they will vote. The Chair            keen to encourage newcomers and broaden the expertise
will aim to call new as well as experienced speakers, and      within the Party.

Welcome to the final agenda for                Summaries & Synopses                               For information on these elections
the Green Party’s 2009 Spring                  Conference Standing Orders state                please contact the SOC Convenor.
conference.                                    that all motions must be accompa-
                                               nied by a synopsis of not more than             Contacts for motions in this agenda:
Content of Final Agenda:                       50 words which will appear in the               The names of those signing motions
There is 1 voting paper (Tourism), 1           Agenda Summary. If motions are not              are included after each motion, up
Draft voting paper (Education), 17             accompanied by synopsis, SOC may                to a maximum of 4 names, although
policy motions, and 4 organisational           devise a synopsis from the text in-             only 4 are required. Where there are
motions; 2 motions have been ruled             cluded, although it is not obliged to           more than 4, then the first 4 are listed
out of order and are included at the           do so.                                          followed by “+ others”. The principal
end of the Agenda. A number of pro-                                                            contact for each motion is indicated
posals were submitted with insuf-              Committee Elections:                            by (**) after the name and contact de-
ficient signatures and were not in-            Elections will be held at Conference            tails can be found below.
cluded at any place in this agenda.            for all Committees that have vacan-
                                               cies. This includes the Standing Or-
Errors in the Agenda:                          ders (3 places), Conferences (5 places),
If you notice any errors in the final          Campaigns (2 places), Policy (1 place),
agenda please notify the convenor of           International (1 place), Disputes
SOC for correction.                            Resolution (2 places), and the Green
                                               World Editorial Board (3 places).

List of contacts for motions
Green Party Office                 Tel: 01934-853-606                  Philip Mitchell                     Peter Allen
1a Waterlow Road, London N19 5NJ                  7 Raymond Avenue,                   Slatelands House, Slatelands Rd,
Tel: 020-7272-4474                                                     Blackpool, FY2 0TY                  Glossop SK13 6LH
                                   Natalie Bennett           
Brian Heatley                      56 Walker House, NW1 1EP,
Lorton Barn, Lorton Lane,          Tel: 07967-417859                   Cllr Romayne Phoenix                Joseph Healey
Weymouth, Dorset, DT3 5QH                63 Adamsrill Road, Sydenham, Lon-
Tel: 01305 816514                                                      don SE 26 4AJ       Sarah Mitchell                          Molly Scott Cato
                                   42 Summersby Rd, London, N6 5UH     Tel: 07985 053 907                  St. Agatha’s Cottage, 19 Lower
Alan Francis                       Tel: 020 8883 4237                                                      Street, Stroud, GL5 2HT
6 Spencer St, new Bradwell,         Rachel Fryer              
Milton Keynes MK13 0DW                                       
Tel: 01908 316921                  Jon Hooper                                                              Tony Cooper                    Matt Follett              
                                   3 Elizabeth Court, Well Street,     23 Gainsborough Road,
Sean Thompson                      Great Torrington, Devon, EX38 8EP   Leicester LE2 3DG                   SOC Members
42 St Albans Road, NW5 1RH                                                    Pippa Lane (convenor)      Deepak Rughani                                                
                                   Andrew Collingwood                  Payam Torabi
Richard Lawson                                                      
Walnut House, Dolberrow,                                                                                   Mark Hill
Churchill, Winscombe, BS25 5NT                                                                   

Section A
Reports & Items Requested from Previous Conference
Items in section A of the agenda           The Electoral Returning Officer               Candidates for the posts of leader,
are required by the Constitution or        SOC thanks Roger Creagh-Osbourne           deputy leader or co-leader and/or
Standing Orders or at the request of a     for his work as returning officer at       their agents are entitled to contact
previous Conference. The reports will      Autumn Conference 2008. SOC has            Party members via email, post or
be included in the Final Agenda.           been searching for a new ERO and are       telephone. – unless the member has
                                           happy to announce Gordon Hodgson           previously notified Party office that
A1. Standing Orders Committee              as ERO for this conference.                they do not wish to be contacted in
                                                                                      this way. For this purpose an inter-
Order of Business                          Standing Orders                            nal electoral register, of Party mem-
The SOCC state that SOC must con-          After conference, SOC made a number        bers who are happy to be canvassed,
duct a ballot to assist in the prioriti-   of minor changes to their standing         will be provided. New members will
sation of the motions.                     orders– see item A5 of the agenda.         be given the option of opting into
    The precise format is not laid out.                                               the register on joining while existing
We have used the same process used         Summaries and Synopses                     members will be given the chance to
since the spring conference of 2008.       Conference Standing Orders state           opt out through a prominent notice
    109 ballots were received, which       that all motions should be accompa-        in Green Activist.
107 of these were via the online poll.     nied by a synopsis of not more than           For this purpose, Party office will
We promoted the ballot on e-lists.         50 words which will appear in the          provide on application to either the
    The motions have been proposed         Agenda Summary.                            candidate or his/her agent a single
in the order set out above, on the ba-       If your synopsis was more than 50        electronic copy of the register, which
sis of the prioritisation ballot except    words, it was probably cut by SOC.         will contain the following informa-
for the following changes:                                                            tion for members who have not ‘opt-
    Where motions were tied in num-        Rulings                                    ed out’:
bers of votes, they were put in alpha-     Rulings were made on the                      Party member name
betical order.                             following:                                    Local and Regional Parties
    The Subscription Rates motions            SOC agreed to institute a tribunal         Contact telephone number
were put together meaning that             against two members at the request         Rolls for telephone canvassing as
Subscription Rates (A) was moved up        of the London Federation of Green          above will be protected electronical-
the list ahead of two other motions        Parties. We cannot give further de-        ly by passwords, and be in an unco-
which had achieved more votes than         tails due to confidentiality as the        pyable PDF form. Each roll provided
it.                                        process is not yet complete.               will have a different password, so
                                                                                      their use can be tracked back to the
SOC Vacancies                              Consultation on GPEx Election              candidates. The documents will also
Mark Hill comes to the end of his          Regulations                                be protected so as to make them un-
three-year term under the constitu-        SOC wishes to consult on two con-          printable. Any paper copies provided
tion and will thus be stepping down        tentious elements of GPEx election         by the office for candidates not using
at the end of this conference. Tim         regulations. These have/will be sent       a computer will be printed on dark
Dawes resigned after being elected         to relevant stakeholders including         green (un-photo-copiable) paper,
GPRC co-chair. Jim Jepps resigned          GPEx and GPRC for consultation to          watermarked, and marked with a
over a dispute regarding a tribunal        give guidance to the new ERO in his        code that identifies the candidate to
process. There are thus 3 vacancies        drafting of the regulations. We also       whom it was issued.
on SOC which we are seeking to be          want to give conference the chance            In addition pre-printed mailing
filled by election at this conference.     to discuss, hence its inclusion in this    labels will be provided by the office
                                           report.                                    to any candidate (incl for annually
Other Vacancies                                The first proposal is regarding tel-   elected posts) that requests them.
Posts for election at this conference      ephone canvassing. SOC is proposing           Before receiving this information,
are: Conferences Committee (4 plac-        the following as the basis of consul-      the candidate and/or Party member
es), Campaigns Committee (2 places),       tation (changes from current regula-       will confirm that use of this infor-
Policy Committee (1 place), Interna-       tions struck out):                         mation will be restricted entirely to
tional Committee (1 place), Disputes           One of the key aims of these rules     the conduct of the election. Any use
Resolution Committee (2 places), and       is to increase turnout in these elec-      outside of this election will not only
the Green World Editorial Board (3         tions in a fair way. For that reason       be referred by the ERO to GPRC as a
places).                                   it is important to enable candidates       disciplinary matter, but may also fall
                                           to communicate effectively with the        foul of Data Protection Legislation.
                                           membership.                                   The second proposal is regard-
                                                                                      ing expense limits. SOC is propos-

ing the following as the basis for      administrative arrangements for           lands Network, and have put before
consultations:                          emergency Motions clearer. To do          this conference a motion which sim-
    •	 The expense limit will be        this SOC has designed a form which        ply deletes the existing Northern
       reduced                          will help members submit emergen-         Ireland chapter. This leaves North-
    •	 Extra support will be giv-       cy motions and help SOC on the way!       ern Ireland in the same position as
       en to candidates in their        Please contact any member of SOC          Scotland, with a brief mention in the
       campaigns by the national        to request a form and to record your      Public Administration and Govern-
       party.                           emergency motion with us. Once an         ment chapter at PA400.
    •	 Expenses for first tier elec-    emergency motion has been accept-             At last Spring conference a motion
       tions (Leader and Deputy         ed by SOC, we enter it into the formal    on Palestine and Israel was referred
       Leader): 5p per member plus      record of Conference and arrange for      back to Policy Committee. There
       £250                             it to be displayed. There are sessions    was a fringe on a proposed draft at
    •	 Expenses for second tier elec-   for Emergency Motions through-            last conference which raised a large
       tions: 5p per member.            out Conference and these are in the       number of issues. Unfortunately it
    •	 The national party will pro-     timetable. Finally, as a word of ad-      has not been possible to present a
       vide two mailouts. In addi-      vice, keep your emergency motion          substantive motion to this confer-
       tion to the current booklet of   short (fewer than 250 words) and if       ence, but we do intend to take the
       candidate statements, a sec-     possible send the text electronically     work forward in further fringes.
       ond mailout with 1 page of       to the SOC Convenor.                          Last Spring conference there was
       any content chosen by each                                                 an enabling motion on Population.
       candidate will be published      Contacts for motions in this Agenda       It has again proved impossible to
       and sent out by the national     The names of those signing motions        achieve sufficient agreement to
       party.                           are included after each motion, up        present a Draft Voting Paper at this
    •	 The national party will          to a maximum of 4 names, although         conference despite the useful fringe
       provide a website for each       only 4 are required. Where there are      meeting at last conference.
       candidate.                       more than 4, then the first 4 are list-       Policy Committee have raised
                                        ed followed by “and X others”. The        concerns at the last two conferences
Conference Timetable                    principal contact for each motion is      about the large number of policy mo-
The official notice for this Confer-    indicated by (**) after the name and      tions, and in our view the inadequate
ence was published in the November      contact details can be found at end       level of discussion and preparation
edition of Green World                  of the agenda.                            of many of these motions. We have
                                        MOTION: SOC proposes that Confer-         proposed two motions at this con-
Distribution of the First Agenda        ence its report                           ference to address these problems,
The full First Agenda was sent to lo-                                             neither of which actually restricts
cal and regional party co-ordinators,                                             the ability of members to submit
and the monthly e-mail to members       A2: Policy Committee                      motions, but which are designed to
contained a link to the full agenda.    For this conference there is one Vot-     promote respectively more discus-
The summary agenda is usually           ing Paper, on Tourism. This is laid       sion and more thorough preparation.
sent to all members via Green Activ-    under the rule which says that if         The first will give priority to motions
ist but the last Green Activist went    there is no other Voting Paper, Policy    from a recognised party group over
out before the First Agenda deadline    Committee should select an existing       motions simply signed by 4 mem-
meaning this was not possible.          section of the MfSS for review. There     bers. The second will make Policy
                                        is also a Draft Voting Paper on Educa-    Committee work harder, allowing
Distribution of the Final Agenda        tion following the first draft of this    us on occasion to give a commentary
The final agenda was published          at last conference, and a total of 17     on motions under a restricted list of
on the Party’s website on 31st Janu-    Policy motions.                           headings; we hope such a procedure
ary 2009 and circulated soon after          The Education Draft Voting Paper      will encourage promoters of mo-
on the party’s email lists. Further,    follows the enabling motion passed        tions to consider these issues, and if
a link to the agenda was sent to all    two years ago, and is a substantial       necessary talk to us, before a motion
Local Party Contacts electronically.    piece of work for which we are grate-     is laid.
Hard copies of the agenda have only     ful to Rachel Fryer and the Education         There are no less than five eco-
been made available to Conference       group. It will be debated at this con-    nomic motions on this agenda that
delegates or Local Party Contacts on    ference at a workshop and at fringes,     might otherwise fall within the
application to Party Office.            and a full Voting Paper is expected       scope of the work on revising the
                                        next conference.                          Economics Chapter – on intellectual
Submission of Emergency Motions            Autumn 2007 Conference passed          property, monetary policy, global
All Emergency Motions must be dis-      an enabling motion asking for a re-       financial architecture, alternative
played at the Conference venue for      view of our policy on Northern Ire-       economic strategy and women in
at least one hour before the plenary    land. We have been unable to obtain       employment. Submitting an Econo-
session in which they are to be dis-    any substantive comments from the         my DVP would in these circumstanc-
cussed. SOC would like to make the      other Green Parties in the Green Is-      es be superfluous – indeed we may

seek to encourage this process next      issue and the other is considering         and we and he think that it is inap-
conference, adding to our economics      going to a Disciplinary Tribunal.          propriate that he should exercise
policy in bite sized chunks and then        In the South East, the local party      this discretion without any guid-
simply proceeding with a relatively      containing the dispute was dis-            ance from the Party. Because this
non-controversial consolidating DVP      banded for lack of officers. No reso-      circumstance could arise before Au-
at the end.                              lution was achieved, nor did it seem       tumn Conference 2009, which is the
   At last Autumn conference a           possible.                                  first time we can now fill this gap
fringe meeting discussed issues             The situation in the Eastern Re-        in the constitution, GPEX is setting
around the future of the MfSS. With      gion is ongoing, and after a period        out in this report how it proposes
this conference in pre Euro election     of worsening relationships a route to      we should act if these circumstances
mode and with a focus on training        resolution is now clear.                   arise before then. These proposals
the work has been put on hold until         No disputes have been resolved in       have the support of the GPRC co-
after June 4th and will be progressed    the last six months.                       chairs, and GPRC will be discussing
at a future conference.                     There have been no new requests         them on 7/8 February. This report
   Other policy work since last con-     for DRC involvement in the last six        gives conference the opportunity to
ference has included carrying for-       months.                                    discuss and, by accepting the report,
ward the work on generating short           There is still one vacancy on the       endorse these proposals, and also to
positive policy ideas, creating a        Committee, if you are interested in        have some debate in advance of Au-
pre-budget report statement in col-      maintaining Party effectiveness by         tumn Conference.
laboration with the Green New Deal       assisting in the resolution of difficul-      Under electoral law, when an MEP
Group, dealing as ever with routine      ties, please put your name forward         dies or resigns the returning officer
policy enquiries, assisting press of-    for election, either by email to soc@      is obliged to ask each person on the
fice rather more than usual, contrib- or during your at-       Party’s list for the previous election
uting to draft manifestos and keep-      tendance at Conference. Normal dis-        in turn, starting with the next one
ing the MfSS and Record of Policy        cussion is by email. We expect in ad-      down the list, if they are prepared
statements up to date.                   dition to have two or three physical       to be the replacement. However,
   We are grateful to the members        meetings every year, transport costs       the Party can in practice block the
of Policy Committee and our retir-       to these meetings are borne by the         appointment of a particular person
ing GPRC friend Lesley Hedges for all    DRC budget.                                by not providing a certificate. Thus
their hard work and support over the     Owen Clarke                                the replacement MEP must come
past year.                               DRC Co-ordinator       15/1/08             from the Party’s list for the previ-
Brian Heatley, Matt Follett                                                         ous election, but we could exercise
Joint Policy Development                                                            our discretion so as to ensure that a
Coordinator                              A4 Green Party Executive                   particular person on the list got the
                                         SOC recommends that GPEx submits           nomination.
                                         this as an organisational motion              GPEX has considered a range of
A3 Disputes Resolution                   to Autumn Conference and that it           options, from a system which allows
Committee                                stands as an interim measure until         the list to operate automatically pro-
                                         then.                                      vided that the person concerned is
This half year has seen a more active       A vote to accept the report accepts     still a member of the party, to op-
DRC, with good response to emails        the proposal as an interim measure         tions where GPRC would exercise a
and a keen interest in improving our     but does not make a constitutional         wide discretion in picking someone
effectiveness. There is now an email     change.                                    from the list. We are proposing the
address                                                  following compromise system. At
uk which gives Green Party mem-          Replacing MEPs and Assembly                any time following a European Elec-
bers access to all DRC members with      Members                                    tion a Region could decide, by a two-
confidentiality assured for raising      GPEX became aware after the First          thirds vote at a Regional Meeting,
points or asking questions. Commu-       Agenda deadline for this confer-           that a person on the list, usually the
nication between GPRC and DRC has        ence that the constitution contains        person next on the list, was no long-
been improved by the co-ordinator        no procedure to cover the situation        er suitable to be a Green Party MEP.
attending GPRC meetings to present       when a Green Party MEP dies or re-         Such a decision would then have to
a report and have conversations          signs as an MEP. This may not be an        be ratified by GPRC, and the person
with individual regional councillors     entirely academic issue; in particu-       concerned would be given the oppor-
outside the formal GPRC meeting.         lar Caroline Lucas could be elected        tunity to defend their position. Once
   3 Disputes have withered away,        an MP while already an MEP any             this process had taken place the list
and are not mentioned.                   time between now and May 2010.             would operate almost automatically
   2 Disputes have had resolution           We have a very limited amount           as if that person had been removed.
abandoned.                               of discretion under electoral law to       Thus when the death or resignation
   In the West Midlands both sides       nominate a replacement. This pow-          of an MEP takes place, and the next
felt that resolution had been ineffec-   er lies with our national nominating       person on the list (as possibly already
tive. One side decided to ignore the     agent, the National Agent Chris Rose,      modified by such a Regional recall)

is willing to serve as an MEP, and        A5 Changes to SOC Standing               Before doing so the Convenor should
they have remained continuously           Orders                                   consider the complexity of the deci-
in Green Party membership, or their                                                sion to hand and the ability to have
membership is not suspended, and          Section 2 and Section 5 were amend-      a proper discussion via the E-list.
they are not a member of another          ed. Amendments in italics.               Generally, it is anticipated that prior
party, then that next person on the                                                to a request for a formal decision by
list should automatically become the      Section 2: SOC Convenor                  email, a discussion about the issue
MEP.                                      Within a week of the end of each Au-     had taken place on the E-list and this
    The rationale for this procedure      tumn Conference SOC will appoint a       will assist the Convenor in reaching
is that it is the Region that selects     convenor. In the event of a vacancy      his/her decision.
the list in the first place, the Region   SOC must appoint a replacement              Once the Convenor has decided to
that should have monitored the per-       within a week. The SOC convenor          use the ‘E-list’ he/she should post a
formance of the next in line and so       is appointed, or removed by a vote       simple email covering each decision
it is the Region that should take the     of no confidence, by a minimum of        to the list stating in the subject ‘DE-
initiative if there are reasons, such     three members of SOC, or a simple        CISION BY XX/YY/ZZ ON [SUBJECT]’.
as inactivity, why the second in line     majority if there are less than five     In the text of the email the Convenor
person should not become a Green          members of SOC.                          should explain the decision to be
Party MEP. Natural justice demands           Within a week of their appoint-       made, make the relevant references
that there is some kind of appeal         ment following each Conference,          to the Constitution & SOCC and con-
mechanism, and hence the proce-           the convenor must notify all mem-        firm the deadline for a response. The
dure involving GPRC. But it is also       bers of SOC, the Conferences Com-        deadline for response should be no
important that we can act quickly         mittee Convenor, Policy Committee        less than 24 hours. Further, if the
and without any distracting argu-         Convenor, the GPRC Co-chairs and         deadline is less than 72 hours the
ments once an MEP resigns or dies,        the GPEx chair, of the time & place      Convenor should attempt to alert
and that is why that unless there         for meetings to discuss the first and    the SOC members of the vote by
has been a prior removal of a person      second agenda for the forthcoming        telephone.
from the list, the list should be fol-    Conference.                                 Members of SOC should vote by
lowed automatically, except in the           The Convenor will maintain a          simply replying to the list ‘FOR’
wholly exceptional circumstances          copy of these standing orders.           ‘AGAINST’ or ‘ABSTAIN’.
when the person concerned has de-                                                     In particular, once the draft first
clined the offer or left the party.       Section 5: Decisions by E-list           agenda has been compiled and circu-
    Similar issues arise in relation to   The SOC Convenor will maintain an        lated to SOC members and provided
replacing members of the London           Email list (‘E-list’) to which all SOC   there is no other business to be con-
and Welsh Assemblies. However             members and the Returning Officer        sidered, it will be acceptable to de-
our discretion is much more limited.      can post items and any Green Party       cide by E-list to cancel the meeting to
We can only prevent the appoint-          member can join on a ‘read-only’         consider the first agenda established
ment of a particular person if they       basis. SOC members must therefore        in (2) above. This option does not ap-
have ceased to be a member of the         ensure that the SOC Convenor has a       ply to the meeting to consider the
national party, but we can allow          current email address and telephone      second agenda.
the appointment even if they have         number for you.
left the party. We propose that we           The SOC Convenor will have the
would never exercise this discretion      sole discretion to determine wheth-
to allow the appointment of a person      er an item is suitable for decision by
who was not a member of the party.        E-list with the exception of a vote of
Brian Heatley, GPEx                       no confidence in the SOC Convenor.

