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        Chapter 1 NYMT Introduction
        Chapter 2 Social Mobilization

           Chapter 3 Microfinance & Enterprise

   4       Chapter 4 Health

   5       Chapter 5 Human & Institutional
           Development - HID

   6       Chapter 6 Financial Summary

Looking back on the past year operations of NYMT in the field of development there is visibly an
amazing growth of organization both in terms of program outreach and institutional strengthening.

Our experience confirms that social and economic development process must take into
consideration people’s awareness, understanding and acceptance. Strategies need to be
identified, designed, executed and evaluated by the poor themselves based on their own needs
and perceptions. Participation of the deprived ones is an essential feature of the development

With the main goal of economic and social empowerment of underprivileged persons and
betterment of the poorer section of the society, interventions in the field of micro finance,
education, health, training and capacity building have helped the poorer of communities their
anxieties and gain more confidence in changing their fates collectively.

Heartiest thanks for entire moral and financial support of our sponsors (Yousaf family, Wajda
Group) and NYMT team for the effective implementation & completion of the job. His vast
experienced, consistent encouragement and careful supervision guided us through the exercise.

We are indebted to the great cooperation and help of our partner communities and CBGs
members for their commitment and enthusiasm for the successfully implementation and
participation, timely feed back and commitment with development & empowerment of poor

We are grateful to all NYMT team members and volunteers for participation and moral support for
the achievement of the results.




Transforming the cherished dream of sustainable development seems to be an uphill task, but
NYMT experience shows that this gigantic goal can be triumphantly achieved by mobilizing the
local human resources and build up their capacity to solve their socio-economic and tangible

problems collectively. In the vicissitude of life, people find themselves stuck up in a blind alley
when one does not have any way out, a sincere helping hand can be a silver lining in such odd
circumstances which can help to resolve ones problems however greater in magnitude they may

NYMT believes that the real development can only be acquired by building up the capacity of
people for collective action at the grass root level to overcome their social and economic
problems. The main concentration is on ensuring the empowerment of people for self reliance.

NYMT has experienced a number of cases where women rose to the occasion and shared the
burden of their families. It has been observed that a number of women working as a group can
increase the efficiency of development activities by mobilizing local resources and skills.

The effort on the part of NYMT to involve communities in a process of development through
mobilization, capacity building and empowerment will lead to achieve the long term goal of
sustainable development through capacity building of the communities and make them reliant in
overcoming their problems.

Development endeavors have expanded the outreach of NYMT to 10 Areas of Lahore and 04
union councils and also provided a strong institutional base. Through the assimilation of social
service pertaining to health, education, trainings and economic services comprising of Micro
finance and enterprise development. NYMT offers an integrated approach of development to the
target communities.

                                        Introduction of NYMT
Naziran Yousaf Memorial Trust (NYMT) is a non-government, non-profit, non-political
organization working for the social and economic uplift of deprived, neglected, oppressed
communities in the urban & semi urban areas of Lahore (Punjab) Pakistan above the caste,
creed, religion and other group boundaries. NYMT was established in 2004 and registered in
2005 by a group of volunteers. NYMT has initiated number of programs/projects aimed at the
economic, social and political empowerment on sustainable basis of the disadvantaged sections
of the society.

Under the umbrella of economic empowerment program, NYMT initiated micro credit & enterprise
development program in District Lahore. This program was leading to poverty alleviation and
empowering marginalized, deprived, oppressed and neglected communities through Micro

In social sector development NYMT initiated women empowerment & development, health,
Islamic education and Islamic Silai School, with the strong process of social mobilization. As an
organization NYMT believes that empowerment and social change is only possible with effective
and efficient participation of marginalized communities of the society.

NYMT has an experience of working with poor communities at the grass root level for their socio-
economic development & empowerment through an integrated package focusing on social sector
services such as health, education, micro enterprise, relief & rehabilitation. Addressing
community’s empowerment and their rights issues have been integral in all projects undertaken
so far.

    VISION: To create an environment                  MISSION: Empowerment of low-
    where development opportunities are               income communities to improve their
    available to all the people of the area           quality of life on sustainable basis.
    without any distinction of gender,
    creed and religion.

