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Now what - Pack 1 Cub Scouts


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    My Son Is A Cub Scout! 
          Now what? 
    A Parent’s Guide to Pack 1 
                        elcome to Cub Scout Pack One, building 
                        character in boys since 1974.   We are so glad you have chosen to 
                        explore the world of scouting through our pack.  You and your son 
                        will be glad you did!  We have an exciting program of learning and 
                        fun in store for you. 

This guide will provide you with an introduction to Cub Scouts and our pack.  If you have 
any questions, please ask one of your pack leaders. 

Pack 1 is a part of the Vulcan district in the Greater Alabama Council of the Boy Scouts of 
America.  Our Council is one of the finest in the nation with a number of activities and 

Pack 1 is a Quality Unit Pack, proud of our monthly activities, regular advancement and 
recognition for Cub Scouts and parent volunteers.  Our charter organization is Vestavia Hills 
United Methodist Church and we are run by a pack committee made of parents and 

In this pack you will find information about Scouting including: 

   • 1st Pack Meeting Reminder – Your first pack meeting will be Tuesday, September 7th 
     at 6:30PM.  You can put this flyer on your refrigerator as a reminder. 
   • Atlanta Rocks Overnighter – Pack 1 is hosting an overnight adventure at an indoor 
     rock climbing facility in Atlanta called Atlanta rocks.  Please consider attending this 
     event, registration is this Sunday, August 22nd. 
   • Baron’s Scout Night – The Birmingham Barons are hosting Scout Family Night at 
     Regions Park.  Registration is Thursday, August 19th. 
   • Pack 1 Events Calendar – This is a list of the large Pack 1, District and Council events 
     for you to put on your calendar.  Events may change slightly, but you will be notified 
     if that occurs. 
   • Uniform Guide – The Cub Scout uniform is an important part of scouting.  This page 
     helps guide you through what’s needed. 
   • Youth Protection Policy – Boy Scouts of America takes youth safety very seriously.  
     All adult leaders in Pack 1 must have completed Youth Protection Training.  All 
     parents are welcome to take this free online training also. 
   • Cub Scout Leader Training – All Pack 1 leaders are required to complete some 
     specific training for their position.  This helps them be more confident and prepared 
     to lead the scouts.  Classroom training is offered October 2nd. 
   • Cub Scout Chatter – This page gives a brief summary of the District and Council 
     events planned.  More information will be available on the website 
     www.cubscoutpackone.com . 
   • Pack One Newsletter – The newsletter gives a sense of what the pack does and is 
Your 1  Pack Meeting 
Tuesday, Sept 7 , 6:30PM 
The First Pack Meeting is…                          Your den leaders will be…. 
Tuesday, September 7th at 6:30PM at Vestavia        …contacting you about den meetings and 
Hills United Methodist Church in Tyson Hall.  If    answering any questions you might have.  If 
you are able to get a uniform by then that          you have any questions in the meantime, 
would be great.                                     please contact  Danny McHale  (317‐5355) or 
                                                    Trey Brooks (862‐7297). 
Saturday, A
S t d             st
            August 28th P k 1 checks into Atlanta
                          Pack h k i t Atl t
Rocks! for an overnighter. Spend the night at the South’s
premier indoor rock climbing facility. Never climbed
before? No problem. Staff will be on hand teaching
everyone how to belay and climb in a safe and controlled
environment. Check in is at 7:30PM. Cost is $30 per
climber*. Registration must be received by August 22nd.
* Those attending who will not climb still need to register, but there is no cost

            Spend the day in Atlanta
                 with your family
            Check in is at 7:30PM, so
            explore Atlanta on your own.
            Coordinate with your family
            or Den and choose the
            activity that interests you!
            Check out these suggestions!
              Underground Atlanta

                  These are all 
                   10 minutes 
                   10 minutes
                   away from 
                  Atlanta Rocks 
                   and within 
                   distance of 
                   each other

For a list of 50 Fun Things to Do in Atlanta Visit
           AT REGIONS PARK!

                 Friday,         20, 2010
                 Friday, August 20, 2010
         Birmingham Barons vs. Huntsville Stars
         Gates open at 6:00 -- Game begins at 7:05

•     Boy Scouts will “Present the Colors”!
•     A representative for the Boy Scouts will throw out a first pitch!
•     The Scouts will receive a welcome over the PA system and on the
      Message Board!
•     Meet the Barons’ mascots Babe Ruff and Lillie Mays!
•     Boy Scout participation in on-field contests!

