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									              Volume 1, Issue 2   Goat Night 2009
              January 28, 2009

                                           Goat Night this year was held during the week of October 19th. The frater-
                                  nities and sororities participated in many events during this week such as penny
                                  wars, banner competition, and of course Goat Night itself. The penny war raised
                                  over $3,400 for the American Red Cross. On Goat Night, which was the Wednesday
                                  of that week, the organizations participated in a taco eating competition, a slushie
                                  drinking competition and then the skit and dance competition. At the end of the
                                  night the scores were tallied and combined with the scores from the previous events
                                  and the rankings followed: Tied for 1st place: Gamma Phi Beta and Sigma Nu, 2nd
                                  place: Alpha Xi Delta, 3rd place: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. IGC would like to thank the
                                  judges for taking time out of their day to help out with making this annual event a
                                  success. The judges for this year were: Barry Birckhead, Dr. Griffiths, Dr. Stevens,
                                  Leslie McBride, and Jamal Murray.

                                  Greek and Special Interest

                   The Pillar

                                  Housing Groundbreaking
                                           On Saturday November 14, 2009, the Greek Community along with alumni,
                                  families, university administration and members from the Board of Regents broke
                                  ground on the new Greek and Special Interest Village. This day was very exciting
                                  because this project has been in discussion for a number of years. There will be 10

                                  houses which will each house 12 people. Seven of the ten houses will be home to
                                  the following Greek Organizations: Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Kappa
                                  Sigma, Sigma Pi, Alpha Xi Delta, Gamma Phi Beta, and Sigma Nu. Following the
                                  ceremony was a reception and photo opportunity with President Rossbacher. Prior

                                  to the event, Kasey Helton, Director of Auxiliary Services, had the schematic design
                                  of what each of the different houses would look like put onto a board for display.
                                  After the groundbreaking the organizations were allowed to take them for their own
                                  personal display.

                                            The Greek Community would like to thank the school for all the support that
                                  they have shown us during this exciting time. Also the Greek Community would also
                                  like to thank Regina Travis - Facilities Program Management / Director of Real Es-
                                  tate Ventures – Administration for the Board of Regents, President Lisa Rossbacher,

                                  Dean Barry Birckhead, Kasey Helton - Director of Auxiliary Services, Ron Lunk –
                                  Associate Director for Student Life, the Alumni, families, friends, and everyone who
                                  came out to show support on this joyous day.

                                  Inside this issue:
                                  Order of Omega                         2        Homecoming
                                  NPHC Now Recognized

                                  HOMECOMING WEEK

                                  And They’re Back!!!                    3       February 22—27,
                                  Upcoming Events
                                  Reasons to NOT go GREEK!
                                                                         4            2010
Order of Omega—Phi Phi Chapter
         On June 13th, seven Southern Polytechnic Greeks came together in an effort to improve Greek Life on
SPSU’s campus. Under the coordinated efforts of Charlie Song these students started what is now known as the
Phi Phi chapter of the Order of Omega. This new Greek organization is an honor society for Greeks that recognizes
those men and women who have a high standard of leadership in the Inter-Greek community. Its purpose is to bring
together those men and women in an effort to mold the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intercol-
legiate affairs, and to bring together members of the faculty, alumni, and student members of the institution's fraterni-
ties and sororities on a basis of mutual interest, understanding, and cooperation. These first seven men and women
are: Charlie Song (Tau Kappa Epsilon), Chad Kerr (Pi Kappa Phi), Kira Melville (Gamma Phi Beta), Daren
Higginbotham (Kappa Sigma), Jeremy Hill (Kappa Alpha Psi), Carrie Ann MacArthur (Alpha Xi Delta), and Tecara
Ubakanma (Delta Sigma Theta).
                                                                 The Phi Phi Chapter initiated an additional seven mem-
                                                                 bers on November 22nd. This second class included:
                                                                 Ryan Clark (Sigma Nu), Whitney Ashley (Gamma Phi
                                                                 Beta), Erika Payne (Gamma Phi Beta), Heather Fellows
                                                                 (Gamma Phi Beta), Dana Pearson (Gamma Phi Beta),
                                                                 David Hampe (Pi Kappa Phi), and Wes Hogarth (Pi
                                                                 Kappa Phi)