Objectives of NYMT
 To support initiatives for sustainable community based gender sensitive development with
   particular focus on health, education and micro credit.
 To build and strengthen the technical and management capacity of development organization
   (CBOs, NGOs, WOs, and line departments)
 To provide micro credit facility with easy installments to such people doing their enterprises.

    Provide access to quality financial services to improve the household living standard.

    To build the capacity of target communities in enterprise development, & vocational skills.

    Enhanced the capacity of staff for effective service delivery

NYMT Current Programs
 Micro Enterprise Development
 Health care centers
 Education stipends
 Water Wells
 Sewing Schools
 Masajid & Markaz Darul Quran

    CROSS CUTTING THEMES:                           VALUES OF NYMT:
     Gender equality                                Accountability and Transparency
     Inter-Faith Harmony                            Trust and Commitment                    5
     Stakeholder participation                      Creativity and Equity
     Advocacy, Networking & linkages                Goal orientation
     Sustainability                                 Effectiveness
ACCOUNTS AND AUDIT SYSTEM: Accounting system is based on international recognized
procedures & transparent. Our annual financial audit is prepared by an independent Audit firm
and is readily available for all upon request.

Programs Implementation Methodology
NYMT has unique, comprehensive, and innovative implementation methodology. The intervention
of any program depends on an effective and efficient community social mobilization and
participatory approach. These are the ways to make possible for attaining social and economic
change in the society. Therefore, NYMT makes sure effective and practical social mobilization
and participatory approach in mentioned community strengthening programs. The NYMT
programmatic operational methodology is as under program

       Meeting with the communities
       Baseline survey, Feasibilities, Evaluation and prioritization of problems
       CDO/Group formation
       Community Capacity Building
       Implementation/Execution of Programs/Projects
       Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation & Research
       Effective reporting mechanism
       Effective programmatic documentation

                                 Social Mobilization
The social mobilization & development sector is the core sector of the organization. NYMT
believes that the concept of development can not be realized without establishing small
institutions on grassroots level, which provide a platform to community, & enriches with the sense
of empowerment and let the process of their development boost. NYMT has introduced the

formation of CBGs (Community Based Groups) through Social Mobilization to ensure their active
participation in the process of development.

NYMT considers the social mobilization a basic element in the effective completion of any
development project. That is why, before launching any program or project, NYMT sensitize and
mobilize its target community so that they can gather on a common platform and struggle to solve
their socio-economic problems on participatory basis. Once a community is completely mobilized,
NYMT leads that community towards the formation of Community Based Groups.

CBGs are a representative organization which later on plays a vital role in social and economical
development of the poor areas. After the CBGs formation, NYMT holds different workshops and
trainings to build the capacity of CBGs.

                             Perception of Social Mobilization

                                          Social Organization

                                         Community Organization

                                           Social Mobilization


NYMT Believes
Social Mobilization is an excellent approach that enables community to organize for collective
action, to resolve common problems and work towards community development.

 To create critical consciousness & organize communities for sustainable development.
 Make CBGs development oriented, sustainable and responsive to local needs and priorities
 Motivation and organizing communities to carryout development through mutual self help.

NYMT Social Mobilization Process & CBGs Formation
Social Mobilization is a persistent process and NYMT believes that “Social mobilization” is an
excellent approach that enables people to organize for collective action, to resolve common
problems     and work towards community        development because poor people have limited
sources and unable to improve their socio economic status on individual basis. Therefore they
have needed a common plate form where they can collectively identify their problems and
sources. Following are the steps involved in CBGs formation:

   First Contact
   Community Meetings
   Community Participation and Problem identification through PRAs
   Community action planning
   CBGs Formation
   Capacity building
   Development Awareness
   Resources Management
   Networking & Linkages.

NYMT ensures the participation/representation of all population i.e. profession, religions and
sects in a community Based Groups (CBGs).