                          GRAND SLAM PACKAGE
    Each person receives a General Admission ticket, a hot dog and a 20 oz.
                             Only $9 per ticket!

                           HOME RUN PACKAGE
               Each person receives a General Admission ticket.
                             Only $6 per ticket!

For tickets, call Brad Hudson (205) 988-3200 ext. 20 or stop by the Barons’ offices
 PURCHASED BY THURSDAY, AUGUST 19. (Late orders will be given the $6 option)
              All Scouts are asked to wear their uniforms to the game.
                        Pack 1 Events Calendar
                        August 2010 - May 2011
August 2010
Saturday, August 14       Pack Pool Party
Monday, August 16         VHEW Uniform Day
Tuesday, August 17        School Night for Scouting
Friday, August 20         Scout Night with the Barons*
Saturday, August 28-29    Atlanta Rocks! Overnighter

September 2010
Tuesday, September 7      FIRST PACK MEETING AT VHUMC
Tuesday, September 7      Popcorn Sale Starts
Friday, September 10      Fun Night at VHUMC Lighthouse, Parent Orientation
Saturday, September 18    Fishing Rodeo at Oak Mountain*
Saturday, September 25    Vulcan District Scout Expo*

October 2010
Saturday, October 2       Cub Scout Leader Training*
Sunday,October 3          Tiger Safari*
Fri-Sun, October 9-11     Pack Fall Campout at Tannehill State Park

November 2010
Tuesday, November 5       Turn in Popcorn Orders
Saturday, November 7      Cubmobile Derby*

December 2010
Tuesday, December 7       Pack Meeting and Christmas Party

January 2011
Sat-Sun, January 8-9      Pack Winter Overnighter – To Be Determined
Saturday, January 22      Pinewood Derby Workshop

February 2011
Saturday, February 5      Pack Pinewood Derby
Thursday, February 15     Blue & Gold Banquet
Fri-Sun, February 18-20   District Camporee*
Saturday, February 26     District Pinewood Derby*

March 2011
Tuesday, March 1          Crossover to Boy Scouts
Fri-Sun, March 4-6        Cubs Down Under Camp*

May 2011
Sunday, May 1             Pack Picnic and Scout Promotion Ceremony
Saturday, May 8           Council Pinewood Derby
Friday, May 14            Fun Night at VHUMC Lighthouse

Monthly Pack Meetings are the 1st Tuesday at 6:30PM
Monthly Pack Parent Meetings are the 2nd Thursday at 7:00PM
                                    *Estimated Date for District or Council Sponsored Activity
The Cub Scout Uniform
                                                                     Uniforms are an
                                                             important part of the Cub
                                                             Scout experience. They
                                                             show others that we are
                                                             proud to be part of a
                                                             worldwide       organization
                                                             that has helped develop
                                                             boys into good leaders for
                                                             many years. Here are a few
                                                             tips for parents about what
                                                             the well dressed Cub Scout
                                                                     The hat, shirt, and
                                                             neckerchief are the most
                                                             visible aspect of the Cub
Scout uniform. The distinctive blue color makes Cub Scouts stand out as someone
special. The patches on the uniform identify the unit or group the boy belongs to as well
as his personal accomplishments or achievements like rank awards and arrow points.
These awards are sewn onto the shirt.

       Cub Scouts can usually get three years of wear from a Cub Scout Shirt. This is
important as your son will be wearing his uniform to all Cub Scout Den Meetings, Pack
Meetings and activities unless the Class B uniform is designated (Pack T-Shirt is worn to
clean ups and some Summertime activities).

The official Cub Scout blue trousers or shorts are
another distinctive part of the Cub Scout uniform.
Worn with the official Cub Scout belt, socks
complete the uniform. (Note, Cub Scout belt loops
fit only the Cub Scout Web Belt.)