Section B: Voting Papers

B10 Tourism voting paper                  more self-reliant local and regional     secure economy, less dependent on
(Submitted by policy committee)           economies, which are diverse and         temporary seasonal work. They re-
                                          can meet more needs locally. They        duce waste of resources and pollu-
Synopsis                                  provide communities with a more          tion of the environment.
There are no other voting papers ex-      secure economy, less dependent on        TM004 A shift towards sustainable
pected for this Conference, and so        temporary seasonal work. They re-        tourism requires information of
under section C5 of standing orders       duce waste of resources and pollu-       tourists and businesses about the
Policy Committee has to present one       tion of the environment.                 economic, social and environmental
existing section of the MfSS for dis-                                              impacts of tourism. This is neces-
cussion at Conference as a voting pa-     Amendment 1                              sary to ensure that tourist activities
per. The Committee has chosen the         After ‘Background’ insert:               and facilities are on a scale which
Tourism section. This motion sim-         TM001 In accordance with the Uni-        matches the local community, are
ply tables the section as it currently    versal Declaration of Human Rights,      sympathetic to and do not pollute
stands. Amendments to the section         which states that Article Everyone       the environment, and are deter-
are invited for the final agenda.         has the right to leave any country,      mined to a large extent by the local
                                          including his own, and to return to      community.
Motion                                    his country. we recognise travel and     Proposed by: Matt Follett*, John Nor-
Delete the existing Tourism section       tourism to be important rights.          ris, Roger Creagh-Osborne, Brian
in the MfSS (TM001-TM101) and re-         TM002 Tourism is defined as travel       Heatley, Alan Francis, Rachel Fryer
place it with the following:              to another place within one’s own
                                          country or to another country other      TM004 A shift towards sustainable
                                          than for work or business purpos-        tourism requires information of
TOURISM                                   es. The benefits of tourism must be      tourists and businesses about the
                                          balanced with the right of all to a      economic, social and environmental
Background                                healthy and sustainable environ-         impacts of tourism. This is neces-
TM001 Tourism is defined as travel        ment, economy and social life. (See      sary to ensure that tourist activities
to another place within one’s own         RR201)                                   and facilities are on a scale which
country or to another country for         TM003 We recognise that cultural         matches the local community, are
leisure purposes. Travel is a relative    exchange between peoples can be a        sympathetic to and do not pollute
right. It must be balanced with the       positive thing, provided that this is    the environment, and are deter-
right of all to a healthy and sustain-    done is a responsible way. We sup-       mined to a large extent by the local
able environment, economy and so-         port ‘working holidays, cultural ex-     community.
cial life. (see RR201)                    changes and longer term study or
TM002 The Green Party is concerned        travel in a country, as a means to       Amendment 3
about ecological. social and econom-      understand the culture of the places     replace TM004 with “The Green
ic effects of tourism.                    one is visiting.’.                       Party supports shifts towards more
   We seek to ensure that:                Proposed by: Matt Follett*, John Nor-    sustainable models for the holi-
   •	 damage to the local and glo-        ris, Roger Creagh-Osborne, Brian         day industry which ensure that ac-
        bal environments is kept to a     Heatley, Alan Francis, Rachel Fryer      tivities and facilities are on a scale
        minimum;                                                                   which match the local community,
   •	 people are encouraged to take       Amendment 2                              are sympathetic to and do not pol-
        their holidays closer to home,    Delete current TM001 and TM002           lute the local environment, and are
        reducing the amount of travel,    and renumber accordingly:                determined to a large extent by the
        particularly by air;              TM003 Tourism can have benefits.         local community.”
   •	 the relationship between            These can include inward invest-         Proposed by: Matt Follett*, John Nor-
        tourists and the communities      ment and development in local com-       ris, Roger Creagh-Osborne, Brian
        they visit is an equitable one.   munities. Such development must          Heatley, Alan Francis, Rachel Fryer
TM003 Tourism can have benefits.          be sustainable. We encourage the
These can include inward invest-          development of facilities suitable for   Policy aims
ment and development in local com-        a variety of purposes throughout the     TM010 Tourism to consume fewer re-
munities. Such development must           year, to meet the needs of local peo-    sources, particularly non-renewable
be sustainable. We encourage the          ple as well as tourists. We encourage    resources. There must be a dramatic
development of facilities suitable for    more self-reliant local and regional     reduction in the intensive use of fos-
a variety of purposes throughout the      economies, which are diverse and         sil fuel for travel, such as car and air
year, to meet the needs of local peo-     can meet more needs locally. They        travel (see EN510). Where resources
ple as well as tourists. We encourage     provide communities with a more          such as water are scarce, there must

be particular economy in their use         to be gained from the access to and     TM022 Certification for tour opera-
for tourism.                               use of those resources in the future.   tors would take into account factors
                                           At present most tour operators try      such as:
Amendment 4                                to offer the cheapest package, with-       a. the tour operator’s membership
delete TM010                               out giving the buyer any advice on      of and status in independent en-
Proposed by: Matt Follett*, John Nor-      how they could reduce their impact      vironmental certification schemes
ris, Roger Creagh-Osborne, Brian           on the place they are visiting and      such as Green Globe;
Heatley, Alan Francis, Rachel Fryer        whether there are alternatives avail-      b. the extent to which tour docu-
                                           able which would be more sustain-       ments inform tourists about the lo-
TM011 To discourage unsustainable          able and beneficial to the hosts.       cal culture and about the environ-
and damaging tourist developments.                                                 mental/social issues which they
A more open and democratic deci-           Amendment 7                             might encounter, and advise them
sion-making process to determine           Insert new TM016                        on how they could help to reduce
what developments should be built,         Encouragement will be given to          their adverse environmental impact
and that they benefit local people as      non-commercial activities which         and to support the local economy of
well as tourists.                          promote tourism which is both envi-     the places they are visiting;
                                           ronmentally responsible and which          c. the information provided in
Amendment 5                                maximises the potential benefits of     brochures and tour handouts about
delete TM011                               contacts between peoples. This in       more sustainable modes of trans-
Proposed by: Matt Follett*, John Nor-      particular involves non-commercial      portation such as trains, buses and
ris, Roger Creagh-Osborne, Brian           activities such as exchange schemes,    passenger ferries, particularly for
Heatley, Alan Francis, Rachel Fryer        cultural festivals, study, working      distances of up to 500 miles;
                                           holidays, voluntary work, town             d. the information provided in
TM012 To encourage involvement             twinning, sporting visits and links     tour documents about where and
of tourists with the communities           with particular institutions such as    how to buy locally produced food and
they are visiting. Separation of tour-     schools.                                support smaller independent accom-
ists from the local environment and        Proposed by: Matt Follett*, John Nor-   modation and food establishments;
people has led to a lack of perception     ris, Roger Creagh-Osborne, Brian
and understanding, not least of is-        Heatley, Alan Francis, Rachel Fryer     TM023 Certification would also take
sues addressed by these Green poli-                                                into account the extent to which the
cies. We see positive integration of       TM021 To encourage awareness of         tour operator:
tourists and hosts in a sustainable        these issues The Green Party would         e. is aware of and actively respects
way as the best way to achieve max-        promote a Green tourism certifica-      local, regional. national and interna-
imum benefit to both.                      tion system, building on existing       tional rules established by treaties
                                           schemes but with more comprehen-        protecting fauna and flora;
Amendment 6                                sive criteria.                             f. has procedures for undertaking
delete second sentence of TM012                                                    a full environmental impact assess-
Proposed by: Matt Follett*, John Nor-      Amendment 8                             ment before any new tourist devel-
ris, Roger Creagh-Osborne, Brian           Delete TM021 and replace with “To       opment is created, to ensure that the
Heatley, Alan Francis, Rachel Fryer        encourage awareness of the impact       chosen venue is environmentally,
                                           of travel and awareness of sustain-     sociologically and anthropological-
Information and awareness                  ability issues the Green Party would    ly sufficiently robust to support the
TM015 Raising awareness amongst            promote a Green tourism certifica-      operation proposed without undue
tourists, tour operators, govern-          tion system, building on existing       damage in these areas;
ments and international bodies             schemes but with more comprehen-           g. has a policy of minimising use
about the environmental, social and        sive criteria.                          of the most environmentally un-
economic effects of tourism is a vital     Proposed by: Matt Follett*, John Nor-   sustainable forms of long-distance
first step in tackling the issues raised   ris, Roger Creagh-Osborne, Brian        transport (e.g. by travelling where
here. A rounded education for life in-     Heatley, Alan Francis, Rachel Fryer     feasible over land and sea rather
cludes consideration of such issues,                                               than by air);
at school and in higher education          Amendment 9                                h. adopts EMS (environmen-
and government should make such            Insert new TM022 and renumber:          tal management systems) to re-
issues clear in its handling of the        “Such certification schemes would be    duce any negative impact on the
tourist industry.                          constructed so as to both incentivise   environment;
                                           the providers of travel and tourism        i. seeks the active involvement of
Tour operators and tourist industries      facilities to achieve a higher rating   host communities in the decision-
TM020 Sustainability applies to both       and also to encourage consumers to      making process with regard to new
tourists and the businesses which          choose higher rated options.”           and existing tourist developments,
depend on their trade. The destruc-        Proposed by: Matt Follett*, John Nor-   both in the UK and overseas;
tion of tourism resources for short-       ris, Roger Creagh-Osborne, Brian           j. supports smaller independent
term profit will deny the benefits         Heatley, Alan Francis, Rachel Fryer     local accommodation providers;

   k. recruits personnel locally for      Proposed by: Matt Follett*, John Nor-     Proposed by: Matt Follett*, John Nor-
all levels of responsibility, and gives   ris, Roger Creagh-Osborne, Brian          ris, Roger Creagh-Osborne, Brian
these personnel full work benefits        Heatley, Alan Francis, Rachel Fryer       Heatley, Alan Francis, Rachel Fryer
applicable to other workers in the
same country;                             TM024 The Green Party believes            TM031 Local, unitary and structure
   l. protects and enhances the rights    such a scheme should be a UK contri-      plans, where they do not already do
of workers employed in the tourist        bution to the development of inter-       so, should include tourism. The pe-
industry, including in other coun-        national standards with other coun-       riodic reviews should include a full
tries by insisting that overseas busi-    tries. The UK should consult other        environmental impact assessment
ness partners adhere to acceptable        countries, particularly those which       of tourism in the area, which would
standards in these areas.                 are destinations of UK tourists, and      include recommendations and tar-
                                          should propose a set of guidelines on     gets to ensure the achievement and
Amendment 10                              sustainable tourism.                      maintenance of environmental sus-
delete TM022 and TM023 and replace                                                  tainability. This would be supple-
with:                                     TM025 The term “eco-tourism” has          mented by wider strategic environ-
TM023 Certification would also take       been adopted by many tour opera-          mental assessments.
into account the extent to which the      tors, and can be misleading in terms
tour operator:                            of its real impact on the environment     TM032 Regional planning should en-
   e. is aware of and actively respects   and local peoples. The desire to see      courage the provision of sustainable
local, regional. national and interna-    unspoiled/traditional       landscapes    leisure facilities, so that more people
tional rules established by treaties      and cultures in fact can lead to dam-     do not feel a need to travel abroad for
protecting fauna and flora;               age to those very things. There are       their holidays.
   f. has procedures for undertaking      no adequate UK or international
a full environmental impact assess-       standards, which could guide tour         Tourism and the economy
ment before any new tourist devel-        operators and tourists as to what         TM040 Tourism is an important part
opment is created, to ensure that the     constitutes an “eco-tourist” holiday.     of many local and regional econo-
chosen venue is environmentally,          The UK should promote the develop-        mies in England and Wales. The
sociologically and anthropological-       ment of such standards, in consulta-      Green Party seeks to ensure that the
ly sufficiently robust to support the     tion with other countries.                contribution made by tourism is sus-
operation proposed without undue                                                    tainable, and benefits the economy
damage in these areas;                    Amendment 11                              of the locality where it takes place
   g. has a policy of minimising use      Delete TM025                              (see EC911), We promote democratic
of the most environmentally un-           Proposed by: Matt Follett*, John Nor-     economic planning and manage-
sustainable forms of long-distance        ris, Roger Creagh-Osborne, Brian          ment. (seeEC511)
transport (e.g. by travelling where       Heatley, Alan Francis, Rachel Fryer
feasible over land and sea rather                                                   TM041 Much employment in the
than by air);                             Tourism in England & Wales                tourist industry is low paid, casual
   h. adopts EMS (environmen-                                                       and seasonal work, and in bad con-
tal management systems) to re-            Tourism and planning                      ditions. The Green Party would en-
duce any negative impact on the           TM030 The current planning process        courage more stable employment,
environment;                              in England and Wales is fundamen-         not least by promoting dual use of
   i. seeks the active involvement of     tally undemocratic and careless of lo-    tourism facilities on a year-round
host communities in the decision-         cal communities’ needs. This can al-      basis (see TM030). Employers should
making process with regard to new         low developments for tourism which        not be able to deprive casual or sea-
and existing tourist developments,        have negative consequences for the        sonal workers of statutory employ-
both in the UK and overseas;              locality in which they are sited and      ment rights (see WR332 and WR342
   j.supports smaller independent         for the livelihoods of local people.      - 349). We would strengthen enforce-
local accommodation providers;            However, properly informed, open,         ment to ensure that employers meet
   k. recruits personnel locally for      democratic decisions primarily by         their statutory obligations.
all levels of responsibility, and gives   the local community about tourist
these personnel full work benefits        developments are needed to secure         TM042 The Green Party favours a
applicable to other workers in the        sustainable benefit for both the tour-    general review of legislation related
same country;                             ists and the economy and lives of lo-     to the conduct of restaurant and fast
   l. protects and enhances the rights    cal people. New development should        food enterprises. The key objective
of workers employed in the tourist        be assessed for its capacity to sustain   would be to reduce the negative en-
industry, including in other coun-        year-round use, not just in the tour-     vironmental impacts of such enter-
tries by insisting that overseas busi-    ist season.                               prises and improve employment in
ness partners adhere to acceptable                                                  them. Local authorities should be em-
standards in these areas.                 Amendment 12                              powered to encourage certain types
                                          Delete TM030                              of outlet, for example small cafés or
                                                                                    restaurants owned and operated by

local people, and to encourage all      TM051 The Green Party wishes to            of renewable energy and sustain-
food outlets to source a significant    cut the use of fossil fuels by encour-     able fuels for waterborne transport
proportion of their food supplies       aging the use of public transport          (seeEN302). Canals, rivers and wa-
from local producers, to strengthen     rather than private cars for tour-         terways used for tourism need to be
the local economy.                      ism. Local authorities should help         managed to ensure minimum dis-
                                        co-ordinate the provision of public        ruption to the local ecology by tourist
Amendment 13                            transport to existing tourist facili-      activities there. Speed restrictions on
delete from ‘facilities’ in TM041 and   ties. Local restaurants, hotels, facili-   motorised craft must be enforced.
delete TM042’.                          ties and tourist attractions should be
Proposed by: Matt Follett*, John Nor-   encouraged to give special offers to       Tourism, our natural and cultural her-
ris, Roger Creagh-Osborne, Brian        those visitors who use public trans-       itage, and the environment
Heatley, Alan Francis, Rachel Fryer     port, in exchange for promotion of         TM060 Our country’s natural and
                                        their facilities through the transport     cultural heritage attracts tourists.
Amendment 14                            operators and local authority. Such        We need to ensure tourism supports
TM042 insert the word ‘cafes’ be-       a scheme would be self-financing “         the maintenance of that heritage,
tween ‘restaurant’ and ‘and fast food   and renumber accordingly.                  rather than damaging it through
enterprises’.                                                                      excess. A rich natural heritage, man-
Proposed by: Matt Follett*, John Nor-   Amendment 16                               aged properly, can be enjoyed by
ris, Roger Creagh-Osborne, Brian        Delete ‘“ and renumber accordingly.’       tourists and local people in environ-
Heatley, Alan Francis, Rachel Fryer     from the end of TM051.                     mentally sensitive ways.
                                        Proposed by: Matt Follett*, John Nor-
Amendment 15                            ris, Roger Creagh-Osborne, Brian           Amendment 18
TM042 insert the words ‘and drink’      Heatley, Alan Francis, Rachel Fryer        delete TM060
between ‘all food’ and ‘outlets’.                                                  Proposed by: Matt Follett*, John Nor-
Proposed by: Matt Follett*, John Nor-   TM052 Similarly, new tourist devel-        ris, Roger Creagh-Osborne, Brian
ris, Roger Creagh-Osborne, Brian        opments must be subject to an en-          Heatley, Alan Francis, Rachel Fryer
Heatley, Alan Francis, Rachel Fryer     vironmental impact assessment in-
                                        cluding the number of new visitors         TM061 Areas and sites which have
TM043 Some areas have many sec-         likely. Where development bringing         come under severe pressure from
ond homes/holiday flats, which are      a significant increase in numbers          tourist activities would be desig-
only occupied for a few weeks a year.   of visitors is accepted, the develop-      nated for absolute protection from
This produces very limited benefit to   ers must work with public transport        further degradation. Local authori-
the local economy. It is detrimental    providers and the local authority to       ties should have responsibility for
to the local communities, pushing       ensure sufficient additional public        enforcement, and legal penalties
house prices higher and pricing lo-     transport is provided.                     would fall upon both individuals
cal people out of the market. The                                                  and corporate bodies responsible
Green Party’s policy of Land Value      Amendment 17                               for damage. Local authorities, non-
Tax has no reduction or exemption       Delete TM052                               governmental organisations and
for properties which are left vacant.   Proposed by: Matt Follett*, John Nor-      the public would be consulted about
It will deter the ownership of sec-     ris, Roger Creagh-Osborne, Brian           the designation of such sites. Such
ond ‘holiday’ homes and encourage       Heatley, Alan Francis, Rachel Fryer        designation would provide added
greater use of underused buildings.                                                protection for vulnerable sites. Sen-
(see EC793)                             TM053 The Green Party encourages           sitive natural habitats such as in the
                                        the use of environmentally sustain-        Lake District and Snowdonia require
Tourism and transport                   able modes of transport, as set out in     protection. The Green Party also pro-
TM050 Tourists visiting this coun-      the hierarchy of modes in our trans-       motes a general policy of conserva-
try increase the load on the national   port policy (see TR030). Facilities for    tion and protection for all our coun-
transport system. This impact must      walking, cycling, riding and provi-        tryside for enjoyment by tourists
be managed in an environmentally        sion of public transport help tourism      and local people. (see CY501 - CY503
sustainable manner, and to ensure       to benefit both tourists and residents.    and CY550 andCY580)
that benefits of changes to provision   We would empower local authorities
or infrastructure apply both to tour-   to give grants to small and medium         Amendment 19
ists and the host community. Some       sized tourism enterprises to improve       Delete TM061
areas will attract large numbers of     significantly their facilities for cy-     Proposed by: Matt Follett*, John Nor-
tourists, and much of this tourism      clists or links with public transport      ris, Roger Creagh-Osborne, Brian
will be seasonal. Additional public     provision.                                 Heatley, Alan Francis, Rachel Fryer
transport should be provided at such
times to cater primarily for tourists   TM054 Canals and other waterways           TM062 Certain leisure pursuits
so that these journeys can be made      offer sustainable opportunities for        which are resource intensive, such as
with less environmental impact and      tourism with limited consumption           motor boating, helicopter and small
disruption to local travel.             of resources. We encourage the use         aircraft pleasure flights, have great-

er impact on the environment. Local       Proposed by: Matt Follett*, John Nor-    sil fuels, most significantly air trav-
authorities should be empowered           ris, Roger Creagh-Osborne, Brian         el. This is resulting in ever growing
to ban these activities from specific     Heatley, Alan Francis, Rachel Fryer      emissions of greenhouse gases. This
locations in which they are inappro-      TM065 Physical deterioration of his-     is leading to dramatic and potential-
priate. The costs of such activities to   toric buildings and artifacts can also   ly devastating climate change.
participants should reflect their im-     be a major problem, whether due to
pact upon the environment.                pollution or excessive contact with      TM076 The Green Party wishes to
                                          tourism. But “historic” tourism can      reduce drastically the amount of
TM063 Golf course proliferation           provide income to support the resto-     travelling that takes place for tour-
in Britain is unsustainable due to        ration and maintenance of historic       ist purposes, and would do so with
its varied environmental impacts.         buildings and may stimulate the          the policies set out in the air trans-
Further development would be dis-         conversion of other old buildings        port section of our transport policy.
couraged and regulations would be         into tourist accommodation. The          Rather than travelling by air, we
placed upon existing golf courses         Green Party would support this, sub-     encourage people to travel overland
requiring them to implement course        ject to safeguards for the buildings     and by sea. The UK should press gov-
management practices consistent           and surrounding area. Local authori-     ernments to ease visa restrictions
with environmental sustainability.        ties should preserve, promote and        for people travelling through their
                                          maintain local cultural treasures        country and improve co-operation
Amendment 20                              of all kinds in co-operation with        between countries to develop inter-
delete TM063 and replace with new         locally based non-governmental           national ticketing arrangements.
TM063 below:                              organisations.
TM063 Certain type of leisure facili-                                              Amendment 23
ties such as golf courses and large       TM066 Those local authorities cover-     Delete TM075-TM076
caravan parks may have significant        ing areas attracting significant num-    Proposed by: Matt Follett*, John Nor-
environmental costs and impacts.          bers of tourists should maintain a       ris, Roger Creagh-Osborne, Brian
Regulations would be developed to         Tourism Consultative Committee,          Heatley, Alan Francis, Rachel Fryer
ensure all facilities implemented         to involve local businesses, people
management practices consistent           and community organisations as a         TM077 Our policies to change the na-
with environmental sustainability         specialised advisory body to recom-      ture of work would give people more
and minimum impact on the natu-           mend policy improvements, based          leisure time to enable them to make
ral and human surroundings.               on principles of sustainability.         journeys by more environmentally
Proposed by: Matt Follett*, John Nor-                                              friendly means, and to reap the ben-
ris, Roger Creagh-Osborne, Brian          Policies on International Tourism        efits of an enriched travelling expe-
Heatley, Alan Francis, Rachel Fryer       TM070 While Green policies for tour-     rience. Our policies to improve peo-
                                          ism will vary to achieve similar         ple’s quality of life would reduce the
TM064 Caravan and camping sites           objectives in diverse local circum-      desire to travel frequently to escape
can help encourage tourists to spend      stances, all are advocated on a basis    life at home.
more leisure time in this country.        of equity. Where we favour a partic-
Larger sites should be strictly moni-     ular policy at home, we think it only    Amendment 24
tored by local authorities to ensure      fair reasonable that other countries     Delete TM077
environmentally responsible dis-          should be able to do likewise, rather    Proposed by: Matt Follett*, John Nor-
posal of waste, minimum mainte-           than being exploited as a result of      ris, Roger Creagh-Osborne, Brian
nance standards for health and safe-      disparities in economic power. Our       Heatley, Alan Francis, Rachel Fryer
ty and responsible use of the local       policies for international tourism
environment.                              recognise that principle, and seek to    International tourism and the
                                          ensure that policies we recommend        economy
Amendment 21                              in England and Wales are respected       TM080 International tourism is a
delete TM064 and replace as pro-          by UK tour operators etc when im-        “high value” industry, offering com-
posed TM064 below:                        plemented in other countries.            paratively large revenues and prof-
TM064 Certain type of leisure facili-                                              its. However, those are usually chan-
ties such as golf courses and large       Amendment 22                             nelled back to the tour operators,
caravan parks may have significant        delete TM070                             airlines and large organisations, of-
environmental costs and impacts.          Proposed by: Matt Follett*, John Nor-    ten based in richer countries, rather
Regulations would be developed to         ris, Roger Creagh-Osborne, Brian         than benefiting the local economies
ensure all facilities implemented         Heatley, Alan Francis, Rachel Fryer      of the countries hosting the tour-
management practices consistent                                                    ists. Imports of food, furniture, other
with environmental sustainability         International tourism and transport      goods and services, and personnel
and minimum impact on the natu-           TM075 There has been a rapid in-         are at the expense of the local econo-
ral and human surroundings.               crease in international tourism and      my. Prices for goods and services are
                                          consequent journeys made using           often pushed up by tourists’ demand
                                          modes of transport dependent on fos-     for them, to the detriment of meeting