                             NYMT Working Methodology with CBGs


                             Credit      Education      Health       Others


                    Credit       Education                Health              Others
                                Sewin g schools /                          Water wells,
               Loan Groups                           Health Care Centers
                                 Hifz,Nazra                                Rehabilitations

Social Mobilization Meeting

Microfinance & Enterprise Development

NYMT is empowering marginalized, deprived, neglected, oppressed and poorest sections of the
society through Microfinance & Enterprise Development program since Oct, 2009. NYMT has
started its Microfinance operations from one area & now covering 10 areas under a group /
Individual lending methodology to establish micro-enterprises. Microfinance program plays a vital
role in reducing poverty of the distressed people. Credit helps investment and creates self-
employment resultantly enhance capital and ensure future protection. We believe poverty is a
multidimensional and complex phenomenon. The problem requires an integrated approach to be

Now a days Microfinance & Enterprise Development program is being supported by Yousaf family
and Wajda Group. NYMT Microfinance services are operational in areas of Walton district Lahore
under Qarz-e-Hasna project. NYMT initiated microfinance & enterprise development program to
uplift the social and economic status of marginalized, deprived, neglected, oppressed and poorest
communities without any distinction of male and female. Microfinance serves as a viable option
for the poor community to have credit facilities to develop small-scale business opportunities to
improve their livelihood.

Effective provisions of the microfinance definitely stimulate the uplift of the poor, and serve an
efficient mean in reducing poverty dilemma. Microfinance and enterprise development program is
implemented thorough strong process of social mobilization.Without community involvement and
participation, development initiatives either in the economic or social sector have little chance of
success especially at grassroots level, where majority of the population resides.

Vision: Uplift the living standard and empowerment of low-income communities on sustainable
basis through providing quality micro finance services.

Mission Statement: Sustainable socio-economic development with focus on poverty alleviation
and gender equality. We are demand driven and care for our target communities through
transparent process.

 Provide access to quality financial services to improve the household living standard.
 To build the capacity of target communities in enterprise development, vocational and
   managerial skills.
 Enhanced the capacity of staff for effective service delivery.

Micro Credit Program’s Executing Methodology
As NYMT is a community oriented organization and working for the economic uplift of
marginalized communities in remote areas of district Lahore. Microfinance program intervention

also depends on an effective and efficient community social mobilization and participatory
approach. Steps involved in Microfinance and enterprise development before the final
disbursement is as follows;
 Area identification and area/poverty profile
 Problem Identification through PRA
 Contact meetings and identification of activists
 Introduction of NYMT programs
 Formation of Community Based Groups
 Capacity building of CBGs
 Potential client identification
 Loan group formation
 Orientation training of loan groups on MF program
 Client screening and Credit appraisal
 Counter check of credit appraisals
 Approval by credit committee
 Loan disbursement
 Loan monitoring
 Loan recovery
 Impact Assessment

        NYMT Islamic Microfinance Model
                                                 Baseline     2
                                                 Survey       Poverty
                                                              Profile   3
                  16                                                            4
                  Monthly                                                       Group
                  Recovery                                                      Formation

             Follow up of Recovery
                                                                                    of groups
             14                                Village                              6
              Loan                                                                  centre
             Utilization                                                            Formation
                  13                                                            3 days
                  Loan Dis.                                                     Orientation
                                                                                Training of centres/
                           Cc Meeting
                                                                        Application process & submission
                           & Approval 11
                                     S. Appraisal 10
                                                  Appraisal   Appraisal by CO
                                     By OM
                                                  by BM

Microfinance Clients:

Fancy Work:

Microfinance Clients:

Small Keryana Shop


 Districts          01
 Tehsil             01
 U/Cs               02
 Villages/Areas     10

Disbursement Detail

                                                OCT      NOV        DEC
                            Months              2009     2009       2009
                        Disbursement           683000   291,000    460,000
                        Male Clients           17       16         11
                        Female Clients             20        12         24

                                   Disbursement Detail

                              Disbursement detail

     700,000      683,000

     500,000                                               460,000
     300,000                          291,000

                        17 20                  16 12               11 24
                      OCT                 NOV                     DEC

                       DISB     Male Clients     Female Clients

      Category Wise Disbursement.