                   Description                           Price
    Cub Scout Shirt & Insignia                          $34.16
    Rank Specific Cub Scout Cap                          12.99
    Cub Scout Web Belt                                    7.99
    Cub Scout Switchback2 TM Pants                       16.99
    Cub Scout Ankle Socks                                  5.99
    Rank Specific Neckerchief Slide                       Free*
    Rank Specific Neckerchief                             Free*
    Rank Specific Scout Handbook                          Free*
    Class-B Uniform (Pack T-Shirt)                        Free*

Cub Scout uniforms and other great merchandise can be purchased at the Birmingham
Scout Shop located at 516 Liberty Parkway, just off Exit 23 on I-459. Normal hours are
9-5 Monday through Friday and 10-2 on Saturday. (In September they are open till 6!)
Just tell them you are in Pack 1, Den ____, and your son’s grade/rank and they can take
care of you from there.

* Pack 1 provides these items for their members. Included in Annual Dues
Important Changes to the Boy Scouts of America’s
Youth Protection Training Policies

Youth safety is the No. 1 concern of the BSA.

To increase awareness of this societal problem and to create even greater barriers to abuse than already exist
today in Scouting, the Boy Scouts of America is implementing several important changes to further enhance its
Youth Protection policies:

Effective June 1, 2010:

    Youth Protection Training is required for all registered volunteers.

    New leaders are required to take Youth Protection Training before they submit their application
    for registration. The certificate of completion for this training must be submitted at the time
    application is made and before volunteer service with youth begins.

    Youth Protection Training must be taken every two years. If a volunteer’s Youth Protection
    Training record is not current at the time of recharter, the volunteer will not be reregistered.

To ensure these policies are fully implemented, please take the following steps:

    If you have not taken Youth Protection Training within the past two
    years, please log on to MyScouting and take the training. Be sure to
    have your member ID number. The number can be found on your Boy
    Scouts of America membership card.
    If you do not know your member ID number, contact your unit leader
    or committee chairman. Your council can also assist you.
    If you have taken Youth Protection Training online but did not input
    your member ID number, please log back on to the Training section of
    MyScouting and input your member ID so the training will be linked
    with your records.
    If you have taken Youth Protection Training within the past two years but did not take the course online, log
    on to MyScouting to ensure your records are up to date, or contact your council and have them verify that
    your Youth Protection Training records are accurate.
    Finally, please share these important changes with other Scouters.

Youth Protection Training is available online at http://www.scouting.org/Training/YouthProtection.aspx.

To find out more about the Youth Protection policies of the Boy Scouts of America and how to help Scouting keep
your family safe, see the information available in any of the Cub Scouting or Boy Scouting handbooks, or go to

Thank you for your commitment to our nation’s young people and to Scouting.


James Terry
Assistant Chief Scout Executive
                                                          CUB SCOUT CHATTER
                                                      2010 – 2011 Greater Alabama Council
                                                       Cub Scout Activities and Programs
                                               Registration forms for these events and activities are or will be
                                                  available at www.1bsa.org, Council Scout Service Center
                                       or Digital Eagle—To sign up for the Digital Eagle, visit our website at www.1bsa.org

Cub Fishing Rodeos                                                        Tiger Cub Safari
                                                                          Held at the Birmingham Zoo on Sunday,
A day-long fishing rodeo for Cubs,                                        October 3, 2010 from 2:00-5:00. For all
adults, and other family members.                                         Cub Scouts and family members. Cubs will
Held in September in locations                                            make crafts, have a special zoo tour, get a
throughout the Council and is                                             special commemorative patch, meet wildlife
typically the first Cub experience of                                     experts and have a roaring good time.
the new school year. Lunch provided and patch
and prize for all Cubs. Trophies to the top 3
winners in all ranks.                                               Scout Day at Talladega Raceway
                                                                    Scout Day at Talladega Superspeedway,
                                                                    Saturday, October 30, 2010. Wear your
 Cub Haunted Weekend                                                Scout uniform or bring your membership
                   Held at Camps Comer,                             card and get in free.
                   Sequoyah, and Westmoreland                       AND Scout Day at Talladega Raceway scheduled
                   every October. An overnight                      for April 2011
                   family camping experience
                   focusing on fun and excitement                                          Cubs Down Under
                   with games, shooting sports,                           A two-night activity for Cubs and family
 hayrides, and other fun events. This is the largest                      members at Camp Comer March 4 - 6 or 18-20
 attended activity in our Council.                                        featuring outdoor skills, crafts, cooking, canoeing,
                                                                          and shooting sports. Weather permitting the water
Cub Scout Day Camp                                                        slide will be open. Come join the fun with an Austra-
                                                                          lian flair, mate.
Day camps are held across the Council in June and
July in each district to promote fun, growth, character,
knowledge, and advancement opportunities. Cubs                                                         Scout Night With The Barons
make crafts, participate in shooting sports, make new                      Cubs, Scouts and their families can at-
friends, play games, and learn new skills.                                 tend a Birmingham Barons game in
The highlight of the Cub year.                                             May and camp on the field at Regions
                                                                           Park afterwards. There is also a
                                                                           game-only event in August 2010.
                                 Webelos Resident Camp                     These are fun events that are good time
     A four-day, three-night camping experience at Camp                    for the entire family. Dates depend on
    Comer July 18-21, 2011. Focuses on outdoor skills and                  the Barons schedule.
    experiences and gives Webelos a taste of long-term
    camping and what to look forward to as a Boy Scout.
    Open to all Webelos I and Webelos II. Sign up early.
                                                                             Council Pinewood Derby
                                                                             By invitation only for the top three winners by rank in
                          Your District                                      the District Pinewood Derbies. Tentatively scheduled
In addition to these great activities your district offers many fun and      for May 7, 2011. Trophies to be awarded for 1st-3rd
exciting events for the entire family. For more information on local         places in Tigers, Cubs (Wolves and Bears) and
events you can attend monthly Roundtables, subscribe to the
                                                                             Webelos as well as Best in Show category.
Digital Eagle or check with your District Executive.

