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                                                                                           Volume VI, Issue VIII
                                                                                               March 2011

                        Cougar Tales                                                   Inside this issue:

                                                                                            Palmetto           1
                                                                                            Spring      1
    CES: Palmetto Silver Award Recipient                                                    Performance

                                                                                            Spotlight          1
                           Cowpens Elementary School is the proud                           on Art
                           recipient of the Palmetto Silver Award for our
                           2010 PASS growth rate. The Palmetto Gold                         Terrific Kids      2
                           and Palmetto Silver awards program began in
                           1998 as part of the Education Accountability                     Battle of the      2
                           Act. Award criteria are based on the absolute
                           and improvement ratings assigned to each                         Honor Roll         3
                           school. These ratings are determined by PASS
                           scores for elementary and middle schools.
                           The awards program was created to                                Counselor’s        4
                           recognize schools that attained high levels of
                           absolute performance, high rates of growth,
                                                                                            Need Sleep? 4
                           and substantial progress in closing
achievement gaps between groups of students.
                                                                                            April              5
            Spring Performances Were a Hit!                                                 Calendar

          Our guests were treated to an evening of music and song
          by our second and third grade students. Under the
          direction of Mrs. Ethington, second grade students
          performed the “Clean-up Kids” and third grade students
          entertained us with SC songs. Mrs. Sawyer provided the
          scenery for the show.
        Bus Driver                                                                         3/28/11 - 4/1/11
     Appreciation Week                          SPOTLIGHT ON ART                            Spring Break
               Bus Driver Appreciation       Youth Art Month was celebrated with a
               Week is April 4-8, 2011.      reception at the Chapman Cultural
               Please let our bus drivers    Center on March 10, 2011. Congratula-
               know that we appreciate       tions to Annabelle Saar, Taylor Bishop,
all that they do each day to get our         Shelby Withrow, and Rita Pogarelova
students safely to and from school.          who had work on display for this event.

 Page 1                                                                                         Cougar Tales
                TERRIFIC KIDS FOR MARCH                                             We are a Title I School and we
                                                                                    welcome your input.
 Lance Fowler                  Laine Davis                    Mackenlee Martin      Por favor solicite que le traduzcan
 Abby Revels                   Peyton Sparks                  Kathya Morales        esta información tan pronto como sea
 Owen Wooten                   Justin Martinez                Morgan Odom           posible. Muchas gracias.
 Whitney Hoover                Amanda Cartee                  Megan Chance          Пожалуйста переведите эту
 Kansas Ledford                Will Petree                                          информацию для Вас как можно
 Colton Gant                   Christian Lee                                        скорее. Спасибо.
 Kylie Owens                   Evie Cutting                                         Thov muab tsab ntawv qhia no txhais
                               Emily Bishop                                         rau koj sai li sai tau. Ua tsaug.

           Statement of
         Equal Opportunity                                               BATTLE OF THE BOOKS
Spartanburg School District Three does not discriminate on the         On Tuesday, March 1, our district Battle
basis of race, sex, color, religion, national origin, age, handicap
or veteran status in providing employment or educational               of the Books took place at the District
opportunities and benefits in compliance with Title VI and VII of      Three Community Auditorium. Our team of
the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education                eight eager 5th grade students competed
Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of
1973, the employment provisions (Title D) of the Americans             against teams from Clifdale, Cannons and
With Disabilities Act of 1990, and all other applicable civil rights   Pacolet Elementary Schools. The students
laws. Any person having inquiries or complaints concerning
Spartanburg County School District Three's compliance with
                                                                       answered questions about 10 non-fiction
implementing Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of     and fiction books that represented a wide
the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the                   range of interests and were drawn from
Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans With Disabilities Act
of 1990, or other civil rights laws should contact the Director of
                                                                       among Newberry Award winners, SC
Personnel and Pupil Services, Rodney Goode, 3535 Clifton               Children’s Book Award recipients and titles
Glendale Rd., Glendale, SC 29346, 864-279-6000 (T),                    that correlated to the elementary school
864-279-6010 (F).
                                                                       social studies curriculum. The CES team
          Order Your Yearbook                                          members are Anna Marie Fowler, Emily
                                                                       Simpson, Dylan Threadgill, Bailey Millwood,
                                                                       Morgan Odom, and Megan Chance. Faith
                  Make sure that you order a                           Emory and Noah Goodwin
                  copy of the Cowpens                                  served as alternates. The
                  Elementary School 2010-                              team really made Cowpens
                  2011 hardcover yearbook.                             Elementary School shine.
                                                                       This is the 3rd consecutive
                  Everyone that had their fall
                                                                       year that CES has won
                  picture made will have
                                                                       this challenge!
their picture in the book. All clubs and
groups will also have their pictures included.                         4K/5K Reminder: If you have registered
Don’t miss out! Order now! Yearbooks are                               your child for 4K or 5K in 2010-2011, please
                                                                       be sure all paperwork and documentation
$19.00 per copy and will arrive in May. You                            is provided/completed as soon as possible
may send your money along with your                                    in order to proceed with testing and
yearbook form to the office to reserve your                            scheduling for next year. If you have not
copy. Please make checks payable to:                                   begun registration paperwork, please
                                                                       come by the office.
Cowpens Elementary School.
                                                                                                              Cougar Tales
       Page 2
                   PRINCIPAL’S HONOR ROLL AND