local requirements. The Green Party      International tourism and the             International tourism and local cul-
supports countries and communities       environment                               tures and peoples
seeking to require local purchasing,     TM090 International tourism de-           TM100 The Green Party condemns
and the development of local indus-      pends on the attractiveness of the        the forcible removal of people from
tries to meet demand.                    destination’s resources to its visitors   their homelands to make way for
                                         whether those are natural resources,      tourist developments. Full respect
Amendment 25                             such as beautiful scenery and wild-       must be paid to the cultural and
Delete TM080                             life, or human-made resources, such       spiritual environment of the hosts in
Proposed by: Matt Follett*, John Nor-    as historic buildings and ancient         the country visited, and all direct or
ris, Roger Creagh-Osborne, Brian         sites. The environment of faunal and      indirect implications of the conser-
Heatley, Alan Francis, Rachel Fryer      floral species which are locally frag-    vation of its heritage and traditions.
                                         ile, rare or close to extinction should
TM081 Where tourism develop-             be the object of scrupulous respect,      TM101 We recognise that cultural
ments by overseas companies prove        in order to save the existence of such    exchange between peoples can be a
unsustainable, host local communi-       populations and their habitats as         positive thing, provided that this is
ties will need to work together to en-   much as possible. These precautions       done is a responsible way. We sup-
able them to reclaim disused tourist     should apply to wildlife of all kinds.    port ‘working holidays, cultural ex-
facilities and complexes for use by      Protection and conservation of his-       changes and longer term study or
the local population, by means of        toric buildings and sites must be         travel in a country, as a means to
renovation work, or, where this is not   fully respected. Consideration needs      understand the culture of the places
possible, demolition and rebuilding.     to be given to the architectural plan-    one is visiting.’
Multi-use developments should be         ning of tourist facilities by using
encouraged, so that they can better      building styles and materials in har-     Amendment 26
meet the needs of local people and       mony with the natural and existing        Delete TM101
tourists together. The Green Party       built environment.                        Proposed by: Matt Follett*, John Nor-
supports countries and communi-                                                    ris, Roger Creagh-Osborne, Brian
ties seeking to control development      TM091 UK and international guide-         Heatley, Alan Francis, Rachel Fryer
in these ways.                           lines for the tourist industry (see
                                         TM020ff) should be fully respected        Submitted by Brian Heatley **, Matt
                                         when the UK is making loans of            Follett, Alan Francis, Roger Creagh-
                                         money to countries to develop their       Osborne
                                         tourist provision, or providing assist-
                                         ance to UK tour operators.

Section C – Policy Motions

C01 – Campaigning for an alter-           repossession. In addition, workers        families currently on housing wait-
native economic strategy                  affected by major changes in indus-       ing lists.
                                          trial strategy must be confident that        7 . Powers to enable families in
                                          their futures will be secured and im-     mortgage arrears to transfer the
Synopsis                                  proved, rather than threatened, by        tenure of their homes to social
The resolution commits the GPEW           those changes.                            tenancies.
to campaign for an emergency pro-            Therefore, the Green Party will ac-       8. Taking all large scale energy
gramme of economic and social re-         tively campaign, particularly within      production and distribution into
construction, based on the proposals      the trade union movement, for an          public ownership.
of the New Green Deal pamphlet, but       emergency programme of economic              9. A programme of large scale di-
broadened and reinforced in order         and social reconstruction, based on       rect public investment in the con-
to transform fundamentally, rather        the proposals of the New Green Deal       version of existing engineering and
than simply to try to stabilise and       pamphlet, but broadened and rein-         construction component manufac-
regulate, the current financial and       forced by the following measures:         turing to more socially useful pro-
industrial system.                           1. The permanent retention of          duction, the development of their
                                          RBS, Lloyds/HBOS, B&B and North-          productive capacity and a big expan-
                                          ern Rock in effective public owner-       sion in relevant R&D.
Motion                                    ship and their conversion into more          10. An absolute guarantee of jobs
The authors of the New Green Deal         responsive and democratically con-        and retraining with no loss of pay
pamphlet are right to say that the        trolled institutions, a surplus profits   or security for workers having to
current crisis undermines the credi-      tax on the clearing banks and the         redeploy from declining to expand-
bility of the whole neo-liberal project   introduction of powers to control         ing sectors as a result of the major
and to point out the need for good        the investment policies, dividends        changes in industrial strategy that
old-fashioned direct government           and bonus payments of all privately       are required -for example, the con-
spending and job creation, putting        owned financial institutions.             traction of the motor vehicle, arma-
new demand into the economy                  2. The active development and          ments and aero-space industries and
through investing in infrastructure       promotion of alternative vehicles         the run-down and replacement of
and public services. However, the         for the provision of credit, includ-      much of the existing electricity gen-
scale and intensity of the crisis has     ing publicly owned and account-           eration capacity.
worsened since the report’s publica-      able banks, local community banks,           Amend MfSS section EN400 to:
tion and it is clear that a programme     credit unions, building societies and     The large scale production and dis-
of infrastructural renewal even           other mutuals.                            tribution of electricity and gas will
more ambitious than that envisaged           3. Government powers to direct         be brought into a fully accountable
by the pamphlet’s authors is needed.      the investment policies of the pen-       public sector.
Such a programme will require de-         sion funds, including the require-
termined government and popular           ment to invest a certain percent-         Amendment 1
action to end the domination of the       age of their funds into government        Delete paragraph numbered 1 (The
market and to use society’s resources     bonds each year.                          permanent retention of...) and re-
to transform fundamentally, rather           4 . Implementation of a direct tax-    place with;
than simply to try to stabilise and       ation policy aimed at steadily reduc-        1. The creation of a monopoly on
regulate, the current financial and       ing income and wealth differentials.      the creation of credit, both for cor-
industrial system.                           5. The regeneration and restruc-       porate and retail banking, oper-
   It will require a programme of         turing of our public transport sys-       ated by the Bank of England under
industrial restructuring of wartime       tem, including the return to public       the direction of the Government.
proportions and a determined social       ownership of the railways and dem-        The retention of RBS, Lloyds/HBOS,
programme that puts measures to           ocratic public control of local and re-   B&B and Northern Rock in perma-
advance equality at the centre of its     gional bus services, including the re-    nent and effective public ownership
proposals. In order to gain the active    introduction of municipal and other       and their conversion into a chain of
support of working people it will be      commonly owned services.                  smaller, more responsive and demo-
necessary to make the defeat of un-          6. Funding for a major programme       cratically controlled local banks. The
employment an explicitly central          of social housing construction and        introduction of powers to control
objective of government economic          refurbishment by local authorities,       the investment policies, dividends
policy, along with measures aimed at      housing co-operatives and housing         and bonus payments of all privately
steadily reducing income and wealth       associations in order to respond to       owned financial institutions.
differentials and safe-guarding the       the aspirations of the four million
homes of families threatened with

Add after paragraph numbered 10          Proposed: Darren Johnson*, Ruth Jol-      of failure like the old “Guest worker
(An absolute guarantee of jobs...) a     ly, Tracy Dighton-Brown, Sue Luxton       system”. Migrants that are admitted
new paragraph;                           and two others                            temporarily must have the chance to
  11. Countering the loss of jobs                                                  obtain a permanent residence per-
by introducing a statutory 35 hour       Submitted by Sean Thompson **,            mit. Member States should stimulate
working week and banning the sys-        Katie Buse, Matt Selwood, Peter Al-       migration by creating conditions for
tematic use of overtime working.         len and five others                       migrants, without affecting their
Proposers: Sean Thompson, Cllr.                                                    rights and choices. Furthermore, the
Romayne Phoenix, Joseph Healy,                                                     EU shall contribute to the transfer
Peter Murry, Andy Hewett and two         C02 - Migration                           of skills and knowledge by granting
others.                                                                            access to their universities and high
                                         Synopsis                                  schools to a generous number of peo-
Amendment 2                              The European Green Party at its           ple from “developing countries”.
In Section 8 of C01 delete all and re-   spring Council agreed the following           4. All migrants are entitled to
place with:                              policy on Migration, which is now         fundamental human rights. Family
    “Taking all energy distribution      the common policy for the European        reunification is one of those rights:
into public ownership and ensur-         elections across Europe. With this        we fully honour everyone’s right to
ing that energy production becomes       theme now an important issue, with        live with his or her family, as stated
a mixture of public and private          the rise of the far right across Europe   in the European Convention on Hu-
enterprises.”                            and the need for a progressive and        man Rights. There is a tendency of
    Delete section of motion amend-      humane policy on migration, we be-        Member States to restrain people
ing MfSS section EN400 and replace       lieve that it is time to modernise the    from exercising this right, making
with:                                    party’s policy on migration.              unreasonable demands to migrants
    “EN400 The distribution mains for                                              who want to reunify their family in
electricity and gas will be brought      Motion                                    the European Union. Barriers such
into a fully accountable public sec-     We therefore call upon the Green          as having to pass a language test
tor. Energy production would be a        Party of England & Wales to adopt         in their home country or requiring
mixture of public and private enter-     the migration policy of the European      that they earn much more than the
prises. “                                Green Party and to amend the MfSS         minimum wage are prejudicial. We
Proposed: Darren Johnson*, Ruth Jol-     accordingly. The EGP’s Migration Pol-     greens reject these requirements and
ly, Tracy Dighton-Brown, Sue Luxton      icy is below together with the pro-       guarantee the right to live in family.
and two others.                          posed amendments to the MfSS.             Other rights can be incremental in
                                            1. Nationals of the “new member        time, up to the point in which mi-
Amendment 3                              states” to have the full freedom of       grants have the same equal rights
Delete all of paragraph numbered         movement immediately after their          that European citizens have.
10.                                      accession. All third country nation-          5. Every person who needs shel-
Proposed by Matt Follett*, Brian         als already settled in the EU, includ-    ter according to the Geneva Conven-
Heatley, Chris Haine, Rachel Fryer       ing their family members, should          tions must have the possibility to
and two others.                          have full access to the labour mar-       get access to a fair asylum procedure
                                         ket, health and education facilities.     in Europe. The Greens demand that
Amendment 4                              After three years of residence and        access to a fair asylum procedure is
Delete Section 10 of motion C01 and      work, they should receive the same        always granted to those who need it
replace with                             social rights and freedom of move-        , in a language the asylum seeker un-
   10. Full implementation of the Cit-   ment and settlement as European           derstands or with the help of trans-
izens’ Income Scheme as quickly as       Union citizens.                           lator and with free legal assistance
possible. Retraining for those having       2. A legal framework on EU-level       at all stages of the procedure. In each
to move from declining industries        for minimum standards on the rights       case an individual assessment is
to new industrial sectors brought        of labour migrants. The EU has to         needed, based on objective informa-
about by the move to a peaceful,         guarantee protection against abuse        tion of the human rights situation in
low-carbon economy. Large-scale ex-      by employers and slum lords, give         the home country. Agencies should
pansion in training provision for the    migrants the possibility to integrate,    never use lists of “safe third coun-
jobs needed to create a low carbon       develop their skills and participate.     tries” which rarely reflect the harsh
economy (such as plumbers, electri-      The minimum standards encom-              living conditions in some countries.
cians, builders and engineers). Extra    pass transparency, criteria and time      The agency responsible for process-
support for communities heavily          limits on application procedures,         ing the claim should be independent
reliant on increasingly redundant        the right to the national minimum         from the government.
industries and encouragement for         wage, family reunification and ac-            6. There are now migrants, dis-
new industries (such a wind turbine      cess to housing and education.            placed persons and their families,
manufacture and low emission bus            3. Rejects the proposed idea of cir-   who must leave their land because of
production) to locate in these areas.    cular migration, admitting migrants       environmental disaster that results
                                         only temporary, because of the risk       from both incremental and rapid

ecological and climatic change that       they need to go out of centres is         We believe that shared obligations
includes sea level rise, coastal ero-     condemned.                                towards Asylum Seekers (see EU780)
sion, desertification, collapsing eco-        9. Many irregular migrants suf-       and immigrants provides the best
systems, water contamination and          fer from their insecure situation, the    available way to deal with future
weather events that are more fre-         lack of rights and the risk of abuse      challenges arising from refugees dis-
quent and unpredictable. As a result,     and exploitation. Irregular migrants      placed by climate change and other
inhabitants are unable to live safe or    should have access to basic provi-        factors.”
sustainable lives in their immediate      sions such as health care, and edu-          EU784 (new clause)
environment. Some island nations          cation for children. EGP wants to            “The Green Party believes that
may cease to exist. The word refu-        diminish their number by creating         the greenhouse gas emissions of all
gee has been used with strong moral       more legal ways for entering the Eu-      European states have substantially
connotations of societal protection       ropean Union. Furthermore, Greens         contributed to Climate Change. This
in most world cultures, and it must       favours regularisations for irregular     has already caused extreme weath-
now be extended to those who are          migrants who have contributed to          er events impacting most strongly
forced to migrate because of climatic     the Member States for a number of         upon the poorest states in the World.
change.                                   years.                                    We envisage this situation may be-
   7. We favour the revision or re-           10. We recognize a distinction        come worse until significant cuts in
moval of the Dublin II convention         between people helping out irregu-        greenhouse gases in the atmosphere
on the grounds that it creates a dis-     lar migrants (smugglers, people of-       are achieved. We therefore believe
proportionate burden for some coun-       fering a shelter or rescuing them at      that European states have a general
tries and complicates the process-        sea...) and people abusing migrants       duty to alleviate the problems they
ing of asylum claims. The removal         (traffickers, slumlords...). Although     have helped cause. They should re-
of this Convention is essential for       the abuse of migrants is to be sanc-      lieve poverty in the poorest states
small former “transit” countries. The     tioned, helping undocumented mi-          and, whenever necessary, provide
European Refugee Fund may help in         grants should be tolerated and not        homes for refugees who may have
shifting the balance by compensat-        considered a crime. Captains who          been displaced as the result of Euro-
ing financially Member states deal-       rescue boat people should not be          pean patterns of consumption and
ing with the biggest share of asylum      punished by law. Instead all member       profligate use of fossil fuels.”
seekers. The European Union should        states should open their harbours for     Submitted by Joseph Healy **, Farid
take responsibility for asylum seek-      castaways.                                Bakht, Noel Lynch, Hazel Dawe and
ers crossing the Union border: asy-           11. Asylum seekers fleeing a con-     two others.
lum seekers may not be deported           flict should be granted a high quality
to neighbouring countries without         protection, with minimum rights,
having assessed the asylum claim.         such as family reunification and ac-      C03 – Domestic Abuse
   8. The Greens oppose the princi-       cess to the labour market. If the con-
ple of detaining persons not found        flict they fled is still going on after   Synopsis
guilty of any crime but who just          three years, they should be granted a     This policy aims to address the caus-
violated an administrative rule (i.e.     permanent residence permit.               es of domestic abuse and to ensure
entering or staying without proper            12. For us greens is fundamental      that its victims are recognised and
documentation in the European Un-         to recognize that a integrated soci-      given the appropriate resources to
ion). Detention is a juridical paradox.   ety is one that respect diverse groups    safely escape the abusive relation-
In cases of last resort, if detention     as well as individuals. It is not only    ship. It aims particularly to ensure
is unavoidable, the EGP calls for a       the migrant that should adapt to Eu-      that funding is secure and that this
detention as short a possible (pref-      rope: Europe must also adapt to the       is regarded as a core area of govern-
erably only a few days) and in the        migrant. The inclusion process is a       ment services.
best conditions possible (as regards      dialogue, and as any other dialogue
to recreation, hygiene and privacy),      has two directions. As much as we         Motion
and never be applied to minors, asy-      ask from migrants to adapt into a         Insert a new section titled “domestic
lum seekers and those in vulnerable       new society, we also ask the existing     abuse” after CJ350 (Hate Crime) and
positions. All detainees should have      society to change and welcome the         renumber subsequent sections.
access to free legal advice, social as-   newcomer.                                    CJ351 Addressing the imbalances
sistance and medical support within                                                 of power – including economic and
the centre. For a better transparency,       Delete section MG421 of Migra-         social power – that can leave in-
centres should be checked by an in-       tion Policy (which refers to opposing     dividuals vulnerable to domestic
stitution responsible for controlling     a Common Immigration Policy)              abuse is central to many aspects of
the standards of detention places.           So it should now read:                 Green Party policy. The Green Party
Centres should also be made acces-        MIGRATION section of Europe Policy        recognises that domestic abuse takes
sible to politicians, media, NGOs and        EU781 Add at beginning:                places in a range of circumstances,
international organisations.       The       “The Green Party supports the          in all types of relationships, and that
use of handcuffs and other degrad-        principle of a Common Immigra-            the victims can be women or men,
ing treatment on migrants when            tion Policy for the European Union.       children or vulnerable adults, includ-

ing disabled adults and older adults.     Where children are living in house-       Submitted by Natalie Bennett **,
Nonetheless, it is acknowledged that      holds where there is physical abuse       Maya de Souza, Leila Kiersch, Janet
a large majority of cases involve         among partners, the children can of-      Hargreaves, and two others
abuse by men against women, with          ten also be at risk of physical abuse,
research indicating that one in four      and witnessing abuse can have long-
women will experience domestic            term psychological damage. We will        C04 - Gender and asylum
abuse during their lifetime. On aver-     expand access to counselling is for       There was no synopsis submitted
age more than two women a week            all those affected by domestic abuse,     with this motion.
in Britain are killed by current or       the victims, the witnesses and the
former domestic partners. Abuse can       perpetrators. This is the most effec-     Motion
be physical, emotional or psycholog-      tive way of reducing re-offending         Insert into RA405 in the refugees
ical, financial, or involve restricting   and breaking cycles of offending          and asylum seekers chapter of the
of personal freedom.                      within family and neighbourhood           MfSS after “Convention”:
   CJ352 Relationship education to        networks.                                    The Green Party further recog-
inculcate values of respect for oth-         CJ356 It will be assumed that vic-     nises that gender issues may be a
ers and respect for difference will be    tims will be assisted to remain in        rightful cause for an asylum claim,
provided in schools and other appro-      their own homes with the provision        as where, for example, a woman or
priate environments. Such education       of all necessary safety measures (in-     girl may be subject to female genital
will also provide knowledge about         cluding alarms, improved locks and        mutilation or forced marriage were
the unacceptability of abusive be-        grills, extra police patrols, “neigh-     she to be denied asylum.
haviour of all types, and about when      bourhood watch” schemes etc).             Submitted by Romayne Phoenix **,
potential victims are most vulnera-       Where this is not possible or desired     Cathryn Symons, Sarah Mitchell,
ble (such as women during pregnan-        by the victim, appropriate immedi-        Maria Iacovou
cy, in relationships involving drugs      ate refuge and future housing will
and alcohol), how abusers can grad-       be available for all victims escaping
ually wear away at resistance, and        domestic abuse. All of these provi-       C05 – Maternity Services
what escape routes are available.         sions will be publicly funded with
   CJ353 Programmes will be provid-       permanent guaranteed funding, so          Synopsis
ed that train all frontline staff deal-   that there is certainty about their       In 25% of NHS trusts, intervention
ing with the public, including hous-      continuity. Victims will be offered       rates are double the targeted level.
ing officers, street rangers, police,     appropriate counselling, and meas-        Lack of continuity of care, a shortage
workers in the health services and        ures put in place to attempt to pre-      of midwives and consultants and
particularly maternity services, and      vent offenders reoffending.               beds contribute to high death rates
other relevant individuals to recog-         CJ357 For victims escaping domes-      and threaten mothers’ and babies’
nise signs of abuse and to be able to     tic abuse, lack of funds can be a major   health. About 11 million UK women
provide pathways of escape for vic-       barrier. If the abuser controls finance   have suffered post-birth trauma.
tims. They will recognise that for        and the victim can not access public
different victims different referral      funding (e.g. working individuals         Motion
points and aid agencies will be ap-       who can’t claim benefits), then the       Insert a new section after H302, ti-
propriate. Victims will not be pushed     barriers to escaping are increased.       tled “Maternity Services” and subse-
towards police and the criminal jus-      All essential services will be made       quently renumber.
tice system against their inclination     readily available to all victims to          H303 All women should be en-
or will. Peer support networks, with      help them through the trauma and          titled to the highest standards of
appropriate training and support,         difficulties to escape abuse, includ-     care during pregnancy and birth,
will be encouraged.                       ing help with housing, legal costs,       and post-natally. We will ensure
   CJ354 Multi-agency working is          etc. The court system will be provid-     that women are given the informa-
essential to identify the full extent     ed with appropriate resources and         tion they need to make appropriate
of domestic abuse and improve pre-        guidance to ensure that the needs         choices about how they wish to give
vention or early intervention. Crime      of victims of abuse are recognised,       birth, and that a full range of op-
Reduction Partnerships must take          both in hearings related to their case    tions, including home birth and a
lead in co-ordinating information         and other matters.                        range of styles of hospital delivery, is
from refuges, NHS, Police, Children’s        CJ366 Asylum policy will recog-        made available to all women.
Services, Adult Services, social hous-    nise that claimants may be espe-             H304 The incidence of medical
ing, schools, voluntary organisations     cially vulnerable to domestic abuse,      intervention in childbirth has es-
and any other appropriate local body      and will ensure that asylum claims        calated in recent years, particularly
who may have information about in-        of victims fleeing abuse are treated      the rate of caesarean sections, which
dividuals and families at risk.           appropriately. It will also recognise     are expensive and, when not medi-
   CJ355 The Green Party recognise        that claims may be validly made on        cally required, risky. We will work to
that domestic abuse can have wide         the ground that victims’ own state        reduce the number of interventions
ranging impacts, affecting whole          will not or cannot protect them from      in childbirth, and change the culture
families     and      neighbourhoods.     an abusive partner.                       of the NHS so that birth is treated as