                                                   For more information, please contact:
              Jeff Brasher—Program and Marketing Director / Cub Scouting and Special Events jbrasher@1bsa.org
                            Vince Lambert - Program Director / Camping and High Adventure vlambert@1bsa.org
   Pack Meetings Held the 1  Tuesday of the Month at our Charter Organization, Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church 
Volume I Issue 2                              www.cubscoutpackone.com                                         August 2010 

    Webelos  Attend Encampment                                                              Pack 1 Rocks Atlanta! 
                                                                                                                     Saturday,  August  28th 
                                                                                                                     Pack  1  checks  into 
                                                                                                                     Atlanta  Rocks!  for  an 
                                                                                                                     overnighter.  Spend the 
                                                                                                                     night  at  the  South’s 
                                                                                                                     premier  indoor  rock 
                                                                                                                     climbing facility.  Never 
                                                                                                                     climbed  before?    No 
                                                                                                                     problem.    Staff  will  be 
                                                                                                                     on  hand  teaching 
                                                                                                                     everyone  how  to  belay 
                                                                                                                     and climb in a safe and 
         Webelos check in at Camp Comer July 11th     environment.  Cost  is  $30  per  climber.    Non‐Climbers  still 
The  Greater  Alabama  Council  held  its  Inaugural  need  to  register,  but  there  is  no  cost.  Registration  must  be 
Webelos Encampment at Camp Comer in July.  This  received by August 15th. 
is the first cub scout resident camp to be offered in 
                                                                           Check  in  is  at  7:30PM,  so  explore  Atlanta  on  your  own.  
many years.  The Webelos I’s from Den 4 attended  
                                                                           Coordinate  with  your  family  or  Den  and  do  something  fun 
                          this  four  day  camping                         that day: go see the Braves play the Marlins, stop by Six Flags 
                          experience  learning  what                       on  the  way  or  shop  till  you  drop  at  one  of  Atlanta’s  malls.  
                          it’s  like  to  be  at  boy  scout               Explore  Buckhead’s  Georgia  Aquarium,  World  of  Coke  or 
                          camp and what Webelos do                         Underground Atlanta. 
                          differently  from  other  cub                     