                                                                 The officers for the Phi Phi Chapter are:
                                                                 Charlie Song, President
                                                                 Chad Kerr, Vice President
                                                                 Kira Melville, Treasurer
                                                                 Darren Higginbotham, Secretary

Qualifications to join Order of Omega are that you must have above the all Greek GPA and have demonstrated lead-
ership within the chapter. For more information or how to apply contact one of the members or Ron Lunk at or 678-915-4101.

NPHC now Recognized at SPSU
          The National Pan-Hellenic       are specific to the said thrusts.
Council of Southern Polytechnic           The NPHC sets out to actively pro-
State University was formed to serve      gram and support existing pro-
as the governing body for the histori-    gramming that is currently occur-
cally black fraternities and sororities   ring on campus. The main point of
that constitute the National Pan-         the Council, in addition to govern-
Hellenic organizations or Divine Nine     ing, is to unite the member fraterni-
that are currently active and those       ties and sororities together in a
that will become active on the SPSU       common purpose, mission, and
Campus. Those groups, currently,          goal. One of the important goals is
are Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.,     assisting the chapters in maintain-
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., Phi     ing chapter size and aid in the
Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., and Zeta     growth and development of the
Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.                   chapter. The NPHC will bring a
                                          common message and single voice
          Each year the NPHC will
                                          to the forefront of campus by unify-
revisit the programmatic thrusts that
                                          ing the small but growing Black
they wish to address and will host
                                          Greek population at SPSU.
speakers, events, and activities that

Page 2                                                                                                        T H E P I L L AR
“The Great Debate” - Homecoming 2010
Dear Student Organizations,                      Monday       Tuesday         Wednesday         Thursday         Friday       Saturday
          Campus Activities Board
asks you to SAVE THE DATE for
                                     Lunch        Chalk Off   Stroll Off          Novelty          Noise-       Last Day        Peprally
                                      Time         Begins                       Giveaways          maker          for
Homecoming is going to be bigger                                                                                             Low Country
                                                                                                   making       Chalk Off
and better than ever before! For     Events                                                                                     Broil
this tradition to continue, we
need student support and atten-
dance. We ask your members and       Evening      Kick-Off:    Mr. Heart-         Softball         SPSU          Home-       HOMECOM-
                                      Events      Concert       breaker         Tournament       Basketball      coming           ING
friends to come celebrate with us
                                                    and       Competition                         Game           Formal
the week of February 22-27, 2010.                                                                                             SPSU Hor-
Please add this event to your                                                                                                 nets vs Au-
calendars.                                                                                                                    burn Sena-
Thanks and we hope to see you
out!                                All Week
                                     Events        Organization Chalk-off, Organization Participation Competition, Voting for Homecoming
Campus Activities Board
                                                                                Court, and a whole lotta fun!

          Thanks to some dedicated alumni with a dream and
a plan, Bathtub Races are coming back! Bathtub Racing is a
tradition started in 1966 on visitation day for prospective stu-
dents. For the first two years of the race it was human pow-
ered and relatively tame. By the third year, motorized en-
gines were used, and the race started gaining local and even
national attention, eventually being featured on Cable News
Networks (CNN) broadcasts. The tubs were showed as pre-
game entertainment for Braves Games and became so
popular that the Bathtub Racing Association was formed
consisting of students, faculty and alumni.
         In 1972 a serious accident which resulted in a fatal-
ity occurred, mostly due to the fact that the bathtubs could
reach up to 70 to 80 mph, and almost brought the annual
race to an end. After this incident, safety features were de-
veloped and the races continued. In the beginning of the                    Top Picture:
1980’s the Bathtub Racing Association decided to add 2                      “Gentlemen,
races per academic year, one in the fall and one in the                     start your en-
spring. But soon the Bathtub Races, a semi-professional
                                                                            gines.” The an-
event, became increasingly expensive and people started to
                                                                            nual Bathtub
not participate. In the academic year of 1991-1992 the
                                                                            Race is about to
Bathtub Races held its last races. However, we have de-
cided to bring back the Bathtub Races!                                      being.