a normal and non-medical event, in        a location and time that is conven-       AR. Such work then often becomes a
which mothers are empowered and           ient for them.                            key piece of evidence informing the
able to be in control.                       H308 Maternity units should be         writers of the next AR.
   H305 All women will be enti-           sufficient in number and located so          Delete CC205 (It contradicts CC206,
tled to the care of a single midwife      that all women are within reason-         which was added later without this
through prenatal care, birth and the      able reach of one. Special Care Baby      being spotted)
first month of post-natal care, in line   units will be expanded in line with          and
with the model of care currently          the increasing number of babies that         Replace CC211 by:
provided by independent midwives.         need intensive care, but special at-         CC211 Global concentrations are
This will be made possible by initia-     tention will also be given to prevent-    now increasing at significantly over
tives to improve the recruitment and      ative efforts to reduce the number of     2 ppm CO2 each year and have con-
retention of midwives.                    low birthweight and other problems        tinued rising steadily for a number
   H306 Independent midwives cur-         that contribute to this need. Funds al-   of decades. This is in part because
rently fill a gap in NHS provision,       located for maternity services should     targets for the Kyoto Protocol were
and as such will be supported in the      be ringfenced to ensure that they are     not based on science, and in part be-
short to medium term - for example,       used for the intended purpose.            cause it excluded developing econo-
by measures to make it easier for ap-        H309 Throughout maternity serv-        mies (notably China and India). It
propriately qualified midwives to         ices the focus will be on compassion      also not only lacks any meaningful
obtain professional indemnity in-         and on providing a safe, supportive       ecosystem protection mechanism
surance. In the longer term the aim       environment. Complaints will be           but actively facilitates ecosystem de-
will be to bring all such provision       treated with sympathy, and systems        struction via its Clean Development
inside the NHS, ensuring that mid-        arranged to ensure that complaints        Mechanism (see CC240).
wives who may previously have felt        can be registered easily and are in-         and
unwelcome in this environment are         vestigated properly, challenging the         In CC221 (mislabelled CC2214), de-
made welcome and their practice           ‘conspiracy of silence’ that discour-     lete the section:
supported.                                ages women from speaking about               “It can be adapted either to follow-
                                          their traumatic experiences for fear      on from a successful Kyoto Protocol,
Amendment1                                of frightening other women.               or can equally be used in case the KP
Replace the proposed H306 with: We        Submitted by Sarah Mitchell **, Sian      is not brought into force by enough
will ensure that the NHS embraces         Berry, Mike Shaughnessy, Natalie          countries ratifying it.”
the current quality and style of care     Bennett and two others.                   Submitted by Tony Cooper **, Derek
as offered by Independent Midwives                                                  Smith, Janet Alty, Jonathan Essex
so that they are able to work within
the NHS system and offer this type of     C06 – Bringing climate change
care to all women in a single tier sys-   policy up to date                         C07 – Zero Carbon Britain
tem. We shall ensure that midwifery
training places are increased to meet                                               Synopsis
medium and long term needs. This          Synopsis                                  There are growing concerns that the
will be achieved by: ensuring that        Various events that have taken place      magnitude of the climate change
terms and conditions for midwives         since the existing CC policy was          problem has been understated. These
are improved, increasing investment       drafted have rendered parts of it in-     concerns are informed both by re-
in midwifery services to ensure that      accurate insofar as they described        cent changes in the real world, nota-
these policies are delivered, specific    the then-current situation. This mo-      bly the Arctic, and by recent research
funding for midwife training along        tion brings them up to date, hope-        work. To do the UK’s bit we have to
with targeted recruitment drives,         fully without introducing new parts       stand alongside the CAT and call for
and ensuring that the culture of          that are likely to likewise go out of     a zero-carbon Britain.
midwifery services is supportive for      date.
both mothers and midwives.                                                          Motion
Proposed by Stuart Jeffrey*, Noel         Motion                                    Add new subsection CC014:
Lynch, Lesley Hedges, Joseph Healy,       Delete CC003 and replace by the              CC014 As of 2008 there is much
Romayne Phoenix                           following:                                broader recognition within the sci-
                                             CC003 The IPCC has been issuing        entific community of the effect of
   H307 All women and their part-         major ‘Assessment Reports’ (ARs)          numerous different feedback effects.
ners will be offered a full range of      every few years since it was formed,      One study has investigated the ef-
psychological support after birth to      which are generally regarded as the       fects by looking at paleological com-
help deal with trauma and post-na-        definitive statement of the broadly-      parisons for some tens of millions
tal depression. The Green Party will      agreed scientific position. It has nor-   of years in considerable detail. The
ensure that baby clinics are open for     mally been, and still is, the case that   potential impact of these feedbacks
adequate hours, so that women can         good-quality research work done af-       is very large and very hard to predict
get access to health visitors and take    ter the last AR will be both more ac-     accurately.
their babies for regular check-ups at     curate and more pessimistic than the         and

    add new para CC112 after CC111:       tration and or sink enhancement,         sharing and while giving reasonable
    CC112 The research on feedbacks       and Green party public announce-         protection to creative people makes
referred to in CC014 suggests that re-    ments should reflect the current na-     it generally more difficult to obtain
ductions to below the 2008 figure of      ture of climate change science.”         patents and similar forms of protec-
approximately 380 ppm CO2-equiv-             [This is a modification of the text   tion than at present.
alent may well be needed. Observa-        at the end of the current CC203] and
tions of the recent very, and unpre-      renumber through to the end section      Motion
dictably, rapid decay of Arctic sea-ice   C.3                                      Delete Policy Statement REC05.1, ‘In-
help to confirm the importance of         Submitted by Tony Cooper **, Derek       tellectual Property’ passed Autumn
feedback processes and of the need        Smith, Janet Alty, Jonathan Essex        2005 from RoPs and insert in the
for urgent emissions reductions. Ap-                                               MfSS after EC990 the following and
plication of the precautionary princi-                                             renumber:
ple means that the world should aim       C08 - Women in employment
to cut all greenhouse-gas emissions       and business                             Intellectual Property
back to zero if not below as soon as is
practicable.                                                                       Background
    In CC201 delete “Climate research     Synopsis                                    EC1000 The term intellectual
from the Potsdam Institute suggest        Women working fulltime in the UK         property covers a number of differ-
that average global emissions will        are paid 17% less than men, and the      ent areas, such as cultural products
need to be reduced by at least 60%        Equality and Human Rights Com-           (see EC1012 below), software, physi-
of the 1990 baseline by 2030. This        mission “Sex and Power 2008” sur-        cal inventions, drugs and natural en-
equates on average to a 90% reduc-        vey showed that the percentage of        tities protected by different means
tion in emissions by developed coun-      female directors has stalled at 11%,     such as copyright, patents and trade-
tries by 2030. Following the princi-      and fallen in a number of categories.    marks. There are differences within
ple of convergence this requires UK       Serious action is needed.                and between these areas, and there
emissions to be cut by 80-90%.”                                                    can be no single intellectual proper-
    And                                   Motion                                   ty policy. The crucial balance in pol-
    Replace CC203 by:                     The Green Party calls for the forth-     icy is between ensuring that there is
    CC203 UK emissions in 2005 were       coming Equality bill and Act to in-      adequate funding and incentive for
just below the 1990 baseline and ris-     clude the following provisions           innovation for socially and environ-
ing. We should aim steadily to reduce        1 Medium and large-sized compa-       mentally valuable activity and en-
all greenhouse gas emissions to zero      nies be required to undertake equal      couraging the widest possible shar-
by 2030.                                  pay audits that compare the earn-        ing of these rights, which are public
    [this is a modification of the 1st    ings of their employees and to take      goods.
sentence of what was a long para]         action to redress inequalities.
    Add new para CC204 after this:           2 Legal changes to make it much       Policy
    CC204 There should also be a tar-     easier for women to take equal pay          EC1010 Our general presump-
get of a minimum of 10% emissions         cases to court, and to allow women       tion is to encourage the Green value
reductions year on year for the first     to take such cases as a group, with      of greater sharing and to make it
ten years, by which time emissions        the support of the unions.               more difficult to obtain patents and
would have declined by 65%. By               3 Significant funding is put into     similar forms of protection than at
then, safe and effective mechanisms       encouraging girls and women to           present. Specific policies are below.
for reducing greenhouse has gas con-      consider a broader range of careers.        EC1012 On cultural products (lit-
centrations should have been devel-          4 The law to follow Norway’s in       erature, music, film, paintings etc),
oped, and percentage targets should       requiring that companies listed on       our general policy is to expand the
be replaced by numerical ones to          the Stock Exchange have 40% of their     area of cultural activity, that is ways
complete the reduction to zero. That      board members being female within        that culture can be consumed, pro-
such a stiff target is achievable in      five years of the date of the passing    duced, and shared, reduce the role of
practice is demonstrated by the           of the legislation.                      the market and encourage smaller
Centre for Alternative Technology’s       Submitted by Natalie Bennett **,         and more local cultural enterprise
“Zero Carbon Britain” report, which       Caroline Lucas, Sue Luxton, Raphael      (see CMS200 onwards). Specifically
spells out in considerable detail one     Levy and three others                    we will
set of policies to achieve it.                                                        a) introduce a Citizen’s Income
    Add new para CC205 thereafter:                                                 (see EC730), which will allow many
    CC205 We will also establish ef-      C09 – Intellectual Property              more people to participate in cultur-
fective mechanisms for getting back                                                al creation;
on track should an annual target be       Synopsis                                    b) introduce generally shorter
missed. New and persuasive scien-         This motion fills a gap in the Econo-    copyright terms, with a usual maxi-
tific evidence may arise that shows a     my Chapter identified in the Autumn      mum of 14 years;
need for deeper cuts in emissions or      2006 economy enabling motion. It            c) legalise peer to peer copying
even “negative” emissions by seques-      supports the Green value of greater      where it is not done as a business;
              Ballroom            Main 1               Main 2               Balcony Bar          Arena 2             Link 1              Link 2              Ice Lounge         Balcony 1
1100 – 1150                                                                  The Freepost                            Workshop A01
                                                                             scheme explained                        (SOC report)
                                                                             – Mark Hill
1200 – 1250   Plenary - Opening Speech, Emergency Motions,
              Standing Orders Committee Report
1300 – 1350                        Workshop C01         Workshop C03         First timers at      Workshop C04                           Workshop C06
                                   (Campaigning for     (Domestic abuse)     conference –         (Gender and                            (Bringing climate
                                   an alternative                            Emily Heath          asylum) and                            change policy up
                                   economic                                                       C08 (Women in                          to date)
                                   strategy)                                                      employment)
1400 – 1450                        Workshop C02         Workshop C11         Management           Workshop C05       Save the Humans     Workshop C07
                                   (Migration           (Monetary policy)    of Euro and          (Maternity         - reframing our     (Zero Carbon
                                   motion)                                   County election      services)          Party’s ideas as    Britain)
                                                                             expenditure GPEx                        common sense
                                                                                                                     Rupert Read and
                                                                                                                     Matt Wootton
1500 – 1520   Leader’s Speech
1520 – 1650   Plenary - Section C (Policy Motions)
1700 – 1750                        Workshop A04         Workshop C09         Winning Green        Core services:     Progress in Green   Young Greens
                                   (GPEx report)        (Intellectual        votes in rural       how rape crisis    Economics in the    committee
                                                        property)            areas                centres and        last 6 months       meeting - all
                                                                             GPEx                 women’s refuges    Green Economics     welcome
                                                                                                  should be funded   Institute
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Friday (Registration open 1030-1800)

                                                                                                  Natalie Bennett
1800 – 1850   Panel - Economic inclusion: Can the poor afford a green agenda?                     South East Green   Designing,          A Green Rural       Beyond the Green   Workshop C10
              with Jean Lambert MEP, Peter Cranie, chaired by Romayne Phoenix                     Party regional     printing and        Manifesto:          New Deal           (Concentrating
              (to 1930)                                                                           meeting            distributing ward   Housing /           Sean Thomson       solar power)
                                                                                                                     newsletters         Farming /                              and C13 (Carbon
                                                                                                                     GPEx                Employment                             capture &
                                                                                                                                         Robert Somerville                      storage)
1900 – 1950                                                                                                          General election    Fundraising: from   Homophobia in      Workshop B01
                                                                                                                     gee up              ideas to action     Eastern Europe     (Tourism Voting
                                                                                                                     GPEx                Jon Nott            and the Green      paper)
                                                                                                                                                             LGBT group
2000 on       Evening Social at Bar Red - Getting to know each other: Green Party ‘speed friend-ing’ evening
              Ballroom               Main 1                   Main 2                Balcony Bar              Arena 2             Link 1                    Link 2                Ice Lounge                                    26
0900 – 0950                           Workshop A02             Workshop C14                                  Workshop C16        Workshop C12 (Global      Workshop C15
                                      (Policy report) and      (Geo-engineering)                             (Natural gas        financial architecture)   (Criminal Justice)
                                      A03 (DRC report)                                                       storage)
1000 – 1150   Plenary - Section A (Reports), Section B (Tourism Voting Paper)
              Emergency Motions (from 1140)
1200 – 1250   Panel - The Failure of the ‘Growth Economy’: towards new              Workshop D01             How to beat the     The most important        First timers at       Workshop
              economic solutions,                                                   (Subscription rates B)   Lib Dems            environmental             conference            Education Draft
              with Dan O’Neill, Nic Marks, chair Caroline Lucas MEP (to 1330)       and D02 (Subscription    GPEx                campaign in Britain?      Emily Heath           Voting Paper
                                                                                    rates A)                                     Campaign for                                    (1 of 2)
                                                                                                                                 Democracy                                       Rachel Fryer
1300 – 1350                                                                         NATO expansion to        Campaigning and     Transition towns - a      AGC business          Workshop D03
                                                                                    the East. A new Cold     Activity Planning   model for the future      meeting               (Additional synopsis
                                                                                    War for Europe           Meeting             of the economy?                                 from policy
                                                                                    Green Left               Economics           Jonathan Essex and                              committee)
                                                                                                             Working Group       Lydia Somerville
1400 – 1450                           2009’s integrated        Workshop D04         Meet the MEPs Jean       Solar Twin          Climate Geo-              Bringing business
                                      election campaigns       (Prioritisation of   Lambert and Caroline     details tba         Engineering               back to our seaside
                                      GPEx                     motions)             Lucas                                        Deepak Rughani            towns North West
                                                                                                                                                           Green Party
1500 – 1520   European Elections Rally
1520 – 1650   Plenary – Section B (Tourism Voting Paper),
              Section C (Policy Motions)
1700 – 1750                           Committee Hustings                            Committee Hustings                           Committee Hustings
                                      Conferences (5),                              Standing Orders                              Disputes Resolution
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Saturday (Registration open 0900-1800)

                                      International (1)                             Committee (3),                               Committee (2),
                                                                                    Green World Editorial                        Campaigns (2),
                                                                                    Board (3)                                    Policy (1)
1800 – 1850   Panel - Energy Solutions for a Renewable Future                                                Green Party         Recession, GP Policy                            Update on progress
              (to 1930)                                                                                      Executive           and relations with the                          on green economics
                                                                                                             Question Time       TU movement                                     Economics Working
                                                                                                             GPEx                Green Party Trade                               Group, Miriam
                                                                                                                                 Union Group                                     Kennet
1900 – 1950                                                                                                  Women by Name       Mobile Phone Masts:                             Young Greens
                                                                                                             (women only)        how to oppose inap-                             campaigns meeting
                                                                                                             Natalie Bennett     propriate sites
                                                                                                                                 Sam Riches
2000 – 2300   Cornerstone Ceilidh Band - lively Lancaster-based folk quartet                                      Dinner for Association of Green Councillors at Winter Gardens Bistro
              with caller to guide you through the various dances.
2300 – 2400   DJ Ben Ruth with a cool mix of 1950s - 70s soul, rock’n’roll’, funk, and latin boogaloo

              Ballroom              Main 1                 Main 2                 Balcony Bar           Arena 2             Link 1               Link 2                Ice Lounge            Diana Suite
0900 – 1000                          LOCAL PARTIES          ELECTIONS              LOCAL PARTIES        ELECTIONS:          COMMS                 ELECTIONS             ELECTIONS            COMMUS
                                     Recruitment and        Be a Green             Building dynamic     The Brighton        Local newsletter      Making door           Fundraising for a    TV & Radio
                                     motivation             Councillor             local parties        Voter Survey        production            knocking fun          campaign             techniques
1015– 1115    1000 - 1300            LOCAL PARTIES          ELECTIONS              LOCAL PARTIES        ELECTIONS           COMMS                 ELECTIONS             ELECTIONS            COMMS
              Policy Fair            Recruitment and        Be a Green             Building dynamic     The Brighton        Local newsletter      Making door           Fundraising for a    TV & Radio
              (in parallel with      motivation             Councillor             local parties        Voter Survey        production            knocking fun          campaign             techniques
              training sesions)
1130 – 1230                          LOCAL PARTIES          COMMS                  LOCAL PARTIES        ELECTIONS            COMMS                COMMS                 ELECTIONS
                                     Effective Chairing     Writing and            Developing local     Running an           The keys to good     Getting good          Targeting student
                                     and Dispute            speaking in plain      party strategy       Election Day         public speaking      letters in the        wards
                                     Avoidance              English                                     operation                                 paper
1245 – 1345                          ELECTIONS              COMMS                  LOCAL PARTIES        ELECTIONS            COMMS                COMMS                 LOCAL PARTIES        COMMS
                                     How Local              Writing and            Developing local     Running an           The keys to good     Getting good          ‘Netiquette’ - Use    TV & Radio
                                     Authorities Work       speaking in plain      party strategy       Election Day         public speaking      letters in the        email effectively    techniques
                                                            English                                     operation                                 paper
1400 – 1645   Mass Canvass in Fleetwood (Meet in Ballroom at 1350 for briefing)
1700 – 1750                                                                                             Lancaster Hot Pot
                                                                                                        for canvassers
1800 – 1850   Panel - Maternity Services re-born                                   Foyer 1              Communicating        Monetary Reform      Green Party           Transport
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Sunday (Registration open 0900-1800)

              with Wendy Savage, Sarah Davies, Rowan Pelling,                      Green Councillors    our green values     Policy Working       Women                 Working Group
              Annie Francis                                                        sharing good         Jon Nott             Group meeting        Natalie Bennett       Alan Francis
              (to 1930)                                                            ideas and                                 Brian Leslie
1900 – 1950                                                                        Foyer 1              Governance best      Citizens Income:     Why the race to       Democratic
                                                                                   Assimilation of      practice             towards a more       be Britain’s 4th      structures in the
                                                                                   the private sector   GPEx                 detailed policy      party matters;        NHS - time for
                                                                                   of education with                         Maria Iacovou        beating the BNP       change
                                                                                   public provision -                                             in target regions     Joseph Healy
                                                                                   a process                                                      North West
                                                                                   David Williams                                                 Green Party
2000 on       Evening Social at Theatre Bar - Young Greens’ quiz and Revue (organised by Peter Cranie)
              Ballroom              Main 1               Main 2   Balcony Bar         Arena 2            Link 1            Link 2             Ice Lounge        Balcony 1                         28
0900 – 0950                         Workshop C17
                                    (Northern Ireland)
1000 – 1020   Deputy Leader’s speech