                          scouts.                                          For more info visit www.cubscoutpackone.com today! 
                           Continued on page 2                                                                                                      
                                                                               Invite your 
     Upcoming Events Calendar                                                  best friend 
     •   Aug 12th            1st Day of Vestavia Schools 
     •   Aug 14th            Back to School Swim Party                           to be a 
     •         th
         Aug 16             Uniform Day at VHEW 
     •   Aug 17th            School Night for Scouting 
                                                                               Scout with 
     •   Aug 17th            VHEC Fall Pictures Day                               you! 
     •         th
         Aug 19              VHEW Parent Orientation                       Every  member  of  Pack  1  is  challenged  to  personally 
     •   Aug 28th‐29th   Atlanta Rocks Overnighter                         invite two friends to come to School Night for Scouting 
                                                                           at VHEW’s cafeteria on Tuesday, August 20th at 6:30PM. 
August 2010                                                            www.cubscoutpackone.com                                               Page 1 of 6 
                                                                                                                        Boy Scouts for  high 
    Webelos Attend Encampment                                                                                           powered            rifle 
 Continued from page 1                                                                                                  shooting,  this  range 
                                                                                                                        is  also  used  for  air 
Sunday started with a swim test where all of Pack 
                                                                                                                        rifle BB shooting.   
1’s  Webelos  passed  the  BSA  swimmer  test.    This                                                               
and  all  the  other  aquatic  activities  during  camp                 (The Shotgun range next door is cool also.  Just wait until 
earned  the  boys  their  Aquanaut  Activity  Pin.                      you  become  a  Boy  Scout!)    The  range  is  one  difference 
Webelos Activity Pins are similar to Boy Scout Merit                    this camp has.  A permanent enclosure gave the boys the 
Badges.                                                                 ability  to  learn  to  shoot  from  a  bench  rest  and  increase 

                                                                                             A Webelos lines up his shot on Camp  
                                                                                                  Comer’s BB Gun Range. 
                                                                        Catch up with one of the boys that attended the inaugural 
                                                                        Webelos  Encampment  and  ask  him  what  he  enjoyed  the 
                                                                        most.    Especially  ask  him  about  the  weather  rock  and 
                                                                        morning assembly. 
                                                                                        Day and Twilight Camp 
        Den 4 dressed for dinner and the campfire  
                  on Tuesday evening.                                                    Big Hit in the Heat! 
                                                                                                   Braving high temperatures at  
Nearly  200  Webelos  and  Scouters  were  in                                                      Oak Mtn State Park, 28% of  
attendance at the camp.  The boys worked on their                                                  Pack 1 boys attended Vulcan 
Engineering,  Athlete,  Showman  and  Outdoorsman                                                  District’s day camp.  These boys
pins  also.    Multiple  belt  loops  were  earned,                                                and their fearless parents as 
including  some  that  can  only  be  earned  at  an                                               volunteers spent a week with 
official  Greater Alabama  Council event.    Much  like                  ‐
                                                                                                   others having fun and working
day camp the boys tried their hand at Archery and                       on achievements. Day campers went swimming each day, 
BB Gun Shooting.                                                        spent some time learning about nature, shooting BB‐Guns 
                                                                        or  Archery,  playing  field  sports  and  making  some  crafts.  
Camp  Comer  is  one  of  the  Greater  Alabama                         They all earned quite a few belt loops and started working 
Council’s  camps.  Of  its  many  amenities,  this  great               on new achievements. 
camp facility has a permanent rife range.  Used by 