   Principal’s Honor Roll       Principal’s Honor Roll                   Honor Roll
Anna Marie Fowler           Ruslan Lirskiy               Hunter Patterson
Annabelle Saar              Sarah Woodfin                Jared Stone
Avery Lane                  Summer Baxter                Jenna Steffee
Bailey Millwood             Sydra Hade                   Johnathan Kelley
Brandon McKinney            Tara Pucetas                 Jonathan Teague
Brayden Vassy                                            Jordan Crocker
Brianna Corrales                                         Kaitlyn Parker
Bryson Carroll                             Honor Roll    Kathya Morales
Carson Sparks               Aleisha McClain              Keonta O’Fair
Cassie Corrales             Alex Thornton                KC Petty
Chase Hunter                Angel Kotewa -Locke          Liliana Valenzuela
Chelsea Cash                Anna Coggins                 Lindsey Womick
Daniel Chadwick             Anna Simpson                 Lydia Wright
Diana Farr                  Anthony Gentry               Lyndsay Weathers
Dylan Threadgill            Arthur Perry                 Madison McCraw
Eason Atkins                Ashton Threatt               Margarita Pogarelova
Emily Owen                  Austin Smalley               Melissa Moss
Emily Simpson               Blaise Cooke                 Noah Martin
Esmeralda Saldana           Brandon Parker               Olivia Jones
Faith Emory                 Brianna Vazquez              Sarahy Garcia-Nava
Gabriela Holloman           Brianna West                 Silas Wooten
Grayson Jolly               Brittany Peeler              Taylor Bishop
Hunter Ledford              Brittany Willis              Taylor Parrish
Jamie Mejia                 Bryan Cash                   Taylor Price
Jessica Sparks              Caitlyn Woodfill             Tommy Rosborough
Jody Towe                   Carolina Aguilar-Castillo    Tres Hatchell
John -Mark Pettit           Casey Quinn                  Tyler Smith
Joselin Martinez            Christian Lee                Yasmin Hassan
Kaley Macom                 Connor Bridges
Kyleigh Moore               Daniel Huichapa
Lilyann Kanipe              Dylan Parker
Logan Price                 Emily Bishop
Mabree Andrus               Evie Cutting
Mackenlee Martin            Gracie Mintz
Madelyn Rountree            Haley Pruitt
Megan Chance                Hannah Arrowood
Morgan Odom                 Hannah Kirby
Noah Goodwin

                                                                                      Cougar Tales
                            Page 3
In the next few weeks, I will begin covering safety and stranger danger with my students. We need to help
children learn how to protect themselves from people who might cause them danger. I am providing you with
some ways you can help children be safe and avoid dangerous situations. I encourage you to discuss these with
your child.
   1.     Define for your child who is a “stranger”. Strangers are people you don’t know well. Even if they may
          seem nice, some of them may try to trick you and harm you. Rehearse possible “stranger” situations
          with your child so he or she will know how to say “No”, should the real situation ever occur. Tell your
          children to never talk to strangers, never let a stranger get too close, never take candy from a
          stranger, a present, a ride or anything else. Never tell a stranger your name or address. Never go with
          a stranger to find a lost puppy. Never go into deserted places alone, always try to walk with a friend or
          grown-up. Lastly, if a stranger grabs you, yell as loud as you can for help.
   2.     Never leave small children home alone or unattended in a car or in public. But, if your child is old
          enough to be left alone, tell him/her to never open the door to anyone knocking or ringing the doorbell
          and never tell anyone calling on the phone that you are home alone.
   3.     Be sure your child knows his or her name, address, city, state and phone number (including area code).
          Show him or her how to dial 911 or provide the number for emergencies in your area.
   4.     If your child is old enough to visit friends on his or her own, be sure that you tell him or her to let you
          know WHERE they are going, WHO they are playing with and WHEN they will return.
   5.     Stay involved in with your child’s life. The more actively you participate in what your child does, the
          better chance he or she will have of avoiding strangers, as well as drugs or other dangerous situations.
   As always, if I can be of any help to you or your child, please feel free to contact me at 279-6307 or by
   email at abella@spartanburg3.org.

                                WHY DO I NEED SLEEP???

                 Every creature needs to rest, even animals. Just like eating, sleep is necessary
                 for survival. Sleep gives your body a rest and allows it to prepare for the next
                 day. It's like giving your body a mini-vacation. Sleep also gives your brain a
chance to sort things out. Sleep may be the time when the brain sorts and stores information,
replaces chemicals, and solves problems. How much sleep do I need? Most children between
the ages of 5 and 12 years old need 10 to 11 hours of sleep. Some might need more and some
need less. It depends on the child. Skipping one night's sleep makes a person cranky and
clumsy. After missing two nights of sleep, a person will have problems thinking and doing things;
his or her brain and body can't do their normal tasks nearly as well. Eventually, it
becomes impossible for the brain to give directions to the rest of the body without
sleep. The brain needs to spend time in bed and catch its ZZZs!

                                                                                                           Cougar Tales
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                                        APRIL 2011
 Sun                Mon                 Tue          Wed               Thu              Fri             Sat
                                                                                        1               2

                    Spring Break                                                        Spring Break
                    Week                                                                Week

 3                  4 REACH             5            6                 7                8               9
                    Resumes             Career Day
                    Bus Driver
                                                     5th Grade to      5th Grade to
                                                     Charleston        Charleston
                    Appreciation Week

 10                 11                  12           13                14               15              16
                    MAP                 REACH        Volunteer
                    Testing Begins,     Ends         Coffee Drop-In,
                    Grades 2-5                       7:30-8:30 AM

 17                 18                  19           20                21               22              23

 24                 2                   26           27                28               29              30
                    Administrative                   Administrative                     MAP
                    Professional’s                   Professional’s
                    Week                             Day                                Testing Ends,
                                                     Bruster’s                          Grades 2-5

     Cowpens Elementary
           School                                                                     Children Enjoying Success!
     341 Foster Street
     Cowpens, SC 29330
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     Phone: 864-279-6300                                                        www.cowpens.spartanburg3.org
     Fax: 864-279-6310
     E-mail: csnead@spartanburg3.org

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