1020 – 1150   Plenary - Section D (Organisational Motions)
              Section C (Policy Motions)
              Emergency Motions (from 1140)
1200 – 1250   Panel - Air Rage: putting a brake on aviation       Green World         Workshop           Rational belief   The Freepost       How to beat the
              (to 1330)                                           Editorial Board –   Education Draft    and conspiracy    scheme explained   Tories
                                                                  board meeting,      Voting Paper       Shahrar Ali       Mark Hill          GPEx
                                                                  all welcome         (2 of 2 )
                                                                  Richard Scrase      Rachel Fryer
1300 – 1350                                                       SOC Consultation    North West Green   National          Conferences        Modifying the
                                                                  on changes to       Party regional     canvassing        Committee          Party name
                                                                  GPEx election       meeting            software          feedback session   David Wyllie
                                                                  regulations                            GPEx
1400 – 1520   Plenary - Remaining Business, Emergency Motions
1520 – 1540   Close of Conference
                                                                                                                                                                            Monday (Registration open 0900-1200)

    d) liberalise ‘fair use’ policies to   transform WIPO into a body that           as variability is less pronounced over
operate outside the academic envi-         would help poor countries to acquire      wider geographic areas.
ronment, and allow greater develop-        the knowledge required to develop         Submitted by Jon Hooper **, Ricky
ment from existing copyright mate-         on an ecologically sustainable basis.     Knight, Roger Creagh Osborne, Tom
rial; and                                  The requirements of the Convention        Tibbits and one other
    e) make it impossible to patent        on Bio-diversity must take prece-
broad software and cultural ideas.         dence over trade rules for all aspects
    EC1014 So far as concepts embod-       of IP that are ecologically sensitive,    C11 – Global financial
ied in physical objects are concerned,     including seeds, genes and other life     architecture
we would generally shorten patent          forms.
terms and relate them to the times-           EC1024 We would restrict the
cale of innovation in the industry         value of claims for intellectual prop-    Synopsis
concerned. We believe too that spe-        erty violations to a proportion of the    There was no synopsis submitted
cific measures are needed to spread        monetary gain made by the com-            with this motion.
already patented ideas needed by           mercial exploitation by the user, and
many people who may not be able to         not allow damages.’                       Motion
afford them and to promote research        Submitted by Brian Heatley **, Dav-       In Economy section of MfSS, under
in socially useful areas where the         id Smith, Matthew Linden, Tom             International Finance, insert new
poverty of the potential customers         Chance and one other.                     paragraphs as follows:
makes rewards unlikely (eg drugs                                                         EC961 The tripartite global sys-
for tropical diseases):                                                              tem regulating international finance
    a) in the long term we would pro-      C10 - Concentrating solar power           should be replaced by three new bod-
mote international funding (per-           and European grids                        ies: an International Reserve Bank to
haps from a Tobin Tax (see EU445))                                                   administer the neutral international
to buy out the owners of certain pat-                                                exchange currency (EBCU); an Inter-
ents, based entirely on global social      Synopsis                                  national Clearing Union to oversee
and environmental usefulness, with         This motion gives support to Europe-      goods and carbon trading; a General
the patent becoming available to all       wide renewable energy initiatives         Agreement on Sustainable Trade.
once the payment had been made;            such as Concentrating Solar Power             EC962 All countries belonging to
    b) in the absence of such an inter-    plants and highly efficient long-dis-     the tripartite system should make
national regime, we would enable           tance High Voltage DC transmission        their currencies convertible but ac-
the government effectively to na-          lines - which will also be important      cording to internationally negotiat-
tionalise a patent where it was in the     for the utilisation of offshore wind      ed and fixed exchange rates. Domes-
public interest to do so. Such a patent    power - and builds in the principle of    tically countries would be expected
would be publicly available and the        a fair deal for producer countries.       to administer exchange controls
creators of the patent compensated;                                                      EC963 The global trading system
    c) we would fund a programme of        Motion                                    would aim to achieve balance trade
government research in socially and        Insert and renumber:                      between countries; those which op-
environmentally useful areas where            EN809 Support will be given to         erated extended surpluses or deficits
the prospect of inadequate rewards         Europe-wide renewable energy              would be fined.
is inhibiting research activity.           initiatives such as the provision of          EC964 The US dollar should no
    EC1016 We would encourage and          large scale concentrating solar pow-      longer be accepted as equivalent to
make easier the voluntary use of           er plants in Southern Europe and the      gold in international transactions
the open source model, not just for        North African Deserts and the build-      and other national or supra-national
software.                                  ing of highly efficient long-distance     (i.e. the euro) currencies should no
    EC1018 All published material          High Voltage DC power lines. Such         longer be used as international re-
created in the public sector (eg maps,     initiatives would need to operate         serve currencies.
government publications, univer-           within new international arrange-             EC965 Their role should be taken
sity research) would be available to       ments involving both the producer         on by a neutral international cur-
all free of financial restrictions, dis-   and consumer countries, and which         rency - the EBCU - linked to the right
tributed in open standard formats,         gave the producer countries in partic-    to produce carbon dioxide.
and Crown Copyright would cease to         ular a fair return for the use of their       EC966 All countries international
exist.                                     resources and an appropriate level of     debts should be cancelled in a world-
    EC1020 We would impose a na-           control over the entire system.           wide jubilee and the trade surpluses
tional ban and seek an international          Insert and renumber:                   and deficits of all countries should
ban on the patenting of living mate-          EN810 We will expand our grid          be cancelled simultaneously.
rial (see ST360, AG613, AR410).            interconnections with neighbour-
    EC1022 As part of the proposed         ing countries to help smooth out the
dissolution and replacement of the         variability of renewable electricity
WTO (see IP122), the GP would seek         generation and electricity demand,
to abolish the TRIPS Agreement and

Amendment 1                                Part 4: Replace old EC 662 (renum-        Submitted by Richard Lawson **,
   Delete EC966                            bered EC663 per part 2 above) with:       Clive Lord, Stuart Jeffrey, Rupert
Proposed by Rachel Fryer*, Matt Fol-         EC663 The current economic sys-         Read, and one other.
lett, Alan Francis, Ben Duncan and         tem enables commercial banks and
one other                                  other financial institutions to exert
                                           an unacceptably large influence on        C13 - Carbon capture and stor-
   Delete the section on Debt and          the economy. Their lending power          age pilot projects
renumber     subsequent   sections         should be reined in, enabling the em-
accordingly.                               phasis of lending to be transferred to
                                           sustainable production.”                  Synopsis
Submitted by Molly Scott-Cato **,                                                    This motion introduces a policy on
Phyllis Leslie, Brian Leslie, Stuart       Part 5: Insert new EC 664 and renum-      Carbon Capture and storage, that
Jeffrey, and two others.                   ber (insert after part 4 clause) with:    there should be pilot projects to in-
                                              EC664 We will introduce strict         vestigate the feasibility of capturing
                                           controls on the financial sector to       and storing carbon dioxide emis-
C12– Monetary Policy                       ensure that it serves the purposes        sions from power stations, which
                                           of a sustainable economy. To ensure       could potentially become a means
Synopsis                                   stability, we will regulate all finan-    of removing carbon dioxide from the
There was no synopsis submitted            cial instruments firmly and permit        atmosphere if used with biomass.
with this motion.                          only those that are transparent, that
                                           offer limited risk of financial desta-    Motion:
Motion                                     bilisation and are clearly beneficial.    In the energy section of the MfSS un-
Part 1: At the beginning of EC661,         We will ensure there is stricter regu-    der “Short-term Objectives”, append
add:                                       lation of the banks, limiting them        to policy EN301:
   “The world money supply has             principally to the on-lending of cus-        “To set up industrial pilot projects
increased over the medium to long          tomer deposits and enforcing frac-        of Carbon Capture and Storage tech-
term. Almost all is created by com-        tional reserve ratios. We will require    nology, focusing on techniques
mercial lending institutions. The re-      transparency in all financial trad-       which can be used for both fossil-
sultant debts are an important pro-        ing, including that undertaken by         fuels and biomass.”
moter of economic growth and con-          private investment funds.”                Submitted by Jon Hooper **, Jon Lu-
sumption, as well as instability.”                                                   cas, John Coyne, Mike Shipley and
                                           Amendment 1                               one other.
Part 2: Insert new EC 662 and              Add new EC665 and renumber:
renumber:                                     EC665 Since these restrictions on
   EC662 Greed-driven lending and          bank-lending will severely restrict       C14 - Climate motion: geo
financial engineering lead to the ac-      the money supply, the Monetary            engineering
cumulation of debts, derivatives and       Policy Committee of the Bank of Eng-
other securities based on debt, and        land will be instructed to monitor
so to financial crises. In particular      the need for increase (or decrease) in    Motion
we aim to avoid:                           the money supply, based initially on      The Green Party opposes any at-
   1. Excessive economic dependence        maintaining the amount of money           tempts at planetary geo-engineer-
on private debt;                           existing at the time of implementa-       ing at the cost of biodiversity, eco-
   2. The reliance of banks on inter-      tion of these measures. Criteria will     systems and human communities.
bank lending rather than customer          be developed in the light of experi-      Without biodiversity, ecosystems
deposits;                                  ence, aiming to avoid both inflation      cannot function. Ecosystems are
   3. Excessive lending on mortgages       and deflation. It will accordingly in-    essential for regulating the global
and for consumption;                       struct the Bank of England to create      climate, including the carbon cycle,
   4. Complex and opaque financial         any supplement needed, on a month-        the nitrogen cycle, cloud formation
instruments, which managers of fi-         ly basis, and credit it to the Treasury   (which affects the earth’s albedo),
nancial institutions and regulators        to be spent by the government on          the rainfall cycle and storm tracks,
themselves do not understand;              projects that help society and envi-      as well as hydroxyl production and
   5. Lack of transparency on finan-       ronment. If the occasion arises that      thus global methane levels.
cial markets, and lax and inadequate       a surplus is threatening to cause in-        Ocean-fertilisation    poses    an
official regulation.”                      flation, the Bank of England will re-     unknown but potentially serious
                                           ceive back and cancel an appropriate      threat to marine biodiversity, which
Part 3: Insert at the start of old         amount of money.                          plays an essential role in regulating
EC663:                                        Propsers: Brian Leslie*, Phyllis V     the global carbon cycle, as well as
   “In the longer term” so that it reads   Leslie, Stephen Lawrence, Richard         putting fishing communities at risk.
“In the longer term the banking…”          Lawson and one other.                     We call on all countries to enforce
                                                                                     the moratorium on ocean fertilisa-

tion adopted by the Convention on         bon sequestration schemes linked            Background info: TNI and CSO
Biological Diversity.                     to industrial agriculture and forest-     declarations
                                          ry have been proposed as means of         Submitted by Deepak Rughani **,
Amendment 1                               drawing down atmospheric carbon           Christine Way, Vanessa Hall and
   Add “(e.g. with iron to increase       dioxide. They include biochar and         Lesley Graham and three others.
algal growth as a means of se-            bioenergy with carbon capture and
questering carbon)” after ‘Ocean-         storage. Applied on a large scale, both
fertlisation’.                            threaten biodiversity and ecosys-         C15 – Criminal Justice
Propsosed by: Deepak Rughani*,            tems as well as very large numbers        (submitted by policy committee)
Christine Way, Jonathan Essex, Les-       of human communities and their
ley Grahame and two others                food security. They could also dra-       Synopsis
                                          matically worsen the global fresh-        This motion removes some unneces-
   Climate geo-engineering by in-         water and soil depletion/erosion cri-     sary detail from the Criminal Justice
creasing the earth’s albedo poses         ses. Any large-scale ‘carbon negative’    section of MfSS.
a major and unknown new threat            bioenergy programme would require
to the climate system, to biodiver-       very large-scale land conversion and      Motion
sity and to people. Sulphur aerosol       thus exacerbate the displacement            In CJ500(i) delete 2nd sentence
injections into the atmosphere, for       of peoples, a crisis already caused       “This would be set at 0.5 joules of
example, could reduce global photo-       by industrial agrofuels.     So-called    muzzle energy unless and until evi-
synthesis through ‘global dimming’,       forest and agricultural ‘residues’ or     dence is produced that it should be
abruptly change rainfall and weath-       ‘wastes’ are vital for maintaining        otherwise.”
er patterns, and increase acid rain.      the soil nutrient and carbon cycle        Submitted by Alan Francis **, John
   So-called ‘carbon negative’ bioen-     and in maintaining biodiversity, and      Norris, Rachel Fryer, Matt Follett
ergy and large-scale soil carbon se-      the consequences of removing ever         and two others.
questration schemes linked to indus-      larger quantities of ‘residue’ are un-
trial agriculture and forestry have       known and could be very severe. We
been proposed as means of drawing         therefore oppose any government           C16 - Natural gas storage in un-
down atmospheric carbon dioxide.          support, including carbon finance,        derground salt caverns
They include biochar and bioen-           for bioenergy with carbon capture
ergy with carbon capture and stor-        and storage and for soil sequestra-
age. Applied on a large scale, both       tion linked to industrial agriculture     Synopsis
threaten biodiversity and ecosys-         and industrial forestry.                  Energy companies make determined
tems as well as very large numbers        Proposed by: Deepak Rughani*,             claims that millions of tons of natu-
of human communities and their            Christine Way, Jonathan Essex, Les-       ral gas must be stored otherwise,
food security would also be at risk       ley Grahame and two others.               “the UK will be prey to the political
and could dramatically worsen the                                                   and economic whims of the coun-
global freshwater and soil depletion/        Small farmers throughout the           tries that supply it.”
erosion crises. Any large-scale ‘car-     world have developed many differ-            Plans to create massive storage fa-
bon negative’ bioenergy programme         ent and effective ways of conserving      cilities in underground salt caverns
would require very large-scale land       and enhancing soil carbon as well as      are being submitted, but there are
conversion and thus exacerbate the        agro-biodiversity, adapted to their       fears over safety where these are lo-
displacement of peoples crisis al-        local circumstances. Their collec-        cated close to residential areas.
ready caused by industrial agrofuels.     tive understanding and experience
So-called forest and agricultural ‘res-   represents a unique knowledge bank        Motion
idues’ are vital for maintaining the      which is vital for true climate change       1. The Green Party reaffirms that
soil nutrient and carbon cycle and        mitigation and an agrarian transi-        the most desirable management of
in maintaining biodiversity, and          tion. Their ways of life particularly     energy can only be achieved by max-
the consequences of removing ever         through the validation of land rights     imising the use of renewable energy
larger quantities of ‘residue’ are un-    must be supported. The Green Party        resources which would, in turn, re-
known and could be very severe. We        supports the Via Campesina call for       duce or eliminate the need to import
therefore oppose any government           food sovereignty.                         natural gas.
support, including carbon finance,           Earth is already in the midst of          2. The Green Party maintains that
for bioenergy with carbon capture         an extinction crisis. Many of our         the precautionary principle should
and storage and for soil sequestra-       life support systems are also rap-        be used to safeguard public health
tion linked to industrial agriculture     idly degrading and some are on the        and for this reason we call for a ban
and industrial forestry.                  brink of collapse. The Green Party        on natural gas storage in under-
                                          considers it dangerously reduction-       ground salt caverns within 5 miles
Amendment 2                               ist to support any climate mitigation     of a populated area.
Replace with CC303 with:                  intervention which further imperils       Submitted by Philip Mitchell **,
   CC303 So-called ‘carbon negative’      other life support systems.               Emily Heath, Tricia Clark, Chris
bioenergy and large-scale soil car-                                                 Coates and one other

C17 – Northern Ireland
(Submitted by policy committee)

Autumn 2007 conference passed a
motion instructing Policy Commit-
tee to review the MfSS chapter on
Northern Ireland in the light of re-
cent developments and in consulta-
tion with the Northern Irish, Irish
and Scottish Green Parties.

Delete the Northern Ireland chapter
of the MfSS (NI100-NI332), including
the note added in autumn 2007.
Submitted by Brian Heatley **, John
Norris, Rachel Fryer, Matt Follett
and two others

Section D - Organisational Motions

D01 - Subscription rates (B)               D02- Subscription rates (A)                   Capitations to Regions and Local
(submitted on behalf of GPEx)              (submitted on behalf of GPEx)              parties shall each be a percentage of
                                                                                      the total amount of subscriptions re-
Synopsis                                   Synopsis                                   ceived from members in the relevant
This motion seeks to introduce a           This motion seeks to empower GPEx          party.
tiered structure into the subscrip-        to set subscription rates, rather than        1. Rates were last reviewed in Oc-
tion rates for members paying annu-        conference, so that it can respond         tober 2004 and the current rates in-
ally, to replace the existing two-level    more rapidly to changing financial         troduced in January 2005. Inflation
rates of “full” and “low-income”. The      situations. It also embeds the region-     since then according to the Retail
aim is to put the minimum rates up         al- and local-party capitation propor-     Prices Index is about 16%.
roughly in line with inflation, while      tions into the constitution.                  2. The majority of new members
encouraging those who can afford it                                                   now join by direct debit, and are in-
to pay more.                               Motion                                     vited to pay a minimum of £1 per
                                           Replace Section 4 (iii) of the constitu-   month or £10 per year. This is hoped
Motion                                     tion by the following:                     to encourage people to pay a little
In accordance with article 4(iii) of the      The rates of subscription for mem-      more than they would have other-
constitution, GPEx formally proposes       bership shall be proposed by GPEx          wise, and to stay members for long-
to change membership subscription          and approved by GPRC, subject to the       er. The evidence suggests that this is
rates to the party as follows:             following conditions:                      probably the case. It also should re-
   a. The option of payment by direct         1. There shall be a cheap rate for      duce administration costs.
debit to remain unchanged.                 students.                                     3. Current capitation rates are 16%
   b. The annual rate for student             2. There shall be a cheap rate for      to local parties and 8% to regional
membership to remain at £5.                low-income people, where the classi-       parties. This motion does not change
   c. The rates for life membership        fication of a person as “low-income”       these rates. Although it might seem
to be put up, by the rate of inflation     is determined solely by that person        odd to put numbers such as these
since the last increase in January         him- or herself.                           in the constitution, I don’t know of
2005, to £470 for an individual and to        3. There shall be reduced rates for     anywhere else where they are writ-
£620 for a joint membership.               multiple persons living at the same        ten down apart from in the motion
   d. The rate structure for other sin-    address                                    (which I drafted) some years ago to
gle members paying annually not by            4. Such rates must be reviewed at       introduce them and in the admin-
direct debit to be changed complete-       most three-yearly intervals.               istrative procedures of the office.
ly to be based on income levels as per        5. Capitations to Regions and Lo-       Putting them in the constitution ex-
the following:                             cal Parties shall each be a percent-       plicitly will mean that it requires a
   income            rate                  age of the total amount of subscrip-       2/3 majority of conference to change
   0-£10,000         £12.00                tions received from members in the         them.
   £10,001-£20,000 £24.00                  relevant party. The regional party’s          4. Current membership rates for
   £20,001-£30,000 £36.00                  share shall be 8% and the local par-       people not paying by direct debit are
   £30,001-£40,000 £48.00                  ty’s share shall be 16%.                   as follows:
   £40,001-£50,000 £60.00                                                                Single Low-income £10.50
   over £50,000      £72.00                Background                                    Single Full           £31
As is already the case for confer-         (not for insertion into constitution)         Joint Low-income      £14
ence attendance fees, the party will                                                     Joint Full            £41
not ask for people’s incomes to be         Relevant Part of Current Constitution:        Student               £5
divulged.                                     4 iii) The rates of subscription for       Single Life           £400
   e. Second and additional members        membership, and the proportions in            Joint Life            £530
living at the same address to be giv-      which they shall be divided between        The joint rates apply to any two peo-
en a 50% discount.                         Local Parties, Regional Parties and        ple living the same address.
   [Most of the background com-            The Green Party, shall be set by the          5. The Scottish Green Party has a
ments to motion A apply] These rates       Party Conference.                          structure as follows:
to be introduced as soon as is admin-         Membership subscriptions and               Their membership rates are based
istratively practical.                     capitation rates shall be subject to       on self-assessed gross annual in-
Submitted by Tony Cooper **,               regular reviews as of Green Party          come, as follows:
Chris Haine, Jon Lucas, Khalid             AGM 2001. Such reviews shall be car-
Hussenbux                                  ried out on a 3 yearly basis by GPEx
                                           in consultation with GPRC.

   Income             rate                D03 - Additional synopsis from             D04 - Prioritisation of motions
   0-£10,000          £12.00              policy committee
   £10,001-£20,000 £24.00                                                            Synopsis
   £20,001-£30,000 £36.00                 (submitted on behalf of policy             This organisational motion seeks to
   £30,001-£40,000 £48.00                 committee)                                 automatically give a higher priority
   £40,001-£50,000 £60.00                                                            to motions which are proposed by a
   over £50,000       £72.00              Synopsis                                   recognised body of the national par-
There is also a student rate of £5.00.    Policy Committee suggest that it may       ty and to encourage proposers of mo-
   6. If this motion is passed, GPEx      be helpful for final agenda papers to      tions to consult with Policy working
plans to introduce as soon as is prac-    have occasionally a brief commen-          groups and policy committee. The
ticable annual rates similar to the       tary from policy committee. To as-         presumption is that a motion which
Scottish ones:                            sist decision making at conference,        has already been endorsed by a vote
   The minimum rate of £12 to be          Policy Committee suggests that the         of a body within the party is likely to
kept a little more expensive than the     provision of a brief verbal commen-        have had better prior discussion and
minimum dd rate to encourage peo-         tary would achieve a similar aim.          scrutiny than one simply proposed
ple to join by the latter route. Second                                              by any four members.
and additional members living at          Motion
the same address to be given a 50%        To add to Standing Orders for the          Motion
discount. The student rate to be un-      Conduct of Conference:                     In Standing Orders for the Conduct of
changed at £5.                               Section D, Point 5 - to add a section   Conference Section D: Final Agenda
   Life membership rates to be in-        g: Policy Committee may make com-          delete 5d) and replace with
creased (by the amount of inflation)      ments on policy motions for pub-              “d) The order of motions in the
to £470 for an individual and to £620     lication at the end of the motion in       Policy and Organisational sections
for a joint membership.                   the Final Agenda. Policy Committee         shall be determined by SOC. In this
Submitted by Tony Cooper **,              must inform SOC of any such com-           SOC shall group motions proposed
Chris Haine, Jon Lucas, Khalid            ments by the Final Agenda deadline.        by GPRC or a Regional Meeting first,
Hussenbux                                    Additional Policy Committee com-        motions proposed by a recognised
                                          ments may also be made verbally            national committee or working
                                          during the plenary at the discretion       group (for example policy working
                                          of the chair and to be heard between       groups recognised by Policy Com-
                                          the workshop report and the propos-        mittee) second, motions proposed by
                                          er of the motion.                          a valid full meeting of a local party
                                             Comments may only address the           third, and motions proposed by in-
                                          following points:                          dividual members last. Within each
                                             - Conflicts or interactions with or     group the order shall be decided by a
                                          implications for other areas of policy     prioritisation ballot under SO D1.
                                             - Conflicts or interactions with or     Submitted by Rachel Fryer **, Clive
                                          implications for publically elected        Lord, Matt Follett, Alan Francis, and
                                          green representatives                      one other.
                                             - Extent to which Policy commit-
                                          tee has been provided with evidence
                                          that motion has been discussed
                                             - Extent to which it is a proposal
                                          that affects government finances
                                             - How far it is suitable for the for-
                                          mat proposed (e.g. MfSS addition or
                                          policy statement)
                                             - Evidence or data relevant to the
                                          Submitted by Matt Follett **, Brian
                                          Heatley*, Rachel Fryer, Alan Fran-
                                          cis, Roger Creagh-Osborne and one