August 2010                                                           www.cubscoutpackone.com                                                Page 2 of 6 
          Emblem of the Month                                                          Youth Protection Training 
                                                                                 June  1st,  2010  marked  the  beginning  of  the 
"A  Scout  is  reverent." 
All  Scouts  show  this  by                                                      requirement  that  any  adult  who  registers  with  the 
being  faithful  in  their                                                       BSA must present proof that they have taken Youth 
duty  to  God.  Some  go                                                         Protection  Training.     The  BSA  places  the  greatest 
further and give special  
                                                                                 importance  on  creating  the  most  secure 
service.    The  Cub  Scout  Religious  Emblem  Knot  is  not  a 
                                                                                 environment  possible  for  our  youth  members.    It 
scouting award – so to speak.  This knot is earned by a cub 
scout,  completing  the  specific  requirements  of  his  faith.                 covers the BSA's Youth Protection policies, kinds of 
This  usually  involves  completing  all  the  tasks  in  a  special             abuse, signs of abuse, how to respond to disclosure 
workbook with the scouts parent or religious advisor. Final                      of  abuse,  and  proper  reporting  procedures.  
completion  requires  a  form  to  be  signed  by  the  scout’s                  Additionally,  Pack  1  encourages  all  parents  to  also 
religious advisor and a copy of that form presented to the                       take  this  training  –  you  don’t  have  to  be  a 
Pack’s Cubmaster.                                                                registered  adult  to  do  so.    Follow  this  link  to  take 
                                                                                 the course:  http://olc.scouting.org/info/ypt.html 
This  emblem  may  be  earned  any  time  as  a  cub  scout  and                  
worn  on  his  uniform  throughout  the  rest  of  his  scouting 
career, as a boy scout and as an adult. 
                                                                                         Newsletter Title Contest 
For  more  information  on  earning  your  religious  emblem,                    Pack 1 has a new newsletter to communicate our 
please contact your den leader or the Cubmaster.                                 news and events, but it needs a title.  Between now 
                                                                                 and August 31st, design a logo and title for the 
                                                                                 newsletter and submit it to the Cubmaster.  Designs 
                                                                                 will be voted on by the Pack Leadership and the 
                                                                                 best designs and titles will be emblazoned upon the 
                                                                                 newsletter title each month! 
                                                                                                     Pack 1 Leadership 
                                                           Committee Chair…………………Trey Brooks 
                                                           Asst Committee Chair………….Volunteer Needed 
                                                           Cubmaster…………………………..Danny McHale 
                                                           Asst Cubmaster……………………Volunteer Needed 
                                                           Treasurer…………………………….Winston Pirtle 
                                                           Asst Treasurer……...……………..Volunteer Needed 
                                                           Secretary……………………………..Benita Hood 
                                                           Advancements……………………..David Shealy 
                                                           Asst Advancements.……………..Volunteer Needed 
                                                           Pack Trainer………………………….Volunteer Needed 
                                                           Den 6 Webelos Leader………….Robert Coker 
                                                           Den 4 Webelos Leader………….Danny McHale 
                                                           Den 12 Bear Leader………………Trey Brooks 
                                                           Den 2 Bear Leader………………..Beth McGinnis 
                                                           Den 1 Wolf Leader………………..Joey Faulkner 
     Got an Idea for an Article?                           Den 16 Wolf Leader………………Paul Hughes 
                                                           Den 3 Tiger Leader……………….. Volunteer Needed 
Email  your  ideas  for  articles  to  the  Cubmaster  at 
                                                           Den 5 Tiger Leader……………….. Volunteer Needed 

August 2010                                                               www.cubscoutpackone.com                                             Page 3 of 6 
Famous Brothers in Scouting 
Robert  Stephenson  Smyth  Baden‐Powell,  1st  Baron 
Baden‐Powell  ),  also  known  as  B‐P  or  Lord  Baden‐
Powell, was a lieutenant‐general in the British Army, 
writer, and founder of the Scout Movement.  Baden‐
Powell  served  in  the  British  Army  from  1876  until 
1910 in India and Africa. Several of his military books, 
written  for  the  army,  were  also  read  by  boys.  Based 
on  those  earlier  books,  he  wrote  Scouting  for  Boys, 
published in 1908. During writing, he tested his ideas 
through  a  camping  trip  on  Brownsea  Island  with  the 
local Boys' Brigade and sons of his friends. That began 
on  August  1,  1907,  which  is  now  seen  as  the 
beginning  of  Scouting.    Scouting  for  Boys  was 
published  in  six  installments  in  1908,  and  has  sold 
approximately  150  million  copies  as  the  fourth 
bestselling book of the 20th century. 