         3%             TC



      Gender Wise Disbursement

                Gender Wise Disbursement

                                48%        Men

Case studies:

Updated later

One service delivery outlet named as Mother & Child Health (MCH) Center is operational in
Walton. An LHV run MCH center. NYMT has successfully addressed primary health and
reproductive health needs of selected poor community. This center facilitates surrounding 10
areas. NYMT health program is focused to develop community’s resources for improved children
health status. The program is consisted of different activities such as health awareness
campaigns, promoting Mother & Child Health awareness/programs& medical camps.

The basic aim of this program is to provide knowledge regarding preventive child healthcare
education, knowledge regarding available health facilities and an easy approach to utilize the
health facilities for better health of the target communities. The fundamental principle of the
primary health care is the participation of community at all stages.

According to monitoring & evaluation conducted by community & NYMT head office reports,
NYMT has successfully deal with Primary Health and Reproductive Health needs of selected poor
women in Walton Lahore.

Medical Services:
          Basic health check-ups and the provision of general medicines
          Injection courses to pregnant women and children.
          Mother & Child Health care
          Growth monitoring of children
          Family Planning services
          Counseling
          Laboratory tests

Other Health Facilities:

1. Establishment of Mother Support Groups (MSGs) at area level
2. Training of MSGs: Participatory training and meeting techniques will be used in all activities
   as such participation increases women’s understanding and longer-term skill retention. The
   subjects of the training will include:
       Health and nutrition of mother (esp. breast feeding and pregnant women)
       Child care and nutrition
       Necessity of injection course
       Malaria prevention
       Reproductive health
       HIV/AIDS
       Family planning
       Importance of breast-feeding
       Diarrhea and the production of ORS.
       Child health care
       Basic health/hygiene issues

               Mobile Health Camps
Mobile Clinic team with a doctor, LHV, midwife and social organizers visits the remote areas as
per schedule on need basis to deliver the basic health services at the door step in target area.

                          NYMT HEALTH CENTER WALTON


MONTH        JAN-     FEB-    MAR-     APR-     MAY-     JUN-    JUL-    AUG-    SEP-    OCT-     NOV-   DEC-
             10       10      10       10       10       10      10      10      10      10       10     10
# of     1282 1557 1291 1319 1257 1138 838 1485 941 1486 806                                             500

                                  Education Program

Quality Education Program

NYMT initiated its Islamic education program in Walton Lahore with the name of NYMT Islamic
Silai School and NYMT Islamic Madrisa (HIFZ, NAZRA). Total recurring and running cost of that 2
schools is being born by Wajda group & Yousaf Family.

To ensure quality education NYMT has established education committees to and mother groups
to see school performance and quality of education. NYMT has conducted various teacher
training workshops to capacitate the teaching staff.

NYMT Islamic Sewing School:

 Month           Jan-      Feb-      Mar-      Apr-      May-      Jun-     July-    Aug    Sep-    Oct-    Nov-       Dec-
 # of            67        45        42        50        61        60       45       42     48      35      29         27

Fancy Work Class:

Month       Jan-      Feb-      Mar-      Apr-      May-      Jun-        July-     Aug-   Sep-    Oct-    Nov-    Dec-
#     of    06        12        10        10        11        10          03        03     06      06      05      05


Month      Jan-       Feb-      Mar-      Apr-      May-      JUN-        July-     Aug-   Sep-    Oct-    Nov-    Dec-
#     of   22         21        20        18        19        18          20        19     17      17      17      16

NYMT Nazra Class:

Month       Jan-        Feb-      Mar-      Apr-      May-      Jun-      July-     Aug-   Sep-    Oct-    Nov-    Dec-
            10                                                                                                     10
# of        95          101       97        111       115       111       109       113    110     115     118     113
in Nazra

                            Human and Institutional Development
NYMT is facilitating to build the capacity of the community leaders, CBGs and its staff because
NYMT believes that capacity building of an individual is very much important to positive
transformation in the society. Therefore NYMT is executing a capacity building program/Exposure
Visits in very organize manner where various sort of trainings conducted for the capacity building
of local community, entrepreneurship trainings, skill development trainings and staff trainings etc.