Section E - Draft Voting Papers

E01 – Education Draft Voting                  •	 Learning to Know                     ED103 With a child-centred ap-
Paper                                         •	 Learning to Do                    proach to learning the needs of these
                                              •	 Learning to live together         children who show a willingness
                                              •	 Learning to Be                    and readiness for academic learning
Synopsis                                      Greater emphasis on the last two     will still be met.
The Autumn 2006 conference passed         of these would help to achieve a            ED104 In accordance with the
an Enabling Motion instructing            more balanced education system.          values outlined in the Introduction
Policy Committee to initiate a pol-           ED003 Creating a healthy sus-        there will be an emphasis on social
icy development process to bring a        tainable society will involve crea-      cohesion, play, enjoyment, related-
proposal for a redrafted MfSS sec-        tive thinking and the ability to solve   ness and character building rather
tion on Education to a future confer-     problems.                                than knowledge and skills particu-
ence. This Draft Voting Paper will            ED004 Children start school as       larly in the early years.
give those attending this conference      eager learners. By the end of their         ED105 Free (or subsidised) nurser-
the opportunity to comment on this        school career, too many have no or       ies and early years education com-
work so far at a workshop session.        few positive outcomes, and no desire     bined with Citizens’ Income would
Members can also participate in this      to continue any formal education.        help to create structures that encour-
work following conference through         Some have been excluded or have          age and support parental involve-
the Education Policy Working Group        stopped attending.                       ment and nurture in these impor-
(Convenor Rachel Fryer).                      ED005 Our education system in        tant years.
   The Draft Voting Paper will be fol-    the UK is one of the most highly            ED106 All early years establish-
lowed in due course by a full Voting      funded in the world yet is failing       ments must enable regular outdoor
Paper at a later conference.              growing numbers of people.               access for children.
   The draft that follows reflects ex-        ED006 In recent years there have        ED107 As with our policies on
tensive debate within the Education       been too many rapid changes to the       schools, early years establishments
Policy Working Group over the two         system which can create instabil-        will be of a human scale; small
years since the enabling Motion was       ity and uncertainty and be detri-        enough to provide community units
passed, in meetings both at confer-       mental to participants in education.     with continuity and consistency
ence and outside it, and in e-mail        - ??delete??                             of staff for all children and small
exchanges, and reflects opinions ex-          ED007 Education should be at the     enough to provide a safe and secure
pressed more widely in the Party.         heart of communities and for com-        environment as a base for children’s
                                          munities, and should promote equal-      exploration of the environment and
Motion                                    ity, inclusivity, social and emotional   social relationships. To help achieve
   Delete the Education (ED100 –          well-being and responsibility.           this they will be within walking dis-
ED608) chapter of the MfSS and the            ED008 Education should be a right    tance of children’s homes in urban
Policy Statements ‘City Academies         and an entitlement and free at the       areas. (1 x yes to specify size)
(April 2005)’ and ‘Opposition to Trust    point of delivery to people of all          ED108 There will be greater
Schools (Spring 2006)’ in RoPs and re-    ages.                                    health involvement in these impor-
place with the following:                     ED009 What people learn should       tant years and health visitors will
                                          be built around creating a sustain-      make regular visits to all early years
                                          able future for the 21st Century and     establishments.
Education                                 beyond.
                                                                                   Age of learning
Introduction                              Early Years education                       ED 120 With early years education
ED001 The Green Party believes that          ED100 The Green Party acknowl-        extending to a higher age we will ex-
education should provide everyone         edges that in most countries aca-        plore, in accordance with other Euro-
with the knowledge and skills they        demic learning is not compulsory         pean countries, changing the prima-
require to be able to fully participate   before the age of 7.                     ry school age to start at the age of 7.
in and contribute to the society in          ED101 Most of these countries            ED121 We will explore all-through
which they live. Not just academic        are considered to have higher levels     schools (for ages 7-18) such as those
knowledge, but social skills, life        of attainment than those of British      in Scandinavia, which can alleviate
skills, and respect for other people’s    schools.                                 the challenges of transition between
rights and lifestyles.                       ED102 Play of all kinds, and the      schools and strengthen communi-
   ED002 We endorse the Unesco Four       active exploration of the arts and the   ty cohesion and relations between
Pillars of Education (in Delores, J.      natural world, are important ways        staff, parents and pupils. This would
Learning, the Treasure Within(1996)       for children to learn and develop, es-   be in the context of smaller schools
Unesco), which are:                       pecially in the early years.             (see Size of Schools)

   ED122 It will continue to be com-      Child, children’s opinions on what            h Which provides education in so-
pulsory for all young people to be        and how they are taught should be         cial skills and relationships through
educated between the years of 7-16.       taken into account. Children and              cooperative and participative
From the age of 14 this may be deliv-     young people’s own interests and en-      learning ie through group-work
ered in a variety of contexts includ-     thusiasms are the natural starting-           i Which caters for a variety of in-
ing apprenticeship schemes. ???safe-      point for productive learning, the        terests, intelligences, skills and tal-
guard still needed???                     roots from which a broad curriculum       ents including academic and voca-
   OR                                     can grow. Therefore the approach to       tional training.
   Young people may choose to leave       (having a) National / School Curricu-         j Which caters for and encourages
school from the age of 14 to work.        lum will be revised in order to pro-      different learning styles, appropriate
This will meet the needs of young         mote a diverse education within the       to the individual and, if applicable
people who are de-motivated from          boundaries of what is appropriate for     their Special Educational Needs. This
learning and allow them to mature         the child, the school and its location.   would imply more pupil-centred
and learn in a work context with the      It will allow a much higher level of      rather than teacher-led learning.
freedom to return to education at a       devolution to Local Authorities to in-        k Which promote outdoor and
later stage, should they choose to.       dividual schools in setting their own     physical activity.
                                          curriculum. At the same time it will          l Which offers education in a sec-
Structure and Accountability of           ensure that all children and young        ond language from as young an
Schools                                   people have experience of:                age as is possible / from the age of 7
   ED200 In order to maximise en-            a How to engage with learning,         which continues at secondary school,
gagement with and good commu-             and how to develop speaking, listen-      encouraging those that are gifted to
nication between parents, students,       ing and debating skills.                  developing their language skills
teachers and other staff, there will be      b The development of essential             m Which offers a cross-curriculum
considerable efforts to ensure that all   numeracy and literacy skills.             approach at all stages of learning,
parties are democratically involved          c The environment, through aca-        allowing greater individual choice
in the running of the school through      demic work and on a practical level,      over subjects and topics where pos-
School Councils and Governing Bod-        including children and young peo-         sible through project-based learning,
ies. The relationship between and         ple’s understanding of their own          thus overcoming the current frag-
responsibilities of the Head and the      physical environment and enabling         mented timetable separated into ar-
Chair of the Governing Body must be       them to be actively involved in im-       tificial, disconnected subjects.
clearly outlined.                         proving their local environment.              n Which enables children and
   ED201 There are many good ex-             d Experience and enjoyment of all      young people to become self-direct-
amples of successful structures, yet      art forms                                 ed learners, who will be equipped to
it would appear that this depends            e Emotional literacy and well-be-      take advantage of learning opportu-
largely on the Head and the rules of      ing, social skills and physical well-     nities throughout their lives.
accountability which exist in each        being including education in sex and
school. Currently schools rely on the     relationships from an age the school      Assessment
good will of parents to volunteer         considers appropriate. This will be          ED300 Assessment is a generic
their time to ensure the smooth run-      achieved through the learning en-         word which incorporates styles of
ning of the school. This creates ac-      vironment (see below) and through         assessment ranging from internal
cessibility issues as not all parents     more rigorous teacher training which      ongoing informal monitoring to ex-
are able or willing to volunteer their    focuses on these issues and through       ternal exams.
time and not all schools have enough      greater emphasis on the arts which           ED301 A healthy education sys-
volunteers or an adequate skills          increase self-expression and through      tem would include a broad range
base to create a successful Govern-       this emotional literacy.                  of cumulative, formative and sum-
ing Body. Governing Bodies will be           f Practical life skills such as ba-    mative assessment, including self-
properly funded to acknowledge the        sic cooking, DIY skills, First Aid and    assessment.
high level of responsibility granted      managing of bank accounts.                   ED302 However there is currently
to people involved in them so that           g Citizenship skills. The agenda       too much emphasis on national tests
those who would be unable to afford       for Citizenship Skills will not be de-    and fulfilling marking schemes,
to be involved are recompensed for        termined by central government            (?particularly in the form of SATS?)
their time and expenses.                  but instead by an independent body        which can oppress or suppress teach-
   ED202 The Local Authority will         (such as the Politics Association).       ing and learning and create a great
be involved in monitoring the struc-      This would include understand-            deal of unnecessary pressure on chil-
tures to ensure there is consistency of   ing the history of and the politics       dren as young as 7.
standards and level of involvement        and political structures of the area /       ED303 Assessment should be un-
and to help to share best practice.       country and, above all, experience of     obtrusive and in the interests of
                                          the democratic process through be-        enhancing the learning of the indi-
Curriculum                                ing involved in the running of their      vidual child.
  ED250 According to Article 12 of        own school community.
UN Convention on the Rights of the           And a learning environment

   ED304 The Green Party will abol-      Admissions                               out discrimination of any factors
ish external SATS exams. (delete if         ED350 Our underlying vision is        such as financial background.
this has already happened)               for every child and young person to         ED403 There are many problems
   ED305 The Green Party will abol-      attend their local community school      with our current state education sys-
ish league tables in their current       wherever possible?. There are chil-      tem. There is a need to address why
form as they give an over-inflated       dren with behavioural difficulties       people choose to send their children
impression of schools with a higher      and emotional difficulties who actu-     to private schools.
ability intake which can contribute      ally need to be protected by segrega-       ED404 On average twice as much
towards problems with admissions.        tion - not to mention protecting the     is spent per pupil in the independ-
   ED306 Ofsted Inspections will         other children from them. And yes,       ent sector than in the state sector.
be revised or replaced with quality      I will disagree with Simone on this      The differences this leads to are that
teaching inspections similar to those    one! Needs should be met on an in-       in the state sector schools and class
in Wales, spot check inspections and     clusive basis.                           sizes are larger, making them more
staff and student evaluations.              ED351 Currently vast sums of          anonymous and with less commu-
   ED307 Where school standards          money are spent on specialist            nity cohesion. Teachers do not have
are reported this will be through        schools, City Academies and Trust        the same amount of time available
value-added results and through the      Schools, all of which can discourage     in their paid hours for marking,
results of school inspections which      attendance at a local community          preparation and other administra-
will include school self-evaluation      schools and, especially in the case      tive work, thus making their jobs
   ED308 Having a broad range of as-     of specialist schools, restrict how a    much more pressurised.
sessment techniques which celebrate      school chooses to spend its money.          ED405 Children with a high level
positive achievement, thus allowing      The Green Party will redistribute all    of ability or who are more likely to be
for rewarding work which displays        available money to all schools ac-       from a background where education
creativity and ability but may not       cording to their needs rather than       is valued have a positive influence
otherwise meet the demands of a          their status.                            on the learning experience of their
task                                        ED352      Many of the existing       peers. Sadly an increasing number
   ED309 Assessment will feed into       problems in our admissions system        of these are now learning in the in-
strategies for educating the individ-    stem from the emphasis on SATS           dependent sector and this creates
ual child and into education strate-     and League Tables, both of which         additional pressure on schools in the
gies nationally.                         the Green Party will abolish (see        state sector and is to some extent
   ED310 Currently teaching and          Assessment).                             causing social divisions in society.
learning are too often dominated            ED353 There will be greater in-          ED406 As outlined in Admissions
by meeting targets and ticking box-      volvement and dialogue / participa-      and in Structure and Accountability
es. There will be more emphasis on       tion / communication between the         in Schools an important factor in im-
qualitative (informal) assessment.       school and the parent / guardian.        proving the education young people
                                            ED354 In the longer term all-         receive and increasing community
Size of Schools                          through schools would be considered      cohesion is parental involvement.
   ED320 Many problems schools ex-       as outlined in                           Parents and carers need to feel val-
perience stem from both class sizes                                               ued by the schools and involved in
and the size of schools which can be     Age of Learning                          its running and to this end will have
intimidating and overwhelming for                                                 greater powers in school governing
children and young people, particu-      Different types of schools               bodies.
larly those who are vulnerable. This        ED400 All young people have a            ED407 The state currently subsi-
leads to disruption, a lack of engage-   right to receive a high standard of      dises independent schools, for ex-
ment in class and less sense of com-     education at their local school, re-     ample through paying for places for
munity in the school. There is consid-   gardless of their background, where      children from military backgrounds.
erable evidence that being educated      they live, what their financial back-    This highlights the need for the state
in smaller groups produces better re-    ground or level of ability is.           to fully represent the diversity in our
sults. The Green Party would seek to        ED401     Many different types        education system, for example by in-
reduce both class and school sizes.      of schools currently exist, includ-      creasing the number of state-funded
   ED321 Existing large schools will     ing comprehensive schools, public        boarding schools.
be supported to reorganise internal-     schools, specialist schools and ‘al-        ED408 In the short term we will
ly into smaller communities (‘mini-      ternative’ schools such as Steiner       remove the charitable status of in-
schools’).                               schools. In the state sector there are   dependent schools and increase
   ED322 Existing small schools will     also specialist schools and schools      the amount of funding available
be protected, and developed as com-      for young people with special needs.     to schools deemed to be in special
munity resources rather than closed.        ED402 The Green Party acknowl-        measures.
They will be encouraged to become        edges that there is a need to em-           ED409 We will continue to aim
partners with nearby schools where       brace a diverse range of educational     for all community schools to provide
possible, to share resources and spe-    approaches. This diversity will be       everyone with an education which
cialist staff.                           available to all young people with-      will fit everyone’s individual needs

through a diverse curriculum which        the case of a City cademy the mon-           Too often parents exercise this
offers choice and is appropriate for      ey is released for a new building so     choice as a result of negative experi-
everyone’s needs and ability. (See        the school cannot choose to have a       ences such as children experiencing
Curriculum) However, we recognise         cheaper building or retro-fit exist-     bullying, feeling restricted by the
that some people will continue to         ing buildings instead and spend the      curriculum or intimidated by large
choose to be educated outside main-       remaining money on, for example,         schools and class sizes. The Green
stream schools. Therefore we will         more teachers.                           Party’s radical reform of the educa-
provide state funding for all schools,      ED503 For these reasons the Green      tion system would alleviate many
allowing for a diverse educational        Party is opposed to City Academies       of these issues. Where parents still
system to be equally accessible to        and Trust Schools.                       choose to educate their children at
all children and young people re-                                                  home this would be supported by
gardless of their parents’ income         Grammar Schools and mixed ability        Local Authorities who would work
so that ultimately no school is fee-      learning                                 to ensure that all young people have
paying. We would expand dialogue             ED510 The grammar school sys-         a broad and diverse education of a
between all schools so that they can      tem decides which young people           high quality.
all learn from each others’ different     are likely to succeed academically           ED521 All schools will be obliged
approaches and so there is an oppor-      when they are only 11 years old with     to offer home-based educators part-
tunity for integration and sharing of     a single test which many consider        time school attendance agreements
resources.                                to be a poor indicator of ability and    if requested.
   OR                                     skills. For those who fail this can
   In order to support state educa-       take opportunities away from them        Teachers
tion we will invest considerably          and cause them to lose confidence in        ED530 A Green government will
greater money in the state to remove      their abilities at an age when they      work with the teaching unions to re-
the anomalies so that there is much       are only just beginning to explore       verse the process by which teachers
greater incentive for parents to send     learning. The system can also cause      have gradually been deskilled and
their children to state schools and       social divisions. Evidence shows that    their professional autonomy eroded;
greater equality of opportunity for       the overall standard of achievement      we will reduce the current burden
all young people.                         is higher where people are educated      of paperwork which is often driven
                                          in mixed ability environments. For       by an excessive use of targets as this
City Academies and Trust Schools          these reasons the Green Party will       has been cited as the most common
   ED500 City Academies and Trust         allow no new grammar schools and         reason teachers leave their job. This
Schools are often introduced to de-       gradually integrate grammar and          would free their time and resources
prived areas as the only chance the       secondary modern schools into the        to give them the opportunity to re-
school has to attract funding. Build-     comprehensive system.                    spond to the needs of each individ-
ings and land which belong to the            ED511 For the above reasons we        ual child.
state are leased to a private sponsor     will encourage mixed ability learn-
or outside body. In the case of a City    ing in all schools as far as possible    Inclusion and Special Needs
Academy this private sponsor de-          but would allow schools the free-           ED550 The Green Party supports
cides what the school’s specialism        dom to opt for streaming according       the principle of offering all people
will be, what the curriculum will be      to ability in some subjects.             the opportunity to be educated in
and what wages individual teachers                                                 a mainstream school, and meeting
receive. The sponsor does not have to     Subject enrichment                       everyone’s needs, whatever the lev-
know anything about education yet            ED515 Subject specialisms will be     el of need may be. There are many
has the power to make these crucial       provided as far as possible by com-      positive benefits for all people in be-
decisions.                                munity schools. In addition we will      ing educated alongside people with
   ED501 The sponsor has the power        facilitate Local Authorities to intro-   a variety of needs and abilities and
to appoint the Board who appoints         duce enrichment time one after-          this will lead to a more integrated
the Principal and the Governors. In       noon per week during which schools       society.
some academies the parents have the       will pool their resources and provide       ED551 In exceptional cases it is
right to vote for as little as one par-   transport for young people from all      not appropriate to be fully integrat-
ent governor. This also removes the       schools in the area to attend enrich-    ed into mainstream education for all
democratic control by local authori-      ment activities of their choice in-      subjects, for example where there are
ties of institutions that are financed    cluding sports, creative and practical   multiple learning difficulties. In the
by national and local taxation.           subjects as well as other subject en-    longer term the Green Party hopes to
   ED502 So Academies and Trust           richment and extension activities.       address this through having special
Schools can often take power away                                                  units in mainstream schools.
from parents, teachers and pupils         Home-based Education                        ED552 Local Authorities may ex-
regarding how the school is run. As          ED520 We support parents’ rights      plore ways of meeting particular
with Specialist Schools the fund-         to educate their children in settings    needs, for example, one school in an
ing being offered can only be spent       other than at school.                    area can cater for people with visual
on certain things, for example in

impairment and another school for            ED605 The Green Party feels that        Environmental Education
hearing impairment.                       Faith Schools can create (cultural)           ED621 In order to create a sustain-
   ED553 Ultimately some special          divisions in society and discourage        able society, environmental educa-
needs schools may continue to exist.      children and young people from             tion must be prioritised. Schools will
Whether to attend a mainstream or         attending their local community            undertake an energy audit of the
a special needs school is a very sen-     school.?delete?                            school and provide environmental
sitive decision and will be taken by         ED606 Therefore in the longer           education through academic and
the parent and young person togeth-       term a Green government will not           practical work. This will include chil-
er with the advice of a special needs     fund faith schools. Where faith            dren attending their local communi-
coordinator.                              schools already exist they will re-        ty school so they are not dependent
   OR                                     flect the inclusive nature of British      on cars for transport. Schools will be
   The ultimate goal is for society       society and become part of the Local       required to provide their own recy-
to accept diversity and eschew the        Authority admissions system. This          cling and compost facilities. In this
medical (‘deficit’) model of handicap     non-discriminatory approach will           time of rising energy prices schools
and therefore encourage all students      be extended to staff who must not          will be provided with grants to ret-
to attend ordinary schools and for        be more or less likely to get a job in a   ro-fit their buildings with insulation
there to be no special schools            faith school due to their own faith.       and install solar panels, solar water
                                             OR                                      heating, be well insulated and where
Faith Schools                                However, we recognise that some         appropriate have wind turbines.
    ED600 Education should include        parents will want to send their chil-      They will also have rainwater and
a celebration and recognition of reli-    dren to faith schools and within the       grey-water flushing systems. This is
gious diversity and spirituality.         conditions above will continue to          particularly important in schools so
    ED601 The Green Party recognizes      fund them within the state system.         that young people accept and expect
the right of parents to choose the                                                   these as part of normal daily life.
kind of education that shall be given     Health in Schools                             ED622 Providers of education
to their children in accordance with          ED610 Schools and teachers will        should manage their own resources
the Universal Declaration of Human        continue to have a duty of care to-        in a sustainable way. They may act as
Rights.                                   wards young people. Whilst we rec-         research establishments for the de-
    ED602 We will seek to cater for       ognise that parents are more likely        velopment of sustainable lifestyles.
these rights and needs through en-        to have a significant influence on
suring that children and young            their children in regards to most as-      Youth Schools
people can practise their faith in        pects of their personal development,          ED625 In addition to compul-
schools, for example by providing         it is very important to promote this       sory education there will be Youth
prayer space for those who need to        through the school, as outlined in         Schools in every town as in other Eu-
practise their religion regularly. ??At   the Curriculum section. The school         ropean countries such as Denmark
the same time we will abolish the re-     environment must be a loving one           for young people.
quirement for a compulsory daily act      full of care. There will be regular           In addition to providing some-
of worship?? Religious instruction,       health checks in schools and a re-         where safe for young people to so-
however, as distinct from religious       turn to school nurses. Crucial to all      cialize in the evenings, structured
education in understanding differ-        of these factors is how teachers are       learning will take place as it does in
ent religions will take place outside     trained for this in their Initial Teach-   adult education, providing a wide
school curriculum time.                   er Training.                               variety of courses including a range
    ED603 We recognise the impor-                                                    of life skills, practical and vocational
tance of human values and the             Food                                       training.
moral dimension in learning, often           ED 620 It will be a minimum re-
expressed through spiritual and po-       quirement that all children are pro-       Further education
litical values. This will be achieved     vided with a balanced nutritious              ED 630 Currently Further Educa-
through the curriculum and ethos of       lunch including local and organic          tion colleges are run independently
the school and through understand-        non-GM food, free from additives.          from Local Authorities. They receive
ing the contribution we can all make      Vegetarian, vegan, religious and           a much lower unit cost per pupil
to society.                               other dietary requirements will be         than schools and the teaching sala-
    ED604 All schools, both state-        catered for. Vending machines will         ries are lower.
controlled and privately run will be      only supply healthy snacks and not            ED631 The Green Party believes
required to embrace a multi-faith         crisps, carbonated drinks and sweets.      that Further Education colleges
perspective throughout the explo-         Schools will be encouraged to involve      should be publicly owned and fund-
ration of the curriculum by giving        children in growing, preparing and         ed at the same rate as secondary
equal respect to all faiths, as well as   cooking food. Not only will this pro-      schools and be subject to the same
respecting the rights of children to      vide invaluable and essential educa-       requirements as schools regarding
adopt a secular world view should         tion in the importance of a good diet,     Sustainability, Environmental edu-
they wish to.                             it will greatly improve behaviour,         cation and health.
                                          quality of life and learning.