Boys  and  girls  spontaneously  formed  Scout  troops                                                                                      
and  the  Scouting  Movement  had  inadvertently                               This portrait of Baden-Powell is from the 1929 painting by David
started, first as a national, and soon an international                        Jagger. It was presented to B-P on August 6, 1929 at the III World
                                                                               Jamboree at Arrowe Park, Birkenhead, England. This was known
obsession.  A  rally  for  all  Scouts  was  held  at  Crystal 
                                                                               as the "Coming of Age Jamboree" as it marked the 21st
Palace  in  London  in  1909,  at  which  Baden‐Powell                         anniversary of Scouting. The portrait was Baden-Powell's favorite.
discovered  the  first  Girl  Scouts.  The  Girl  Guide                        The original is at Baden-Powell House in London and a copy is
Movement was subsequently founded in 1910 under                                displayed in the conference room at World Headquarters (WOSM)
the  auspices  of  Baden‐Powell's  sister,  Agnes  Baden‐                      in Geneva, Switzerland
Powell.  Baden‐Powell's  friend,  Juliette  Gordon  Low,                                                         
was  encouraged  by  him  to  bring  the  Movement  to 
America,  where  she  founded  the  Girl  Scouts  of  the                      in  this  jolly  world  to  be  happy  and  enjoy  life. 
USA.                                                                           Happiness does not come from being rich, nor merely 
                                                                               being successful in your career, nor by self‐indulgence. 
In 1920, the 1st World Scout Jamboree took place in                            One  step  towards  happiness  is  to  make  yourself 
and  Baden‐Powell  was  acclaimed  Chief  Scout  of  the                       healthy  and  strong  while  you  are  a  boy,  so  that  you 
World.      Baden‐Powell  also  had  a  positive  impact  on                   can be useful and so you can enjoy life when you are a 
improvements  in  youth  education.  Under  his                                man. Nature study will show you how full of beautiful 
dedicated  command  the  world  Scouting  Movement                             and wonderful things God has made the world for you 
grew. By 1922 there were more than a million Scouts                            to  enjoy.  Be  contented  with  what  you  have  got  and 
in 32 countries; by 1939 the number of Scouts was in                           make the best of it. Look on the bright side of things 
excess of 3.3 million.                                                         instead  of  the  gloomy  one.  But  the  real  way  to  get 
                                                                               happiness is by giving out happiness to other people. 
At  the  5th  World  Scout  Jamboree  in  1937,  Baden‐                        Try and leave this world a little better than you found 
Powell gave his farewell to Scouting, and retired from                         it and when your turn comes to die, you can die happy 
public  Scouting  life.  In  his  final  letter  to  the  Scouts,              in  feeling  that  at  any  rate  you  have  not  wasted  your 
Baden‐Powell wrote:                                                            time  but  have  done  your  best.  'Be  Prepared'  in  this 
                                                                               way,  to  live  happy  and  to  die  happy —  stick  to  your 
...I have had a most happy life and I want each one of                         Scout  Promise  always —  even  after  you  have  ceased 
you to have a happy life too. I believe that God put us                        to be a boy — and God help you to do it. 

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    Invite a friend to be a Pack 1                                                                  A laugh a day 
                                                                     Clean  funny  jokes  are  always  entertaining.  Boys  love 
          Cub Scout today!                                           really  funny  clean  jokes  whether  they  are  silly, gross, 
                                                                     or dumb.  Here’s some for  you: 
The  most  effective  way  to  get  someone  to  join  cub   
scouts  is  for  one  of  his  friends  to  invite  him  to  join.   A Cub Scout Leader was driving into 
No  amount  of  school  visits,  flyers,  posters  or  a  State  Park  and  saw  a  sign  that 
roundups  can  be  as  effective as  you  telling  someone  read, "To enter State Park you must 
how  much  fun  it  is!    Your  personal  invitation  to  join  have dog on leash." The silly leader 
Pack 1 is the best recruitment tool.                                 then  spent  the  next  two  hours 
                                                                     looking for a dog. 
                                                        Three  Cub  Scouts  were  bragging  about  how  tough  they 
                                                        were.  "I wear out a pair of hiking boots in a month," the 
                                                      first  scout  said.    "I  wear  out  a  pair  of  Scout  pants  in  a 
                                                        week,"  the  second  scout  said.    "That's  nothing,"  the  last 
To  encourage  Scouts  to  bring  their  friends,  the  scout said, "I wear out a leader in 20 minutes." 
Recruiter  Patch  is  given  to  a  Scout  of  any  age  or  a 
leader who brings a new scout into the program. Pack                                                                                             
1  requirements  for  awarding  the  strip  is  that  a 
                                                                Leader: What has 50 heads but can't think? 
Recruiter  Strip  is  awarded  to  a  Cub  Scout  the  first  Scout: I do not know. 
time  he  is  successful  in  getting  a  friend,  relative,  Leader: A box of matches 
classmate, or other acquaintance to join his unit.  Just 
introduce your friend to your den leader and explain 
to Akela that you recruited him. 
                                                        Too Tense: A guy goes to a psychiatrist. 'Doc, I keep having 
Parents this goes for you to!  Invite your friends and  these two dreams. First I'm a teepee; then I'm a wigwam; 
their children to join scouts too.                      then I'm a teepee; then I'm a wigwam. It's driving me 
                                                        crazy. What's wrong with me?' The doctor replies: 'You 
                                                        gotta relax. You're two tents.'  