HID offers capacity building programs in three significant areas essential for sustainable and easy
survival of organizations and communities:

    1. Organizational development
    2. Enterprise management & Skill development
    3. Professional development

Organizational development
NYMT is helping CBGs to undertake the constraints through community management
skills trainings, leadership management skills trainings, resource mobilization, financial
and human resource management, project and report writing etc. So that they may play a
leading role in further promoting development activities in district Lahore. The statistical
detail of trainings delivered to community/CBGs by NYMT during reported period is
shown in the following table:


 Sr.                  Training Title                  # of      Male      Female       Total
  #                                                  Events
  1    Community Management Skills                     4         47         50          97
  2    Leadership Skills Development & Networking      2         15         25          40
  3    Resource Mobilization                           2         25         16          41
                           Total                       8         87         91         178

Enterprise management & Skill development
Keeping in view the target area needs and requirements NYMT providing enterprise
management training to its borrowers to tackle the issues through marketing of products,
record/book keeping, enterprise development trainings. For skill enhancement NYMT has
a unique skill enhancement program in which HID offer different trainings like, beautician
skills, silma sitara, sewing and cutting and etc. so that they enhance their socio economic
status in an appropriate way. The statistical detail of trainings delivered to
community/borrowers by NYMT in reported period is shown in the following table.

 Sr.                  Training Title                 Events      Male     Female       Total
  1    Enterprise Development & Marketing               1         18         22         40
  2    Skill Development Trainings                      1         10         20         30
  3    Livestock Extension Worker Training(need
  4    Entrepreneur Exhibition (proposed)
  5    Activist Borrower Conference                     1         10         10         20
                           Total                        4         38         52         90

Professional development
To ensure efficient, successful and sustainable delivery of services to the communities
NYMT focused on enhancing the skills and competencies of its staff. In this way a positive
and real change could brought within their attitudes and behaviors. The statistical detail of
trainings delivered to staff by NYMT is shown in the following table;

 Sr.                  Training Title                 Events      Male     Female       Total
  1    Orientation Training Workshop                     1        10         10          20
  2    Social Mobilization                               1        10         11          21
  3    Training of clients before Disbursement          12        65         65         130

    4      Branch Management Training At Akhuwat           1    3         1         4
    5     International Islamic Microfinance conference    1    3                   3
    6     Islamic microfinance Training at NIBAF           1    2                   2
    7     Exposure Visit at Islamic Relief Islamabad       1    3                   3
          Exposure Visit                                   1
                              Total                       11   96        87        183

Networking & Linkages
NYMT always concentrates to generate linkages & networking at the local and regional
level for better collaboration with other organization & institutions to learn, share and
coordinate on issues of common concern. In order to meet the skill enhancement
requirements of staff NYMT arranges exposure visit of other development organizations to
share the experiences for learning.


        International Islamic conference on Microfinance & Takaful at
                         Convention Centre Islamabad.

CEO NYMT & Deputy Governor State Bank of Pakistan

            At Stall of AL HUDA CIBE

                       Training at NIBAF

Exposure Visit At Islamic Relief (INGO) Islamabad

Introductory Session with Islamic Relief

Debriefing Session.

a) Experienced, local, proactive, dynamic management and staff members.
b) Credibility with community and stake holder’s level.
c) Attachment with the cause: Motivated and committed team willingness to contribute to the
   promotion of women rights and empowerment, education, health and poverty alleviation
   particularly in the far flung areas of the district.
d) Experience in managing women development & empowerment, education, health, micro
   credit & micro enterprise development, capacity building programs in needy areas.
e) Effective and functional linkages and coordination with CBGs, WOs, NGOs and Gos.
f) Office infrastructure to support the project implementation.
g) Well-established, transparent systems and procedures (Financial, Administrative, Program
h) Cost efficiency in managing community development programs.
i) To develop the Microfinance entrepreneurship manual.
j) CMST training manual
k) Social Mobilization strategies develop.
l) Resource Mobilization strategies develop.

These strengths will certainly help and facilitate NYMT in the efficient and effective
implementation and management of any program.

Other Projects:

Educational Stipends
Water wells
Ramzan Package
Qurbani for Needy persons

                       Masjad Bilal Sialkot

Ramzan Package


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