   D632 The Green Party will con-             All HE Institutions and their Stu-    Standards
tinue to encourage a broad educa-          dent Unions will be publicly owned.         ED700 Currently the standard of
tion and as such will move towards            ED661 All Governing bodies will       achievement of students with com-
/ adopt / consider implementing            adopt structures similar to the sen-     parable degrees and results from dif-
courses and qualifications similar         ate model used by Open Universi-         ferent institutions is inconsistent.
to Scottish Highers and the Interna-       ties. Governors and Board members        There will be much more rigour ap-
tional Baccalaureate.                      will be elected by both staff and        plied to ensure consistency through
   ED633 Further Education will be         students.                                external accreditation systems.
accessible to people of all ages and                                                   ED701 There will be systems in
offer a wide range of practical, vo-       Accessibility                            place to provide a quality assurance
cational and academic courses and             ED670 Higher Education will of-       of staff and full accountability with-
qualifications.                            fer real support to mature students      in departments.
                                           and students with families. There
Higher Education                           will be a minimum requirement for        Curriculum
   ED640 Under a Green government          Universities and Higher Education           ED710 Due to the nature of the
there would be no student loans as         Institutions to offer a free crèche to   economic growth we have been ex-
there would be no tuition fees and         students and staff, nappy changing       periencing there has been a shift in
living costs would be met by Citi-         and breast-feeding facilities as well    recent years away from manufac-
zen’s Income.                              as religious facilities such as prayer   ture and industry-related subjects.
   Higher Education is essential in        spaces to cater for people from a wide   Whilst trends in the subjects stu-
developing a civilized society. Edu-       range of ages, religions and ethnic      dents choose to study will continue
cation should be treated as a process      backgrounds.                             to evolve there will be sufficient
and not a product. It should enable a         Additional funding will be given      funding to protect minority subjects
democratisation of knowledge and           to Open Universities to make them        and to cater for potential swings
skills which is available to anyone        more accessible.                         back.
who wants to study a degree and is
capable of it, regardless of their age     Targets                                  Research
or background. It should be free at           ED680 Statistical targets should         ED720 It is essential that there is
the point of delivery (to everyone /       have well-founded reasons, for ex-       not a commercial bias in research
to all EU citizens). ? In the short term   ample aiming to ensure that stand-       undertaken in Higher Education In-
we will reintroduce student grants         ards are improving and that a rep-       stitutions. There will be sufficient
to meet living costs.                      resentative cross-section of society     funding to encourage independent
   ED641 Higher Education should           has access to Higher Education. The      and ethical research.
not be an expectation for young peo-       existing target, for example, of get-
ple. Evidence suggests that the best       ting 50% of school leavers into High-    Transition into Higher Education
results are achieved by people who         er Education does not have any such         ED730 The Green Party recognises
have an active desire to study at this     clear aims.                              that under the current system the
level when they feel ready, rather                                                  ability of students transferring from
than be an automatic extension of          Elitism                                  school or Further Education to High-
Further Education.                            ED690 A disproportionate number       er Education is extremely diverse,
                                           of the highest salaries are offered      sometimes depending on their social
Funding                                    to graduates of institutions which       background or the school / college
   ED650 Higher Education is facing        are considered to be elitist, many of    they attended. Until this is no longer
a funding crisis. Departments are          which select a very high proportion      the case, in order to ensure full acces-
closing, students are being forced         of students from the independent         sibility and high standards, institu-
to pay increasing fees for their edu-      sector.                                  tions will be funded to offer an exter-
cation, lecturers are working longer          ED691 This will be addressed          nally accredited Foundation Degree
hours and receiving worsening pay          through a combination of these insti-    to students they consider to have the
and conditions and the student to          tutions offering Widening Participa-     potential to study at a Higher Level
tutor ratio is increasing. The Green       tion Programmes and creating a se-       but who are not yet ready for it.
Party will support a properly funded,      ries of firm targets which will ensure
accessible Higher Education system         increased social diversity through       Transition from Higher Education into
which would reverse these trends.          taking a proportionate amount of         Employment
                                           students from the state sector. (Pro-       ED740 Studying any subject
Accountability                             portionate with other institutions /     should provide people with transfer-
   ED660 Higher Education Institu-         proportionate with school leavers?       able skills, such as developing an en-
tions are funded directly by the state     / proportionate with school leavers      quiring mind, research skills and the
or through Chartered Organisations         applying for HE? – to be discussed)      ability to construct well-reasoned ar-
and Trusts,                                                                         guments. Some subjects are natural-
   OR                                                                               ly more vocational than others. Stu-
                                                                                    dents should be prepared for the po-

tential outcomes of their degrees at         ED805 Adult education should          traditions of the schools involved
the outset of the course and receive      embrace and encourage learning for       will be respected.
guidance throughout the course in         learning’s sake and as such funding         6. Those who remain in the private
how to achieve their chosen career        for additional courses will be decid-    sector would be classed as a busi-
path.                                     ed at a local level without it having    ness and have all charitable status
                                          to be target-driven and focused only     removed and would pay all relevant
International Students                    on qualifications.’                      taxes such as VAT and Corporation
   ED750 Currently many Higher            Submitted by Rachel Fryer **, Matt       Tax. All state sponsored scholarships
Education Institutions are depend-        Follett, Steve Dawe, John Vivian         would be directed to LEA provi-
ent on international students due to      and one other                            sion and remaining private schools
the inflated fees they pay. In some                                                would be asked to contribute to na-
cases this can lead them to accept        Amendment 1                              tional initial teacher training costs.
international students who are less                                                Proposed by Rachel Fryer*, David
able than EU students whom they           Policy Statement:                        Williams, Craig Simmons, Alison
reject. Under a Green Government             1. The Green Party is seeking to      Williams
Higher Education Institutions will        establish an education service in the
be properly funded by the state so        UK of the highest quality standards
that where international students         possible, via a vibrant public sector
are fee-paying the amount the in-         that is free at the point of use and
stitution charges will mirror the fee     available to all.
they receive from the state in fund-         2. The Green vision for educa-
ing for an EU student.                    tional provision is that it should be
                                          accessible to all, its funding prin-
Environmentalism in Higher Educa-         ciples should be based on need and
tion Institutions                         it should be democratically owned
   ED760 Currently some Institu-          and controlled by local people. The
tions have some of the worst records      Greens are seeking to establish an
for their environmental footprint.        education service that brings out the
Under a Green government Higher           best in individuals and contributes
Education will adhere to the same         to a society that is cohesive, equali-
stringent regulations as large busi-      tarian and socially just, as well as
nesses and other institutions. (cross     enhancing our economic wellbeing.
reference with?)                             3. Private education is a barrier
                                          to creating more opportunities for
Adult education                           all, democratic control and a more
    ED800 As stated in the Introduc-      socially just society. It is an anach-
tion the Green Party believes that        ronism from another age that fosters
life-long learning will help to create    class divisions and provides privi-
a healthy society.                        leged advantage to a moneyed elite.
    ED801 Adult education comprises          4. The Green Party suggests that
of a wide variety of courses, some of     the best approach to assimilating
which will lead to qualifications.        the private sector into the public ed-
    ED802 As adult education is con-      ucation provision should be through
stantly evolving it demands a flex-       a voluntary process of institutional
ible approach to new courses whilst       integration combined with a sub-
ensuring core aspects of education        stantial increase in funding to pub-
are preserved even where enrolment        lic sector education improving qual-
is low.                                   ity standards generally.
    ED803 To promote accessibility           5. Voluntary integration of the
it will be provided in town centres       private sector would be achieved by
rather than in out of town universi-      offers of attractive refurbishment
ties where possible.                      grants and free support services from
    ED804 Ideally all adult education     the local LEA to private schools.
will be free at the point of delivery.       There would also be ‘buy out’ pack-
If this is not possible there will be a   ages to private school freeholders
minimum requirement to provide            and enhanced transfer of agreement
free education for adults to learn es-    terms and conditions for staff. No
sential literacy, numeracy and life       child’s education would be disrupted,
skills and to gain skills and qualifi-    LEA coordination of admissions only
cations which will help them direct-      starting with initial intake. All ex-
ly gain employment.                       isting management structures and

Section O – Out of Order Motions

Two motions have been ruled out of        O1 Members website                       O2 Convention of the left
order. The Standing Orders for the                                                 This Conference notes the success of
Conduct of Conference explain:            Synopsis                                 The Convention of the Left, which
    “Motions or amendments to mo-         This motion calls for information on     took place in parallel with, and as an
tions shall be ruled out of order on      the members’ website to be kept up       alternative to, The Labour Party Con-
grounds of being:                         to date.                                 ference in Manchester.
    a) contrary to the Constitution,                                                  The Convention provided a forum
    b) retrospective in their effect,     Motion                                   for a large number of people and
    c) ambiguous,                         The members’ website is an essential     organisations on the left to come
    d) vague,                             tool to those interested in internal     together to debate issues and strat-
    e) trivial or requiring no conse-     democracy within the Green Party.        egies, concentrating on what unites
quential action,                          Over recent years the information        us rather than what divides us. The
    f) substantially changing policy      has become very outdated.                sustainability of the planet was a
areas, or having complex implica-             The last GPEx minutes are dated      central theme throughout. The Con-
tions for other areas, without having     2006 and the posting of GPRC min-        vention of The Left seeks to maintain
passed through the agreed process of      utes is sporadic. The list of GPEx of-   the spirit of the Manchester conven-
consultation or seeks to significant-     ficers is also out of date.              tion and is intending to organise
ly amend the principles passed in a           Having the minutes of meetings       future events. Conference agrees to
policy motion or Voting Paper less        and up to date contact details for       become a sponser of The Convention
than two years previously, or if it       GPEx members is imperative to the        of the Left and to commit the GPEW
seeks to re-present a policy proposal     internal democracy of the party and      to become actively involved in the
which has been debated and defeat-        the information is essential for any     organisation of a Convention of The
ed at Conference less than two years      member wishing to put themselves         Left in Brighton during the week
previously (see Appendix A), except       forward for election for posts in the    of The Labour Party Conference in
where it is proposed by Regional          future.                                  2009
Council and agreed by SOC that the            We call in GPEx to ensure these      Submitted by Peter Allen **, Sean
specific exception to that require-       pages are kept up to date and min-       Thompson, Derek Wall, Romayne
ment shall be made in respect of an       utes are posted within a reasonable      Phoenix and one other.
area of Party Policy for which urgent     time after they are approved.
need to update or clarify the policy      Submitted by Andrew Collingwood          SOC’s decision
outweighs the normal consideration        **, Derek Wall, Sean Thompson, Roy       SOC deemed the motion to be vague
of procedure.”                            Sandison and one other                   (SOCC 9d) in that conference has no
    SOC has a duty to rule any such                                                budget to sponsor events and the mo-
submitted motions out of order – it is    SOC’s decision                           tion does not commit specific bodies
not a choice. If the members of SOC,      SOC deemed the motion to be vague        or individuals within the party to
in their collective judgement, consid-    (SOCC 9d) in that it did not call on     take action.
er that a motion is in breach of any of   GPEx to amend its standing orders or
the requirements above, it must rule      for a specific individual to commit to
it out of order.                          a specific action.
    SOC has provided explanations
for its decisions at the end of each
                               Rough Guide to Winter Gardens Layout

                                 Ice Lounge
             Down to Ice lounge and up to creche                                            Arena 2
                                Diana Suite                               Press only
Link North                      Stage
                  Main 2                           Main 1
                                                                             Arena          Arena Bar
                                Ballroom                                  Stalls Area       & catering
Link South
                                            Ballroom bar

                Balcony Bar (1st floor)                                      Lift

                                                            Entrance foyer and registration area

                                                            Office 3 Office 2   Office 1
                                                            SOC      Conference. Comm

                                            Bar red                                                      Main Entrance

                                            Church Road
                                                                                                                                  Rough Guide to the Winter Gardens layout

                               showing rooms being used by the Green Party

Fringes and Workshops

Friday 20                                ideas for making our radical Green     1700 Progress in Green Economics          employment, Profitable small
                                         message into something that is in-     in the last 6 months                      farms and new approaches to hous-
                                         tellectually and emotionally natu-     This fringe will outline achieve-         ing provision is the alternative
1300 First timers at conference          ral for many voters, by activating     ments in Green Economics and also             Robert Somerville
   Emily Heath                           latent ‘Green’ values, in the man-     talk about different strands which
                                         ner of George Lakoff’s ‘reframing’     make up green movement eco-               1800 Beyond the Green New Deal
1400 Management of Euro and              stratagem. This session will also      nomics so that campaigners and            The current global economic crisis
County election expenditure              formally launch the ‘Green Words       members can argue for our brand           is qualitatively different from pre-
Meet our good friends from the           Workshop’ internet project.            of economics and sound credible           vious cyclical downturns. We need
Electoral Commission and receive             Rupert Read & Matt Wootton         when canvassing to the public             to implement a programme which
the very latest briefings on elec-                                                  Miriam Kennet, Green                  will end the domination of the mar-
tion campaign expenditure and            1700 Core services: how rape crisis    Economics Institute                       ket and use society’s resources to
reporting rules - particularly of rel-   centres and women’s refuges                                                      transform fundamentally, rather
evance this year given co-incident       should be funded                       1700 Winning Green votes in rural         than simply to try to stabilise and
elections                                Funding for rape crisis centres and    areas                                     regulate, the current financial and
    Chris Haine, GPEx                    women’s refuges usually consists of    Tips and strategies on winning            industrial system.
                                         short-term grants, voluntary fund-     ward campaigns, and building up               Sean Thompson
1400 Save the Humans -                   raising and a general process of un-   parliamentary potential, in tradi-
reframing our Party’s ideas as           stable, uncertain cobbling together    tionally unfavourable rural areas         1800 Designing, printing and
common sense                             of money. What should be done to           Chris Haine, GPEx                     distributing ward newsletters
In this session, Rupert and Matt         change this?                                                                     Come and share your ideas, experi-
will present (textually and visu-            Natalie Bennett                    1700 Young Greens committee               ence and frustrations with produc-
ally) a preliminary version of their                                            meeting - all welcome                     ing ward newsletters. There will be
                                                                                A meeting of the Young Greens to          plenty of examples to take away,
                                                                                plan campaigns for the forthcom-          on-line templates, and practical
                                                                                ing year. All Young Greens and            advice on organising a distribution
   �������������������������                                                    other members of the Party are            network
   ���������������������                                                        welcome                                       Chris Haine, GPEx
                                                                                   Andy Birkby, Young Greens
                                                                                                                          1800 South East regional meeting
                                                                                1800 A Green Rural Manifesto:             It is very important that any mem-
                                 ...                                            Housing / Farming / Employment            bers of the South East attend this
                                                                                The last 30 years have seen the           meeting as it will be on of our fi-
                                                                                progressive reversal of localization.     nal meetings before the European
                                                                                Globalization, supermarkets, large        elections. We will be discussing our
                                                                                industrial farms have flattened           campaign strategy - how we will
  ����������������������������                                                  rural economies… topped by unaf-          keep our MEP seat and increase the
  ����������������������������                                                  fordable housing. A specific pack-        Green vote in the South East.
  �������������������������������                                               age of rural policies is needed. Else          Rachel Fryer, South East GP
  ���������������������������                                                   localization is a dream. Land-based
                                                                                   CAAT_GP_advert:Layout 1              24/02/2009        18:17      Page 1

                                                                                    Did you know that a Government

           ����������������������                                                   department employs around 170 civil
  �����������������������������������������                                         servants to promote arms exports?
                                                                                    UKTI: Armed & Dangerous
   �����������������������������������������                                        UKTI helps promote UK businesses abroad. Yet despite arms sales making
   �����������������������������������������                                        up just 1.5% of all exports, UKTI employs as many staff to promote these
                                                                                    sales as it does for all of the other industries combined!
   �����������������������������������������������                                  For more information on how the Government is giving
                                                                                    hugely disproportionate support to the arms trade, as well
                                                                                    as helping to promote arms sales to countries involved in
                                                                                    conflict and human rights abuses, visit

                                       Saturday 21
1900 Fundraising from ideas to                                                1300 AGC business meeting                1300 NATO expansion to the East.
action                                                                        A meeting to discuss the ongoing         A new Cold War for Europe
A session for local and regional                                              work of the Association of Green         The war in the Caucasus in August
fundraisers to share ideas and,        1200 Education DVP 1 of 2              Councillors - all councillors and can-   2008 between Russia and Georgia
more importantly, experience of        A chance to look at and discuss the    didates welcome.                         was sparked by the NATO decision
what works. Includes a briefing        Education Draft Voting Paper. 1.          Jon Barry, AGC                        to consider Georgia for member-
on national fundraising plans. We      An examination and discussion of                                                ship of NATO. The stationing of Star
hope that the Party’s new national     the Introduction, Structure and Ac-    1300 Green Economics Working             Wars missile bases in Eastern Eu-
membership and fundraising devel-      countability of Schools, Curriculum,   Group: Planning Meeting                  rope is also increasing Russian fears
opment officer will be in post by      Assessment, Admissions and Faith       This meeting provides members            of encirclement. Is Europe facing a
the time of conference and able to     Schools.                               with the opportunity to plan- budg-      new threat of war with Russia?
attend.                                   Rachel Fryer                        et responses, and campaigning for            Joseph Healy, Green Left
    Jon Nott                                                                  the next six months and to share
                                       1200 First timers at conference        responses to difficult economics         1300 Transition towns - a model
1900 General election gee up              Emily Heath                         questions they might get during          for the future of the economy?
Meet the national elections team                                              an election campaign. Also to plan       How do you inspire a whole town
and learn about the plans and          1200 How to beat the Lib Dems          writing policy and other economics       with the confidence to believe a
preparations for the General Elec-     Tips and strategies for winning        materials- and training sessions and     sustainable future is possible? Tran-
tion (whenever it comes). Hear         ward campaigns where your main         meetings outside of conference and       sition Towns are already respond-
about the fundraising, web sites,      opponents are the Lib Dems.            to report back on activities and suc-    ing to the climate crisis and peak
candidate briefings and media op-         Chris Haine, GPEx                   cesses within the last 6 months.         oil challenges together - strength-
eration being built to support you                                                Miriam Kennet, Economics             ening community by creating a
- and how all this fits in with tar-   1200 The most important                Working Group                            shared vision and acting together.
geting our “Greens for Parliament”     environmental campaign in
constituencies.                        Britain?
    Chris Haine, GPEx                  The next general election will be
                                       decided by 12,000-15,000 floating
1900 Homophobia in Eastern             voters in key marginals who have
Europe and the Green Response          absolute power over political par-
Homophobic attacks and outright        ties. Instead of making a choice
discrimination remain the norm         we get these people to make a de-
in much of Eastern Europe, with        mand. Whichever party agrees to
Pride marches banned etc. Greens       a reformed political process first,
in many Eastern European coun-         which includes referendums, wins
tries are at the forefront of the      the election.
battle against this intolerance and        Graham McArthur, Campaign
have formed coalitions with LGBT       for Democracy
    Joseph Healy, LGBT group

       How many people can the UK sustain?
           What’s the difference between
             ‘Optimum’ and Maximum’?
     Where does Biodiversity fit into the scene?
   Should there be a population policy for the UK?
                 If not now – when?
       Visit our stand, and discuss the issues!