                                                                                          Pack Website Goes Live! 
                                                                                Pack 1 has moved onto the information superhighway 
                                                                                with  a  web  page.    The  address  is 
                                                                                www.cubscoutpackone.com.  The website will work in 
                                                                                conjunction with ScoutTrack and between the two of 
                                                                                them  provide  the  most  current  information  about 
                                                                                pack  events.    Make  it  your  home  page  and  share  it 
                                                                                with your friends! 

       Popcorn Kick‐Off is                                                      www.cubscoutpackone.com 
         September 7th! 
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               Knot of the Month                                                             Cubmaster’s Minute 
                                                                                                 (For the Parents this time) 
                Cub Scout Knots                                               
                                                                             Most of my Cubmaster’s Minutes are devoted toward 
Everyone  expects  a  scout  to  be  good  at  tying  knots.                 building  the  character  of  the  boys  in  the  pack, 
Knots are a skill taught at every level of Scouting from                     however this one is directed toward the parents. 
Cub  to  Boy  Scout.  The  Wolf  Cub  will  find  them  in                    

Elective 17 ‐ Tie It Right. The Bear will encounter them                     Most  of  us  live  in  Vestavia  because  we  think  it’s  a 
in Achievement 22 ‐ Tying It All Up. Webelos will have                       great city.  One thing that makes Vestavia great is the 
a  chance  in  the  Outdoorsman  requirements.  Scouts                       school system.  What makes the school system great?  
will have some of them as requirements for rank.                             In my opinion it is parental involvement and Scouting 
                                                                             is no different. 
More  important  than  learning  the  knots  for  the 
                                                                             Pack  1  is  a  volunteer  organization.    Every  parent  in 
achievement  is  learning  them  and  using  them.  
                                                                             the pack needs to volunteer for some responsibility as 
Knowledge  of  these  basic  knots  can  make  a  huge 
                                                                             a den leader, pack committee member or a leader for 
impact  on  your  outdoorsman  skills.    Need  to  tie  up 
                                                                             special  events,  such  as  popcorn,  pinewood  derby, 
your hammock? Use two half hitches.  Need to make 
                                                                             blue and gold banquet, outings, etc. 
a  clothesline?    Use  two  half  hitches  and  a  tautline                  

hitch.  Rope to short?  Connect another rope using a                         Each  year  someone’s  son  moves  on  to  a  Boy  Scout 
square knot or sheet bend.  Lost the dog’s leash?  Use                       troop  and  with  him  goes  a  parent,  usually  an 
a bowline knot.  The uses are endless.                                       experienced  one  at  that.    It’s  important  to  have 
                                                                             leadership  consisting  of  Tiger  and  Wolf  parents 
Here’s a list of all the knots a cub scout should know                       mentored by Bear and Webelos Parents.  This ensures 
and when to learn them:                                                      the future of the Pack. 
                                                                             Pack 1 is run by volunteer parents with strong support 
  Knot Name                     Scout Level 
                                                                             from  the  Alabama  Council  of  Boy  Scouts  of  America.  
                                                                             Resources  are  available  for  all  volunteers  to  obtain 
  Bowline                       Bear, Webelos 
                                                                             training  online,  monthly  roundtables  and  in  a 
  Clove Hitch                   Webelos 
                                                                             classroom  setting.    Past  pack  volunteers  are  always 
  Overhand                      Wolf 
                                                                             available to help the new leadership and the Council 
  Sheet Bend                    Bear, Webelos 
                                                                             can provide support to leaders through other leaders 
  Slip Knot                     Bear 
                                                                             or  professional  scouters.    There’s  plenty  of  help  for 
  Square Knot                   Wolf, Bear, Webelos 
                                                                             new leaders. 
  Tautline                      Webelos                                       

  Two Half Hitches              Bear, Webelos                                The full support of every parent is essential to have a 
                                                                             quality  Cub  Scout  Program.  Cub  Scouting  is  quality 
Think you know how to tie these knots?  Try it                               family  time  that  will  enrich  your  life  as  well  as  your 
without your handbook.  Too easy? Try it with your                           son's.   
eyes closed.  Still too easy?  Try it behind your back?  
                                                                             The  Pack  needs  you  to  be  a  leader  today.    Be  a  role 
Still easy to do?  Have your friend blindfold you, tie 
                                                                             model for your son and his friends.  What will you do?
the knot and hand it to you to identify? 
For more information on knots, visit the web at 
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