         The dedicated alumni with the initial plans are build-
ing three identical tubs that will be raced in a soapbox style.
Their will be one driver and 2 – 4 pushers that will get the tub
moving, once at a certain point in the course, the tub will be              Right Picture:
released and coast to the finish line. Next year, groups will               This picture
be given the dimensions, safety requirements, and will be                   shows the
encouraged to build their own tubs. The event will be held on               course that the
Saturday, March 27th at noon as the conclusion of Greek                     Bathtub Races
Week.                                                                       used to race on.

VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2                                                                                                                   Page 3
                                                         Up-Coming Events!
                                                            Greek Presidents Meeting—January 26th @6pm
                                                            Ball In the House—January 28th @ 8pm in the Student Center Theatre
                                                            Greek New Member Workshop—February 3rd @ 7pm
                                                            Open House—February 20th
       Southern Polytechnic State University
              Office of Student Life                        Homecoming—February 22-27
          1100 South Marietta Parkway
            Marietta, Georgia 30008                         SAFE Spring Break—March 3rd
                    Ron Lunk
        Associate Director for Student Life
                                                            Greek Convocation—March 3rd @ 8pm
             Phone: 678-915-4101
                                                            Spring Break—March 8-12
                                                            Greek Week—March 22-26 (See the article on page 3)

      “It’s all Greek to Me!”                               Bathtub Races—March 27 (See the article on page 3)
                                                            Open House—April 17th
                                                            SGA Awards Banquet—April 23rd
                                                            Earth Day—April 24th
              Were on the web!                              LAST DAY OF CLASS! - April 29th

                                                            Order of Omega Awards Banquet—April 30th

Reasons to NOT go GREEK!
When starting to read this article I bet         I am worried my GPA will drop:                  I don't have the time:
you were asking yourself why are they            Both fraternities and sororities have pro-      Greek Life is not a lot of work. Some
putting an article in the Greek Newsletter       grams designed to promote scholarship           students get extremely involved in the
telling people not to join a Greek frater-       that match older members with newer             Greek Councils and their chapter's lead-
nity or sorority. Well it is not to tell you     members to help tutor them. The Greek           ership roles. This number of Greeks
to not go Greek but to tell you the rea-         Community also has a minimum GPA that           constitutes an extremely small percent-
sons people give for not going Greek and         each new member must meet before they           age of the total number members. Most
a common answer that should help you             can join, and must maintain after they are      members go to the weekly meetings
on making up your mind if the Greek life         initiated. As a result, many Greek's GPA's      and then the many fun brotherhood/
is for you or not.                               rise after joining a fraternity or sorority.    sisterhood events. Going Greek is a fun
                                                                                                 and exciting thing to do. It is a chance
I can barely afford college, much less           I don't fit into the Greek stereotype I         to spend fun time in college away from
dues each semester:                              have seen in movies:                            class while still learning valuable life
Again, this is a common misunderstand-           DON'T SWEAT IT!!! There are many                skills.
ing. Each chapter has to pay a certain           organizations that will fit each person dif-
amount of insurance money each year to           ferently!!!! Movies do not portray Greeks
their National Headquarters. The rest of         correctly. Very few fraternities and sorori-
the money goes towards fun brother-              ties are like the ones you see in "Animal
hood/sisterhood events such as socials,          House" or "American Pie." As we have a
dinners, date nights, t-shirts, other   lot of fun, we still are a very diverse group
words, the money you pay in dues comes           of people that come together to promote
back to you through events that the fra-         scholarship, leadership, community ser-
ternities and sororities pay for.                vice, and brotherhood/sisterhood.

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