Fringes and Workshops

Fun and inspiring local stories                  1400 Climate Geo-Engineering           1800 GPEx Question Time                 1900 WomenbyName
breathe life into our policies and               James Hansen states that atmos-        An opportunity to learn about the       (women only)
illustrate what greens stand for in              pheric concentrations of CO2 need      work of GPEx co-ordinators, ask         For women in the Green Party to
our communities.                                 to drop from 385ppm to below           questions about the strategic direc-    network, promote and encourage
    Jonathan Essex &                             350ppm CO2 if we are to prevent        tion of the party and to discuss ide-   each other to stand for internal
Lydia Somerville                                 dangerous climate change. Cooling      as to improve the working arrange-      and external elections, and to offer
                                                 down the planet requires either en-    ments of the party’s institutions.      practical support and assistance.
1400 2009’s integrated election                  hancing natural biospheric negative        Chris Haine, GPEx                      Natalie Bennett
campaigns                                        feedbacks or creating new artificial
Learn how work to elect a Euro                   ones, the latter known as climate      1800 Update on progress on              1900 Young Greens campaigns
MP this Spring may be just the fil-              geo-engineering. This workshop         green economics                         meeting
lip you need to kick start a local               overviews the most widely pro-         Policy group members specialists        A meeting of the Young Greens
ward campaign and elect your first               moted methods of geo-engineering       speak about topical events and is-      committee and its members to
councillors. And what would we do                and explores the risks associated      sues especially the credit crunch       inform members of activities and
if Brown called a “Super Thursday”               with bio-geoengineering (including     and what green solutions they are       plan upcoming events. All Young
triple election?                                 ‘biochar’) in some detail.             developing and share best prac-         Greens and other members of the
    Chris Haine, GPEx                                Deepak Rughani                     tise. This is an opportunity work in    Party are welcome.
                                                                                        depth on economics issues for de-           Andy Birkby, Young Greens
1400 Bringing business back to                   1400 Meet the MEPs                     velopment for use in elections etc.
our seaside towns                                   Danny Bates, MEPs                       Miriam Kennet, Economics

                                                                                                                                Sunday 22
   Peter Cranie, North West GP                                                          Working Group

                                                                                        1800 Recession, GP Policy and
                                                                                        relations with the TU movement          1800 Communicating our green
                                                                                        The recession is developing at such     values
                                                                                        as pace, (or spiralling out of con-     Politics is about people and ideas.
                                                                                        trol!) that GP members will almost      But it’s about so much more than
                                                                                        certainly need an updated on it. It     the personalities and policy shop-
                                                                                        has vital implications for Greens       ping lists that dominate public
                                                                                        and Trade Unionists will its threat     debate. How do we communicate
                                                                                        to jobs and prosperity lead to a        the Green values that make us
                                                                                        sidelining of the Green agenda or       stand out from the “business as
                                                                                        could it provide an unique oppor-       usual” politics of the establishment
                                                                                        tunity to both enact proposals for      parties?
                                                                                        constructing a Green infrastructure         Jon Nott
                                                                                        and a reformed economic system?
                                                                                            Peter Murry, GP Trade Union         1800 Green Councillors sharing
                                                                                        Group                                   good ideas and successes
                                                                                                                                A discussion workshop for Green
                                                                                        1900 Mobile Phone Masts: how            Councillors to share details of their
                                                                                        to oppose inappropriate sites in        local successes and discuss new
     Put Person Power                                                                   planning applications                   ideas. The workshop may also be

     into Practice
                                                                                        Lancaster Mast Watch will present       useful for target ward candidates.
                                                                                        their new ‘one-stop shop’ website          Jon Barry, AGC
       Capture your very own carbon by learning                                         with information about the lat-
                                                                                        est scientific thinking on the risks    1800 Green Party Women
            how to turn a tree into a beautiful,                                        posed by mobile phone masts             Women and men are welcome to
            comfortable and long lasting chair.                                         as well as specific advice on find-     attend this meeting of the organisa-
       Experience what really matters in life.                                          ing your way through the deeply         tion that aims to make links between
        Spend a week learning, working, talking,                                        undemocratic planning process           the party and women’s groups and
       eating, drinking, singing & sleeping in a                                        around new masts and upgrades to        organisations nationally and inter-
                                                                                        existing masts.                         nationally, to promote the women-
                  peaceful English woodland.                                                Sam Riches                          friendly policies and approach of
        To find out more, see                                                                             the party, and to work generally
     10% of any course bookings received from this advertisement will go towards the
     Green Party Person Power Fund. Please quote GP109
                                                                                                                                to promote women’s rights. Elec-

                                                                                     Monday 23
      tion of officers will be carried out   CI. At this fringe session, the draft                                           come; comments, suggestions and
      (              policy, complete with detailed cost-                                            other input is much appreciated.
          Natalie Bennett                    ings, will be presented, and will be                                                Richard Scrase, Green World
                                             open for discussion                     1200 Education DVP 2 of 2               Editorial Board
      1800 Monetary Reform Policy                Maria Iacovou                       A chance to look at and discuss the
      Working Group meeting                                                          Education Draft Voting Paper. 2. An     1200 How to beat the Tories
      The vital issue, now urgent: reform    1900 Democratic structures in the       examination and discussion of the       Tips and strategies for winning
      of money creation to resolve the       NHS - time for change                   Adult Education, Further Education,     ward campaigns where your main
      credit crunch and economic de-         With the abolition of Patient Fo-       Higher Education and Early Years        opponents are the Conservatives.
      pression. What essential reform        rums in April last year, LINks (Lo-     education sections of the Draft Vot-       Chris Haine, GPEx
      to push. How to get the message        cal Involvement Networks) were          ing Paper.
      out urgently to the wider party        supposed to be the next big thing           Rachel Fryer                        1300 North West regional
      membership to debate - and to the      in public involvement. But they                                                 meeting
      general public, in advance of the      are widely perceived as a failure.      1200 Modifying the Party name              Peter Cranie, North West GP
      party’s adoption of it                 Malcolm Alexander, Chair of the         To consider possibilities for a new
      1800 Transport Working Group           National Association of LINks Mem-      name that reflects the Party’s ob-      1300 National canvassing
      To discuss transport issues and par-   bers, addresses how to put public       jectives and does not make it sound     software
      ty campaigns on transport              involvement back at the heart of        simplistic or trendy (original synop-   Road test the new national canvass-
          Brian Leslie, Monetary Reform      the NHS.                                sis was 160 words, too long).           ing software and learn about the
      Policy Working Group                      Joseph Healy                             David Wyllie                        roll-out of the system across local
      1800 Transport Working Group           1900 Governamce best practice           1200 Rational belief and                    Chris Haine, GPEx
      To discuss transport issues and par-   We will have been working with          conspiracy
      ty campaigns on transport              the new leadership structure for six    What should we believe when con-        1300 Conference Committee
          Alan Francis, Transport Working    months by the time of conference        fronted by particularly inconclusive    Feedback Session
      Group                                  and GPEx want to start a discussion     debates in politics? When do we         Come and tell the outgoing and
                                             about what second order structural      have good rounds, or sufficient         incoming committee what you felt
      1900 Assimilation of the private       changes might be needed to ensure       evidence, to either uphold or reject    worked well at this conference and
      sector of education with public        we continue to practice Green lead-     conventional wisdom? Do conspira-       what could be improved on. Offers
      provision - a process                  ership - transparent, accountable       cy theories exist which, if only for    of help with organising future con-
         David Williams                      and empowering.                         pragmatic reasons, the Green Party      ferences always welcomed!
                                                GPEx                                 should not prioritise or campaign
      1900 Citizens Income: towards a                                                on?
      more detailed policy                1900 Why the race to be Britain’s              Shahrar Ali
      At the Spring Conference in 2008, a 4th party matters; beating the
      motion was passed mandating the BNP in target regions                          1200 Green World Editorial Board
      Green Party Economics Working           Peter Cranie,North West GP             An editorial board meeting, at
      Group to draw up a comprehensive                                               which readers of GW (the party’s
                  the implementation of
      policy for BIF_advert_final_new.pdf 1 28/01/2009 16:10                         membership magazine) are wel-









Panel Discussions

‘Economic inclusion: can the                bility and social justice at its heart.   Maternity Services Re-born
poor afford a green agenda?’                Growth in GDP no longer necessarily
                                            makes us richer in terms of our natu-     Sunday 22 March, 6pm
                                            ral resources and human wellbeing.        Some 60% of births should be “nor-
Friday 20 March, 6pm                        A transition towards a steady state       mal’, but in 25% of trusts less than
The current economic crisis will            economy would mean prioritising           a third are. Lack of continuity of
impact on everyone, but the poor-           well-being indicators over GDP, im-       care, a shortage of midwives and
est people are in the most vulner-          posing tough caps on climate emis-        beds contribute to high death rates
able position. This panel will explore      sions, redistributing wealth and          and threaten mothers’ and babies’
how we include people economically          promoting greater self sufficiency.       health. The NHS paid out £560m in
and how a green response to the eco-        Together with a green jobs revolu-        compensation in 2005-6, and half of
nomic crisis must also address pov-         tion in renewable energy and energy       that was related to obstetric cases.
erty and ensure poor people do not          efficiency, a steady state economy        About 11 million UK women have
bear the brunt of the crisis. It will in-   may provide the template for a 21st       suffered post-birth trauma.
clude the question of access to credit      century economic system fit for              There’s no doubt about it: NHS
and financial services, the role of         purpose.                                  maternity services in the UK are in
trade unions and credit unions, and                                                   crisis. We will hear from four experts
explore proposals from anti-poverty         Speakers:                                 in the field with differing opinions
organisations.                              Dan O’Neill, Director of European         as to what the possible solutions
                                            Operations at the Center for the          could be.
Speakers:                                   Advancement of the Steady State
Jean Lambert MEP (for London)               Economy (CASSE)                           Professor Wendy Savage
Peter Cranie - Number one Euro-             Molly Scott Cato, Green Party             Professor Wendy Savage is a distin-
candidate for the Northwest                 economics spokesperson and writer         guished gynaecologist and cham-
+ Speakers to be invited from credit        Nic Marks, Founder of nef: new            pion of women’s rights in childbirth
unions, trade unions and anti-pov-          economics foundation centre for           and fertility. She was the first wom-
erty movement.                              well-being                                an consultant to be appointed in Ob-
Chair: Romayne Phoenix                      Chair: Caroline Lucas MEP                 stretrics and Gynaecology in London.
                                                                                      She is the mother of four children.
                                                                                         She brings to her practice the
The Failure of the ‘Growth                  Energy Solutions for a Renew-             added value of empathy with the pa-
Economy’: towards new                       able Future                               tient, and holds a firm belief in pa-
economic solutions                                                                    tient involvement in decisions such
                                                                                      as the location of a delivery, whether
                                            Saturday 21 March, 6pm                    natural delivery should be pursued
Saturday 21 March, 12 noon                  Do you know how The Green Party           in the case of a breech presenta-
Caroline Lucas is bringing together         would meet its ambitious targets          tion, or whether a Caesarian section
three expert speakers for a panel dis-      for CO2 reductions? Do you know           should be carried out only in the last
cussion on alternative solutions for a      how the Green Party would manage          resort. She was an elected member
fairer and more sustainable econom-         to “keep the lights on” once all our      of the general medical council from
ic future. As the growth-obsessed           energy comes from variable renew-         1989-2005.
global economy implodes, taxpay-            able resources? Could you explain            Wendy has authored several
ers are left to pick up the bill from       the party’s policy of Tradable Carbon     books, including Caesarean Birth in
years of financial mismanagement            Quotas to your electorate?                Britain and Birth and Power: A Sav-
and government bailouts. Across the            * An informative and exciting in-      age Enquiry Revisted, and she has
world, people are rightly question-         troduction into the energy technolo-      published papers on a number of
ing the wisdom of returning to the          gies of the future.                       topics, including induced abortion,
destructive boom-bust economics of             * Listening to the industry – what     sexually transmitted disease, child-
old and are looking for alternative         are the current political barriers to     birth, and caesarean section.
economic solutions that recognise           renewable energy?
the failure of free market capital-            * Useful explanations of existing      Sarah Davies
ism to deliver widespread security or       party policy – essential knowledge        Sarah Davies is a Senior Lecturer in
prosperity for people or planet.            for all candidates.                       midwifery at the University of Sal-
   This panel aims to explore an in-           * A panel of energy experts ready      ford. Qualified for 26 years, she is a
novative model of economics which           to answer your questions.                 passionate believer that ‘small is
puts the environment, long term sta-                                                  beautiful’ in maternity care. Whilst

Young Greens
                                             Green Party Revue
                                             Sunday evening, Theatre Bar
Young Greens Fundraising Quiz
Come and support the Young Greens

                                             Bored by
by attending our Fundraising Quiz
on Sunday evening. Tickets are
available in advance from the Young
Greens stall or on the door at a cost of

£5. This will be a lively and sociable
event, a great way to wind down af-
ter a day of Conference. Prizes to be

Young Greens Saturday Night
Please come to the YG Campaigns
Fringe on Saturday at 19:00. On fin-
ishing the fringe the Young Greens
                                                                                    Tired of
will be heading off for a big night
out in Blackpool - wooo! If you can’t
make it to the fringe then we’ll be
                                                                                    the Tories?
meeting at reception at 20:00.
                                             This year, at the Green Party Spring Conference, we would
                                             like to host an outwardly focused revue. It’s your chance to
Young Greens Stall                           take a snipe at our political rivals. Perhaps it’s a limerick about
If you are hoping to link up with            Labour, or a BNP rap...
other YGs or want to find out about
what YG activities will be happening         If you have an idea for a sketch or a performance,
at Conference, then come to our stall
                                             please send your ideas, and what time you’d like to go on, to
which will be (wo)manned through-
out the weekend.                             Peter Cranie

working as a community midwife in          childbirth and is a passionate believ-   providing an integrated, responsive
Buxton, she was part of the success-       er in the need for change in mater-      and flexible service for any woman
ful campaign against the closure of        nity services. In 2004 she presented     who chooses it, free at the point of
the local maternity unit. Nowadays,        ‘The Truth about Childbirth’, a hard-    delivery.
as well as teaching students and car-      hitting documentary on the subject       Chair: Sarah Cope
rying a small clinical caseload, she       for Channel 4.
is currently exploring ways of ex-
panding caseload midwifery in the          Annie Francis,                           Air Rage: putting a brake on
NHS. She is also is involved in the        Independent Midwives UK                  aviation
campaign against the planned cen-          Annie has been a midwife for ten
tralisation of maternity hospitals in      years. She currently works in a busy
Greater Manchester. She is a member        midwifery practice in London, of-        Monday, 12 noon
of Keep Our NHS Public, the Associa-       fering home birth and continuity of      Aviation, and how we tackle it, is one
tion for Improvements in Maternity         care.                                    of the most hotly contested areas of
Services and the Association of Radi-         As a member of Independent Mid-       debate within the environmental
cal Midwives.                              wives UK, (formerly the IMA) which       movement. Campaigners from mass
                                           is a Social Enterprise organization,     grass roots movements up to mace
Rowan Pelling, writer and broadcaster      Annie has been working on the de-        swinging MPs have shown just how
Rowan Pelling is a respected writer        velopment of an alternative, sus-        passionately people feel about the
and broadcaster who is currently a         tainable model of care for midwives      growth of air travel.
columnist for The Daily Telegraph.         and women which could offer genu-           A diverse panel will discuss why
Formerly the ‘editrice’ of the Erotic      ine continuity and choice within the     we need to tackle the growth in avia-
Review, Rowan has written exten-           NHS. This model of care is a way of      tion and the range of tactics we should
sively on her own experiences of           broadening provision at a local level,   employ to get our message across.

About Blackpool & Fleetwood
Welcome to Blackpool, England’s largest and             very active and successful in the Lancaster part
most popular seaside resort. 200 years ago it           of the constituency, with 13 elected councillors.
was a hamlet of just 500 people, but it grew            However Fleetwood is quite a different place,
rapidly in the late 19th century after railways         and geographically very remote from Lancaster,
were built enabling workers from northern               being separated by a large rural area and the
mill towns to flock to the sea for holidays. Now        River Wyre. We have leafleted the whole town
a densely populated town of 150,000 people,             twice in the past year, but we have not done any
it attracts 10 million visitors each year - for         door-knocking there yet, so the planned ‘mass
holidays, shows, nightlife, conferences and the         canvass’ in Fleetwood on Sunday afternoon
famous illuminations (every autumn).                    will give our campaign there, and our candidate
   Blackpool’s 7 miles of seafront include sandy        Gina Dowding, a big boost.
beaches and a wide promenade, the iconic
Blackpool Tower, three piers, a ‘Golden Mile’ of        Councillor Emily Heath,
amusement arcades, and the Pleasure Beach               NW Green Party Co-ordinator
with rollercoaster rides. The Blackpool tramway,        & Conferences Committee member
one of the oldest electric tramways in the world,
runs for 11 miles up to Fleetwood.                      Local facilities
   Less visible to the casual visitor are the serious   The Winter Gardens is in the heart of Blackpool’s
social and economic problems that Blackpool             town centre, so all amenities are close by. There
shares with many other British seaside towns.           is an NHS walk-in centre on Talbot Road.
The area has high unemployment, very low
wages, and huge health inequalities, including          Transport
the second lowest life expectancy for men in            Rail: Blackpool North station is about 5 minutes
England and Wales, and high rates of teenage            walk from the Winter Gardens. For train times,
pregnancy.                                              tel: 08457 484950.
   The conference is a perfect opportunity              Trams & Buses: run by Metro Coastlines - see
for us to re-establish an active Green Party   Route maps and
group in the Blackpool area, and strengthen             timetables will be available at the conference
our activities in the nearby fishing port of            helpdesk, or phone Traveline on 0871 200 22 33.
Fleetwood. Lancaster & Fleetwood is the North           Taxis: 01253 293 222 or freephone 0800 137 226.
West’s target parliamentary constituency,               Cycling: Blackpool has recently been designated
newly created by boundary changes. Greens are           a Cycling Demonstration Town. It is very flat

and has a wide cycling-friendly promenade.
But you’ll need to bring your own bike as there
are no cycle hire facilities near the conference

It has to be said that Blackpool is not the most
interesting place to go shopping – being com-
prised mostly of chainstores. But for those who
like a recycled bargain, there are plenty of char-
ity shops, mainly on and around Talbot Road.
   There is a lively indoor market on Abingdon
Street which includes the tiny Utopia Whole-
foods. There is also a small Holland & Bar-
rett in the pedestrian precinct near the Grand

Food & drink                                            The Solaris Centre (a tram ride south along
Barista on Birley Street is an independent           the prom) is Blackpool’s flagship regeneration
coffee shop with probably the best coffee in         project – a formerly derelict solarium which was
Blackpool.                                           refurbished in 2004 incorporating renewable
Mochaccinos café on Cheapside serves speciality      energy and other sustainable design features. It
teas and coffees and Italian-style food.             is now a thriving centre for environmental busi-
West Coast Rock Cafe on Abingdon Street is an        nesses and education, run by Blackpool Council.
American-style diner serving Mexican and             It is open to the public (10am – 5pm, including
burgers, and often hosts live music and DJ’s in      weekends) and has a Fairtrade café, art gallery
the club above.                                      and an exhibition hall with information on re-
Septembers Champagne Bar & Restaurant on             cycling, cavity wall insulation, combined heat
Queen Street has a long-standing reputation as       and power units, domestic wind turbines and
one of the best places to eat in Blackpool.          solar water heating and ground source heat
The best Italian restaurant is probably La Piazza    pumps.
on Cedar Square.
For fantastic Indian food including amazing          Live Music
veggie options, Jali at the Carleton Hotel (on theThursday 7pm til late: Blackpool Balkanism –
seafront just north of the town centre) is highly community band and DJ playing Gypsy, Balkan
recommended.                                      and Eastern European Beats and Rhythms,
                                                  upstairs at Mojos Gurkha Bar, Back Church
Things to do in Blackpool                         Street. £2 entry.
The Tourist Info centre is opposite the Town Hall Friday 8pm til late: Jam Factory (a 20 piece
on the corner of Corporation Street. Attractions World Jazz Orchestra from Blackburn) playing
include a Sea-Life Centre, Waxworks Museum, at a night called ‘Raise the Galleon’, upstairs
Dr Who Monster Museum, and Superbowl.             at Mojo’s Gurkha Bar, Back Church Street. £2
  The nearest swimming pool (Moor Park Baths entry.
in Bispham) is a 20-minute bus ride away (no. Thurs 8pm, Fri 7.30pm & Sat 2pm & 7.30pm:
11). The 10-screen Odeon Cinema is on Rigby ‘Thriller Live’ at the Grand Theatre, showcasing
Road near Central Pier.                           Michael Jackson’s music and dance. Tickets from
                                                  £14.50 to £26.50
             Green Party Conference Booking Form: Autumn 2009
                Green Party Conference Booking Form: Autumn 2009
                                4 th to 4 th to Monday 7 th September 2009, Hove Town Hall,
                         Friday Friday Monday 7 th September 2009, Hove Town Hall, Hove.. Hove..

                                                              Bookings on or Friday 31 July
Conference starts 11am Friday Friday (registration opensBookings on or before before Friday 31st July
      Conference starts 11am (registration opens
at 10am) 10am) and finishes at 4pm Monday.
      at and finishes at 4pm Monday.                    February
                                                              Income Fri/Mon Sat/Sun
                                                        Income guide guide Fri/Mon Sat/Sun
                                                   per annumannum day day day All 4 days 4 days
                                                         per      per   per per    per day All
BOOK BOOK FOR 25% DISCOUNT ON FEES. FEES.          under under
                                                         £10,000 £7.50 £7.50 £9.50 £9.50£30.00 £30.00
       Name/s 1: _____ _____ ___________
Name/s 1:                ___________
                                                   £10-15,000                £14.00 £14.00
                                                                  £11.00 £11.00
                                                         £10-15,000                     £46.00 £46.00
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                                                   £20-25,000                £25.50 £25.50
                                                                  £20.00 £20.00
                                                         £20-25,000                     £81.00 £81.00
Local Party: ____________________________
       Local Party: ____________________________
                                                   £25-30,000                £30.00 £30.00
                                                                  £24.00 £24.00
                                                         £25-30,000                     £97.50 £97.50
       Address:____________________________________£30-40,000                £38.00 £38.00
                                                                  £30.00 £30.00
                                                         £30-40,000                    £121.50£121.50
____ ____                __________                £40-50,000                £48.00 £48.00
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                                                                  £51.00 £51.00        £203.00£203.00
      Telephone                                                                   Fees Payable door
                                                                          Fees Payable on the on the door
                                                             Income guide guide Fri/Mon Sat/Sun
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E-mail E-mail
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Please provide an email address - whenever possible
        Please provide an email address - whenever possible under under
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this will be will only form ofform of communication used to £10,000
                                                                     £10,000 £10.00 £10.00   £12.50 £12.50£40.50 £40.50
cut down on paper use. use.
        cut down on paper                                    £10-15,000                      £19.00 £19.00
                                                                                 £15.00 £15.00            £61.50 £61.50
Conference Fees Fees                                         £15-20,000
                                                                     £15-20,000              £26.50 £26.50
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Please tick thetick the days you want to book                £20-25,000
                                                                     £20-25,000              £34.00 £34.00
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        Please days you want to book
Friday 4th ____Saturday 5 _______
        Friday 4th ____Saturday 5th _______                  £25-30,000
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SundaySunday 6 _______Monday 7 _______
                   th           th      th                   £30-40,000
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Crash Space Space
        Crash                                                £50,000+£50,000+ £68.00 £68.00              £270.00
                                                                                             £84.50 £84.50      £270.00
We are We are not yet able to confirm this, but if you would
         not yet able to confirm this, but if you would                                     July will be
                                                             *Bookings received after 31after 31st July will be
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like to bookto book floor-space tick here tohere to receive
              floor-space please please tick receive         processed at the higher rate. Bookings received
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                                                                     conference registration
CrecheCreche                                                    Fees total total               £
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Free crèche space for members is being organised.
       Free crèche space for members is being organised.        Donation                       £
                                                                       Donation                       £
       Please Leila Kiersch before before 31st July in
Please contactcontact Leila Kiersch 31st July to bookto book in Total amount
                                                                       Total amount £          £
       your children. (contact below.)
your children. (contact details details below.)
                                                                       Cheques / P.O. payable Green Party. Party.
                                                                Cheques / P.O. payable to The to The Party Party
       Accommodation                                                   send your completed form form
                                                                Please Please send your completedand and
      Conference accommodation booked
Conference accommodation can becan be booked                        payment to: John Clover Events,
                                                              payment to: John Street,Street, Clover Events,
onlineonline at: https://www.conferencebookings.
       at: xxxx xxxx                                          82 Babbacombe Rd, Bromley, BR1 3LS. 3LS.
                                                                    82 Babbacombe Rd, Bromley, BR1

                                                                      For booking queries, John Street
                                                              For booking queries, contactcontact John Street
                                                                      (, 8460 1078).
                                                              (, tel: 020 tel: 020 8460 1078).
                                                                      For stall bookings, Leila Kiersch
                                                              For stall bookings, contactcontact Leila Kiersch
                                                              (, tel: 01974 261340).
                                                                      (, tel: 01974 261340).
                                                                   other other queries, Sue Luxton:
                                                              For other queries, contactcontact Sue Luxton:
                                                                      For other
                                                            , 8690 0658.
                                                    , tel: 020 tel: 020 8690 0658.

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